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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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through. meteorologist lisa argen is here. >> good morning. cool air accompanying the system front pushing through the south bay, now into the sierra nevada, low snow levels too not a lot of moisture associated with this system from -- right now from morgan hill to san jose, a few areas of light rain around gilroy, headed out this morning, grab the jacket, temperatures in the upper 40s along the coast, isolated shower, a little breezy, around the bay, looking at upper 40s to lower 50s by this afternoon. a chance of showers lingers into the afternoon inland about the same deal upperpi%6m s right now, looking at a chance of showers throughout the afternoon. busy but not a bad drive this morning. live look 80 westbound past golden gate fields, bunching where 580 merges with 80,
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things pick up past university into emeryville and bay bridge toll andman maci should say. live look at bay bridge toll, no -- and macarthur maze i should say many minor delay for cash paying folks, san mateo bridge good brake lights westbound, moisture, possible rain shower blowing through the san mateo bridge not bad towards foster city and some of your drive times we are continuing to follow breaking news you first saw here on abc7 news 4:30 this morning. 2-year-old girl in the hospital after a truck crashed into an apartment overnight. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: we two a chance to talk to a very shaken father you can understand why when you consider a truck pick-up truck comes plowing through, you can see where i knocked didn't the fence, you can see the cardboard over the
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window that it went through. when it went through that window it went into the crib of 2-year-old nahla robbins. this happened 3:30 this morning. pick-up truck coming along, doesn't show a lot of signs of breaking, slams through the fence, through the wall knocks nahla on to the floor her father runs in sees his child lying there. this is how he tried to express how he felt. >> shocked right now. if something happened to my kid, i don't know how i would react, sorry man. >> reporter: understandably moved beyond words. as for the person that slammed into the wall, he tried to drive away. neighbors were having none of that they stopped him. police are glad they did, of course. now they are looking into the possibility that he is going to be hit with a drunk driving. as for nahla she was taken to the hospital.
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her father picked her up, looked at her, she looked at him then started crying. she was okay. let me tell you something stranger than true the man who lives in this house, is friends with the person in east palo alto, earlier this year ian photographer and i were there a pick-up truck slammed into a wall there knocked a baby out of a crib there. this man knows the parents of that child. talk about a small, small world. is -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. back to our storm watch coverage. possible delays the storm could slow traffic at san francisco international airport. you may remember the last two storms caused major delays at sfo. this morning officials at all three bay area airports recommend travelers call before they head out to the airport. for up to the minute information on flight delays check out the flight tracker on the front page of
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stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track every storm this season any time with live doppler 7 hd at two -- to oregon we are expected to learn the identity of the man who opened fire inside a shopping mall, three, including the gunman are dead, it happened yesterday afternoon at the clackamas town center mall in portland. >> reporter: it began shortly before 3:30 p.m., chaos inside a portland mall crowded with holiday shoppers and kids waiting to see santa >> we heard a big bang. covered our ears and got down. all of a sudden, five seconds later we heard rapid fire. >> reporter: the shots were heard throughout the shopping center. >> i hear a gunshot, i was with my grandma and people were yelling and screaming and
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judgmenting. i saw the killer and he a -- white mask on. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman appeared to be wearing body armor and mask, carrying an assault rifle which he fired in rapid bursts. >> when i heard 18 more i determined it was a semi-automatic. >> reporter: some inside the mall called portland affiliate katu. >> we are currently locked in a store with 10 people s.w.a.t. teams are trying to appehend the suspect. >> reporter: new video shows what it was like in the mall as the shooting took place. police say the gunman killed two beam before taking his own lie. -- two people before taking his own lie, four injured. -- his own life, four injured. no short -- no shots were fired by police in the mall. >> these things aren't supposed to happen. we train for them, pray and
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hope they never do happen. >> reporter: this incident will likely lead to heightened security at shopping centers across the country. the mall is expected to remain closed as detectives continue their investigation and later this morning, they are expected to reveal the names of the victims and the shooter. brandi hitt, abc7 news, portland. remaining light rain here. traffic and weather together, next. here's aly picture of the embarcadero in san francisco -- here's a life picture of the embarcadero in san francisco, lisa argen will have your full forecast and we check in with sue hall in the traffic center. back to court. the reason the suspect in the sierra lamar case is going in front of a judge today.
