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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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mall. >> officers evacuated hundreds of people from the mall after the sooting. police are not saying yet if they shot and killed the gunman or p he killed himself after the shooting spree. it's just shock and confusion now in portland. people try to come to grip was what happened. police try to figure out why someone would seemingly, randomly start shooting during we'll bring you more information throughout the evening on abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> stay with us and there is breaking news tonight. a baerkly man is recovering after finding three people burglarized in his home. this burglary ways talking about happened in the hills on farallon drive. he got back from walking his dog, he confronted the burglaries and took a beating and even womplts allen, how
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badly injured is he?#n"ól i just lost you. i'm going to talk. his leg was runnover by the suspect and i drove on the crime scene. i'm told the victim walked in on the burglars inside of the house. and surprised them in his house. here is what it looked like, shortly after he confronted them, neighbors quickly came out and wrapped the man in a blanket. he called 911 and he says he yelled out. the two men and a woman ran out of the house, one punched him in the face several times. the victim tried to stop them. they drove away. here is what he told police. >> they hit me, then, when pulling forward, they ran over my leg. >> i'm going to talk right now. i lost you.
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dan. but the faibs say the two suspects drove off with another one running down street after them, neighbors came smou. got a description of a white cadillac el door raddo driving off through the neighborhood. the victim got a partial license plate this is a lot shot on my iphone. we'll perfect more at 11:00. reporting live in berkeley abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a major break in a case that left a man dead and a woman fighting for her life. the two found bound and gagged sunday night in the middle of the street. police arrested five snekts hercules. we're live with the latest on this investigation. >> this is quick work by police attributed to the leads received from the public. now, they're trying to zero in on a motive for the bizarre violent crime.
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police say the five arrested for the attack on a man and woman found bound and gagged and dumped on the street range from 19 to 34. one is from san francisco, and two from oakland. two have hercules addresses. police made arrestsváa day after they found the couple in the ingleside district. the male victim died later at san francisco general hospital. a source tills us suspects brought in for questioning yesterday after investigators received leads from the public and later arrested in a house in early morning hours. a spokesman says everyone knew each other. >> there was anmxñ extensive relationship in this case. i cannot get into detail was the relationship. >> investigators still looking at motive. a source tells us the female
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was known to be involved if prostitution. they're trying to find out if victims were from out of and we now know what caused wounds. >> male victim appeared to have blunt force trauma and wounds to upper body. the cause of the death is still pending medical examiner conclusion of the autopsy report. >> this female victim was not shot. yesterday, doctors say wounds were not life threatening today, they're saying she's likely going to survive. >> okay. thank you very much. there is another storm headed our way tonight. it's not a big soaker but enough to produce a lot of green. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> we have lots of green and areas of yellow and orange. one reached the bay area
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yesterday, you can see here, it's up to our northwest at the moment. it's moving into our direction. let's take a look at where rain is falling now. is just beginning to touch the northwestern corner of sonoma county. areas of more intense rainfall. it's moving as we loop from northwest to southeast producing wet weather in the bay area during later evening and overnight hours. we'll start atj?9gq 7:00 this evening. between 7:00 and 10:00 we'll see a front sweeping through, bringing wet weather. we're talking mainly light to moderate rainfall. there could be hours of heavy rain. tomorrow, we'll see rainfall breaking up into scattered showers and probably will be a wet commute for many parts of the by area. >> the citi5róñ of lafayette putting repairs from last storm on the fast track tonight.
