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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live doppler 7 hd, you can see dry this morning and mild with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in most neighborhoods, napa 40, concord 41, 40 fairfield and livermore san jose 43, fremont, mountain view, los gatos 46, 48 san rafael and san francisco, 45 in oakland this afternoon sunny conditions, going to be a bright day hovering in most areas in the low to mid 50s, more rain on the way. details coming up. back to the bay bridge toll no problems, very light, a few headlights towards the toll and incline and upper deck no problems. san mateo bridge same thing, a few cars headed both directions between peninsula and east bay, everything at the limit, no problems with
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stalls or accidents. west 80 at richmond parkway blocking left lane and east 580 at macarthur boulevard oakland area blocking right lane. police on the pins -- on the peninsula caught a thief stealing credit cards from the mail before they were delivered. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: this guy delivered mail for the u.s. postal service in san mateo county, a lot of mail never got to the mailboxes where they were suppose go the person accused is 38-year-old row people -- romeo natan of san bruno. prosecutors say he's a first class felon, stole 3,000
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pieces of mail information from that mail for credit cards, got 'em then went shopping. >> you and i as victims may not know there was a credit card envelope taken out of my mail and somebody fill it out and put my name on it and got a credit card >> it is sad because they are trusted to handle those things. it is bad enough people are stealing packages off porches, now you have to worry about the postal service, disheartening. allegedly gave credit cards to at least three of his friends. he appears in video at a target store using stolen credit cards, natan has pleaded not guilty he's being held on $150,000 bail. he will be in court today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the san francisco woman
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charged with killing a pedestrian during a hit-and-run at twin peaks will be back in court next monday. 23-year-old gina eunice remains in jail charged with felony dui. she did not a plea during that court appearance yesterday. she is accused of being drunk behind the wheel and taking off after plowing her car into a group of pedestrians last week. one woman died at the hospital. bail was set at two million dollars. state investigators plan to look into deadly fall that took the life of a construction worker in san francisco he plunged between 12 and 35 feet yesterday while working on a house built near the west portal district he was unconscious when co-workers found him. firefighters needed to use ropes to reach him he died after being rushed to the hospital. neighbors in antioch can get a peek at progress made to
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build a local playground torched by vandals at city park in september. local group called tack back antioch has raised $8500 so far, --. today the utility will present a giant check at 10 a.m. insurance will cover rest of the $$250,000 repair bill. thieves are hitting the malls in large numbers taking full advantage of the large crowds. after getting caught on video police have nabbed a group of shoplifters behind a string of outrageous thefts. >> reporter: police say if you look closely at these women their bags were empty when they entered the store in san francisco's laurel heights. >> they fill it up in the store and usually just run out and they make away with the merchandise. >> reporter: they were
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arrested after police say they stole from the gymboree walked a few doors down and tried to steal from the gap. one had mace. >> if they get stopped, they will turn around and spray them in the face to distract them to buy them more time >> reporter: these women were no strangers to the store the clerk immediately recognized them from past shoplifting incidents one had a stay away order for this store. they've reportedly stolen from the gymboree at least 10 times in front of the store employees. they've reportedly threatened employees at the gymboree and gap as they walked out with merchandise. because petty theft is a misdemeanor police say many shoplifters believe the payoff outweighs the risk. >> we believe that they may be linked to other thefts that
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occurred throughout the bay area, retail stores. >> reporter: police say they've return -- they would return the goods for cash at affiliated stores. the hope is others have captured these women on cameras and can help convict them for what is believed to be a string of brazen crimes. alan wang, abc7 news. if you are heading down the california coast today we have a traffic alert. caltrans will be allowing only controlled traffic through a major rock slide area near big sur this morning. boulders and road damage have closed a stretch of highway 1 from big sur inn since sunday. caltrans will control one lane for use at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m. today. in east palo alto, water district workers are keeping a close eye on san francisquito creek. earlier this week the creek flooded causing evacuation of seven homes and ann
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leak. repairs have been made and so far, so good. >> it is looking fine as long as we don't get any moreñv.iiq#6 precipitation. we assessing damage. >> residents say flooding happens all the time, city officials are aware and hope a public works project scheduled for the spring will fix things once and for all. before we get to that project, we still have storms left to deal with, including one heading our way tomorrow, right mike? [ inaudible ] good morning. let's look at cloud cover, live doppler 7 hd just picking up dry air right now. let's talk about the rainfall, 101% in livermore, 141% in san jose, san francisco 144, oakland 145, santa rosa 168%
