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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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that is where we're seeing better ones on dumbarton bridge and out toward milpitas. this is moving ever so slowly from east to west. they'll be around until 9:00 then isolated afternoon shower. temperatures in hovering to low to 50s around the coast and see if the rain is causing problems. >> not yet. but i can tell you, i drove through marin county, hydroplaning at times and pooling along the golden gate bridge. it's windy and very hazardous driving conditions. no major stalls or accidents. macarthur maze, light traffic on to the bay bridge. it could be windy. one problem spotted up in the napa area. stone crest and hagen, live wires down after an earlier
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accident last night. that section of the road is closed as of this morning. >> in a few hours the first of the many funerals to remember two of the young victims of the school tragedy in connecticut. live in the newsroom with more and the service attended by president obama last night. >> 6-year-old and joshua and noah will be remembered today. they say jack will be forever remembered for the joy who had the pleasure of knowing him. noah has a twin sister. they have still yet to tell his siblings how he passed. residents packed the high school auditorium and heard president barack obama heard to vow to
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enlist help to prevent similar tragedies in the future. >> as a community you have inspired us, new town, in the face of indescribable violence, in the face of unconscionable evil, you have looked out for each other. you have cared for one another. you've loved one another. this is how new i town will be remembered and with time and god's grace, that love will see you through. there are that no classes today at sandy hook elementary the school district is making plans to send surviving students to a former school building in a neighboring town. after jack pinto and noah are laid to rest the next funeral is
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set for tomorrow. >> by all accounts the shooter, kept mostly to himself, not many people knew him well. those that did saw no reason to fear him before saturday's killing spree. a neighbor says he was a quiet kid. ryan says he never saw any violent tendencies or red flags. >> he was really quiet. when we were doing something, building legos he was really focused on it. he was in his own world. >> coming up on "good morning america," the man who mentored adam lanza will give us his memories as a nation tries to understand why hit happened. >> bay area students going back to school for the first time since friday's shooting rampage. administrators will try to calm nerves and remind students, parents and staff the safety plans they have in place. amy is live in san francisco.
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>> reporter: if you know a teacher, then you probably are aware they spent a weekend in reflection. one teacher said this is like the 9/11 for teachers. many teachers say they spent the last couple of days thinking about what they were going to say to their students and how they were going to ease to their fears and about faith at school. that is why the united educators sent out an e-mail this weekend with a guide to help steer the conversation. this is heavy burden for teachers. >> there should be a safe place. schools should be the safest place in a child's life. it should be a place of refuge in tiosh learning. >> california emergency management offers tips on its website, you should know your
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school's action plan. no your school's alert system for parents and create or review your family's action plan. if you you aren't familiar with these plans, today is a good day to start learning about them and asking about them because they expect a lot of questions from parents. >> kristen: since friday, here in the bay area, it was a weekend filled with memorials to remember the victims of sandy hook. in san francisco, st. mary's cathedral dedicated regular sunday mass to families in connecticut. in other cities, numerous vigils and memorials to the victims as people come to terms with the tragedy. tonight at 7:00 there will be a service of o the peninsula. it will take at first presbyterian church in burlingame. >> two key senators are calling for more restrictions on assault
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rifles. joe lieberman wants a commission to review national gun laws and national health system. he wants to close loopholes that allows gun buyers to avoid background checks. california senator dianne feinstein wants a vote on a assault weapons ban on the first day the congress is in session. >> it will ban the sale, transportation and possession but prospectively and it will ban the same for big clip drums or strips of more than ten bullets. >> gun rights groups remained silence since the shooting spree. rifle national association removed a tweet that celebrated 1.7 million likes on facebook. you can express your sympathy for the sandy hook school tragedy by posting this badge to
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the facebook wall. you can use it as show support for everyone in newtown, connecticut. we'll continue to cover the story and find the latest developments on our website and facebook page and twitter feeds. >> kristen: developing news from san francisco where firefighters rescued a man who was stuck in a chimney overnight. it happened around midnight at an apartment building near clay street in laurel heights neighborhood. it caused quite a commotion for people that live there. they don't know why the man was in the chimney but they say she was not trespassing. fire crews had to loseen several bricks to get him out. >> eric: there is light rain in spots out there.
