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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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until then your commute is dry, doppler waiting for the storm to come from the northwest, until it does, fog is the big issue especially fairfield, napa, most of the north bay valleys outside of that crystal clear but chilly, 30s and 40s by the afternoon, barely in the low to mid 50s at the coast, mid 50s to low 60s for the bay and inland most sunshine this morning increasing clouds during the afternoon. good morning. crystal clear in san jose north on 87 past hp pavilion a few headlights this is the julian off-ramp smooth sailing through san jose. a car has driven off the roadway southbound highway 35 skyline boulevard at the san francisco/san mateo county line between there and daly boulevard, fire on seen, crews up there, expect delays past the scene while they get that car off -- out and back on the
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road. southbound 101 roadwork poplar 92 until 6:00. this morning, more agencies will join the search for a 77-year-old man believed to have fallen into the mare island strait. today equipment will be brought in to intensify the search. amy hollyfield is live on mare island. >> reporter: the coast guard is hoping to get answers for the family. officials fear the worst. 77-year-old philip mattingly disappeared saturday night he had been working on a world war ii vessel, which was docked at vallejo's mare island. police don't suspect foul play. they say his truck was still in the parking lot. this case belongs to police, today they will be getting help from the coast guard and sheriff's office. >> vallejo police department, we don't have a dive team and we don't have the equipment or
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expertise to be able to conduct dives. sheriff's department has the personnel and equipment to do so. >> reporter: dive teams searched sunday but they had to stop the current was too strong. they are hoping they will be able to do better today. hopefully they will find mattingly, a retired mechanical engineer interest sacramento county. they will start their search , abc7 news. 5:03. the man accused in the murder-kidnapping of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will face extra charges tomorrow. 20 1-year-old antolin garcia-torres still awaiting trial following his arrest in may after -- after investigators found dna evidence connecting him to sierra lamar. prosecutors filed new charges yesterday he was not in court for that the new charges involve attempted kidnapping of three women during a carjacking in 2009 when he was
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17-years-old. breaking news out of east bay now. oakland firefighters are on the scene of a commercial fire it broke out on international boulevard near 84 avenue. crews have the fire under control, no reports of injuries. in contra costa county board of supervisors expected to vote today on proposed closure of four fire stations, martinez, walnut creek, west lafayette and clayton. cuts come after voters rejected a parcel tax for fire services on the november ballot. no firefighters will lose their jobs, residents will face longer response times in case of a fire or health emergency. negotiations wrong crab fishermen on ending a weeklong strike resumes this afternoon in san francisco, the talks broke off last evening at fisherman's wharf without agreement. beateners have held several
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meetings. -- boat owners have held several meetings. tens of thousands have rallied on behalf of a san francisco dog that could be ordered to be euthanized tomorrow. charlie is accused of attacking and injuring a u.s. park police officer and horse august 6th. animal care and control seized the case nine and deemed him too vicious to stay alive. more than 90,000 sign add online petition to save him. police in half moon bay looking for thief or thiefs who broke into a church and made off with more than $10,000 worth of video equipment. theft happened between wednesday night and sunday afternoon. video camera, two mixers and laptop were taken. police say whoever did it, tried to steal the van. spending scandal involving a strip club has caused director of the port of
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oakland his job. james kwan has agreed to retire this month. he's accused of running up a $4500 dinner tab at a texas strip club setting off an investigation. the port has received repayment of public funds spent on two improper period s. officials now have a new -- new set of rules, including new spending guidelines. san francisco board considering legislation to expand no smoking policies in the city. land reports may be forces to tell renters if their new neighbors are smokers. if the measure is approved. building with 50 or fewer units will have until december of next year to designate smoking or nonsmoking. the board will vote next year on measure that bans smoking at street fairs and other outdoor events on city owned property. sonoma and concord debating issues on growing
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marijuana for medicinal use. the board will consider a plan to limit medical marijuana patients to having six mature plants and eight ounces of dry pot, per year, the same as the state law. sonoma allows 30 plants and three pounds of dried pot in concord hearing to decide whether patients should continue to be allowed to grow marijuana outdoors or move towards banning it city wide. recreational marijuana use is legal in colorado. governor signed the bill into law yesterday even though he does not endorse it. he said he didn't want to block the will of the voters. medical marijuana was already legal in colorado, now people can legally use it recreationally. the hiccup? selling it is still illegal. to get it, they have to break the law. same issue in washington state. >> you can smoke it, but you can't get it. all right. you can get a little sunshine and rain today.