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good morning live doppler 7 hd more showers generated off the coast as an unstable air mass pushes through the bay area well up to the north around highway 1, sea ranch, you can see the smattering of light showerssçyul this is the l unstable air that pushes through the afternoon. cold front in the south bay now you can see lighter returns there. all around the bay area we run the risk of an isolated shower. right now from morgan hill to gilroy and hollister, looking at light rain and the snow and
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winter weather advisory in the sierra nevada just in the 50s once the skies clear overnight tonight, a frosty night tonight, 56 today in oakland. reminder later this morning with this king tide the high tide north 101 sausalito highway 1 expecting to shutdown that exit due to flooding, you need to take the next exit, make your way through mill valley and then back on miller avenue to reach highway 1 that is supposed to happen the closure around 8:30 high tide around 9:50 this morning high areas that normally flood at high tide be extra careful. all mass transit on time. waze app highway 80 westbound out of hercules to pinole into richmond fairly moderate, you can download this app for free at the app store or google
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play. king tides could reach seven feet, definitely take it seriously. the man accused in the murder/kidnapping of sierra lamar will face new charges when he returns to court today. antolin garcia-torres is still awaiting trial following his arrest in may after investigators found dna evidence connecting him to sierra lamar. he wasn't in court when the prosecutors filed new charges against him monday the new counts involve attempted kidnapping of three women during a carjacking in 2009k> gorgeous, you can see it is not raining there now.
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live doppler tracking the storm hitting the bay area. meteorologist lisa argen will be back to tell us what to
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good morning. a chilly, damp start. live doppler you can see we have showers around the bay the cold front hung up in the south bay colder air ushering in behind the system is bringing the light showers from the north bay into tiburon and richmond off the coast of the peninsula. further south wet weather from san jose to los gatos.
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if you are traveling no delays yet.arttv look at the eastern seaboard, the southeast from atlanta to northern florida looking kind of wet. you can see the front pushing through the rest of the bay. expect a few delays, give yourself extra time. it is going to be a chilly couple of days. not going to stop the fun as we welcome folks to join us for our share your holiday food drive. >> it is in its 21st year. >> amy hollyfield is live at the beautiful union square in san francisco, all lit up. >> reporter: good morning. we will happily accept your donation of food oronm1:5jyy joining me live is paul ash to talk about the importance of your donation, we've been hearing the economy is improving, you still need donations don't you? >> we do. it is shocking even to me to
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say this we have 220,000 people in san francisco and another 50,000 in marin who live at or near the poverty line. these are folks who are looking to us to help make sure they have enough food to eat. >> reporter: heartbreaking. are donations up or down? >> first few months of the fiscal year our donations were down we were worried. as we come into the end of november and early december it is looking better. we are not sure which way it going to go. we hope people don't forget to think of others during the holiday season. >> reporter: we will be here all day many if you see us we can enter you into a raffle and you will get foot holiday spirit. we thank you for any donation you can make this year. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. here's a look at seven ways to give, local food bank, facebook, san francisco, san jose, walnut creek or
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volunteer at your local food bank. you can donate at, text feed to 80077 and mail a check payable to food bank to abc 7 or call the number on your screen: you will fan the seven ways to give on our website, -- we invite you to join us, a quick update on the story on the power outage concord clayton area, 10 outages 2500 customers still without power entering almost an hour now. cooler air is going to be with us not only this morning throughout the next several days, cold front ushering in cooler air and bringing showers. live doppler 7 hd and sutro camera looking outside now and not everyone is seeing the rain. fog and numbers in the 30s in our north bay valleys. as we look at live doppler 7
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hd we are looking at the showers scattered around the bay from oakland to the north bay, sea ranch, petaluma and san rafael. this is what happens when you get into the colder air this is going to be the rule of the day with the scattered activity, front is south into san jose, lighter blue there. from dare crow -- from -- i-80 and shower activity, fremont, san jose and los gatos. light, not a continuous heavy downpour, we've only seen a hum hundredths to a 10th so far, santa rosa 37, -- 48 fremont with the fog in the north bay, 50 coast still breezy out there as well. bring heavier coat you may run into a shower throughout the afternoon, morning hours, local snow levels down to 3500 feet going to allow for cold air to settle in and bring a
