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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> she managed to escape with 10,000 other mall visitor who's describe the horror. >> people were faing to the ground and crying. >> he looked like he was on a mission. >> what was behind that mission is still a mystery. the clackamas county sheriff believes roberts was trying to kill as many strangers as possible. as the s.w.a.t. team started mong in he ok his life. detectives areo searching his home and his car,. he left here at the mall hoping to find clues that could give them answers. in portland abc 7 news. >> thank you. four people arraigned this afternoon accused of shooting a man and beating a woman, then dumping them, skbound gagged on a san francisco street. the 31-year-old vincent bell is accused of shooting a 26-year-old steven read and leaving him on the street where he died. they both pleetded not guilty to murder with a 24-year-old
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heather leech accused of beating and tying up an 18-year-old female, and dumping her on the street. that 18-year-old woman is still in the hospital. a fourth woman may be charged with murder. >> no plea again today from a man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. the 21-year-old made a brief court appearance today in san jose on charges in three kidnappings unrelated to the murder. torres did not enter a plea. he's refused to enter pleas since his arrest in the case back in may. that angered many of those following this case. >> it's upsetting. we just -- . >> you're guilty. pick one, guilty or not guilty. you know? either way. >> yes. people cannot say if he's guilty or not. not entering a plea just shows he's guilty. >> garcia torres will return to court in february. lamar vanished on march 16th. her body has in the been found
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despite searches by authorities and volunteers in the area. >> three people now face charges for the murder two years ago of a former newark high school football star. a 32-year-old, his 19-year-old sister, and 31-year-old daniel howard in jail on no bail holds. the three suspected gang members and are accused of stabbing a 17-year-old to death in retaliation for an earlier fight between he and tovar. police say they linked the suspects to the crime through cell phone records as well as text messages. >> a must skmorj baby recovering after she gave birth on a street in the bay view district. the woman covered in blood sought help this morning in a homeless shelter and left. she was spottedded handing the baby to a man on the street. police were called. one officer drove to the hospital a second performed cpr on the unresponsive baby boy. others found the woman taking her to the hospital as well. both and he the baby are
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expected to survive. >> a san jose family is thankful after what happened to them today. >> a truck crashed into their apartment, and the impact send their 2-year-old daughter flying. >> terry mcsweeney has a happy ending to this story. >> can you say hi? >> you can understand why this 2-year-old is speechless this, is was her wake up call this morning. a truck slamming into the wall of her bedroom, hitting her crib, knocking her to the floor. >> i jumped and grabbed the baby. she was no n.shock looking at me and started crying. >> her dad believes an n.angels and her mom says she is an angel. >> her crib is broken in half. she just flew out. with no scratches. i'm the only one with scratches. >> the driver tried to leave the scene, neighbors held him until police could arrive. get this. months ago a nearly identical incident in east palo alto a child sleeping in a crib. a cadillac slams into the
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house, hitting the crib. the mother in that story knows her father. a small world and sometimes, an amazing one. >> i'm no n.shock right now. if something happened to my kid i don't know how i would react. >> the driver of the truck has been arrested for drunk driving and hit and run. the she is going to be around to celebrate her third birthday next month. >> a video posted by a san francisco police sergeant raising eye brows. take a look. >> it shows a wild ride through san francisco broadway tunnel. video appears to show a speeding lamborghini was posted on the facebook page of carl t. he wrote, quote, 100 miles per hour in the lambo added they quote, were all drunk. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler will have response to the video dmum a live report on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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>> software millionaire john mcafee headed to the united states. gaut maila -- guatemala put him on a plane to miami. he had been fighting extra decision to belize. he's wanted for questioning in a neighbor's murd yes, bloomberg talked with mcafee before he boarded that plane. we'll have the interview coming up. >> police have taken a man into custody, now looking for a second involved in a shooting injuring three people in october. police took a 22-year-old into custody today. they arrested anderson on suspicion after tempted murder in connection with the shooting. police searching for kenneth thompson, considered armed and dangerous. >> two people under arrest following a major pot bust in oakland. police say they found a set up inside of the building on rowland way. 700 plants and pounds of product were seized with $40,000 in cash. it's illegal grow operation discovered after a neighbor
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zplained about the smell coming from the building. >> conditions outside, high tides known as king tides hitting the bay area today, through friday. >> that mean smz beaches will disappear, in marin, some roads as well. >> yes. we're live in marin city with the story. hi, heather. >> hi, dan. we're along highway 1. at highway 101 this morning. this intersection was completely submerged with high tide at 9:45 but as tides do it went back out. with extreme low tide, expected just about a half hour from now. >> the highway one stintson beach exit was closed. and it was up to individual bikers to decide whether to risk the water logged bay trail. water levels rose dangerously high on cars left at the park and ride under 101. there used to water creeping up and back here, but this is higher than the usual high.
