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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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officers received a call shortly before midnight and found the man dead near ward and sacramento behind a middle school. no word on any suspects. more in a live report from amy hollyfield in the next half hour. developing news out of oakland. four people injured after shooting near lake merritt 10:30 last night at several low -- locations. a witness heard gunshots around a liquor store in the area. one person was reported to be in critical, all said to be in stable condition. investigators say they are looking for three suspects. >> in san francisco police investigating fatal shooting in hayes valley last night a man was found before 8:00 last night taken to the hospital where he died. detectives have not released a motive. what a difference amour makes. when we were driving in it was
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misty if you look here, a little wet. >> jut as mike predicted. -- just as mike predicted. when is it going to move out? >> not until well after the morning commute. good morning. steadier line of rain 80 sacramento, vallejo, san francisco out to the ocean heaviest rain now on the richmond san rafael bridge pulling from sir francis drake richmond and san pablo now where the heaviest of the rain is. more rain napa, sonoma, light to moderate this batch here is the wave we talked about yesterday that is going to energize this system and bring heavier rain during the morning commute. the sooner you can get out the better. as we head into the afternoon steady rain becomes showers upper 50s to mid 60s.
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westbound 80 at cutting accident cleared to the shoulder east shore freeway, towards the berkeley curve and macarthur maze light. otherwise just roadwork south 101 lorenz expressway two left lanes until 5:00 this morning. dumbarton bridge one lane each direction until 5:00 this morning. the rain they were talking about combined with the already saturated ground means scattered flooding and downed trees. you've seen this before i'm sure. terry mcsweeney is live along lucky drive in cortamadera. what are you seeing? >> reporter: what i'm seeing is some pooling let's call it this is an area that floods every time you get a serious downpour. one thing before i get into the flooding 900 pg&e customers without power in san rafael now.
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no idea when that power is coming back up. behind me is a spot where you can't see from it here that it is pooling, take a look at video and you can see it is pooling this is from our van about half an hour ago, driving northbound on 101 next to a truck all of a sudden you can see where you are -- you can't see where you are going. every time there's a downpour, it floods. now look at another problem caused by the past storm and expected to be caused by this next one downed trees problem over the past week all over the bay area continues. in larkspur crews removing dangerous branches. friday a branch realize that potential and slammed into a house. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: what was the noise like? >> so horrible, loud.
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>> trees leaning, people are concerned, they are paying attention. i'm going out and looking at things and hopefully mitigating potential hazards. >> reporter: one arborists returned from new york city where he been working on the mess left by superstorm sandy. he's been out here for a few days dealing with the problems, he's going back to new york city today because the cleanup continues back there. in the bay area, water coming up here, trees coming down, 900 people without power in san rafael. that's the story so far the heaviest rain still on the way. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. crews in the santa cruz mountains hope to have one lane open on vine hill road today. a section of that road collapsed. vine hill road is an escape route for santa cruz in case of an emergency he advantage .
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fixing the road will take one month. -- in san francisco the department of public works preparing for more rain. crews answered 40 calls to clear trees and branches from the streets during last sunday's storm. they've been checking out vulnerable trees. dpw is offering free sandbags. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage, you can track the storm any time with live doppler 7 hd at if you take good photos or video we want to see them to ureport a missing couple feared caught by the storm, investigators say rod clifton and his girlfriend had been visiting friends near sacramento they left to return home to nevada last thursday
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and van been seen since. rescue teams and -- and haven't been seen since. rescue teams are searching for any signs of the couple. volunteers will continue the search today on foot. 4:36. bizarre kidnapping and daring escape in the south bay authorities say a handyman was threatened, beaten and forced to do repair work for several hours. this started monday morning at a home in morgan hill and ended in a gas station in san jose. >> reporter: the ordeal lasted nearly seven hours in this home on caldwell court in morgan hill. the handyman was lured here, beaten and forced to do repair work on household appliances. >> told him we are going to kill you if you don't do what we tell you, we want you to fix these things around the house. out of fear and the unknown. >> reporter: according to the
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sheriff's office those threats and assault came from 36-year-old and a 33-year-old who live at the house. what brought the handyman here was a dispute over work he had done for a relative of one of those suspects they allegedly forced them to drive to the chevron station in san jose on the way to finish work on the other home. left at this pump, the handyman bolted from his truck as the accused kidnappers were inside shopping for snacks. >> until the police showed up, pointed the gun at the window and said i'm gonna shoot you in the face. that's when i recommended the guy, i said hey, probably be a good idea, you know, did what the man said. >> reporter: even though authorities say there was no gun or weapon used, suspects have been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and false imprison.
