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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 30, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> and this is where he took out my money. >> then her attacker turned his attention to roxie, the dog, because he seemed angry the victim only had five dollars in her pocket. >> he looked at me, with a blank look on his face, and he said, i'm gore to kill you [bleep] dog. >> after a struggle, the map snatched the dog out of the car. >> he put roxie over his head, and threw her towards the incoming traffic. >> roxie survived being hit on the pavement but was later put down because she suffered major injuries. >> police are collecting images from surveillance cameras in the neighborhood and there were two witnesses. witnessbig and she was pretty small and i could tell he was going to hurt her. >> he wasn't able to save roxie but is offering a reward.
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>> to hold it above your head and slam it on is back in oncoming traffic is another level of deapprovity. >> detectives are looking for a black male, late 20s, 6'1", with a lean build and clean shaven, wearing a black or beanie. nip with information should call the san francisco police. two people drowned yesterday at the marin headlands while fishing. the victim, juan escamillo and his father. we spoke with their family today. reporter: we are here at the coast guard station, where father and sob were brought after being lift out of the cold surf tomorrow night, and tonight family and friends are trying to come to terms with the second tragedy to hit the family just
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this month. >> going through a very difficult time, you know. everybody sad. >> the family has gathered to grieve and say a rosary for 37-year-old juan escamillo and his son, juan-car loss. the father and son were avid fishermen who decided to fish friday. they were fishing in an area called lower fishermans, an area noun for unpredictable and heavy surf. his cousin joined them friday afternoon for the first and last time. [speaking in foreign language] glierks spannic he told us house juan carlos was swept a. by a huge wave around 4:30. he described how the boy's father screamed out, my boy, my boy, and dove in after him the cousin said he clung to the rocks and watched helpless his as the father and son drifted 20 feet away in the heavy surf. >> he says he threw out a fishing line to bring them in
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but it snapped. he then ran up this hill to call 9-1-1. he wishes he could h done d more. scene from sky 7hd, this rescue boat managed to pluck the pai wr 5:00 p.m. they were pronounced dead after arriving the coast guard station. brother-in-law says he feels a bit numb. >> i want to cry but i -- really hard. >> friends and relatives cling to each while some cry or stare out into space. they can't believe the hit fortune that hit the family. the snawrnl -- sister-in-law that's lost everything in a fire in the home on christmas day, and they're trying to raise enough money to bury father and son in mexico city. friends set up a bank account to help the mother and daughter with living and funeral expenses. if you wish to donate, you can log on to abc-7 and
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click on "see it on tv". the information on how to donate is there. reporting live in marin county, abc-7 news. >> ama: friends of the man shot and killed by walnut creek police held a vigil at the salon where he worked. they came to remember anthony banta, jr. police responded to a nine one one call with a woman scream income the background. officers said he had a weapon but doesn't say what it was. >> he took --... >> a good man. he had a future. >> ama: the officers involved are on paid leave, which is normal procedure. we have new information tonight on the murder investigation of a entrepreneur found dead in his home last
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month. 66-year-old ravi kuma was killed during a home invasion november 30th. no cause of death has been released. a man and woman have been charged in the case. now two more suspects are in custody. williams was arrested in sacramento today on suspicion of murder and has been transferred to the accept clara county jail. javier dollars ya was arrested in oakland on thursday on suspicion of murder. >> a shooting in san francisco's bay view district has police looking for clues. two teenagers, a 17-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl were found after multiple gunshots were reported around 6:30. the girl suffered life-threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. oakland police are searching for two masked gunmen accused of a takeover robbery at an east lake restaurant. it happened thursday night on international boulevard. the gunman robbed four customers some an employee of cash, cell phones and jewelry, and cash
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from the register. no one was injured. time to get a check on the weather. leigh glaser is off today. lisa is here. >> lisa: the rain has moved out but the cold air has settled in. i'll athlete no whether any rain cloud will get in the way of your new year's forecast. san francisco fire investigator are trying to determine the cause of a three-blame alarm blaze that ripped through three homesle more than 40 people were displaced by the fire but no residents were hurt. one firefighter was treated for dehide addition and an injured shoulder. more than 140 responders were on the scene and kick action is credited for preventing a bigger disaster. >> did a great job. setting up the command system. >> ama: investigators say the