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a construction firm working to repair mountain view drive, undermined by a creek during the storm on december 2. the company brought in after emergency when learning would it take crews months to make repairs. the firm says it will work1åñ 24 hours per day to fix this road. >> monday morning fierce winds proved too much for a huge wind that brought a tree crashing down. cruise spent the day cutting down that tree the only person inside at the time was a renter sleeping in nornl part of the house. he didn't realize damage until he was awakened by police. >> i'm lucky it hit a maple but i think there is a reason it didn't crush the house. >> an arborist estimates it
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weighs about 30,000 pounds. neighbors say they will cut down a tree feet from where one was knocked down. >> folks he are worried if they're shut down, homes could be at risk. there martinez and walnut creek. live in martinez tonight county super visors have been debating shutting down station autos right this, vote already postponed from last week.f$ so the more analysis could be done. they are still talking now four stations that will likely be closed number 16 in lafayette. 12 in martinez, in our walnut creek z station 11 in clayton. the district says this is the best way to deal with a fiscal crisis caused by a steep decline inappropriate tax
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revenue coinciding with an increase in pension payouts, then, voters rejected a parcel tax on the november ballot. this afternoon, much of the discussion has centered on how to minimize impact of closures how to keep response times within an acceptable range. part of the difficulties here is that there are different problems and solutions when talking about fire response versus medical response. >> i was hopeful one of the things we'd hear is creative answers to how we're going to be able to generate revenues and in order to keep stations ox that is not the case today. >> we know there will be reduced service, reduced protections in the community. >> a vote would mean the stations would be closed next month in january, and that vote is expect this evening. there are no layoffs inlewded in this proposal. live in martinez, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you very much. >> still coming up here tonight a settlement at fisherman's wharf. agreement that will let you dinner this year. >> recycling center facing eviction tonight from7'"ñ goldn gate park. the last ditch effort to save it back with a look at live doppler 7 hd. a new rain storm now approaching the bay area. >> didn't take a drop of rain today. why you may be seeing more of this in the next few days. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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police looking for thief that's broke into macy's and stole thousands worth of high end jewelry. crews spent the day repairing plate glass doors. police say the thieves used sledge hammers to smash them to get in. investigators reviewing video to try to piece together clues and get shots of suspects. they want to know why they didn't get a call about the break in until an hour, and 13 minutes after the stores alarm sounded. >> sometimes, for stores have a policy where alarm company notifies their own security prior to calling the police department. i don't know if that was the case last night. we're looking into why there was a discrepancy in the time reported. >> macy's says the theft did not disrupt service to customers today. the doors now boarded up and could stay that way sometime. the repair crews said it could take up to a week to replace glass of the weight and size. >> a crab boater strike
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settled this afternoon meaning fresh crab will hit markets. crab boaters and seafood distributors reached an agreement topd the streak. that i area fishermen refused ú$y their traps since wednesday to protest the drop in price. today, negotiating back up to $3. >> everything is more expensive, so the crab has to be more expensive than it was. >> the first load should be in by afternoon. >> well, san francisco is big on recycling. why is the city trying to get rid of a recycling center? where where is the director refusing to obey an eviction order? >> the neighborhood council recycling center known as hank has been here more than three
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decade autos it's been here early 1970s. might be nonconfirming use. >> since 1996, the city rec and parks department has been trying to push harng out. >> this is three quarters of an acre. our goal is to have it see a park appropriate you. >> rec and park wants to turn this into a community garden. hank put if planter asks calls it self an ecology center, some believe the operation is attracting the homeless. >> a lot of people were going into recycling bins to make $1. >> the driker says under state law, neighborhood stores large and small will have to pick up slack or face fines. this resident says it would be
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a mistake to close the center. >> it's convenient for the neighborhood. i like the idea of being able to recycle it appears time is up. an eviction notice is now in effect. thank supporters rallied today. hoping for a miracle. but according to the sheriff department, their departure is ending. >> we're confident that, and hopeful that they're going to face this voluntarily. >> he says there will be a forced eviction in january. >> and education news. new one of 16 to be awarded a race to the top grant. the district came in second in the nation receiving $29 million over next four years. new haven won because of the
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focus on quality personal instruction. new haven plans to spend money on reduced class sizes and buying tools and teachers and students and hiring coaches to personalize learning experience. new haven is one of 372 districts to acquire the honor. >> and caltrans had to close a connector ramp to highway 1 near sausalito because of flooding and tomorrow, we're expecting what is called a king tide, a winter tide sometimes highest of the year. it's suspected to peak early in the morning and could worsen with that rain that is on the way. >> there is rain that is returning. >> yes. it's going to be wet. at the moment doesn't appear it will be enough to increase the risks of flooding but we're watching that. here is a live view looking across the bay. you can see clouds tlchl rain
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has not yet arrived but getting mighty close. here is a look and just north, up in southern mendocino county now moving towards south of the=v> northwestern corner we can see a large batch of rainfall. there is not only green here, but areas of orange, yellow indicating more areas of more intense rainfall. and we'll have it spreading throughout the bay area. right now, sky conditions and cloudy skies, temperatures in a uniform range. low. >>s around the bay area. forecast features rain arriving this eveningu[ continuing during overnight hours. giving way to scattered showers and partly sunny skies.÷ $ut>z?n that is followed by frosty mornings, advancing cold air mass dropping down out of the gulf of alaska. the cold front moving into our direction now. front bringing rain. cold air will follow leaving us days of chilly weather.