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king tides happen once a month when the sun and moon pulls are lined but these high tides are the highest of the year. the king tide coincide was big winter storms. water levels in some areas will be 10 feet above normal. they do recede quickly. with extreme low tides as well. sebastian figures his trees will not float away. he's looked up high tide predictions and planning accordingly. >> trees are still a foot above the water. i'm from holland and i know about water management. >> he is from holland and knows a little bit about water manment and will be putting that knowledge to use through friday. possibly saturday. then, again, the king tides return in mid january. >> we've been out and about today and the weather was
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spectacular. >> it's been cooperating. leigh glaser is here with a look at the accu-weather forecast it was touch and go this morning because there is a weak cold front moving through. lots of activity moved on out, colder air mass settling in. still picking up light showers, just off the coast, also i want to show you towards oakland area this, brief shower moving towards piedmont and high street this, will be rotating out of here this evening. current temperatures cool today. mid to low 50s right now. here is a look at forecast. this evening, we'll look for clearing to take place. it will be cold tonight. temperatures especially in the north bay protected valley area near freezing mark. it's a cold start for thursday, afternoon sunshine, though. temperatures in the 50s. we'll take a look at the weekend coming up. >> thank you. perfect. >> abc 7 is proud to present the 21 annual share your holiday food drive. >> big day, exciting and we're
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set up at three locations around the bay area. >> spencer christian is in union square with the celebration there. >> hello. i am here. and you are being entertained by her revel highness, but we don't want you to be a rebel. join us in our abc 7 share your holiday drive drive. -- food drive. you can come down here where we are and make a donation. easiest way is text your donation to 80077 there are seven ways to give on our web site which is abc but first, let me bring in her blaine johnson. hi, blaine. >> hi. >> with san francisco and marin food banks and why is it so important to help out in this cause? >> i want to emphasize one in four people, one in four, are at risk of hunger in san francisco and marin. donations make a world of
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difference. >> even in an area like ours there are people that are hungry and need help. >> it's surprising if r.and people think this is a wealthy area and people don't need help. the people we see in lines every day certainly tell a different story. >> they do. thank you. you're doing great work here. we've raised 10,000s skpdz we need more. help us. seven ways to gismt i'll be back with more a little bit later. >> fabulous, thank you very much. >> we have abc 7 news teams set up at santana row in san jose and broadway plaza as well. crews will be there until 7:00 tonight and we'll have live reports from them. >> if you can't make it out, you can take part in the food drive. it's easy. call or text feed to 80077 to donate $10 on the cell phone bill. seven ways to give. just check out our web site, too. abc 7
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>> still ahead, face book makes changes once again to reassure users of the privacy. >> plus, an annual heart warming tradition today. two who -- two people got a nice surprise. >> then, babs is back. what made her say yes to her first leading role in more than 15 years. >> and heading outside on this wednesday. this sparkling wednesday, you're looking live at the skyway. you can see here headed in both directions, it's pretty heavy. on the left, heading on to the bay bridge. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues.
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welcome back, face intook trying to make it easier for to you manage your data. >> john mcafee spoke to bloomberg news just before getting on a plane back to the united states. >> yes. cory johnson joins us from bloomberg west with today's after the bell report. >> yes. crazy stuff. john mcafee back on a plane and told us that bloomberg, he talked him just as he was leaving this center in gaut malla. he's on the way back to the u.s.. and he talked to me and spent a week in the detention center after crossing into the country from belize, in belize considered a person of interest in the murder of his next door neighbor. mcafee spoke to me with his first interview since leaving that detention center. >> i will have to leave today. i'll be leaving on the 3:40
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flight to miami. on american airlines and i have no choice in the matter, however, i'm happy with the decision. >> mcafee says he offered to speak to police in belize. >> i've offered to talk to the police on the phone. this is not an issue of talking about a murder. it's an issue of putting their hands on my person. >> crazy story. i don't know. facebook coming under fire for not doing enough to protect user privacy. the company rolling out new features. new privacy settings will be right on the home page. changes will be rolled out incoming weeks. facebook shares fell slightly today. the company added to nasdaq 100 index. facebook making the 23 largest member, largest is apple.
