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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 3, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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chiefs' players struggling to understand what made jovan belcher snap. this morning, new clues on what happened in the days before the violence. case dismissed. the u.s. open ref accused of killing her husband with a coffee mug walks free. >> i'm just thrilled. thrilled. get back to my life. >> why she always knew justice would be served around her name cleared. we go one on one. and bite fright, caught on tape. that little girl feeding a dolphin at sea world, holding her empty plate in the air when the dolphin leaps up, looking for more. we'll talk to her live. the message her parents have for everyone this morning. and good morning, everyone. hope you all had a great weekend. happy monday to robin at home. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> great to be here. >> it will be warm in washington
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today, but that high-stakes stalemate is not getting any better. that fiscal cliff, just 29 days until everyone's taxes go up and the white house and congress are absolutely deadlocked right now. >> both sides seeming farther apart than ever. both sides saying, it's your turn to blame. we'll see what happens. also this morning, startling video. it's a little tough to watch but it is okay. it's a prank by a television host setting this magician's hair on fire. now, the magician is okay. he's recovering in the hospital. >> wow. >> what? >> but he is accusing the host of that show of a criminal act. looking at that videotape, it's hard to believe this was any kind of a stunt, as the host claims. >> hard to believe he's okay. >> thank goodness he's okay. wow, also ahead on the show. very special guest today. heidi klum is with us live. here's what she was up to this weekend. looking so glorious. you remember that was supposed to be her halloween costume. hurricane sandy put it on hold and she did a wonderful benefit. to help those who needed it. >> she'll be appearing in full facial crystal this morning.
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>> is she? >> i'm just kidding. >> i'm wearing mine now. >> we'll find out in a little bit. >> just kidding. >> can't you tell. >> to storms slamming the west. sam has the latest on that. >> i mean, five days, you think about it, november 27th, these folks have had back-to-back storms. about 150-mile-per-hour wind gusts in the mountains. even on the shorelines, a good 70, 70-mile-an-hour winds. pictures like this, with trees down. you've had boulders in the middle of the roads. roads closed. flooding, power lines down. when you look at the rainfall totals it's exactly what we expected out of this triple-hit of storms. monterey coming out with more than 18 inches of rain. all the way into the san francisco area, almost 4 inches of rain in that time period. three storms shoving that rain up against the coastline. give that rain a lift and you get the total, 12 to 18 inches of rain as a three-event total in those areas. today is a little break. today is the day you scrape the mud off. you get the trees out of the way. you try to get the power back on and our cecilia vega is just east of san francisco area this
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morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, sam, good morning to you. boy, you said it. to see the mess this series of storms has caused, take a look at this. outside of san francisco, as you said, massive piles of debris. this huge hole in the middle of this neighborhood. these people have a long way to go before they recover from this storm. from falling trees crushing this car in oregon, to rocksides outside of sacramento, to rivers raging in reno, and flooded streets along the coast, up to one foot of rain, heavy winds and flooding caused by three storms in less than a week have left the west coast a soggy mess. in the usually scenic napa valley, the triple whammy left vineyards under water. and giant trees came dangerously close to pancaking even more cars right before our eyes. we were literally driving down the road when this giant tree
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came toppling on to this road. how close did this come to you? >> it was within feet of my truck. >> reporter: you were driving down the road? >> i was driving down the road. >> reporter: in the mountains that pounding rain made for a beautiful winter white backdrop. but in other parts, like this neighborhood east of san francisco, the cleanup is only beginning. and, boy, the cleanup here will sure take a long time. now all eyes turn to this storm headed here tomorrow. sam? >> yeah, it's just a minor dry day, cecilia. we know that the next system does drag on later on tonight. so this momentary dry. even in that momentary dry patch, you'll get mist and showers going on. then later on tonight, into tomorrow, another wave of rain. we've seen the storms come off the pacific and move across the northwest. this will move all the way through march. it's interesting to see how big these storms will get as this one started larger than normal. elizabeth? >> all right, sam, thank you so much. turning to other tragic story over the weekend. breaking new details in the nfl tragedy in kansas city.
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chiefs linebacker jovan belcher fatally shooting his girlfriend and then taking his own life. just 24 hours later, the team finding the strength to get back on the field. abc's john schriffen is in kansas city with the latest on this story. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: elizabeth good morning. chiefs' head coach romeo crennel said overnight he made the decision to play the game to help his players take their minds off their, quote, misery for a few hours. but this morning, police and nfl players and friends try to figure out why belcher took his life so violently. abc news has learned he regularly visited gun ranges. and had multiple weapons in his home. abc news has learned that kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher not only owned guns but he and his girlfriend kasandra perkins used them recreationally. >> i knew before she was pregnant that they liked to go
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to the gun range and shoot. and that it was a lot of fun for both of them. >> reporter: police said belcher turned one of those guns on perkins, reportedly nine times at the home they shared with their 3-month-old daughter. the child was spared. police said the 25-year-old then drove to kansas city arrowhead stadium. thanked his coaches for believing in him and shot himself as they watched in horror. >> it's hard to believe you can go out and focus on football in the wake of such a devastating situation. >> reporter: overnight, a somber and at times, silent stadium. >> let's join the chiefs organization in a moment of silence. >> reporter: players and fans mourned belcher and perkins. >> it's tough. i miss him, you know. he's a -- he was a great guy. a great teammate. >> reporter: yet even as the team gathered after the game, questions swirled about what could have set belcher off. >> when any person has an issue or has problems, if they're not totally honest with you about their issues or their problems,
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then you cannot give them the correct help. >> reporter: belcher had no history of domestic violence and while playing football at the university of maine he joined the male athletes against violence initiative. student athletes who signed up said they would educate themselves on issues surrounding domestic violence. the couple reportedly argued in the hours before the shooting about a concert perkins attended friday night. briana york knew them both. she said that while they occasionally fought, they always reconciled. >> their last time that they had their little fight, she left for a few days, but she didn't like move out. she just took a little space. she was never planning to just leave. >> now, some are now questioning if belcher has undiscovered head injuries, something the team has denied. >> john, thanks very much. we're turning to the high stakes stalemate some washington over the fiscal cliff. everyone's taxes go up. massive spending cuts take hold in just 29 days if the white house and congress can't reach a deal. and they are barely talking
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right now. abc's jon karl has the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. with less than a month to go, the two sides are as far apart as they have ever been. overnight, the president released a new campaign-style video aimed squarely at republicans. >> we need to get tax relief to working families. >> reporter: this morning, about the only thing that the two sides agree on is that going over the so-called fiscal cliff would be a big blow to the economy. >> it would be very damaging to average americans. there's no doubt about it. >> going over the cliff will hurt our economy, will hurt our job creation in our country. it's not fair to the american people. >> reporter: without a deal to cut the deficit, almost everybody's income taxes will go up january 1st. it's more than that. there will be automatic cuts to defense, to medicare doctors, to unemployment benefits. and that could mean another recession, but -- >> right now, i would say we're nowhere. period. we're nowhere. >> reporter: the white house is standing firm on taxes. >> rates have to go up.
