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♪ a lie i can't tell so we wait for a crack in the shell ♪ ♪ yeah we wait for a crack in the shell ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: aimee mann, this is her new album. bonus song at jimmy kimmel thanks to eric stonestreet, l.a. reid. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, andy garcia, the latest castoffs from "dancing with the stars" and music from andy allo. good night.
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good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. dan and carolyn have the night off. a neighborhood evacuated in san mateo after volatile materials were discovered in a home on parrot drive. >> abc7 news reporter alan wang is there and joins us live with the latest. alan? >> let me show you the hole that the san mateo bomb squad dug up to detonate and bury some highly volatile
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chemicals. they also boarded up the windows to protect them from the concussion of the blast. but i am told the shock waves were so strong they still shattered every window. it started out as a hazardous materials clean up project called in by the wife of the former chem mystery -- chem mystery teacher who passed away. after analyzing the jars and jars of chemicals hazmat evacuated the met neighbors because two of the jars contained highly volatile chemicals. >> that was period we were told that was stuff that was taken care of on site. >> the acid is considered an explosive just like tnt and ether can be explosive. 500 homes are issued a warning. those neighbors who were evacuated are back in their
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homes. reporting live in san mateo, alan wang, abc7 news. bay freewa south bay freeway be a crime scene after it fired into a moving car. it happened near stevens creek boulevard. leslie brinkley is live there with the latest. leslie? >> that's right. the santa clara county sheriff's department is tonight asking for the public's help in solving a myst freeway shooting. >> chp and sheriff department is working on the trajectory of the bullets fired on wednesday afternoon. the victim was a u.s. marine driving a four-door sedan with a government license plate. around 1:00 on state route 85 between stevens creek and deanza he was shocked by the sound. >> he pulls over and quickly discovers he has been shot at multiple times by someone who was on the freeway or on the side of the the freeway.
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>> the marine called 911. >> he is fine. he received no injuries and fortunately no one else was in the vehicle as well. >> 85 was shutdown in both directions for about 45 minutes as detectives combed the freeway for shell casings and other evidence. no word on how many rounds were fired or why. >> the shooter could possibly face federal charges. again, anyone who was driving northbound or southbound on 85 around 1:00 is asked to call the santa clara county sheriff's department. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. a woman in oakland was killed when she was caught in the cross fire of a gunbattle. she was shot before international boulevard near 90th avenue. she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. no one else was injured. police have not made any arrests.
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investigators are trying to gather information from shooter adam lanza's computer, but having a hard time. fore were services for four children, the principal and teacher victoria soto. paul simon is a friend of soto's family and he sang one of her favorite songs. sandy hook survivors will return to school in january, but at a different school.crews crews are decorating their classrooms to look like their old school. the president called on congress to work on an assault weapons ban. he plans to released new policy proposals to reduce gun violence. >> the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we president cay steadily steadily -- does president mean we can't steadily reduce the violence. >> they will give the recommendation in january. >> the mourners received support from a sikh congress tbraw gages in -- congregation
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in fairfield. after a vigil thisy discussed issues such as guns and mental health. they also invited people of all religions to join them and further the conversation. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the school shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. we will sign up for the breaking news alert on abc7 a lawsuit has been filed by one of the hewlet packard's shareholders. last month hp wrote down the value of autonomy by $8.8 billion citing accounting mistakes. the suit says the company misrepresented the original value of the acquisition. hp says they are reviewing the claim and are not able to comment on it. the fight over thomas kincaid's estate is over. they have not made the details public. the two have been battling over the artist's estate since
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he died last april. >> they are notifying people south of market that a sex offender has moved into the market. david simons is a violent registered sex offender. he talked with worried residents tonight. there is a flier in every mailbox on mission street alerting the registered sex offender. the manager is uneasy. >> i don't really like it, but we are going to give it a try and see what happens. >> simons was just released from prison after serving 24 years. convicted of violent sex crimes against children under 14 years old. >> mr. simmons is classified as a sexually violent predator. parents and children have a right to be noticed and to protect themselves. >> patty pinele has a picture of simons on her phone. she works next door to his hotel. >> if he is out and about that really scares me. like i said, i am going to post his picture somehow and
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get it posted in our lobby. >> we found david simons using a pay phone at the hotel and tried to speak with him. >> the police have notified the neighbors who live around here. >> should they be concerned you are living here now. >> no comment from simons who is no longer on probation or parole. >> he is not on parole? he is not being watched? he should be supervised. jay he hopes his department never -- >> he hopes his department never has a need to be contacted in the future, but they are required to notify police if he ever moves. cornell bernard now news. now to sandhya patel with a look at weather with live doppler 7hd. >> we are headed toward another cold night. we are going to see some frost. let's check out live doppler 7hd. the skies are clear and dry air mass in place. the winds are light and the temperatures are falling already below freezing in fairfield. it is 31 degrees degrees and 32 in santa rosa. you know it is going to be a
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cold night. we had record cold temperatures this morning. oakland airport 34. san rafael 32 and salinas shattered their record at 30 degrees. we may be seeing more recordrow. cold tomorrow morning. i will let you know when the rain will arrive coming up. ama? larry? >> thank you, sandhya. crooks have a new target. animal lovers. the i team's dan noyes has the investigation. >> we found a woman caught up in a scheme that cost her money and a pet she desperately wanted. the i-team investigation is just ahead. >> and is the end of the world a few days away? the preparations so many people are taking right now.
