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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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aptos and near skols valley. possibly some light returns as well in the areas of south san jose. lee avenue and hillsdale avenue so the rain is leaving the bay area. cool this morning, temperatures in the low 40s for the most part. clearing and partly sunny conditions with temperatures climbing into the low 50s. still on the cool side and then dry and clear for this evening which means very chilly temperatures tomorrow morning. >> katie: thank you. with this rain moving out. the evidence can be found at bay area reservoirs. most or at or nearing capacity. live from los gatos, what is the situation there. >> reporter: the lexington revenue is at 60% capacity.
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we haven't seen a showing for the last two hours. this is the largest rain water reservoir in the santa clara water valley district. if you take a look across the bay area, this is actually one of the least full when compared to others. we have video from marin county from yesterday, water once upon a time had been rationed in that county but now the reservoir is full and overflowing. same thing for tempe dam. water is rushing in the alpine lake below it. reservoirs usually don't top off until april. >> it's so full. last year at some point this was not like this. >> all of our rest advisories have reached capacity. that is the earliest since 1983.
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>> public utilities commission says its reservoirs are at 39% capacity. in the east bay, mud's five reservoirs is at 85%. officials say the yuba reservoir is expected to overflow this week and my photographer gave you a shot of highway 17. conditions are still slick but we haven't seen a good shower for the last two hours. after the last few weekends standing in the rain it's nice to be dry for once. vein headed out of the area and nice thing for us this morning. >> katie: thank you. two people are dead after getting washed into the water on the marin side of the golden gate bridge yesterday afternoon. a third person was able to make it back to shore and call 911. coastguard were not able to save
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a man and boy that were spotted north of the golden gate bridge. rescue bodies returned with both victims on board. bodies were recovered just after 5:00. >> within 25 minutes they recovered two bodies, one male adult and one child. they were pronounced deceased. >> all three victims were believed to be fishing at a popular spot when they got swept away. there was high surf advisory in effect then and still now until 8:00 tonight. >> investigators haven't determined how a fuse hous fire in the castro district started last night. it broke around 7:00 p.m. on 26th street near castro. most of the damage was done to the home's attic. the house nextdoor also sustained damage but no one was hurt. >> authorities are stepping up efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road, now for new year's
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eve and beyond. there are checkpoints in san francisco, pacifica, redwood city, mountain view and san jose. alan wang reports from san rafael. >> around the bay area, law enforcement agencies are conducting drivers license checks and if needed a sobriety test. apparently an extra reminder is needed. during the week before christmas chp made a 1170 d.u.i. arrests statewide compared to 980 in 2011. fay fatalities were up more than double, 39 compared to 14 last year. >> people are more depressed and find a relief for whatever pressures they. >> have ben smith said he had friends for a d.u.i. arrest. >> i'm hearing different numbers. last time i had a buddy it was
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$6,000. i've heard $10,000. >> businesses like pier 15 restaurant and bars say they will call a cab or drive a customer home themselves. it's worth it both for patron and customer. >> we do care about our customers. >> they are offering water in between drinks. >> this new year's eve she is avoiding the drive altogether. >> on new year's eve we are going to have a party and spending the night there. >> a local law firm will provide free cab service in san francisco on new year's eve and bart will have extended service until 3:00 a.m. reporting in san rafael, i'm alan wang, "abc 7 news". >> terry: giant's ballpark are all decked out between the navy and arizona state. sergio quintana says everyone is high spirits for the game and
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its bringing a boost for the local economy. ♪ >> in the spirit of the match-up between the navy and arizona sun devils are here. >> i'm from chicago, is there. >> phoenix. >> he and his wife are here to support their daughter who is part of the spirit corps. >> when i was here, i was younger than her. >> the naval academy mascot is proud daughter of them. >> there was going to be their christmas present. >> they are all here for the game and all bringing a healthy boost to the local economy.
