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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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of the sunol grade heading down 80. 680 and 880 into milpitas. all the way to lawrence expressway and moffett field getting wet weather. best returns up in the santa cruz mountains. this is all moving west to east. it's going to be here through 9:00. it's also a little gusty out there. winds from 6-17 miles an hour, even up to 30 at the coast. once we get past noon, afternoon showers possible. we have light traffic coming out of marin county through the waldo tunnel on the golden gate bridge. you can see it is wet. it is windy out there. bridges use extra caution. you will have four lanes southbound. you can see haze over the camera as you look towards the golden gate fields area, berkeley and into the macarthur maze.
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it may be cloudy and limited visibility. here is commute times. 880 in southbound direction toward 238 and then 238 toward 84 and eastbound out of san rafael, 580 over to the richmond-san rafael bridge about 18 minutes. >> kristen: raining monday morning could be a challenging commute especially dangerous in the mountains. terry mcsweeney is live in the santa cruz mountains and terry, live doppler 7-hd says you should be getting wet and looks like you are. >> that live doppler 7-hd, it is correct. it's not coming down that hard but coming down since at least 3:30 this morning. it was coming down when he hit it and coming back from most of the ride this side of los gatos.
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we have rain to talk about up here. we have rain to talk about north of here. take a look at some pictures this morning from the golden gate bridge where the rain was coming down, a little harder than it is here. as i went from southern marin down to san jose, pockets of light rain, then it was dry, then there were stars above and then more rain. it's all over the map. i was coming down this way this morning. commute is not affected, the rain is really very light. it's being lit up by the lights we have on down here. there is the mist and some rain in places and some strong winds up in the north bay, as well. as of right now, not impacting the commute but it is coming down and has been for at least a few hours. >> eric: we're just minutes away from a live update on the school tragedy in connecticut. here are the top developments at
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5:00. a school nurse who survived the attack by taking cover beneath her desk is telling her story to abc news. sally says she heard the initial gunshots outside and the school secretary called out to her. she dove under her desk. you will hear the rest of her story coming up on "good morning america." in newtown they are sending their children to other schools as sandy hook remains closed. >> bay area schools are addressing concerns about school security as kids head back to the classrooms this morning. some school districts have reached out to police departments to review safety procedures. for other districts like in oakland, the threat of violence is something they deal with on a regular basis. teachers are being briefed on how to discuss any questions students might have about friday's shooting in connecticut amy hollyfield will have much more in a live report coming up
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in 30 minutes. >> out of the tragedy at sandy hook elementary there is a remarkable on story of survival this morning. a little girl teacher told her to play dead. she was the only one to make it out live. >> she was the first to run out of school building covered in blood from head to toe. in the first word said, mommy, i'm okay, but all my friends are dead. >> the pastor and the little girl's family is suffering survival's guilt. >> there are heavy hearts around the globe. as family and friends gathered for a service in newtown, president obama spoke to the crowd in hopes of starting the healing process for a hurting nation. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. today will be another difficult day for this grieving community. first victims will be laid to rest during funerals today and at last night's vigil, it was an emotional scene something this community and country will not soon forget. >> olivia, josephine. >> more than 900 mourners heard an emotional president obama admit the country has failed them. >> since i've been president this is the fourth time we've come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shootings. >> he will use the power of the presidency to stop the tragedy like the massacre of 26 children and adults at sandy hook. >> these tragedies must end and to end them we must change. >> an emotional reaction from the shattered community to the president's visit.
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>> it did mean a lot. >> we have six kids. like you said, that is how we will be judged. >> new and chilling details about the gunman's past have emerged. rampage ended ten minutes after it begin when lanza in the second classroom where he opened fire heard wailing sirens and shot himself once in the head. >> it was during the second classroom episode that he heard responders coming and apparently decided to take his own life. >> also this morning, new clues about the 20-year-old shooter. computers and videos were removed from the lanza family home that could provide clues into the motive. friends of the murdered mother said she became concerned last most about her son's behavioral issues. >> it was difficult to get him in regular life.