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fire erupted in the rear of a lower level apartment unit and there were working smoke detectors in the build writh started. >> on the peninsula, three horses were killed on highway 2880 after escaping from a farm. two horses were struck by a car around 5:00 a.m., and the third horse was hit moments later by another car. northbound lanes of 280 nor of al pipe road were closed for two hours. all four horses escaped from a ranch bat mile from the freeway. >> the last one that put the horse away thought the gate was locked good, and obviously it wasn't. and it's a shame we lost three horses. the only good thing is that the gentleman that hit them is doing okay, i guess. >> ama: the drives of both cars were hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> with new year's eve two days away, the local police agencies
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and chp are staffing dui checkpoints. checkpoints will be in operation in the bay area, including redwood city, san francisco, sap the hoe say. you can leave the car at home. self transit agencies well offer free service. b.a.r.t. won't be free but will be operating trains until 3:00 a.m. on new year's day. >> a desperate attempt to rescue a man who fell into icy water goes horribly wrong as several more people fall in trying to save him. >> the internet gambit that is thriving and how you can become a target. and later this hour, that live in fifth you have -- fiscal cliff you have been hearing so much
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>> ama: an enter sunset scam thriving this holiday season. what looks like e-mails from friends needing money are far more citizenster. the fbi has 150,000 strand traveler complaints. >> it came from halfway around the world. a frightening e-mail thatland in an abc producer's inboston. it looked like it was from a friend. my trip to the fill peoples with my family has been a mess. i was hit on the back of my neck with a club. i need you to loan me some money. was this real or a hoax? skeptical, our producer decided to play along. case, don't worry, think i can come up with a few hundred at least but we wired just 20. >> the con artist picked up the money within hours and complained. >> you should have told me you never had any money. but we didn't leave it there. we traced the e-mailer's trail
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halfway robbed the world to manila, where an alert western union agent told us the scammer had come into this shop this past year. >> i remember he had claimed money from me in the past. >> it's called the stranded traveler scam. scam artists hack into your e-mail account, mining it for personal detaifriendsbout your friends and family. then use that information to fool you into thinking they're in trouble. >> it's devilishly clever. >> yes. social engineering can preying on what is important to you. >> if you send money the con artist pits you on their sucker list and hit you with other scams. experts say never send money without making sure the e-mail is really fr friend. abc news, washington. >> ama: to a different kind of theft, there's a growing spike in crime all over the country targeting iphones, this shows
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a thief sneaking up on a victim and putting her in a head lock before snatching already iphone. one person crashed a bmw in into a store and then ran off with a stash. and in new york city, iphone thefts spiked 40%, and in e up 40%on, dc of all robberies. san francisco police say they've received 1700 reports storm cell phones this year. >> a flooding expedition goes horribly wrong in the san gabriel mountains. it was caught on video. almost turned to disaster when a man fell through the ice, and one person after another tried to save him, only to fall in themselves. >> coming across the ice really fast and went from cheering to an unbelievable amount of panic and chaos. >> give me the rope. >> a crowd gathered on shore,
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frantically screaming for help. at one point 12 people in the water. it ended after nine minutes when everybody was finally hauled out to shore. >> high surf and heavy winds kennedy rescuers busy on the beach. a 9-1-1 call came in saying there were three surfers beyond the break. the coast coast was practices swells and got to the men. >> one single surfer was trying to take advantage of the large sweals, was never in distress. >> ama: responders were called to the beach with a false alarm. the high surf advisory ended at 10:00 this evening. all right. well, coming up in sports, the top-ranked stanford women get roughed up by an old rival. and the streaking warriors with their 12th win in december. all that is coming
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>> the red hot warriors said goodbye to 2012 with a bang, notching their 21st victory. the first time since 1980 they've gotten that many wins were new year's day. >> boston without rondo with a hip injury. check out this nifty passing. leads to the dunk. barnes with 16 points, knocks down a 3. third quarter, lee behind the back to steph curry. next possession, steph, from another zip code. the warriors roll 101-83. next host the team with the pest record in the league, the l.a. clippers on wednesday. >> the top-ranked women's basketball team squared off against number two connecticut. the last time the huskies were at maples the cardinal ended their win streak. today uconn coach geno auriemma
