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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and extremely dangerous. they are dealing with a suspect who may be armed. >> the warning going out to the hundreds of students locked down at cal state fullerton right now. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. it is a tense scene that has been playing out for hours
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down south. police have the building surrounded as officers search for a man they suspect is armed and dangerous. this is all happening on the cal state university at fullerton campus southeast of downtown los angeles. >> i believe the armed suspect is in the building. >> reporter: police and the s.w.a.t team went from building to building searching for one and possibly two suspects. the school tweeted an alert to students and employers to remain on lock down. people outside were told to evacuate immediately. students barricaded the doors to their classrooms and turned down the rights and stayed quiet. some of them tweeted pictures showing chairs and other objects blocking the doors. all classes were canceled and nearby streets shutdown. the suspects were believed to have run on to the campus after a high speed chase. they were among five people suspected it of robbing a jewelry store and shooting the clerk in morino valley. one of the other bandits carjacked the vehicle. the man bailed out of the
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stolen car and officers caught up with him on a baseball diamond in watts where police were giving toys to children. >> police say it could take hours to clear the entire campus. they are cautiously letting a few students leave. we will update this story for you in the newscast as needed. news from the state capitol where governor jerry brown reveals he has prostate cancer. his doctor says he has an excellent prognosis for recovery. leslie brinkley with more on the course of treatment. >> that's right. governor brown has already started treatment that is expected to wrap up the week of january 7th. and he intends to keep up a full work schedule. governor brown is undergoing radio therapy for prostate cancer with his office describing the condition as a localized prostate cancer. >> it sounds like he has early stage disease that is likely confined to the prostate. meaning it was picked up before it has had a chance to spread any place else.
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>> great swift works at the medical center and interpreted the statement released by brown's oncologist at ucsf as meaning the governor will undergo conventional exter national radiation therapy called image guided imrt. that likely means five days a week he will have to report to a radiation treatment facility. there are several in sacramento. he would then lie on the table and receive two to three minutes of radiation with minimal impact on his health. >> they can work full time and they can keep up with the gym and their activities. as they go through their course of treatment, side affects may develop, but they extend to be mild. >> it is the same treatment he went through. >> there are that side affects and i did not experience any discome rt to. >> they wept on to establish an informational website called prostate cancer patients .org. one in six men will get
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prostate cancer. it is extremely pref lept -- prevalent after skin cancer. governor brown underwent a procedure in 2011 to remove skin cancer from his nose. the prognosis for his prostate cancer is excellent. >> he is going to handle it well. it is to the going to slow him down at all. >> an example of that tweeted that he had lunch with governor brown. he says the governor told them he lifted weights this morning, dan, but no mention at all of the prostate cancer. >> nice to know his prognosis is so good. leslie brinkley president aring. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at radar this evening. >> we are headed toward a cold night. as a matter of fact the temperatures will be dropping at or near freezing by morning. let me show you live doppler 7hd right now. you will notice that the rain that we had, the moisture we had is long gone. what we are now watching is this cold air. the temperatures are down to
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the mid30s and napa 35. 37 in santa rosa. down to 40 in livermore. we still have a long night to go, 46 san jose and 42 in los gatos. so where exactly will your temperatures bottom out? when will you need those umbrellas again? i'll be back with a look at the forecast. one thing is for sure. make sure you have a coat or jacket in the morning. it will be cold. >> thanks, sandhya. a san francisco police sergeant is in the hotseat after a video reportedly posted by him on facebook went viral. it brags about hitting 100 miles an hour in a lamborghini when going through the broadway tunnel. alan wang is live for us at the tunnel. alan this. >> carolyn, the police officer in question is formerly known as sergeant carl tennenbaum, but he changed his name to sergeant carl t after he was told he could not use a name
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tag on his uniform that had the nickname carl t on it. >> the facebook page administrator claiming to be san francisco police officer carl t posting this video saying he topped 100 miles an hour while driving in a lamborghini in the city's broadway tunnel. they are reporting that a comment by sergeant t says it is roomier than you would think, plus we were all drunk. >> if all of this is true, alan, it is to be taken seriously. >> we broke the news to mayor ed lee at city hall. >> it would be a violation of so many laws. but it is in opposite to what a police officer is sworn to do which is be somebody who is in charge of safety. >> driving the 35 mile per hour speed limit it took us 40 seconds to make it through the half mile tunnel. they did it in just 16 seconds. >> he told the san francisco weekly that he was the third
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person sandwiched between the driver and the passenger. he was unable to reach sergeant t and his facebook page has now been removed. the san francisco police department says sergeant t is under administrative review by the internal affairs department, but the head of the police officer's union questioned the true source of the posting. >> if it was an off duty police officer driving the vehicle, the chief of police would have to make a determination about whether or not discipline is appropriate. >> he was out of town, but the vice president of the police commission points out this may never make it into a public arena. >> the commission can't look into it themselves until something is brought to them by the department or the occ. >> the internal affairs just launched the investigation today. the first job is to substantiate the actual person who posted that video and the comments. reporting live from the broadway tunnel in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you.
