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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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in japan we are getting reports two were hurt after that 7.3 quake struck 5:18 friday night after midnight for us. the epicenter was off the north eastern coast of japan. the shaking could be felt across most of the country. the quake shook many buildings where people were working this is video of the news agency in tokyo where the lights were situation people held on to their computers. 45 minutes after that quake, a small tsunami came ashore in the city of ing give with waves about three feet, -- no damage. before the quake television broke too programming warning a strong quake was due to hit after it did warnings came for those living near the coast to flee to higher ground that warning has been lifted across north eastern japan. it is the same region hit by last year's massive quake which killed 20,000
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and gathered the world's worst nuclear crisis, leaking radiation into the sea and air this morning the power company reports that no problems have been seen at any of their nuclear plants. officials are still assessing the damage. we are hearing that several were hurt, we are monitoring to find out where those reports are coming from. cornell bernard, abc7 news. let's get a check on the forecast here. fog out there. >> yeah, it is out there and very fence being thankfully patchy in the sand -- very dense, thankfully patchy in the san ramon valley, right now it is dry reduced visibilities you don't have wet roads. at the reporting stations thickest napa and novato. in my drive it was quarter to an 8th of a mile on 680 and 24 in spots not near the
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reporting stations. the fog is going to lift upper 50s to low 60s inland. coast light breeze and upper 50s today. no fog in marin coming in this morning up and over the waldo clear. one lane both directions north end of the golden gate span due to roadwork picked up 5:30 roadwork throughout marin north and southbound 101 between strawberry and sausalito in the northbound direction. southbound you get the cones up and over the waldo for that golden gate bridge approach. north 101 university accident blocking on-ramp car in a ditch with tow truck on scene. eastbound 80 at central that off-ramp blocked by a box truck that got into an accident there. 4:33. a story only on abc 7.
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dozens in the south bay are wondering where their cars are this morning. the consignment service they were using to sell their vehicles has packed up and moved on, without warning. amy hollyfield is in sunnyvale with more. >> reporter: we are here at sunnyvale motor cars where the parking lot is empty. this company takes your title and sells your car for you. the customers are now realizing that the company is gone and so are the cars. the website for the company says, it is under maintenance. if you look on yelp there are clues that something is wrong there's a lodge list of complaints. we met with -- a long list of complaints. a couple had a yukon turned over to this company, now it is gone. >> hoping this guy just moved the cars for some other area and we will give a call us to. we were hoping, but nothing. >> reporter: the family contacted the dmv and tried to
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stop the title transfer they think they still own the car, they just don't know where it is. police are aware of the issue and are looking into this. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning a raiders' fan is in serious condition after falling from the third deck of the coliseum to the lower concourse. it happened last night shortly after kickoff. you can see in this video how lodge a fall that is, 50 -- how long a fall it is the incident is under investigation. the raiders will have a week off following their loss to the broncos. commissioner goodell talked about prospects for a new stadium for the team. alan wang reports. >> reporter: nfl greats talked
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about their memories and finer points of the game. it was commissioner goodell who fielded questions about the possibility of the raiders and 49ers sharing a stadium. >> when we help fund and put 200 million dollars into the 49ers new stadium, it was a requirement that it was kpwaeubl of hosting two teams. >> reporter: the new stadium project is under construction in santa clara and is scheduled to be red bye-bye the 2014 season. the raid verse long complainted about the out -- the raiders have long complained about the outdated stadium. raiders have discussed leaving oakland if they can't get a new stadium. the only other shared stadium is metlife in new jersey where the giants and jets play. goodell says the biggest challenge there is switching logos and colors.
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>> mixing raiders black and silver with 9ers red and gold wouldn't be the first time both teams played home games in 1960. the teams have discussed sharing a stadium because it makes financial sense. one team only uses it eight times a year, two teams increases attendance and pays the bills faster. alan wang, abc7 news. the cause of a fire at a san jose strip mall sun investigation. the fire started before 9:30 last night at the evergreen shopping center. it took firefighters 40 minutes to control the flames. customers were evacuated. no reports of injuries. same-sex couples could get an answer about whether they can get married in california when the nation's highest court meets again this morning. the supreme court justices are
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expected to discuss challenges to prop 8, the ban on gay marriage in california and whether they will consider the case in the coming months. lower court ruling struck down the measure if the justices decide not to take the case, that ruling would stand and gay and lesbian couples could wed as soon as next week. stay with abc7 news on this story we'll bring the announcement the moment it comes down. wells fargo will begin granting $20,000 to east bay home buyers who qualify for down payment assistance. wells fargo is offering five million dollars in down payment assistance in areas most impacted by the housing crisis they include nine cities in alameda and contra costa counties. to see if you qualify stop by the oakland convention center marriott hotel on broadway two day event from 10 to 7 today
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and tomorrow. we've been talking about the fog with mike. we failed to mention how cold it is too. >> i know. good thing is this afternoon the kids will be outside playing. >> i hope so. >> get 'em out there. >> i want to take a nap. hopefully they will be outside some people are getting cabin fever is what i was getting at. we have fog, our number one story. number two story is how much cooler is now than it was yesterday three degrees in antioch, 11 redwood city, 16 napa, 10 san rafael, 13 santa rosa. what does that mean? 39 in napa, 40 in santa rosa, 44 san rafael, concord 41. mild around san jose and mountain view and san francisco 50 everybody he will in the mid to upper 40s.
