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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a growth removed from the side of his nose. he is being treated through the week of january 7th using radio therapy. his doctor there small says answer cancer is in the early stage asks he doesn't suspect major side affects from treatment. uc davis comprehensive cancer center says people can lead normal lives, two cancer bouts shouldn't be anything californians need to be worried about. >> absolutely not. i mean, these really are thing that's happen when you get older. they're both curable and our governor should not be in any way incapacitated by this. >> the governor plans on maintaining his full work schedule through the treatment, suggesting he isn't feeling any major side affects. prot yait cancer is common most common among men hi
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his -- sorry. prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, more than 241,000 cases in the united states are expected to be diagnosed this year. the governor is known to be active, we've seen him running along the sacramento river and hike in yosemite. he's active. he can handle this. his dog, sutter brown tweeted he'll take good care of his owner. >> breaking news. a judge signed a settlement falling short of a court takeover of the oakland police department. today's last ditch settlement gives a new official power to impose change but leaves the day, today operations in the hands of the city. the director who will answer to the judge has ability to fire the police chief if that is necessary. the ruling comes on the heels of8cki a 2003 civil rights case settled by the city in exchange for promised reforms
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that were not fulfilled. a hearing on the issue was scheduled for foam tomorrow but theçx÷]÷ hearing was canced because of the order from the judge. >> san francisco district attorney is reassuring the public a brutal killing two days ago was an isolated incident two. people found bound and gagged on the street sunday night. a 26-year-old died after being shot inside of an suv and dumped on the road. an 18-year-old female was beaten, left next to him to die. she survived. today, four people accused appeared in court. the judge did not allow to us videotape them. they're a 31-year-old, 21-year-old, 24-year-old and 22-year-old. all four pleaded not guilty to a variety of charges including murder. >> we're dumping the streets so whether they're trying to send a message to someone else, again, it's early in the investigation. but i think that the one thing we can say with no uncertainty is that this was a brutal
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case. >> the district attorney has not ruled out the possibility more people will be arrested. >> king tide is swamping the bay area. high tides are the highest of the year. that could mean trouble for beaches and low lying areas along the water in places like marin city near richardson bay. we're live tonight. anxious next couple days there, to be sure. >> yes. folks are used to type of thing but not to these extremes. we're near the buck yi road house. this intersection is covered with cars. this morning, it was covered with water when an extreme high tide came in at 9:45 but as tides do, it went back out, and in fact, the extreme low tide was just about an hour and a half ago. this bike path lived up to its name today, more bay than
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trail. veera decided she couldn't make it to the largespur ferry and would have to turn around. >> i knew there was flooding. i had no idea it was that bad. >> caltrans tried to direct people around flooding but nothing could be done for cars left at park and ride. business as long a narrow strip of land between the flood and bay became an island for a few hours, they're less wor worried about flooding. this is a christmas tree lot. >> there is still a foot above the water. i'm from holland. i know a lot about water management. >> he looked at the highest tide prediction for the morning and figures he's got an inch to spare. >> it's going to be okay. and all of the buckets will be6t
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and he knows to move his car to higher ground. >> as soon as a computer gets wet, the car is totalled. >> skal trance expects to be out here at least through saturday. live in marin city, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it's a fascinating phenomenon. when is the next king tide going to happen? sandhya patel is here to
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answer the question for us. >> yes. it's going to happen in the morning. today's high tide was just over seven feet. tomorrow, it's higher. the king tides highest tides of the year, we have two more coming up thursday, which is tomorrow, just over seven feet, 10:34 in the morning. friday going to be seven feet at 11:24 in the morning so watch out. low lying areas, coastal areas could see flooding. other concern is we're heading into a cold night z we'll see the phone shall for frost. p show how cold it's going to get and we'll talk about more rain coming in the forecast in just a few perhaps an off duty officer breaking the law? those questions after a police sargeant posted a video online. it shows a wild ride through san francisco broadway tunnel. the video posted on the facebook page of sargeant carl t who wrote on that page, quote, 100 miles per hour in the labo.
