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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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have been displaced. we are learning that more than 140 emergency personnel responded to the fire and responded quickly, and that is being credited for not only reducing the spread of the flames and the damage of the building, to other units, but also reducing the number of people who were injured. >> smoke billowing out the front door. >> thick black smoke can be seen pouring out of this residential unit in the mission strict. >> that's home dozen up quick, and jim from building to building. >> this is cell phone pictures of the structure fire that damaged 12 buildings and forced evacuation of a dozen homes. cold and confused residents forced into the street with little more than the clothes on their back, and i you can hear it. up sos of the wood burping and -- burning and popping. the firefighters seen here is entering the second floor under a cloud of smoke.
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flames only feet away, moving quickly. aide e -- i've seen fires like this could easily go to fifth large. they dade great job. >> firefighters say the fire may have started in the rear but stressed they're still in the early stages of the investigation. burn ped water logged wood is piled at this doorstep, preventing anyone from entering the place that at least until today six different families called home. we have also learned that the fire started at the lower level of the victorian, and its spread to the other victorians. we know there were working smoke detectors and it was the time of day that is also being credited for helping people to evacuate that building quickly and safely. in the mission district, nick
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smith, abc-7 news. insure. >> ama: two people who drowned after being swept away by a large wave while fishing have been identified as a father and son, nine weire juanes a mio-rojas, and his father. a third person survived. the three were fishing at bonita cove near the golden gate bridge. a large wave swept them into the water. the two men were able to grab on to a rock. it's believedes a mio swam from the rock in an effort to save his son. they both were swept away. tonight, people are urged to use caution near the water. we're under a high surf advisory until 10:00 tonight. here's how the high surf and heavy winds made for a busy day for first responders. >> a rough day like this on ocean beach makes for a surfer's
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playground, until something goes wrong. a worried onlookers called 9-1-1 to report three surfers lost in theheart beyond the break. >> in the situation with this, the surf as aggressive as it is, use extreme caution before putting swimmers out there. >> fortunately the coast guard was out taking advantage of the swells, running drills, and got to the men before emergency responders arrived. >> this particular case was just a single surfer, trying to take advantage of the large swells. he was never in stress. >> nearly 30 responders were called to the beach for the false alarm. the captain says mistaken distress calls come in all the time but doesn't want a moment of uncertainty to stop a call for help. >> we're surround by three sides of water and we take surf and bay rescue very serious. >> along the coast, forecasters warning people to be careful. the raging waters ruined the plans of the crabbers. >> we weren't able to the crab
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nets got tangled up and we had to leave. >> i was on the pier and it was shaking. it was amazing. >> i'm glad to see the waves and expose everything. >> tomorrow, calmer winds and surf will make for less exciting but safer conditions for onlookers. >> ama: in addition to that high surf, be prepared for some chilly temperatures tonight, with frost expected in some areas. abc-7 meteorologist lisa amin gulezian is -- lisa has the forecast. >> you can see the clear sky, sun setting at 5:00, rises tomorrow by 7:25, and between now and then, with plenty of clear sky, we're looking at chilly temperatures. we'll look for the numbers to drop through the 40s, with mostly clear conditions. by the time you wake up tomorrow, numbers ranging from the upper 20s from fairfield, concord, livermore, the valleys
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of the north bay. some mid-30s around the south bay. lower 40s closer to the bay, by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, warm up a couple of degrees but talking about the possibility of high elevation snow before the year is out. i'll tell you about that later. >> ama: crews in oakland today pulled a body out of the water near the marina in jack london square. homicide investigators responded after people spotted the body this morning. at this point police will only say it's a man who appeared to be in his 60s. police are asking anyone who may have information about him to give them a call. also in oakland, the search is on for two masked gunmen accused of a takeover robbery at a restaurant. happened around 9:00 thursday night at thai noodles. the gunmen robbed four couple offers and employee of cash and took money from the register no reports of any injuries. in an effort to ree prevent
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crime in oakland, church leaders and community members got together today to spread a powerful message. organizers of today's rally say they're tired of senseless violence everywhere and are calling for a national ban on assault weapons and high capacity clips and are demanding the city of oakland make public safety a priority. >> we demand our mayor declare oakland a state of emergency and get the mutual aid we can get from the governor's office and all that will come to help us, because our city is out of control. >> ama: several community and religious groups joined forces for the rally, save, soldiers against vines -- violence everywhere. with new year's eve two days away, local police agency and the chp have again stepping up patrol and dui checkpoints. checkpoints will be in operation
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in redwood city, san francisco, san jose, and other cities. you can leave the car home. muni, caltrain, will offer free service. b.a.r.t. won't be free but will be operating trains until 3:00 a.m. on new year's day. >> with less than three days to go for the so called live in live in, president obama is confident a deal will be reached. the president said in this weekly address, agreement won't be easy but politics can't get in the way. >> we just can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our me. the economy is growing, but keeping it that way means that the folks you sent to washington have to do their jobs. >> ama: top senate republican mitch mcconnell arrived on capitol hill. >> we work hard to see if we can get there in the next 24. i'm hopeful and optimistic.
