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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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inland starting off with frost -- [ inaudible ] we'll hang out with mostly sunny conditions and near 50 by 4:00, -- [ inaudible ] these are your drive times everything runly smoothly on 101 from highway 12 to 37, 28 minutes, i-80, seven minutes between 37 and carquinez bridge, 18 minutes and 85 from 101 to highway 17. 80 in berkeley, most headlights, not any hold-ups, accidents on bay bridge may have held people up for a minute earlier but that is
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cleared. san jose highway 87 really just nothing to say, no cars, no problems. developing news in san francisco. early morning house fire there has sent two to the hospital. just before 1:00 firefighters responded to athens street in the excelsior district. they found a two story structure fully ingolfed in flame it took over an hour to -- knock down, firefighters were alerted by a neighbor. meth lab was on fire, but no evidence of any meth labor was amy hollyfield will have a live report in the next half hour. in petaluma investigators trying to determine the cause of a fire that forced a family to evacuate. flames erupted into the garage and quickly spread to the main part of the house the fire damaged a bedroom, firefighters put the fire out
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in 45 minutes no one hurt. dozens of tenants in san jose not back in their homes after a heartbreaking deadly fire over the weekend. investigators are searching for the cause. sue thompson is live at the scene on bridgeport court. >> reporter: good morning. investigators will be back out here later today to try and determine or at least work towards what caused this fatal fire over the weekend. some residents tell abc7 news that the fire alarm never went off. that fatal fire tore through an upper apartment at 3700 bridgeport court saturday night. many say they had to run for their lives to escape the fast flames and intense smoke. sadly, 4-year-old and her grandparents died when they were trapped in a back bedroom because of the flames. her mom said she barely made it out alive and she woke to
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flames in a bedroom and the fire alarm never went off. some 52 people have been displaced because of this fire. they will not be able to come back home until power is restored to the building. red cross has stepped in to try and provide shelter. the grandparents that perished in the fire we are told they lived in the apartment for more than 20 years, and their daughter said she desperately tried to save them saturday night and her little girl, but could not. >> my brother's room was on fire, and i ran out and tried to get the extinguisher and broke the glass and i couldn't put it out. >> reporter: she is now planning three funerals this new year's eve for her parents and her little girl. investigators will likely focus attention on the bedroom where maldonado said she first noticed the flames. they will also look into
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claims that fire alarms may not have went off, whenever the fire started. live in san jose, sue thompson, abc7 news. happening now, congress is trying to get out of political gridlock to pass a bill the president will sign before the clock strikes midnight, without within the new year rings in automatic tax hikes for all americans plus deep cuts in federal spending. things are quiet on capitol hill now. both houses taking an overnight break, coming up in two hours, senators will resume their efforts. last night senate leaders called on vice presidented by tone try and broker an ice break we are house -- leaders of both parties in the house and senate have reached a deal on one thing, they've agreed to extend 2008
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farm bill for one more year that bill expired in october. milk prices could have doubled to $7 a gallon next month if lawmakers had not extended it. the deal prevents the government from returning to a 1948 formula, some called it the dairy cliff. back here concord believe a street racing teenager lost control of his car and slammed into the lobby of a concord funeral yesterday. the driver was racing a car on clayton street, his car smashed through the front of the funeral chapel. the driver and passenger suffered serious injuries, elderly man in the funeral home's lobby suffered minor injuries. notorioustzg partying of new year's eve is still hours away, law enforcement has been cracking down on drunk drivers. chp realized 120 three for dui over the with weekend in the -- 123 for dui over the weekend in the bay areav(mñ down
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from 161 last year. no fatal crashes over the past two days at this time last year,)vhh> two people had been killed on bay area roads. san francisco city officials are urging new year's eve party-goers to take advantage of several transit options and leave the car at home tonight. bart will be running trains until 3 a.m., new year's day if you are coming from the east bay, pittsburg bay point and richmond strains will stop at montgomery station beginning at 8 p.m., not the embarcadero, muni offering free rides 8 to 6 a.m., you can ride free on sam trans and cal trains starting at 11:00 tonight live look outside at the bay area toll plaza traffic sailing along fine. meteorologist mike nicco will have your full forecast, kristen and you are keeping an eye on the roads we'll have a live traffic update. how a vodka bottle is being credited with thwarting
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a stick-up rob rich all caught 11111111g
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-- notice your heater running a little more last night? here the reason why.