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bass revenge. the key was connecticut's stifling defense. it was 31-13 at the half. chiney ogwumike made just six of their 22 shots. this one is blocked. stanford shot 19% from the field. lewis led all scorers with 19. con cruises. the loss snap's stanford's 82 game home win streak. >> the stanford men had better luck against lafayette. the cop test would go down to the final seconds. stanford wins. randall with a team, high 16. the cardinal improve to 9-4. >> harvard was looking for its third straight victory but the crimson can play. there's allen crabbe, leads thepack twelve -- the pac-12 in
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scoring. harvard wins 67-62. cal falls to 8-4. santa clara at dunk. with this dunk up by four. but duke would rally behind steph curry's you canner brother, seth. he had a career-he 31 points. the blue devils with the victory. santa clara falls to 11-3. still to come, the college football bowl season is in full swing. a pair of pac-12 teams were in action today, and stanford
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>> on tuesday, stanford will play in it's 13th role bowl, the last time was in 1999 when it lost to wisconsin. the badgers red by monte ball
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will be the a opponent. this is the third straight -- second year they have been to the rose bowl and are hoping third is a charm. >> we know what we're here for, i told them to take advantage of all that's offered, for something for them to go do and enjoy it, but in the next few days we'll start dialing that down and get ready to play our best football game this year. >> last quebec, arizona running back marion grice lost his brother when he was shot and killed over a pair of air jordans. despite the tragedy grice took the field. we go to at&t park which was convert from baseball to football. grice ran for 150 yards and two touchdowns. asu led 21-0 after the first quarter. quarterback taylor kelly threw four touchdowns. the sun devils sink navy, 62-28.
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finish 8-5. >> texas took on oregon state in the alamo bowl. the beavers looking good after three quarters. up by ten but the longhorns quarterback threw two fourth quarter scores, giving texas the first lead of the night. the defense did the rest. alamo bow -- bowl record with four-1/2 snacks, oregon state stunned. >> and sports was brought to you five -- tonight by river rock casino. >> ama: preparations are underway for the annual rose parade. volunteers are getting the floats parade ready for showtime on new year's de. there will be two dozen marching bands from all over the country, including the valley christian high school band from san jose. you can watch the parade new
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year's morning at 8:00 here's on abc-7 and mike shumann is in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. his reports will air on new year's day. leigh glaser is off tonight. lisa argen has our forecast. >> we're starting out with a chilly night. here's the live doppler 7hd on mt. st. helena. and all is clear, and the forecast for the next couple of days, we'll be talking about the chilly air and much of the rain has moved out of our future outlook. so, i'll explain in a moment. right now we're looking at 30s in livermore. 36 right now, and napa. 38 in fairfield. 48 in san francisco. 39 on the coast. certainly cold out there. this time yesterday we were warmer. so we were 11 degrees cooler in napa, on the way to subfreezing temperatures overnight.
2:28 am
and it's pretty cold in our east bay valleys. so that's where we're expecting the frost. clear and cold nights ahead. the rain chances are out tomorrow night but monday night, a slight chance of rain in the evening hours and that we can scale back on. looks like a sunny start to 2013, and much of next week looking drive. overnight lows, cold, with 28 in napa. 32 in con -- concord. warmer here but along the coast, cold, with 32, down in santa cruz and morgan hill. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite map. the area of low pressure brought in a ten inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain along the big sur coast. high pressure building in, looking at a sunny and cool afternoon tomorrow. got the 49ers game and locking at numbers below average. fast forward new year's eve. increasing clouds and 2:00 in
2:29 am
the afternoon, maybe also rain in ukiah, on the coast, but by the late afternoon hours, this forecast model wants to paint a little bit of precip around the north bay but may not even materialize. so your plans for new year's eve looking cool for sure. popular place this weekend, lake tahoe, western nevada, looking at the winter weather advisory through 10:00 tomorrow mortgage with lake-enhanced snow and an terrible one to four inches of snow there, through 10:00. in the afternoon, upper 20s, cold, sunshine, mid-50s in fresno. temperatures at 60 in san diego. tomorrow, after the frosty start, the number s in the low 50s. pretty cool for this time of year. we should see 55, san francisco. 52, san jose. 50, antioch. monterey bay, sunny and nice, numbers in the lower 50s.