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couple frosty mornings tomorrow and friday. here it is, you can see the circulation and that colder air pushed into the bay, highest tides of the year today and tomorrow, over seven feet. you may have noticed that yesterday, 9:45 this morning we have that king tide. the rest of the afternoon scattered showers, taking you through 10:00 today. breaks out there, even through the afternoon, perhaps santa cruz mountains and off the coast looking at a stray shower. chill to the air, in the sierra nevada finely powder at lower elevations, chain controls highs today in the mid 50s, cooler tomorrow, overnight lows in the 20s, thursday, friday saturday drier day out of weekend. chain controls in the sierra for highway 50 and 80, expect delays as you make your way up to the sierra. golden gate bridge with wet
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roads, traffic flowing nicely out of marin. high king tide northbound 101 at highway 1 in sausalito that exit flooded yesterday it will be flooded again today, expect that to be shutdown this morning at around 8:30 caltrans on the scene&dbeq monitoring the situation with the flooding. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll no issues earlier accident past the tolls on incline those two cars drove off that should not be a problem upper deck delay behind the toll. >> san mateo bridge moving nicely brake lights towards the -- highrise and foster city expect minor delays westbound. eastbound looking good into hayward. bart, muni, cal tran, all mass transit on schedule. 6:21. a gift from google. how the head of the company is stepping up to keep your kids
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from getting sick this holiday season. the pope sent his first tweet overnight. the message he sent to
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doppler picking up rain showers offshore colder rain behind the cold front, rain berkeley, richmond, castro ranch road also further south
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around the coast peninsula, hayward, union city looking at light showers. here's where we have most of the rain from pescadero to los gatos, san jose and campbell. we'll continue to see light on and off showers, chilly afternoon, highs below average more rain in the seven day outlook. 6:24. a just released "washington post" poll shows the president holding a substantial advantage over house speaker boehner the ongoing fiscal cliff debate. 49% approve of mr. obama's handling of the talks, 25% sue sort boehner. president obama is planning a conference call -- today with mayors and community leaders to push for his plans. the president spoke with boehner by phone yesterday about preventing an income tax increase on middle class families while finding ways to reduce the deficit. pope is blessing his twitter followers in his first
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tweet. he sent out this tweet after 2:30 this morning: [ unintelligible ] here's video of the pope sending that tweet from vatican city he use add ipad. he has several accounts each in a different language. google co-fonder larry page and his wife lucy want to make sure -- every child in the bay area who needs a flu shot gets one for free. the foundation is funding a month long program offering kids 4 to 18 the vaccine at no cost it is available now at most target pharmacies. younger children will require a booster shot, those will be free as well. show up, fill out paperwork and the kids get their shot. the program runs through december 31st. if you want to lose
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holiday pounds there's an app for that older adults who wanted to lose weight were most successful when they used smartphone apps that log -- [ unintelligible ] still ahead, back on the storm watch. another live look at doppler 7 hd, you see it there, the blue showing where the rain is. meteorologist lisa argen is back in just a couple minutes. a truck crashes into a south bay apartment a child is thrown from her bed. reaction from that child's parents. it is the share your holiday food drive, live look from walnut creek we are asking for your help. ahead the other locations
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good morning. 6:29 on auspicious day to hold our share your holiday food drive our 21st year at abc7, live picture from union square that gorgeous tree is where amy hollyfield is this morning, i will be later this morning with cheryl jennings to talk to you about how you can give-and-take part and help bring food to the tables of the immediately this holiday season. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. we have rain from the north bay also offshore point
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race -- point race, wet pavement, 280 wet weather, san bruno through pescadero mountain view san jose los gatos front pushing through with that wet pavement throughout not only the morning in castro valley, colder air high elevations could see rain/snow mix around the coast upper 40s to around 50 with possibility of a shower around the bay, upper 40s, low 50s showers not own in the morning you could run into them throughout the afternoon and inland chilly with scattered showers. good morning. slick roads this morning. so far moderate commute getting busy on east shore freeway as you make your way from the richmond area, bunching up around 580 where it merges with 80, things pick up a little still sluggish through berkeley into the macarthur maze. here's what the toll plaza looks like, metering lights