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>> whose taxes are you going to raise? >> rates are going to have go up on wealthy americans. >> reporter: in addition to $1.6 trillion in tax hikes, the white house's latest offer includes $400 billion in unspecified medicare cuts and no limit on how much the government can borrow. the republican response? >> i was just flabbergasted. i looked at him and said, you can't be serious. >> reporter: two prominent republicans told me that house republicans may ultimately give in to the president on extends just those middle class tax cuts. if they do that, george, without a deal on spending, the president would get nothing else and face another big battle early in the year over the debt limit and what the government can borrow. >> to josh with the top stories. good morning all of you. secretary of state hillary clinton has issued a new warning about possible u.s. involvement in syria. clinton traveling in europe today warned the syrian government that the united
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states will respond if dictator bashir al assad deploys chemical weapons in the fight against rebel forces in his country. recent reports indicate there has been new activity at syria's chemical weapons sites. the other developing story right now from that highway disaster in japan. you see the latest video here from inside that tunnel that collapsed, sending concrete panels crashing down on cars, killing nine people. investigators now believe a single bolt that was supposed to hold those panels in place may have rusted and become loose. crews are now inspecting tunnels across the country, looking for any more faulty bolts. meanwhile, here at home, the fbi has revealed new information about a suspected cross-country serial killer. 34-year-old israel keyes was being held for the kidnapping and murder of an alaska coffee shop worker. keyes died in jail over the weekend. now, the fbi confirms he's been linked to at least four murders in washington state and one in new york. and, they say, he confessed to
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killing a vermont couple missing since last year. meanwhile, ford has announced a new recall this morning. thousands of ford escape suvs and ford fusion sedans have been recalled because the engines can overheat and catch fire. only the 2013 model, the 1.6 liter engines are affected. and finally, regardless of how bad you think your commute might be this morning. there's always this to make you feel better about yourself. in russia, an early season snowstorm created the mother of all tie-ups, stranding thousands of people along one of the main routes from moscow to st. petersburg. at its worst, this traffic jam stretched for about 125 miles. which i like to call a parking lots. >> no, those poor people. >> those poor people. >> and you thought your commute was bad. >> and you thought -- yeah. that's bad. that's bad. that's bad. >> three days is bad. sure it.
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we'll make a turn now to that desperate search for an 11-year-old cancer victim whose life may be in danger. last week, her parents slipped her out of a hospital early, leaving her medication behind, and a catheter still attached to her chest. abc's abbie boudreau has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi and phoenix police say this 11-year-old cancer patient could be in grave danger. they've been searching for her for the last five days. and time, they say, is of the essence. >> we have a patient that has gone missing. >> reporter: these are the last images of young emily, captured on hospital surveillance cameras just moments before her mother snuck her out of phoenix children's hospital. emily had been in the hospital for a month, receiving treatment for leukemia and recently had her arm amputated. she was only hours away from being released. when emily follows her mother into a hospital restroom. her i.v. machine in tow. police say that's when her mother removed the i.v. from emily's chest catheter herself which doctors fear could lead to
7:13 am
a serious infection. >> we understand it could be a matter of days where the infection could take over and emily could die. >> reporter: both then exit the restroom and walk out of the hospital. emily wearing different clothing. her father then drives them away in a black ford minivan. her parents could face neglect or endangerment charges. police say they're searching in arizona, california, and getting help from the fbi in mexico. >> law enforcement has to walk a fine line. if they're too threatening and the parents can disappear, the child's life can be in danger. >> our heart goes out to 11-year-old emily. all we want is for her to try to get medical help. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. and now to that shocking story played out on television in front of millions of viewers. it's a little tough to see this video. a television host setting a magician's head on fire. the magician is all right. he is now in the hospital recovering, and lashing out at
7:14 am
that show's host who may soon be arrested. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: in this death- defying scene, flames shoot from the head of magician wayne houchin, a moment he says is no magic trick. millions of tv viewers watch as this unscripted prank by a tv host backfired in a horrific way. >> his face is burnt. >> reporter: now, that host is expected to face charges, a warrant issued for his arrest. it all started saturday when houchin was a guest on the popular show in the dominican republic "approach the stars." he says the host, franklin, unexpectedly poured a flaming cologne on his head. on facebook, houchin wrote, this was not a stunt or part of an act. this was a criminal attack. he was rushed to the hospital with first and second-degree burns on his face and hands. he's since tweeted resting, healing, working through the process in the d.r. the outrage here and outpouring
7:15 am
of support has been incredible. world-famous magician david copperfield is among those supporters. >> you never know what to expect. you try to present yourself as a performer that is creating wonder and amazement. and occasionally, somebody might misunderstand that. >> reporter: houchin was performing on the show with a group of magicians, after the performance, houchin said the host wanted to game them a blessing. he said without warning, the host doused him with the popular cologne in the caribbean that is often used by witch doctors. houchin has gained international success as a magician. only it's not his magic, but this moment of him cheating death, that now has the world talking. an arrest warrant has been issued for the host of the tv show. but at last check, he has not yet been taken into custody. houchin's doctors say they're cautiously optimistic that he will heal with no scars on his face. he told us by e-mail he is looking and feeling better every day. but you can imagine?
7:16 am
when you watch the video, for a second or two, he doesn't move. he's just stunned. >> he had no idea the host was going to do that? >> no idea. >> wow, unbelievable. linsey, thanks so much. >> that is just crazy. a much happier story now. the kennedy center honors, stars from new york joined president obama to salute the honorees. lara, huge talent in the spotlight. >> unbelievable to see, david letterman and rock band led zeppelin were just a few of the stars receiving the country's top awards for the arts. it's hard to see who was more excited to see each other, the stars of washington or the stars of hollywood. new bff hillary clinton and meryl streep. bill clinton and led zeppelin. ♪ hey, hey, mama ♪ gone make the you sweat gonna make you move ♪ >> reporter: everyone rocked as foo fighters, kid rock and lenny kravitz belted out some of zeppelin's greatest hits. ♪ i'm gonna give you my love >> reporter: and it took a bevy of famous comedians to pay
7:17 am
tribute to their lee, late-night comedian david letterman. >> was he a brilliant, subtle, passive-aggressive, successful parody of talk show host? or some midwestern goon who was a little bit off? [ laughter ] >> when i was a teenager, dave was my justin bieber. [ laughter ] and i like to think of myself as his selena gomez. >> reporter: but it was ray romano who was able to hit the emotional highlight of the evening as he celebrated his notoriously shy friend and mentor. >> what johnny carson was for you, you are for the rest of all of us here. and i don't want to get schmaltzy. i'm not good at that. i know you're not good, but you know what, the hell with it. my father passed away, i never told him i love him. dave, i know you're only 65, you look good. the heart's working. i ain't taking any chances. i love you, david letterman. [ applause ] >> that is great.