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a look ahead, cold nights, slight chance of showers of new year's eve. 2013, nice and sunny. nice on wednesday, and the only chance of rain in he next seven days looks to be on thursday. >> ama: thank you. still to come, falling off the fiscal cliff. it's down to the wire. but will congress bow to president obama's pressure. >> and the i-team reveal while the state unemployment department won't answer your phone call when you knead the most help. >> the fight against the growing crime in oakland. what community leaders say i'm only in my 60's...
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>> ama: our breaking news from the south bay. san jose firefighters are
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battling a two-alarm fire in an important building -- an apartment building. firefighters say a second floor apartment is fully engulfed in flames. there's a report of one injury to a person suffering smoke inhalation. >> a family is grieving the loss of a father and son. the father tried to save his nine-year-old son who was overtaken by a wave. both victims were pronounced dead after them of recovered them off the shore. san francisco police are looking for the man who robbed a woman, then killed her dog, last night. the 12-year-old pekingese was thrown on the street in front of traffic. a witness to the crime is offering a $1,000 reward to capture the taker. >> three horses were killed on highway 2 0 in redwood city after escaping from a farm. two drivers that hit the horses were hospitalized, nonthrive threatening jerries, fourth horse was found unharmed.
2:35 am
>> a west oakland bike shop is honoring the memory of a small child shot to death a year ago. today would have been his third birthday, bikes for likes organized a rally to discuss violence prevention. community leaders spoke of youth programs in the city. this is the third year of the bikes for life giveaway. this year the shop gave away 40 bicycles to children in the area. [chanting] >> church leaders and community members came together to spread a powerful message. organizers say they're tired of senseless violence wherever and-calling for a national ban on assault rifles and high capacity clips. former president george h.w. bush's condition continues to improve. he is now recovering in a
2:36 am
regular hospital room. bush was first taken to the hospital for treatment of a bronchitis related cost and was moved to intensive care at houston's methodist hospital. lawmakers are taking us right up to the edge of the fiscal cliff. just two more days to go before tacks go up for all americans. will the president's pressure on congress in the last 24 hours bring a deal? john carl has some answers. reporter: with just three days left, finally a imlimmer of hope. >> i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> it's going to be imperfect and people aren't going to like it. >> right now it's in the hands of the two senate leaders pgz democrat harry reid and republican mitch mcconnell. they're working on a minideal that would preinvestigate a tax increase for roughly 98 of american workers, and extend
2:37 am
unemployment benefits set to expire for two million people, and cut payments in medicare doctors. >> the american people are watching what we do here. obviously their patience is already thin. this is deja vu all over again. >> the 11th hour evident comes after the president met with the congressional leadership at thh. his first such meeting in six weeks. even if mcconnell and reid come to agreement, there's no guarantee it will pass before the end of the year. the agreement represents what the president called the bare minimum. extending tax cuts, while doing nothing to curb spend organize address the long-term deficit crisis. if they fail to even pass a minideal, virtually everybody's income taxes will good up. the average family paying an extra $3,446 a year. and even if the income tax cuts are extended, virtually all workers are due to see less in their paychecks starting in january when the temporary 2%
2:38 am
payroll tax cut is set to expire. >> senate leaders are headed back into session tomorrow morning. tune into morning news for the latest. >> portland, oregon residents have taken their disappointment in congress to the street. there's this road sign in north portland. now instead of road construction it reads, fiscal cliff ahead. >> a winter storm is dumping snow over the northeast and part office ohio. a tractor-trailer and several other cars collided in the snow on interstate 83 just outside harrisburg pennsylvania. there have been more than 450 flight cancellations. >> lots of people are takingedef a advantage of the snow. check out this kid in canada. only 18 months old but is already moving quickly on his little snowboard, pacifier and all. just ahead, the popular tv