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let's take about the winds they are out there, not much, wilt maybe it feel a degree or two cooler when you step out. this afternoon, high clouds and sunshine, need the sunglasses and low to mid 50s, as we move through time, frost tomorrow morning and again the next morning temperatures in the 50s with a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. quick look on traffic right now for the bay area, very light all over this is your drive time checking 580 at the altamont pass, no problem, you can see it is all above speed limits, bay bridge toll very light don't think the metering lights will need to go on. golden gate bri5ouxñ headlights heading into san francisco, still very light, zipping in. right now you got that watch this video store owner on east coast used a vodka bottle to thwart a stick up. cameras caught the confrontation between the clerk and suspect robber told the clerk he a gun and
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demanded cash. the clerk complied and handed him the money, moments lateryño, another clerk bashed the robber on the head with the vodka bottle. the suspect ran and was later caught by police. authorities said the robber was cut up and bloodied when he was apprehended. still ahead, calling it quits. longtime north bay area kong -- north bay congresswoman stepping -- congresswoman is stepping down after 20 years in the house. ♪ ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ music proves to be good medicine for former president george h.w. bush. the good news from his doctors about his lengthy hospital stay. plus, michael finney gives resolution to stay fit a
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welcome back. let's break down this last day of 2012. good morning, frosty areas especially inland through 7:00, 32 there upper 30s to loxzit 40s for the coast around the bay. upper 40s noon high clouds and sunshine, dry this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s tonight have a heavy coat if you are heading out most of us will fall back into the 30s during the evening. if losing weight is on your list of resolutions, you are in luck this morning and you have a lot of company. consumer reports has partnered
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with 7 on your side to put some of those scene on -- some of those seen on tv programs to the test. >> reporter: good morning. if getting into shape is high on your list of new year's resolutions and you are wondering if some infoq+ññ -- infomercial products can get you there, you are in luck. >> get ready to punch way to the[5sn perfect body. >> reporter: consumer reports testified three, perfect punch, rhythm rocker and the core body reformer. >> we rounded up staffers to try out each product. we called on an industry expert. he even had our nutrition expert look at the diets that came with two of the products. >> reporter: the $30 perfect punch uses mixed martial arts techniques. consumer reports found you can burn the same amount of
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calories jogging 4 1/2 miles per hour for 16 minutes and it was far from perfect. >> it kept rubbing against my shoulder. >> one more time those bands can hit me in the ears and i was going to rip it half. >> reporter: next, $90 nine rhythm rocker. >> the rocking, -- crunching system >> reporter: it comes with several work outs and nutrition guide, they tried out the 11 1/2 minute dance video. you burn the equivalent of walking two miles per hour on a treadmill. >> seven day diet is strict you could probably lose weight. our nutrition expert said it offered limited food options no maintenance program. >> reporter: finally the core body reformer for women, combines, yoga, pilates and dance in one workout. some of the exercise is tricky but over all the machine did well in the test. >> the workouts are well rounded if you are somewhat
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fit and looking to improve strength and flexibility it might be with within to consider. >> reporter: both can be used indoors you have to buy a separate stanford another three to four hundred. -- consumer reports tested 31 elliptical machines and named within a best buy for $1,000 the afg 3.4 ae, it has features that you find on more expensive machines like automated incline. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. former president george h.w. bush is back into a regular hospital room, more good stuff for him. ♪ ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ ♪ >> barbara bush was able to get some old family friends, the oakridge boys to sing to the president, they are his favorite group. doctors at methodist hospital in houston are not confirming
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the 88-year-old president is on the mend but mrs. bush is certain he is longtime bay area liberal congresswoman is retiring from congress, lynn woolsey is stepping down. her replacement will be sworn in thursday. the 75-year-old is known for her outspoken anti-war views she supported the 2001 joint resolution that paved the way for the invasion of iraq she regretted that vote and became the first member of congress to call for the withdrawal of troops from baghdad. mike joining us with one of the final morning forecasts of 2012. we could probably squeeze a couple more in before 7:00. did you use the -- you live in the city so you probably didn't have frost in morning. >> no. >> peninsula?
