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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a truck crashed into an apartment complex and the driver crashed into the wall of the bidding over an hour ago straight into a bedroom -- into the wall of a building over an hour ago straight into a bedroom. >> the child was thrown to the floor taken to the hospital the father tells abc7 news she turns three next month and she will be okay. police are investigating the driver for possible dui the driver tried to leave witnesses stopped him until police arrived. live look at the scene right now, still a lot going on. that is the spot where the pick-up truck went in. so far, no one is being evacuated. terry mcsweeney will have a live report from the scene in 30 minutes. the girl at regional medical center. >> the truck crumpled upfront end you see the damage more
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coming up. a little foggy out there. >> it is. more on the weather coming up. in san francisco police rushed a newborn to the hospital from the streets of the bay view district this morning there are reports the baby may have been born in the street around 2:00, near mckinnon and third, officers responded to a call to check the welfare of a newborn they took the baby in their squad car to the hospital no word on the baby's condition. a woman believed to be the mother was covered in blood also transported to the hospital. investigators trying to figure out what happened and who was involved. you can see the upper deck a little wet from the rain. in the video from those two stories looks dry. kind of passing through. >> what does live doppler tell us? good morning. you can see a smattering of light showers around the bay and cooler air is going to
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accompany this system, temperatures we haven't seen this cold in quite sometime for afternoon highs today, tomorrow and overnight lows, very chilly. around tiburon east bay richmond berkeley around concord light showers through daly city and about higher elevations of east bay not a lot of moisture associated with this system, chilly temperatures in fact this is mild now, 52 in oakland, in the low 40s north bay the rest of the day grab heavier coat, isolated rain showers mid 50s. lightwater on the roads so take care live shot of the san mateo bridge moisture on the lens flat section of the bridge headed westbound tail lights towards the highrise everything at the limit, 13, 14 minute drive between hayward and peninsula in either direction, everything is looking good. san jose near cupertino southbound 280 at bird stall lane three blocking roadway
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north 87 at highway 101 still accident blocking right lane there. grand avenue on-ramp to eastbound 580 partially blocked with injury accident there. autopsy will be performed to determine how a teenager was killed in a quiet san jose neighborhood yesterday afternoon. the victim is thought to be an 18-year-old man they say he may have been stabbed in the neck before or as he was behind the wheel of his pick-up truck his truck was found before 3:30 yesterday afternoon after the vehicle jumped the curb and landed on the sidewalk. detectives say he ended up if the street where he was pronounced dead. the victim has not been identified and no arrests reported. san jose's 44th home sigh of the year. the highest number in -- homicide of the year. the highest number in more than 20 years. oakland police investigating rash of shootings yesterday a man was found dead in east oakland
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after 8:30 last night on hawkins near 92nd. a couple minutes later, officers found a woman shot in west oakland on 18th street, she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. earlier in the day, another shooting took place in north oakland on 60th street. a man was found shot after 2:30 p.m. taken to the hospital in stable condition. no suspects identified in any of those shootings. investigators in portland, oregon are expected to release more information today on the deadly mall shooting that took the lives of three people, including the gunman. brandi hitt is live in portland, with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. police still here at the scene of the deadly shooting rampage. 10,000 people at one point were in the mall when the gunman opened fire. the big question is why the killer would target families who were trying to get ready
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for the holidays? it began shortly before 3:30 p.m., chaos inside a portland mall crowded with holiday shoppers and kids waiting to see san taste >> all of a sudden we heard a big bang, covered our ears and got down, in a matter of five seconds later, we heard rapid fire. >> reporter: the shots were heard throughout the shopping center. >> i heard gunshots, i was with migrant ma and turned around and people -- with my grandma and i turned around and people were screaming, i saw the killer he had a white mask on. >> reporter: he appeared to be wearing body armor and mask, carrying an assault rifle which he fired in rapid bursts. >> when i heard eight -- 18 more shots, i hit the floor. >> reporter: some called portland affiliate as the situation unfolded. >> we are locked in a store in the mall with 10 people and
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s.w.a.t. teams are going around the mall trying to appehend the suspects. >> reporter: new video overnight shows what it was like as the shooting took place. police say the gunman killed two people before taking his own life many four others were injured. >> we have a young lady at the hospital fighting for her life. >> reporter: authorities confirm no shots were fired by police inside the mall. >> these things aren't supposed to happen. we train for them, we pray and hope they never do happen. >> reporter: this incident will likely lead to heightened security measures at shopping centers across the country, just in time for the holidays. the mall will remain closed today as the investigation continues. later this afternoon authorities are expected to release or reveal the names of both of the people killed and also the name of the killer. brandi hitt, abc7 news. 5:07.