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>> we're really excited to be here and fans are excited to be here. we're filling up all the hotels. >> 33,000 tickets have been sold for this match-up. organizers estimate this will be another banner year for this ballgame. >> last 11 years, we brought in $130 million, that is average of $12-13 million for the san francisco economy. >> reporter: the game is not sold out. if you would like to check out the college bowl game you can buy a ticket online or come on down to the at&t pox office. -- box office. >> same-sex marriages are now legally in the state of maine. >> several city halls opened at 12:00 on to issue licenses, post land city hall was handing them out until 3:00 this morning.
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they cost $40 and require valid i.d. maine joins two other states, washington and maryland. >> one woman that was beaten in india has died of her injuries. now activists in san francisco and around the world are demanding greater protection for women there. the local effort to force change. >> concerned bairts residents and other organizations gathered in front of the consulate nor if a candlelight vigil for a woman that died of her injuries. >> the extent of the violence was particularly shocking. >> on december 16th. 23-year-old was gang raped and severely beaten while riding this bus. indian police have arrested six men in connection with the attack. it sparked massive protests in india and outrage has spread.
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>> it's alarming trend of violence against women. >> the executive director a bay area organization working to end domestic violence in southwest indian communities. she organized the vigil. he wanted improved safety for women in new delhi. petition was turned over to the consulate. in return, consul says they the woman's sacrifice would not go in vain. that is exactly what this group is hoping for. >> i think education will help. >> katie: coming up next, holiday have i indications ruined by syria.
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at least two outrage that has made hundred of people sick at sea. live outside at the embarcadero, you can see that flag waving in the wind, light wind ried right now as rain has moved through the san francisco area. frances dinglasan is tracking where the rain is now. we'll have your forecast in a few minutes.
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>> katie: welcome back. at 8:13, live doppler 7-hd, bearer of good news. we have been tracking the rain from the north bay to the south bay and now practically out of
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our area. light rain in the south bay. frances dinglasan will have the full forecast in just a little bit. track live doppler 7-hd on our website at this morning, former president george h.w. bush remains in the hospital in intensive care. the 88-year-old continues to improve and the 41st president is alert and always in good spirits. bush has been in the hospital since november 23rd. >> an outrage of a stomach virus aboard the queen mary ii is ruining hundreds of winter vacations. >> this morning, cdc is investigating mass outrages of stomach flu. nearly 200 passengers aboard queen mary ii reportedly vomiting and diarrhea, a bug
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believed to be the norovirus. they urged passengers to avoid the but fay. >> aboard another ship the emerald princess, another 194 taken ill. one of them sue hayes saying performances and staff were stretched are there are not enough staff available. a third ship last week had another 100 reported illnesses. all aboard grand liners advertising comfort and luxury and fine dining. while there are no cures. it passes within day or two. >> what can peaks do? >> i think passengers should wash their hands before they eat
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and rubbing alcohol. >> cruises lines report a fraction of the 14 million annual passengers but little comfort for those spending their vacation in the infirmary. >> katie: new this morning, u.s. population growing at a slower pace than projected. by new year's day, it's projected to hit $315 million. census bureau says it's less than 1 percent. birth and immigration rates are reasoning given, it will hit by $400 million by 2050. move over prius, a new electric car that beats your gas mileage. 2013 fordfusion will get the
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equivalent of hundred miles a gallon. the mainly rival priurs gets 95 miles a gallon. the ford costs under $40,000. hundred miles a gallon. >> $40,000 to get there. >> a lot of the rain has left the bay area. here is a live looblg looking down towards san francisco, it will be a cool day. i'll tell you exactly where we're still seeing showers in live doppler 7-hd coming up. >> and warriors beat the 76ers at oracle arena accomplishing a feat that hasn't
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good morning. it's 8:20, live in downtown san francisco and transamerica pyramid. gray, cloudy skies this morning but the rain has moved through. maybe you caught some of it earlier this morning, we would like to see your pictures so if you have cool shots of weather. send them to us at ureport at
