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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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40s exception mountain view, fremont, oakland, san francisco low to mid 40s it into the afternoon sprinkles develop around noon, best chance of rain at the coast it will taper inland all of us should see light rain latter parts of the afternoon low to mid 50s. light out there now. good morning. back to the golden gate bridge saw crews headed northbound blinking lights and caution light blinking because of that roadwork they are in the process of picking up traffic light no issues coming into san francisco southbound. petaluma south 101 lakeville highway stall partially blocking right lane. roadwork south 101 san mateo area third to highway 92 until 6:00 this morning, all mass transit on time. 5:01. we are following breaking news out of woke land.
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investigators are on the scene of a -- pursuit that killed an innocent bystander and injured several others. this is 98th avenue near stanley avenue, the chase started when officers tried to stop a bmw for speeding the driver refused to stop, the bma plowed into a lincoln continental, a woman was kill, three others in the car hurt, two seriously. officers captured the bmw's driver after he tried to run. they say there's no is up thing as a free lunch, today you can get a free ride. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco. >> reporter: muni celebrating here at west portland, everywhere in san francisco, muni is free. it is free as of right now until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning absolutely free. take a look at pictures,
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talking the street cars, the buses, we're talking about the cable cars too. this is muni's 100th birthday, this is how they are celebrating. the party started two months ago or so, maybe six weeks that's when they started getting trolley cars up and down the embarcadero along market street, they've been venturing out and more have been getting out away from the downtown area into the neighborhoods more that was part of the celebration. today is the big day this is the actual birthday of muni, 100 years ago today. the original plan they were talking about the five cent fare that's what it was on that first day 100 years ago. then they said why charge a nickel let's make it free that is the way it is. talked to some people this morning it is 50/50 some love it, some hate it. but they are all riding it and
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it does get people around some people say not on time, not efficiently enough but it is 100-years-old, give the old guy a break. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> i agree with you terry, thank you. el cerrito police announced officers shot a man after they tried to stop him from pistol-whipping a woman last night at the chevron station. somebody called 911 and reported a man and woman were fighting, two officers confronted the man then opened fire on him he's in critical condition id a's office leading the probe into what happened. -- concord man jailed on charges that he attempt ed to murder his wife in their hotel room near carmel. deputies answered a 911 call to the highlands inn, 7:30 last night after a guest reported hearing a fight in a neighboring room. deputies accused the suspect of grabbing his wife during an
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argument, putting his hanover her mouth and nose and threatening to kill her. deputies hope someone will help them find a man who escaped during a chase. the man's car crashed through a finances in bay point last night. deputies trial district attorney darr a fence in bay point last night. depend trees tried to stop the man who they say is a parolee. deputies surrounded the area but were unable to find him. if you are driving into san francisco this weekend you will need a parking spot tough to come by in the city. cornell bernart"px >> reporter: finding parking in san francisco can be a mission impossible. >> drive around for half an hour sometimes. >> reporter: san francisco is one city in the bay area using smart parking technology which adjust prices at meters and sensors determine if a space
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is vacant many parking apps use the information to help you. officials admit it is only 90% accurate. >> anything as far as using new technology can't be absolutely perfect. what we've done is look at this on an ongoing basis. >> reporter: we downloaded the free sf park app, blue line indicated lots of empty spaces on hayes street near franklin we only found a crowded street. this time it appears the app let us down unless i'm missing one there is not a single space here. we are going to move on to another neighborhood. unscientific test took us to laguna street where the app showed there was parking, none here either, minutes later, success the app decked us to grove street and lots of spaces. -- have you used the app yourself? >> yes. it works well. >> reporter: others prefer old school, search and circle.