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>> ama: senate leaders hope to have a bill to vote on by sunday. the house returns to washington sunday evening and could vote on the senate version. >> ahead, demands for justice in india. a woman dies of a brutal attack there. how the nation is standing up in support of her. also, a lawyer says he is going to sue for millions in the connecticut school tragedy. why he claims he is taking legal action. we did have some sunshine today, and but chilly temperatures, sunshine, and rain
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>> ama: six men in india could face the death penalty if convict of murder charges filed in a rape case that sparked international outrage. six men being charged hours after the woman died. she was gang-rain raped and beaten on a bus in new new dehli fearly two weeks ago. the case has created protests for greater protection for women >> supposed to go out at night. >> ama: some women say it's not uncommon to hear lewd comments from men, and women say stalking is an everyday thing. >> new york city police arrested
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a woman suspected of killing a man by pushing him in front of a speeding subway train. the woman has made statements immix -- implicating herself. the police reseriesed video cam'ses showing the suspect running from the scene. a lawyer in connecticut wants to sue the state over the sandy hook elementary school shooting. he is demanding $100 million in damages on behalf of an unidentified six-year-old girl who survived. he says the girl heard gunfire and screaming and was left with emotional scars. 27 people, including 20 children, were killed two weeks ago when 20-year-old adam lanza killed his mother and opened fire at the school before taking his own life. next, new mission for the mars rover. it's about to begin a 2-1/2 billion journey. billion journey. >> a night for extra blankets. you know how much grandma
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>> the mars rover curiosity has a new mission. it's going on a trek toward a martian mountain that will take up most of the year. first itself has to find the perfect rock to bore into. the rover will head for mt. sharp in mid-february. the road trip comes amid great expectations. the mission targeted the gale crater so it could explore the peak with its layers of locks. >> lisa says it's going to get downright cold tonight and that mean the possibility of snow. while skiers are enjoying the snow in the sierra, a light
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dusting is expected on some bay area mountains. last night an inch fell in the santa cruz mountains and more is likely in the next few hours. the highest points could see two to five inches of snow tonight. and as this weather continues we want to see what you're experiencing, send it your photos to you report at abc-7 >> leigh glaser is off tonight. >> hi, everyone, beautiful shot tonight. 5:00, the official sun sunset. tomorrow at 7:25. but cold temperatures and high-elevation snow before the year is out. live doppler 7hd shows that area of low pressure off the coast this morning brought our rain into southern california. in fact a water spout was sighted just off los angeles coastline, and still some snow in the sierra nevada. so a couple more inches tonight
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for western nevada and lake tahoe basin, and right now temperatures are dropping through the 40s, so chilly out there 48 in livermore, 46 in fairfield. partly cloudy to clear conditions, with 52 in san francisco so nice to see the sunshine today, and we will feature more sunshine but two more weaks systems will parallel the coast for two nights. so partly cloudy and cold tonight. chance of showers late in the south bay, and then for new year's eve, sunshine, but late in the evening, bringing in a chance of showers. high-elevation snow, anywhere from 2500 feet to 3,000 feet where we could see some of the snowy peaks around here. rainfall totals from last night. not too impressive in the north bay, with .09. san francisco, a quarter inch, and redwood city, third inch, and nearly a half inch near ben loman.
