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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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yesterday. coldest spot now walnut creek san ramon 28°, fairfield, concord 29, frosty livermore 32. napa about 33°. today we are going to have rain along the north bay coast late this afternoon, increasing clouds for everybody else near 50, quiet during the daylight hours low to mid 50s. good morning. roadwork picked up on the golden gate bridge it was down to one lane northbound that has been cleared four lanes headed southbound two lanes headed northbound and no delays. out of the central valley still a good ride, less than 20 minutes from the altamont up and over into livermore into the dublin pleasanton area no delays on westbound commute. roadwork until 7:00ei this morning north 101 peninsula,
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380 to airport!vw? boulevard, three lanes there and one-way control over devil slide due to paving work. a south bay community center ready to help make christmas brighter for thousands of families. amy hollyfield is live at sacred heart community service in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. peoplee behind me some you can't see because they are so bundled upb, it is very cold out here. here is a shot from years past what it looks like inside what they are camping out for at the sacred heart community service christmas toy box distribution. parents can pick out toys and books for children, they will hand out toys for 5,690 kids. parents say camping out overnight is the least they can do.
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>>ññve 37° and i'm just here because i do care of my threev÷ñ kids and i'm just -- i've been unfortunate this year and so i thank god for this organization and this morning has been a blessing to me and ç >> reporter: here's the kicker, these people have appoints -- have appointments the first one 10:00 guaranteed a spot whether they are at the front of the line or not, they say they are camping out to make sure. they say they are out here to try to avoid pushing. the couple at the front of the line say they waited 16 hours to secure that 10:00 appointment and go here this morning to be here for that 10:00 appointment at 2 a.m.. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. authorities are trying to locate witnesses who may have soon a shooting that shutdown
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a south bay freeway somebody shot at a moving car on highway 85 in cupertino 1e@, yesterday afternoon. chp trying to determine whether bullets were fired by someone on highway 85 or the side of the freeway. a marine recruiter was driving the sedan with a government plate. he was not injured. two windows were shattered. highway 85 was shutdown in both directions for :lj 45 minus as detectives investigated. in concord this morning police are warning shoppers to be careful after a woman was robbed in the parking lot of the sun valley mall near macy's 7:30 last night the>)/ n came at her from behind, pressed what she thinks was a gun against the back of her head and demanded money she didn't have cash the robber did get her credit card and driver's license. hours go back to court today in the fight of over a
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dispensaries. harborside health centers landlords are asking the government to madñ the club stop selling pot. [ unintelligible ] harborside officials say they are in full compliance with state and local regulations. oakland stands to lose millions in taxes if harborside were ed to close. one by one, -- each with fresh heartbreak the white house moves forward to prevent more tragedies like what happened at sandy hook. mar7pw greenblatt is live in connecticut. >> reporter:iziúk good morning. we are expecting more funeral processions to roll through town. that as the president is endorsing sweeping new gun restrictions. ♪ ♪ ♪ amazing grace
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♪ >> reporter: tears flowed freely neighboring communities came together for a tribute to newtown. >> benjamin, one of the greatest in heaven. processions seemed to spread across connecticut for the shooting victims, both children and adults, more than 100 firefighters honored young daniel who wanted to grow up to be one of them. >> upsetting that these young kids had their lives taken from them so early. >> reporter: mourners paid respect to teacher and principal. >> i think any teacher would do what she did. and not blink and just do whatever had to be done to protect those children. >> reporter: a rebirth of sorts also underway at a new school. some got their first look at their new classrooms on loan from a neighboring town. ç,dñz principal taking the helm will come out of retirement as
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former sandy hook principal in washington, president obama issued resounding call to action. >> the president: this is not some washington commission. >> reporter: the president announced powerful team of cabinet members now have the new task of creating immediate smoothings. vice president biden is wasting no time in getting to work he's expected to convene a teamú:ot top law enforcement officials in washington today to talk about implementing those reforms. mark greenblatt, abc7 news. >j=cát story is just sad, scam artists have started to prey on memories of the victims of the school tragedy. family of 6-year-old noah posner learned somebody was soliciting donations in the boy's memory. family members immediately reported it to police. switching gears, gas