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the man accused in the murder/ kidnapping of sierra lamar will face new charges when he returns to court today. 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres still awaiting trial following his arrest in may after investigators downed dna connecting him to sierra lamar. he wasn't in court when new charges were filed against him monday, involving attempted kidnapping of three women during a carjacking in 2009 when he was 17-years-old. 5:08. radar looks to be slowing a little, we still have rain maybe a little snow coming. >> let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen in this morning for mike. live doppler 7 hd, fog, breezy conditions along the coast, numbers dropping into the upper 30s around santa rosa, good morning everyone. some of this little overdone we have a few light showers if we zoom in closer, light rain,
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from tiburon through san francisco, rain in the higher elevations of east bay hills where we are watching a rain/snow mix later when the colder air pushes in. along the coast, pacifica, a few light showers overall, the numbers will continue to drop throughout the morning struggle to reach afternoon highs in the mid 50s. right now a good wind at the coast up to 21 miles an hour fog reported in santa rosa so be careful out there. a few scattered showers, chilly conditions throughout the afternoon highs just in the mid 50s. overnight tonight, numbers drop quickly, plenty of 30s, maybe a few upper 20s in our protected valleys. by tomorrow, dry afternoon, sunshine warms up highs the low to mid 50s, the same friday, another system wants to visit us it will stay offshore maybe a few sprinkles around the coast friday. good morning.
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light conditions, slick roads, chain require s if you are headed to tahoe 50 and -- 80 requiring chains. east shore freeway closer to home, wet roads, no problems, no delays towards the macarthur maze bunching 580 the merge into 80 typical, but traffic light in the westbound direction. funneling into the bay bridge toll light conditions, no problems here, no metering lights yet. san jose chp having to temporarily shutdown north 87 at 101 to clear an accident for about five minutes that was three minutes ago, a couple more minutes it is early enough i'm not seeing too much delay there. if i could just speak can i borrow some of that coffee? >> yeah, once we get this going. today we are inviting to you take part in share your
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holiday food drive our 21st year of helping provide food for our neighbors in need. >> i got so excited about the prizes mike was talking about. let's check in with mike right away! good morning. we are live in walnut creek on broadway plaza main courtyard decked out for the holidays, beautiful tree, menorah showing it is the fifth day of hanukkah we are here to help those in need during the holiday season. we are getting set up we don't open until 5:30 at this location that is the alameda county community food bank at food bank in contra costa and solana just showed up, canned tuna, chicken, soups, stews, those kind of nonperishable items would be great if you see me at the main courtyard in broadway plaza. one of the things you can do now, is text feed to 80077
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that will send $10 immediately to your local food bank. we have prizes, four tickets to disneyland, tickets to see the nutcracker in san francisco and oakland ballet. see me, we are open at 5:30. take part in the abc7 share your holiday food drive-by calling: 1-877-525-3775 -- it is an automatic donation of $10. super easy that will be up not just for today but beyond today you can do that any time. [ unintelligible ] 5:12. we are just 20 days if the edge of fiscal cliff with no sign of a deal in sight. why some experts are saying we may not have that much to
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worry about. high-tech features that promise to make the 49ers
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good morning. you are looking live at the scene from san jose. a truck plowed into an apartment complex a 2-year-old
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girl was sleeping in the crib she is at hospital now. we will stay on top of this story. you can look and see there the damage to the apartment complex the child was knocked out of the bed we'll have more on the child's condition coming up. president obama is planning a conference call today with a bipartisan group of mayors and community leaders to push for his plans to avert that fiscal cliff. he spoke with boehner by phone again yesterday about preventing an income tax increase on middle class families while finding ways to reduce the deficit. economists say if the deadline passes without a deal the tax cuts could be repealed. new poll shows the president holding a substantial advantage over boehner handling the budget negotiations. 49% approve of mr. obama's handling of the talks, 25%
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support boehner. 49ers fans who attend games at the new facility can expect a state-of-the-art stadium the team has announced a deal with sonny to pack the site with game-changing technology. fans will watch replays on l.e.d. monitors, 2500 throughout the facility offering resolution four times higher than standard hd, no need for a monitor in the back of every seat. you can use your cell phone to order food and have it delivered to your seat. developer of two san francisco residental projects secured millions in funding to move forward. bloomberg is reporting one of the largest u.s. home builders has lined up 1.7 billion dollar loan from china development bank. plans call for 10,500 homes at hunter's point and 8,000 residences on treasure island.
