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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the police parking lot to the police administrative building. he wasn't finished crossing when the light turned, he saw the woman stopped at the red light and he had a feeling she was going to come through and hit him. she did. he went up on the hood and over the car. then he said he made eye contact with her and she had a look like i'm so sorry. when she saw him stan back up and he looked okay, she -- she took off and kept going so he filed a hit-and-run report. he is okay. he did finish his shift he was not taken to the hospital. but he was hit by a car. now police want to find this woman. the source pointed out there are several surveillance cameras on this building and the side and up on the roof. he said, there's a good chance that investigators will be looking at video to see if any camera was trained on the intersection, at that moment and if they can identify this
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woman or get her plate and try to find her. they said she may not have thought it was a hit-and-run, she did look at the officer, she realized what she had done. when he stood back up, she went on. he is okay. they are looking for her. she will be charged with hit-and-run, if they can find her. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. if there is anything on those videos we'll bring that to you. developing news in pleasant hill the contra costa county sheriff's department is investigating a homicide it happened near the intersection of 680 and concord avenue the body of adult was found last night northbound 680 on-ramp at concord avenue. we'll have a live report from terry mcsweeney in the next half hour. it is raiders' day here. that means the team will play tonight and you will see the game here. >> did you see fog driving in?
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>> no, but a little mist had to use the wipers. mike, what is up with that? a lot of moisture hanging in the air, mist and even fog, no organized areas of rain, what you are seeing over the ocean is high up in the clouds, probably isn't reaching the ground. it is going to be damp for the morning commute fog will be more of a problem deeper into the morning. lowest visibility in livermore, hayward, novato, three miles everyone else a little before that, it is reduced i think we'll have flight arrival delays into sfo with oakland and san jose okay. by the afternoon, well into the afternoon hours for clouds to break, partly cloudy coast upper 50s to low 60s. bay low to mid 60s inland dry and mild low 60s. good morning. light, no fog on the golden gate bridge, no fog up and over the waldo clear sailing and two lanes both
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directions on the golden gate no roadwork either. we have roadwork eastbound 4 at loveridge until 5:30, westbound looking good out of antioch, no delays. roadwork on the peninsula, 101 before 92, both directions until 6 a.m., slowing northbound 101. roadwork eastbound 80 carquinez bridge until 8:00 hope to get that cleared up earlier we'll follow that. 4:34. san francisco police and arson investigators trying to figure out cause of deadly house fire it started 8:40 last night on st. charles avenue in the ingleside area. an off-duty firefighter smelled smoke and alerted the department, 40 firefighters arrived to fight the blaze and discovered the body on the second floor of the building. they had the fire contained a half hour later. the flames burned through the garage up to the second floor.
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major development, oakland the first city in the nation to willfully surrender control of its police department to a court appointed director. the city reached a deal yesterday to an individual federal takeover. a 2003 lawsuit required them to make more than 50 reforms that still haven't happened. the compliance director will oversee the department. that person will have power to demote staff or fire the chief. u.s. district court judge will rule whether to approve the deal at a hearing next thursday. in san francisco public safety committee set to review the plan to arm some officers with tasers. chief suhr asked the commissioner august to arm the crisis intervention team with tasers as part of a pilot project. organizers are expected to speak out against that proposal they say it could be
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deadly. some progress, still a long way to go in the efforts repair massive sinkhole in lafayette. now orinda is facing a sinkhole. alan wang has details. >> reporter: there's plenty of work to be done as the bay area starts to dry out. it took all day to trim this oak tree that fell on a home on powell drive in lafayette. tree cutters will be back and utility and construction crews will be back on month continue view drive which collapsed sunday night. several lines were snapped after debris clogged the culvert. >> they were working on the gasline, would going to restore power, ensuring that a temporary sewer line was in place. >> reporter: they began laying rocks in the creek bed. in orrin dat rains clogged a
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culvert and opened a sinkhole four feet deep. -- city councilmembers are looking for money to pay for the repairs. >> we are exploring fema funds as an emergency, we are looking at getting this area and other areas possibly orinda, as part of an emergency. >> reporter: so far no estimated price tag on damage left by the storms. the cost of replacing this road will be several million dollars. alan wang, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track every storm any time with live doppler at in washington state, same-sex couples began obtaining licenses early this morning, hours after the the law legalizing same-sex marriage took effect there. hundreds waited for hours before the king county auditor's office in seattle