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john alston, abc7 news. still doesn't look too bad on the bay bridge we saw rain coming down on terry. >> north bay, raining pretty good. mike is here to tell us more about the rain. here's a look at live doppler. good morning. here's the east bay, from cutting boulevard, richmond, san pablo, shamrock drive to hercules where we have the best return now. as the front is moving into the bay area almost parallel with 80 heavier showers offshore going to move in towards san francisco in the next 45 minutes expect the intensity of these showers to pick up. half mile visibility in fairfield, three napa, two half moon bay, everybody else okay. there is a little bit of low hanging clouds this morning almost fog-like with the mist falling ahead of that initial line of steadier rain.
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temperatures mild when you step out, mid 50s to low 60s 54 santa rosa, 62 in mountain view. mid to upper 50s 7:00 with everybody getting wet for the morning commute. noon the rain starts to change to showers very scattered during the afternoon hours upper 50s to low 60s showers will fade towards the evening. run of dry weather tomorrow, friday and saturday, temperatures a little below average at least dry and we'll see more sunshine. get out on the roads it is wet, live shot of the bay bridge toll rain coming down, roads wet and slick, traffic fortunately, very light. earlier accident eastbound off of the bay bridge on the oakland side cleared. to the san mateo bridge, does not look like it is raining here now traffic very light past the toll plaza and the lights here and over towards
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the highrise no issues on the san mateo bridge nice drive between hayward and peninsula. westbound 580 before lake shore injury accident blocking right lane use extra caution reports of pooling water in the area. skyline boulevard south -- between highway 92 and 84 downed tree blocking both lanes crews on the way. 4:40. neighbors living in the shadow of a bay area refinery face possibility of losing a fire station. the decision they fear will put their safety at risk. police unveil new tool to fight crime. there are hundreds of ways people use
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lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook.
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good morning. 4:43 on a wet wednesday. alliteration. >> nice. >> mike brought the rain so we could have that effect. >> wet and wild wednesday. embarcadero starting to get wet rain moving from the north bay cross the bay area. [ inaudible ] >> kristen will working on -- nudists in san francisco will have to cover-up in public beginning next year. board of supervisors have given final approval to an ordinance banning public nudity. yesterday three men and four women were tossed out of the chambers for taking their clothes off. the ordinance will go into effect february 1st. opponents have filed suit trying to block the law they say it violates civil rights. sharp reaction to proposed closure of four fire stations
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in the east bay. voters turned didn't a measure last month that would have saved the stations. not far from the shell oil refinery. alan wang explains what this means. >> reporter: carol's home lies in the shadow of the shell refinery in martinez. the refinery has its own fire department in case of a major catastrophe it would receive aid from station 12 of the contra costa county district that could end due to lack of funding. >> i know, i'm not happy it is nice having the fire station across the street. >> going to impact response times to the areas around the station. >> reporter: if station 12 is shutdown, people living near the shell refinery would rely on a fire station in downtown martinez, it would add four minutes to response time. 12 with three ours could have been saved by a parcel tax measure that failed last
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month. supervisors were grappling with the decision to shutter four of the 28 stations. >> it is a difficult decision. we did say that we would listen to what the voters said. and they either would want us to continue the current service level or they would not approve it. unfortunately, it did not get the 2/3 it needed. >> reporter: many feel closures are inevitable because the district needs to shutdown two more stations by july of next year. the supervisors will vote to close the four stations next tuesday. two more will need to be closed by july of next year along with one or two more possibly, by july of 2014. alan wang, abc7 news. 4:46. here's a crime even the grinch would be ashamed of. police searching for the crooks who stole from a boy
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scout christmas tree lot in piedmont. they stole wreaths, garr land, tools, -- volunteers discovered the theft last friday night the loss is estimated at around $1,000. crime fighters in san francisco don't have to have a badge to get involved. new program by the police department is counting on the public and social media to solve cases. each week a piece of surveillance video, like this one, is featured on the site with the hope that somebody looking will recognize a criminal. this week's offering shows a stun gun assault on pol k street last month. we have a -- we have a link to the website under see it on tv. raiders day begins today with special pregame edition of abc7 news at 6:30. tomorrow larry biel holding a
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special pregame show at 4 p.m.. kennedy and woodson will join us for that at 5, nfl network coverage of the broncos-raiders game begins live from the coliseum. once the game is over, larry, lincoln and rod will return with after the game. then: >> they will be burning the midnight oil, literally. folks have been excited about the game and asking -- [ unintelligible ] >> i hear there is people already tailgating. hopefully they have a good tarp, umbrella or tent, it is going to be wet this morning. good morning. golden gate bridge you can see rain here right now. we are going to look at ponding on the roads around the golden gate bridge over the next 15 minutes to maybe