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it would create two new neighborhoods in a city short on housing. new school district one of 16 to be awarded federal grand. the district came in second in the nation it will receive more than 29 million dollars over the next four years. new haven won because of focus on quality personal instruction. sizes, by high-tech tools and hire inclass coaches to personal light learning. i was one of 372 district -- it was one of -- 372 districts to apply. rain jackets, tights, heavier coats, chilly, the system doesn't have a lot of moisture, breezy, foggy in spots and a little light rain. we have it all, in fact, as we
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look outside right now, you notice the lights, live doppler, here's the light rainfall around the bay area most just dotting the landscape nothing heavy we haven't seen the cold air move in yet east bay around berkeley into san francisco, also down around 280, daly city a little wet weather as well in concord this morning out closer to the higher elevations moraga some of the valleys picking up rain through livermore and los gatos this morning. it is light, pavement#2f is dam, temperatures now not too bad around 50 redwood city, 52 oakland, poor visibility in santa rosa 39° your number has dropped, 52 in san jose. you will notice the speckling of the clouds to the north and west of the bay the colder air and that unstable air, area of low pressure will move overhead, as we go through the
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next several hours, light showers popping up through 8:00, 9:00, perhaps along the coast, right through the 10:00 hour even by the evening commute, there could be a stray shower in the santa cruz mountains. snow levels low around lake county upper 40s for highs, 55 downtown today, monterey bay last to clear out wet weather around watsonville this morning. cool regime continues for the next several days, dry tomorrow, a few more clouds friday, frosty starts and saturday looks like our dry day, rain moves in saturday night into sunday. good morning. nice time to drive into san francisco via the bay bridge, light traffic conditions very few cars towards the toll, no problems upper deck towards treasure island into the city. north 87 in san jose past the hp pavilion moving at the limit. farther north towards 101 earlier accident north 87 at that juncture that accident
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has been cleared. that is good news no significant slowing there. chp updating location of this stall north 280 before ray street temporarily shutdown the freeway to move that stall out. should be reopened any moment, no traffic issues. grand avenue on-ramp partially blocked eastbound 580 earlier injury accident in the clearing phases. 5:20. reminder today, we are kicking off our share your holiday food drive it is easy to help. >> let's go back to mike in walnut creek with more info. good morning. broadway plaza the main courtyard we have a couple empty barrels from alameda county food bank and from the contra costa and solano. the reason we are here to fight hunger, donate food, time or money we have
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giveaways if you come here, santana row or union square in san francisco. we have four tickets to disneyland also oakland ballet nutcracker and 50 certificates valued at $125 each. come down, help me fill these empty barrels so we can have a great holiday season for everybody. take part in the share your holiday food drive-by calling the number on your screen 1-877-525-3775 or text feed to 80077 to donate $10. the pope sends his first tweet. what he's saying. airline attendants are famous for being pleasant and friendly. why are some on one airline refusing to smile? >> this is a live look at the
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embarcadero, bay bridge, meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the storm. also update on your commute from sue.
