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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 19, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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what we know. two people were treated on the scene and there were eight customers inside of the post office at the time of the evacuation. over my shoulder you can see this is still very much an active scene. this is what we know, crews and haz-mat units are investigating a suspicious substance found on a package at the laurel branch in oakland. oakland police tell me oakland fire received a call around 10 a.m. that an employee had an unknown substance leaking from a package. in less than 20 minutes, officials had cleared the facility of employees and customers. outside the building in the parking lot two employees of the office office reported signs coughing and eye irritation. those two employees are receiving treatment from first responders. back live i can tell you the oakland postmaster general has arrived. they are evacuating the
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situation. no one has been allowed to pass the barrier because they've not cleared the area. we have seen some of the first responders remove the haz-mat gear they had been wearing giving an indication that whatever threat there may have been, it may not still be active. once again they have not cleared the scene. we are waiting for a special person to give us more information. once we do, we will update you. nick smith, abc7 news. president obama has set a deadline for gun control recommendations and he's not wasting time. other high profile calls to action out of washington today in the wake of the deadly connecticut school tragedy. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: lawmakers are asking for everything from military protection on school campuses to bans on weapons and ammunition. a single message of safety from many voices. with 20 elementary school children and six educators
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shot to death with a semi-automatic rifle in connecticut, president obama is taking steps to reduce gun violence. >> the president: i've asked the vice president to lead an effort to includes members of my cabinet and outside organizations to come up with a set of concrete proposals, no later than january, propose 5s that i intend to push without delay. -- >> reporter: lawmakers made their own proposals, nancy pelosi and fellow house democrats are calling for the swift passage of a bill which would ban assault magazines. representative mccarthy of new york who lost her husband and merely lost her son to gun violence echoes the president's sentiments now is the time to act. >> this time it is different. you know the time is different because there's so much anger. when you talk to people there's anger behind their voices. why are we allowing this to continue to happen? >> reporter: senator
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box taking the angle of school safety. she has introduced a new piece of legislation it would allow governors to call on the national guard to help with campus security. >> this could take the form of additional guards at school, as well as capital improvements such as stretch anyone the perimeters of the school and safety procedures itch >> reporter: unsenator boxer's proposal, the federal government would foot the bill. lawmakers are talking about keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill and requiring background checks at gun shows. nra will hold a news conference friday the group says it is prepared to make meaningful contributions so tragedies like sandy hook never happen again. katie marzullo, abc7 news. today several more funerals will take place, following the massacre, including one for teacher victoria soto, the 27-year-old died while trying to hide her
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students. the chief medical examiner is taking another approach to could having clues about the shooting of the law enforcement is hoping a gwinnettist can provide answers into the behind -- a againist can provide answers into the mine. again man. laura anthony will have a report tonight at 5. you can sign up for our breaking news alerts at traffic is moving slowly once again on i-5 this morning after a massive chain reaction crash near the oregon border north of yreka near the town of hornbrook. the freeway was shutdown all night, up to 60 cars and trucks were involved, 16 were hurt, eight taken to the hospital, chp says the mess was caused by black ice and people driving too fast. >> this morning we didn't have black ice although i was cold enough. we had thick frost this morning. good morning.