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of average we are all running a surplus. mostly cloudy, that's what we have this morning. 40s, more sun through theee, afternoon, low to mid 50s, a lot of -- cooler you may need a heavier coat, low to mid 40s. light rain tomorrow,1,@ñ sprinks in the morning, light rain afternoon and evening. a few showers lingering around saturday and dry for sure and sunny and a little warmer sunday. expecting we'll be following itb/b4u all morning to san jose7 northbound past hp pavilion at julianyjj!ña l
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101 out of novato past lucas san rafael, looking good, headlights headed southbound on 101, if you are driving from antioch towards pittsburg into concord not a bad ride, 5:10 on your thursday morning drive under 15 minutes, hillcrest 242 nice. out of the central valley good ride a little minor slowing under 50 five, as you make your way from tracy -- towards the altamont pass less thanu4u 0 minutes to the 580/680 junction. eastbound carquinez bridge three left lanes blocked with roadwork until 8:00 no significant slowing. 5:10. outpouring of support in newtown, connecticut in the wake of the devastating school shooting. why thex& town is asking people to stop sending their condolences. another delay for commercial crab fishermen in
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mendocino county. find out when they are hoping the season will start. >> first america's money report. good morning. toyota has agreed to one of the largest settlements involving auto defect claims, 1.1 billion dollar deal to settle a class action suit involving complaints vehicles unintentionally accelerated. -- to put up gains. up 6.9%7$y sincen=up: january. holiday sales turning out to be weaks since 2008, sales in two months leading up to countries just up 7/10 of a percent from last year. some starbucks are saving a political message. the ceo is askingly is in washington, d.c. starbucks to write "come together" on cups today and tomorrow to lawmakers to keep th
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. good morning. the clock on the wall says 5:14 on this thursday morning. you are looking live from our camera towards the embarcadero
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and bay bridge, it is dry this break won't last long. stop that's the word from local leaders in newtown, connecticut when it comes to sending gifts. town leaders say they appreciate the sentiment but their small community is overwhelmed. several streets are lined with shrines and items keep pouring in, they are filling local warehouses from school supplies to children's artwork has been sent to help the small town recover from the shooting that left 20 first graders and six ed kay are fors dead. the fund to support newtown has -- has flown to -- has grown to 3 1/2 million dollars. the treasury department will begin using special accounting measures this week to keep the nation from maxing out its 16.4 trillion dollar
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line of credit. geithner says that the department will take several accounting measures to save 200 billion dollars, beginning next year otherwise the nation would hit debt limit on december 31st. u.s. borrows 100 billion dollars a month to help finance operations. the extra measures will keep the government from reaching the limit for another two months. weather is the only thing keeping the late steve jobs' yacht from leaving port in a.m. dam. until now it had -- amsterdam. until now it had been impounded by the ship's designer who claim the estate owed him money. the estate paid to resolve that dispute. the yacht will likely stay in port because of weather. the 127 million dollar vessel is headed for california. crab fishermen authority of the bay area will get two more weeks of unwanted vacation. california department of fish
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and game has moved back the start of the season to january 15th. the season was supposed to begin at start of december for men seen know county and points north. fish -- fish and game says the crab has not yet developed enough meat. 5:17. we want to keep an eye on what is a not storm today, just today. >> we get a break today. >> is that an official weather term, a not storm? >> yes,, okay. >> thanks for pretending along. >> yes, if katie says so, it is to be. is what i was told. good morning, from sutro tower you can see it is quiet across san francisco towards the east bay hills. cloud cover no rain the air-dry, no need for the wet weather gear this morning, let's talk about temperatures,
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i just updated them with we dipped into the 30s, 39 fairfield, coolest, 40 napa, 41 livermore and concord, san jose and santa rosa 42° in the mid to upper 40s, 50 half moon bay. 50 monterey, everybody else around the bay 40 even low to mid 40s salinas and gilroy. today brighter and dry, only reason would you need an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun. light rain possible tomorrow, showers saturday, dry pattern sunday, monday and tuesday, three days instead of one this go round. high pressure moved in while you were sleeping, dirty high because it has a few clouds roaming the end of the -- the edge of the area of high pressure this morning as the -- it will be brighter as we head into the afternoon hours and dry. let's fast forward to tomorrow,