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opened after midnight to start distributing licenses. washington joins several other states that allow gay and lesbian couples to wed. voters passed referendum last month. marijuana possession now legal in washington state pot smokers have been celebrating in the streets of seattle. people gathered at the space needle for a new year's eve-style countdown to midnight when the measure passed by voters last month took effect. they cheered and lit joints in unison. new this morning, duchess of cambridge has left the hospital where she was being treated for acute morning sickness related to her pregnancy. here she is, take a look, new video of a smiling kate middleton leaving the king edward vii hospital with her husband by her side, the royal couple's office says she will
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head to kensington pal -- palace for rest. she is less than 12 weeks pregnant. the couple is expecting their first child when morning sickness tends to be the worst in that early stage, first trimester. hopefully, better from here. >> she has that extra special morning sickness. you saw fog this morning? >> i did. it wasn't major, just wanted to be safe. [ inaudible ] going to be delightful weather, upper 50s and dropping into the lower 50s once we get past the lunch hour we won't have to worry about , clouds break up and we'll see sunshine this afternoon. 50s, don't worry about the wet weather other than mist in the air this morning. radar returns are staying offshore which means radar shooting up into the clouds and happens to be moisture in
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the clouds at 10,000 feet out there doesn't mean it is making it to the ground. i don't have any ground reports of rain or drizzle now just mist and mild temperatures most of us in the mid to upper 50s. through the day misty and foggy through 7:00, sun breaks out around noon upper 50s to low 60s. low 60s 4:00, partly cloudy, cool quickly without the cloud cover-up 40s to low 50s 7:00 need a jacket then. friday through sunday morning clouds giving way to afternoon sun, slow warming trend, mid 60s by the end of the weekend. no problems on the bay bridge, first live look metering lights off, traffic is very light headed into san francisco on the cantilever section. san mateo bridge you can see moisture not much to see, not raining but heavy mist and you can see it there in san mateo. eastbound 580 north flynn
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roadwork until 11:00, normally they get that picked up earlier. westbound now, commute direction is looking good out of tracy central valley. eastbound dumbarton roadwork until 6:00, we'll follow that. no slowing there now. oakland north 880 embarcadero roadwork in three lanes until 5:00. good morning i'm kira klapper live in san leandro at ricky's where fans are here preparing for the game that is 12 hours away. we'll have a live report, coming up. >> also, trouble in cairo. violence breaks out on streets why the government is turning tanks on
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4:43 on this thursday day morning. live look at highway 87 in san jose looks a little overcast, maybe fog. what is going on today raiders much -- [ inaudible ] right now breaking news out of san francisco water gushing everywhere 50 feet into the air after a car crashes into a fire hydrant south of market at second and folsom. the driver is being treated on the scene. you can see a lot of police officers there. san francisco police say the driver will be taken into custody on suspicion of possible dui. if you are going to be in that area be careful of that gushing water. this morning, an america's cup competitor is caution oracle team u.s.a. of spying.
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the italian team has filed a formal protest to an international jury of sailing experts they say the oracle team sent an inflate boat to take pictures of their catamaran last month in new zealand. oracle admits it sent someone to watch but claims it didn't break rules. the america's cup will be held on san francisco bay next summer. did you say something about it being raiders day? >> it is raiders day here on abc7. >> it sure is. raiders fans are already gearing up, partying before the big game. kira klapper is live in san leandro at a hang out that bleeds black and silver. they look hard-core there. >> reporter: they are. let me get out of the way so
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you can see them -- [ inaudible ] these fans have packed in for game day they come the night before game day, unfortunately, we have to take away from this live shot and show you one of those nights before game day. you can see this is the next best place to watch the game if you are not at the stadium. ricky's has been an institution since 1946 started in hayward and moved to this san leandro location in 1962. it is ground zero for fans to rally before the game. the fans say this is their second home. >> this is for us, a family place we are crazy raider fans but this is still a family place. >> we had our 25th year anniversary here. >> it is like being at home. >> you are family. ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: correction, some of these fans say this is their first home. that ricky and teen that the owners are their raider parents, isn't that sweet. coming up there's is so much more to show you. raiders paraphernalia all over the walls we have a lot to show you in about an hour. kira klapper, abc7 news. >> do you think they are enthusiastic about the match-up? >> reporter: a little bit. someone took an hour and a half to put on their make-up. someone else took two hours -- i'm sorry it is not make-up. their costume, let's say that, war paint. i stand corrected. a lot more fun to show you as the morning progresses. >> i wanted to make sure. our game coverage begins today 4 p.m. with larry biel. lincoln kennedy and rod
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woodson join us for that at 5, coverage of the game begins live from the coliseum. once the game ends larry, lincoln and rod will return with after the game then abc programming: >> for tonight's game you won't have to worry about the rain a little mist this morning. >> by noon that will be over then we look forward to sunshine and drying trend is coming once it is here it is going to lock down our weather pattern and stay around for a long time. good morning. if you are heading out to the game, mist and drizzle for tailgating this morning. by noon you won't need to worry about the wet weather gear upper 50s game time falling into the low 50s by the end of the game. let's look at what is going on from sutro tower, you saw