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just turned on 10 minutes ago, earlier accident past tolls on the incline cleared. we have a bit of a delay approaching the tolls back to the west grand overcrossing and beyond. downtown walnut creek i should say on surface streets of walnut creek, a garbage truck hit a car blocking intersection, injuries reported. here is a look at other commutes northbound 680 from dublin pleasanton area into walnut creek highway 4 out of antioch, 880, 238 into the maze about 15 minutes. developing news from san jose. ian babcock was the first on the scene after a truck smashed into an apartment building in san jose throwing a little girl out of her bed. >> reporter: i'm going to start with the happy ending. 2-year-old nahla is home
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checked out of the hospital after a harrowing experience this morning she is just fine that's the wall the truck went through she sleeps on the other side of that wall in her crib. take a look at what it looked like out here when that truck was slammed into that it came barreling down through a fence, into a wall, nala happened to sleep on the other side. her father walks into the room this is what that room looked like, things were everywhere the truck did extensive damage, hit her crib knocked her out of it she somebody on the floor the father walks over to his child there and helps her up and takes a look at her before she was taken to the ambulance. here's what he had to say. >> i jumped and grabbed my baby off the ground she was in shock too and looking at me and started crying. >> is she going to be okay? >> she's fine, i hope so, she good. >> reporter: the father's diagnosis was correct, the child was just fine. checked out of the hospital, again, she is home now.
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as for the truck driver after he crashed into the wall he tries to drive away, neighbors that heard the crash about 3:30 this morning, they came running out, didn't let him get away police are investigating him for driving under the influence. after all is said and done there's a hole in the wall, 2-year-old nahla who turns three next month is doing fine. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in san francisco police are sorting out details after officers rushed a newborn to the hospital from the streets of the bay view district this morning around 2 a.m. near mckinnon and third. officers responded to a call to check out welfare of a newborn. police took the baby in their car to sf general no word on the condition of the baby. san jose police investigating the city's 44th homicide of the year the highest number in more than 20 years. a teenager was killed in a quiet san jose neighborhood yesterday afternoon. the victim is thought to be
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18-years-old. they say he may have been stabbed in the neck. his truck was found on fairhaven drive 3:30 yesterday after the vehicle landed on the sidewalk. detectives say he ended in the street where he was pronounced dead. storm watch coverage. to repair damage done by giant sinkhole in east bay. neighbors have something to look forward to. engineers say the repairs could be done by christmas the city hired an southside firm after finding out it would take public works crews months. the contractor says it will work around the clock until the road is fixed. stay with abc 7 for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track every storm this season any time with live doppler at share your holiday food drive is up and running at
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three locations, san francisco, walnut creek and san jose. >> that last spot in the south bay is where we find katie marzullo. >> reporter: saving the best for last. isn't it gorgeous? beginning to feel a lot like christmas down here all we need is snow instead of wet pavement from the rain. this place is going to be filled with people shopping and having finance, eating and drinking, why not bring -- having fun, eating and drinking, why not bring extra canned goods. to that end i want to introduce the director of public relations for the tech knew -- for the tech museum. >> in a valley with so much the need is still so great. the tech museum is partnering with second harvest to bust hunger make sure food is on the shelves. we are running a special where visitors can bring in canned
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items or cereals and the like, they will get free admission to mythbusters the explosive exhibition our new traveling exhibition which just opened and will only be here through january. >> reporter: what can people look forward to? >> it takes cues from the show where you can determine things like whether or not you get more wet walking or running through the rain? whether your toast always falls butter side up? whether -- >> reporter: just for the price of a couple cans of food. >> absolutely. >> reporter: thank you in advance to everyone who i know is going to fill these barrels for us. the tech museum mythbusters that is an incentive to go. i went there, it was amazing fun. get down there at santana row.
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to participate call: >> i was pulled in to volunteer for the paintball dodge. go, go. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside golden gate bridge, you still see moisture on the bridge deck. meteorologist lisa argen will have the full for -- full forecast. sue is tracking a problem on the san mateo bridge. global condemnation continues after north korea launches new
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this is live doppler 7 hd we have showers off the coast you can see showers all the way from sea ranch south into san jose.