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sprinkles possible during the morning hours as this system approaches the coast, better chance of light rain during the afternoon and evening go -- wet overnight through saturday morning around 6:00, 7:00 then just scattered showers into the afternoon and early evening. some of the snow that developed, hamilton likely maybe not on diablo, definitely higher elevations around lake county as the snow level drops to 38 to 4,000 feet could get a gusting of the white stuff especially on hamilton. today sunshine, low to mid 50s, low to mid 50s tomorrow with the rain breaking out in the afternoon, cooler saturday, low 50s. extra sunshine sunday means mid 50s, mid to upper 50s monday probably the warmest day, wednesday another chance of rain. we have no chain
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requirements in the sierra on;ca 805k)k, but there are on 50 at meyers towards -- over the great grapevine in southern california snowing no chain requirements, chp is escorting traffic. if you are traveling towards the southern part of the state delays over the grapevine. no delays at bay bridge toll, no metering lights holiday light. san mateo bridge brake lights westbound towards the highrise things pick up, not bad ride, 14 minutes from hayward towards foster city. roadwork until 8:00 this morning, eastbound direction of the carquinez bridge three left lanes blocked. checking in with mass transit everybody is off to a great pf1crrñ 5:20.r schedule. if you received a new tablet commuter or smartphone as a gift this season you can be connected with abc7 news
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through our app. download our hit alarm clock app for your iphone, android or tablet and kindle fire and our abc7 news app is available for all of those devices as well as ipad. download our apps for free from apple's app store, google play and amazon's app store. >> the pro bowl picks are out with 49ers equaling a franchise record we'll tell you who was picked and why raiders' fans may not be happy. bowl season begins for bay area schools. what worries san jose state coaches and their match up with bowling green this afternoon.
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south bay high school marching band has a couple of practice sessions left before heading to pasadena for a new year's day tradition. valley christian high marching band will take part in the tournament of roses parade news day as part of an east meets west fusion band along side beijing's number 57 high school. valley christian is one of 24 bands invited. exciting. >> it is.
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time to check in with meteorologist mike nicco for a look at the weather. this is our little bit of break. what is ahead may be not so bad, right? yeah, the rainfall is going to be light with the next system. good morning. here's temperatures today and sky cover, fairly cloudy this morning, increasing sun, low to mid 50s everywhere. the state much quieter than this time yesterday, just a few scattered showers up to the north, a few snow showers in the sierra and a little snow in the grapevine that is going to taper over the next couple of hours. temperatures in the low 40s around tahoe and yosemite today, 51 sacramento, 60 fresno partly cloudy mid 60s los angeles, palm springs and2p0 northbound no problems past hp4 pavilion, julian exit everything is at the limit up towards 101 no problems
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getting a little crowded east shore commute past golden gate fields, university overcrossing into the macarthur maze at the limit, no delays past the bay bridge toll as well. out of san rafael past lucas valley road north san pedro past the marin civic center into central san rafael and golden gate bridge, all is well. 5:26. the 49ers have tied a franchise record by having nine players selected for the pro bowl. for the first time since 2003,
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player named. this afternoon in the nation's capital, san jose4zhl state takes on bowling green in the military bowl spartans come in riding a six game winning streak, quarterback has been sensational he led in passing accuracy much of the season. >> good defensive team i watched them on tape they are in the top 10, 15 in the country, player of the year in their conference offensively they are efficient, third year quarterback start 35 games, quick passing game. they give you different formations we got our hands full. >> kickoff noon pacific time on espn, spartans first bowl appearance in six seasons. latest on breaking news we are following, police shooting in walnut creek sends one to the hospital. latest live from the scene,
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coming up. following developing news in brentwood, natural gas leak forced several homes to be
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breaking news, police in walnut creek were involved in an early morning shooting. >> amy hollyfield is live at the scene at south main and creek side. what is happening? >> reporter: police are preparing to brief reporters right now they are about to give us all the details that they though here at the scene in walnut creek. so far, officers did respond to creek side drive at 3:15 this morning. they say an officer did shoot someone. they haven't said who the officer shot or why or the condition of the person. we did see an ambulance leave about an hour after it
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happened it slowly drove out without the lights or sirens. there are investigators here from the district attorney's office. police did first block off all of creek side drive but soon traffic because there is -- this is a heavily traveled road surrounded on both sides with apartment complexes. it is densely populated a lot of people need access on this road and they had to open it back up to traffic. police have told us no officers were hurt. they have said that the scene is secure. it doesn't sound like they are searching for any suspects. again, any moment now they are going to be briefing us and giving us more information so stay with us. we'll continue to follow this developing story. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:31 now. time for a look at the weather forecast. there's a storm headed our way, mike you say it is a weak one?