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half an hour or so. best radar returns light to moderate rain cummings parkway, from vallejo to benicia on 780, 680 getting wet now, 80 getting wet that whole area is where the best radar returns are. you can see the rain on the golden gate bridge and more upstream which happens to be the west and southwest of that area towards left of your screen heading towards the marin head lands. the entire bay area cluster of storms down to the south starts to move in over the next 45 minutes. until it gets here light showers outside of those areas we talked about, even mist and drizzle, 50s to low 60s, we are in the mid to upper 50s monterey bay. rainy this morning, scattered
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showers this afternoon foggy spots the next couple of nights, dry and brighter all the days ahead of today. all the way through the seven day forecast. here's the wave we talked about yesterday, going to enhance the rainfall, 7:00 you can see yellows, we'll have light rain with spots of moderate rain through noon, scattered showers during the afternoon and evening as we head during the overnight hours one or two showers possible until we get to tomorrow's morning commute then dry, clouds will open up for sunshine tomorrow, dry with temperatures in the 50s for your game over at -- up to half inch in the south bay, up to an inch peninsula, inch and a half north bay, as heavy as the rain will get. slightly cooler with the extra sunshine thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. slightly warmer, a lot of sunshine monday and tuesday.
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live to san rafael the rain is coming down south 101 lucas valley road here you can see traffic flowing lightly to central san rafael, little pooling and flooding towards the cortamadera area coming in this morning be cautious there it is raining and some fog over the wall highway 87 empty, through san jose past hp pavilion light there, not raining yet, definitely smooth ride. serious problem in the oakland area westbound 580 before lake shore injury accident two right lanes blocked, a person is trapped in the car. be forewarned that area could be a little slow. hopefully they will get that person out sail and clear the lanes. dumbarton bridge road -- roadwork, we have a
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"sig alert" issued by california highway patrol for skyline boulevard with this tree down both lanes cal trains en route. it will be a bit before that is cleared. controversial photo on the front page of the "new york post" is sparking debate about whether it should have been published. the picture was taken moments before a man was hit and killed by a train monday the line reads: this man is about to die. there's criticism about why the photographer didn't put down his camera to help the victim. he said he took the picture hoping the driver would see his camera flash and there was distance between him and the victim. police say the man who pushed him on to the tracks has implicated himself. the man appeared to have been mentally disturbed. the d.a. is expected to announce whether charges will be filed. beverage inspired by bob marley is pulled from a
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school. next, what unexpected affects happened to students after they drank it. the two new bay area communities that will soon
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a school in new jersey is being forced to move a bob marley branded drink from its lunchroom after several students became ill. it contains chamomile the label says it is not intended for children several middle skew students brought it on campus. a manager at the -- school is suspended while officials investigate why the drink was being sold in the first place. [ unintelligible ] it is going to be wet no
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doubt we the steadier rain is going to be all caution advised for them. the afternoon hours more scattered showers light to moderate rain this morning, light showers this afternoon, temperatures in the low to mid 60s. if you are traveling all this wet weather sliding to the south so if you are going to be in the southern sections of the central valley or up in tahoe, we are going to have wet weather there. even down to big sur 63,60 sacramento, 46 tahoe. wet -- weather never making it to so cal. 70 l.a., 82 palm springs. you do not need chains yet, winter weather advisory for lake tahoe, three to eight inches of snow above 6500 feet. trucks are -- [ inaudible ] no chains required at this time. highway 80 past university afternoon into the macarthur maze light traffic this morning, roads are wet, water
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is splashing off the ground traffic seems to be moving nicely. golden gate bridge wet, still having two lanes each direction they have not reconfigured for your morning drive. westbound 580 accident at oakland, two lanes blocked, person trapped in a car, chp on scene. the city of san carlos will hold a community meeting tomorrow to see how people feel about a possible plastic bag ordinance. if it goes through it would take effect in april. yesterday mountain view joined 24 other cities in banning single use plastic bags the ban affects retail businesses that sell clothing, food or personal items directly to customers. restaurants and non-profit organizations are exempt. resign culled paper bags will be able for 10 cents a piece. 4:57. it has been a violent 12 hours
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across the bay area, six fall victim to gunfire, including a person gunned down on a bike. wild scene in san jose. we'll tell you what led to a car crashing into a liquor store.
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good morning. 5:00 on this wet wednesday thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. let's find out what the is doing. good morning. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd in contra costa


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