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>> all of the schools in the area are closed today and students from sandy hook elementary school will resume classes on wednesday at a nearby school. before you get away, we know police have been zeroing on adam and his mom. what more have we learned about them? >> reporter: abc news has learned that adam and his mother recently visited a local gun range. what they are trying to find out whether lanza would shoot there and if he attempted to purchase guns there. that is the center of the investigation. that is what they are looking into at this moment. >> thank you so much. you can express your sympathy for the victims sandy hook tragedy by posting this badge on your facebook wall. you can find it at and use it as show of support
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for people in newtown, connecticut. we'll continue to cover the story as it unfolds. find the latest developments at as well as our facebook page and twitter feeds. late last night it started to rain and it continued this morning. we saw the visibility pretty low this morning. >> that is what is waiting for you. light rain, water on the roadways, it's going to be slick commute this morning and you can see live doppler showing some radar returns with heavier rain up around napa heading over so lano we're getting some greens probably just light rain, more to the ground in an earnest fashion than anyplace else. two and a half movato, fog not a big issue in morning but the light rain is causing the reduction in visibility. it's very mild when you step out this morning. low to mid 50s and temperatures
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aren't going to change during the afternoon hours. be prepared for this during the afternoon hours. light rain through 7:00, a few showers through noon and showers will be less likely by 4:00 and clearing by 7:00 and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. scattered frost possible through tomorrow morning, it will be dry tuesday and best chance for showers over the ocean. frosty wednesday morning and thursday the bigger storm comes in with gusty winds and heavy rain. this morning it's light rain. could be causing problems with the commute. >> so far, so good. we have standing water and puddles, a lot of areas of slick roads. please do take extra caution. we are looking at live shot of san mateo bridge past industrial looking westbound with taillights headed toward the high-rise. servicing smooth sailing. we take a look at san rafael, passed lucas valley road.
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freitas parkway and light traffic, standing water through corte madera at sir francis drake boulevard. there was a problem on silverado trail in napa area. had downed power lines and still blocking the roadway, pg&e, so trancas road would be the best bet. san ramon, a big rig was on shoulder, it was on fire but that has been out so we are looking for a tow truck to arrive on the scene. i don't see much slowing past the scene in dublin but we'll follow it for you. sign of a crack in the fiscal cliff negotiations, both sides may be willing to make a deal. >> southwest settles a class action lawsuit. find out what it will
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>> eric: good monday morning, 5:14, a live look from rooftop camera. you see the bay and bay bridge in the background. there is light rain scattered around the bay area. we will show some of that to you and mike will show you the forecast with live doppler 7-hd. >> discussion about a controversial soccer field project, it continues when city
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council meets this evening. the proposed property is opposed by environmental groups and some residents. concerns include the impact on wildlife and airport safety issues. supporters say the city needs more athletic fields. the project is supported by a 5-1 vote from the planning commission. >> southwest airlines has settled a lawsuit worth an estimated $29 million for drink vouch there's didn't have an expiration date. the class action suit covers 6 million unredeemed drink tickets. it's when southwest changed their policy because people were abusing the system by using photocopies of the vouchers. with america accelerating to the so-called fiscal cliff. budget negotiations are picking up momentum. john boehner has reportedly offered a new proposal that would raise tax rates for
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earners making more than a million. the president's plan is for hiers rates on more than $250,000 a year. political analysts see it as the first step toward compromise. tax rates for most americans will go up at the beginning of the year if both sides don't reach the deal. >> kristen: post office is gearing up for the busiest day of the year. monday is christmas eve and busy day falls today. last day to get first class mail to ensure that it arrives by christmas. they expect 800 million pieces of mail to be handled today, that is 40% more than your average day. >> eric: get ready for more snow in the sierra. video shot this weekend from tahoe cam shows snow up there already. more expected, snow will fall and snow levels will continue to drop over the next few days. check it out, right there. viewer sent this photo near
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mounted conocti near lake ported. >> i think you need chain controls if you are going up to tahoe. >> tahoe winter storm warning it's heavy this morning. you need chains if you are heading up that way. they will get a break tuesday and wednesday and then heavy snow while we're getting the heavy rain for thursday. good morning. 5:17 on the dot and coming out crossing a wet golden gate bridge as you come into san francisco. let's take a look at live doppler 7-hd. best radar returns over in napa and solano, they are blue. let's focus in on the green which is normally some heavier rain or stronger radar returns. you see along mission boulevard, heading over to sunol grade and pleasanton and livermore is where we're seeing the best radar returns and also on 238 coming across hayward this morning. there is the latest update. you can see it heading over to