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foggy inland through 7:00, the rest of us clear, brighter, slightly cooler noon mid to upper 50s. sunshine and high clouds by 4:00, low 60s. this evening 40s by 7:00. warmest days ahead of us tomorrow through monday when we could get near 70 most of us mid to upper 60s. great time to be outside. san jose north 87 good ride at this early friday morning just a few headlights northbound past hp pavilion and julian on-ramp. san mateo bridge tail lights towards foster city and highrise traffic moving at the limit both directions on the san mateo bridge light. live shot of the bay bridge toll, a little busy, certainly no delays no issues on upper deck coming into san francisco. north 101 university on-ramp blocked with accident richmond
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eastbound 80 central off-ramp blocked while they clear an accident. 4:40. who says there is no such thing as a free ride? not san francisco muni. next you will see when people will be able to ride on the city's dime, certain people. i want to know when! new information about how the fiscal cliff standoff is hitting the economy. the add pressure on washington to reach
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live look from our vollmer peak cam east bay hills bay bridge there, you can see how chilly it is in spots and you don't see fog. both those conditions are out
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there. mike will update you on that in a few minutes. in an hour the labor department will release november jobs report analysts the unemployment rate to remain at 7.9%. economists blame everything from sandy to worries over the fiscal i cliff. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff is still three weeks ago the economy may have already taken a hit economists predict the jobs report will show employers added fewer than 100,000 workers in november. superstorm sandy may be part of the reason, worry over the fiscal cliff may have also had an impact. some estimate at least 200,000 fewer jobs have been created this year, due to urn certainty about the fiscal cliff. -- >> reporter: >> the president: it is important we get this done now. >> reporter: in washington republicans and democrats are talking, no breakthrough locked in a stalemate. president obama demanding higher tax rates for the
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wealthy and permanent extension of the debt ceiling be part of a deal. >> he showed what is he is after is assuming unprecedented power without limit. >> reporter: republicans say they will only raise tax revenue in exchange for deep spending cuts. if washington can't strike a deal one casualty would be the end of compensation for long term unemployed, people like melinda worried. >> christmas and things of that nature probably off the table. >> reporter: aides met yesterday but no signs of progress. tahman bradley, abc7 news. if you park at a bart station while riding the trains get ready for potential hike in fees by 50 cents twice a year at high volume lots. it would cap the increases to $3 a day.
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currently commuters shell out a dollar. west oakland costs five. bart makes 15 million dollars a year in parking fees, an increase could mean extra five million dollars annually. muni offering riders a holiday gift, free rides only good on december 28th, the 100th anniversary of the agency. transportation officials say lost revenue from that day will amount to .2%. so the financial strain they say is minimal. when muni was founded in 1912, it became the nation's first publicly owned transit system. eric, you remember? >> i do. i remember that, a nickel, me and the family used to ride that's a long story. >> sorry. >> no you're not. >> kind of funny. it is cold this morning. >> yeah grab a jacket.
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good observation guys a lot of fog cooler conditions especially here as we look down look how clean the air is love it this time of year when the cool clean air comes down from alaska and you can see sausalito, san francisco to down to the san mateo bridge in the background. gorgeous start this morning. live doppler on top of st. helena, down to san francisco, millbrae, fremont, san jose and everybody is dry this morning. let's talk temperatures. right now 39 napa for the cool spot, san jose, mountain view and san francisco warmest at 50 with antioch at 51. everybody else in the 40s until you get to the coast 52 at half moon bay. mid 40s santa cruz, watsonville, salinas, 50 monterey.