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the index holds 100 of the biggest nonfinancial companies trading on the market. stocks ending the day mixed. federal reserve saying they expect to see the crucial main interest rate at near zero until 2015. your bloomberg silicon valley index closing lower, some of the drags apple and cisco, red box signing a deal as it aims to break into the video streaming business. red box instant with verizon, just won rights to stream films from paramount, lion's gate and mgm. expect to be rolled out early next year n san francisco, i'm cory johnson. dan, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> sparkling view behind cory there. the rain moved out. >> i know, it did. >> blue skies. >> leigh glaser is in for spencer today. >> just a fast mover. a few sprinkles. how cool was it today.
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only into low to mid-50s and another terrific shot for you. you can see clouds and build ups around the bay area, otherwise, for that dry, cooler air mass it's sinking south that. is helping to clear us out a little bit. turning our attention to live doppler 7 hd. you can get a sense showers have moved on out of here. we're still getting returns, though. especially over was oakland and berkeley hills. we're going to take you in closer. you can see just between oakland and alameda river this is the higher elevation system. it might not be seeing some of the sprinkles there is another batch developing off the coast here. these will start to continue to push towards the south and east. moving into possibly even as far as los gatos, down towards santa cruz the next step.
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15-20, minutes or so. they're just pushing towards the south and east. current temperatures, yeah. it's cool out there. fairfield, 53. 53 in napa. 49 degrees now in santa rosa. san francisco, 52. san jose now seeing some clear skies, or clearing skies. 52 degrees, here is a look at the forecast. you can see that as we wth rest of the evening, skies clear. storm system pushing south. will be cold overnight. get ready for more sunshine for your thursday. then we'll bring in showers again. as we head into friday. check out these lows i'm telling that cold air mass pushing south near the freezing point expect in napa valley, santa rosa. both forecasting near freezing marks there. 43% for san francisco and the bay area colder tonight because of the clear skies. not as much cloud cover out there. and we'll be in a cooler pocket of air. here is a weak cold front brought us a little bit of
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light rain. it will push south and bring southern california showers tonight. the cooler parcel of air you can see cold air mass is going to continue to move into our direction. let's tell a little bit about high tides once again, tomorrow, mainly in morning hours, 10:34 thursday, as well as friday, both near seven feet. keep that in mind. highs for thursday, we'll bring them up just a little bit. mid to low 50s, mid to upper 50s that is. 55 san francisco, livermore, 55. san jose, 55. more sunshine from watsonville, 55. my accu-weather forecast we'll get a dry day tomorrow. the sun, showers likely friday. and then, we'll get a dry day saturday. it looks like rain likely sunday, breezy, then folks next week get ready for a wet period as we return to the rainy season. >> thank you. >> sure. >> christmas came early this
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year for six people in the bay area. all six received a fully restored car courtesy of mike's auto body in antioch. it's an annual tradition. six chosen from 150 who applied. given to people who demonstrate need. you can imagine the gift is a bit overwhelming for some of the recipients. >> you have tears? >> yeah. i do. i can't believe it's happening to me. i can't believe this is happening. >> what did this do for you?. >> helps me out so i can get my kids to school. and finish going to college. it's just going to make life easier to get around with two kids. >> you have two car seats? >> yes. two car seat autos her girls received new bikes and each was given free insurance for a year. this program started 12 years ago, and has given away 40 cars in that period of time. it's a generous gift z makes a world of difference. >> it does.
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>> abc 7 share your holiday food drive underway throughout the bay area. >> speaking of making a world of difference, right? team members in san francisco, walnut creek and san jose now. >> yes. in the south bay we find abc 7 news at santana row. hi, ama. >> it's a great evening out here, benefiting second harvest food bank. people have been coming by, giving cash donations or food. i have ashley with me. what is your involvement with the food bank? >> symantech has been a supporter since 1990. we were happy to have a first hybrid producemobile. the first of its kind in the nation this, year we're holding a building competition for food and fun. today we have raised over $88,000 for the food bank. over $32,000 of that is employee donations and a portion of that i have to present here today.