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and sf reports he commented that he and his friends quote were all drunk. the head of the san francisco police officer association says he's never seen anything like this.7/ñb this would be on aeñ case by case basis. the chief would have to make a determination of whether or not discipline is appropriate. >> there is no confirmation the driver was carl t. abc 7 news unable to reach him. the sargeant removed the video from his page, then shut down that page. >> the man charged with the murder of a morgan hill teenager appeared in court with a different new look today. this is new video of the 21-year-old taken in a san jose courtroom this morning. in the past he's appeared unshaven. he was arrested in may, after dna evidence connected him to abduction of a 15-year-old sierra lamar, still has not been found. today, he was here -- appeared on a new batch of charges attempted kidnapping of three
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women during a car jacking in 2009. he was 17 years old. did he not enter a plea in that case, today. >> if you've been watching abc 7 throughout the day, you know we've been trying to raise food and money for bay area food bank autos big day for us. it's exciting and important time. annual abc 7 share your holiday food drive. we've been broadcasting from locations around the bay area since 5:30 this morning. >> tonight we have larry beil and michael finney at broadway plaza. and juf in union square is spence yir chris chichbl we'll start with you, spencer. hi. >> yes. i was arifg as you two were leaving as a matter of fact we had it covered all day. yes. we've had a successful day here. at union square with the food drive. there are ways you can help and seven ways you text the word feed to 80077 but you can go to our web site
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and find ways you can donate. one of our donors from tech gives back. this is knowa. tell us about -- first, thank you. tell us about tech gives back. >> sure. so tech gives back is a coalition of 30 start ups in the bay area, we're working to do clothing drives and food drives to help support local charities mostly in san francisco. >> and looks like you're having fun? >> yes. it's a success. >> it's going great. over 30 start ups including companies like comcast, khan academy. as far as we know it's the first time start ups throughout the bay area banded together to help give back during holiday season. >> thank you so much. we appreciate the effort. it's much needed. so once again, join abc p 7 share your holiday food drive there. is time to give. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be checking in with larry and michael and ama later in this newscast. they'll accept your donations through 7:00 this evening. >> help us out. if you can't make it we understand. you can still take part in the
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share your holiday food drive by calling the number on the screen.'3 or you can text the word feed to 80077 to donate on your cell phone bill. >> still to come here tonight, fbi singles out an order of nuns in the east bay what. they're doing to advance the fight against human trafficking. >> first, a dog mauling in central valley. a man found dead after a vicious attack. >> and we'll hear from some bay area couple who's pick this
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we have more break news tonight. abc 7 news learned state public health department decertified a facility at sonoma developmental center caring for patient was intellectual disabilities. there have been charges of
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faulty investigations into incidents of patients being harmed including a story we broke along with our media partner is that patients had been daysed. no charges were file in that kaichls decertification mean that's the facility will lose all of the medicaid funding. it can appeal and will begi.á allowed to stay open while that appeal is underway but it's a significant,ñ >> ampb investigation is underway in central valley. officers think that four pit bulls went on a deadly attack, mauling a man. this happened last night just souchblg fresno. the man was found dead, badly wounded in his driveway. investigators say there were dog tracks around the body. witnesses reported seeing the dogs in the area at the time of the attack. the pit bulls found at a nearby home. >> take no chances you know? public safety is number one and our safety as well. we went ahead and impounded the dogs. we had a tough time getting them into the truck.
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but this is what we do. >> the coroner is working to determine the exact cause of death and investigators are still trying to determine the man's identity. >> folk -- focusing your attention on human trafficking. fbi saying the problem is so serious the agency needs help to deal with it. and that help coming from unexpected partnerships. >> tonight in fremont a parent played tour guide for fbi agents from san francisco. they have a goal of fighting the problem of human trafficking. the sisters of the holy family called a crime modern day slavery. >> when we think about slavery, what that means is that people are exploited, bought and sold. abused. no freedom no, rights. >> in 2008, this congregation made a pledge to devote part of the ministry to shining a
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light on the issue from sexual exploitation of women and children to abuses in sweat shops. some say as many as 27 million people are victims of human trafficking. >> we want to educate people what is going on. we want to look at creative ways to support and do advocacy. >> sisters of the holly family estimate they give4h!m between0 and 50 talks to various groups and donate about $30,000 a year to community-based organizations helping victims of human trafficking. it's that tireless outreach and commitment brought nine members from fbi to this peaceful religious setting. acting special agent in charge joel moth presented nuns with 2012 director's community leadership award. >> we're grateful to them for helping to get that word out z we're especially grateful for helping to care for the victims who are identified in these case autos the&s>dw3 coordinator of the congregation efforts say sisters are humble in accepting this honor reminding
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everyone, january is human trafficking awareness month. >> our efforts can seem very, very small, and insignificant sometimes when putting them together we have done great things. >> in fremont abc 7 news. >> it may be only once, but city hall packed with couples getting married today. they were taking vng of this unusual date. december 12th, 2012. or of course, 12-12, 12. former mayor officiated this weddingl9=iñ. >> engaged and one two, one. one two. all ones and twos so 12, 12, 12, today is the a lot of time this have a repeating date like this, we decided to get married on 12-12-12. >> she's right. it will be 89 years until we have av(rç repeating date. that will be 1-1, 2101.