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transportation authority officials say they've updated their technology to allow things like the app to work a little better. if you you are using a parking app, make sure you do not use it while driving. cornell bernard, abc7 news. those wonderful days of free parking on sundays in san francisco, they are coming to an end. this sunday will be the last sunday residents and visitors will not have to feed the meters sunday as have been a break since the first parking meter was installed 70 years ago. starting sunday januarith, you will have to pay to park -- january 6th, you will have to pay to park. reactions naturally is mixed. we have a lot of people who park all day, take muni downtown. >> it is unbelievable the city needs more money and we are raising everything. >> just adding that one day will bring if had two million dollars each year. -- the agency insists it is
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not about the money, but managing parking. 5:07. mike is here with the forecast. nobody wants rain on a friday afternoon, sorry. good morning, live doppler 7 hd also drop her radar out crescent cityñ@y] combined you n marching of the rain towards the coast. right now undercut by very dry air, none of this is reaching the ground, but it will towards the noon hour in the form of sprinkles and in the afternoon light rain. deeper greens to our north where the better rain will be on the tail end of this system rainfall amounts will be a little lighter. cooler start today, frost possible inland, a lot of low 40s around the bay. noon sprinkles develop mid to upper 40s, 50 during the
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afternoon light rain have an umbrella handy and heavier coat during the evening light rain will continue, low to mid 40s showers saturday morning snow level 3,000 feet, frosty but dry sunday morning, partly cloudy monday. looks like it will be dry for a while. if you are traveling and in the area wanted to mention that big sur area highway 1 south of big sur has been reopened beginning at 7:00 this morning, they are going to have one-way traffic control to get boulders and things cleared. you will be able to get through, expect delays south of big sur. live shot of 80 berkeley through -- pass university into the macarthur maze moving at the limit, a little busy when 580 merges to 880 pardon me to 80 westbound. light traffic at bay bridge
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toll, no metering lights no issues upper deck, good time to come into san francisco, if you must this early. police activity in oakland, 98th avenue at stanley ongoing investigation. roadwork east 580 greenville to north flynn one lane getting by eastbound until 9:00 this morning. westbound looks good out of the central valley to the altamont. 5:10. next, developing news after somebody opened fire inside a police station. fiscal cliff could affect the price of your breakfast in just a few days. i'll explain, coming up. >> first america's money report. good morning. sales of new homes jumped 4.4% last month. new home sales up more than 15% over the past year. ford will spend more than 3/4 of a billion dollars to expand
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a plant in michigan creating more than 2300 jobs part of ford's promise to invest 6.2 billion dollars in u.s. plans and create 12,000 jobs by 2015. biggest movie flop of 2010 -- 2012, playback, grossed 264, meaning two dozen bought
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breaking news out of new jersey. three police officers have been hurt after gunfire erupted inside police headquarters in gloucester township, south of philadelphia. medics rushed to the station 5:30 this morning local time. one officer was shot, all taken to the hospital. it is unclear how severe their injuries are or what happened inside the police station. breaking news overnight, russian president has may it official, it is now illegal for americans to adopt children from russia. vladimir putin signed the bill into law, banning adoptions, a few hours ago. the law also stops dozens of adoptions currently underway. americans have adopted more than 60,000 russian children since the fall of the soviet union. some say the ban is retaliation for a u.s. law that calls for sanctions against russian s who violate human rights. president obama will immediate -- meet with leaders from capitol hill hoping to avoid the fiscal cliff.
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spending cuts and tax hikes will go into effect unless lawmakers can broker a deal. >> reporter:cx$z president obama will4zkn:eñ with congressional leaders later today at the white house. it may be too late for a deal. there are just four days left before the fiscal cliff deadline. >> i have to be honest mr. president, i don't know timewise how it can happen now.((?u >> reporter: harry reid lashed out at house speaker bane area out at house speaker bane area caution him ofrm" dictatorship. >> boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership than keeping the nation on firm financial footing. >> reporter: republicans blame democrats. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank cheque or anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff.
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that wouldn't be fair to the american people. >> reporter: president obama flew home early from his speaker boehner call the house back into town for an unusual sunday session. members of congress understand the 11th hour actions may not be enough to appease the public. >> the american people have a right to be very upset with this congress. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff would bring massive increases and deep spending cuts treasury department would have treble paying its bills. many -- many worry it would plunge the u.s. back into a recession. one possible effect of the fiscal cliff, milk prices could spike two or three dollars a gallon because farm programs will expire the end of the year. some are calling that dairy cliff. wendy gillette, abc news, new york. mike jing us with a look at the -- mike joining us with a look at the forecast, more rain on the way?
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in due time we'll get light rain not this morning high clouds to the east from sutro tower in san francisco where dry now live doppler 7 hd spinning tracking the showers, the rain i should say as it is developing over the ocean water right now let's see how far that is, 41 miles from santa rosa, 51 from san francisco, under the returns, very dry air, sprinkles at best lieu the 30s, just updated these the entire peninsula, upper 30s only 40s left, half moon bay 41, oakland 42, san francisco 44. everybody else mid to upper 30s. 33 gilroy. 40 salinas.