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we are learning more about yesterday's deadly shooting at that oregon mall. police say 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts made a bee line from his car through macy's wearing a mask, a bough lis assistings -- a ballistics vest and carrying a semiautomatic rifle. by the time he got to the food court he was already firing. he killed 54-year-old cindy anne yule and 45-year-old steven forsyth. high then shot into the lower level courtyard wounding a 15-year-old girl. >> we do not understand the motive of the attack. except to say there is no apparent relationship between the suspect and his victims. >> police say the only reason there was not more victims the gun jammed. at that point he ran down the flight of stairs and got his rifle working and then killed himself. the mall remains closed as the authority investigates the scene. nightline looks into the background of the portland gunman after this newscast at 11:35.
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stay tuned for that. a new warning about home deliveries. there is a package thief targeting fremont. a surveillance camera caught him in the act. the driver of the white car walks to the front door of the home and he grabs the package off the doorstep. he uses his jacket to conceal it and he drives off. this happened at a house on logan drive. anyone with information should call premont police. abc7 news learned the state public health department has de certified a facility at the sonoma developmental center. it cares for patients with intellectual disabilities. there were charges of faulty investigations into incidents of patients being harmed including a story we broke that patients were being tased. the de certification means they will lose their medicaid funding. john mcafee is back in the united states tonight. an improbable turn of events for the tech mogul wanted for questioning of a murder in belize. >> and the justin bieber murder plot.
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why a man was so determined to kill the pop star. >> and they were labeled fat on a restaurant receipt.
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a bizarre new twist in the case of software tycoon john mcafee after eluding investigators in belize where he is wanted for questioning on a murder of his neighbor. he is no i back in the united states. ama dates is live with this story for us. >> carolyn, john mcafee went to guatemala to avoid police, but he spent the last week in a detention facility. today he was flown to the u.s. john mcafee was being held in a detention center in guatemala for immigration violations after he escaped questioning in bough lead about the murder of one of his neighbors. his miami hotel he described to reporters what happened when his plane landed in the u.s. >> they had everybody sit down
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they said is john mcafee on the plane, then please come forward. they said we are here to help you. please come with us. >> if they want to come here and talk to me, i would be more than happy to talk. >> he told bloomburg news he was concerned about police in belize putting their hands on him. he explained what he meant by that. >> grabbing me, collecting me, doing what they they want to do with me. >> if you read my blog for seven months i have been speaking out against the government openly, angrily. i am a thorn in their side and they want to shut me up. now they can't shut me up. >> it is unclear what if anything will happen now that he is in the states. the u.s. attorney's office and marshals office does not know what will happen. a murder pluses with
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justin bieber was foiled when they tuck a wrong person. dana martin a convicted killer imprisoned in new mexico. martin has an image of bieber on his leg and plotted to kill him after his attempts to contact the singer failed. his so-called hit men were on the way to new york to kill bieber when they missed their exit. they were stopped by border patrol agents in canada. an offensive restaurant raw seat may result in a lawsuit. three women were outraged after discovering the words "fat girls" at the top of their check. the restaurant's bartender typed it in to help identify the table. the women say they now have an attorney and are considering a suit. legal experts say it may be a tough case to win because being over wait is not a constitutionally protected status. check your iphone. the long awaited google maps is coming up, possibly sometime tonight. neither google nor apple would
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comment. it would be a welcome addition for iphone users who were unhappy with the apple made replacent in. >> if you have been watching abc7 you know we have been raising food for the food beak. it is the share your holiday food drive. we broadcast around the bay area. we were at union square. larry beil and michael finney were in walnut creek. so far we raised $13,000 and more than 2500 pounds of food. that doesn't include all of the on-line and donations. if you couldn't make it today you can still take part in the abc7 share your holiday food drive by calling the number on your screen, 1-877-525-3775. or text the word feed to 80077 to donate $10 on your next cell phone bill. >> it is that easy and we are grateful to all of you who helped us out. we had a lot of fun.
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and the weather was perfect. we got lucky. >> it really cooperated. sandhya patel is here with what is to come. >> what is to come is the chill, carolyn and dan. you got lucky because the weather did cooperate. right now no moisture to be tracking, but our radar will be watching more rain developing. so we will talk about that in a moment. speaking of rain, check out this time lapse. we did still have some showers out there and into the evening hours. but it has all since dropped off. rainfall totals .02 in santa rosa. got up to a third of an inch in half moon bay. .06 in oakland. head sout toward the -- head out toward the livermore valley. .07 in san jose. it is not expected to be a big rain event. it wasn't, but now we are feeling the chill. check out these temperatures. they are falling. down to 36 in fairfield. they are updated 36 in santa rosa. it is 37 right now in napa.