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>> that is fun. >> they hatd spectacular weather. >> it worked out beautifully it can. and we can put our umbrellas away. but it's going to be freezing cold tonight in valleys so bundle up. watch out for frost. here is a live picture from our camera. you can see clear across the bay towards san francisco there. we do have the clouds departing. just a couple sprinkles left. right now checking out live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where we're seeing returns. we have our own radar on mount st. helena. most areas are quiet. we're going to take a look at the east bay. sprinkles around verona road heading towards 84 interchange there. most of it is over. so rainfall'[açw totals 24 hours have ranged from about a third of aj inch to only 3/100ths in livermore, fairfield 1/100ths.
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6/100ths in oakland. 7/100ths with san jose. san francisco, 9/100ths of rain. temperatures falling and running several degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. cold air settling in. we have a cold system went through. now, we're seeing temperatures dropping already in the mid-40s in our coldest north bay locations. upper 40s in inland east bay. so we're looking at cold, frosty conditions, sunny skies tomorrow and a chance of showers coming up on friday. so tomorrow morning when you head out of the door make sure you have a jacket with you. gloves, scarf might come in handy at this point f do you have frost sensitive plants you might want to cover them tonight. 32 degrees by morning. 33 in nappa. mid-30s fairfield. 38 in san jose and fremont. palo alto. santa cruz all into upper 30s,
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low 40s san francisco and oakland. moderating affects going to keep you from dropping too low there. is a front that went through. with we have cold air so, we're going keep it on the cool side. here is our next possibility of rain. friday, 5:00 a.m. just clouds but notice that this rain will just skirt the coast. almost flirt with the coast so. by noon we may see showers developing friday. along the coastline. but it doesn't look like a definite thing. into friday evening a light event that will wind down only for next system to come in over the weekend. here is a look at highs for thursday. staying on the cool side, sunny skies. low 50s around clear lake, livermore. vallejo and concord. mid-50s san jose. 55 in san francisco, oakland, 56 degrees, monterey bay, temperatures mid mid 50s and mostly sunny weather as well. clouds into afternoon, just
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reheated moisture. a chilly start. we're going to bring you into low to mid-50s. milder readings heading into weekend. but frosty cold start friday, saturday are. friday, a chance of rain. we have a chance of rain sunday afternoon. and then, light showers monday, tuesday. it's not definite right now.(h$ stronger storm in the accu-weather forecast on wednesday. >> okay, thank you very much. >> still to come a holiday give away will tug at your heart string autos cars oncì abandoned now, they're changing lives. stay with us.
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we want to check in with one of our abc 7 food drive locations. >> right. they're coming to us live from broadway/ m plaza in walnut cr, hi, guy autos how are you doing? we've got tag team coverage here from broadway plaza. and mike nikos started here and we're going strong. >> robert, you golt involved because of channel 7? >> right. me and my wife saw the news broadcast saying there is a big need for a shortage of turkeys in the local area.
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so with help of our members we're able to donate over 200 turkeys. >> now, you're keeping on going. >> right. every day we have more members coming into the club donating cans of food and every day we're againer yaiting more and more food for families in need. >> cash as well. exleent yes. thank you very much. >> robert jackson. you still have time to make donations for bins we want to get them filled up. all you need is a cell phone, you can text the word feed to area food banks. people need the help. back to you. >> thank you. we want to share this with you again. it's important. soits simple to donate. number on the screen, it's the phone number you can again text the word feed to 80077
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making a donation of $10. the way the food bank purchases food, it takes that money and magnifies it. it is really $60 of buying power. >> it's efficient. >> stay with us. tonight we're going to retrace steps of a masked man who opened fire in a portland shopping mall. >> also, tonight a millionaire software mogul set free in central america. what will happen to him now that he is back in the us us?. >> a congress woman ending a 20 year career in washington. stay with us.