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calavares road and piedmont road. you can see those areas wet along with alum rock. steady rain through the morning hours and scattered, light showers during the afternoon hours. temperatures are very mild this morning. heading out it's coolest. concord, 52 degrees. mountain view, 56 degrees. monterey bay, low to mid-50s with light rain falling. morning, slight rain and scattered showers during the afternoon hours. frosty tonight and more so wednesday morning. it could be one of coolest mornings we've had this season and heavy rain and gusty winds for thursday will be much more impressive than what we're dealing with this morning. main system up to the north, that is where lotto is strongest winds and cold front trailing behind it. notice the colder air coming straight down from alaska once again. that is why i think we'll have
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frost in the next couple of days. best chance of steady rain from now through about noon. then it becomes scattered showers to even nothing by the evening hours. overnight, clouds clearing out and colder air rushing in. 10-20 degrees cooler tomorrow morning. best chance of showers over the ocean tomorrow and temperatures will be in the 30s in most areas wednesday morning. we'll be in the 50s under a partly sunny sky and get ready for the next system. tuesday and wednesday to get the yard prepped. periods of rain on friday. another storm is possible this coming weekend. >> with all that rain, we have standing water and likely a solo spinout is really big. 80 westbound, right near golden gate fields. solo spinout. you can see bunching on your
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screen as traffic is heading in the westbound direction toward university avenue. raindrops and wet conditions heading into san francisco on the upper deck. you can see light traffic, no metering lights but use extra caution. we're getting reports of very windy conditions, as well. bart may be a great alternative for you. on time and checking with all mass transit and no delays reported. everybody is looking good at this hour. 680 between 24 and 580 just over 15 minutes. then your drive 24 westbound caldecott, under 20 minutes. 101 san rafael still under 10 minutes. not a bad ride at 5:20 this morning. >> what a game the nine ers battle back after a huge lead against the patriots.
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>> giving back this holiday season, the group that wants you to pass on the random acts of kindness. >> and this afternoon, on katie, coping with the connecticut school shooting as the nation tries to understand are we serious at gun solutions. that is
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rain can feel like it's
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pretty wet. and light jacket this morning, definitely rain jacket. >> football fan is being treated at a massachusetts hospital after he fell out of the stands at the 49ers patriots game last night. fan fell from the stands into the tunnel where the visiting team leaves the field. man was alert and awake when he left in an ambulance. >> on the field the niners thought they had it under control after jumping out to lead. kaepernick was scored. they scored 28 unanswered points to tie the game. niners kept it and they corrected can michael crabtree and the team goes on to pete beat the patriots.
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they could win the n.f.c. title with a win in seattle next sunday night. tom brady, san mateo native. good. we needed that. 5:24. talking about the rain this morning. not very heavy but with the wind. it feels sloppy and cold. >> nuisance, right. >> pain to get around with that wet weather out there. take a look at live doppler, very light with blues and greens best radar returns around the santa cruz mountains where heavier rain fell during the overnight hours. you have seen a tapering of light rain and drizzle. here is a look at most of the state under the radar. i think north of bakersfield and fresno is where we're going to have wet weather for most of day. upper 60s down around san diego
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and palm springs. watch out up in the sierra it will be snowing for the better part of today. >> live shot of 80 berkeley we are witnessing a chp traffic break due to this earlier stall. a tough to see because of the rain blurring the screen but traffic is stopped right here past golden gate fields. chp is swerving back and forth to make sure the stall gets cleared out. expect delays in the area. traffic is stopped right now. we'll check back in a few minutes. golden gate bridge, southbound clear but wet. use extra caution this morning. a lot of spinouts out there and lots of standing water. you want to take extra care. >> eric: thank you. >> kristen: in the holiday season and kind gesture can go a long way. good people at the oakland
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farmer's market. people visiting jack london square where w a kind word encouraging those and free hugs from volunteers from happiness project. >> i was just walking by and look at tomatoes and somebody gave me this note. and asked me if i wanted a hug, i got two hugs from strangers, complete strangers, i thought was so heartwarming, with all what is going on around the world these days. >> along with random acts of kindness, it helps people with hunger, housing and employment needs. some were offering their dog for free hugs. as the nation comes to grips with the tragedy in connecticut we'll tell you what bay area schools are doing what teachers are ready to tell them. >> and one tight squeeze, a man spent his night inside akj;ñ;ñ;ç
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good monday morning, it's 5:29. we thank you for joining us. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. let's start off with a look at traffic because we have a problem on 80. >> that's right. it was a stall right past golden gate fields westbound on 80. chp is doing a traffic break. as you can see now they have let cars go. you can expect some delays if you are coming out of richmond westbound 80 but that stall is clear. for now traffic is moving toward the macarthur maze, one quick look at toll plaza, it is raining at the tolls but traffic is very light on the upper deck. for the latest rainfall let's check in with mike. >> good morning everybody.