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we'll start at 7:00 this evening, rain willxyabe pushing down into northern sonoma county. by loem we'll see rain spreading to other parts of the bay area south of the golden gate a bit of the south bay continuing overnight. the front out of here until 5:00 in the morning but behind that front pockets of showers. there will be wet spots in the morning. if not, area wide. so be on the lookout for that if you're commuting. then later in the day, scattered showers becoming more widely scattered, tapering off again by late afternoon, early evening. by 7:00 tomorrow evening. we'll look at rainfall totals not tremendous. but wet weather is on the way. there is some snow. we're looking at possibility of four to eight inches of new snow above 4500 feet.
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so elevens are high there. not a lot of moisture with this storm. about one to two inches of snow is suspected. high tides we're talking brks highest tides of the year is 7.1 and seven feet respectively. again, we don't expect rainfall to be heavy enough to add to the threat nif kind of localized flooding. overnight tonight, lows into low to mid-40s so a cool to chilly overnight. a cool to chilly day tomorrow, high temperatures reaching only into low to mid-50s. low 50s much of the bay area, mid-50s into mildest locations. here is the accu-weather forecast. mainly sunny skies p dry conditions thursday, friday. chilly. daytime highs low to mid-50s and milder over the weekend. and there is another chance of
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rain monday and a slight chance tuesday. it's typical for this time of the year. >> thank you very much. >> bay area doctors safely deliver very special twins. >> aren't they adorable. coming up why these newborns were in danger
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a welcome rally on wall street. dow jones&byqñ closed higher to, gain of 78 points. nasdaq added 35. apple rose $11 a;ziq share after spent more than $400 on products last year, yahoo announced plans to make it easier and faster to use with mobile devices. yahoo mail has fallen to number three in the world. the company hoping to regain ground on google's g mail. and final shipment arrived. there has been a rush on products ever since the company would announce it would liquid date and close
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over a labor dispute. >> a couple has two precious gifts to be thankful for. take a look at these dorable bundles. kate and annie are just 34 days old. but boy, they've been through a lot. they were rare high-risk twins that share the same am knee yotic sack. they were born 10 weeks early during an emergency delivery. >> pretty scary. they didn't have a super high percentage chance of making it. so... we consulted quite a few people but we decided to proceed and it was a little bit scary well. tried to not think bit all the time oo. babies continue to recover. first time parents hope to take the girls home by new years. if they're lucky by christmas. >> that would be wonder oofl how much closer to going over fiscal cliff tonight? we'll bring you that story when ke come back. >> a truck driver gets the
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blame for a fatal amtrak accident if acting just two seconds faster would it not have hatched. >> a hit uc berkeley tonight. a million dollar endowment to help undocumented students make it through college. abc 7 news at 6:00 continue
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in washington another day and another step closer to that fiscal cliff. at this point it's hard to tell if there is any progress in the negotiations. and judging by public statements made by the speaker, it does not look good. abc 7 news mark matthews is here with word on what we're not seeing. >> yes. we heard speaker boehner called the president this evening to make a counter offer to the president's latest offer, when abc 7 news at 4:00 we talked about inside game@ú4d versus the outside gam. the out side game is played for leverage. inside is where real
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negotiations are taking place. >> in okay gress the american people have be scratching their heads and wondering when is the president going to get serious? >> democratic leader took the floor. >> he said he's willing to make some changes but it's important that any changes not hurt the middle class. >> the post you'ring went on this morning with only a rare glimpse the house of rep stifz empty. except for the speakers. this is the outside game talk consummation. >> it's just about post you'ring to get public opinion on your side as a leverage. >> we saw a little of that yesterday in the bay area with rallies organized by move on and labor unions calling on the president to stand firm
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against cuts to social security and medicare. as our abc 7 news political analyst explains inside game is taking place behind closed doors between high-level staffers on both sides, crunching numbers and floating possible compromises. >> i think the feeling today is that more hopeful but still guardedly cautious. >> he says there are so many options from doing nothing to reaching a grand bargain to just muddling through. muddling through is the most-likely and it would mean tax cuts for the middle class will be extended and rates for the wealthy will go up.[çift and after the first of the year, president and republican-led house will be fighting again, this time over raising the debt ceiling. the president has been trying to pull that debt ceiling deadline into any agreement but that would require sort of a megadeal. at this point a muddled deal
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more likely. there is that talk that the end of the year deadline everybody is talking about could be pushed into the first couple weeks of the new year. how is that for muddle something. >> oh, boy. >> i think republicans are over a barrel now. >> thanks mark. >> the national transportation safety board concluded a distracted driver in a truck with bad brakes was the likely cause of an amtrak collision that killed six people last year. a truck slammed into the side of a train. in a hearing in washington today national transportation safety board said the crossing guard arm was down and warning lights were flashing and plenty of time for the driver to stop. they are not sure why he didn't act sooner. if brakes had been properly maintained and applied a second and a half earlier they say this accident could have been avoided. >> british bank hsbc will pay