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>> perfectly legal to it. >> smoke 'em if you got 'em. weird. let's talk about back at home, temperatures mid to upper 30s fairfield, napa, santa rosa, 40s for the rest of our inland neighborhoods, mid 40s to low 50s bay and coast san jose 44, oakland 49, 51 san francisco, 40 concord, 47 san rafael. all breezes if you want to call them that are less than three miles per hour the temperature you see is what it feels like. 39 inland 7:00, mid upper 40s coast and bay. 4:00, clouds get thicker and hold temperature dim sunshine enough to keep news the mid to upper 50s. by 7:00, especially north bay, along the peninsula coast, you want the wet weather gear with
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you. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s at that time. rainfall tonight through tomorrow morning scattered shower possible tomorrow afternoon, snow levels 3500 feet. 50s thursday and friday for highs. back to the golden gate bridge, earlier roadwork in the process of being picked up, just on the north end of the span, when you come down off the waldo and get on to the span, still blocking the least of the two left lanes we can see by the time you get to the southern end of the span opened up to three lanes southbound spannedding that to four lanes in a little bit -- skyline boulevard southbound 35 car plunged off the road, emergency crews up there, major injuries involved, fire on scene, chp and medics, you may find some lanes blocked
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southbound 35 on skyline. eastbound 4 railroad to somersville one lane for the next little bit, westbound out of antioch beginning to slow for your normal commute in that direction. roadwork through southern marin northbound and southbound 101 beginning in the northbound direction of sausalito up through cortamadera. 5:09 with man charged in the shooting death of an unarmed teen in florida returns to court this morning. next, the freedom his lawyers want a judge to give him. the big test the air force is -- super secret plane faces. good morning. one big penalty, overnight hsbc agreed to pay 1.9 billion dollars in fines in return the company will not be indicted on money laundering. federal government selling off rest of shares in aig that
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closes books on biggest bailout shares worth eight billion dollars which means the government made a profit. record number of packages in the fed, pipeline this morning after busiest shipping -- the fedex pipeline this morning after its busiest shipping day. yesterday afternoon more than 19 million packages. beyonce and pepsi have a new partnership, besides the super bowl, beyonce will appear on everything from soda chance to store displays the deal thought to be
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good morning. brr, 5:13 live look on the embarcadero it is clear out there you can feel the cold. mike is tracking temperatures as low as mid 30s especially north and east bay valleys, rain he says will be arriving tonight. neighborhood watch volunteer charged the shooting death of a florida teenager will be back in court this morning. defense attorneys will ask a judge to end the 24 hour gps monitoring of george zimmerman in the fatal shooting his lawyer wants him to be move outside the county he lives in.
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zimmerman was charged with second degree murder after shooting martin in february he has pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense under florida's stand your ground law. >> american civil liberties union will ask organization of american states to investigate u.s. government for the way it treated convicted terrorist jose dill the aclu says he was -- jose little . the aclu says he was subjected to intimidation that amounted to torture. the watchdog group says the u.s. unfairly labeled padilla an enemy combatant. new fbi report shows incidents of hate crime are going down, anti-gay violence is up. fbi says more than 6,000 hate crimes were reported to u.s. law enforcement last year, down 6% from the previous year. sexual orientation hate crimes went up to more than 1500 in 2011, increase of more than
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2 1/2%. in morning federal reserve has its eye on the fiscal live. new bonding program to support the economy. the plan is not a rescue option if there is no agreement on avoiding automatic tax hikes and spending cut nose deal. no outward progress between the white house and republicans now. in morning the air force will conduct another test flight of new experimental space plane. the x-37b is being developed as an unmanned vehicle, engineers say it can fly 500 miles above the earth, more than 17,000 miles an hour. prototype will be shot into space later today. that launch will be streamed online. last time they sent it up, it was up a year before it came back. >> shouldn't have weather-related delays this morning. tomorrow morning mike could be a different story, right?
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>> right this time tomorrow aftermaths of rain in some areas, still raining in other areas tomorrowaga morning hot spot for traffic and issues related to weather. this morning, good morning everybody! your commute this morning is going to be fine, clear from sutro to the plane flying across the screen from right to left. live doppler spinning up in the north waiting for the next storm to come from the northwest. right now all is quiet. a few clouds along the coast fog definite in the north bay valleys, some into the delta right now. next system, barely entering the country let alone going to be here by 7:00, it is a fast moving system running on 115 to 120 mile per hour jet stream, one of the reasons why it will make it from seattle to our neighborhoods today.
