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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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laetest. >> the board supposed to vote on this last week but put it off. let's show you a map of the four station that's will likely be closed. they're station 16 in lay fayette, 12 in martinez, in our walnut creek. and 11 in clayton. the fire chief made this as a solution to the district financial crisis caused by a steep deline inappropriate tax revenue with a steep increase in employee pension payout. the chief says they're out of options and trying to come up with ways to minimize the impact like placement of crews and elevenaging of aid, but he says there will be reduced service and protections. this board member had to leave before the vote and made his feelings clear. >> we have to close stations.
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not what we want to do. not what any of us signed up to do as a member of the board or directives of the fire districts but we have to live within our means. >> if closures are arrived there is a chance they can be temporary or maybe come back in several years as the public employee pension reform act begins to reduce the district's expenses. they started talking at 2:00 this afternoon, so they should be wrapping up fairly soon. live in martinez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, heather. >> an unusually high tide is causing some street flooding in marin city. >> it's only expected to get worse.
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the water furnler. >> let's check in now with spencer christian for the latest. >> rain is on the way. it's notwujhj here yet. we're precipitation-free but not far to the north up around eureka, we've got a large mass of moisture and some cases of heavy down pours moving into our direction. we'll start at 7:00 this evening. we'll see clouds thickening and perhaps the first wave of rain will have arrived by that time in the northern most part of sonoma county. you'll notice to about midnight, you'll see rain sweeping through the bay area, this front will keep sweeping through and be trailed by showers, some will be widely scattered showers, some, more organized meaning possibly a wet commute in the morning at 5:00 in the morn.
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so you can see here, rain is evening event, overnight, we'll see rain tapering off to showers by early morning. lows dropping into upper 30s in some points of the north bay valleys, afternoon, cool with just a chance of showers, then, will be at least partly sunny skies. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> right now, crews cutting down a tree that smashed a house this pine punctured a hole through the dining room ceiling. a person was sleeping at the time and did not realize the damage. >> did you know a tree fell on the snous he had no i'd with. he said he heard a crash but thought he was dreaming. and was awakened by cops. >> an arborist estimates it weighs 30,000 pounds. the only reason it didn't crush the house is because the fall was softened by a maple
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tree. >> sunnyvale police are looking for main with a gun accused of threatening people and robbing two of them. the first armed robbery occurred after 6:00 last night. the gunman held up a woman outside of the cal train straigs. +zp all three happened on or mere evelyn avenue. >> one person killed after a truck rolled over around noon near loss valley ranch. the vehicle is underneath a steep drop off. a quick rescue in san mateo county. a couple drove off an embankment inçr%w daily city. the car plunged about 300 feet down this steep drop off near olympic club. the victim had to be carried to the top of therz bluff. a second person appears to be okay. the crash is under investigation. >> two children are in the hospital recovering after
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scary moments on board a school bus this morning near san leandro. sky 7 was over the seen. you can see the white camery crashed into the back of the school bus. a gold toyota camery was involved. a third person taken to the hospital. and officials say injuries were minor. >> a strike by crab fisher membermen is over. crabbers reached a deal and are getting ready to head back out to sea. >> they were protesting a drop from $3 a pound down to $2.50. a delay in crab season put boaters in a stronger bargaining position. today, fish wholesaler as agreed to continue to paying $3 a pound. >>zo]fv uc berkeley announced a scholarship to fund undocumented students.
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this streamer -- dreamers fund will help 200 cal students that will not ordinarily qualify for grants. not everyone is happy about the fund. abc 7 news education reporter will have both sides of the controversy on abc 7 news at 5:00 and tonight at 6:00. >> san francisco 49ers announced a team with sony. >> yes. here is a look at what it will mean for fans. >> happening now, it will give fans a unique experience. this is one example of what #@!
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throughout the new facility, giving fans a few four times higher resolution than standard hdtv. >> you can imagine this is throughout the stadium giving fans replays.y and when referees had knit realtime. >> the ceo long said the"e0ç stadium is not just about big screen buzz a software driven, state of the art network. fans won't need tv screens, because they will be connected through their own mobile devices, allowing them to personalize their$fcx experience through programs and apps including ordering stadium food and having it delivered to their seat. >> sony says some of the technology in place is so invented yet. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 new material created to help detect date rape drug.