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getting closer into the east bay richmond and berkeley some showers also mountain view and san mateo looking at activity, a little more activity through morgan hill, 101, gilroy, san martine and hollister, through salinas as well, the morning scattered afternoon showers and then cold air. even though the front has passed us cold unstable air in place that will generate showers throughout the afternoon high temperatures low 50s maybe 49 in clear lake for a high 56 oakland chilly weather lingers through the end of the week. new problem on san mateo bridge. in the westbound direction you can see bumper-to-bumper now and the blinkers cars are merging to the left what has happened is a big rig in the right lane has lost its load you can expect major delays as you make your way westbound out of hayward towards foster city on the san mateo bridge.
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big rig right lane lost its load major delays. delayed at the bay bridge toll due to metering lights that are on now traffic backing towards the macarthur maze carpool lanes getting through nicely. one more reminder, northbound 101 sausalito area highway 1 with high king tides this morning, they are shutting down that exit due to flooding at about 8:30 this morning high tide about 9:50 this morning you want to take the next exit that will get you through mill valley back to highway 1. 6:43. -- add china to countries condemning north korea's launch of china long been an ally so this criticism hits home for north korea. china regrets the north went ahead with the land: north korea says they intend to place a satellite into orbit several nations see it as a cover for a test of
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technology that could be used to launch a nuclear warhead. u.s. defense officials say the first stage appears to have fallen into the yellow sea and the second into the philippine sea. music icon shank are -- shankar has died. he is the father of singer norah jones although they've been estranged for years. he died at a san diego hospital after come plaining of breathing problems, he was 92-years-old. share your holiday, 21st annual food drive. next back to meteorologist mike nicco in walnut creek at the broadway plaza to find out how yo
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. welcome back. 6:45. today we will be at three bay area locations for our share your holiday food drive. >> let's catch up with mike live at broadway plaza in walnut creek. how is it going? it is going great. we've already had people stop by, families bringing food we are off to a good start. we still need more help we are in the main courtyard where we are decorated for the season. during the holidays there's families out there with needs. they need food, they need help during the holiday season we are going to bring in communications manager from alameda county community food bank. thank you for being here. what are your goals for this food drive? how can the people at home help? >> alameda county disputes
6:46 am
over 24 million pounds of food to our community there's one this six county residents who are in need of help from the food bank. we need a lot of help. we purchase more than half of what we distribute. if anybody wants to make a donation, cash donations are great, we can dispute four dollars worth of food for every dollar we receive. food banks adds a lot of variety to our community and is a great way for people to get involved. >> how many communities do you serve? people will be surprised to learn you serve every community in alameda county? >> we have clients in every community, every corner we have clients and we have food pantries throughout the county that are serving our neighbors. thanks for being here and letting us be part of this and helping you. 21st annual abc 7 share your
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holiday food drive. we are here at walnut creek all day come down to broadway plaza and help us. you can take part in the share your holiday food drive-by calling the number on your screen. or text feed to 80077 as a way to donate $10. that easy. there are other ways [ unintelligible ] more speculation about apple-tv. >> consumer alert for honda owners. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. honda suv or minivan, put it in park.:ew5ñ automaker recalling more than 800,000 minivans and suv's because they can roll away even when the key in the
6:48 am
ignition this includes odyssey and pilot 2003 and 2004. the problem is the system that is supposed to stop the key from being removed in case the car is in park is wearing out, minor injuries as a result. if you have one dealers will be fixing the problem for free starting early next year. turning to apple-tv apple working with suppliers in asia to test several designs focus on large screen high resolution tv. it has been quiet trade lately kind of the same story today with the dow up 37. bloomberg index is up as well. if you are a fan of the film casablanca, you want to know about this the piano used in the film is up for auction it could for 1.2 million dollars
6:49 am
in the sale friday owned by a japanese collector who bought it for $154,000 in 1988. i'm jane king. of all the joins in the world -- wait i don't remember -- >> gin joins. -- [ talking over each other ] good morning. we are looking at not only a chilly morning but scattered light rain showers around the bay. here's a look at beginning of dawn, official sunrise after 7:00, as we take you to live doppler 7 hd, a lot of activity. cold front pushed through we are looking at colder showers offshore here and still light rain into the east bay and south bay, highway 101 in novato backed through inverness and highway 1, light