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latest temperatures, mid to upper 30s fairfield, concord, napa, santa rosa, mid 40s, 45 san jose, low 50s around the bay, fremont 52. monterey bay low to mid 40s, inland upper 30s to mid 40s from gilroy to salinas. increasing clouds cooler, you won't need wet weather gear until tonight through tomorrow morning then frosty conditions, north bay dropping into the 20s next couple of nights. today 55 in san rafael, 61 concord, fremont, 60 oakland, 62 san jose, 57 in san francisco. monterey bay low to mid 60s mid 60s inland. tonight with clouds temperatures up, still chilly when you step out, raining in the south bay, in the east bay, low to upper 40s. here's our two areas of high
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pressure, getting pushed apart as this system rolls down from the north, it is so cold when we get a scattered shower tomorrow afternoon hopefully hits higher he will evacuation is -- higher elevations many increasing clouds through the afternoon hours. even scattered showers possible along the peninsula coast during the commute, a few sprinkles for the rest of us through the evening, up north where the steadier rain is at 9:00, by noon in the heart of the bay, by 2:00, pacific in the south bay, lingers through 5:00, that will be the area dealing with the wet weather during the morning commute, 8:00 just about over, by 9:00 gone. in the afternoon just a random isolated shower. rainfall amounts very light, maybe a 10th to quarter of an inch in most areas. peninsula, coast, santa cruz mountains quarter to half an inch. once we get past this, 30s and 40s for lows, 50s for highs until sunday and monday, a few
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60s back in the forecast. live shot of 80 westbound east shore freeway bunching up past golden gate fields. westbound towards the macarthur maze things are at the limit and pick up there. once you reap toll plaza, you can -- once you reap the toll, no problems upper deck, no metering lights yet, good news for those going to san francisco, roadwork in lanes eastbound 580 reverse commute from greenville to north flynn, westbound good up and over the altamont pass, speeds at the limit into the dublin pleasanton area. north 280 ramp to southbound 101 shutdown with detour in place for another 10 minutes. 880 both directions two lanes blocked with roadwork should be picked up by 5:30. officers put a man in the back of a police car.
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that's typical, right? it is what happened next that has them doing a lot of explaining this morning. one family's tragedy inspires another's goodwill. the special way they will be sharing the need for organ donations.
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good tuesday morning. 5:23. live look at san francisco lights pretty clear and cold temperatures are going to get cooler cold front coming in, rain coming in maybe a little snow. we'll talk to mike in a bit. right now, burglar caught red handed and taken into custody by police on the loose again after pulling off a houdini-style escape. all recorded on the dashcam of a texas police car. the man was able to get the back window down and get out, he jumped in the front seat and takes off in the patrol car that recorded his getaway and shows him losing control and spinning out the empty police car was found and recovered with a blown front tire.
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research mecca, this tech innovation center is not number one in the list of north america's smartest cities. boston is the top city with san francisco second, followed by seattle, vancouver and new york. they say the city by the bay stands out in environmental leadership and entrepreneurialship but edged out by boston with universities and top position ms. research and development spending. >> we got some -- good universities here. i know you are going to pull out the harvard card, but still. >> cal, stanford. >> i want a recount. >> we got a better baseball team. >> darn tootin. we'll find out who has the
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better football team this weekend. mid 50s today to low 60s increasing clouds, as we look around the state, dry everywhere until eureka in the afternoon, mid 60s sacramento and fresno, 67 san diego. mid 70s los angeles and palm springs. changes in the high country starting tonight winter weather advisory tour to nine inches above 3,000 feet means chains and up to a foot of snow possible above 7,000 feet. live shot of 87 in san jose, headlights northbound, taking the julian exit, hp pavilion on the left, everything is at the limit no problems. san rafael out of novato past marinwood, lucas valley road,
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good past freitas parkway, roadwork in the southern portion up and over the waldo should be picked up in a few minutes. skyline build highway 35, county line, car off the road, tow truck fire, medics trying to get that car back on the road apparently major injuries involved. 5:26. you've heard of fiscal cliff. have you heard about the apple tax. u.s. households spent $444 on apple products last year up from $155 years ago. story from reuters calls it the apple tax. median american income over $50,000 a year, which means $444 is a big chunk to wind up in the cupertino coffers of apple. unlike other taxes this is voluntary. one family's tragedy inspires another's goodwill. now the two are united in
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promoting organ donations. 18-year-old alfonso garcia was given days toly two years ago when his -- two years ago. the two families are honoring george by decorating and writing a quote in this year's tournament of roses parade. >> i hold them in such a high place he's my hero and will always be my hero. i do this for his parents. >> it makes me want to do more as i have climbed out of my grief. >> parade float feature the likeness of george becker and other organ donors to promote transplant programs throughout california. uc berkeley stirs up new controversy can scholarship fun for undocumented students.
