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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> happening in el cerrito where police shot a man at gas station. sky 7 hd was over the scene tonight. good evening. that's the second of 2 police shootings today. both in places where it is very rare. start in el vaet 0. gas station where police opened fire is on portrero avenue near san pablo avenue. amma is live there. take us through it. >>reporter: yes. the gas station is actually right on the corner. the chevron station and investigators are still on scene. it's still taped off. take a lack at what the scene looks lake a little earlier
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after the shooting. again this was an officer involved somewhating. man was shot. we do know he was shot outside of the chevron. police aren't giving us whole lot of information we don't know the condition of the man who was shot. we don't know how many officers involved and if the suspect fired upon officers or even if the suspect had weapon. we know that officers responded to call here at 6:40. >> they arrived at the scene encountered a dangerous situation. shots were fired at that time injuring one adult male. adult male now at the hospital. no other suspects outstanding and no further threat to this community. >> doesn't surprise other side of the freeway you hear gunshots and that sort of thing this side of the freeway pretty quiet. once an armed robbery at the dry keeper brought out quite a crowd but normally not much happening here. >>reporter: the resident lived in the area for more than 30 years. now the contra costa
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county da office september some inspectors out here that is standard procedure for officer involved shooting. none of the officers injured and there is no word on when the she have respect will reopen but likely out here until about mid nature. this is 7 news. >> i mention a second suiting that was an officer involved somewhating on correct side drive in walnut creek early today. police shot and killed a man in an apartment after a 911 call came in with woman screaming in the background. misery lessed few details other than to say the man was armed and officers were forced to shoot. >> developing news out of pittsburgh as police investigate a shooting in the parking lot of the pittsburgh bay point bart station. sky 7 overhead shortly after this happened at 7:00 o'clock this night. police say man shot multi-tell times undergoing surgery most of the evening. trains delayed for roughly 45
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minutes tense moments on landing on south west flight from oakland toless vegas. flight 4316 left oakland 4:25 this afternoon. all ordinary. pilot reported engine trouble just before landing. some passengers say they saw flames somewhating out of an engine shortly after the flight touched down. in vegas. south westco not confirm that part of the story but they did bring in a different plane to put passengers on to continue to the leg to denver. >> tonight san francisco high school senior is suspended because of a poem she wrote. her poem dealt with the school somewhating in connecticut and what she wrote has left officials with a dilemma a.allen is here tonight to explain. >> it was a dark poem and in the wake of the connecticut tragedy it raised red flag and triggered quick response by school officials. stawnt facing the possibility of being expelled. >> i ups the killings in connecticut. i know why he pulled the trigger. >>reporter: those words in
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courtney webb poem prompted school officials at the life learning academy on treasure island to suspend the 17-year-old senior until further notice. >> while we are oppressed by dysfunctional community of haters and blamers, the meaning of the poem is talking about society and how i understand why things like that it's not like agreeing with it but that's how the school made it seam. >>reporter: courtney didn't turn the poem in as assignment instead the teacher discovered it in class and took it to the principal. courtney says she turned in dark poem about suicide sadness in the past with no problem. it's an area she likes. >> the only person i could think of would be like steven king. he writes weird stuff all the time this doesn't men he's going to go do it or act it out. >>reporter: atmosphere changed drastically since the sandy hook tragedy and now the school emphasizing the policy that life learning academy takes
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zero tolerance approach to veils, threat of violence and can result in dismissal from the school. >> i feel in like they overreacted. >>reporter: why. >> because my daughter doesn't have a history of violence. she didn't threaten nebraska. at any time threaten herself. simply said she understood why. >>reporter: courtney says the poem are therapeutic way of expression herself but now it's up to the san francisco unified school district to decide if the poem is a form of art or a genuine threat to the safety of courtney fellow students. >> i spoke with the principal from the academy tonight and she would need to contact a district official and call me back. courtney mother is expecting to hear from the school district when school resumes on january seventh. back to you. >> okay thanks. >> oakland city leaders reaching for outside help to stop the growing crime raichlt plan out laind today and it calls for consult with veteran
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law enforcement officials from los angeles boston and former chief william brat ton and return to community neighborhood police with 5 districts drawn throughout the city. new aggressive effort to try to control some of the street violence that has really become such a mainly problem in the city of 0oakland by. to see a chap in the weather once again. sandy is here with live doppler 7 hd. >> yes dan. we are already seeing signs of change in the form of clouds. we will be seeing rain by tomorrow afternoon in some spots let's check out live doppler 7 hd clouds moving in and high level clouds. check out the computer animation 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. we are going to see rain in the north bay possibly snow indicated by the blue way to the north around lake couldn't and the mountains. rain snow mix certainly possible down around ukiah and 7:00 p.m. rain in the north bay around the santa cruz mountains didn't reach all areas. skirting the
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coast and keeping it in the north bay by 11:00 p.m. rain light to moderate intensity in the east bay. will you be able to put the umbrella away for the weekend plan and what does new year's day look like. the answers coming up. >> those are key question. subject of new year new tonigh tonight. heading that san francisco over the new year holiday you need a parking spot tough to come by in the city and there are parking app that can guide to you empty spaces but beware. that technology isn't perfect. cornell is live in san francisco. >> there are 29,000 parking spaces in san francisco. 7000 of them are smart like these equipment technology to help smart phone app signal where empty parking spaces are but doesn't always work finding parking in san francisco. can be a mission impossible.