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light rain just about everywhere this morning. live doppler radar picking up blues and greens. that is drizzle to light rain this morning. best chance of light rain right now, according to radar, hidden in the valleys we do have light rain falling. fremont all the way down 680 and 880 into milpitas, alum rock and eastern sections of san jose is heaviest rain is falling in the santa cruz mountains. we'll have waves of light rain during the morning commute and temperatures right now in the low to mid 50s. guess what our highs are is low to mid 50s. >> eric: in just a few hours first funerals will be held in connecticut. president obama promised a crowd he would do whatever he could to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. six-year-old jack and noal
5:31 am
will be laid to rest. jack's first love was football and new york giants. noah is survived but his twin sister who was at the school at the time of this senseless massacre. his family members say they have yet to tell his siblings how he passed. president obama served as comforter in chief, more than 900 mourners, packed the high school auditorium for the deeply emotional night. >> we offer you our tears and our pain, our anger and our sorrow. >> whatever portion of sadness we can share with you to ease this heavy load we will gladly bear. >> sobs were heard as he read the names of all 20 children whose lives were taken.
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after jack and noah are laid to rest the rest of the children will be buried later this week. next funeral is set for tomorrow for jessica raycoast. by all accounts the shooter, 20-year-old adam lanza kept mostly to himself. not many people knew him well. they saw no reason to fear him before friday's killing spree. a neighbor who baby sat him said he was a quiet kid. ryan craft lives in southern california and he never saw any red flags. >> he was really quiet. whenever we do doing something, we was really focused on it. it was like he was in his own world. >> coming up on "good morning america", the man who mentored adam lanza will give his as the nation still tries to understand why it happened. >> this morning, bay area students are going back to
5:33 am
school for the first time since the national tragedy. amy hollyfield is live at lake shore elementary school in san francisco. will students notice a difference? >> at this school the teachers are going to get some help. teachers' union sent out an e-mail with a guide to help steer the conversation so they will likely be having with students. they are expecting questions. they are expecting concerns from kids as they head back to school today. the president of the union says he thinks that talk is good. >> they are helped by honestly talking about what happened. you don't have to have the answer but you have to give the child an outlet. if you are concerned about your child's behavior, seek out a pediatrician or another caregiver. speak out professional. what the children are looking to
5:34 am
adults in their lives as parents and teachers to give them guidance. >> state california emergency management agency offers tips on the website, know your school's emergency action plan and know your alert system for parents and create or review your family's action plan. if you are aren't familiar with all these plans, today is a good day to start learning and asking questions about them. schools will be expecting a lot of questions today. it's going to be a day of reiterating and reinforcement. >> terry: weekend was filled with memorials who remember the victims of the sandy hook shooting here in the bay area. in san francisco, st. mary's cathedral dedicated regular mass to the families in connecticut and to those in pain across the country. numerous vigils and tributes were held as people here try to come to terms with the tragedy.
5:35 am
tonight at 7:00 they will be a service of remembrance on the peninsula. it will take place at first presbyterian church in burlingame on easton drive. >> joe leeb er man wants a commission to review national gun laws and mental health system to recommend changes. he wants to close loopholes to allow gun buyers to avoid background checks. democratic senator feinstein will call for a vote on an assault weapons ban the first day that congress is back in session. >> it will ban the sale the transfer and the possession not retro agoively but prospectively and will ban the same for big clip drums or strips of more than ten bullets. >> the senator, of course, from
5:36 am
the san francisco area, gun rights groups have remained silence since the shooting spree. national rifle association removed a tweet posted one day before which celebrated 1.7 million likes on facebook. activist group anonymous is renewing its attack on bat baptist church after the church praised the actions of shoot they are the connecticut shooting massacre. they will picket sandy hook elementary that god's will is punishing americans for supporting gay marriage. "abc 7 news" will continue to cover this story as it unfolds and find the latest developments on our website at as well as our facebook page and our twitter feeds. >> kristen: seems like weather is reflecting the mood.