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-- fund for undocumented students. hundreds of dead squid wash up onshore, video and
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good morning. the day you have been waiting for if you like change in your weather. thank for joining us. >> say your name! >> i'm eric thomas. >> almost forgot. >> if you get your kids ready for school this morning, bundle up. >> along the coast they will need the wet weather gear after 5:00 the best chance of rain will hit the bay area. here's a look at live doppler,
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quiet, fog in the north bay valleys stretching into the delta watch out for that temperatures are coolest in the north bay and east bay, upper 30s to low 40s there rest of us in the mid 40s to low 50s around the bay and out to the coast. this afternoon, low to mid 50s at the coast, mid 50s to low 60s for the rest of us. dry during the daylight hours. no fog at san mateo bridge looking good towards foster city, westbound towards the highrise you can see the traffic is flowing nicely, both directions no issues, 13 to 14 minute drive typical between hayward and foster city. same with the other direction, obviously. skyline boulevard very serious accident, they had to shutdown southbound 35 between san francisco/san mateo county line and john daly build to get the vehicle back on road. if you are headed that direction, there's no fog
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there, you may find delays as they get that vehicle up and reopen the roadway. major gift for undocumented students struggling to afford a uc berkeley education. >> reporter: we're talking more than a million dollars just for starters, going to be the largest scholarship finance for undocumented students in the in the united states. we are told 200 of the 26,000 undergrads, 10,000 graduates are going to be helped by the dreamer's fund as it is called. it will begin with a million dollar gift from the evelyn and walter haas foundation. these students are not eligible for grants or loans. the chancellor is behind it and so are students we talked to. >> i think it is a good idea.
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everyone should have an opportunity to go to school where they please. i feel like berkeley is a really good school. they should have those those funds. >> reporter: scholarships begin next fall, another gift of $300,000 from elise haas will support a new resource center for undock ed students here. much mover coming up in one -- hour and complete story tonight on the evening news from leann melendez, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in morning we hope to learn the identity of the pedestrian killed in san francisco hours after a new campaign was launched to reduce such accidents. it happened in the city's financial district yesterday at beale and market. a man in his 40s was crossing the busy intersection 2:30 in the afternoon when he was hit. the driver is cooperating with police. this is the 18th pedestrian fatality of the year, one more than all of last year.
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district attorney kicked off a safety campaign a few hours earlier called what's the rush? the city is urging drivers and pedestrians to be more detail this time of year when more people are out and distracted. u.s. crash investigators headed to mexico to help determine cause of plane crash that killed singer jenni rivera. we are learning more about the jet and people at the controls. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the new details. >> reporter: mexican officials are hoping to find the black box which will tell them if the jet had a mechanical problem or voice er so they can hear what the pilots were saying -- in their last moments. u.s. is sending a team from nhtsa to help with the search and the investigation. small twin engine was 43-years-old and had been in an did in way to it ran off the runway in texas. nhtsa blamed pilot error.