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>> yes. light rain tomorrow into saturday right now cloud cover showing up on live doppler 7 hd, no radar returns just a lot of dry air. because of cloud cover we don't have fog and we don't have rain to reduce visibility so everybody is -- is doing fine driving around in that respect. 50 at the coast rest of us in the low to mid 50s. so far, so good. early thursday morning dead week between christmas and new year's, we are seeing that traffic-wise for sure, southbound golden gate bridge light one or two cars headed southbound no issues gettinging into san francisco, no delays at the golden gate -- tolls and bay bridge tolls either, no metering lights and no issues upper deck. you can see the drive times heading over the altamont pass to dublin pleasanton highway 4 westbound typical between
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hillcrest at 242 there's your east shore freeway less than 20 minutes between the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 5:33. developing news out of brentwood, pg&e says they've tracked the found the source of a natural gas leak that forced evacuation of several homes, gas is still leaking now officials don't want to shut off gas to 40 other customers they say this does r danger to homes. workers are digging in another location to shut off the leak. a resident reported an overpowering smell of gas around 7:00 last night. strong reading was picked up near a transformer box. crews will be at the scene all morning to repair the damage. a boy from daly city dead in a grisly traffic accident that also took the life of a
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woman from southern california the two died christmas night in pasadena after an suv running from police blew through a red light and smashed into their van, all four people in the suv were arrested and charged with murder. this morning, former president george h.w. bush houston hospital, the 80 year -- 88-year-old is in intensive care with a high fever, doctors expected bush to spend only a few days in the hospital and would send him home for christmas but his condition worsened. a spokesman says he's alert and talking to hospital staff. new developments in the deadly winter storm hitting the south and east within the past hour the death toll has climbed to 12. forcasters expect the same system to cause more problems today. here's brandi hitt. >> reporter: deadly winter
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storm has dropped massive amounts of snow from arkansas through the midwest to illinois and indiana. powerful system now a nor'easter with strong winds and more snow. >> we tried to get out of the parking spot we were spinning in circles. >> reporter: the storms spawned rare december tornadoes along the gulf coast, mobiling alabama hard hit. >> the -- power went out, we could hear it coming. >> reporter: the storms are also having a devastating affect on post-holiday travels, people finding cancelled flights and treacherous driving. >> trying to get home or plan b, we go more time with the grandkids. >> reporter: up to a foot and a half of snow is expected in northern new england, snow expected to fall throughout friday morning. the storm brought freezing rain and sleet, making driving treacherous. >> if you can stay out of it, stay out. >> reporter: for those who don't have to travel, they are making the best of it, enjoying the snow. brandi hitt, abc news,
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new york. we are keeping an eye on flight delays here. a of our airports show no delays this morning -- a check of our airports show no delays this morning. that could change as the morning goes on if you are heading to the airport check flight tracker on we usually get an update in the 6:00 hour mike will be checking on that. right now the latest on our weather. possibility clouds while they don't have rain falling from them, could reduce visibility enough to have flight arrival delays into sfo, in about 25 minutes from now we'll know for sure. last three hours live doppler 7 hd, lack of radar returns with the cloud cover out there breezy at times especially around sfo, gusting up to 22, winds gusting to 29 half moon bay, 26 novato keeping atmosphere overturned that's why the temperatures
5:36 am
are mild. low to upper 40s, through 7:00, increasing sunshine, high pressure takes over today and it will be dry for one day with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon, then we'll see -- next system brings sprinkles tomorrow morning, light rain in the afternoon and low to mid 50s, rain friday evening, a few scattered showers saturday, low 50s, brighter and warmer sunday as we round out the weekend with low to mid 50s. good morning. no problems 80 up to the sierra, no chain restrictions. 50 through that portion of the sierra placerville and beyond you will be chaining up there at least for the time being. a little busier east shore commute towards berkeley from the richmond area and el cerrito and past
5:37 am
golden gate fields, no delays at the bay bridge as we saw, a little busier there out of san rafael light, headlights towards the civic center into central san rafael, no delays there. eastbound carquinez bridge, three left lanes blocked fortunately in the reverse commute direction, until 8:00 this morning. if you are heading out today to do some shopping or if you have to work we ed in with bart, muni, caltrain, -- all mass transit on schedule. 5:38. next, caught on camera, chaos at a northern california mall. l tell you what prompted the scare and how it came to an end. is lance armstrong giving up the fight? the big deadline he faces today.