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>> we started with some light rain even some drizzle and breezy at times with winds up to around 10-15 miles an hour. you see on doppler radar that we have the satellite and radar returns. we do have light rain just about everywhere this morning. lighted blue says indicative to the light rain. deeper moisture on water vapor imagery. drier air in the form of orange as we head into the afternoon hours. steady light rain this morning and few showers around noon and isolated shower by 4:00. notice our temperatures are in the low to mid 50s now and low to mid 50s through the afternoon hours. clearing will start in the evening hours and temperatures will drop quickly. you will need a heavier coat. mainly dry, best chance of a shower over the ocean on tuesday low to mid 50s. mid-50s on wednesday but that is after a frosty start. most of us will start in the 30s and even a few 20s inland and
5:38 am
strong storm with dusty winds and temperatures once again in the low to mid-50s. >> good morning. so far, so good. heavy traffic out of richmond due to an earlier stall. we saw the chp doing a traffic break. had everything momentarily halted before university but things are flowing again albeit heavy into the macarthur maze. this is north 87 and we do get flooding in this area right past hp pavilion. we'll keep our eye on that so far, so good. coming off the waldo grade, bridge patrol is telling us there is some mud in the right lanes as you approach the golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing nicely. all four lanes are open for southbound commute. a quiet drive turns into a
5:39 am
deadly accident in the east bay. next, only on 7, it was almost deadly i should say. frightening scene before firefighters got there. >> and stepping out the duchess of cambridge makes her fir
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>> eric: good morning, 5:42, live shot from the rooftop camera towards san francisco. you can see the ferry building, bay bridge, you can see the wet roads. there is rain out there. new this morning, san francisco firefighters rescued a man that was stuck in a chimney overnight. it happened around midnight at six-story building in the laurel heights neighborhood. rescue caused quite a commotion for people living there. they don't know why he was in the chimney and they had to loosen several bricks to get him out. >> this morning, alameda county sheriff's deputies are investigating a fatal collision between a pedestrian and train near hayward. it happened near the intersection of west blossom lane and times avenue around 7:00 last night. the tracks were shut down while authorities investigated the names of the victim has not been
5:43 am
released. >> the highway patrol is investigating a fiery accident in orinda. driver lost control of the vehicle as he was exiting highway 24. car flipped and caught fire. news reporter alan wang shot this video. he was there moments before the fire department arrived. driver and passenger got out safely. >> authorities in contra costa are investigating a rape on a popular hiking trail. woman said she was attacked on the ma drone trail in alamo. she says her attacker was in his early 40s and walking a heavy set dog. it happened last wednesday afternoon. they say the attacker grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground before raping her. >> today the san francisco fire department and other bay area agencies will try to keep it from happening to you. this morning they will intentionally set a dried out
5:44 am
christmas tree on fire to show it takes a few seconds to turn your home to a death trap. a few safety precautions don't leave a live tree up for longer than two weeks. get a stand filled with water at the base and don't put your tree near heat sources. >> time is running out if you want to ship your holiday gift for free. >> here is jane king. >> good morning. push for stronger gun control is on after the tragic killings in connecticut. dianne feinstein plans more efforts to month move a ban on assault weapons. dick durbin promising to hold hearings on gun rights but many republicans and democrats oppose gun regulation and congress is unlikely to pass new gun control legislation soon because the focus is right now on budget matters. >> meantime, fiscal cliff talks.
5:45 am
house speaker has agreed to raise taxes on households i think more than million dollars a year if president obama agrees to cut entitlement programs. online retailers gearing up for a busy day. flee shipping day, last day to arrive before christmas. it's 5:46. light rain in the bay area. >> just about everybody, everybody is getting moist. we take a look at, you see a few drops as we look toward the south. embarcadero center and the bridge. it's not too heavy, a mile away from where we are the live doppler 7-hd, that is some drizzle and possibly light rain where we see some green up to 80 approaching vallejo and over the santa cruz mountains. we see pulling away from napa
5:46 am
and heading toward green valley road and also wooden valley road heading into 80 where it is more of a valley where we're seeing our best radar returns. heading down to the south, san mateo we're looking hayward street, howard street, excuse me. fremont, same area, coming out of the sunol grade into 880 and 680 toward milpitas. big picture, you can see everybody getting nickel and dimed by light rain and snow falling in the sierra. six hour rain totals, a quarter of an inch in santa rosa where the rain came in first but the tapering considering just couple inches around san francisco and oakland and concord. hayward and san jose, nothing in measurable. low to mid 50s and himself
5:47 am