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prices lowest level of the year and better news analysts say is that they will continue to drop, national average below $3.27. prices have dropped for the past 27 days energy experts predict prices could fall further, 20 cents per gallon less in 2013. >> i%/o filled my tank yesterday because i didn't want to stand out in the cold this morning driving in to get gas, planning ahead. >> that is planning ahead. mike has the forecast. >> cold. >> first time in a while i didn't have to put more than $60 in my car which was nice. live doppler north bay cloverdale on 1 picking up radar returns, picking up rain in the clouds right now -- near dutch creek road, dry year road, where our best
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radar return is now with light green showing up. southwest to northeast across the northern sections of our state oregon and washington that's why it going to take the better part of today to drop rain in our neighborhoods. here's how today plans out not as cold this morning east bay valleys just as cold as it was yesterday. clouds on the increase by noon, temperatures warmer also breezy low to8ún mid 50s there same through 4:00, rain moves into the north bay by 7:00, temperatures warmer this evening upper 40s to near 50°. tricky travel tomorrowoctdu, sty rain followed by showers, breezy, especially during the morning. rain followed by showers all the way through the weekend temperatures still in the mid to upper 50s. good morning. so far, so good if your
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travels take you out of novato southbound 101 past 37 into the terra linda area southward look towards lincoln, past the civic center, tail lights southbound moving nicely, no delays. golden gate bridge also looking good, into san francisco, live look at 80 east shore freeway past university avenue and ashby into emeryville moving well, busier than san rafael but not a problem towards the macarthur maze and bay bridge looking good as well. commute out of antioch not too bad if you are headed towards the pittsburg area, concord still 15 minutes westbound 34. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time. 5:10. next, china fights back. the letter from beijing5nk#g ta bay area lawmaker slamming
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warnings about imported dog food. mail to the chief. bay area students send their ideas to president obama, the big lesson behind a big letter-writing campaign. good morning.&ñ46h fiscal cliff jitters putting a damper on stocks, stocks slid yesterday for the first time this week investors sold as ñ avoidg the fiscal cliff seemed toavoidg grind to halt. irs says no deal could mean filing delays for 100 million taxpayers the agency would need weeks to adjust computers to calculate what would be a new alternative minimum rate. government is getting out of general motors company set to begin buying back 200 million shares from uncle sam, tax spares are -- taxpayer
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live look out our sutro tower camera across the bay clear, cold, not as cold as yesterday in most places.)jjt the rain is coming to everybody in a short while. [ inaudible ] this morning, hp faces first lawsuit over the acquisition of british software company.
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hp shareholder accuses the company of representing value hp says accounting fraud caused it1÷÷ to overestimate the value by almost nine billion dollars the suit names hp's ceo whitman and several directors. if you had a chance to talk to president obama, what would you ask him? students from around the bay are writing letters sharing their hopes for the future. education reporter leeann melendez. >> reporter: the letter is written to the president start out with a simple -- >> dear president obama. >> reporter: what follows are >> reporter: what follows ar --t curiosity, like do you wear a suit everyday? >> how do you feel about romney losing, do you feel sad for him? >> reporter: the fifth graders
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are participating in a program called mail to the chief.2;/ñ organized by handwriting without tears. the idea to encourage students to get interested in government. >> anything that you want to write is fine. >> reporter: this year the students have been happening in their communities, and around the world. they are not holding back. >> are you going to deal with the problems in egypt? >> what are you going to do about gangs? kids are getting shot. i can name five people who have been shot and killed. maybe start more programs to get kids out of gangs. were you ever in a gang? >> this is the generation that is going to be taking care of us. it is important they understand and have a world view and feel they can make a difference. >> reporter: the letters will be mailed out before the while they know the president is busy, they do expect him to
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respond. >> please take time to write back. you have been a helpful president and i think you will have a big impact on our country. >> reporter: sealed, signed and soon to be delivered. in san francisco, lee hand melendez, abc7 news. -- >> that's great. if your kid is thinking about writing the white house policy is they try to spoken to every piece of mail the staff does answer everything my son wrote a letter and sent got pictures back. thrilling for a kid. >> absolutely. [ unintelligible ] c+fññhgood morning looking fm vollmer peak east bay hills to