6:50 am
showers in through 580 berkeley, walnut creek and concord light rain central bay not a lot going on, 280 and 101 down san mateo a little wet north of mountain view, heavier showers from pescadero into the santa cruz mountains, salinas, watsonville and gilroy and hollister, wet weather. temperatures are cool in the north bay valleys. 52 oakland, showers this afternoon, low snow levels, frosty overnight tonight into tomorrow and friday morning. colder air settles in, not in a hurry to get out of here, the rest of the day scattered showers, sunshine, with temperatures only in the low to mid 50s, have to get used to that, we were near 70 the past couple of days now we've got snow advisories which is good in the sierra nevada. king tide 7.1, 9:45 this
6:51 am
morning maybe flooding north bay looking for chain controls, gusty winds and snowy conditions in the sierra nevada, chilly through the next several days, another chance of rain over the weekend. san mateo bridge westbound from hayward towards the foster city area, big rig off to the shoulder, past the flat section approaching the highrise, its load was dumped in the right hand lanes, tail lights bumper-to-bumper westbound, crawling along, chp will have a significant -- telling us it will have a significant impact on your morning commute. excuse me, little arrow there, 580 off the altamont pass, moderate, westbound 4 looking good too, north 101 from san jose up to highway 85, 20 minute drive. ahead, five continuings to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning news [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic,
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festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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good morning. gorgeous shot here from top of mount tam looking down on the bay. you can see the clouds still out there, although the rain has passed through starting to clear, still have showers, meteorologist lisa argen will look at where they are in just a minute. here are five things to know before you go: number one, san jose police investigating a driver for possible dui after he crashed his truck into an apartment complex injuring a little girl inside. the driver hit the wall of the 2-year-old's bedroom where she was sleeping in a crib. it ejected her from the crib and she was taken to the hop, she just got home. >> number two, san francisco police rushed a newborn to the hospital from the streets of the bay view district this morning. officers were called to check on the welfare of baby near mckinnon and third. no word on the mother or the condition of the baby. >> number three, authorities in portland, oregon say they've identified the mask
6:54 am
gunman in the mall shooting that ended in the deaths of three, including the shooter. they've not released his name, but will likely do so sometime today. the gunman opened fire yesterday at clackamas town center one of portland's biggiest and biggest malls. >> number four, bracing for what is expected to be the highest tie of the year, called king tides only happens once a year high water flooded the streets yesterday closing closure of highway off-ramp 101. today we invite to you take part in the share your holiday food drive, live look at broadway plaza in walnut creek one of three locations where you can drop off canned goods or cash. warm your heart even if the weather is cold. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen.
6:55 am
good morning. you can see from the north bay and offshore, into the south bay, showers highway 1 through novato -- peninsula, san mateo, 280 getting wet as well as pescadero chilly numbers, 37 santa rosa now, 50 san francisco, 52 san jose, some of those will be your highs. it is going to be chilly with the range from the low 50s to the mid 50s today. back to the bay bridge metering lights on bumper-to-bumper backed towards the macarthur maze sluggish on upper deck into san francisco where we have a problem is the san mateo bridge westbound, chp telling us the big rig in the right lane approaching the highrise did not lose its load on the bridge but the load shifted and partially hanging into the right lane they have requested chp escort across the bridge. westbound delays on the
6:56 am
san mateo bridge you can see tail lights sluggish from hayward towards foster city. bart, muni, caltrain everybody on time, no delays, might be a great way to avoid some of the traffic jam. here's some of the drive times now. your waze showing back-up on san mateo bridge. the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america". >> we want to leave with you some live pictures from our food drive. here's a live look at the menorah, tree in union square this is in san francisco of course. stop by and say hello to us, cheryl jennings and i will be out there most of the morning. >> we are also in the south bay santana row in san jose, live mixture there, katie marzullo is there. >> of course, we have walnut creek as well, meteorologist
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror at the mall. a gunman dressed in camouflage. a bullet-proof vest and a white hockey mask, firing dozens of rapid fire in the crowd at one of the busiest malls. >> you said there's a shoot center. >> yeah, there's one person that that's saying there's a rifle. >> hundreds of horrified people, ducking and running for cover. >> he fired about 10, or


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