around the monterey bay. steady light rain through the morning hours. scattered showers in the afternoon hours. frosty tonight and more so wednesday night. then heavy rain and gusty winds, big storm coming in for thursday low pressure -- i'm joking. we're forecasting past the 21, we don't believe in the mayans. here is a look the showers for noon and then you can see how it clears out considerably by 5:00. as we head overnight into tomorrow morning, 30s inland valleys, 40s elsewhere. storm tracks over the ocean. best chance of showers, another reinforcing shot of cold air, tuesday night into wednesday morning, we're going to have 20s inland, 30s for the rest of us. by the time we get to that afternoon, high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50s. stronger storm coming in thursday and another storm for
5:48 am
saturday that will linger into sunday. it will be very stormy thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. >> live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see rain and cars driving in. minor back-up for paying cash but they are picking up a lot of standing water as you approach the bay bridge. problem in sunnyvale, earlier solo spinout, behind that a major accident now as well as this. the red line stretches from matilda with the serious accident in the two left lanes and one of our abc traffic spotters sending in photograph showing bumper-to-bumper traffic in northbound direction. if you want to download this app it's a free app, go to for more position at apple app store to navigate your commute which is a wet one
5:49 am
this morning. >> sue, thank you very much. kansas place are searching for a suspect wanted for shooting and killing two of their officers. the shooting outside a grocery store in topeka and two officers were responding to a reported of a suspicious vehicle. investigators found the car ten blocks away. they searched the house but did not find the suspect. >> person is recovering after authorities in texas say a gunman opened fire at a san antonio movie theater parking lot. he begin shooting and luckily no one was hit. the sheriff's department says an off-duty deputy working security spotted the gunman and shot him. no word on a possible motive or the condition of the accused gunman. in afghanistan a bomb killed ten young girls in eastern part of the country. it happened in a province about hundred miles east of the capital city of kabil. ten victims range in age from 9 to 13. two other girls were in critical
5:50 am
condition. an afghan official says the girls were gathering firewood when the bomb exploded. >> the duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance since her recent hospitalization. onlookers the duchess seemed composed and comfortable. she and her husband is expecting their first child. the duchess was hospitalized for acute morning sicknesses. >> keying an eye on the sky. why berkeley wants to keep surveillance drones out of its airspace. >> and diet pepsi
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welcome back. 5:54, you can see waves of light rain not only here but as you head up to the sierra. sue tells me you need chains on all the highways there. most of us in the 50s until you get down to southern california, mid to upper 60s there. let's head to the sierra, winter storm warning for the western slope as you head into lake tahoe. most of the snow is falling on the western slope. gusty winds b out of southeast.
5:54 am
>> trouble spots, sunnyvale, north 101 before matilda, solo spin swrout behind that two car accident in the two left lanes. taking a look at waze app, very slow. traffic spotters a complete stand still toward the lawrence expressway northbound 101. if you want to download this app it is free. once again expect delays from san jose up towards sunnyvale. richmond city officials meet tomorrow to consider permits for reconstruction of the damaged portion of the chevron refinery. a pipeline ruptured in august causing an explosion and fire. this morning san francisco chronicle chevron will have to lay off 600 workers if it doesn't get the permits by thursday. the company wants to replace the destroyed pipe with a metal alloy critics are pressuring
5:55 am
them to use stainless steel. corrosion is considered likely cause of the explosion. >> more than 90 million americans will travel more than 50 miles this season and 90% of them will do it on the road. gas prices continue to fall. in california costs 3.62 a gallon down 23 cents from mid-november. bay area, average price is 3.71 per gallon. the most expensive is in san francisco at 3.83. vallejo has the cheapest prices, 3.49 per gallon. >> in berkeley, they will consider a proposal tomorrow to declare the air a no drone zone. they report berkeley's peace and justice commission fears authorities will use the technology to spy on citizens. this proposal comes a week after alameda county supervisors tabled the plan by the sheriff's department to spend $31,000 grant to buy a surveillance drone.
5:56 am
they came under pressure by privacy advocates. diet pepsi tasting sweeter to you lately, your taste buds are right on. this new diet pepsi formula contains a sweetener and the change is designed to help the soda from degrading. they are reig to reinvigorate their brand. pepsi will launch a new rebranding campaign. you can see the new ingredient listed on the can and it will be interesting to see what people's response will be. next at 6:00, back on the storm watch, mike nicco is tracking the showers hitting the bay area right now with live doppler 7-hd. >> also ahead, saying goodbye, the funerals taking place today for the young victims of the sandy hook tragedy and cal
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a new storm has arrived in the bay area but a larger storm is on the way. >> first funeral in sand newtown is under way. >> and students will return to bay area and we'll learn more about the safety plans that are now underway. >> thanks for joining us. >> i'm eric thomas. let's get a look at the weather we were showing you on live doppler 7-hd. is it raining across the bay area. >> pretty much. a lot of us are receiving rain,


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