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cool start today, light rain by the afternoon. showers possible tonight by tomorrow afternoon that push of dry air starts to come in and it leaves us dry sunday through tuesday. high pressure to our east, west, system trying to slide down and find the weak spot, along the coast what makes this forecast tricky if that low moves 50 miles closer to the coast that means rain is going to be heavier at the coast and push deeper inland, 50 miles the other way the opposite. here's the best thinking now. sprinkles around the noon hour, clouds thicken, light rain moves in during the afternoon, could make it all the over to the east bay valleys by the time the sun sets it will hang out through the evening, best chance of heavier rain over the ocean, low slides south,
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leaving us with a few showers saturday morning through the lunch hour, especially higher elevations by saturday afternoon, into the evening hours, clearing trend begins. rainfall amounts are going to be best along the coast, still thinking we could get a quarter to 3/4 of an inch along the coastal mountains into san francisco, quarter to half inch around the bay, 10th to kwaerpt of an inch inland like east bay valleys and north bay valleys. [ unintelligible ] light conditions traffic 5:19 this friday morning san jose 87 northbound
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headlights past hp pavilion on the left, julian exit obviously, no traffic, light. >> san mateo bridge same thing, light conditions as you make your way from hayward up the highrise towards foster city and fashion island area, the limit eastbound headlights towards hayward from san mateo, no problems there just a stall in petaluma south 101 at lakeville highway that partially blocking right lane i'm not seeing too much slowing if you look at green sensors traffic getting by. eastbound dumbarton bridge, two lanes blocked with roadwork until 6:00 this morning. sensors are showing that traffic is getting by both directions of dumbarton bridge moving at the limit no problem there is. bart on time, muni free today all day, no delays that includes cable cars, buses and trolleys, all with muni and caltrain on time. all mass transit looking good
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this morning. 5:20. more people are reading e-books than ever before. pew research center has released a survey showing the number of people 16 and older who read an e-book this year grew to 23%. up from 16% last year. the number of people who read a traditional book fell to 67% this year, down from 72% last year. if you received a new tablet computer or smartphone as a gift in season, you can go to abc7 news and get that through our app. coming up, big festivities for this year's hunger bowl.÷ú$÷ [ inaudible ] .
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we want get a check of the weather. hope you enjoyed yesterday more in the forecast coming up, today we are starting off dry, sprinkles by noon light rain during the afternoon, temperatures in the low to mid 50s. if you are traveling around the state, doppler radar you
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see the rain starting to come ashore in the northern part of the state the tail end is coming our way, snow around chico and reading snow shower possible tahoe better chance there below freezing the entire time with lows in the teens possibly making a little more snow. t/cyou can never have too much snow when they are blowing the snow overnight good news for skiers. right now roadwork eastbound 580 greenville to north flynn, three lanes blocked, only one getting by, fortunately eastbound until 9:00 this morning out of central valley looking good, no problems westbound. highway 4 good out of antioch towards pittsburg, 13 minutes over towards concord. otherwise, taking a look at drive times 101 south through san jose, 680 san ramon valley corridor out of 580, 1 o'1 out
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30 minutes -- [ unintelligible ] both teams have helped serve holiday meals to the needy, navy st. anthony's on christmas day. some will help at the san francisco food bank later today. san jose state has capped off what has been the best season in school history. [ inaudible ]9w
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just ahead, we continue to follow breaking news. innocent bystander killed following a chp chase. live report from the scene. bay area student suspended over a poem, the words that got her kicked out
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good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas on the last friday of 2012. good morning. good morning. live doppler 78)
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rain off the coast no reports this is making it to the ground very dry in the lower layers we have another system come from the northwest. doppler tracking that one as it rolls in and once we start ground, a little frost especially inland reporting stations mid to upper 30s, dress warmer this morning. upper 30s along the peninsula into san jose 39, right now oakland 42, 44 san francisco. today increasing cloudsá)bi, chance of sprinkles by noon, chaps of light rain during the afternoon closer to the -- chance of light rain during the afternoon closer. -- all of news the low to mid 50s during the afternoon. -- light out there, good morning friday light we hope so far so good 80 westbound
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starting to get busier past golden gate fields from richmond into berkeley and emeryville no delays at the bay bridge toll everything is light as you can see a little busier no problems no back-ups metering lights not on upper deck looks good golden gate bridge great now yesterday everybody was out and about enjoying the day and i was a nightmare getting to the golden gate bridge took me down lombard 50 minutes from one end to the other just a nightmare hopefully today will be better right now looking good. 5:30 within. more on the breaking news we've been -- following, one dead, several hurt after a chp chase turned deadly. amy hollyfield is live near the scene in oakland. >> reporter: chp officers say the driver of that bmw behind me caused a tragedy that could have been avoided. chp officers pull the driver