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the west clear outside -- let's take a look atçlç
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increasing breezes and temperatures today, dry then rain and milder temperatures tonight wet and windy, friday through sunday, high pressure making the storm move slowly and work, noon not much going on, except for mendocino county, steadier rain towards santa rosa by 5:00. moderate rain with yellows and oranges steadier rain along i-80 midnight then across all of our neighborhoods and it is here tomorrow morning for the commute. breezy during the)xó afternoon. fastest winds in the morning. towards saturday 4:00 in the morning another round of moderate rain that will move out by 9:00 and then waves of showers once again as we head into saturday afternoon and
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evening. rain totals least in the south bay up to an inch q
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interchange on to 101. if you travel on tiburon boulevard in the westbound traffic until they get that cleaned up. if you want to navigate your commute this morning or any morning download this free app at google play and apple app store. 5:21. coming up, from baseball star to celebrity judge. the giants' player who helped pick the new miss universe. talk about couch potatoes. why you will have 20,000 spuds to thank when you use wifi on
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. it was great and awesome and he waves at us. everyone that is watching channel 7, i wish tell a merry christmas. even more awesome, thank you, merry christmas right back at ya.kqíxk santa's arrival in mill valley was unconventional his sea plane made a smooth landing.
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he was carrying gifts for youngsters in the marin program it helps kids from low income families get involved in the arts. reindeer feed has gone up. i guess aviation gas is cheaper. that's what3y that w. >> rudolph had to get a makeover too. mike what is going on this morning? everybody may have a red nose especially in east bay valleys where it is coldest in v breezy this afternoon, rain moving into the north bay once the sun sets. right now the rain is well up to the northoo5 around mount shasta snow, rain crescent giu+y and eureka going to stay north today, if you are trying to get to tahoe now is the time because winter storm warning starting tomorrow morning 6 a.m. to 4 a.m. monday all weekend, snow
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levels down to 4,000 feet. light conditions at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights, no delays on the upper deck from the incline towards treasure island into san francisco. bart, muni, caltrain all mass transit on schedule this morning. roadwork with paving on devils slide one-way control in effect there. 5:26. 20-year-old beauty queen from rhode island is the new miss universe. last night)qr olivia culpo won title in las vegas. contestants were judged in gown and interview categories. pablo sandoval served as one of the 10 celebrity judges, i
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bet he hated that. what is airplane giant boeing with(t'eñ 20,000 potatoe? using them to fill seats on a test aircraft. boeing said it used potatoes to simulate the way humans spoken to electronic signals. engineers say it avoids filling the plane with hundreds of people for long periods of time who will want to go to the bathroom and things like that after the test, boeing donated the potatoes to a food bank, literally, couch potatoes. next, wife vs. girlfriend. the deal that settled battle over estate of popular bay area artist. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom. as the nation debates gun control today, grief and
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politics take over the tragedy in connecticut. funerals continue to crisscross the community. vice president biden is setting out on a sol
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good thursday morning. 5:30 a.m. it is cold out there. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. coldest temperature now san ramon 27°. good morning. here's radar and satellite up to the north waiting for the next system from the northwest, seeing moisture in the clouds this morning, clouds over the north bay nothing reaching the ground those clouds are keeping temperatures up in the
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north bay 33 napa, mid 30s san rafael and santa rosa. concord 29, fairfield 28, livermore 32. all those areas gáhb[jt frost now. 38 san jose, 42 oakland, 44 san francisco. increasing clouds and breezes today low to mid 50s. good morning. hayward industrial, clawiter san mateo bridge from the toll heading west good company you will find yourself at the limit from the flat section to foster city. eastbound not bad, light conditions. roadwork north 101 four left lanes from 380 to airport boulevard until 7:00 this morning. busier commutes now 580 westbound highway 4 westbound and 80 westbound towards macarthur maze. this morning people who
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live in a san mateo neighborhood are back home after being evacuated. a woman found highly volatile chemicals in her garage. the bomb squad dug a hole and detonated the materials officials say two jars contained acid and ether, the acid is considered an explosive, and ether can become explosive if it is exposed to oxygen over time. the woman who lives there is the wife of a former chemistry teacher who pass weighed in january. this morning, south bay investigators asking for the public's help in finding the person who shot at a moving car on highway 85 near stevens creek boulevard. marine recruiter was fired at while driving around 1 yesterday afternoon. chp and santa clara county sheriff's off are calculating the trajectories of the bullets. the victim was drive with government plates he was