7:18 am
what a night. >> that is one of my favorite shows. we never miss it every year. >> so many comedians feel that way about david letterman. >> i know. i know, he garners real respect. >> and sam, i know all weathermen feel that way about you. >> thank you, sir. i love me some david letterman, i swear to you to -- to you, i just think he's fantastic. >> were you rocking to led zeppelin this morning. come on. the image of me head-banging to led zeppelin is an image. let's deal with pictures from early this morning, a little bit of fog on the old i-90, northwest of chicagoland. yeah, this is going to be a problem, already when you see traffic backed up like that in the early morning hours and you know that eight states are near zero visibility here. this is an issue. we've got so much warm air across the country, with this, the moisture in the air, we just develop this fog that lasts, well, well past where it should be in the morning. look at these numbers. 81 in dallas.
7:19 am
75 in new orleans. 74 in atlanta. welcome to -- what is it, may, june temperatures? 68 in washington, d.c. it's darn close to that.
7:20 am
>> selected cities brought to you by walmart. and more than 100 record-high temperatures, gang, across the country over the weekend. so it was really a big pocket of warm air. >> thanks, sam. coming up on "gma," case dismissed, the u.s. open tennis ref accused of killing her husband with a coffee mug. she goes free. she said she always knew her name would be cleared. we'll talk to her. watch this little girl at sea world get bit by a dolphin. watch this little girl at sea world get bit by a dolphin. . [ air horn blowing ] and while they might seem kind of odd to you -- like this guy -- we just love them. and at the 2012 championship, they awarded cracker barrel gold for cheddar for its rich, full flavor. thanks cheese geniuses. cracker barrel. it's cheddar, perfected.
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good morning i'm eric thomas. two chp officers are recovering after their car flipped during a high speed chase around 3:30 this important and i-580 near live more they were chasing a speeding driver at north flynn when they flipped the officers suffered minor injuries. officers from tracy and stockton eventually took the suspects into custody. now bumper-to-bumper traffic southbound 101 through marin starting at novato towards central san rafael, no stalls or accidents just a lot of folks north 101 san antonio road stalled big rig blocking lane in the clearing. garbage truck on fire north 101 at lorenz expressway, fire
7:25 am
out but traffic past the scene.
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welcome back beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning. low clouds, high clouds, going to be case as we head through today. good morning many no rain in this forecast, not for today -- live doppler showing how dry it is. coolest up north 39 napa, and santa rosa rest of us in the 40s until you get to
7:28 am
san francisco 50, 10 to 25° cooler than yesterday, thick fog santa rosa and novato entire 101 corridor. there [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp.
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starting at just $9.99. sizzler. and this is the stunning video, right there, as 8-year-old jillian, a little girl feeding the dolphins. a dolphin leaping out of the water at sea world and biting her. now, she's here live with her parents for an abc news exclusive in our studio. a message for all parents of kids going to exhibits like
7:30 am
this. how to be careful. these are wild animals. >> she's okay. also, today, the ultimate cosmetic investigation. this is something every woman should see before heading out today. if you're about to put on your lipstick, you might want to stick around and wait and see what could be in it. >> that is coming up. but we begin with that shocking dismissal of all charges against the u.s. tennis ref accused of murdering her husband. it all happened friday. we'll take a look at her story. >> and dismissed. >> that smile from lois goodman says it all. >> i've always maintained my innocence. i'm just thrilled. thrilled, to get back to my life. >> the 70-year-old grandmother was arrested for murdering her 82-year-old husband. friday, those charges were dismissed, due to insufficient evidence. >> we announced that we are unable to proceed with the case at this time. >> it is an amazing day for
7:31 am
justice and for miss goodman. she's gone through hell with this case. >> reporter: goodman was arrested in her referee's uniform last august just days before the u.s. open. police say she had bludgeoned her husband to death in heir l.a. home with a coffee mug and then stabbed him with pieces. >> we located the coffee mug. >> reporter: goodman has been with john been row. in this case, the story never wavered. she claimed her husband suffered a heart attack and then fell down the stairs. lois even passed a lie detector test. we're joined by lois goodman along with her attorneys allison triessi and robert. can you tell us how you feel?
7:32 am
>> i'm so surprised. elated. >> surprised? >> well, it came earlier than i thought it would. but i always knew that somehow justice would be served and my name would be cleared. >> but the whole experience must have been so surreal. you're arrested in your refs's uniform. coming to new york. you spent days at rikers island, what was that like? >> horrible. dark, dingy. it was depressing, terribly. you know, and in the cell for 23 hours out of 24. and hard. >> accused of murder? >> nothing to do. >> yeah. yeah. couldn't believe it. >> and now, mr. sheehan, the prosecutors have said insufficient evidence. do you understand how it got this far? >> it got out of hand, the prosecutors corrected it. all the credit go to the l.a. d.a.'s office. >> lois, what do you think
7:33 am
happened to your husband? >> i wasn't there. poor thing. i beat myself up all the time if i had been at home, i could have helped him. but i wasn't. and it's just hard for me to realize that he's gone, i miss him. >> have you had the chance to grieve? >> no. no. they were just on my case from the beginning. >> do you have any sense of how this could all have happened? >> i was shocked, you know. the last thing i ever thought was that i'd ever get arrested. especially in new york. how 0 could they arrest me? i didn't do anything. >> and they have all the stories written up about you in the newspaper. it must have felt like they were talking about another person? >> yes, i can't believe it. i'd see my name in the newspaper. i'd see clips on the news. >> can you address the charges that were made, the possible murders that were set out? >> we knew, before we even met
7:34 am
her. we had met with her family, they were unwavering that they didn't do this. we knew we had to get to the bottom of it and pretty quickly because she was in custody. this idea that she was having an affair was preposterous and ridiculous. >> and after living an entire life with nothing like this ever said about you. i think, my goodness, how can someone possibly cope with that? >> i didn't have a choice. you either give up or you stay strong. my kids said to me, mom, i never realized you have so many friend. and i've met people all over the world from the officiating that i've done. and i got an e-mail from one of them, it was during the u.s. open, we're behind you. we believe that you would never do anything like that. >> this case was dismissed without prejudice. that means charges could still be brought in the future? >> there won't be. >> no question? >> no question. >> so where do you go from here?
7:35 am
>> i want to go back to work. i miss my friends. i miss being on the court. >> well, we'll be watching for you on the court. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. sam? >> george, it has never been warmer than 72 degrees that chicago, by the way, in december. we're 71 is the record today. we're going to 67 today. if you get the fog out of the way early in the morning before the clouds get in in the afternoon, there's a real opportunity to get at 70 degrees. that's how warm this air is in the middle of the country. take a look from phoenix, all the way to washington, d.c. even new york city at 62 today. probably one ten warmer in new york by the time we get to the day tomorrow. but right in the middle of country, the rain will start to cool this down later on today. today, it is much needed rain, we've got very dry conditions from austin to atlanta. nashville, memphis, jackson all picking up it could be an inch of very needed rain in this part of the country today. louisville, chicago, could get showers as well.