8:20 am rain passed through kind of quickly. every drop on means a lot. >> parts of east bay we barely got a tenth of an inch. we have a live shot east bay hills. sun rose around 7:00 this morning. look at this shot, we're looking south, notice the clouds moving from the east. we're also going to see breaks of sunshine even possibly a little precipitation kind of squeezing out some of the clouds, but the most part the rain is over for the bay area. ail show you what i mean for live doppler 7-hd which shows you why the clouds are moving to the east. it's counterclockwise, so the winds are coming from the east through the east bay and areas of green, disappearing. over the last few hours we are
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seeing less of it and confined to parts of south bay and monterey bay. here is the loop over the last few hours. things are starting to clear out pretty quickly. we're picking up light rain around aptos and watsonville. picking up some returns heading through crockett. some of this precipitation not making it to the ground. further north, it's going to be drying out for the bay area with the exception of monterey bay and that will clear out before lunch. temperatures in the 40s, 45 in san francisco. cool spot is antioch at 41 degrees and for today we can expect the showers pretty much to taper almost all gone. high surf advisory so be careful if you are heading to the coast with the clear conditions it means chilly temperatures but it should be dry for sunday. area of low pressure, taking the
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showers with it heading down to southern california. forecast model, 9:00, stale possibility of some showers, even the pink, that is snow in the higher elevations. there is a chance of it above 3,000 feet. so far check out mount hamilton and no measurable precipitation. sunny conditions, partly cloudy skies and no rain expected or showers even in the afternoon hours with the latest run of the forecast model. there is still high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 tonight. temperatures on the cool side, 50s in san rafael. 51 in san jose. more low 50s around monterey bay with 50 in gilroy. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, showers are pretty much over with and then we'll see partly cloudy conditions, cool day and frosty
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start tomorrow. it's great through 2013. >> bundle up and leave the umbrella at home. >> for a few days in sports, warriors welcome the boston celtics. they beat the 76ers winning their 20th game for the first time in 22 years. >> sixers at oracle, golden state were holding their opponents down. curry and barnes with the dunk. and wright, finished with just 8. and getting it done early. nick young, get it out in the first row. david lee aproved with the
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finger wave. pull away. more defense, carl landry ties it and swat on young. third quarter it continues! clay thompson, gets i it to barnes, 18-point lead for the warriors. he is fouled and you know things are going good if you can make a freethrow, money. they welcome to boston to town tonight. >> mega fight between gilroy's fighter and floyd mayweather is almost a done deal. the fight would take place at mgm grand may 4th. this lab pay-per-view event that mayweather losing men accustomed
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they have pursued this fight. he said he has earned and he thinks he can win. he is good enough to be the start. allen backtracking after the loss to carolina. tir el pryor will start on sunday and going with pryor is an indictment on linert and this will be his first n.f.l. start. he was listed a at inactive. >> i'm anxious to see him play. i want to see him go out there and relax and see him play the game of football. we to see him get in and out of the huddle and make sure he makes good decisions, protects the football and hopefully he'll be able to do something with
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this skill set to score some points is. >> does not bode well for the future of mat line ert. >> vernon davis is still recovering. davis still wearing the non-contact jersey in practice. she listed at questionable. he wants to play if cleared. >> i guess he won't be fined? >> i don't think it was legal though. >> be sure to tune in at 5:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 11:00 and number one stanford hosting uconn in women's hoops. i'm colin rush. have a great day everyone.
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>> katie: next the fiscal cliff-hanger, senators could vote on plan to save the country from the fiscal cliff on sunday but so far hopes have lawmakers striking deal haven't been met. and local high school band making history in the tournament of roses parade.
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developing news out 6 moscow where a jetliner caught fire killing two people on board. twin engine jet went off the runway and broke apart and caught fire. news reports say about a dozen people were on board and several of them were seriously injured. it was a ministry spokesman that confirmed two people died.