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over for speeding and say they were walking up to his car when he decided to takeoff. police say the bmw m- is a very fast car, chp lost side of -- lost sight of him one minute later as he was trying to get on to 580 the bmw hit a lincoln that had four people inside a young woman in the backseat was kill. police say it appears she was in her early to mid 20s. another man who was in the backseat of that lincoln was ejected, he was taken to the hospital with major injuries. two others in the car appear to be okay. the driver of the bma is in custody, police got him and they say he's -- he's facing serious charges. his passenger escaped, police would like to talk to him. they have no idea why the driver took off. because he did, they say this woman was killed. this is at 98th avenue and
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golf links, as you exit the 580, eastbound and exit at 98 this is still blocked, you cannot get through. police say it will be this way for a while, they are still waiting for the coroner. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:33, following developing news in oakland, overnight violence has claimed lives of three. two killed in a shooting on meade avenue near san pablo after 1 a.m., an hour and a half later another person died after being stabbed on walnut street. no word on what led to the violence or if there are any suspects. police releasing new details into an officer-involved shooting in el cerrito thesd$sy man they sht wask[m pistol ing a woman,9da - gas station.
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when officers arrived they confronted the man. >> they arrived at the scene encountered a dangerous situation, shots were fired, injuring one adult male. that male is now at the hospital. there are no other suspects and no further threat to this community.ab>ñ that adult male is listed in critical condition this morning. investigators from contra costa county's d.a.'s office are leading the investigation which is typical in a case like this the man shot and killed by identified he's 22-year-old anthony banta, jr.. police were called to anb.o0 apartment coq near south main, after 3 a.m. yesterday they say someone was screaming in the background of the 911 call when officers arrived banta was shot and died at the scene the officers are on paid leave, normal procedure. friends of a novato man who jumped into a creek to escape police three days ago
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are fearing the worst. yesterday's search for anthony donaldson ended with no signs of the 23-year-old. he was last seen jumping into the frigid waters early monday morning in ross near the college of marin. police stopped him for a possible dui he ran. officers chased him until he jumped into the water. state senator jerry hill of san mateo will introduce a bill to require repeat drunk drivers to blow into a breathalyzer before they hit is holding a news conference in redwood city to announce the legislation this morning at 10. it would require ignition interlock devices on vehicles after a second dui conviction. the device requires a breath sample before the engine can start. right now it is up to the cores to decide whether a driver has to have -- to the courts to decide whether a driver has to have one in the
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car. expect to see more officers tonight through new year's eve. chp and other law enforcement agent sears cracking down on drunk drivers, -- starting 6:00 through monday night. high school senior faces possibility of being expelled in san francisco after she wrote a poem that her school. 17-year-old courtni webb attended live learning an card me of treasure island. she read her poem and explained what she sees as its meaning to alan wang. >> why are we oppressed by a1xi dysfunctional community of haters and blamers and the meaning of the poem is just talking about society and how i understand why things like that indent happened. it is not like i'm -- it is not like i'm agreeing with it that's how the school made]gó&t seem. >> court knee tells us she --
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often writes dark poetry. the academy issued the following statement:l, as we've been reporting all morning if you ride san francisco's muni today you won't need to dig for change the system is offering free rides on its buses and cable cars to celebrate its 100th birthday. muni started on this day in 1912, the fare was five cents compared to today's rate of $2 the free rides last until 5 tomorrow morning. [ inaudible ] good morning. here's a look at doppler, you can see the wall of water marching towards the coast
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right now best chance of any of this reaching the ground will be around eureka towards crest safpbt city and higher elevations getting snow. at home increase in high clouds fog is fading visibilities improving with the cloud cover coming in, lowest is santa rosa, three good news. we are off to a cooler startáe< a lot of 30s around, a few low to mid 40s day shore to the coast sprinkles develop by noon, light rain for the afternoon into the evening where it will drop into the 40s, kind of a chilly rain this evening. showers tomorrow morning especially in higher elevations through noon and then partly sunny in the afternoon, coolest day in the forecast, struggle to reach 50 in most areas, more sun, frosty start sunday that will keep highs in the low to mid 50s, partly cloudy monday with low to mid 50s once again, a little speed bump into the weekend. smooth this morning, so
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far so good. good morning. san rafael southbound past lucas valley road and north san pedro, freitas parkway light out of novato ignacio from marinwood south no problems at golden gate either, drive out of antioch now looks good, no problems towards pittsburg into concord less than 15 minutes all mass transit on time, muni isñl>ñ fr, cable cars, trolleys, buses, everything until 5:00 tomorrow morning no delays, caltrain on time. over the altamont pass good into dublin pleasanton, san ramon corridor south pardon me 24 towards the caldecott tunnel less than 10 minutes 80 westbound less than 20 minutes from to the maze from the carquinez bridge. another person dies after apparently being pushed in front of an oncoming train.