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>> perfect. this big check in your hand. >> you're giving this to michelle. >> yes. here you go. and we expect our corporate donations to be more towards $100,000 range before the drive ends on friday. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. if you can't get out here to give a donation, of funds or maybe some food, you can always text the word feed to 80077. it will give a $10 donation. live in santana row, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and one other option for you. you can call and we have the seven ways you can give on our web site abc 7 >> coming up next, barbara walters fascinating people of 2012 includes new jersey governor chris christie. what he has to say about people who criticize his weight. >> lindsay lohan could be facing more jail time. that story just ahead. >> and let's take a look at traffic out there right now in
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the bridge. as you can see, it's dusk beginning to move n traffic moving nicely on the bridge. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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a rare red carpet chat with the one and only barbara streisand. >> yes. just plus awards season is just now heating up. today's on the red carpet. >> lindsay lohan's next role could play out behind bars. an l.a. judge revoked probation on charges he lied to police after a june traffic accident. on probation for stealing a necklace last year. the just will decide if new charges amount to more jail time. she has been in and out of jail four times in the last few years. >> barbara streisand and seth roguean take one mother of a
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road trip in the comedy the guilt trip. otrc hit the red carpet premier to ask barbara what made her take her first starring role in 16 years it was time to do a motion picture. you know? took a year to boost me. but waits fun. i'm glad i did it. >> the guilt trip pulls into theaters next wednesday. >> taye digs announce nominees for the screen actors guild awards today, some stars are already picking their favorites. >> of course, you've got to give it up for denzel, he's still pulling that rabbit out of a hat. he's the man. >> check out the full list of nominees right now on >> an end of the year pra tra decision back for the 20th time on abc 7. barbara walters presents 10 most-fascinating people of 2012.
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the special includes 50 shades of gray author el james, gabby douglas, boy band sensation one direction, family guy creator seth mcfarl skbrand new jersey governor chris christie. >> people say you couldn't be president because you're so hef qlee. do you say to them? >> ridiculous. i mean, i don't know what the basics for that is. >> they're worried about your health. >> i've done this job pretty well. people watched me doing 18 hours days and getting up next day and being just as effective in the job. i don't think that would be a problem. >> and you'll see who else made the list when the special airs tonight right here on abc 7, barbara walters will announce her number one most fascinating person of the year on that program. >> interesting to see who she selects each year. >> still ahead at 4:00 a nuclear power play. north korea raising fears of an attack on the u.s. after the launch of the country's first satellite in space. plus...
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>> in union city, students and teachers will be soon using mini tab blets in the classroom. i'll have a live report coming up. >> and later a jersey girls campaign for a boy-friendly kitchen now moving toward.
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a small east bay school district is celebrating a win financial win today. >> new haven district among just a handful in the country to receive race to the top funding but the question is will it help the direct restore the cuts that have been made? >> laura anthony is live at kitty elementary school. laura? >> hi, carolyn. this is like winning the
4:31 pm
lottery nearly $30 million in new revenues but money only can be used on certain things and the teachers union here had to sign off on certain requirements that their counter parts refused to do. these union city third and fourth graders will soon have electronic tablets in their hands as another tool in the classroom. that is after the new haven school district was awarded a $29 million grant from the federal government. >> we were just thrilled it's a validation of the work we've been doing over the last many years. >> this district one of three in california, 16 nationwide to win race to the top funding. it will help restore library and computer services throughout the district. and the money will go towards a number of programs designed to deepen student learning, improve achievement and prepare students for success in college and beyond. >> every student will get a mini tablet.
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teachers will get tablets and lap tops. cameras will get document cameras. and k-5 will get one tablet for every two students. >> the teachers association had to agree to federal requirement that's link test scores to teacher improvements. >> the union is not agreed to use test scores as a highering and firing tool. >> absolutely. we've not agreed to use test scores to evaluate teacher performance whachl we've done is decided to use test scores to help evaluate effectiveness of what is going on in the classroom and help teachers gauge what they need to improve on for their practice. >> now, san francisco and oakland filed a joint application for the same race but they could not get teachers unions to sign off on those requirements as they relate to test scores and teachers. tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 we'll tell what you the money cannot be spent for here in union city. in union city, abc 7 news.
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>> we'll see you then, turning to international news now, united nations security council condemning north korea's successful rocket launch. the north fired the rockets into orbit today defying previous warnings from un and washington this, is video provided by north korea state run television. the saying the launch violated a resolution banning any launch using ballistic missle tech nlg. the obama administration called the launch a provocative act. >> house republican leaders are pressing president obama to come up with a plan they can accept for spending cuts and tax revenues to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. time is running out now for both parties to reach a compromise. we have the latest. >> the deadline to avoid the fiscal cliff is december 316789 lawmakers have less time if they want get something together that congress can pass and the president can sign.