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welcome back oní.. this80j6 thursday morning four days from a new year thank you for joining thus is live picture from our sutro camera in san francisco it is mild now not raining more on the way mike is going to tell you more about that. traffic, sue hall has got it covered. business as usual for shoppers when the doors open
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this morning at arden fair mall in sacramento different picture from yesterday when the mall was under lockdown after a fight in the food court you can see people running in this video shot by a tv news crew. fight involved 20 people who took off running through the mall, knocking over signs and shoppers. in the confusion some thought a gunman was firing shots, that was not the case. >> thinking the worst i imagined someone with gun. >> we hid behind the jewelry counter at macy's. then i was like we need to get out of here i'm not going to get shot. >> sacramento police say four were realized for starting that fight. happening now president obama heading back to washington from hawaii to try to reach a deal about the so-called fiscal cliff he boarded air force one overnight and will be aliveing at andrews in maryland 8:45
5:42 am
our time this morning he cut short his vacation, democrats and republicans have four days to reach a deal before mandatory budget cuts and tax increases kick in january 1st. at least 200 teachers will get concealed weapons training in utah today, overflow crowds are expected when gun rights advocates waive usual fee for teachers. the training tolls the shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. gun groups believe teachers can act more quickly than law enforcement in those critical first minutes to protect children. gun buy-back event in los angeles is being called a huge success, you can see why. people in their cars lined up for miles yesterday to turn in their firearms. event is held once a year and takes place in the spring, the mayor moved it up to take advantage of the outrage over the connecticut school
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massacre, the city gave away up to $200 in grocery gift cards. lance armstrong has until today to appeal the ban imposed on him. he lost his seven titles december 6th, when the international cycling union banned him from the sport for life. those penalties came after the agency hit armstrong with similar sanctions for using banned substances. armstrong did not appeal that decision and it appears he won't challenge this latest ban. all of our recent rain means waty++i levels are rising at local reservoirs. officials plan to release some water at the coyote dam and lake sonoma to make room for future rains. winds and rains have battered and toppled trees around the bay, berkeley police provided this picture. it shows part of a tree that fell on a moving patrol car. the officer was not hurt. this happened on -- yesterday. >> i heard a couple of loud
5:44 am
cracking sounds and saw pedestrians pointing up. a couple small branches fell, blocked my view, i hit the brakes, abs activated, tree fell on top of the car. >> local arborist blames high winds for keeping crews like his busy during the holiday. >> especially swirling winds that are aren't coming from standard direction can cause a lot of damage. >> this tree fell into a creek in east palo alto, a few feet from houses that face the danger of rising flood waters over the weekend. double whammy there that has been the case in a lot of places. >> danger of that with this next storm? >> probably minimal other than the ground saturated probably one of the weakest storms so far this season. just the timing, friday afternoon, evening trying to get out of town or want some -- head out and have plans for the evening hours.
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right now 5:46 looking down from mount tamalpais at sausalito tiburon to san francisco clear, no rain, clouds on live doppler, no radar returns, picking up dry air. yesterday we said or i said it would be a great day to capture rainbows. here's a nearly double rainbow over mountain view yesterday morning. that was sent to us by mooey pie, thank you. if you capture -- send it to me, tweet it to$8 39 fairfield cool spot, everybody else in the 40s, half moon bay 50°.8j 50 monterey, everybody else
5:46 am
inland low to mid 40s, today no rainbows, don't have rain, brighter conditions and dry weather, increasing sun as the day unfolds, light rain saturday on the back side of storm scattered showers saturday, then dry pattern sunday through tuesday, three days in a row, we'll end 2012 on a dry note and begin'"wñ 2013 with the same. high pressure far off the coast overrun by clouds. as it asserts itself this afternoon, increase in sun as sinking air will take away the cloud cover and leave us with a mostly sunny sky. high pressure kicked out by tomorrow morning in the evening or late afternoon you can see the steadier, light rain across the bay for your friday evening as we head into saturday morning it stars to taper a little, -- it starts to taper a little, cooler,
5:47 am
around 4,000 feet we are going to get snow hamilton could be dusted saturday morning same with higher elevations around napa into lake county. saturday afternoon, showers start to taper quickly, one or two stray showers still out there. 10th to quarter of an inch possible, quarter to half inch at higher elevations. that's what i mean by very light amounts. sunday, low to mid 50s, top out new year's eve in the mid to upper 50s, back in the mid 50s tuesday, next chance of rain wednesday. w me accident briefly in the right lane of t at fish ranch, no dels as you make your way eastbound on 24. westbound 580 at 680 reports of an injury accident that off to the shoulder. you canf;ç% see minor slowing h yellow sensors that should be picked up shortly or cleared out shortly southbound 680