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compared to 24 hours ago, and i will step off screen here so i can tell you what people are saying. 4 dries cooler in san francisco, but down 14 in fairfield. on facebook people are writing about this. turning the electric blanket up high. paul baker says brr. it is going to be a cold night. a cold morning and patchy frost. we are looking at mostly sunny skies. the ryan returns on friday. the rain returns on friday. you will need the um umbrellas soon enough. i was expecting it to drop below freezing. 31 degrees. 32 in napa and 35 vallejo. freezing cold in livermore. 34 in concord. fremont, palo alto, san mateo, san jose, santa cruz, san francisco, oakland, richmond, you will stay in the low 40s. our front that brought us the cold air is heading into southern california. rain and snow there. but we are getting this cold
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air filtering in behind it. a couple more systems coming, and they are all cold. highest tides of the year, and they are known as king tides. tomorrow will be a little higher, 7.2 feet at 10. a 34 in the morning. friday 7 feet at 11:24. be careful out there. here is the rain that is coming friday morning at 5:00 a.m. you can start to see us approaching the north bay. it is getting in here at 7:00 a.m. this is the latest computer model and now wants to bring it in across the bay area. rain likely for your friday and then going into the late-night hours is when it will finally wind down. tomorrow afternoon it is going to be cool. the temperatures in the low to mid50s. you will still need to stay in layers. bundle up. temperatures in the monterey bay in the mid50s. frosty cold in the morning. we are looking at a cool afternoon. rain on friday and dry right
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now on saturday chance of rain on sunday. monday we are looking at wet weather and a few showers on tuesday. the strongest of the storms and the accu-weather seven-day forecast is on wednesday. they are more nuisance-type systems. it is not until wednesday we are concerned right now. >> sounds good. thanks, sandhya. before we proceed, this note in a story about the late robbie shankar last night, some of hour video mistakenly showed shrish ri. we regret that area. now to sports. >> and the car yes, sirs, larry beil is here. >> i tell you what, everybody in the nba will look at this box score and go, whoa, the warriors won in miami? they beat lebron? am i reading this right?
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good evening. the golden state warriors made a loud statement to the rest of the nba. they are for real. they are going to miami. they beat lebron james and the
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defending nba champions. they have a new pre game routine. we should start doing this. >> let's do it. i like it. >> lee is doing great of the he blows by with authority. tied at 43. lee hammers lebron who lands awkwardly and a flagrant call. lebron was if pain, but stays in the game. klay thompson, five 3's. the warriors up one at the break. tied at 87 and lebron, and oh that's ridiculous. he had 31. great off the bench and spinning back middle. tied at 95. the rookie gets free. they got confused 97-905. lebron will go for the tie here fade away jumper and no. 97-95 warriors 5-0 on this
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road trip. the referee with the blocked shot. jay denied. the -- >> denied. >> the free throw attempt rejected. that is hilarious. 49ers visiting the patriots. they spent years playing for bill belichick. does he have any inside information for his teammates? >> everybody knows bill belichick is a so-called genius. he change tups every week. not -- he changes it up every week. have your head on a swivel and be ready for anything. >> keep your head on a swivel. some golf courses have a lot of bunkers bunkers and some have thick rough. in australia they have a dinasaur. they built a huge t rex between the 9th and 10th roles. it is like playing jurassic park.
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the australian masters is being played on this course. although they plan to leave for a new venue next year. wonder why? abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. >> this golf course is scary. >> that's bizarre. >> that receive has -- that ref has god blocks. >> that was one of the best in the nba. the ikea monkey that made headlines around the world. >> so what is next for this
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weather. >> heading out the door, check out the forecast. it is going to be cold. patchy frost and mostly clear skies. low 30s to low 40s at 5:00 a.m. by the time we hit 8:00 a.m. mid30s to mid40s. sunrise at 7:15. and of course, you know, not only will you need the coat, but you may need pants like carolyns, nice and warm. >> very cozy.
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carolyn, thank you. before we call it quits, what is buzzing around the world? >> on this december 12th, 2012, a once in a lifetime coincidence. this newborn was born in boston at 12-12 -- 12:12 p.m. after her mother was in labor for 12 hours. and new details about the sharp-dressed monkey found in an ikea parking lot. the owner says she wants her monkey back. darwin was sent to a primate sanctuary after it was found wandering the lot in toronto. and here is an offer to have dinner with this professional eater for $1500. it is part of the memorable experiences from the website fuzio. other offers include a coaching session with former raider todd christianson for $200 or former 9 eric key waters for $1200. no hot dogs on that meal. >> will there be any food left eating with this guy? he will dprab everybody in
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sight -- grab everything in sight. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel and everyone here at abc7 news, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. check us out on-line anytime you wish. you can see us on facebook and twitter as well. >> good night, everyone.
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tonight on "nightline," the shooter. inside the mind of a 22-year-old who opened fire on holiday shoppers. tonight, his ex-girlfriend wonders what made this former college student snap. high wattage. a family on a dream holiday in paradise, until they are caught in the most devastating natural disaster ever. tonight, actress naomi watts shares the true


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