4:34 pm
>> the longer the white house road blocks this discussion, closer our economy gets to the fiscal cliff. >> in an interview, the president was optimistic a deal can be reached. >> i'm confident republicans would not hold middle class taxes hostage to try to protect tax cuts for high income individuals. >> monday night, white house sent speaker boehner on offer including $1.2 trillion in new revenue. yesterday, boehner sent a counter proposal back but looked almost exactly like their original plan. $800 in new revenue continues to be the sticking point. tax rates on the top earners. republicans insist the white house gives them specifics on the cuts the president is willing to make.
4:35 pm
yesterday spokesman brought out a copy of the budget, evidence they've done that already. >> this is not a mystery this, is the document. it contains the spending cuts. >> speaker boehner said the phone call was a pretty frank conversation about just how far apart the two sides are right now. abc news, washington. >> retiring u.s. senator joe lieberman delivered a sentimental farewell speech today. >> will remain one of my deepest honors thanks to vice president gore i was given the opportunity to be the first jewish american nominate bid a major political party for national office. >> lieberman will be leaving office in january after 24 years. the democrat turned independent urged congress to put partisan politic as side and reach across party lines. he talked in particular about
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avoiding the fiscal cliff. lieberman chose not to seek reelection will be replaced by democrat chris murphy. >> we're broadcasting from three different locations as abc 7 presents our 21 annual share your holiday food drive. >> normally larry beil is right here, but today, he's out with michael finney. live in walnut creek for us. hi, guy autos how are you doing, carolyn and dan. it's been a party out here, people have been coming by. susan is with alameda community food bank. >> alameda county community food bank. >> yes. very close, very close. >> you're giving us an amazing statistic why just a moment ago. >> yes. >> it serves one in six alameda county residents. >> 20% of the people living in
4:37 pm
alameda county need our help? >> every day. and mostly, it's children. and working family autos i'm assuming a lot of seniors too. >> a lot of seniors, too. we take care of the engine autos yes this, is kind of like the silent crisis. you say one in six that, is unacceptably high. it's ridiculous. we've got to do something about that. >> you're right. anyone can help us. dropping off food is wonderful. in alameda county cash donations are welcome and go a long, long way. >> i've been told what i do best is manual labor. i'm going toly. and it's a great cause. we're happy to help. >> what types of things do people need to bring down here? >> we want nine perish -- nonperishable items. canned items are the best. peanut butter, nonsugary
4:38 pm
cereal is great and helps out. >> thank you. >> we're all over the bay area, they've been talking about all afternoon. but right here, in walnut creek we're gathering food so come by and say hello to larry and i. drop off some food, do something good. reporting live from broadway plaza, not going to stump me on that. >> was close there just a moment. >> yes. >> the questions get tougher from here. >> thanks guys. great efforts. you can also donate monetarily as well. >> still ahead tonight former president bush's family is expand oogt pope enters twitter sphere today. his first personal tweet to his followers. >> and right now, we're seeing a little bit of clearing out there. is the rain over with tonight? we'll check in with live doppler 7 hd kooum taking a look outside at traffic on this wednesday. the rush hour gets underway in earnest. not too bad moving along
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smoothly in, fact. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues. and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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here is a look at what is trending now on yahoo. the oldest son of former alaska governor filed for divorce. and sesame street aired an episode dealing with the issue of divorce. and chris christie's weight. the new jersey governor says he's fit enough to be in the white house in response to a question abc barbara walters asked about his weight. >> pope benedict blessed his followers today saying in his stweet, dear friends i am pleased to get in touch with you through twitter thank you for your generous response. i blegs all of you from my heart. the pope sent out the tweet on an ipad. the pope has several different twitter accounts, niche a
4:42 pm
different language. his english account has 670,000 followers. >> former president george w. bush and wife, laura going to be grandparents. jenna bush-hagger announced she's pregnant and due in the spring. the 31-year-old has been married to her husband for years. the former president says he's fired up becoming a grandpa. the former first lady says they plan to spoil their grandchild. >> talking about the weather forecast. it's chilly out there. >> it is crisp. yes. >> it is and has been a very chilly afternoon with highs only into mid to low 50s. still picking up light sprinkles, especially higher elevation was live doppler 7. a little bit of sprinkles or two, mainly higher rages there. you can see more activity sitting off the coast. we work through evening hours we'll look for clearer weather and it's going to get cold throughout the bay area tonight. there is some traveling
4:43 pm
tomorrow, rain pushing off the east coast. new york city is sunny. and 46 degrees check out minneapolis, 32 degrees. if you have travel plns to denver or salt lake city, big snow storm headed for the area. keep that in mind. you can kind delays there by afternoon. traveling into southern california storm brought us light rain this morning pushing down to palm springs tomorrow. 66 degrees, 55 and 54 in fresno. tahoe, light snow now, tomorrow more sunshine. 33 degrees and 53 tomorrow in sacramento. our highs, locally, for your thursday, sunny conditions after a cold start, 50. 55 san francisco. 54 concord, antioch, 55. morgan hill, 54 degrees. enjoy the break tomorrow. so nice. >> yes. sounds like it. thank you. >> still ahead here how obesity can increase problem was people's vision. >> and how the smallest amount
4:44 pm
of smoking with hurt women. >> and a new development in new jersey girls campaign calling for a popular toy in gender neutral colors. >> also, a texas man gets pulled over prepared for a ticket what. he says happened next that changed his life.