5:48 am
sunol grade highway 84 injury accident off to the shoulder there showing the green u+ap) delays at least past that scene. live look at bay bridge toll, this thursday morning holiday week, very light, no delays and no problems on thej3ja ince section and upper deck in san francisco either. be on the verge of a turn around.d9)d which cities are best? >> the clock is ticking loudly if can֖ deadline inching closer aviation industry not worried, for now. the faa says it will@@t not face the end of the fiscal clear, september 30th, to adjust toliohy any deep cutsn the budget. the defense industry, urging congress to shift5'7k its attention from the cuts togjlo
5:49 am
that rather than fighting over as scheduled many jobs would beó%7z lost, 55 billion dollars cut from the pentagon budget. starbucks taking a stand, the ceo has«pt workers to write "come together[3wr" on cups. stocks continue to fall on fiscal cliff worries president and congress back in d.c. to talk about n'ozn budget today. toyota 1.1 billion dollar charge to settle a lawsuit has to do with more than 10 million vehicles recalled for unintended acceleration from claims the value of vehicles went down as a result. k)ñ exchange#dww, with the bloomberg business report. coming up, do you use those companies that give you a cash advance on your paycheck? you magb(:l be getting some of protected;gp
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>> good morning. 5:53. you see the embarcadero, bay bridge you don't see rain or traffic. we'll check in with sue and find out what is going on, on the highways.
5:53 am
we'll find out where the rain is with mike. u.s. department of commerce is due to release figures for new home sales, today's updates will hold stead if i not rise a bit they predict 375,000 in new sales. housing numbers slipped last month, new building permits ticked higher, commerce department is expected to release its new report at 7:00 this morning. thousands of california residents could be getting a big check thanks to a payday loan settlement. as much as 4.3 million dollars will be awarded to eligible consumers. this morning at 11 announced details of settlement agreement with payday'ñxk lende. 5:54. keeping an eye on things outside with mike. no chasing rainbows today just sunshine on the increase afternoon. 50s everywhere even along the
5:54 am
coast,'@ñ clear lake 47, 50 co, 56 oakland for the warm spot. if you are traveling today, good news, quiet everywhere, other than snow around the grapevine by the time you get there the sun will be up and that will be melting. temperatures today in the mid 60s in southern california, partly cloudy sky, upper 50s around big sur and fresno, increasing sun, a few scattered snow showers the snow is over for now anything that would cause problems heading to the high country. 41 tahoe, 42 in yosemite. sierra on 50 chain requirements, no chain requirements on 80. san mateo bridge busier flat section from the toll up towards foster city and highrise and fashion island beautiful, a few tail lights westbound, -- eastbound at the limit from foster city to
5:55 am
hayward, no delays bay bridge toll, no problems upper deck nice ride into the city, west 580/680 accident off to the slowing in that area no other major delays on westbound 580 out of the central valley south 680 update on accident coopman off-ramp, out of the freeway partially blocking off-ramp on the sunol grade. 5:56. out of china, 12-year-old panda feeling much better after an incident left vets baffled for a while. the panda was taken to a hospital after he was found vomiting. the medical team performed six exams to try and figure out what was wrong. the team found the panda had steamed corn bread lodged in its esophagus. the panda started feeling much
5:56 am
better once that was removed and is now back at a nature preserve. >> if you go corn bread stuck and you remove it, things go back to normal. >> panda or human. next, we are continuing to follow breaking news out of walnut creek. police opened fire on a man overnight. investigators wrapped up a news conference where they announced new details and we'll bring you an update. the end of the year is a great time to buy a new car. michael finney and consumer reports are ahead with why you need to look at more than the car's sticker price.
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gá5l thursday morning. breaking news from the east bay, police in walnut creek have>b[i@ shot someone. >> police held a news conference they confirm one person has been shot and killed by police officers who
5:59 am
were responding to a 911 call creek side drive near]4rpyrlq! main not'zx:h#prrç! from a high school. one person has been fatally shot by officers. no officers were injured. investigators on the scene with someone from the d.a.'s office. amy hollyfield, is at the police station now. expected around:30 where police could announce new details, more coming up. right now, 6 a.m.,[p" a chk on the weather, how long we good morning. here's a look at live doppler dropping moisture just picking up dry aie-ax we are starting off with cloudy conditions around the bay, mid 40s by noon, partly cloudy to mostly


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