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and get a head start on delicious homemade cookies. ♪ just pour, are out in full force this holiday season, and you are about to hear them in action. >> they identified a new angle the scammers are working on the internet, people searching for a puppy. >> and dan noyes is here with our investigation. >> these guys don't care what time of year it is, and who you are and how tight your finances are. they just want your money. >> it has been a tough year
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for debbie. after 30 years with the postal service she sliped coming off a truck and broke her ankle and heel. six months later she broke them again. and then she fell down the stairs and broke her other ankle. recovering from the surgeries has been difficult. debbie rarely leaves her apartment. >> within a matter of seconds your whole life can be turned upside down. >> with the holidays approaching debbie thought a puppy might lift her spirits, something small and easy to take care of. a tea cup yorkie. >> it will motivate me to get up and do more than i was doing at this point. jay debbie went on-line and found a woman who supposedly lives in pennsylvania with two yorkies she wants to give to a good home. she even sent pictures of the puppy. >> this particular one i was trying to obtain was two and a half pounds. adorable. i thought eli and i would be a pair for some years down the road. >> what was the deal? >> the deal was that all i had
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to do was pay the air fare of $200. >> debbie ig for -- debbie ignored the warning signs. she couldn't take a phone call because she was on busy and she wanted the money wired to a friend in palo alto. debbie went to send the money gram even though she had no clue she walked past a sign showing where her money was really headed. >> for one i thought i would never fall for something like i it. my emotions ran with me. >> it seemed legit. after paying the money debbie got her flight uh tin rather from -- itinerary from airport puppy move -- movers. storms meant she needed a special crate $250. a connecting flight in nashville got delayed and the puppy ran out of food. >> with that they requested $130 for dog food. >> that's a lot of dog food for a little dog. >> that's what my question was to them too. that's quite a bit of money to ask for dog food.
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how many dogs are being fed? dee >> debbie's tab was now more than $600 including the money transfers. finally she received this e-mail, the puppy was poisoned by bad food and would not make it. they needed $1500 worth of vaccines before she could fly. >> then the red flag went up. i knew that was it. i was bag scammed and it was going to be no dog. >> the puppy is at the airport. you need to pay $1,500. >> debbie reached the scammers on the phone. >> what's your name? >> i am -- >> on another call the same man had a different name. >> my name is joe jack -- jackson. >> joe jackson, you are over in africa somewhere. how are you going have a name like that? >> debbie was on to something. in the request for the $1500 the scammers asked her to wire the money to the city of
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duwala in the literal region of cameroon, west africa, the source of many internet scams. >> anytime you are asked to wire money you should realize that is an opportunity for fraud to occur. >> i spoke with an fbi agent in washington, d.c. who works with ic3, the internet crime complaint center. she says many nations around the world do not have laws that protect consumers against internet fraud, and prosecuting scammers is very challenging. >> working a cyber fraud case is very complicated. in part it is the concept of at trough biewtion. at trough biewtion. who said what? whose hands are on the keyboard? are they in the neighborhood? are they in the state? are they in the country? if they are outside the united states where are they? >> and look at this. i ran one of the photos they sent debbie through a google image search. the same picture appears in more than a hundred ads around the country and overseas,
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jermt -- germany and malaysia. same picture and very similar wording, but different supposed sellers. for debbie, it is not just about the money. she was so excited to get that puppy to help her through a difficult time. >> what do you think about what they did? >> i think it was a horrible thing. it was like somebody sucker punched me in the stomach. i am r50e67ing out now so nobody will experience what i was experiencing. >> from what money gram tells me the scammers had an accomplice. those three wire transfers were picked up in palo alto. but you don't have to show an id if it is under $899. so the person and the cash are long gone. i am adding links to ic3 and other resources on the pet scans at ama, larry? >> so disappointing for that woman. >> oh, the holidays, and she really wanted something to boost her spirits. it is not going to happen it looks like. >> hopefully she will get a dog one way or another.