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a s.w.a.t. team search is underway in southern california now. >> this is a live picture. a text alert notifies stud dwronts stay inside and lock doors as the s.w.a.t. team moves through looking;éaru
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forearmed suspects. >> police say at least five people robbed a jewelry store, then took police on a chase ended up on this campus. >> the search right now is centered on three buildings on the southwest part of the campus, a nearby high school son dloung tonight. one suspect has surrendered. the s.w.a.t. team looking for four more people tonight. >> and tonight we know identity of a young man who went on a shooting free yesterday in a portland,ó&÷ oregon shopping mall, killing two people before turning the gun on himself. the sheriff there is saying koit have been much, much worse. abc 7 news mark matthews is in the newsroom tochl plain. >> detectives have now revealed the man behind the mask is a 22-year-old jacob tileler roberts. yesterday, detectives say he ran into a mall, apparently intent on murdering as many people as he could. detectives say the food court inside of the mall was
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littered with shell casings from an assault rifle. >> i heard i am the shooter then shots rang out. >> and we realized oh, my gosh that is a gun. >> investigators say the 22-year-old jacob tileler roberts did not know his victims entered wearing a hockey style face mass skpk a shooting vest with ammunition carrying an assault rifle he stole from someone he knew. he shot and killed a 54-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man. a 15-year-old was shot in the chest remaining in serious condition. doctors say she's stable. >> people were fall together ground and crying. >> he looked like he was on a mission. >> as bad as this was, the sheriff told reporters today koit have been so much worse if the gun had not jammed. whit did, the gunman ran down
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stairs and killed himself. >> 10,000 people in the mall at one time, kept a level head. they got themselves out of the mall. they helped others get out. >> the county sheriff told reporters some this summer, mall employees rehearsed with law enforcement. dennis curtis is the manager. >> we've rehearsed all the time. >> detectives say there is no information on what ledn.%ñ toi÷ shoot they have contacted his family. today, the attorney general said the administration is talking about gun control. >> number of proposals we're in the process of considering and expected from the administration. >> investigators say the shooter had no criminal history. they are convinced he act add lone and continue to search fr a motive. >> mark, thank you. >> antivirus software millionaire john mcafee
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arrived in miami aboard an american airlines flight. guatemala. he fought extradition to belize, authorities want to question him about a neighbor's murder. u.s. officials not saying whether he will be questioned or detained in the u.s. theysy there is no active arrest warrant that would justify taking mcafee into custody. >> the federal reserve sent its clear signal it's serious about getting u.s. economy back on track. for the first time in its history setting targets for inflation and unemployment saying it would keep rates at low levels until the job jobless rate goes below 6.5%. right now at 7.7% to. keep rates low, fed says it would, will continue to spend $85 billion every month, to help stimulate the economy that. would wo bring investment total to $4 trillion by the end of e year.
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>> on wall street, the dow jones shot up 69 points after the feds decision but fell back down to close the day with a loss. >> in the house, bay area congress woman lynn woolsy said goodbye to washington today after 20 years of service delivering her 444th and final antiwar speech on the house floor today. she is represented california sixth congressional district since 1993 including marin and sonoma county among the first to speak out against the we'll be right back and afghanistan and says that work is not done. >> constituents and others call or come up to me or write and thank me i say... but we're still there. i don't deserve thanks until all of the troops are home. >> he thanks supporters and says she will continue efforts after she leaves the house. >> we live in a nation so
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wealthy most of us consider owning a car almost a birth right, particularly near california imagine trying to .uq!out one. a few residents won't need to worry about that anymore. we knew this day, 12-12-12 would have significance but in antioch amanda and her young daughters will remember it as the day christmas came early. >> you're not into feeling sorry for yourself? >> no. >> there is a reason she named her youngest daughter adrian. that was the name of her fiancee who died in a car accident. >> we just found out we were pregnant with her when that accident happened so... it's been hard. >> her hardship let yes, one of 150 that the people from mike's auto body poured through. every christmas they work with brokers and part suppliers to take otherwise totalledded
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cars rebuild them, giving them to a few recipients. >> it's tough. we havee ,é read them, and then, we give them to our technician autos technicians like cameron, who donated 100 hours of labor to turn tha(u h wrecked chevy into a practically new car. >> the outlook is that that hits home to everybody. >> so coming together today. >> this is a presentation. by the time this day ends they'll have given away in total 40 cars. >> there we go. >> first car twont a881b mility family in need. another single mother. a third this van went to foster a dream nonprofit. >> and a fourth a single mom. >> it helps me out so i can get my kids to school. and finish going to college.