7:36 am
a quick look at the board, there you go, >> all that weather was brought to you by jcpenney. back to the desk. >> thank you, sam. a little girl bit by a dolphin at sea world. she's here live with her parents in an abc news exclusive. and country star leann rhymes going head to head with her ex over family matters. wanna see me get some great deals?
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stunning moment caught on camera. little jillian feeding the dolphins at sea world when one suddenly leaps out of the water and bites her. we're going to talk to jillian and her parents in an abc news exclusive in just a moment. but first, let's take a look at what happened. >> reporter: 8-year-old jillian thomas said it was her dream to one day become a dolphin trainer. >> there you go! >> reporter: but a recent visit to sea world's dolph fin cove exhibit may change her mind. >> mom, i'm out of fish. >> oh! >> reporter: watch again as jillian holds a paper tray and holds it away from the pool.
7:41 am
something sea world warns guests not to do. the dolphin leaping at her hand, leaving behind puncture wounds. they do feel sea world downplayed the entire incident. in a statement to abc news, sea world says, educators and animal care staff are always onsite at this area. they were at the attraction when this happened and immediately connected with the family. our guests are given clear instructions on how to feed the dolphins in an appropriate and safe way. and we're joined by jillian thomas and her mother and her father, amy and jamie and little brother james. good morning. thanks for all of you being here this morning. jillian, i know you love dolphins. you were so excited to go to this exhibit, right? >> yes. >> why do you love them so much? >> because i know about them a lot. and i just wanted to train them so then i could probably know more about them. >> in fact, this was the second time, the day that you got bitten, that was the second time you'd been to that exhibit to
7:42 am
see the dolphins, you were so excited, right? >> yeah. >> what happened? you had just got finished feeding them. what did you do? >> there was this little carton. i had just finished it off. i pulled it up. when the dolphin saw that, it leaped at me and bit me and ate the carton. >> what did that feel like? >> it really, really hurt. >> and i'm 13450ur it was a scary moment, right? >> yeah. >> jamie, you were videotaping this whole thing, and you actually thought you might have to jump in the water for a second? >> yeah, there was instant fear, and i thought, wow, i may have to lunge at or pull dolphin or pull her or get physically involved. >> amy, you had read the signs that clearly did warn you not to lift up the carton, right? >> we were given instructions. i don't remember seeing signs. there may very well have been. but they did go into detail about the rules.
7:43 am
and he did just fine the first time. i think the second time, she was excited. plus, she was trying to clean up. so she wasn't waving it over. even though that was still against the rules, you might hear on the video, i'm don or out of fish. she just forgot. it was a simple mistake, unfortunately, she got bit. >> how did employees of sea world react when this happened? >> they first didn't realize she was hurt and asked if we wanted to have a positive experience with the dolphins. >> you see everybody around jillian sort of react in horror when the dolphin jumps out of the water? >> yeah, i think the girl that helped us was behind and may not have understood the severity of it is my guess. my response is, they looked at her hand, which you can still see that her skin was broken. and then she offered to get first aid. >> okay. so you got bit right here and here? >> yeah. around her thumb there. >> okay. >> they asked if we wanted first
7:44 am
aid, i said, she's bleeding, okay. yes, we want first aid. >> you were actually worried, jillian, that something bad might happen to the dolphin? >> yes. >> what were you afraid of? >> i was afraid that the dolphin might get sick because of the paper. >> did it eat the paper carton that you were holding? >> i am very sure. >> yeah. your mother said you were actually praying that the dolphin was okay. >> two nights she prayed for the dolphin. >> no hard feelings for the dolphin? >> yeah, she was aware, you know, she had broken the rule. so we just realized this. we knew this was the first time it happened once we did some research. >> basically, you just feel that kids shouldn't be in an exhibit like this? you watch the video, it seems like it's a pretty innocent move that jillian makes at the end? >> we recognize we were instructed that way. kids maybe just don't understand the risks as much as an adult would. >> jillian, we're happy that you're okay, we're so glad you
7:45 am
still like dolphins. especially shimmer and strawberry that you brought in the studio this morning. thank you so much. james, hey, merry christmas both of you guys. i hope santa is good to you this year. thank you. >> thank you. josh? >> next now, one of the world's most popular athletes said he's played his last game here in the u.s. and one doggone great play of the day! ♪ freeze play freeze play freeze play ♪ ♪
7:46 am
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day"! >> you know what, i promised something last week. i can definitively say, the announcer says "right then here's the play of the day." >> right then? >> okay. >> it's my fault. my fault. take a look.
7:50 am
look at what robin tweeted over the weekend. great shot. k.j., the snapshot in the middle. her friends took k.j. because she can't have her dog until her immune system strengthens. k.j. has great friends. and he'll be reunited with mommy, as we are very, very soon. on weekend "gma," they have this, we're doing this in part because the weekend show is so darn good and in part because this is so darn good. that is a doberman running around. that is terrific. this is not a loop. this is actually this dog doing this over and over and over again. >> come on. that's one great backyard. >> well, that dog's got it good. >> yeah. >> you know who else has it good? >> who? >> we do, heidi klum joins us. go nowhere. >> whoo!
7:51 am
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>> good morning i'mer rib thomas. work resumes this morning in lafayette to fix a gaping sinkhole it opened up on
7:56 am
mountain view drive during the big storm yesterday morning. gas, water and suer service is apecked -- and sewer service has affected 20 homes in the area. cool this morning, 10 to 15 even 25° cooler than yesterday, 30s north bay, 40s and five -- and 50s us. 60s today rain in the north bay tomorrow. the rest of us tomorrow and wednesday. stall near treasure island has stopped back on to 580 and 80 as you approach, north 280 peninsula wood side accident north 101 cesar chavez left lane blocked with accident south 880 16th in
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ a big holiday crowd out in times square. among the poinsettias this morning. lots of big signs out there. good morning, everyone. happy monday to robin roberts at home this morning, she's recovering.
8:00 am
elizabeth vargas is right here. and we got a very special cat walk here this morning. you hear the special music because -- >> is it for you, george? >> heidi klum. supermodel. [ applause ] >> thank you. how exciting. good morning. good morning. how exciting. hi, everybody. >> hi, heidi. >> great to have you. >> good morning. good morning, good morning. >> you're our special guest. you just hosted the european mtv music video awards. >> i did. >> and you're the host of the hit show "project runway" which we all watch and love. in addition, had you a huge halloween party this weekend. >> i did. >> which you dressed up as cleopatra. phenomenal. we want to talk all about that. >> there it is right there. >> she had crystals all over her face. get this, you guys, all the proceeds of the party going to
8:01 am
help with hurricane sandy. >> the wingspan, i believe, was 17 feet. >> yeah. the guitar hero commercial. >> uh-oh. >> you killed it. no, no, but now, apparently, we'll go to the next level. freeze it. please freeze it, thank you. >> i know because my shirt is coming off. >> is it? >> well then why did we freeze that? >> are you sure? also coming up, country star leann rimes and her husband's ex, they're in a war of words. what is fueling their feud right now. and then we're headed behind the beauty counter right now. we're investigating what's in our lipstick. >> it's only going on our lips.