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>> we'll get a little bit of sunshine but the rain is coming in. rain up in the valleys in the north bay and into the east bay the radar overshooting that overlevel rain right now. you can see when you look at the visibility, four miles of santa rosa. got to be rain and fog hanging around. sfo at 3 and half moon bay at one-quarter so worst is out around the coast. let's break down what is going to happen today. gusty winds through the morning hours, gusts up to 30 around half moon bay. santa rosa to 17 in fairfield. 13 in mountain view. 13 in oakland. it is a little breezy outside this morning. light rain and temperatures low to mid-50s. steadier rain will taper to 9:00 to a few showers around noon then isolated showers after 4:00. then the clouds clear out and
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temperatures dropping to the mid and upper 50s by 7:00. for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, mainly dry tomorrow. best chance of showers over the ocean, cold morning on wednesday and then the billing storm comes in for thursday. if you are headed to the sierra this morning, chains are required on 50, 80 and 88. so bring those and make sure you are handy. bay bridge toll plaza, breezy conditions, light traffic but it is very wet out. no delays on the upper deck. first look at san mateo bridge, light traffic headed in the westbound direction headed toward foster city. no delays here but windy conditions on all the spans this morning. a look at drive times, some of the busier commute still pretty good over the altamont pass through livermore. antioch, highway 4 at the limit and 80 into the macarthur maze just under 20 minutes.
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it's 4:40. >> a quiet drive turns nearly into a deadly accident. the frightening scene before firefighters got out there. >> the stepping out. pregnant duchess of cambridge makes her first public appearance
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>> kristen: it's 4:43. live look at the embarcadero. you can see the roads are wet. give the kids a big hug before they go to school and maybe a rain jacket. mike nicco will talk about how long the rain will stay with us in just a moment.
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>> more news for you. activist group anonymous is renewing a its attack on baptist church after the organization praised the actions of the shooter in the connecticut shooting massacre. kansas based church will picket saying god's will is punishing people because of gay marriage. here in the bay area people looking for ways to reach out to the grieving families in connecticut. since the shooting there have been grassroots and church organized vigils to help start the healing. tomas ramon asked local clergy what they are telling their parishioners. >> at morning mass in san francisco, this special prayer was written for the victims of newtown. the pastor of st. mary's says
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people have come there not just to pray but make some sense in the evil that occurred. >> in seeking to find consolation in the promise and hope of a god who feels with us and longs to help us. >> at glad memorial church, it helped the congregation celebrate life while recovering from the sorrow of the tragedy. reverend says the response has been incredible. >> i've never seen like it touched like this in more than 50 years. i've never seen it touched communities and individuals like this is doing. >> eric: this morning, alameda county sheriff's deputies are looking at a fatal collision between a pedestrian and train near hayward. it happened about 7:00 last night just outside the hayward city limits. tracks were shut down while authorities very investigated
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the name of the victim has not been released. >> the highway patrol is investigating a fiery accident in orinda. a car flipped over after the driver lost control of the vehicle as he was exiting on fish ranch road yesterday afternoon. the vehicle caught fire. alan wang was there before the fire department got to the scene. they managed to get out of the vehicle safely. >> authorities in contra costa are investigating a report of a rape on a popular hiking trail. woman says she was attacked on ma drone trail in regional wilderness in alamo. man was in his early 40s and walking a heavy set dog. according to the park service it happened wednesday around 3:30. they say the attacker grabbed the hiker by the hair and pulled her to the ground before raping her. the man ran off. >> eric: it happens every christmas season at somebody's house. today the san francisco fire department and other agencies
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will dramatically illustrate what can happen in your living room. they intentionally set a dried out christmas tree on fire showing you it only takes seconds to turn your home into a death trap. don't leave a live tree up for two weeks. keep it moist and don't put your waut tree near sources of heat. >> eric: i think a lot of people violate two week rule. they have to make sure plenty of water, right. plenty of water coming out of the sky this morning. >> there is the picture, especially a little wet around the embarcadero and standing water in the grooves as you look over to the southeast and seeing the port of oakland but you can't because of the light rain. best radar returns are still around from the east bay
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dumbarton bridge down to the santa cruz mountains. but we still have light rain everywhere when you get these strato form rains and they tend to be low to the ground. 84 going from about union city all the way back to close to the sunol grade. that is where we're seeing wet weather. heading down and just to the south of dumbarton, heading to 237 back to milpitas, getting better chances of rain there. also around page mill road. as we look at the big picture and put it into motion, more radar returns up to the north. that is the cold front. so steady rain this morning. cold front moves through this afternoon with a stray shower. temperatures very mild out ahead of the cold front. we're in the warm corridor and that is why we're getting light duration rain. low to mid-50s and monterey bay around 57. rain in the morning and few