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clouds live doppler showing cloudy conditions, no organized areas of rain just saturated air sitting on top of us creating fog and mist this morning. mist and drizzle, mist hangs in the air drizzle falls from the clouds to the ground most of us aren't seeing that. mid to upper 50s right now not only here but around the monterey bay and inland towards salinas and gilroy. we are going to have clouds, going to be thick through the morning, then sunshine this afternoon, slow reveal of sunshine, sun angle this time of year hard to cut through moisture and warm the enough to thin out that fog. more fog and cooler conditions, mild and dry weekend. cold front from yesterday, sliding down to the south, high pressure building, notice how dirty, dirty area of high
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pressure it has a lot of cloud cover that's why we are never going to be completely sunny, but drier with breaks of sun, brighter than it has been for the early parts of this week. fog overnight going to hang around through the morning commute. by noon we'll start to see sunshine. partly cloudy this afternoon, coolest weather clear lake, cloverdale, ukiah, 50s there, the rest of us low 60s. monterey bay, same type of play with the sunshine, low 60s around the bay, low to mid 60s inland. around the state today no rain which is good news. tonight 40s and 50s, patchy dense fog. tomorrow mostly sunny in the afternoon, slight warming trend most of us in the mid 60s by the time we get to monday, tuesday, possibly wednesday. smooth sailing towards the macarthur maze this morning
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from either 80, 580 or 880 everybody at the limit, no problems as you funnel into the bay bridge light there. golden gate bridge just saw crews headed northbound reconfiguring cones for morning commute, four lanes in the southbound direction, two northbound, clear here no fog on the golden gate. one problem on the shoulder eastbound 80 travis boulevard fairfield area traveling in the eastbound direction leaving us we are sorry about that, traffic is a little slow through fairfield which is normally the case. with that accident now just cleared. eastbound 4 roadwork, blocked with a detour in place at loveridge, off and back on again using the on-ramp. 101 before 92, peninsula roadwork both directions until 6:00, roadwork eastbound 80 carquinez bridge three left lanes blocked until 8:00.
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in cairo, the egyptian army has deployed tanks outside the palace after deadly overnight clashes between supporters and opponents of president morsi. five are dead, nearly 450 injured as egypt descends further into political turmoil over the constitution drafted by morsi's allies. the opposition is vowing more protests today and rejecting any dialogue, unless the contusion drafted by a panel dominated by islamists is rescinded. we parents hope this is not the case and worry about it. are we setting up our children to be hurt? the danger of a popular recliner could pose to babies.q
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get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. good thursday morning. you are looking at a live
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picture from our hd rooftop camera what you don't see is rain what is out there is mist and drizzle. mike is going to have more in the forecast coming up. the latest figures if the u.s. census indicate continued drop in illegal immigration. the number of people in the u.s. illegally dropped to 11.1 million from 12 million in 2007. for the first time since 19 ten the number of immigrants from asia topped hispanic immigrants due to weakened u.s. economy and aging population in mexico. 80% of all illegal immigration comes from mexico and latin america. mike has the forecast, especially -- [ inaudible ] it is raiders day! how is the weather going to be? >> great for football upper 50s falling into the lower 50s partly cloudy. if you are heading out this
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morning to tailgate you are going to run into mist and fog by noon that will start to lift and we'll see sunshine this afternoon, mainly low to mid 60s. around the state doppler radar dry across the entire state. a lot of 50s mid to upper 50s eureka, chico, sacramento. 49 in tahoe. if you are headed to that raider game, expect a lot of traffic on 80 by the coliseum later today, give yourself plenty of time. san jose clear conditions on 87 northbound light traffic a little haze you may need your wipers for drizzle, eastbound 580 north flynn roadwork until 11, three lanes blocked off, westbound good leaving tracy up towards the altamont pass. roadwork eastbound dumbarton until 6:00. 4:56.
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dispute over the price of crab is keeping fishermen on dry ground. more than 100 boats are starting in port in san francisco half moon bay and bodega bay before thanksgiving fishermen were earning $3 a pound prices took a dive after the holiday. fish brokers are now paying $1.80. last year they were on strike for weeks until they reached an agreement. breaking news in oakland, police officer is injured by a hit-and-run driver, fortunately those injuries are minor. incredible story. we'll check in with amy hollyfield in just a minute. san francisco police believe they've crack add electronic fencing ring and -- cracked an electronic fencing ring and may have some of your stuff.
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police are looking for a driver who hit one of their own. >> amy hollyfield is live at the scene in the 600 block of washington street. what happened? >> reporter:


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