8:02 am
>> i didn't know what lipstick was made of. i had no idea. >> do you? >> not exactly. i don't actually want to know how much lipstick i've put on my lips already, for modeling. >> studying that, too. like your stomach -- >> oh, wow. >> let's get some news. >> enjoy your breakfast at home, everybody. a lot of news. we're going to begin with a stunning new report out this morning among brain injuries among football players. researchers have discovered 28 new cases of chronic brain damage in deceased players, including 15 of them who played in the nfl. including -- hall of famer ollie matson and john matthews, more than doubles the number of documented cases connecting football to long-term brain disease. this, of course in the purview this morning as the kansas city chiefs say that linebacker jovan belcher had no history of head trauma. police say belcher took his girlfriend's life before killing himself. they're trying to determine a motive in the killing. meanwhile, the team has started a fund for belcher's orphaned
8:03 am
3-month-old daughter. and talks aimed at avoiding that so-called fiscal cliff in washington as about as far apart as they've ever been. overnight, president obama released a campaign-style video pushing his plan on now avoid the tax increase on the middle class. john boehner said the white house isn't listening to republicans who demanding cuts. an entire town in louisiana has been evacuated and police have launched a criminal investigation after finding 6 million pounds of explosives stored improperly at the munitions factory you that see here. authorities are now carefully working to move the explosive powder into safe bunkers. public school students in five states will soon be spending more time in class. a lot more. a pilot program is being announced today in the states highlighted on your screens. 20,000 students in those collse
8:04 am
schools will spend an extra 3 0 3050 -- 300 hours in class every term, in hopes of making them more competitive with the foreign students. and new concerns this morning about the new "hobbit" film due out this month. in fact, people with the early screening said the film made them stick, literally, the high-speed 3d film actually made them feel queasy as if riding a roller coaster. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning. i know you know a little bit about being sleepy, at work in the morning or behind the wheel. on t tonight, you'll find out what your brain is doing, as our reporter falls asleep, eyes open, and does not know it. could it be happening to you? a stunning experiment tonight. >> one could argue it happens to us every morning. finally, you've probably seen 9-year-old youtube sensation, friend of the program, samantha gordon. remember the football playing superstar? well, she actually wanted to be
8:05 am
a soccer player when she grows up. she had her dream come true this weekend working out with abby wambach and the rest of the u.s. women's national team this weekend. they had a friendly against ireland. they all played a little american football during the break in practice. it's fair to say, she's best in the class on the field. little sam said, of all the cool things she's done over the past few weeks, perhaps with the exception of joining us here on "good morning america," meeting the team was the best, again, she's been with us a couple times. no sweeter little girl. no cuter little girl. no better athlete. >> yeah. >> she got wheaties box. >> she's phenomenal. >> a good week for her. a good week for "pop news." >> i sure hope so. good morning, everybody. david beckham officially retired from the u.s. soccer world as the l.a. glablalaxy woe
8:06 am
mls title. then on sunday, beck celebrated by going to another sporting event, of course. happily sitting on the sidelines while the lakers took on the orlando magic sunday. he got a huge round of process when shown on the jumbotron, congratulations from everyone in the game, including gerard butler. he's done for, as much for soccer as any foreign player has. and i want to thank him for the contribution to the game. >> we want to thank him for so many things. [ laughter ] also in "pop news," eight years after her last on-stage performance, shania twain still feels like a woman. the 47-year-old country star made an epic comeback in las vegas on saturday getting a standing ovation before she even belted out a single note. the show was the first of a two-year deal with the coliseum at caesar's palace. clearly, she's still the one. [ bell dings ] >> oh. >> thank you very much. love shania. we've got to get her on "good morning america." >> is that my breakfast? >> josh, you need to listen up. this is a little bit of news here.
8:07 am
>> okay. >> she may be neighbors with the kennedys, but it appears taylor swift's heart is only going in one direction. [ bell dings ] straight towards the boy band breakout star harry stiles. the pair spotted in new york central park over the weekend. >> who's the baby? >> that's a friend's baby. we saw them holding hands backstage at "the x-factor" last month. that started the rumors. what is the name, josh? >> this is the big reveal. >> shoot, i can't remember what it is now. >> you did not just do that, did you? >> i forgot it. we'll get back to you on that. i can't remember what it was -- oh, what is it -- >> taco? >> not taco. that was taylor and connor. i have a new one over here. >> i wish i could help you out. >> george, come on.
8:08 am
finally in "pop news" this morning, we have our "pop quiz," everybody. we asked which show is the winner of tv guide magazine 2012 favorite poll? the answer just ahead. >> okay, let's get the weather from sam. >> hi! hi, good morning! see, now, this time, i heard you. take a look at the folks -- josh, by the way, i think we've got to rename this the poinsettia patch at broadway farms because it is in full holiday glory. and the crew is around. everybody's here. there's a lot of kentucky in the crowd. is there anyone left in the shade this morning? tell me your name. >> dorretta. >> what's going on with the wildcats? feeling pretty good. >> i don't know. not real good right now. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things happening. we're going to start with pictures out of the san francisco area. when you get water rolling up in the streets you know you got back-to-back storms that are moving onshore. today, it's a little bit dryer
8:09 am
and everyone will get a chance to do some cleanup before the next storm pounds in with wind and rain by later on tonight and tomorrow. the good news, after this storm leaves, then we do get kind of a dry stretch of a couple of day there is and that will really help folks out. in comes cooler air. all the temperatures are going to come down. you've got another day, day and a half, two days before you get the temperatures down on the eastern seaboard. so, like, this,
8:10 am
>> i just want to spend the entire morning reading these signs. you guys did such a great job this morning. let's go back inside to lara. >> thank you so much, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu" -- leann rimes in a war of words with her husband's ex. we'll tell what you they're getting into there. and the ultimate lipstick test. do you know what you're putting on your lips? you may or may not want to stick around to find out. plus, how to find the best bag for your body type. i didn't know there was one. we're going to reveal. that's coming up live on "good morning america" in times square. reveal. that's coming up live on "good morning america" in times square. sales are at an all-time low!
8:11 am
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mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. ♪ hey, welcome back, everybody. 8:14 here on "good morning america." and i want to get right to our pop quiz. we asked, which show will be the winner of "tv guide magazine's" 2012 fan favorite poll? >> "project runway." >> it should be "project runway," heidi klum. we love that show. >> i voted for it. >> i did, too.