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the pilots logged 19 hours on their shift, one was 78-years-old many an investigators says that may not matter. >> there is no age limit for pilots as long as you can pass a medical. >> reporter: it will take up to 10 days for initial results of the investigation. right now no apparent cause of the crash, which has left fans on both sides of the border in deep mourning. other high profile crashes involving learjets golfer stewart and few others were killed in 1999, former blink drummer barker severely injured in a crash in 2008 in south carolina that killed four people. live in the newsroom, katie marzullo. this morning san francisco police are on the hunt for the person who shot a man in the city's mission district. officers responded to reports of multiple shots fired before 8:00 last night. they found the victim in the street. police had not released his
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name or said if they have suspects. members of the gang task force were on the scene. pleasant hill police investigating another pipe bomb incident, a parent potted the device outside the office at pleasant hill elementary school yesterday afternoon. the bomb squad determined the device was an close and they were able to safely remove it. it could have done cap damage if it had been off. -- have done significant damage if it had gone off. friday police arrested two teenaged boys on suspicion of blowing up a mailbox with a homemade device they had a second home in their possession. marine biologists will study some of the thousands of large skid that have washed ashore an -- large skid that have washed ashore. they began walking up sunday, by the end of the day most of the squid had been eaten, the
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seagulls had been gorging them says. >> our dogs wanted to go after them. >> researchers say all of the squides are babies. adult -- adults can grow to six feet long and 100 pounds. their native waters are in mexico in the sea of cortez along the baja peninsula. interesting lesson for kids out there. >> interesting less san in the -- lesson in the bravery of alan wang. let's check in with mike for the forecast. live doppler seeing know radar returns it is seeing the clouds, banking up against the coast which means the sea breeze is returning going to be the big factor cooling us today. fog north bay valleys through the delta and tule fog in the
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central valleys watch out for that. that will hang around through the better part of 9:00, 10:00 hour. visibilities right now at the reporting stayses in fairfield one mile, one and a half in napa, -- quarter of a mile in is anywhere up in that 101 this morning a little tricky because of that reduced visibility. 39 inland, mid to upper 40s for rest of us through 7:00, low to mid 50s, increasing high clouds by noon, mostly cloudy by 4:00, mid to upper 50s light rain will start falling in north bay along the peninsula coast by 7:00, a few sprinkles for the rest of us, temperatures 50┬░ during the 7:00 hour. rain tomorrow morning, a few scattered showers in the afternoon, mid 50s, low to mid 50s thursday and mid 50s again for friday. so far, so good this tuesday morning.
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live shot of the bay bridge toll, a few cars waiting to pay their cash toll, minor delays, otherwise no problems, no metering lights yet, no problem at the limit on the upper deck into san francisco. skyline beautiful southbound 35 between san francisco/ san mateo county line, right lane closed, shutdown completely southbound to pull the car back on to the road, now the right lane is shut, left lane is getting by southbound 35, while they headache that car retrieval out of the ditch -- they make that car retrieval out of the ditch area. westbound highway 4 moving slowly out of antioch, 20 minutes towards concord, roadwork still to be picked up northbound and southbound 101 through marin southbound between waldo and golden gate bridge. 5:40. >> next the woman who survived
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six frigid days in the sierra. hear the 911 call when she was discover add life. radio station -- trying to
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good morning. 5:43 on the abc7 morning newsî;. [ inaudible ] chilly morning, dry morning, but not going to be a dry afternoon. mike will tell you more. australian radio station behind the royal pregnancy hoax that led to or preceded the apparent suicide of a nurse plans to make a major donation to her family. the station is donating profits for the rest of the year to a memorial fund to benefit jacintha saldanha. the station plans to donate half a million dollars to the fund also cancelling annual christmas party and tonighting that money as well. she was found dead after b-
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house in lansing, michigan today. police are being called in. the bill with would make it illegal to require payment of union dues as a condition of employment. critics say it is a way to break unions supporters say it is good for workers. democrats are upset saying the ran-not dated legislature shoved the measure -- the republican-dominate -- europe's bank agreeing to pay a fine for anotherly -- for nearly two billion dollars and sorry for past mistakes. facebook making change to infrastructure. officials gathering today for start of two day meeting. fed will unleash new round of
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bond buying designed to keep interest rates low. higher close yesterday. if you are looking for a bargain now could be a good time to pick up a pick-up. general motors boosting buyer insensitives trying to dump extra stock and keep up with better deals on-ramps and nissan titans. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 5:46. this afternoon as you drive home or after you get home and have dinner that you see the rain? >> may have a scout shower ahead, really going to be evening and overnight hours. until we get there we have transitions. you don't see it here we are looking south if we are looking north in the north bay, a lot of fog along 101 here crystal clear sky over
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san francisco. doppler is dry now. widen out the perspective near seattle that is tonight's weather, traveling that far to get here that's why it is going to be a quick moving storm with light amounts of rain. this morning no need to worry about wet weather gear, heavier coat, fairfield, concord, napa, santa rosa, low to mid 30s there. temperatures in the low to mid 40s and south bay and mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. low to mid 40s monterey bay. dry for the better part of today, clouds on the increase, temperatures cooler thanks to sea breeze. rain tonight, isolated shower tomorrow. frosty mornings on the way.