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off to a cooler start, if you have a warmer day in store, sunshine faster than we did yesterday didn't it take forever? opposite today. one more night of fog possible then our warmest and brightest afternoons sunday, monday, tuesday. today a few 50s places like antioch, vallejo, san rafael that's where the fog is now. you are going to see sunshine later. the rest of us in the low 60s at half moon bay a little breeze coming off the ocean, you will be around 59° more sunshine today. as we head towards the monterey bay, same story, 61 monterey, 64 watsonville. low to mid 60s towards morgan hill, gilroy, hollister and salinas. tonight 30s fairfield mid to upper 40s san francisco 51°. area of high pressure west low to south, a little northerly
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wind now as that high expands east offshore wind or land breeze you can see temperatures respond in the mid to upper 60s sunday, monday possibly 70s there. 10 to 14 days without rain, there it is for wednesday, thursday inside slider the best chance is central valley up into the sierra getting much needed snow. for us we'll keep a chance in there, just in case. live look from novato through northern san rafael past lucas valley road, headlights traffic light moving at the limit past freitas parkway past the civic center no issues and no fog through marin clear. macarthur maze points coming from 880, 580 and 80 into the bay bridge toll, everything is flowing nicely through the macarthur maze no issues once you get into the tolls, very
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light, no problems on the upper deck making your drive into san francisco minor accidents north 101 palo alto at university on-ramp is continues to be blocked with tow truck car into a ditch trying to get the car out eastbound 80 central in richmond area off-ramp blocked with a truck in the process of being cleared. 4:49. the white house says, president obama has called egyptian president morsi to express deep concern about the deaths and injuries of protesters in egypt. large crowds of protesters in cairo expressed anger last night after a nationally televised speech by morsi they say it aftered nothing concrete to defuse the worst political crisis in a up can of years. thousands -- in a couple of years. six people dead, several hundred injured. opposition says it would not enter a dialogue with morsi
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unless he rescinds decreases giving him unlimited powers. in a few hours there will be a wreath placeed to mark the 71st anniversary of the japanese attack on the naval base in hawaii. more than 2400 americans died in the surprise attack on december 7th, 1941. it helped usher the u.s. into world war ii. seven minutes after attack, president roosevelt famously called it a date which will live in infamy. coming up, the tax refund checks california is itching to give away. what you need to know to find out if one is yours. dispute that is leaving a rotting,
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good morning. live look at early morning san francisco lights on, bay, it is cool this morning. you might run into dense but scattered fog. mike is here to give you more. >> you ran into some fog. >> i did. dead whale rotting near the malibu homes of barbra streisand, bob dylan and other celebrities accusing a gigantic cleanup problem. the 41 foot whale was found monday morning on a beach, the city of malibu assumed the county would remove the dead carcass. the county insisted part of the beach is private and therefore, not their responsible. the whale has started to decompose meaning towing it to sea is no longer an option. >> that's a mess.
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the weather cool this morning, -- [ inaudible ] may hit 70 as we head into monday and tuesday warmest days in the forecast. good morning. put the wet weather gear an have patience this morning because of the fog especially inland by the afternoon mostly sunny, upper 50s to low 60s. doppler across the entire state dry, storm systems moving well north. 50s and 60s through most of our neighborhoods, 74 l.a., 82 palm springs. tahoe 51 today, it will drop to 42 by sunday. they will be making a lot of snow at night. good morning. palo alto good news earlier accident north 101 blocking university avenue is now cleared. eastbound 80 central off-ramp
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blocked in richmond area with truck, tow trucks on scene. new accident south 101 before cesar chavez a car hit a guardrail we'll get back to that in a few minutes. 4:55. in the state of california owes money to hunts in the bay area and you might be one. the franchise tax board is holding 48,000 returned refund checks worth 14 middles -- 14 million dollars more than two million owed to people here in the bay area refunds from a dollar to $35,000. the post office returned the checks because the recipients moved and failed to update their addresses. go to for a link to the state's website. consumer reports challenging gas mileage claims of one of ford's new hybrid vehicles. ford says the fusion gets 47 miles per gallon on the
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highway in the city and overall, good compared to its rival. consumer reports says testing found the mileage much lower. >> 35 miles per gallon city, 41 highway, 39 overall. good fuel economy but far short of the 47 mpg that ford is claiming. >> ford contends it has heard from some of its drivers of the fusion they've gotten more than 47 miles per gallon. ford says driving styles and other factors can cause mileage to vary. we are following break brag news from japan. powerful aftershocks -- following a 7.3 quake. video continuing to come in. arizona's tough on illegal immigration sheriff appears on one of the nation's most immigrant-friendly cities. we are live with sheriff joe arpaio and san francisco's unwelcome. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. we will begin with a look at the forecast. nice to see you this friday morning. also nice a live doppler that has no radar returns no rain i'm tracking thick fog especially san ramon


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