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>> amanda stef received a car with two bicycles for her little girls. >> this just tell her we're blessed. we're truly blessed. >> all from cars once written off, now salvaged doing the same for peoples lives. >> wow. >> there is a lot more still to come here tonight. just ahead bay area researchers who are redefining fight against cancer. >> a new
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the fifth night of hanukkah being celebrated by jews around the world and in san francisco. festival of lights observed again tonight with lighting of the union square menorah. celebrating the victory of a larger opponent. lasting eight days and because of a miracle of a small amount of oil. >> we saw them when we were down for; holiday food drive. >> abc 7 news is taking your contributions right now in santana row. >> yes. santana row, people have been coming by and giving food and money donations. cash, check, anything. very two very special donor was me today from san jose. i have an 11-year-old kate
6:40 pm
lynn and emmilly. how much money have you and your sister raised?. >> about $1300. >> and how have you been doing that? >> i went in front of a local grocery store. my sister and i have sold clothes and toys we have outgrown and recycle cans and bottle autos that is very wonderful of you. and why did you start doing this? think about kids that go hungry so i wanted to help the kids as much as i can. >> that is great z you guys are doing this as a family. which is wonderful. thank you so much. continue the efforts. it's amazing to see kids like this doing such a good thing. if you can't get out to locations to donate, just text the word feed toow'o 80077 that will make a $10 donation. >> what a great effort. >> and here is that number again. just in case you missed it.
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>> just that easy. >> coming up next, bay area researchers who are redefining the fight against cancer. >> keeping an eye on live doppler 7 hd for
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a drug trial hear in the bay area could put targeting cancer drugs to work on patients. the effort being accelerated
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by a new understanding of the disease itself. >> as a breast cancer survivor, lieu visa never stopped learning about her enemy. she was ready when research senters including buck institute released results from a ground breaking genome study. helped redefine subtypes of breast cancer. >> that has been a big deal. i went down and saw my doctor like which subtype am i? i want that had information. >> she suffered from a subtype of breast cancer known as triple negative refer together lack of protein receptors. doctors believe triple negative may have more in common with ovarian cancer than other breast cancer autos it's very exciting for anyone who has been affected by the disease. >> because researchers believe they're closer to matching cancer patient was drugs zined
6:45 pm
not oh, one kind of breast cancer, each are different kinds of disease so you have to test#nmpñ drug drugs for how they might behalf. -- behave. >> dr. laura helps conduct a clinical trial that helps with that treatment. patients given drugs well before tumors are removed. this gives time to evaluate the drug's effectiveness. results on nearly half a dozen drugs are expected in a matter of months and dr. he iserman believes the pace of treatments will accelerate. >> i think we'll have muchwzw7 better treatment for her to positive breast cancers. i think those will go to controlling them best i think
6:46 pm
we're going to have new agents for triple negative cancer. >> in the meantime, she's busy raising her children and providing support for triple negative patientslñ6zg as doctos work towards more targeted and effective treatment. >> yes. to have a targeted drug would be ideal. >> we have more information on that research as well as organization triple step towards a cure on abc 7 >> let's dmek with spencer christian live in union square. with all day food drive. hi, spencer. >> yes. all day, into the evening now. the drive has been going well right now.]3owñ there are many ways you can donate. seven ways. easiest way is text the word feed to 80077. you can go to our web site and now i twoobt bring in a
6:47 pm
special guest. a food bank nutritionist. thank you. why is the food bank nutritio nutritionist needed?. >> sure, in terms of nutrition we go out to pantry sites and do cooking classes and nutrition education classes so we link in with the food we give out to pantries and tie in terms of cooking healthy res skpiz show them what to do with the fresh produce we give them. >> you're not just distributing food but teaching people about proper nutrition. >> and empower them about how fwoft use the produce and food we give them. >> i hope you've had a successful day. seems like it has been here and good luck with your work. >> thank you. >> spencer chris chirngs back to dan and carolyn. >> now, our teams will be taking donations until 7:00 but you can make a contribution.