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no deal in sight yet to avoid the fiscal cliff. we'll tell you how the president is pushing forward as the clock ticks.
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new york city police this morning are looking for the
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woman who pushed a man into the path of an oncoming train. police released this footage of the woman who they think did it. video shows her moments after the man was killed by a train in queens. witnesses told detectives the woman followed the man closely and mumbled to herself before shoving him. this is the second time in a month someone has been killed after getting pushed into the path of a new york train. hero of the first gulf war has passed away in florida. retired general norman schwarzkopf died of complications from pneumonia he was 78. he was a highly decoratedgé6m vietnam combat veteran. former president george h.w. bush likely to remain in the hospital through the weekend. his longtime chief of staff says the concern for the elder bush is overhyped and the 88-year-old would tell
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well-wishers to putggc; the+sks back in the closetq hospitalized since last month. he was transfered to icu last weekend because of a persistent high fever. president obama is scheduled to meet with top congressional leaders in the oval office.pu÷]h congress is doubt -- is cutting it dangerously close. yesterday harry reid blasted house speaker boehner for letting lawmakers go on vacation house members are not dueyed4 back until sunday. boehner put the ball in the senate's core. p in a conference call with republicans boehner said the house will take action on whatever the senate can pass. apple's customer satisfaction ratings are dropping. >> retail industry is keeping"g÷ a close eye on port along the east coast.&ú8uq
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here's ellen with the bloomberg business report. christmas tree and lights may still be up, retailers are gearing up for spring it is their most lucrative time of the year as customers stock+g5 possible strike looming at more than a dozen ports 15,000 workers potentially ready to walk off the job, cuts off apparel makers a lot at stake so many chains get their shipments from overseas. apple may be a favorite among consumers but not customer satisfaction with the website. research finding apple's customer satisfaction dropping from last year. the company introduced more must-have products during the holiday season, so making the site harder to navigate. amazon takes the crown, new record high in the study,
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sells everything from consumer electronics to food to clothes. at the new york stock exchange, i'm ellen brightman with the bloomberg business report. time for a check of the weather.j(iiñ rain today, won't be a steady stream inkind of intermittent. >> yes, i'm -- i'm sorry you have tox?r%ñ adjust your camera shot i got told to stay behind this line. >> you have a bit of a cold, i >> you have a bit of a cold, i don't that iv= can't you hear his voice. i'm in the danger zone. >> all right. [ laughing ] >> let's move on. >> can we? >> the last friday of 2012, we are a little punchy, can you tell. @l i'm sorry, i am a little sick and i've been trying everything to get the voice to
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work but it is kind of cool, i like it actually.p&m 5:46 looking down from sutro tower excuse me mount tamalpais sausalito to san francisco clear now. , starting to pick up a little precipitation within them and heading towards the coast but i don't think it is going to make it to the ground any better than the for of sprinkles until noon then a chance of it reaching the ground in the form of light rain. what you are seeing here, priming ther;7pump, getting the atmosphereííj#ç ready for the better rain that is going to move in during the afternoon and evening. let's move on and show you how far we are, within 40, 50 miles of this making it to the coast, sprinkles possible, just thickening clouds, 30s everywhere except oakland, san francisco, fremont and half moon bay low to mid 40s. ñ over the
5:47 am
place, inland 33 gilroy to 42 in monterey. cool start today, light rain this afternoonów5 z and evening showers possible tomorrowígh4ñ morning dryhd/ by the afternoon that will jumpstart a drying trend that lasts sunday, monday and tuesday. are you spraying lysol over there? no, okay. here's the high pressure that is holding on, going to push this system --@s clockwise flow to the coast, the tricky part of the forecast, how close to the coast does it get? closer to the coast more rain deeper it will penetrates3wf inland. at noon# scattered sprinkles, moderate rain towards the coast near the coast is where the heaviest rain will fall during the evening overnight taper to showersikn>p and highet elevations will have showers early tomorrow through noon and anyone into the afternoon
5:48 am