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>> a yahoo redesign. changes users will be soon seeing. >> and east bay restaurants looking to hire 100 people. where you can go now to get a job. >> good news if you're watching us you're not stuck in that. traffic is trying to get to lower deck of the bay bridge, bumper to bumper. a little bit better. and was congested for a short time. but that cleared a blilt so. a little bit gf news, stay with us. back with more2x,
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the national transportation safety board is now recommending that all states require ignition interlock devices for convicted drunk drivers including first time offenders and says devices are the best available solution to reduce drunk driving deaths. the reent study says 69% of the wrong way drivers have blood alcohol level as above legal limit. the device is like a breathalyzer, driver must blow night before the vehicle will start. >> also a boston company created a material changing color when(,asç comes into contact with a spiked drink. they hope it will create a set of products with a goal of reducing date rape. date rape drugs including ghb tasteless. has a hard time finding people to fill positions in his restaurant.
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he's looking for workers. the owner says he was shocked at lack of people who attended his job fair. he shared his story this morning, he did see more applicants. the restaurant has 120 positions to fill. >> yesterday we filled about 20. and today we're probably at this hour probably filled/f about 15 or 20. so we're doing much better than what we've expected. yesterday was a meager turnout. >> the diner is taking applications until 8:00 tonight z then, they'll be back there then again, tomorrow, we have information on our web site. click on see it on tv. >> all right. get ready for changes to your yahoo e mail. >> yes. and solar city is getting ready to go public. hi, john. >> solar city hoping to price its ipo today. it's the latest company led by entrepreneur elan musk
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prepares to go public. company makes and installs solar panels for homes. other companies struggled in the stock market there is a lot of buzz tied to solar city. that in a filing he says woe buy $15 million worth of common stock in the company. tesla shares up 23% this year, despite the fact the company has not turned a profit. web md putting 250 jobs as revenue falls. web md struggling to generate revenue. web md hopes cuts will save about $45 million per year. >> and john malone liberty
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interactive gained control of online trip advisor from barry diller and his family foundation, he will remain on the board. he acquired trip1g advisor in 2004. >> microsoft says it's boosted production of the surface tab blet hitting stores in the u.s. and australia as soon as this week. now providing sales numbers for the device but says public reaction to surface has been exciting to see. microsoft converting holiday stores into permanent locations. look at markets now. stocks closing higher in washington. as for your bloomberg skamy index, it closed higher as well. finally expect to see changes to your yahoo e mail.
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attracts more mobile users first major product unveiling since the eeo took over this year. >> thank you. >> some big changes today weather wise. it's a remarkable shift three locations for thex'6 day. here is a live view from our mount tam camera looking over clouds in the atmosphere, low breaks of sun here and there. we won't be seeing sunshine very longsvñaj. we don't see rainfall in the bay area just yet. it's just hours away and north at the moment. up around eureka there is
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quite a bit of rainfall. and towards mendocino county probably reaching into northern most parts of sonoma county. we're going to get wet weather tonight. reading as into low to mid-50s in the bay area. and 55 across the bay in oakland. these forecast features rain arriving this evening, tapering off to scattered showers, then, we'll have frosty mornings falling thursday and friday. cold air is coming in behind the frontal system. we'll start at 7:00 this evening, we might see first rain up in the northern most part of sonoma county. then in the evening hours by 11:00 we'll see rainfall straight ahead spraeding to most parts of the bay area. will continue overnight, then
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about 5:00 in the morning beginning of rush hour, pockets of showers, scattered showers, so there will be wet spots for morning commute and areas of dry weather as well. scattered showers tapering off and ending and mixed precipitation in the higher elevations of lake county. here in the bay area, looking at light rainfall totals. from one tenth of an inch to three tenths of an inch. in the sierra, we expect four to eight inches of snow above 4500 feet. we are highs over next three days, wednesday, tomorrow morning but 7.1 feet. and friday morning we'll be aware of that. low temperatures tonight into low to mid-40s, then, tomorrow,
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a cool day. high temperatures mainly into low to mid-50s.wck2÷ a very cool day. forecast. it will be c]r?s thursday, high temperatures from 52-54. chilly thursday, friday mornings. milder weather over the weekend. there is a chance of rain again on sunday. so it's that unsettled time of the year. >> it is. >> thank you. >> up next, is it funny? or offensive? professional tennis player drawing criticism after doing this impersonation of another player. >> rush to altar. some lucky couples saying i do on a unique date. >> checking traffic in the east bay. we'll take a look at interstate 80 on the right hand side. traffic slow. same thing into other directions coming back towards san francisco. back with more on abc 7
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following breaking news now in portland, oregon. this is a shooting at the food court in the mall here. we understand two people are dead at least 60 shots fired. you can see a major police response on the scene. we'll on top of this story. >> did a pro tennis player go
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too far in imitating serena williams? you be8t the judge. she was poking fun at full figured williams during a match last weekend in brazil. social media exploding with comments that are calling it racist but keep in mind they're actually good friends and she's done a similar impression before. so far no comment from either.hñ and he's gotten so much grief to the from other. >> i think players have fun and they laugh. >> yes. yes. >> golden globes now just two days away. osar nominations about a month away. >> award-worthy films keep coming in.