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a $1.9 kbrinl fine following a money laundering probe. authorities accused bank of laundering for drug traffickers in america america. hsbc intentionally allowed illegal transactions to countries such as iran, libya ask sudan. the penalty not just financial. to continue doing business in the united states, the bank must make reforms. >> requiring to implement reforms that we expect to be the model in the financial industry. >> hsbc chief executive says he's sorry for past mist yikz a new scholarship fund established at uc berkeley will offer financial aid to undocumented students. the first of its kind in the nation not without controversy. abc 7 news is here now with the story. >> right. other universities like texas and michigan are liking what
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they see at berkeley. they want to sty⌝a >> he escaped from violence in mexico when he was 16, landing in los angeles. year later he graduated with honors and was the only student at his high school to get into uc berkeley. >> everybody was happy except me. i was like. yeah. i got in. i was like i don't know how i'm going to make it. i won't be able to go. how am i going pay for it? he is not eligible for aid, including pell grants. he's had to take odd jobs to help pay for college but that hasn't been enough. >> many drop out on the way to say we're not longer able to be students. >> others reached out to the chancellor this, is a photo of the chancellor and several undocumented students. he decided to spearhead a scholarship program with the help of the evelyn and walter
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hough junior fund. about00 students will receive a portion of the money. >> it's an investment in them, their futures and what they dillwill do for state and country, over time. >> another $300,000 was donated to help create dreamers resource center. here, undocumented students get services they need. >> and this tells students if you get into uc berkeley we're going to support you. >> the legislature passed a bill giving students access to state grants starting next fall. glenn co-authored proposition 209 ending affirmative action preferences in the public sector. >> the state of california turns around and says we're going to ignore the federal law. the federal government doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. >> some people feel if anyone
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didn't go through the proper ses they don't belong here. it's a political view. i can't do anything about that. these are talented people. in the current era with all of the challenges we have in california we cannot afford to waste this kind of talent. >> one undocumented student taking that to heart. >> education is only way to help my family, myself, and to, you know contribute back to the society. >> again, about 200 students will benefit. it will cover only a portion of the fees, about $5,000. >> thank you. >> we're going to check live doppler 7 again in just a few minutes. >> the high tech features promising to make 49ers new stadium a state of the
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49er as noungsed a new partnership with sony. yes. sony will help a w.a partnership that will pull fans off the coach. >> what sony floonz bring to
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the party. >> 49ers said the stadium would offer the latest in high tech innovation, sony will help bring that to live. >> this represents a piece of the puzzle there will be a huge partner in helping us fwhaild technology and that experience. >> fans will be watching replays and other content on monitors. there will be 2500 of them throughout the facility. offering a resolution that is four times higher than standard hd. this version became available at the sony store in palo alto. you can see where some features could lead. >> this is a7 you have the option to run 3 d content say of a video game or blu ray movie. put on our grasses and have that affect. >> the 49ers say infrastructure and a software network will connect fans?e6)ç n
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bay ways they never thought possible. mobile technology mean there's is no need for a monitor in the back of every seat. it's bring your own device. unique programs and apps will let you order food, having it delivered to your seat or maybe join in a stadium wide chant. >> game day that is so value added and different. differentiated it's attractive like the super bowl. >> 49ers say the partnership with sony is a natural fit and a big win for fans.ivjsa >> fancy. >> yes. >> just ahead nominees out for first major film awards of the year. >> it's a list that÷7í(d our own don sanchez played a role
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>> we want to take to you breaking news we've been following tonight. mass shooting at clackamas town center mall in portland, oregon. the gunman shot and killed
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himself. >> police are still in the mall searching for evidence. they say they're almost finished with that. the gunman shot two people before killing himself. we understand an> traj dmi portland. moving on now. something different. nominees for first major film awards of the year were announced today. the critics choice awards by broadcast association. >> don sanchez got to weigh in on all of this. >> i did. yes. this is a good barometer of what happens with academy awards. so i voted and here are the results. let's start with best picture. steven spielberg leaves all
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film was 13 nominations. and les miserables scored another nomination. silver lining play book, 10 mom nations. zero dark thirty is getting a lot of attention. the small film beast in the southern wild. other best picture nominees are jango and shane, the master and moon rise kingdom. >> thank you. q for best actor nominees. hugh jackman, impressive for less miserables. and joaquin phoenix in the master. jennifer lawrence is a top pick for silver lining play book. but support is building. other choices include two french actresses.