8:14 am
but the show that won was "doctor who." huge cult favorite. overwhelmingly, "doctor who." >> great, great, terrific. my dad used to -- >> it's a british show. and another show of sorts. if it's true about harry stiles and taylor swift they would be swiles. thank you very much. thank you. >> glad you worked that out. >> america can collectively exhale now. >> thank you. coming up here, the lipstick investigation you need to see before you do your makeup this morning. could we -- what is in the lipstick? we're going to let you know. we're going to let you know. but do you want to stick around. you do want to stick around to find out. want to stick around to find out. ♪ [ female announcer ] your favorite holiday flavors are here... with some new ones to love.
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8:17 am
what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. coming up -- "gma's" get the good life, brought to you by ally bank. your money needs an ally. we're back to that twitter world between leann rimes and brandi glanville, of "the real housewives of beverly hills." rimes is the step mother to glanville's two kids. paula faris has the latest. ♪ >> reporter: leann rimes used to be known for singing country songs about fights. but lately, the mega star has been grabbing headlines for a
8:18 am
different kind of scuffle. on friday, the vocal powerhouse started a fire in the twitter sphere saying, quote, flying out with my boys in a few hours. love that it's a family tour weekend. it's always more fun when they are with me. the boys in question, her husband, eddie cibrian and his two sons from his first marriage to reality star brandi glanville. glanville saw the tweet, responded "someone is trying to get under my skin by calling my children her boys. so transparent. they are my boys. eddie's boys and your stepsons for now." as the weekend went on, rimes posted the faceless pictures. of her family. and glanville responding i'm taking a moment from twitter to breathe and punch some pillows. >> they need to be able to communicate with one another, not at one another. >> leann and brandi had a long and tense history since 2009 when leann cheated with
8:19 am
brandi's then husband, rimes' costar in a television movie. >> we have two wonderful kids half the time. >> reporter: rimes isn't the first celebrity to create friction. actress bridget moynahan learned she was pregnant with her ex tom brady's son. she was hurt when gisele bundchen told "vanity fair" she loved the child the same as mine. >> it's that title, the role, the identity that makes the biological mother feel threatened. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris abc news, new york. >> that can be a rocky terrain. all right. switching gears now, if you're putting on lipstick as you watched this, have you ever thought what's in lipstick? >> yes. >> yes, i know, josh, you wanted to know. heidi was going to tell us but she doesn't know either. so we're all wondering, does it contain lead? if it does contain lead, whether that is a problem. abc's consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy went behind the
8:20 am
beauty counter to find out what might be lurking in our lipstick. >> i can't believe i'm actually doing this. >> reporter: in movies like "the breakfast club" and "clueless" when the characters apply lipstick, it transforms them. ♪ i'm gonna be a supermodel >> reporter: but can lead in lipstick cause changes, too? we brought 22 different lipsticks and glosses and brought them to underwriters laboratories for lead testing. >> we get down to the parts per million and billion. >> reporter: u.l. found 12 of the 22 samples, 55% contained trace amounts of lead. that may sound worrisome, but it's not illegal because there is no federal lead limit for cosmetics. >> the industry created the standards and they abide by them pretty regularly. >> reporter: we found lead
8:21 am
levels ranged from no detectable levels to 3.22 parts per million. that's below the limit for lipstick in california. and it's progress because it's less than what the food and drug administration tested lipstick in 2010. but anti-lead activists say manufacturers should remove all lead from their lipsticks. >> that's the upside of that. half of them do contain lead, but half of them don't. proving it's possible to make lipstick without lead. >> reporter: activists warned that a woman wearing lipstick can pass lead to her baby internally when she's pregnant, but nobody knows if the amount is significant. the fda considers small amounts of lipstick safe. but another government agencies, the centers for disease control, says there is no safe level in a child's body. >> what we know now is, even the lowest levels of lead can harm your i.q., your behavior, your ability to learn. and so we want to make sure that it's out of everything that is
8:22 am
in the environment of children. >> reporter: the cosmetics industry counters that worrying about trace amounts of lead and lipstick distracts from other much greater risks. >> if you're really serious about the public health aspects of lead poisoning, you wouldn't be looking at lipstick. you would be looking at locations where children live. do they live near hazardous waste dumps? are they chewing lead-containing paint fragments? >> reporter: it's a difficult debate which may leave women pursing their lips, wondering what to do. for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, massachusetts. >> all right. if you're not baffled enough, if you want to try to avoid lead in lipstick without wearing it, it's tough to do. we compared department store lip six to drugstore lipsticks. we compared reds to pinks, asian made to american made, lipstick
8:23 am
to gloss. and found no pattern as to where the lead may pop up. go figure. lara? >> all right, thank you. now, it's time to play the newest game here at "good morning america." what's it called? here's how it works. we have four models. they all have different body types. we have two purses for each of them. i'll try to pick which purse is right for that body type. we're happy to have the tracy, the contributing style ed dor of "glamour" magazine with us to explain how it works. let's begin. >> the first model is vanessa, she's on the petite size. we've got two great choices, one is an oversize bag from open and a smaller version. $48. >> i get to pick the bag that i think would look best for you? >> that's right. >> i think the more petite bag would be more proportional. >> that's right, lara. >> is that --
8:24 am
>> it is! you got the perfect fit. i think a lot of women might be thinking, the bigger my handbag is, the smaller by booty looks. these are the same details on the bags. a nice red color, but a little on the smaller size. >> next up we have -- >> she has a pear-shaped figure. we're looking at evening bags here. we have this teeny, tiny clutch with a cross-body strap. or a bigger clutch with an envelope shape. >> let me see this. oh, i'm going with this. i think that's it. >> let's open it up and see how you did, lara. >> let's see. >> ding, ding, ding! perfect fit. >> i don't know, it just feels right. >> it is right. the reason it works so well for a pear shape, it draws your eye upward. rather than a cross-body bag which works like an arrow drawing your eye to the fullest
8:25 am
part of your figure. this is going to draw your eye to the top half which is your slimmest part. $68. it's a great choice for holiday parties. >> yeah, i love is that. are you saying the cross -- if we don't want people looking here, we should not have those? >> exactly. just like everything else in the wardrobe, want to draw your eyes away from that part. and to your favorite part. >> next, we have tall model. if you have a tall body, lauren is our model and your choices are? >> for lauren, we've either got this magenta bag from olivia and joy. with a short strap. or ivanka trump handbag. >> i just love that pink. for no other reason than i'm wearing it. >> try again. >> can't win them all. >> in lauren's case, it is the tote bag. a short bag gets lost on a tall girl. you want to play up your stature. makes her look even more supermodel than she does. >> finally, katie. katie has two bags. tell me why these two. >> we've got a slouchy hobo and
8:26 am
and great framed bag. >> what do you think? >> i think it's this one. >> no! we'll have more details on the website. we want to thank "glamour" magazine. dirty little secrets about your hotel room revealed. good morning i'm kristen sze. two chp officers in the east bay are recovering after their car overturned during a high speed chase this morning near livermore. the officers were chasing a speeding driver through a construction zone when they flipped.