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shocked. >> pop from the back of one of his windows he pulls over and discovers he's been shot at multiple times by someone either on the freeway or on the side of the freeway we can't confirmed that yet. >> he's fine, he received no injuries. >> highway 85 was shutdown in both directions for 45 minutes. police are investigating a fatal shooting that killed a woman who was caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. she was shot on international boulevard near 90th in oakland around 7:00 last night. she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. the tribune reports the woman was walking to a store with a relative when she was hit. no one else was injured. police have not made any arrests. vice president by end will today convene his first meetings to find ways to reduce gun violence in america
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in the wake of the connecticut school massacre. more young victims will be buried today. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. more than two dozen funerals for children, teachers and faculty shot in newton, connecticut. this morning the country's second in command begins his new task of finding ways to prevent similar mass shootings. tropical depression the vice president will meet with law enforcement officers from around the country. the president is pressing lawmakers to reinstate a ban on military-style assault weapons. the tragedy at sandy hook element there appears to be to have been -- elementary, appears to have been a tipping point. even a gun rights democrat suggests something has chained. >> i will deficient the second amendment to my dying breath i'm a proud owner and live time member with the nra i've always been i also have a responsible to say come to the
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table, i want to hear both sides. >> reporter: there will be more services today. abc news in new york reports there will be five funerals and six wakes there were nine funerals and wakes, yesterday including knows for a teacher and principal. the shooter and his mother nancy we heard about her concern for her son and his mental health. cnn is reporting the day before her death she returned from a short trip alone to a luxury resort in new hampshire. friends say in recent years she felt comfortable leaving adam at home, unsupervisedded. katie marzullo, abc7 news. -- santa clara county leaders will hold a vigil tonight for the victims of the school tragedy last night members of the bay area sikh community gathered to offer their prayers. after the vigil in fairfield, there was a discussion about issues related to the tradition including gun
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control and mental health aid. the congregation is inviting peep of all religions for another service sunday tonight's vigil at the santa clara government center starting 6:30. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the tragedy in newtown. you can sign up for breaking news alerts at waking up to chilly temperatures and possibility of frosty car windshields as cold snap around the bay area continues. terry mcsweeney is live in santa rosa. >> reporter: what we got is 36° the same temperature it is now in new york city. not quite as much going on in santa rosa as in new york city, although we have 24 hour jelly doughnut available. we came to talk to people about what it is like for them getting hot coffee on a chilly morning when reality set in look at a picture this is travis and his friend nadine.
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these folks are homeless and they are dealing with this weather 24/7. they can't go home, because they don't have one. >> it is miserable. you find ways to stay warm and make the best of it. >> reporter: what are some of the ways you stay warm in the 20s and 30s? >> double up on clothing. more material. >> reporter: travis says it is good for him to keep moving. he likes to keep moving during the coldest parts of the weather that is generally obviously in the early morning hours he is moving around now looking for aluminum cans. something to keep in mind as you go through this cold snap, travis is keeping in mind, about 5:00 this evening they are expecting rain here. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. you see terry has again to
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the scarf that lets you know it is -- has gone to the scarf, that lets you know it is chilly. >> he mentioned rain coming in giving cloud cover ahead i guess you can call that a blessing this morning. exactly. blanket effect that's why we knew it wouldn't be as coal this morning as it was yesterday morning. -- -- light blue in the north bay, extreme northwest corner of sonoma county, rain going to stay ina too much dry air under it. wind keeping temperature up out of the southeast 10 in oakland, six mile per hour wind hayward and mountain view a little wind chill this morning. as far as what is going to happen today, let's break it down, not as cold except for east bay valleys this morning, just as cold as it was yesterday starting off in the 30s inland low to mid 40s the rest of us.