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let's move to the forecast. >> just call me eyey. we have an icy cold night ahead as the temperatures are going down at or below freezing in some of the inland valleys by morning. that means you will see some frost. live doppler 7hd is showing you that it is clear outside, but our radar on mount saint huh lean -- helena will be tracking the next storm as early as tomorrow night. it will be coming in from the northwest. we will keep you ahead of the storm. freezing cold with some morning frost. watch out for the rain in the north bay tomorrow night. and it is going to be wet and windy on friday which is the start of winter. tomorrow morning we are heading into another cold one. 28 in napa and santa rosa. down to 30 in vallejo. 27 in fairfield. very dry air mass in place. bundle up. livermore 28. concord 30.
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mid30s around san jose, palo alto and half moon bay. certainly on the cold side you will need a sweater or jacket when you head out the door, scarf, gloves, you know the drill. we have a slow-moving system out of alaska. and when i say slow moving, i mean slow moving. tomorrow afternoon 1:00 p.m. the rain is still well to the north. you will see mostly sunny skies. the rain will start to arrive into the north bay and that's when the skies will cloud out by 5:00 p.m. as you head into the santa rosa area you will notice a little green showing up. but it is not until 9:00, 10:00 at night when the rain arrives across the north bay. then by 5:00 a.m. friday your morning commute looks messy. we will see light to moderate rain. behind the storm system, scattered showers. and then the showers will continue all day off and on by friday. by saturday morning another band of heavier rain is coming through at 2:00 a.m. we could see some snow around lake county. the cold nature of the storm means the potential for snow is there.
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as you look at 12:00 on saturday afternoon. it is partly sunny and we will see a few breaks and showers continuing. and the rainfall will look like this. by 12:00 p.m. on saturday we are looking at 5 inches in. less across the rest of the bay area. but with rain like this certainly count on the potential for urban and small stream flooding. we could see downed trees and power lines as a wind advisory is going up tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. and runs until 4:00 a.m. gusts up to 50 miles an hour combined with the wet ground will mean you have to watch out especially during that time period. sierra nevada will pick up several feet of snow. 2 to 5 feet of snow with gusts to 65 miles an hour. if you have travel plans heading there, carry your chains. you may encounter some delays. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures will be in the upper 40s to the upper 50s around the bay area. mostly sunny except in the north bay as i mentioned. and here is a look at your
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accu-weather seven-day forecast. rains arrives in the north bay. it is the start of winter at 3:12 in the morning. more rain over the weekend if you have last-minute holiday shopping, but by monday, which is christmas eve it is looking dry and a chance of rain on wednesday. >> perfect. thank you, sandhya. let's get to mike shumann in sports. warriors gave up 131 points tonight? >> to the sacramento kings. warriors hit the road for one night and the pesky sacramento kings always give them fits. tonight is no different. it didn't matter. details next in sports.
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the warriors return home from their longest trip with a franchise record six wins in seven tries. they were the hottest team until they ran into the kings. plenty of warriors fans made the trip to sacramento to support their team. david leigh continued his hot play. he passed the ball to lee and goes the distance. and yes he can.