8:27 am
they suffered minor injuries. officers from tracy and stockton took the suspect into custody. check on your commute now with sue hall. bad back-up at bay bridge, nasty, metering lights on, carpool and fastrak the way to go, earlier stall, 580 and 80 jammed beyond the maze. san francisco north 101 severe chavez accident blocking lane of traffic. southbound 880 at 16th multi-car accident still in left lane. meteorolo
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. mostly cloudy, all of us in the 40s except san francisco 51 many fog around live more quarter mile visibility less around novato as you head up towards petaluma and san rafael. temperatures under partly sunny sky, low to mid 60s. 40s and 50s rain moving into the nor [ cheers and applause ] check out this crowd in times square this morning. to robin roberts at home, you go away, heidi klum comes in as a special guest, look what
8:30 am
happens. >> look what happens. >> we've got to get the special shoes, too. >> look at my shoes. >> i can't believe you wore these all night and danced the night away? >> until 2:30 in the morning. i like to see everything, you know. >> my gosh. >> did you ever fall? >> look at you. >> this looks like hazardous pay? >> no, someone helped me out. >> and sam is wearing your headdress. >> i will say, you've never looked better. >> it's squeezing my head. >> how did you wear this all night, though? tell me you took it off. >> i did take it off like 1:00 in the morning, and i put the wig on. >> it's heavy. >> isn't it fun? >> it's sinking into your shoulders. >> heidi won't let go of my hand. or maybe i won't let go of heidi's hand. we're talking about this because heidi is our special guest. she holds an epic halloween bash every year.
8:31 am
a little late for hurricane sandy. and all the benefits of the party. >> what? what are you saying? >> air is very thin up there. >> i know it's virtually impossible to take me seriously right now. how about this, from a hotel insider, when you take this off, my hair is going to be like -- >> no, no, i'm holding it off. >> it will look like a crown. >> i'd like to see it on you. >> there's a lot to get to in the next half hour. >> in your hotel when you're not there, the hotel insider, we'll tell you the secrets that go on. some of this, we may want to know. some of some of it you may not want to know. >> the glasses by the bathroom sink, i'm telling you -- >> the lipstick in the hotel room. >> i know, lara. we have all kinds of tips from making your home look like a million bucks this holiday season without breaking the
8:32 am
bank. designer john is here with great tips on holiday decor. >> you can just lean your elbow on my head if you like. >> this is what it's like here. >> i know. >> amazing. also, this week, we're kicking off holid holidays. the best to make this the best holidays. >> it might be tough with sam champion. >> yeah. >> my head feels so much lighter. heather is with us this morning! we're going to take it all down. >> thank you. >> we're all searching for information. we may have to hold this thing right there. we're all searching for information. josh. our good friends at yahoo! have given the top-ten lists of things that we research throughout the year. >> right. this search represents the daily search habits of millions of yahoo! users. as you can tell, we're
8:33 am
celebrity-obsessed once again. >> jennifer lopez. linsey lohan. that far down, with all the arrests and everything. >> we got to look at the top five. last year, you won. you have to see if you put this in order. >> george, i'm going to put the election up top. >> no, it's not. >> i think so. >> keep going. >> you would go with kate middleton, kim kardashian. >> or the iphone? sam had it right. the election. >> the iphone. and then i'd go kim kardashian. then i would go -- >> oh, my gosh, have eye seen the list? >> no i haven't. am i right? >> you are absolutely right! [ cheers and applause ] >> come here, sam. >> thank you. thank you. that is great. >> that's never going to happen again. >> no, we don't normally have a news story topping the list. this is only the third time in the 12 years we've been
8:34 am
compiling the list that we've had a news story at the top. so very good. kim kardashian, she's actually the top-searched person of the year on yahoo! in 2012. a couple of new additions. kate upton never made the list before. she's generated a lot of attention from the "sports illustrated" cover. >> well that was some cover. i'm sure everybody was trying to see that. >> yeah. >> we thank you so much for coming. >> oh, thank you! [ cheers and applause ] >> as the show gets more and more popular with america, you can buy more expensive props. for more go to yahoo!.com. >> to the boards, one or two things. the weather boards. your twitter or facebook pictures you that guys send us, give us a view of everything in the country. we've got the california shot. we've got the tennessee look as well. here's what's happening in america today. here's a list of possible record
8:35 am
highs to be knocked down. there's soap warm weather. atlanta, you're close. chicago. st. louis, you're right there. one more storm, you get a little break for today with drizzly weather. by tonight, the next 48 hours, the possibility of more rain, northern california. oregon and washington are going to get a good soaking out of this one. that's the weather around the nation. that wasn't a real board. >> all of america's weather was brought to you proudly by the u.s. postal service. elizabeth, amazing. >> it is amazing. thanks so much, sam. now, to our very special guest heidi klum. she's the host of the hit show
8:36 am
"project runway" and it was a big weekend for heidi who celebrated her famous haunted halloween party and she was forced to postpone it because of sandy. she's here with us. good morning. >> hello. >> i'm marveling over those shoes which lara needs your help. >> they're not easy to walk in. i always literally try to take it to a new level. >> you did in this case. in the past years, you've dressed up as an ape, a crow, a hindu goddess and cleopatra this year. >> i did one in new york, a monkey, i also did it in las vegas i was the invisible woman. basically you'd see when you take the skin off how the body looks underneath with the veins. you have the photo. this year, i wanted to be pretty. i thought i was ugly last year. this year, i want to be pretty. sparkles all over the face.
8:37 am
>> the costume weighed 60 pounds. look at your face. >> yeah. >> the crystals all over. how long did that take you? >> the very famous makeup artist, he does movies and special effects, he basically builds a few different patches that you can glue on the face. he literally single-handed put these on there. the dress was easy. you know, my team prepared before. they're so great. >> what does your kids think of this costume? >> they think i'm a little wild. >> just a little. >> the monkey, they couldn't really see my face in there. >> the body, the invisible body might have been scary for the little ones. >> yeah, but they thought it was funny. >> this one you did in partnership with the american red cross and aol and with patch all to benefit the victims of hurricane sandy? >> yes, because it happened, you know, on the day of halloween or
8:38 am
the night before. so then i thought, now, i'm going to want to do this party and have something great come out of this, i partnered with aol, the red cross, patch. and really make phone calls and have $200,000 worth of goods that they need. the red cross is so amazing. first response, something happens, they really take care of the people. and it was great. yesterday, i went to lindenhurst and another small town outside of new york city. and people are so appreciative of everything you can give. >> there's so much need there, even now. >> it's really hard. and some of the stories that i heard there. there's one family that has five children. they don't have a home anymore. when you hear that, it's really touching. so anyone who can do anything, they still need things now, even though it's so many weeks after. people still need things. >> as a mom of four, you can amplify with that? >> of course. everyone has a room, their toys.