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we're still watching the surf. a high surf advisory until 10:00 tonight. the swells anywhere from 10 to 14 feet. so dangerous out there. here's a look at more overnight lows. plenty of upper 20s from antioch to fairfield. cloverdale. low 30s, napa. san francisco and oakland, milder. look at palo alto. 33, 35 in san jose, 32 in santa cruz, going to be awfully cool over the next several nights. here's the area of low pressure dropping to the south. high pressure building in tomorrow but a weak system over the sierra nevada is going to slide down the coast. so, by late tomorrow, we could see a few clouds, maybe a sprinkle in the south bay, the santa cruz mountains but much of the day featuring sunshine but increasing clouds on monday. and here's the chance of rain that's going to come in new year's eve. shouldn't be much. don't have to worry but the possibility exitses. high temperatures tomorrow,
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50s. snow should be ending in the sierra nevada, and back home, lower 50s. so not much of a change but sunshine. 352 -- 52 in san jose, chance of showers late sunday, and a look ahead calls for the sunny day, chance at higher elevation snow sunday night, new year's eve, and a break, tuesday, wednesday, and then another system could give us rain showers next week. that's 2013, right? >> yes, it is. >> rick is in for mike shumann. >> i was going to say we have a ho-ho-ho lot of basketball to talk but aboutite animal going -- but i'm not going to say it. a big showdown in maples as stanford takes on connecticu
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>> the south ranked senator women's basketball team had not lost at home until 1987. the last time the huskies were here the cardinal ended their win streak so huskies looking for payback. their defense forced 14 turnovers, the steal leads to this hoop. chiney ogwumike made six of thunder 22 shots. this one is blocked. stanford shot just 19% from the field. kaleena moss cascade -- uconn
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routs stanford, the worst home has of this ear ya. >> in men's hoops, santa clara has a chance to upset duke. the broncos were not intimidated. kevin foster with three. santa clara opened up a four-point lead on this play. foster slams it down. but duke rallies beth steph curry's younger brother receive. and -- receive. the blue devils stay unbeaten. santa clara falls to 11-3. on new year's day, stanford will try to cap an 11-2 season with a win over wisconsin in the rose bowl. the badgers are 8-5 but three of their losses were in overtime. this this third straight year they've been to the rose bowl. they lost the previous two, the
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last one to oregon. wisconsin is hoping the third time will be the charm, but stanford is a 6-1/2 point favorite. >> two similar teams like to run the football and play great defense. we don't know anything but that. whatever people say about point spreads. don't matter. every game we play comes down to the last possession,. >> abc-7 sports anchor mike shumann will be in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. shu's reports will air tuesday, right here on abc-7. >> this last week arizona state running back marion lost his brother when hi was shot and killed over a pair of air jordans. today he took the field in the fight hunger bowl. the sun devils jumped out to a 21-0 third quarter. greiss ran for 159 yards and a
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pair of touchdowns. kelly through four tds, this one to ross,. 34-7 after the break. san jose native marshaled a a good day, he scored twice as the sun devils sink navy, 62-28. they finish 8-5. tonight the warriors are at home against boston. golden state is ten games over .500. they're playing very well. >> ama: thank you. coming up. see how one city is
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>> ama: coming up in a half hour at 6:00, a woman robbed in san francisco, and her dog killed right in front of her. tonight we'll hear from the victim of the vicious crime. and taking a stand against crime in oakland. one group is honoring one of the youngest victims of violence in oakland last year. join it at 6:00. >> the fast-approaching fiscal cliff is no laughing matter but sometime you have to have a sense of humor. some portland, oregon residents have taken their disappointment in congress to the street, or street sign. this road sign, now instead of road ininstructions it reads, fiscal cliff ahead. turn around, don't go over. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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this is "world news." tonight -- round two. the newest holiday storm to hit, stretching from missouri to maine. the accidents tonight. the snow falling where there was already a foot or more. tonight the latest trap, where it's heading. abc meteorologist ginger zee is standing by. on the edge. washington taking america right up to the fiscal cliff. three days now until higher taxes for all. will there be a deal? as americans and their 401(k)s already taking a hit, paying a brice because of that standoff. crash landing. the jet that skidded off the runway nearly smashing into a crowded highway. and back in the game. the football coach whose battle off the field inspired a major turnaround on it. and tonight, he's about to return.


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