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to fur debt and -- furdett. it is the fourth quarter and 13-point deficit. it is part of a 28-.7 board. it is a 112-111 lead. he fouled out with 32 points. the kings pull away with curry on the bench. bottom and they beat it for the second time this season. 121-137 the final. they can clinch with a win over the seahawks sunday night in seattle. this could be a trap game. the defense will have their hands full with running back lynch. the cal bears are the lead dog on this ground offensive sled. he gets into beast mode where one man cannot bring him down. >> he runs with low gravity. it takes more than one person to bring him down.
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it is a defense that it took one person to make the play which we never do. >> that game is prime time on sunday night. now, stanford has locked up the head football coach david shaw to a long-term contract extension. it is the second year of a four-year deal. the terms of the contract were not released by the school. coach shaw has lead with back to back 11 seasons. cardinals will face wisconsin in the rose bowl on january 1st. leading the way as usual for stanford the hoop and the foulment she had a game high 21 points and 15 rebounds. now tied at 45 and a little under a minute to go and gets the friendly roll.
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53-49 the final. if the world ends on friday it has been nice working with you guys. >> are you off the next two days ? >> i am off the next two. coming up, here is a way to get that christmas tree to fit in the house. but looks can be deceiving. >> find out how one family is making the holidays extra
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here is is a look at your wake up weather. freezing cold in the morning. areas of frost. make sure you get layers on. bundle up as you head out the door. mostly clear skies. sunrise at 7:21. 5:00 a.m., upper 20s to the low 40s. rain gets into the north bay by tomorrow night. it spreads across the entire bay area by friday. ama, larry some. >> it is too cold. here is is a look at what people are talking about tonight. this is what it has come to. a salt lake city company that makes bullet proof backpacks has seen demand for their product sky rocket. the back pans are lined with cevlar. the backpack makers say
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parents are looking for a new way to protect kids. one in four are preparing for what the mayan calendar says could be the end of the world this friday. and forget the christmas lights. take a look at this holiday illusion in seattle. the homeowner found the tree was too tall for his living room so he chopped up the top of it, and he put the rest of it on the top of his roof, and then he added the extra shingles and the roofing tiles that were added for extra affect. >> pretty good idea. >> it is very creative. >> i take it if the world is ending i will take this stuff tonight. >> what's the difference? >> that's it for us. "nightline" is next. >> thanks for joining usof this.
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others who had been considered for the honor, apple ceo tim cook and egypt's new president, mohamed morsi. we turn to the fallout from that report that blamed poor management at the state department for the deadly attack in benghazi. four staffers have been officially relieved of their duties, including eric boswell, assistant secretary for diplomatic security. his deputy, charlene lamb, and an official from near east affairs. >> frankly, the state department had not given benghazi the security, both physical and personnel resources, it needed. >> hearings on the benghazi issue continue on capitol hill today. but secretary of state hillary clinton will not be there. she's still recovering from a concussion. her testimony is expected next month.
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a giant blizzard is blowing across the middle of the country this morning, dumping up to a foot of snow from kansas to wisconsin. as gusty winds kick up, whiteout conditions have cars sliding off roads in nebraska. and long stretches of two major highways, interstate 70 and 80, had to be shut down in long stretches. visibility was so low, 600 flights had to be canceled in and out of denver. crews were working overtime to deice planes and clear runways. passengers were stuck there for hours. >> and this storm is impacting a very wide region this morning. >> that's right. for the latest, let's go to jim dickey at accuweather. >> good morning, rob and sunny. a powerful area of low pressure will bring blizzard conditions across the upper midwest. as we head on through the day, watch out in eastern iowa through wisconsin. wind-driven snow, winds in excess of 50, 60 miles an hour
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and visibility near zero. so dangerous to be on the roadways. when all is said and done, they're looking for a swath of 6 to 12 inches. rob and sunny, back to you. >> thanks a lot, jim. and now, are you ready? because beer is involved in our what? "favorite story of the day" today. it takes us to akron, ohio, where the thisty dog brewing company has created mayan last dog beer. i like it. >> and it's a chocolate stout brewed with honey and cocoa mint, which the brew master calls a super food. they say surprisingly it has a chocolatey flavor and you can also taste the honey. >> looks good. and, of course, all of this is to celebrate the end of the mayan calendar tomorrow. but if the apocalypse doesn't come, they'll keep brewing it any way. >> my question is, the end of the world. hasn't it come a couple of times already? this is like the fourth or fifth ending of th


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