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here's the set-up as you look at live doppler, radar and satellite superimposed, you don't see radar returns, don't see satellite returns until you get well north those were the things that would have kept us a little warmer. without them high pressure, dry air and these are the coldest temperatures i could find by region in petaluma 21°, fremont east bay shore 24 san ramon east bay valleys 27 napa 28, santa clara south bay, palo alto 29 forest hill area of san francisco without frost, 35. the north bay saw some of the coldest temperatures this morning. check out what they had to deal with along the coast, frost that cold across the bay area. terry mcsweeney is live with what folks are dealing with in the south bay. >> reporter: i'm here at
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christmas in the park in front of the fairmont hotel in san jose. for weeks they've had this display up talking about jack frost nipping at your nose, you got santa's helpers cranking out the candy canes. today we got a taste of that chill in san jose near the border with saratoga, the cold weather left a calling card, a leaky pipe in this water heater. >> colder water coming into the house, ground water supply is colder when the older water heaters expire or start to leak. >> reporter: don't know what frosty the snowman is up to this morning frosty the parked car was everywhere you looked. frosty the lawn covering was out and frosty the bush topping was in full display at peet's coffee in san jose, met a person who told us with about his run in with jack frost. >> i realized when i walked out this morning it reminded me of colorado, i lived there
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for a long time. >> reporter: did you go back in and put more stu on? >> absolutely. -- >> reporter: tim and his dogma juror were enjoying the chilly morning. major -- major more so than tim. >> loves it. >> reporter: up in san francisco, also a bundle up kind of morning. the bundle upest one of the season for the folks downtown. in san jose these two men exiting a coffee shop neither ready for the weather after a workout. >> you run a little, workout, lift weights. >> reporter: you walk out no matter the temperature you are feeling ? >> until now >> reporter: you want me to -- stop this interview? >> yeah, that would be great. >> reporter: the only chance of a snow make making it now is if it is made out of cardboard atop a tree. mike is talking about real white stuff coming our way maybe not down here, but
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closer to us. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. south korea has elected its first female leader in more than 1,000 years. we'll hear from a bay area man with a close connection to the new president. >> reporter: people started lining up yesterday for a free bag of groceries. next, hear from humble volunteers and grateful recipients. real or fake? the disturbing viral video that appears to show an eagle trying to fly off with an infant.
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>> oakland firefighters investigating an early morning fire that sent a security guard to the hospital. stolen pick-up truck caught fire. the flames spread to nearby come commercial building where the security guard was inside he was taken to a hospital. in the south bay, fire at a home in campbell the scene of a criminal investigation. firefighters discovered a body inside a storage room where the fire broke out. investigators aren't sure how the fire started or whether foul play is involved. right now san francisco's glide memorial church is handing out groceries to thousands in need many camped out overnight in the cold for a chance at the food. amy hollyfield is live at glide with more. how long do they expect those supplies to hold out? >> reporter: they think they
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have another hour's worth of bags. they are still handing them out, they've been at it since 7:30 this morning it has been like this all morning a steady, constant stream of people. ellis street had to be shutdown to accommodate the mass of people waiting in line. reverend william was taken anback by the crowds and he's been doing this for -- 50 years. >> some of these folks have been here since 1:00 yesterday, god, that's something. >> reporter: the stories vary. one man told thus is his first time here and hopefully, his last. >> i don't get paid until next week. i'm low on funds this week. >> reporter: another is a veteran who lives on social security, 40% of it goes toward his rent. >> i live on a limited income and i barely make it each month. >> reporter: workers here say his story is becoming common
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the bulk of people they serve are seniors. >> it is growing. a lot of us in the business, if you will, we see this, we call it the silver tsunami. >> reporter: many volunteers work for the gap, corporate sponsor that makes this give away possible. >> i'm glad i'm doing this, i love giving back. it is a fun experience. >> reporter: then there are volunteers here on their own. >> something i thought about for years and haven't. so it is time. i can't give money but i can give my time. >> reporter: she enjoy it so much she signed up to volunteer sycamore times this month. >> i think it is a -- good thing if they didn't do this i wouldn't have a christmas. >> reporter: authorities expect to give out 5500 bags today this is open to anyone, you don't have to show proof of your need. reverend williams told me he knows people will hustle them
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but he says that's okay they are serving the masses and says that's what matters. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. you see amy with that big parka for warmth. soon she will need to trade it in for a rain jacket. >> 40° this morning some of those people standing in line, you might want to find something waterproof we have a couple chances of rain significant rain coming our way. i'll show you where and when.