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in washington, senate a lot leaders are hoping to come up with a compromise they can send to the house tomorrow to avoid the fiscal cliff. lisa stark has the latest. >> there is nothing like a deadline to force action. the president met with congressional leaders for the first time in six weeks and then proclaimed himself modestly optimistic. >> they are watching what we are doing here. their patience is always thin. >> with the clock running out. democratic and republican leaders in the senate will spend today trying to hash out a bipartisan agreement. >> i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> it's clear whatever happens there is no time for a grand bargain on the even tougher issues cutting spending and raising the debt ceiling. >> we're going to end up with a small, kick the can down the road bill that creates another
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fiscal cliff to deal with this if physical kliof. how irresponsible is that? >> and stock market burns, dropping for the fifth straight day. >> there is america and they should be working for the american people. >> parties are dying to outdo each other. >> get in the room and don't come out of that room until you have taken care of. >> leaders hope to put a plan together and bring it to the senate tomorrow, then by tomorrow night the house is back in session they can vote on any plan passed by the senate, but no one is holding their breath. >> katie: president obama is making alternative plans in case congress does not vote to avoid the cliff. president obama says if lawmakers don't reach a deal he will propose a different vote. >> i will urge the senate to hold an upper down vote to basic
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package, extends unemployment insurance and lays the ground works for future progress on more economic growth and deficit reduction. i believe such a proposal could pass both houses with bipartisan majorities as long as they let it come to vote. don't be surprised if you come across the jeiy checkpoint in the next couple of days. local law enforcement agencies have launched their annual crackdown a drunk drivers, indictment will are already in place. a bay area lawmaker is voting for tested solution to get repeat drunk drivers off the highways. a proposal that is being used in assisted states. >> the thinking behind the proposed crackdown is address
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what state senator jerry hill says the high rate of drunk drivers that don't modify their behavior. he cites statistics, most recent numbers available. >> there were 161,000 d.u.i. arrests and convictions in california. 27% of those were repeat offenders. >> a second indictment conviction would require a driver to buy and i install an emission intercept device. this is one showing how they work. a breath sample is taken and car will start only if the driver passes the test. law enforcement agencies say sobriety checkpoints such as this one helped to intercept drunk drivers and take them off the street. perhaps, redwood city police officers have checked 15,000 vehicles so far this holiday period. they have made 18 arrests. they support the bill as an additional deterrent. >> this legislation that is being proposed today is needed
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to be added as part of the arsenal we have in deterring people that may not have the will or dedication or the moral fortitude to not drive drunk. >> the device costs about hundred dollars but requires ongoing calibration to assure accuracy. two time offender would use it for one years, three-time offender would use it for two years. mothers against drunk driving would prefer that it would be tougher. >> we would propose it would be installed on every indictment driver's car. >> counties including alameda are in the middle of a project in which they are required after the first indictment conviction, that is hoping valuable data in
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order to bolster a call for a tougher law. >> katie: an alert this morning from pg&e, pg&e is tweeting or warning to people that a man with hispanic accent is calling senior citizens saying their service will be cut off unless they provide personal information over the phone. they want everyone targeted by the scam to contact police. preparations for the 124th tournament of roses parade are in full swing in southern california. volunteers are getting the floats ready for show time on new year's day in pasadena. this year's doctor seuss inspired theme is "o the places you will go." a san jose high school marching band is going to be one
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of two dozen bands performing in the rose parade. as karina rusk tells us they will be doing something that has never been done before. ♪ ♪ >> this practice is taking place in the parking lot, real performance will take place on national television. >> it's a lot of excitement. we're ready to go. >> san jose's valley christian high school is not only marching in the tournament of roses parade but the first and ever to team up with one from another nation, beijing's number one high school. only two groups they met was on visit to china in april. >> we are very excited about the opportunity. challenge is the limited rehearsal time we have. that is what we're here doing. >> the two bands have been practicing in their home country for more than a year and while language is a barrier, music is the common denominator.