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>> drive around for like half hour sometimes. easily. >>reporter: san francisco is one city in the bay area using smart parking technology which adiscuss praises and meters and senses determine if a space is vacant. parking app use the information to help you find the nearest space. officials admit only 90 percent accurate. >> anything as far as using new technology can't be absolutely perfect but what we have done is to look at this ongoing basis and make tweak when we can. >>reporter: we down loaded the free park app including empty spaces on haight street near franklin. 6 minutes later we were there but only found a very crowded street. this time it appears the app let us down. not a single space here on haight street and move forward on to the another neighborhood. unscientific test then tack to us laguna street where the app showed there was parking. none here either but minutes later
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success. app corrected us to grove street and lots of available spaces. have you used the app yourself. >> yes, i have. i find it works very well. >>reporter: others prefer to do it old school. search and circle for a spot. transportation authority officials say they have just updated the smart parking technology to allow things like the app to work a little bit better. if you are using an app make sure parking app make sure that you refresh it once or twice over the period of 10 minutes to allow the latest information to come through and if you use a parking app don't use it while driving. live in san francisco tonight, abc 7 news. >> good information. thanks very much. >> dialing frustration tonight for a lot of californians. >> unable to assist you at this time. >> tonight the team investigates why it seems like nobody is picking up the phone when people need help the most.
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>> what caused a big shark tank to suddenly explode on to group of people. >> coming up next on "nightline". for all those experiencing holiday spending remorse today, we bring you the wallet friendly business of the cheap no thrill dollar store. >> match made in comedy heaven tonight. bette and billy tonight. bette and billy talking about teaming up on
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. >> if you have called the state unemployment insurance line recently odds are you didn't get through to an agent. recent report says 84 percent, year percent of calls were never picked up. that's not the only state phone system with problems. what's going o on? watch this investigation tonight from abc 7 news i team reporter dan noyes. >> this is how june matthews spent the last month. >> thank you for calling the state disability insurance program. >>reporter: listening to
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automated menu. >> press 3. >>reporter: always getting the same response. >> we are sorry maximum number of callers waiting to speak to representative has been reached. >> i have heard that recording on average 8 to continue times a day for a month. just hurts. >>reporter: she's on disability for shoulder injury and wants to know the status of her claim. without a check from the state she could be kicked out of her house. >> for us not to be able to get any help any assistance no communication back on funds that we have paid that a system is very aggravating. >> we are unable to assist you at this time. >>reporter: sounds like you are going to be put through to an agent. they said they got too many phone calls. goodbye. >>reporter: dave asked us not to use the last name. so the state won't come after him for complaining. he's been unemployed since july and says repeatedly being told to call back is from us stating. >> if you don't make it through if you don't contact them they will make the decision based on
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the information they have which will go prawm bring against you. >>reporter: june and dave are actually calling different phone systems. run by the same state agency. the employment development department. >> the people in government they must be aware of the problem and they appear to be ignoring the problem. >>reporter: they do know. state awed tonight march 2011 first out hin the problems in the unemployment phone system and follow-up audit last month confirmed the issues are very serious. of the 29.7 million calls in which individuals ask to speak with an agent, 24.9 million or 84 percent were unsuccessful. >> i think people have a lot of expectation that i call and someone is there to ns a.well there are finite resources of staff. >>reporter: edd spokesperson says budget limitation and the volume of calls to the unemployment insurance line make it difficult to answer every call. >> demand is overwhelming. we know that it's difficult staples to get through to a
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representative but we are doing our best to try to make information available for our customers. >>reporter: she directs people to the edd web site. e-mail. social media sites. she has the same advice for people having trouble on the disability insurance line. >> submit your question to us on line. some people may not weren't to do that but it's the self service help mode that will help us get caught up and make the transition completes. >>reporter: she says they are behind because of new automated system launched in november. department is having trouble with the transition though up to you to help them out. >> yes paying in the system and expectation we do need the cooperation of our customers e-matthew says she tried e mailing the edd but response the same from the phone line. volume very high due to the high demand for our services. we ask for your patience ebbs. >> people don't trust or lick government because they have personal experience like that. >>reporter: state senator mark says the large number of unanswered calls to customer
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service agent is not accept afternoon. he thinks the problem might be the size of the department and misunderstanding of who it serves. >> it just seems indemic in large public institution that people forget that there is an expectation they are serving our client on the otheren of the phone who may going through much greater pain and suffering than you are. >>reporter: senator will bring this issue to the labor relation committee and meet with the director of edd to get answer. go deeper into the position we post the auditor report and other links. now back to you. rain returns but not for everyone. sandhya is here washington look at the accu-weather forecast. >> the system will be different that comes in tomorrow. show you how in just a moment. from our south beach camera lovely 1 set this was 4:58 looking towards sutro tower. look at the color gorgeous thanks to the high clouds made of ice