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. we want to update you on our top story this morning. a post office in oakland the one at 3630 high street. i was closed haz-mat teams have been on the -- it was closed haz-mat team have been on the scene due to irritation coughing, eye injury to two post postal workers they determined it was pepper spray that leaked. now the post office is reopening they've been given the all-clear. they had a haz-mat situation
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at the post office they are now reopening after determining it was pepper spray. three top state department officers resigned today after a damning report into the attack on u.s. consulate in libya. four were killed, including ambassador stevens who is a bay area native. an independent panel blamed failures in state department leadership for security lapses in benghazi. the head of the state department's security service, one of his deputies and official from the mideast bureau have all stepped didn't. ambassador stevens' stepfather spoke with abc news this morning he says the report is upsetting because it reveals the nature of the decisions made and not made. he says it makes clear that people were remiss or didn't fulfill their responsibilities. south korea has elected its first female president in more than 1,000 years. conservative candidate park geun-hye called her victory a win for the people and says she will be a leader who honors her pledges.
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some korean-americans in the bay area were up watching returns of the landmark elections. a man talked to the -- a man said he taught the president-elect how to speak english. >> i remember how, she was smart girl. and she had a very good grade at school. >> he describes the newly elected leader as humble, active and charming lady. park is the daughter of former military ruler who was assassinated in 1979 park's rival liberal candidate has conceded. time to check the weather. you said 40 in the city colder than that elsewhere. >> the warmest cold i found was 43° at pier 1. the coldest san francisco temperature is 35 in the forest hill area.
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san jose this morning we had a lot of frost especially outside of downtown, saratoga, campbell, sunnyvale, los gatos. as we look from tamalpais towards sausalito, san francisco down to the san mateo bridge, a little hazier today as [ inaudible ] down at the ground level, check out live doppler, it is so quiet right now picking up clouds to the north where they will stay, a lot of sunshine in our forecast for today. let's talk about temperatures how far have we come since this morning? 40s everywhere 50 half moon bay and los gatos 47 san jose concord fremont. low 40s north bay. around the monterey bay inland mid 40s. monterey 51° the one area that didn't get to freezing in that area. today sunshine, cool this
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afternoon, almost as chilly tonight rain on the way thursday more so friday, saturday, sunday. high pressure sinking air the dry air the roadblock, if you will, keeping this next storm at bay not only today, but for the better part of tomorrow, except for in the north bay, and then all this will rush across the bay area in waves friday, saturday, sunday. here we are tomorrow morning lack of cloud cover, almost as cold, the coldest of the air moving east as we speak. sprinkles up along sonoma county coast, through most of the daylight hours. evening rush hour steadier rain starting to move into north bay 6:00, 7:00, yellows and oranges moderate rain in the mountains, through midnight, each computer run is taking this system a little slower. right now even at midnight stuck in the north bay. into the morning rush hour all
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of us will start to see light rain, friday's morning commute is going to be fun with rain for all of us. noon hour friday it becomes more scattered and not as long duration or steady. another wave starts to come in mind this to bring more heavy rain friday evening north bay reinforces showers for the rest of us. through friday evening, we see any type of rain remote when you get four inches in the mountains, something may happen up to an inch and half north bay valley, half inch east bay at best, third south bay, half inch peninsula, we add to those nearly double those totals as we head through the weekend, better chances of rain outside of the north bay. by monday and tuesday, it is over, looks like wednesday next week another system coming our bay -- our way with chilly rain then. we raised a lot of eyebrows with the viral video
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that has everybody talking an eagle tries to snatch an infant and takeoff. infant and takeoff. is it really and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. coming up at on katie christmas come early for sandy survivors. on abc7 news at 4, new online rules designed to protect your child's privacy online. then at 5, little glow fish that could hold the key to discovering lifesaving drugs. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. >> new video just posted on
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youtube has many wondering is it rail or fake? >> video -- shows a golden eagle swooping down and briefly snatching a toddler the cameraman runs to the baby to make sure he's okay. >> here it is again in slow-motion. this video has become an internet sensation since it was posted yesterday. turns out it is a hoax. >> the man y'all-based design school has confirmed it was -- the montreal-based design school has confirmed it was made by the students. they should get a's. >> rest of us need to research better. from all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> c]
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hey, baby. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. everybody is pulling for our returning contestant. we learned yesterday that she has done a lot of work with families of 9/11. there is nobody more deserving of a big win, and so far, she has banked $46,600. [cheers and applause] just 1 question away from round 2. from staten island, new york, please welcome lisa palma-m


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