don't be surprised if hamilton has a dusting of snow tomorrow morning. rainfall totals 10th to quarter of an inch inland quarter to half inch around the bay, a quarter to 3/4 around san francisco and the mountains. here's your seven day forecast, going to be coolest tomorrow, low(ñl
5:49 am
a few minutes, 6:00 this morning, not seeing slowing either direction of the dumbarton bridge. drive times, 880 from the maze, down to 238, 101 on the peninsula from 92, woodside road, 87 northbound from 85 to 101, less than 10 minutes. coming up how one east bay city is going back to its old ways to lure new police officers toe its force. it is east -- east meets west, marching band warms up for
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♪ antioch city council hoping more lucrative pension plan will entice vet ran officers to join its police force. -- the council voted last night favor of reinstating pension benefits which were scaled back earlier this year. officers will be able to retire at 50, at 3% of their final year of pay, multiplied by years of service this means officers can retire five years earlier than before. this morning, a san jose high school band will rehearse one time time before heading to southern california this afternoon get ready to perform
5:53 am
in the tournament of roses parade. ♪ ♪ ♪ san jose's valley christian high is not only marching in the parade but the first band to team up with performers from another nation in this case beijing. the only time the two groups met face-to-face was when valley christian visited china in april. the two bands have been practicing in their home countries for more than a year. while language is a barrier, áitáárjz denominator. >> very excited about the tune rehearsal time. >> you can watchxik0 the valley christian-beijing number 57 high school fusion band and the rest of tournament of roses parade new year's day beginning at 8 a.m., right here ons=j0 abc7.=ír=ç there's a little football game i think that follows parade some sort of bowl. >> okay, i'll stick with the
5:54 am
parade great tradition.y#6i we want to check on the weather with mike. good morning. high temperatures today low to mid 50s, increasing clouds and sprinkles becoming light rain during the afternoon. storm coming at us rapidly from the west, and it is going to hang along the coast until he gates -- -- gets to the higher country around reading where it turns into some snow sierra increasing clouds, lake tahoe will have snow showers tomorrow partly sunny sunday heading to southern california it is dry all day today, showers are likely grab the umbrella saturday and the chance will taper through sunday. golden gate bridge, good golden gate bridge, good ride south 101 yesterdfo #ternoonn the golden gate bridge and all approaches just jammed gorgeous day a lot of people out there no stalls or accidents just a ton of cars was an awful nightmare commute last night, today good deal no
5:55 am
problems heading into san francisco four lanes southbound. 80 westbound a little more busy, busier i should say, watch my grammar, 580 and 80 junction sluggish as you make your way into the macarthur maze traffic moving nicely all mass transit on time, muni is free, all muni including cablego cars. good opportunity to get out and about. 5:56. tense moments for passengers onboard a southwest flight from oakland to las vegas. flight 4316 left oakland yesterday afternoon and the pilot reported engine trouble before landing. passengers say they saw flames shooting out of an engine shortly after they touched down. southwest could not confirm that but brought in a different plane for the continuing leg to denver. this summer the san francisco bay will be safer for whales coast guard changing the shipping lanes traveled by 20 cargo vessels
5:56 am
and cruise ships a day changes should prevent fatal collisions between the ships and whales that feed in the area. fiveq4i whales were killed this way in 2010. the changes will be implemented in june. next, we are continuing to followid; breaking news out of east bay, high speed chase that ended in the death of an innocent driver. thousands of against are now off california streets after a buy-back program. we'll show you the more unique items that even surprised police. ringing in the new year is not complete without a bottle of bubbly. ahead, whichl1w brands come out on top in a new taste test.
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breaking news from the east bay, person dead after hit-and-run driver crashed
5:59 am
into a car while trying to escape the highway patrol. muni#"df] celebrating 100 ys of service in san francisco today in honor of the occasion passengers are being told to leave their clipper cards home. storm that will bring more rain, wind maybe even snow to northern california starting good morning, thanks for joining us on this last friday of 2010 twefp -- of 2012, i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. good morning. here's a look what the is going on over the ocean where our best radarr from live doppler 7 hd for the rest of us clouds on the increase as this more moist air starts to move towards us it going to be uncut by dry air at the surface./,]k -- at best sprinkles for the


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