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scattered showers in the afternoon hours. this is going to usher in some cold air once again. it will be frosty tonight but more so wednesday morning. then we'll have that heavy rain wednesday night into thursday with some gusty winds. here is our system. we're out in the warm sector for that is why we're getting the rain and cold front will come through and have showers. you can see the colder air behind it with the nature of those clouds. the rain is moving through at a pretty good clip. heading towards noon, more scattered showers and by 5:00, it's just about over. overnight the clouds clear and temperatures will be cool. a lot of 30s and 40s around the bay. as we head towards tomorrow, best chance of showers over the ocean and the rest of us is sunny. tomorrow night, we'll see frost in inland valleys. wednesday evening, some rain starts to move into north bay. noticed it's going to stay up
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there thursday night. thursday afternoon we'll have our best chance of heavier rain. temperatures about where they are right now for afternoon highs. we'll hang out in the 50s for the rest of the forecast. best chance for outdoor activities tuesday and wednesday. look at san rafael, southbound out of novato past lucas valley road where we have standing water and light traffic at this hour. no delays there, san jose, this is 87 in the northbound direction. you can see it's very light traffic at the julian off-ramp. this is an area that does get flooding when there is heavy rain. we'll keep an eye on the rest of the morning commute. big rig off to the shoulder. that is big rig is on fire so they are getting an extinguisher and tow truck is on the scene. may be slow down westbound 580. and silverado trail, downed
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power lines. >> duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance. she was a presenter at sports award show in london. duchess seemed composed and comfortable. the are expecting their first child. she was hospitalized for morning sickness a few weeks ago. a funeral is being eld for kate's nurse that was involved with the phone call. she was found dead in a london hospital days after the hoax was made public. family and friends will gather at a church in south india before burying her there. the dj's and radio station have publicly apologized. >> coming up, keeping an eye on the eye in the sky. why berkeley wants to keep surveillance drones out of their airspace. >> and sweet difference you can
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we have light rain in the central valley and up north, heavy snow through the morning hours and up north in the higher elevations, we're going to have temperatures around 39 in tahoe. 50s through central valley.
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heading down south, that is where we don't have any rain, clouds and sunshine and mid to upper 50s for los angeles and san diego. >> good morning. we've got light conditions out there at the bay bridge toll plaza but wet and windy. no metering lights and no delays but extra caution. extra time will be key this morning. problem in the dublin area, west 580 at san ramon road, big rig that caught fire. it's on a shoulder waiting for the tow truck to get the big rig out of there. santa rosa, south 101 and 880 toward 101. richmond city officials meet tomorrow to consider permits for reconstruction of the damaged portion of the chevron refinery. a pipeline ruptured in august causing an explosion and fire. this morning the san francisco chronicle chevron will have to lay off 500 workers if it doesn't get the permits by thursday. they want to replace the pipe with a metal alloy that will
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resist corrosion. corrosion is considered the likely cause of the explosion. >> more than 90 million americans will travel more than 50 miles this milled season and 90% of them will do it on the road. there is some good news. gas prices continued to fall. in california, it's 3.52 a gallon. bay area is averaging 3.71. most expensive is san francisco at 3.83. vallejo as cheapest prices at 3.49 a gallon. >> in berkeley, sit leaders will consider a proposal to declare it a no drone zone. they fear authorities will use the technology to spy on citizens. this proposal comes a week after alameda county supervisors tabled a plan by the sheriff's office to spend $31,000 on a surveillance drone.
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supervisors and sheriff came under criticism. earlier this month, a new formula hits store shelves in a first foo test markets including the bay area. this new diet pepsi formula contains a new sweetener. the change is designed to help the diet from degrading. it comes as pepsi trying to reinvigorate its brand. pepsi will start a new branding campaign next month. 4:57. it's getting off to a wet start. take a look outside towards the embarcadero. you see the wet streaks there. mike nicco is tracking the wet weather with live doppler 7-hd and sue hall is watching for problems on the commute. >> this morning, families begin the heartbreaking task of laying to rest the young victims of the
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connecticut school tragedy. next at 5:00, the words of come forfeiture president obama is offering them.
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it's monday morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. light rain for the most part but let's find out where it is right now with mike nicco. >> good question, it's just about everywhere. all reporting stations, light rain and drizzle. you can see the radar returns aren't quite as indicative as how widespread the rain is this morning. gree


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