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here is the number again. we want to make sure you get it. or you can text the word feed to donate 10s oodz now, sandhya patel is back. >> back with a forecast. cooling down. >> it's going to be chilly tonight. the system brought us rain is winding down but will have more rain in just a moment. snow in the sierra nevada moving into southern california. 55 in san diego. snow in the mountains. they'll get a chance to dry out tomorrow. looking at highs for thursday here locally still going to be chilly into afternoon. low to mid-50s you'll see splin into afternoon.
6:49 pm
55 napa. oakland, freem yorngts livermore san jose. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast a chance of showers friday. that is the bottom line with the story. a chance of rain sunday afternoon. really light. looks like as far as shower chances monday and tuesday. >> thank you. >> well, larry beil is out collecting money and food. >> that is right. >>9s so mike shumann is here. >> right. i've worked it out. a playoff atmosphere sunday night. golden state warriors fighting like a playoff team. stick around. full plate of sports on deck.
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well, golden state warriors playing like a contender. you've got to be able to win away from home to get to the post season f this roads trip is an indication, warriors looking good. can they make it five straight in miami? seth curry, david lee. pregame routine. all right. heat are 10-1 at home.
6:53 pm
tough duty. there is early three point lead. a match up with chris? perfect off the ground. tied in the second. lee hard foul on lebron. lands awkwardly. they call it a flagrant foul. he was staying in the game. there is five three from 21 piers half points. we're fine at 87. lebron, fade away jumper. there8 =á is 97, 95 warriors yr final win on the road. how about the golden state warriors? all right. speaking of the road, 49ers will get the biggest test of the season. hosted sunday night in foxboro. brady just dissected one of the best teams in afc on monday night.
6:54 pm
and out of experience a no mud hudel offense. this guy is hard to beat. on top of that, there are options making it tough on any secondary. 49er was long established drives. you know bill belichick will have a something they have never seen. this will be a barometer. >> it's go tg take a lot of pressure. all of the those guys getting them braided and mix of gegt him off the spot. and not just sitting back there baking a cake picking up parts you know, linebackers are all g they sacked a quarterback. and a guy incredible race. and so... it's a lot of challenges. and we're going to have to play our best gaze oo. raiders host sunday. the head coach said terrell
6:55 pm
prior will see playing team. there are several packages with terrell. i'd say why not? let's see if this kid can play. today being 12, 12, 12, green bay packers took it to another level.çb8/ñ jersey. you can see some offensive and defensive lineman stretching those threads to the max g to see pros having fun. this late in the season. right. san jose state head coach back on campus today to speak with every player and coach individually before he takes off for a new gig as head coach in colorado. mcentire turned this program around in three years with a 10-2 record and a spot in the military bowl against bowling green december 27th. defensive coordinator kent bear coaching he told me he will miss coach mack. >> we've built this together. great football coach. great football mind.
6:56 pm
create -- recruiter but it's the nature of the business, crazy business, great profession. just move on. understand what that is about. try to make things bet year good luck. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> i hope they succeed there. >> join me tonight on 9:00, crime ring broken, wide open. facebook joins force was the fbi and scores a big win in the battle. >> and then at 11:00 instant hit the iphone users app users have been waiting for. right after barbara walters most fascinating people of 2012. >> remember seven ways to give go to our web site that. is this edition of abc 7 news. is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us
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eopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- ttorney for a legal nonprofit from new york, new york... ...a computer-chip designer from berlin, massachusetts...
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...and our returning champion, a curriculum coordinator from silver spring, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. on yesterday's program, rachel was up, and then she was down a bit, and then she came back again and wound up with the most money at the end of the program. so, good for her. alistair and saidi, nice to have you with us. pick up those signaling devices. we're going to work right now. here comes the jeopardy! round for and here come the categories. you, here comes the jeopardy! round for each word will begin with the letter "c."


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