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she shared her thoughts through an interpreter. >> she is glad we can practice together and make friends. >> together the musicians call them the east meets west fusion band. >> fish to harmon nice recognizing music they must negotiate steps for a turn on the parade routed. >> i've never heard of any kind of turn. i usually see 90. >> they are all expected as the teenagers perform with a performance of a lifetime. >> we will see two cultures together with a boom and boom. >> if you tune in on new year's day, san jose valley christian
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will be wearing blue uniforms. chinese will be dressed in red and together the music will make history. >> katie: i can watch them and rest of the parade new year's morning beginning at 8:00 right here on abc7. and sports anchor mike shumann will s heading to for coverage are of the rose bowl in mass deanna. >> if you need help for resolutions, there is an app for that. a bay area company that could inspire you to follow through. let's take a live look at the outside at the san mateo bridge, sun coming up but good news the rain has moved through. frances dinglasan has been tracking it on live doppler 7-hd all morning and tell you what is happening in her forecast in
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>> katie: good morning, thanks for tuning in at 8:42. you are looking at live doppler 7-hd. frances dinglasan has been tracking the rain and find the little bit of blue. it has moved out of the bay area at this point. you can keep an eye on the storms by going to live doppler
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7-hd by going to also on, flight tracker comes in real handy when flights are up in the air and just checked no delays at sfo or san jose airports at this hour, if you are flying good idea to check before you go. tis the season for making new year's resolutions and in a week or two the season of breaking knows resolutions, what if you get help following through? jonathan bloom has this look at a bay area social media company that that has found a way to do just that. >> that is my new year's resolutions. >> ken is thinking big but it sounds something like this. >> i just graduated from college and i need how to cook better. >> i it wasn't want to travel. >> and they are lofty goals and
8:43 am
to help the folks would be worth something. >> pay something each month. >>. >> it turns out there is website for that. it is called a rewarder where you can offer a reward for information or expertise. >> they say i want this. i will pay this much. >> rewards offered for cooking tips. >> i want to make these meals and be able to do it at home. >> looking for a plan to run a marathon in under 4 hours. >> and vacation planning. if you offer the reward you pick the winner. >> up to hundred people trying to win their reward. it's up to them, this person obviously knows it the best. this person i'm going to reward and pay out. >> if you are an expert at something you can earn cash. >> i'm a dessert guy, i love pie to ice cream, cakes anything.
8:44 am
>> so derek says he makes $75 to replicate his wife's favorite pie for christmas. >> she thanked me and it was great. it was delicious. >> how much can you get for giving good advice. if you help ken with a start-up, maybe a lot. >> it could be ten bucks. it could be million dollars. >> katie: as we bid farewell to 2012, take a look back on this year's top seven news stories, videos and photo flag shows at also the year comes to close good news for the waterlogged bay area. >> we are expecting a few days to dry out. this system quickly leaving the bay area. you are waking up to damp roads and a little moisture on the lechbs of our camera as we look down towards san francisco. i'll tell you where we mil still
8:45 am
my see a stray shower and have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> also ahead, if
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>> katie: taking a live look outside at san rafael over the last 24 hours, the area got a tenth of an inch of rain. very light showers that moved through the bay area overnight. good news to people who have
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seen enough. frances dinglasan is in for lisa this morning tracking that rainfall and now you can track it right out of town. >> yeah, it's heading south of monterey bay. it was very weak. the greatest amount of rainfall we saw in the santa cruz mountains, just up to half an inch. some areas in the east bay got barely any rain at all. here is a live look at the east bay hills, low clouds so we are starting off cloudy with temperatures in the 40s. to give you an example, concord airport only records .02 of an inch and san francisco got up to almost a quarter of an inch. you can tell over all it wasn't too different to deal with because most of it fell in overnight hours. live doppler 7-hd that shows you the rain over the last three