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noon clouds start to increase temperatures will too so will breezes low to mid 50s, low to mid 50s through 4:00, at 7:00 warmer with cloud cover upper 40s to low 50s. rain moves in at 5:00 tonight into the north bay across all neighborhoods through tomorrow, breezy with tricky travel more rain mid to upper 50s. nice conditions on 80 westbound out of richmond el cerrito towards berkeley and the emeryville area everything at the limit towards the macarthur maze. no delays at bay bridge toll, if you are traveling san jose northbound 87, past hp pavilion julian exit everybody at the limit, clear, smooth sailing, no delays. out of antioch slow highway 4 westbound drive into concord
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about less than 20 minutes from antioch. out of the central valley, slow from tracy and 205 up and over altamont pass into livermore and dublin pleasanton area, 20 two minute drive from westbound -- 22 minute drive from westbound 580 no stalls or accidents to make your way into 680/580 inter . 680 out of walnut creek moving nicely as well southbound into dublin. -- this morning the fight for painer thomas kincade's 66 million dollar estate is over, -- his estranged wife and live-in girlfriend have reached a settlement. nanette kincade and amy pinto have been battling since he died last april. in a few hour the california public utilities commission is scheduled to vote on pg&e's request for rate increase to help pay for
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the utilities two billion dollar safety plan. senator hill will urge the cpuc to adopt a judge's recommendation that ratepayers pay only 55%, pg&e requested customers pay more than 90%. saying ratepayers should pay for the majority because the upgrade is being undertaken to comply with new regulations. upgrades come in the wake of that deadly pipeline explosion that destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno two years ago. paroled sex offender moves into a san francisco neighborhood. the efforts police are making to warn people in the area. some popular vehicles on the road put to the crash test. ñañúa
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5:44. welcome back. san francisco police notifying people who live south of market that a sex offender has moved into their neighborhood. 53-year-old david simons a violent registered sex offender there's a flier in every mailbox alerting tenants. abc7 news found him using a a phone last night.
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he no comment he was just released after serving 24 years convicted of violent sex crimes with minors under 14. >> classified as sexually violent predator, parents, children have a right to be noticed. >> i don't like it, but we're going to give it a try and see what happens. >> simons is no longer on probation or parole he's required to notify police if he ever moves. america's most popular car is getting the worst marks in a new crash test. toyota's 2013 camry earned a poor rating in the recent crash test. the auto safety group says the front wheel was pushed back, bending the passenger compartment foot well in. the prius the hybrid wagon also performed poorly only the 2013 accord and suzuki suzuki
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received top rating of good. 5:45. you might be surprised to hear what kind of a raise some of your co-workers are about to get. >> what are you getting? >> wouldn't you like to know. good morning. semi-automatic rifles sold out at many wal-marts prices for magazines surging on ebay as people stock up on firearms. gun shop in charlotte, north carolina more than a million dollars in sales the best day since 1959. combat games -- ups will deliver 28 million packages today, busiest day for returns is january 3rd. are you getting a pay raise? one of your colleagues may be getting a bigger one than you.
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3%, fortune magazine says star performers are getting raises twice that. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. early christmas travelers encountering major weather problems across the midwest, powerful storm dumping blizzard conditions in some areas this is des moines, iowa, heavy snow started coming didn't yesterday and will continue until noon today in colorado, drivers are maneuvering through dicey conditions, if you are traveling to or from o'hare, one of the busiest in the world, expect delays, snow and strong winds may affect visibility. in conditions like that they have to deice wings because ice builds up. >> we could expect delays not just at o'hare but nationwide, right? >> yeah, definitely a dom -- definitely a domino effect.
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use our flight tracker at 5:47. you can see from sutro tower san francisco looks clear even oakland, al dark san leandro looks nice now. clouds and radar returns up north there's noise in those clouds not making it to the ground undercut by dry air, clouds will stabilize temperatures this morning. i think -- napa 32, frost there, around redwood city 33, 29 live more and concord, 27 fairfield, 39 san jose, 43 oakland, 44 san francisco mid 30s monterey bay 28 in gilroy.