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today warmest in the east bay and south bay, 60s, mainly mid to upper 50s, areas will be least influenced by the sea breeze. monterey bay low to mid 60s bay and mid 60s inland. tonight with cloud cover even though it is raining, going to be warmer, low to upper 40s, best chance of rain east bay valleys and south bay tomorrow morning during the early parts of the commute. high pressure spread ago part as we talked about yesterday, cold front -- finding weakness, air coming from the arctic circle will modify a little definitely going to be cold behind the system, 20s and 30s inland. you can see a chance of a scout shower, against the peninsula during the evening steadiest rain 9:00 north bay through heart of the bay midnight and south bay starting at 3:00 where it hangs for early parts of the morning commute, 9:00 most of the steady rain gone scattered shower possible in the
5:48 am
afternoon during the evening hours over rainfall apartments light 10th to quarter of an inch in many areas. 50s for highs, through saturday. live to shot of east shore freeway 80 westbound golden gate fields, a little bunching where 580 merges with 80, otherwise things pick up past university, ashby avenue into the macarthur maze. no delays at the bay bridge so far this morning. live look at golden gate no fog, smooth sailing out waldo tunnel, earlier roadwork picked up configured for four lanes southbound7jn1, two northbound typical for morning commute. accident just reported westbound 580 grant line will slow your drive up and over the altamont pass. once you get to the altamont and head towards 580/680, 15 minute drive westbound. 5:49.
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reare learning more about the medical condition keeping former south african president mandela hospitalized. he's suffering from a recurring lung infection but is responding to treatment. he has been in the hospital since saturday he spent 27 years in prison for fighting racist white rule. he became south africa's first black president in 1994 and served one five year term he has since retired from public life. coming up, the search for an ouchless shot. the answer could come from a slimey critter. new tool against criminals the easy way people can report crimes in their neighborhoods.
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a woman who spent six days stranded in the sierra snow is recovering from the hypothermia that took her boyfriend's life, six days after his jeep got stuck on a snowy road paula lane was found by her brother who command deared a caltrans front end loader to go look -- command deared by a caltrans front end loader.
5:53 am
tomorrow we are kicking off the share your holiday food drive all day tomorrow you can meet the news team as we broadcast live from around the bay area taking donations for local food banks. for the location near you and ways you can help go to cheryl jennings and i will be out at union square, bring cans, come by and say hello it will be a lot of fun. >> mike you will be out as well for that? >> [ inaudible ] mid 50s today north bay upper
5:54 am
50s to low 60s for the rest of us, increasing clouds, radar across the state dry. tule fog in the central valley watch out for that especially southward. 59 chico, mid 60s sacramento and fresno, mid 70s los angeles and palm springs. sierra fresh powder is going to fall tonight from 10:00 until 10:00 tomorrow night. a foot is possible at all of the ski resorts. no metering lights at the bay bridge, minor delay heading into san francisco for cash paying folks, carpool and fastrak lanes are whizzing by no problems upper deck into san francisco, right lane blocked on skyline between san francisco/san mateo county line and john daly boulevard car off road, major injuries, they are attempting to pull the car back on the road.
5:55 am
another problem spot west 580 grand line solo spin-out blocking lane two. -- >> south bay residents will have an easier time reporting nonviolent crimes online. the department has upgraded system called cop logic it allows neighbors to log on and file a police report for lost property, identity theft or other lower level crimes. the new system is user-friendly, residents can track information about where crime is occurring in their neighborhood. you will find a link on click on see it on tv. twitter has rolled out a library of retro filters, eight there are also auto adjust and cropping options. twitter added the ability a year and a half ago.
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twitter lost the ability to display images from the instagram. the twitter app is available in google play store. scientists think porcupines may hold key to less painful shots. new study says the way the animals' quills are designed, reduces force to pierce tissue. they think it will help develop new needles. the adhesive could have medical use. >> don't recommend you pick them up by hand. next, mare island mystery. search resuming today for the man who disappeared from a tugboat. it was made official in the last 45 minutes, virgin atlantic has a new partner. we'll have details. >> is a cashmere sweater on your gift list? what you need to know before you hit the department stores.
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now at 6:00, live look outside embarcadero san francisco looking calm now. approaching storm is about to hit the bay area -- [ inaudible ] good morning 6:00 on this tuesday thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. first up a look at weather forecast.


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