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4:46 pm
check healthy living news a study shows light smoking even just one a day increases a woman's chances of dying suddenly. researchers tracked health of more than 100,000 nurses over three decades and found light to moderate smokers twice as likely to die of sudden heart problems compared to those who never smoked and found those who quit saw the risk drop as years passed. the study appears in journal of the american heart association. >> obesity may be fueling the
4:47 pm
rise in the number of people with vision problem as cording to a study released today. the study finds vision problems have increased in the past decade, researchers believe the epidemic is behind this increase saying if current rates continue, we can expect to see more vision problems in the future. >> the new jersey girl who started the campaign for easy bake ovens in gender neutral colors is planning to meet with the people who design it. today, the toy maker hasbro announced it's invited the 13-year-old and her family to its rhode island headquarters monday and says it wants to hear mcken yes ya's thoughts. she started her petition after she wanted to buy an easy bake oven for her brother and found them only in purple and pink. habro made them in gender neutral colors in the past you never know when to expect the
4:48 pm
kindness of strangers. a police officer pulled over a man for driving with expired tags. he said it was a choice between paying that and putting food on the table. the cop seemed to be writing him up. he opened the citation, it contained a $100 bill. >> i broke down in the car what. else do you do? he helped me out when i needed it. i appreciate that. i'll never forget that man. restored my faith in gochld he felt that the young man needed it more than him. and it was just the right thing to do. >> that is the police department spokesman. the cop himself insists on remaining anonymous. carlo use that had cash to pay for his registration, and his wife's as well and says the kindness has inspired him to find a new job. >> nice gesture it was. >> well, abc 7 as we've said here is proud to present the 21 annual share your holiday food drive. >> yes. we're set up now in three locations in the bay area. >> and our spencer christian
4:49 pm
is in union square tonight. hi, spencer. >> hello, dan. we are getting into holiday spirit here, we've got wonderful performers here from san francisco ethnic dance festival performing in the chill of this late afternoon in bare feet. they're doing a great job. we continue our abc 7 share your holiday food drive here. so many wobd wonderful people volunteered to donate to this cause. i'm going to bring two of the people here right now. so good to have you with us. >> grit. >> why is it important to join this effort? >> well, you know despite the city being one of the wealthyest in the country, one in four of the neighbors might not have a meal this evening. so... we felt this was the place to put our time and resources. >> and and what has been the most fun part of the effort for you?
4:50 pm
>> all the food this would make. >> and sorting the food, i understand you're pretty good at that. >> thank you for helping out. and there are so many ways to help. there are seven ways you can donate. first come down here in person and donate. we're going to be here until 7:00 tonight. sorry? >> this is jonathan invites to you come join is us. you can text your donation and you can go to our web site. you'll see seven ways there to donate. get that? seven ways to donate? texting is probably the ease easest. there are many ways to help out. wonderful volunteers around the bay area. helping us out so join the cause, come down and give generously. it's that time of the year. >> this is the time of the year. great work out there. >> a lot of fun. proving you're never too young to help out, too. >> still ahead on abc 7 news
4:51 pm
at 4:00 police want to make sure you're better protected during the busy season. >> and today is one of many you won't owe forget. how people are celebrating a once in a lifetime event. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up at 5:00 foamy mess environmentalists left outside levis headquarters for something the garment maker is accuse ofed of doing. and top five google searches of the year, including celebrities, a music craze and a video game. >> now, here is a look at what is ahead on abc world news at 5:30. >> hello, carey lynn and dan and everyone in the bay area tonight. on world news, we've learned more, too, but b.that shooter in the shopping mall in oregon. we'll tell everybody what we've learned with an interview. we've issued a challenge, you know, and so many people answered the call. incredible imagination about the one thing you're buying that made in america.