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good morning. we are waking to light showers around the bay area no airport delays. pretty stormy in parts of the southeast atlanta, northern florida and no delays yet. we are looking at some of the coldest air of the season headed our way. grab the heavier coat, high temperatures today only in the mid 50s, scattered showers throughout the day today. in fact, you are not seeing a shower now, there are a couple
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more opportunities for showers, a few more dry days, looks like part of your weekend is going to be rainy too. sue has an update on your morning commute. so far, so good leaving marin southbound 101 past lucas valley road civic center headlights towards central san rafael, no delaysmth÷7y÷ñ he golden gate bridge reverse commute direction northbound we have a stall on the north part of the span they are working to clear that now. northbound 87 at 101 earlier accident cleared, no delays as you make your way towards the 101 junction. they have that stall removed northbound 280 before ray street. 5:26 flying to asia union protest, flight attendants -- fleet thing to stop smiling and may stopl4 serving alcohol or food.
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the attendants say they are sorry travelers may be inconvenienced by their protest. new this morning, pope benedict xvi is blessing his twitter followers in his first ever tweet. sent this message after 2:30 this morning: "dear friends i'm pleased to get in touch with you through twitter thank you for your generous response. i bless all of you from my heart." then he sent two more tweets. right now the pope has more than 751,000 followers. social networking site out with list of most popular retweets of 2012, top spot goes to president obama for his election night tweet of four more years he sent it with this picture of him hugging the first lady. the message was the most popular retweet of the year more than 816,000 retweets. following breaking news in san jose a young girl sleeping
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in her bed is thrown to the floor after a truck slams through the wall into her room. hear her parents describe2m$vñ s flightning scene. covering developing news in san francisco, police rush a newborn to the hospital.
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breaking news in san jose where a little girl sleeping was thrown from her bed when a truck careened into a room in an apartment complex a story abc7 news was first to report. >> terry mcsweeney is live at the scene, 700 block of 23rd street. >> reporter: yeah, 2-year-old is the center of attention now and things are sounding pretty good for her. her father says she is in good shape, hard to believe considering what happened
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there. you get an idea the impact of this truck had on the side of this apartment complex take a look at video we have from earlier and this gives you an idea of the impact 2-year-old nay la robbins sleeping in her crib -- truck slams into the crib, knocks her from that crib on to the floor. the truck -- >> grabbed my baby off the ground she was in shock too looking at me and then she started crying. >> is she okay? >> she's fine man, i hope so she's good. >> reporter: the truck driver tried to speed away from the scene, but neighbors prevented him from getting away police are saying there is a possibility this is going to turn into a dui. bottom line what is going on with nahla robbins. father saying she is looking like she is okay. that must have been the nicest time of her crying that he has heard meaning she was alert
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and awake and able to cry taken to the hospital she is being observed now. according to the father, this story may have a happy ending for the truck driver not so much he has been taken in and being investigated for possible driving under the influence. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:31. developing story out of san francisco. police are sorting out details after officers rushed a newborn to the hospital from the streets of the bay view district. it happened around 2 a.m. near mckinnon and third. officers responded to a call to check on welfare of a newborn. police took that baby in their squad car to san francisco general. no word on the condition. a person at the scene also transported to the hospital, further details when they become available. if you look outside you can see the deck is still a little wet.
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most of the shower activity did move through while were you sleeping, stray showers of course out there throughout the morning hours that will be the rule throughout the rest of the day today as we have an unstable air mass, the passage cold front bringing in chilly air. you can see a smattering of showers from richmond through tiburon and off the coast, over into the east bay, light activity around concord more around gilroy, highway 101 through hollister, temperatures dropping in the north bay, quarter mile visibility for santa rosa, chilly there, 39, still mild in oakland at 52, afternoon highs not much warmer mid 50s around the bay, looking at temperatures at our coast to be just in the lower 50s very chilly weather and chance of showers lingers through the afternoon and evening. good looking ride out of
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marin county southbound 101 through waldo tunnel to the golden gate bridge, wet roads no problems southbound four lanes in the northbound direction the reverse commute earlier stall north end of the bridgeómó3 that's been cleared. no problems leaving san francisco. east shore freeway starting to bunch up past university into emeryville and bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet traffic getting into san francisco nicely from the east bay. some of the busier commutes, 580 good from the altamont past windmills into livermore and dublin pleasanton area highway 4 westbound east shore commute if the carquinez bridge to the maze. people in sausalito are bracing for what is expected to be the highest tide of the year over the next couple of days. they are called king tides they only happen once a year. rain from the storm moving through could make the situation worse.