2:39 am
shows -- the show illegally downloaded the most. >> thank you for calling the state disability insurance program. >> the i-team reveals why one state agency is too busy to take your calls. >> clear sky, light winds, dryer air, temperatures in the mid-30s, in our north a
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>> ama: if you've called the state unemployment insurance line recently and you didn't get through to an agent. a recent report says 84% of calls were never picked up and it's not the only state phone system with problems. here's an abc-7 news iteam vicious. >> this is how jim matthews spent the last month. >> thank you for calling the state disability insurance program. >> listening to automated menus and always getting the same response. >> we're sorry, the maximum number of callers waiting to speak to a representative is exceeded. >> i've heard that recording on average eight to ten times a day for a month. >> it just hurts on the back. >> she is on disability for a shoulder injury and wants to know the status of her claim, without a check from the state she could be kicked out of her house. >> for us not to be able to get any help, any assistance, no communication back, on funds
2:43 am
that we have paid into a system is very aggravating. >> we are are unable to assist you at this time. >> sound sounds like you're going to be put through to an agent. they got too many phone calls, goodbye. >> dave asked us not to use his last name to the state won't cam after him for complaining help has been unemployed since july and says repeatedly being told to call back is frustrating. >> if you don't make it through, they'll make the decision based on the information they have. which will go, presumably, against you. >> they're calling different phone systems run by the same state agency. the employment development department. >> the people in government must be aware of the problem and they appear to be ignoring the problem. reporter: they do know. a state audit in march, 2011, first outlined the problems in the unemployment phone system and confirmed the issues or
2:44 am
serious. of the 29.7 million calls in which individuals asked to speak with an agent, 84% were unsuccessful. >> i think people have a lot of expectations that i call and someone there is to answer. well there are finite resources and staff. >> this spokesperson says budget limitations and the volume of calls to the up employment insurance line make it difficult to answer every call. >> the demand is overwhelming and we know it's difficult to get through to a representative, but we're doing our best to try to make information available for our customers. >> levy directs people to the edd web site, e-mail, and social media sites sites and has the se advice for people having trouble on the disability insurance line. >> submit your questions online. some people may not want to but it's the self-service will help us get caught up. >> the says they're behind because of a knew automated system launched in november.
2:45 am
the adapt having trouble with the transition so it's up to you to help them out. >> yes, people have expectations. we do need the cooperation of our customers. >> matthews said she tried e-mailing the edd but the response was the same one from the phone line. our volume is very high due to the high demand for our services. we ask for your patience. >> people don't trust the gos because of experiences like this. >> the large number of unanswered calls to a customer service agent is not seasonallable, and he thinks the problem might be misunderstandi misunderstanding of who the department serves. >> it seems endem mick in larging constitutions that people forget there's an expectation there's a client on the end of the phone going through greater pane and suffering than you are. >> the senator says he will bring this issue to the industrial relations committee and meet with the director of e ddd to get some answers.
2:46 am
we'll post the odd auditor's report online. >> from 2012 tariffa, which tv series was the most popular for illegal download, the answer? game of thrones. 4.28 million time pirated. the second most pirated show was dexter. >> as 2012 comes to a close you can look back at this year's top seven news stories, videos, and photo slide shows at abc-7 might get some sunshine in the new year. >> a lot of it. we're looking at the rain chances really getting scaled back in the next several daze. live look outside, the live doppler 7 hd, nice and quiet this evening, and in fact we'll be tracking a rather weak system off the shoreline new year's ev.