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>> the awards season heats up, so does the competition. two more movies throwing their hats in the ring. why the film about the hunt for osama bin laden zero dark thirty held a premier last night. >> i think this ends the question, where do we go from here? as a country and society of people? >> zero dark thirty opens in limited release december 19th. then, there is the impossible. a true story about a family cop in 2004 tsunami. that is at the premier we talked with naomi watts about playing the heroic mother. >> you put yourself into that position and go what if?lya÷ who will i become? limited release december 21. now, once upon a time actress ginnifer goodwin talking about playing snow white, her all-time favorite princess. here is a look at the fancy
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new cover hitting news stands today, new emep sodz return to abc this january. for entertainment updates and pictures throughout the day, i'm tony cabrerra in los angeles. city clerk in alameda is in search for one more couple to make 12 for tomorrow's 12, 12, 12, city hall weddings. it will be the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012. if-
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want to bring you latest on this breaking news. a mall shooting in portland, oregon in the clackamas town center hall. two are dead, four to seven may be wounded, getting reports on number of shots fired between 20 and 60. the gunman we're told wearing a mass skpk perhaps body armor is still at large. we'll keep you posted at 4:00. >> emotions running high today in michigan. late today state governor signed a right to work legislation dealing a blow to organized labor unions signing a bill just hours after legislature passed measures as a chance of thousands of angry protestors filled the capitol.
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tj#m÷çr9hdas more. >> michigan republican controlled state legislature approved two controversial right to work bills today. protestors crowded state capitol. >> benefits will go down. it's going tojuñww hurt small business and local business. it's just going to hurt michigan. >> issue is right to work allowing people to opt out of joining the union. the governor flip flopped saying it's labor and democrat to pass prop 2 in november. trying to put collective bargaining rights into the constitution. >> made the point to them to sfai you go forward with this, you're going to create an environment involving labor issues. and that is what happened. >> democrats in congress met with the governor, asking him to delay the issue.
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>> he has respongsibility as our leader of avoiding this cliff. it's not good enough we told him, for him to say he'd like to get this behind us. >> in what wout#m!@ be a further blow, michigan would become the 24th right to work state in the u.s.. abc news, new york. >> in washington, d.c., stepped up efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> the speaker and minority leader took the fight over the cliff to the house floor today. abc 7 news mark matthews joins us now with more on this. >> there is an inside game and outside game. right now, they and their supporters are showing us only outside game. john boehner says the president is not serious about putting -- cutting spending. >> we're waiting for the white house to identify what cuts of
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president is willingóñ'÷ to make as part of the approach that he promised. pelosi challenging republicans to extend tax cuts for middle class. >> we've been calling upon the speaker to bring forth middle income tax cut now for a long time. in fact, since last summer. >> the white house pushed back pointing to the 250 page budget. >> it's the issue is where are your proposals i think we've answer that had question in full.)zqxñ >> to which they responded that if the president gets what he wants he's putting the country a trillion in debt. >> it's something we cannot let him to do owe our count zpri our children. >> look closely. the place is empty no. members of congress. the talk intended only for the public.
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part of the outside game in jj top level staffers having conversations, wrapping ideas. >> the professor says the feeling tonight is that inside game may be going better than the out side game would have you belief. the telephone call would support that. it's the piece i'm working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we'll see ought 6:00. >> a los angeles man smej shot to death in midtown manhattan had been arrested three times for charges including cocaine possession, grand theft and hit and run. the 31-year-old moments before he was gunned down monday on west 58th street near central park. investigators think this was a targeted hit but don't know why. the gunman wait forward him and escaped moments later in that car. wood yard was a 2003 loyola
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mary mount graduate and attended whittier law school. >> bart trains exkbreernsing major delays at 19th street station in oakland, police searching for someone who stole a cell phone from a passenger at that station. this is the fremont sfo line. >> an effort is underway to try to unlock one of the mysteries of the mona lisa. archaeologists may have unearthed a skeleton of the wife of a wealthy merchant who is believed to have posed for the painting. those remains will be compared with dna from two relatives buried elsewhere to determine if it is her. >> once identifying remains we can reconstruct the space with a margin of error 2% to 8%.