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high water flooded the streets yesterday forcing closure of the highway 1 off-ramp northbound 101 high tides flooded a parking lot above richardson bay. the king tide is expected to reach 7.1 feet at the golden gate bridge by 9:00 this morning. tomorrow it could be higher. today's storm could slow work to repair damage done by giant sinkhole in the east bay we've been reporting on. neighbors in lafayette have something to look forward to. injuries engineers say repairs could be done by christmas the city hired an outside construction firm after finding out it would take public works crews months to finish. the company will work around the clock until the road is fixed. the hole was formed after a storm on december 2nd eroded a large portion of the road. track every storm any time with live doppler 7 hd at 5:35. san jose police investigating that city's 44th homicide of
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the year. that's the most in that city in more than 20 years. a teenager was killed in a quiet san jose neighborhood yesterday afternoon. the victim is thought to be 18-years-old. he may have been stabbed in the neck. his truck was found on fairhaven drive 3:30 yesterday after the vehicle jumped the curb and landed on the sidewalk. he somehow ended up in the street where he was pronounced dead. a neighbor heard men arguing loudly. >> heard arguing that was it i heard that earlier then i have dogs, dogs started barking and we stayed in. i hear something that's it. >> an autopsy will be performed to determine how the man die. so far he has not been identified. authorities in portland, oregon have identified the gunman in the mall shooting that ended with the deaths of
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three, including that shooter. they have not released his name. police and witnesses say the gunman was wearing a hockey mask, camouflage clothes and bulletproof vest when opened fire yesterday at clackamas town center. cell phone video shows terrified shoppers when officers got to the scene sheer pandemonium and fear. we'll have the latest in that investigation in a live report in our next half hour. silicon valley software millionaire john mcafee will be a free man likely back to the u.s. a judge ordered guatemalan authorities to release him and expects him to be freed by friday. he was detained last week after he sneaked into the country from belize where he's wanted for questioning in a mur. his attorney expects he will return to the u.s. immediately. this morning a berkeley man recovering from serious injuries after he was run over by three people burglarizing his home after 3:00 yesterday
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afternoon on fair lawn drive in berkeley hills the victim was walking his dog when he got back he saw two men and a woman ransacking his home. alan wang shot these pictures on his iphone when came upon the scene before police got there the burglars took off in a white cadillac eldorado. this is the second home burglary in that area in one week. google co-founder larry page and his wife lucy want to make sure every child in the bay area needs a flu shot gets one for free. the foundation is punning -- is funding a month long program offering kids 4 to 18 the vaccine at no cost it is available now at most target pharmacies. many younger children will require a booster shot those are also tree show up, fill out some paperwork and -- also paperwork and the kids get their shot. >> this is timely didn't we
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yesterday report on the cdc saying the flu season is hitting the u.s. early and hard. >> yes. >> they are urging you get your shots. >> shout out to them for paying for that. good morning live doppler 7 hd light showers around the bay, couple things, cold front, colder air moving in behind it and with that the showers will linger throughout the day and the cold air is going to stay in place. right now, looking at wet pavement from earlier rain showers, berkeley now a little wet as well as concord alamo 580 through san francisco highway 1 and the golden gate bridge lookingó san martine and gilroy 101 by mollisster and also around pescadero maybe a few -- few light showers, grab the umbrella, lower 40s, fog in the north bay upper 30s for
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the valleys of the north bay isolated shower throughout the day into the evening hours school unstable air lowering snow levels maybe rain/snow mix around lake county, mount hamilton could see mixed precipitation event through the afternoon chilly air stays in place, highs low to mid 50s the next couple of days. good morning. if your commute takes from you san mateo up and over the san mateo bridge to hayward, headlights eastbound, you have a good looking ride this morning, 13 minutes. also nice if you are traveling from hayward towards the san mateo area a few brake light as approaching the highrise, 15 minute drive from the east bay towards the peninsula. a little busier no major delays at bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet traffic flowing nicely incline into the tunnel into san francisco, mild drive from tracy up and over the altamont pass, no delays here, everything is