2:47 am
right now temperatures are dropping quickly under clear skies. 36 in livermore, napa. 48, san francisco, also more cloud cover towards dawn and with the dry atmosphere, going to be kaley day, low 30s in the morning. upper 20s for napa. 35, half moon bay. 32 in santa cruz. high pressure buildings in, -- building in, giving us sunshine, clouds in the morning some snow showers in the sierra nevada through 10:00, and then we'll look for sunny skies and upper 20s in lake tahoe. back home, temperatures continue to be below average with low 50s around the bay. should see mid-50s to near 60s. it's going to take until the middle and the end of next week. 2013. some warmer weather then. until then we're looking at the chilly morning, patchy frost, voigt chance of showers new year's eve evening and i mean slight, and then a pretty quiet
2:48 am
week. >> rick quan is in for shu. >> rick: due you know how many bowl games? am aim can't imagine. >> rick: 35, and we still have 16 to go. as college football bowl team rolls on, and the warriors close
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>> the red hot warriors closed out the 2012 portion of their schedule with their 21st 21st victory. the first time since 1980 they've gotten that many wins before news news day. boston is without rondo with a hip injury. first quarter, check out this nifty passing, leading to a lee dunk. barnes knocks down a 3. golden state led by 17 at halftime. third quarter, lee behind the back to steph curry. next position, steph, this time from downtown oakland, curry, with the team high 22, the warriors roll 101-83.
2:52 am
next play the team with the best record in the nba, the l.a. clippers. >> the top ranked stanford women's basketball team squared off against number two connecticut. the last time the huskies were at mapleses the cardinal ended the with win streak. today uconn coach got revenge. stewart with the tough shot and the foul. the key was connecticut's stifling defense. the steal by banks leads to this easy basket. it was 31-13 at the half. chiney ogwumike made just six of her 22 shots. this one is bronxed andbanks will lay it in. stanford shot just 19% from the field. louvre with led all scorers with 19. ucop cruises, 61-35. the law snaps stanford's 2-game home win streak. >> the stanford men had better luck at maples against lafayette. this is dwight powell with the big dunk. the contest would go down to the
2:53 am
final seconds. stanford hangs on to win, 65-59. the cardinal is now 9-4. >> harvard was playing cal. the crimson can play. the the bears creab leads the pac-12 in scoring. he had a game-high 27 but it wasn't enough, harvard hangs on for the victory. cal falls to 8-4. >> santa clara was at number one duke behind kevin foster's 29. this dunk puts santa clara up by four in the second half but duke rallied behind steph curry's younger brother seth, and finished with a career high 31. the blue devils with the victory. santa clara drops to 11-3. on tuesday, standard will play -- stanford will play it in
2:54 am
1st rose bowl. the last time was in 1999 when it lost to wisconsin 17-9. the bammers led by monte ball will be the opponent. this is the third straight year they've been the rose bowl. they lost the previous two. oregon. one to wisconsin is hoping the third time will be the stanfor charm, but stanford is a 6-1/2 point favorite. >> two similar teams, like to run the football and play great defense. we don't know anything but that. and whatever people say about point preds, those things don't matter. everything we play comes down the last position in the fourth quarter. so our minds are geared up for that. >> abc-7 sports anchor mike shumann will be in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. texas and matt brown, -- marion grice left the team to mourn the loss of his brother who was killed over a pair of air jordans.
2:55 am
he was back with the game against navy. at&t converted to the gridiron, the sun devils 4ed 21-0 of the first quarter. kelly threw four touchdowns, three of them to rosms it was 34-7 at the half. san jose native, cameron marshal. scored twice. the sun devils route navy. they finished 8-5. >> this is my last game, college game, and i went out with a bang, and then on top of that, i'm at home itch feel -- home. i feel real good right now. >> able to get the win in my home town, and it's been a blast. >> and the alamo bowl. leave it to the beaverrers. this touchdown put them up by ten. the longhorns quarterback with
2:56 am
two fourth quarter scores, this one gave texas its first lead of the night. the defense did the rast. oak oak -- texas beats oregon state, both teams finished 9-4, this sports report was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. >> ama: thank you so much. thank you for joining us. that it for this edition of abc-7 news. we continue tomorrow morning at 5:00. i'm aim -- ama daetz. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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