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hours. the loop, the green, kind of clearing the bay area. we are still picking up some light rainfall in the areas near san jose and south, as well. we'll zoom in tighter. some of the areas of light green. even light blue not making it down to the ground. it's just the moisture. live doppler is picking up in the air so parts of highway 90 could be seeing a few drops. temperatures in the 40s. 43 in oakland, 45 in san francisco. and 43 in san jose. it is cool and the showers are already tapingering from the bay area. high surf advisory in effect. chilly tonight with clear conditions but dry for sunday. in fact looking dry into new year's die. here is the area of low pressure sliding south. showers are clearing but heading towards southern california so it will be difficult to drive through the grapevine this evening. you may want to hotel off your plans for a day. the forecast model shows even a
8:50 am
stray shower in parts of the south bay. that pink you see is the possible snow at elevations above 3,000 feet. it is looking less and less likely at this point. mount hamilton didn't have any measurable rainfall the last 24 hours. then, lunchtime, some clearing for you. so we'll see sunnier conditions but temperatures will still be on the cool side. the rain pretty much over for most of us in the bay area. still lingering in the south bay and monterey bay. there is a high surf advisory in effect until tonight, 10:00 p.m. look out for northwest swells 10-14 feet. large rip currents so be careful if you are heading along the coast and also currently the highest is 13 feet in bodega. it will be a cool one, temperatures just a few degrees below normal. in the 50s with the exception of 40s in clearlake, ukiah and 51
8:51 am
in san jose. more low 50s around monterey bay with 53 in santa cruz. here is the seven-day forecast. i know you want to put the umbrellas away. in san francisco, you are okay for the at&t game at 1:00. it will be very chilly tomorrow morning but still cool and then looking dry for new year's eve into 2013. >> katie: i do like the sound of that. in the sierra, there are no chain requirements on interstate 80 or 50. no chains required this morning, that makes eight perfect weekend to head to tahoe. john alston talked with bay area people who did just that. >> the holidays combined with nice weather and plenty of new snow are making resorts a magnet for bay area residents. >> we came today and it's the first time we are open this season. this year we got together and we
8:52 am
are excited to begin this season. >> 7-year-old was getting his first taste of the snow. >> to bring the kids here and learn how to ski. i don't have a chance to learn when i was young is. >> then larry rogers living in chicago. >> great snow this weekend and i had to get up here and bring the kids. it's a great time. >> you don't get snow in chicago? >> we get the snow but we don't have the mountains. this is perfect. >> the holidays lined up perfect for us. three weeks of holiday and normally we only have two. we are experiencing higher than normal volume. coming up next we have an update for you on deadly plane crash at the international airport moscow.
8:53 am
also, it made it to space and back and now it needs some tlc, to protect the atlantis
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8:55 am
>> katie: new developing news out of moscow. new information about the plane crash, four people are now confirmed dead, up from two following a passenger jetliner crash. it went off the runway. it broke apart and caught fire. we now know there were eight people on board down from the original number of 12. four survivors have sweer injuries. we know there was light snow on the ground but authorities are saying at this time pilot error may have been to blame. the space shuttle atlantis is being shrink wrapped. they are putting wrap around the
8:56 am
space crafted to protect it while crews built a museum around it. it will centerpiece at kennedy space center complex. wrap is necessary to make sure it is not damaged by dirt or debris during construction. the 2011 mission marked the end of the shuttle program. frances dinglasan has been keeping an eye on the rain all morning. what is happening right now. >> it's leaving the bay area. there is still a chance of a sprinkle or shower in the south bay and monterey bay. with live doppler 7-hd, i wanted to take you up to tahoe where they broke a record low temperature, negative 35 degrees. scattered snow showers possible today but we should be okay on the dry. looking dry the rest of the morning into the afternoon. chilly tomorrow morning as well. >> katie: thank you everyone for joining us on abc7 saturday
8:57 am
morning news. we will continue at 5:00 p.m. if you you received a tap let or smart phone, connect with abc news through our app. download apps for iphone and android phone or tablet and kindle fire and news app is visible for all those devices. have a great
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. and welcome to "wild countdown". >> we've got one of the strangest animals you've ever come across. >> wow! look at that! >> today, i'm showcasing seven creatures so bizarre, they must be seen to be believed. sue, if i get a heart attack, come and save me. guess which one was considered a myth, even after it was discovered! >> right there. >> where? oh, yeah. >> oh, he's coming! >> and later, a truly tasteless blooper all the way from tasmania.


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