4:52 pm
astonishing ideas making a big difference tonight for great made in america christmas. we'll have them after abc 7
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
a welcome change for bart passengers. bart increasing patrols and offering safety escorts at stations starting tomorrow. bart is adding more patrols in downtown san francisco, and in the east bay, bart is teeming wupt oakland police department to provide us supreme courts at the west oakland station. volunteers at the station will be there tomorrow from 4:00 to 8:00 to escort passengers parked within a three block radius of the station. and today's date, 12-12-12 is the kind of numerical sequence we won't find again for 89 years, people decided this is a day for something special. abc 7 news is in berk tli afternoon. he saw something very special. nick? >> i did. you know 12, 12 12rks.
4:55 pm
some people looking for luck to win money, others for love. but i saw a precious baby today born today, 12-12, 12. she's the light of her parents' eyes. >> the neatest thing she came out, her eyes were open. it's just unbelievable feeling to see her come out and looking around. >> meet adriana. their seven pound bundle of joy is the apple of dad's eye. the birth date makes it special. >> we knew it's a possibility but we didn't think koit come around noon time. it wasn't planned. >> december 12, 2012 represents love to some. >> i think so. i play hot spot. goit $2 win. i play one more time, $2 win, again,. >> for others they're using ut to bet on romance. >> it's going to be beautiful. >> and i thought of this.
4:56 pm
i'm going to renew vows. >> will and his bride decided today would be the perfect day to tie the knot. the city clerk sent out a call to love birds suggesting to them that 12-12-12 would be an anniversary the couple would never forget. >> i guess the date has some meaning to us. especially noon. >> on december 12, at 12:00 p.m. that is really good. >> this moon has a role to play. according to nasa, 12 is the number of astronauts walking on the surface of the moon. perfect for couple who's today are floating on air. >> i just want to be happy. we'll spend our lives loving each other. >> together. yes. >> we wanted to know if 12-12-12 boosted a sale in lottery tickets. we didn't hear back in time for the broadcast well. do know if you're looking for another date to bet on you'll
4:57 pm
have to wait 89 years. it will be january 1, 2101. >> i don't think you and i will be around for that, nick. >> thank you, and thanks for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> thank you. a local police sargeant on the radar tonight after bragging about a 100 miles per hour joyride on facebook. that is not the only way he may have broken the law. >> governor brown being treated for cancer. will it impact his ability to meet californians? >> i'm sandhya patel. the cold air settling in. get ready for a frosty night. i'll have temperatures that will be flirting with freezing mark coming up. >> and good evening. a health is scare for governor
4:58 pm
jerry brown. >> he's undergoing treatment for early stage prostate cancer. we're live from sacramento wlaitest on this story. >> governor brown's office described his condition as localized prostate cancer. uc davis comprehensive cancer center, not treating the governor tell meez that means the cancer is not spreading this, is the governor's second bout with cancer. he received treatment for skin cancer in april, 2011. shortly after, walking around capitol with a band aid. his -- he had it removed. for this cancer the 74-year-old being treated at uc san francisco. doctor eric small says this cancer isn't in the early stage, being treated with a short course of radio therapy and will continue throughout the week of january 7th. the doctor says the prog noses is excellent and there are not expected to be any significant side affects. the governor's staff indicated he will work a full schedule
4:59 pm
during the treatment. one expert says that is what he should do. >> you're 74 qleers old. average life expectancy is about 11 years. our governor is looking, i am sure at mer than that. and that is why he has it treated. >> is the most common cancer among men, 241,000 new cases in the united states are expected to be diagnosed this year. again, governor brown undergoing treatment for localized prostate cancer. prognosis is excellent and expected to maintain a full work schedule. governor brown is an excellent health if you recall this year, challenging new jersey governor christie to a fitness test. skpf course that never happened but you can be assured he's an excellent health z by the way, the governor's dogs that are brown just tweeted he will take good care of them him.


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