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when doing this we'll be able to answer the question art historians can't. who was the model for leonardo? >> no other likeness of lisa gardini has been found. it's possible she bore no resemblance to the mona lease yachl the source of the smile will probably remain a history. vincetti claims evidence suggests the smile came long after the initial sitting. >> it's fascinating. >> yes. it is. >> still ahead year on twitter. most retweeted tweets of the year. some probably carolyns and plus... this caught on video. scary moments for a family. they watched a roof collapse. >> and our sutro camera, looking over the bay, downtown there.
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thick dark clouds over the bay. rain will be falling in just hours. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> another check of the traffic now. a look at the golden gate bridge. smooth sailing for traffic heading into the city of san francisco. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:00.
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damage in birmingham, alabama being assessed from a tornado that swept through the city yesterday. take a look at what happened when a local station was interviewing a man as that twister struck. >> oh, my god! >> i'm okay. are you okay? are you all right? >> now, everyone inside the home was all right. no one was hit by the debris you saw flying when the roof collapsed. the national weather surf advisory says the tornado had winds of 90 miles per hour. >> it's truly frightening. here, just rain coming up. >> yes. cooler temperatures. >> that is true. things are calm here, thr spots of moisture off shore. no rainfall at moment but
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north we do have a wide path of rainfall working slowly south ward. it will be moving through the bay area during late night and overnight hours, tomorrow, we're looking at dry conditions in the central part of the country. snow in the upper mid west. areas of showers and thunderstorms. along california coast, shower activity tomorrow. state wide we'll see scattered showers reaching as far as l.a. area. sunny, mild, we'll see snow over the sierra. here in the bay?lgñ area after a wet period of rainfall tapering off tomorrow, by afternoon looking at scattered showers and partly sunny skies. temperatures ranging from upper 40s and low 50s in most of the north bay to mid-50s over the remainder of the bay area. so cold air ringing us rainfall tonight.
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next couple mornings starting on thursday will be frosty and cold with temperatures that are dropping down. a big change in the weather pattern. >> every two and a half days twitter users send out a billion tweets. >> they're very busy. some popular than others like this one of the president and first lady hugging after the election. it was the most-popular retweet of the year. and 616,000 retweets. >> justin beeb beiber tweeted i love you after a fan died of cancer. >> if you're wondering from twitter these are the hot topics of the year. >> if you want to follow trends this makes it easy.
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you can log in with the twitter account. what top 10 words you used this year available on tab blets, phones and computer autos new hot stweet something related to cappernick. >> yes. >> dogs behind the wheel and adñ splashy music video going viral. >> here is what is trending with another run down of what's happening on you tube. first up, new zealand society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. here is a jog around the track. >> so cute. spca hopes this testimony are.
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that hopefully not put them in the driver's seat. it's just not safe. up next, this sensation that is sure to sweep certain parts of the nation. this fish monger stars in a music video. one point six. >> wow. the score over four million views after failing to make it on the x factor. will the splashy music video version be the next gangnam style? only time will tell you. see you next time, bay area. >> and still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 we know why nelson mandela was taken to the hospital. >> why do babies tend to stair for so long? qm÷s >> next time you go shopping you could be being watched.
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we're learning why nelson mandela was rushed to the hospital, he is being treat forward recurrence of a previous lung infection. a spokesperson says the 94-year-old is doing well and there is no cause for alarm.
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he retired from public life in 2004, he's rarely seen in public these days. he was last hospitalized in february for abdominal pain.5ú]6 >> checking healthy living news this afternoon, new research out of stanford university looks at why babies stare at faces for long periods of time. researchers say babies, those less than an hour old tend to stair at face-like images longer than any other pattern and at four months old can process faces at nearly adult levels. researchers hooked up sensors to waib baby skulls to measure brain activities. levels dipped when other objects were shown to the babies. >> and an annual survey shows vermont is once again the healthiest state in america. number one for the fourth year p a row. the state gets high marks for low disease rates and a low rate of uninsured residents. hawaii, massachusetts and roun out the top five, california
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ranks 22. mississippi and louisiana tie forward least healthiest. >> cashmere is a popular gift option but do you have to spend a lot of money to get a good quality sweater? michael finney compared prices to find out. >> looking for a special gift in cashmere sweaters heavily marketed this time of the year. do you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get good quality? shop smart says not necessarily. when it comes to shopping for a sweater, one stands head and shoulder as above the west. >> consumer reports sue perry checked out dozens of sweaters. >> you're picking up a bargain stweter you better believe it's not 100% cashmere.