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today we'll see increase in clouds, breezes, in temperatures also rain coming in tonight for all of us won't be as coal tomorrow morning periods of wet and -- be as cold tomorrow morning, parties of wet and windy weather with the counterclockwise flow around that low, going to pin wheel energy going to have moisture that will give us rain and winds, rain could be heavy at times, 5:00 steadier rain, moving into santa rosa sprinkles north bay head of that. midnight i-80 corridor steadier rain moderate north bay, moderate rain to tapering to light rain across the bay during tomorrow's morning commute, showers developing as we head into the afternoon hours, have the wet weather gear handy friday. another round of moderate rain across the bay area overnight, saturday 4:00, 5:00 heaviest,
5:49 am
saturday morning into the afternoon, scattered showers once again. totals impressive north bay mountains, rivers not expecting flooding up to five inches, two to four inches north bay up to an inch or two around most of our bay area neighborhoods. 50s through sunday, sprinkle possible monday morning, monday afternoon and tuesday for sure dry. bay bridge toll good morning happy thursday almost to friday and holiday weekend, nice, minor delays westbound with cash paying folks otherwise traffic getting by, no delays at metering lights i should say they are not on yet easy traffic on upper deck into san francisco. bart delay fremont line some sort of obstruction debris on tracks train leaving both directions out of the south hayward station you will find 10 to 15 minute delays no
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other mass transit delays. first reports of accident 580 at isabel in the median. 5:50. if you haven't finished your holiday shopping, you are in luck. coming up the big discounts shoppers can expect. vote on capitol hill aimed at getting the white house and republicans to get the nation away from the fiscal cliff.
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welcome back. house speaker boehner is planning a vote on a republican plan to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff plan b would block tax increases beginning january 1st. he hopes to put more pressure on pfpls. -- to put more pressure on president obama to make concessions. if your holiday shopping procrastinator you are in luck many stores have been holding back and big deals and expected to roll out savings this final weekend before christmas. analysts say shoppers can expect 70% off and buy one get one free.ets signs even higher retailers are expected to slash prices holiday sales are
5:54 am
down 4% from last year online sales have increased. >> let's check in with mike for a look at the weather. good morning. going to have mid to upper 50s today, increasing clouds and breezy, sprinkles north bay during the daylight hours best chance of rain reaching the bay will be after the sun sets especially overnight into tomorrow morning. you can see this afternoon to our north low to mid 60s sunshine down south tahoe we all want to ski in powder but you have to leave today, heavy snow starts tomorrow morning through the weekend. snow level down to 4,000 feet, two to five feet of snow above
5:55 am
7,000 feet, winds 65 to 100 miles per hour. good morning. nice conditions leaving novato past highway 37 ignacio towards terra linda and san rafael at the limit tail lights southbound headlights northbound towards the golden gate bridge, four lanes southbound nice commute off the waldo grade, beautiful clear morning bart delay 10 to 15 minutes fremont line both directions from south hayward due to debris on tracks no other mass transit problems accident in livermore west 580 isabel in the median. new survey this morning says more teenagers are smoking marijuana and they don't think the drug is harmful. according to university of michigan researchers, 6 1/2% of high school seniors say they smoke pot everyday, 10th graders 3 1/2% %, 1% among 8th
5:56 am
graders. fewer teens are using ecstasy and vicodin to get high. as the clock ticks towards december 31st, the space agency is being flooded with questions about the end of the world. nasa getting calls and e-mails people asking if the mayan calendar says the world will end tomorrow? others want to know if a rogue planet is poised to crash into earth or if the sun will explode in the next 24 hours? many questions routed to mountain view, he spends several hours a day reassuring people that everything will still be here december 22ndã÷ next, another frigid morning, mike with parts of the bay area waking up to the happening now in the south bringing out hundreds of families obvious night. why they say they needed to be out -- -- they needed to be
5:57 am
out there at this hour. investigation into the death of ambassador stevens takes a new turn this morning.
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happening now at 6:00 another cold morning. that's not stopping needy families from waiting for holiday help. >> [ inaudible ] 6:00,qjyj daylight couldn't come


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