8:39 am
christmas is coming up and now they're sleeping on a friend's couch and all huddled together. it's a hard time. >> it's so great that you did that to benefit the victims. you had a very busy two days. you were hosting mtv music awards. i have to show a clip of this video you that did. now, we know you're a supermodel, a fantastic mom. but you're also gangnam style! >> yeah. he's very serious, psy, i like him a lot. i got there, he's like did you rehearse this? you have to do this the right way. and i was a little worried. and i'm like, i'm going to try everything. i give 200%. he warmed up to me because he knew i was taking it serious. i was not just going to do it in a silly way. >> i think you look fantastic. >> he's so great. i love him. i loved doing that. it was fun. >> it looks like a lot of fun. you did definitely give 200%, not only to that, but to the victims of hurricane sandy. >> thanks. >> and for your benefit.
8:40 am
that was great. and we loved the costume. coming up, think that glass is clean in the hotel room bathroom?
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ rumor has it so what is really going on when you stay at a hotel? how do you get free stuff, good service and avoid that smelly room by the elevator?
8:43 am
he's going to join us live but first abc's chris cuomo takes us behind the scenes. [ tires screeching ] >> reporter: looks like a carjacking, doesn't it? but it's actually a hotel parking in st. louis posted on youtube. >> the valet parker probably got hired last week. probably gets fired next week. doesn't care that much. >> reporter: jacob thompson worked his way from valet to desk manager. now to his book "heads and beds" he reveals the much coveted secrets of the hotel rooms. is it true there's a revenge from the staff? >> without a doubt. there's a thousand ways that i can get back to you. you yell at your daughter in a way i don't like. >> reporter: you'll do it with a straight face? >> absolutely. >> reporter: thompson said it's a myth that hotel maids steal
8:44 am
your stuff, but that doesn't mean they won't look through. the bag's on the bed. >> in fact, it's possible for them to go through. that's why i would recommend them using the hotel safe. >> reporter: but "safe" is a relative term. into the safe and out goes the cash. next, we head to the bathroom where he reveals another secret. >> it's covered, all right? that's exactly what they want. oftentimes, these are clean, with what they have available which is going to be shampoo -- >> reporter: you're saying it's not like these were in the dishwasher? >> no, these are staying in here and they're going to be cleaned in here. jacob thompson joins us now with groans. is that really true? >> yeah, i worked in housekeeping for quite a while. either that or shampoo in the
8:45 am
sink, you fill it up with hot water and put the shampoo in there. >> what made you do a book here? i guess that would do it? >> ten years in the business, i saw and heard it all with crazy stories from guests i thought i'd write a book to encapsulate that with tips and tricks. >> one of the complaints you have is about who to tip? >> you should tip all. the front desk. they're the gods of instant karma. i could make or break your stay. a little bit of kindness, i can get you upgraded. >> how do you know if the person at the front desk will be open to that? >> well, i don't think tipping ever looking bad. it's a wonderful thing to do. i don't think anyone is going to be offended. if they are, they'll tell you.
8:46 am
>> what has been the reaction that you got from the hotel industry since this all started? >> actually, it's been positive. i did my best to explain all the workings and humanize what we do and how we do it, to stay maximized. as far as upper management, we'll see how that rolls. >> jacob, thanks for being here. >> it's a pleasure to be here. coming up, how to
8:47 am
8:48 am
movie stars, pop stars, tv stars and more importantly people just like you have donated coats to americans in need. >> time to go. >> go to on yahoo!. or go to any burlington coat fa factory store to share the warmth. there's the song, with our
8:49 am
latest installment of "get the good life" to tell you what you make your life a little better. a little glitter. it's christmastime, you want your home to be warm and cozy but also fabulous because it's a wonderful time of the year. jonathan adler is here who has a book "100 ways to happy chic your life." we begin by making it personal. tell us about this. >> you can get normal stockings, but i think it's fun to make them yourself. get velvet, add much-needed bling for the holidays. >> this is bling. >> this is full bling. >> we're big fans of mixing metals. >> you heard is here, folks, silver and gold together always. turquoise is like the miracle
8:50 am
color. you can't get enough turquoise, silver and gold. >> it works well with the colors of christmas. and it also represents hanukkah. i like this, my mom made our stockings, and they are incredibly important to me. so consider doing that. make it yourself. next thing we talked about, glitz it out. go for it. a little glam is good. >> glam is great for the holidays. normally, a little restrained but holidays is the time to go over the top. the way we've done that, we've got the pieces in silver and gold. >> what if you don't have that around your house? you can take your vases, the ones that people get, and grab spray paint and voila. >> voila. >> you have one side spray painted. but a lot of people don't realize, you can spray paint your entire life. >> just look around in your
8:51 am
home. >> every home needs a chandelier, no matter the price point? >> a chandelier should be bigger than you think and can afford. what we did for the holiday, we dangled extra bulbs. >> so you can take those off. i want to get to the big reveal. we're running out of time. these are cute placeholders for your plates. let's see if we can move the projects and see how we put this together. thanks for those. what do you know. look who's here. don't let us interrupt you two boys. >> this is the completed room. it looks absolutely glamorous. >> it's just something i threw together. >> well done, josh. >> thank you. >> you can see the placeholders. there's the crown. george has a bow tie. >> i like this, jonathan adler. >> you're welcome. >> a simple tip is tieing that
8:52 am
one color throughout. the stockings are turquoise. the tree is turquoise. and the plate. >> and you know it could be red/gold, whatever your favorite color is. it's just about those little details, josh and sam. >> well done, josh. >> jonathan adler, thank you for joining us "100 ways to happy chic your life" is jonathan's new book. it's fantastic. go to our website on yahoo!. for more tips from jonathan. hey, we'll be right back!
8:53 am
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8:55 am
♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle bell rock ♪ happy crowd outside. thanks to jonathan adler. a shoutout to our friends at abc family. they're taking up 25 days of original criminal mass programs. there you see the stars there in rockefeller center. along with a whole bunch of abc family stars over the weekend. >> you can tune in all week long for fantastic shows including the original movie "the mistletones" stars tori spelling. >> thanks so much to heidi klum. so great to have her. >> have a great day!
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. good morning i'm kristen sze. in marin county, white hill school in fairfax closed due to storm damage flood waters inundated the buildings yesterday the library was also flooded. drying out but mike when toes the rain return? >> more tomorrow and -- and
8:59 am
into wednesday nothing like what we just dealt with. live doppler picking up dry air outside partly sunny, more sunshine this afternoon, low to mid 60s rain moves into the north bay tonight mainly north of 80 tomorrow during the daylight hours all of us get rain tuesday night into wednesday >> slow 80 westbound earlier accident before university, cheering out of lanes, slow behind the scene capital -- corridor 524 delay 20 minutes, west announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the hit s "how i met your mother," neil patrick harris. and from the highly anticipated now film "the hobbit," ian mckellan. plus, jersey boys are in the studio to help us kick off our holiday new york city week. all next on the emmy


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