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like it is relatively at the limit eastbound out of antioch still nice looking speeds if you are making your way towards concord area westbound highway 4. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on schedule this morning. good morning i'm mike nicco live in broadway plaza -- picking up -- [ inaudible ]
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. 5:43 on 12-12-12. thanks for joining us. we are proud to present 21st annual share your holiday food drive. >> we have our team ready to go at locations throughout the bay area. let's go to amy hollyfield live at the beautiful union square in san francisco >> reporter: good morning. we are so proud to be part of this and happy to be here in beautiful union square where it is very festive. during this digital time we have made it easy to donate from your couch if you want to. but we would louvre to see you out here we would love to --
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but we would love to see you out here. if you donate $25 we will register you in a raffle, we have fabulous prizes, including four passes to disneyland worth $500. how fabulous does that sound? so please come see us this is such an important cause we are going to be pushing today, it is so important during the holidays to share our holidays, if you can. it is estimated one in six people in the bay area go hungry every month. we want to put a stop to that we need your help. if there is a bridge and tunnel between you and me, no problem you can visit mike nicco in walnut creek. good morning. >> good morning amy, good morning everybody the rain has stop nod reason not to come to broadway plaza in walnut creek. we have a tremendous need in alameda, contra costa, solano counties that's why we are here to help those less
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fortunate. we want to feed them, give them food, make them happy for the holiday season. our barrels are empty we need you to come down we have giveaways, let's fill these barrels, we will be here all day, not only union square how about in san jose. here's katie marzullo. >> reporter: good morning. no excuses we are everywhere today saturday to be out and about and share this is santana row in san jose it is gorgeous here. the decorations are beautiful and festive, it feels so christmasy. come down, you probably have shopping, you want to do look at beautiful decorations and while you are at it, how about you come down and share. we are collecting canned goods as well as cash in second harvest food bank knows how to stretch a buck they can take one dollar and turn it into two nutritious meals. we need more than 12 million dollars that's the goal so
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come on down we would love to meet you. we'll have a lot of special guests throughout the morning. you can take part in the share your holiday food drive-by calling the number on your screen: or text feed to 80077 to donate $10. we are getting word out of concord that pg&e is reporting they are working on getting power back up to 2500 customers. chilly morning, the numbers have not dropped yet, we are still looking at that behind the cold front. as we head out now, it is pretty cloudy in most spots light rain still around the bay area, temperatures are dropping in our valleys north bay, fog and a little breeze out there in some of the
5:47 am
higher elevations. good morning. live doppler 7 hd and we are looking at a little rain here through southern marin also across the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge around berkeley a few showers, they are scattered out towards pleasant hill and walnut creek higher elevations looking at snow we have had rain watsonvillec., san martine, gilroy and showers south palo alto, 280 wet pavement and chillier air moving in we have winter weather advisory in the sierra nevada up to a foot possible in the higher elevations snow for sure lake level and also the foothills looking at tough travel with chain controls required. here's the rest of the day, 10:00 still isolated shower, sunshine, but really not going to help us to warm up that much. behind this system the cooler air moves in, the coldest air of the season, we're talking
5:48 am
temperatures tonight below freezing. high temperatures today, struggling to make it into the mid 50s, 49 clear lake, maybe a rain/snow mix there, leftover showers, 56 fremont, 55 in san jose. if you thought today was cold, wait until tonight when we get a little clearing and we're talking about subfreezing temperatures out there. changes are required in the tahoe area, on highways 80 and 50. nice looking drive out of novato past marinwood into central san rafael, southbound 101 at the limit, golden gate bridge no fog, wet roads, a little bit slick conditions traffic moving at the limit into san francisco from the waldo grade. here's the waze app, 580 westbound, from tracy you can see heavy traffic reported by a spotter here at -- as you make your way up and over the altamont pass. a bit mild with medium speeds