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and the amazing 6-year-old in the southern wild and naomi 9k@wnjn÷ choices the favorite hs to be tom eye lee jones.orite hs bay area represented by madagascar three. pixar part of our disney family. and i'll northbound the audience for the critics choice awards in santa monica january owe 10th. broadcast live on the cw. that show and nominees deserve a full bucket. good koiss we'll see you on the aisle. >> you get the full bucket too, don. >> thank you. >> some salvation army bell
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ringers stepping up their game in a big way. that is joey osti one of eight people nationwide taking part in the bell ringing contest. this is video. joey has a long haul ahead. last year's winners rang bells 60 hours. the campaign began in san francisco. >> very cool. >> okay. let's update the forecast. rain is on the way. >> it is. you can see from this view this afternoon from our camera, clouds rolling in. clouds with us now. rain with us shortly. you can see it north right now moving now into parts of sonoma county. looks like a path there of
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heavier rainfall. so state wide tomorrow, we'll take a look at pockets of showers maybe areas of concentrated rainfall. and will be sunny, mild in the interior portions of southern california. after rain overnight, we expect partly sunny skies into afternoon. it will be cool. high temperatures into low to mid-60s. thursday, friday morning cold and frosty early on. milder weather over the weekend. a chance of rain again sunday and tuesday. >> terrific, thank you. >> tomorrow is the abc 7 share your holiday food drive. >> hoping rain holds off a bit here, we'll broadcast all day long from these locations. you can drop off donations any
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time between 5:30 in the morning. >> easy to make a difference. hope you can join us, if you can't make it to a site you can call this number.é%"c 877-525,-3775. or you can text the word feed. donate $10 on the cell phone bill. the need is great this year. >> absolutely. larry beil will be at the walnut creek location. >> i was hoping suly will be with me. >> you'll have fun. in sports commissioner of thecí7 nfl gets overruled and michael crabtree doing the crab shake off the field. we'll tell
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roger gidel used to ruling with an iron fist. he wiped out suspensions. bringing in the former commissioner to rule in thisvñ case involving four saints
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players and several coaches. today he ruled there is no doubt about what is going on in his words saying the case has been connaimtd and listed suspensions. next two games can tell us an awful a lot. sunday at new england then, folbg sunday in see. first things first. how do you stop tom brady? they got shredded. like brady, jim harbaugh asked if he is closely followed the fellow michigan man. >> do i remember? sure. yes. we weren't there at the same time. >> yes. 15 years or so. >> players get a day off and most nurse injuries and get rest. niners active in this community.
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>> demonstrating latest game yesterday to local boys and girls in san francisco. all of a sudden it came to live. >> it was amazing. this is nice, and warming. >> michael got involved with yuba soft and now donates to boys and girls club of san francisco with crab-shaped touchdown dance which was demonstrated yesterday. >> this is something i can donate. i was like, man. there are dance moves you know? always a big dancer when i was young. >> michael got involved for a good reason dating back to childhood. >> i was there every day.
6:55 pm
you know? football, football, boxing. all of the above you know? >> it meant a lot to these kids. >> these kids get an opportunity see so many people on tv that is real. the message about goals is something you preach every day. >> this is a good deal, man. you can't beat that. >> that is fun. >> named all american and today associated press urged that school records, one of the biggest of the year to beat oregon. cardinals prepping now for the rose bowl. >> yes. it's something going through the stadium. you want to be all american. it's come to fruition. >> san jose state is the site of who will coach the
6:56 pm
spartans. he moves up because mike mcentire moved on to take over as head coach after leading spartans to a 10-win season. >> larry, thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then a land deal 14 years in the making. the agreement keeping a landmark pristine. >> then at 11:00 slides and tides is a concern. today the move to higher ground is coming up at 11:00 right after private practice. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from the entire abc 7 news team we hope have you a great evening.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a curriculum coordinator from silver spring, maryland... analytic software sales executive
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from ann arbor, michigan... ...and our returning champion, a nonprofit assistant director of donor rel from germantown, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. obviously, our champion, josh, doesn't know about the sophomore jinx, because on yesterday's show, he performed extremely well. jan and rachel, you've got your work cut out for you. but good luck. nice to have you with us. hego into the jeopardy! round. and now here are the categories that are in play. we know what that means.


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