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crystal. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and we still have high clouds moving in as you can see here with you not helping to keep the temperatures up much. we are in the upper 30's in the col coldest inland valley already. 37 in nap a.39 in livermore. rain for some of you friday afternoon and snow level coming down to around 3000 feet as we head in the saturday morning satellite radar this is a system we are watching today. nasty day with the high pressure ridge but now this system is going to start to change things up a bit. already seeing like i said some cloud cover. rain returns tomorrow afternoon but this system unlike previous storms will actually split in two and parallel the coast a second half of the system staying off the coast lane so not everyone sees rain troops as we look at the late he east computer animation. north bay could see snow around lake county and hills. rain snow mix possible indicated by pink right around
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ukiah then through time here notice the rain doesn't move much. 10:00 p.m. friday still mainly coastal event as you can see here. we head in early saturday morning showers are pretty much down to the santa cruz mountains and tapering off saturday afternoon actually dry see partly cloudy skies and rainfall backing off on the totals four as well. weak system with light or no rape at all. quarter of an inch forth bay peninsula. perhaps nothing to continueth of inch in east bay an south bay the same rang range. some of you need umbrellaa- some may escape without any drop. 10 to 4:00 p.m. northwest as well as will be building with that system kilometer in 10 to 14 people. watch out for strong republic current large breaking we was and if traveling to the sierra nevada it should be just fine tomorrow. freezinging fog in the morning. tomorrow thing to wendy burch out for otherwise
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mostly cloudy. look at the lo low. 4 degrees. snow showers on saturday not a big storm for the sierra this time around. get out there for the hotel difficult weekend looking good. few snow showers then we bring you back to home tomorrow morning you need the extra layers it's cold. patchy fog for inland valley then in the afternoon a little bit cooler as the clouds start to increase upper 40's around ukiah clear lake most other areas low to mid 50's monterey bay partly cloudy and temperatures low mid 50's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast weekend salvaged. storm in and out of here by early saturday morning really not everyone will get rain. we go with the mostly dry saturday afternoon. sunday new year's eve danni know you washington than the to go out and party mid 50's then new year's day ripping in the new year with really no rain in the forecast until wednesday thursday. >> i'm partying at the anchor desk. >> larry is off and collin is
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here talking about party. san jose state. >> doing it right at the nation capitol. coach is gone but the players remaybe to finish the best turn the around in recent college football history. party in sz is.
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>> san jose state dream season including today with win in the military bowl against bowling green. nation capitol. rfk stadium new coach ron spectato spectator. nation most efficient passer next year david bails and after the game coming back first quarter 33 yards. 7 nothing spartans. bowling green hung in leading 1312 in the third quarter. to jones. score 19-13 spartans. fourth quarter. falcons retake the lead. john the line of scrimmage. opening 35 yard. down on the 1 score on the next play for a lead. 22-20.
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johnson takes down matt and spartans recover. 29-20 the time. 33 of 43. 395 yards passing. pair of touch down. interim coach hoisting the trophy. spartans finish first 11 whip season since 1940. >> being able to get this last win was i call it cherry on top. just that finisher to make it you know the most memorable incredible season that we are going to have and it just said we are not going to stop and just kind showed everyone what we were made of as spartans. >> what a year. holiday bowl turned in a baylor blow out of the bruins. who needs griffin the third? 10 of 13 here. 188 yards. 2 score this 155 yards to reece. 21 nothing baylor. late second quarter. former oregon duck. up the gut. few more defender.
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35-7. baylor 30 6 rushing yards. bruins embarrass entered san diego 49-26. belt bowl in charlotte. duke in cincinnati. 51 years that stream will continue in position for the late go ahead. williams recovered. fourth and final touch down pass of the game. 83 yards to travis kelsey with 47 seconds left. aren't able to bring you every store story but frainers and raiders haevld involved in the community doing tings like thi this. grant escorting kids from the california anchor home to showing how to train your dragon in san jose tonight. a pretty good time. this is sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> pretty spectacular. >> coming up next. 33 ton fish >> coming up next. 33 ton fish tank that sudd
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>> when you wake up in the morning bundle el up. cold in the morning. mid 30's to mid 40's at 5:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. not inching up. upper 30's to mid 40's. we have complete updates. >> thanks sandhya leave you with what is buzzing around the world. check out amazing video from chain a.33 ton shark tank exploding at shanghai shopping mall. people looking at the attaching as it shatters. 15 people hurt. cold temperatures showedy material made the tank brittle. next billing thing from this web site says cupertino base apple will provide the i watch for sale next year. has blue tooth technology and one and a half inch screen. how cool is that. that's all for now. night line-up next. for collin, sandhya, carolyn, larry all of
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us here, appreciate your time. see you tomorrow. next newscast at 4:30 am on morning
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