5:49 am
as you make your way westbound 580 over the altamont into the livermore area where things pick up into the dublin/ pleasanton area. this app is free, you can put it on your iphone, smartphone, apple app store or google play. 5:49. move over netflix, there's a new streaming movie service in town. >> here's jane king. good morning. red box launching a streaming movie service, unlimited video, including movies from warner brothers, paramount, lyon's gate for $6 a month, $8 for physical dvd -- national transportation safety board recommending ignition interlocks be required for all drunk and driving offenders
5:50 am
nationwide. should you be allowed to commute to work with a gun? republican dominated legislatures in pennsylvania, tennessee, south carolina and alabama planning to consider allowing employees to bring guns to work as long as they keep them locked and hidden in their cars. 17 other states have allowed something similar, fedex among the businesses opposed to the move. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. eric it time to get out your butter and bibs again. >> i like that. fresh crab coming back to holiday menus. palo alto punches a hole in an eye-catching rooftop bagel display. we are tracking the storms sweeping across the bay area this morning. you are looking at live doppler, meteorologist lisa argen will be back
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live doppler, good morning the loop now you can get the feel of the scattering of the showers out there this will be the order of the day to the north and west still showers and this is what will be moving in throughout the afternoon not foe for for not focused on passage of cold front, hit or miss showers, chilly start rain 101 through
5:54 am
morgan hill, gilroy and san jose, wet pavement, breezy, fog if the north bay the rest of the afternoon not a lot of rain but hit or miss showers and chilly temperatures with highs in the low to mid 50s. slick road conditions, rain on the roads overnight, no issues here northbound 87 through san jose, watch speeds, it could get slick as you make your way wherever you may be commuting to this morning the about minor delay for cash paying folks headed into san francisco, fastrak and carpool lanes no issues. a look at drive times now, highway 4, westbound out of walnut creek to the caldecott, nice drive, 101 southbound out of santa rosa just under 20 minutes in novato 85 northbound in san jose. 5:55. concord officials have moved a step closer to banning outdoor medical marijuana grow operations within city limits.
5:55 am
council held a hearing last night to determine if growing medicinal pot outdoors will continue are be banned opponents said it increases crime, users can still grow indoors, officials at the hearing agreed to for the issue to the city attorney to draft documentation for a possible ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation. palo alto forcing popular bagel shop to take didn't a big display. right now a seven foot tall coffee cup and five foot tall bagel sit atop izzy's on california avenue. after complaints the city found it violated law palo alto doesn't allow displace on roofs calling them a it is issue concern strong winds could blow down the signs. the manager says they will take it down this weekend. music goes on at san franciscofest -- san francisco festival for
5:56 am
another eight years, extended permit for music and arts festival. increases attendance for the three-day festival from 50,000 5,000. new load of fresh crabs should arrive in the bay area today now that boaters and distributors have settled their dispute. deal ends seven day strike. fishermen refused to set traps since last wednesday to protest a drop to below $2 a upon. fishermen say they couldn't make a living at that price. new agreement raises the price back up to $3. we continue to follow breaking news you saw first on abc7 news. a track smashes into a south bay apartment complex overnight, 2-year-old girl sent flying by the impact. the neighbors who stepped into action to make sure the driver didn't leave.
5:57 am
trying to lose weight? there's an app for that. how losing pounds is just a
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back on the storm watch live doppler and meteorologist lisa argen tracking the rain falling right now. this is a story you saw first on abc 7, pick-up truck crashes into an apartment overnight throwing a 2-year-old girl sleeping from her bed. holiday terror in oregon, shopping mall will remain closed today -- [ inaudible ] a lot going on this morning. thanks for joining us i'm


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