4:48 pm
the label may say so. >> a couple checks can tell you a lot. >> run your hand over the sweater. if little balls start forming that is called pilling. that is a sign this is a cheaper sweater probably not going to holdup. i would put it back. >> another check, weather the sweater holds shape, stretch it side to side. high quality cashmere won't stretch out of shape. >> we found usually the cheapest you can go in cashmere is about $100 mark. >> that is how much this land land'stswñj end cashmere costs. it's a good choice. with more styling and richer colors shop smart says expect to pay more like this sweater for $320. it's a big splurge but in the long run, kit pay off. >> you're going to have it for years and years. >> so when buying a cashmere sweater take the time to sqiz
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size up the quality. consumer reports says cashmere sweaters need tlc. be thundershower clean the sweater before you store it because dirt attracts moths and store it flat not on a hanger, which can of course stretch it out. >> here is something to watch out for next time you'rey÷,; looking for perfect outfit in a high end store. m sjj.jn÷ at yo. a company named almax developed a mannequin with a camera including facial recognition to gather information on customers. things like age, sex, and race are all collected. most shoppers aren't thrilled with this idea. >> like invading your privacy. >> i think it's smart. >> go back to the drawing board. camera in mannequin thingti(u is just creeping me out. >> these are new. kpt is not saying which retailers are using them. and they aren't cheap, east
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costs about 5,000s oodz it's a little creepy it is. >> yes. yes. >> one northern california bell ringer has a long week ahead. >> yes. why he will be shaking that bell for several straight days. >> san francisco is big on recycling. why is the city trying to evict a recycling center? the story is straight ahead. >> coming up at 5:00 a new audit uncovers california workers going online on your dime. how many personal posts were made on company time, this season's naughty, fis list tells you which retailers making strides for chemical making strides for chemical free cosmetics o you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii.
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but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! time up for a controversial recycling center in san francisco. golden gate park are waiting for the sheriff to care out a
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court ordered he vix. >> we're live now from city hall. supporters held a rally. yes. the rec and park department wants to put a garden there. they say that is more compatible with the setting. it's been operating here in golden investigate park 30 years. but the lease is up for the recycling center. also known as hank. >> this is trying since 1996 to oust the center. some say has been a magnet for the homeless. >> people going in there and making their money z then, after that going to the liquor store and buying drugs off the streets. >> families also use this center. >> i think this is a wonderful
4:55 pm
place. i mean, it's convenient for the neighborhood. >> supporters refusing to obey an eviction notice received  and gathered at city hall today. reprieve. >> it's really going to blow a hole in the middle of san francisco recycling system. >> they took their battle to the state supreme court, and lost. many are now wondering when the sheriff will carry out eviction. d- jt the first week in january. >> he's hoping they'll leave voluntarily rather than a forced eviction. >> thank you. >> he is ringing for a reason. a 22-year-old from salinas one
4:56 pm
of eight people taking part in the salvation army bell ringing contest this, is video from the salinas chapter. >> last year's winner rang bells 60 hurs. the stages this event to raise awareness about the red kettle campaign which began in 1891 in san francisco. >> 60 hours? two and a half days of bell ring something tomorrow, we're kicking off abc 7 share your holiday food drive. your chance to help make this holiday season brighter for families in need. >> you can drop off food donations all day long from 5:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening in any three locations. >> and this is a chance for to you meet the abc 7 news team, we'll be broadcasting live throughout the day. >> if youdd
4:57 pm
what led them to suspects. >> i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 hd will be tracking a cold storm. i'll let you know when we'll see rain, possibly low snow levels here if the bay area. >> a new audit uncovers state workers wasting -- wasting taxpayer money on the clock. one racked up thousands of personal online posts.
4:58 pm
>> there is tracking -- breaking news in portland, oregon, one person has been killed in the clac clack -- clackamas county mall. >> witnesses say one person openedvjo% fire near a macy's n the hall. >> police say the gunman has been quote neutralized about the court but will not say whether he has been captured or killed. police are making sure there wasn't a second gunman. shave received reports from smem who say they saw someone else involved. >> this is a live picture of the center mall. you can see all of the activities of the vehicles responding. people were diving for the floor. they heard 60 shots. right now, police confirm one personead, possibly a second no. word on how many wounded. >> they said eight were wounded but it's breaking news coming out of portland.
4:59 pm
we'll keep you updated right here on the news at 5:00 and 6:00. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> moving on to other top story, fast work nabbed five suspected killers four women ask a man. >> tips made the difference following a gruesome crime on sunday, two victims bound, gagged, and left for dead in the street. >> abc 7 news is live at the hall of justice tonight with the story. vic? >> there was quick work. police are attributing that to the tips and leads they there are unanswered questions and investigators know answers they're not saying much. >> a man and woman found bound, street range from 19-34. one is from san francisco, two from oakland, and other two police made arrests i day


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