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>> no frost either but it is out there. >> more probably inland valley, more frost around the bay tomorrow away the shoreline coldest morning will be wednesday, expect more scenes like this we are seeing from sutro tower this morning. live doppler had quite a workout most of this month so we are giving it today off, not really, it is not going to see anything other than dry air and check out temperatures i just updated these, 31 concord, 29 in santa rosa, 32 in fairfield, napa, redwood city and san jose, 33°, scattered frost developing there. 34 los gatos, 37 san rafael, 38 fremont, in the 30s now only oakland, san francisco, half moon bay low to mid 40s. low to mid 30s most of the monterey bay and inland, 38 in none ray now. mostly sunny, season -- no need for all last, frost next two nights extended period of
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dry weather starts yesterday and continues today. low to mid 50s for a high today. low to mid 50s monterey bay, 53 to 54° inland with high clouds and sun. heading out this evening maybe to see fireworks midnight chilly inland, 32 there, 42 the warm spot, the exception san francisco most temperatures in the 30s throughout the evening make sure you have that heavy coat, dropping back in the 20s and 30s inland tonight, 30s and 40s bay shore three areas of high pressure trifecta, they are going to decimate any type of storm that tries to run through them this blocking pattern means dry weather just deflected north of us so the north bay may get a stray shower thursday that is really reaching friday through sunday warming to near 60.
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good news on the mass transit front. not only is everything on time, you are going to get free deals come tonight caltrain has free service after 11 p.m. until after 2:00 in the morning. muni totally free from 8 tonight until 6 a.m.. also muni is on a saturday schedule. heading out, live look at the maze at this hour, not much of a maze, not that many carsh2zi
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soft porn, katie at 3 p.m.,
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welcome back. quiet this morning high pressure on top of us that is going to keep us dry, going to keep the entire state dry today sierra these are high clouds no new snow, 30 tahoe, 36 yosemite, low to mid 50s central valley towards the coast. southern california sunshine today about 60°. 6:25 here in california hours from celebrating new year's. in some parts of the world that celebration is well underway. auckland, new zealand one of the first cities to set off fireworks from the top of the
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sky tower as time moves across be the last place to welcome the new year. crystal covered ball that will drop in times square is ready to ring in the new year. officials say everything appears to be working as planned. the 12,000 pound ball covered in 2700 waterford crystals, lit by more than 32,000 l.e.d. lights the is about spreading peace. -- the theme is about spreading peace. you can watch beginning 11:30 tonight. tax cut negotiations come down to the wire. crucial meetings happening this morning to keep the country from going over that fiscal cliff. big break in mysterious murder of a south bay millionaire. health care for secretary of state clinton. new d
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ñ this december 31st, new year's eve, the last day of 2012, we are starting out you can see in this live picture from the embarcadero looking across the bay, it is a frosty but clear and dry start just looking at that you know tv set the picture, you can probably tell the chill that is out there. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze and i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. we'll hand it over to mike. issue out there, black ice on san pablo dam road near inspiration point may have caused accident. not only frosty conditions but the possibility of black ice
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this will happen again tomorrow morning coolest morning will be wednesday something to think about. here's a look at live doppler, high clouds have moved on, hitting our coldest temperatures of the morning now, that means 30s in a lot of areas around the bay to 44 in san francisco, mid to upper 40s at noon, low! 50s with a few high clouds and sunshine this afternoon, same inland where the frost is most prevalent flirting with 30 there, temperature of about 50 as we head through the afternoon, over at the coast, 38 to 43 through 7:00, mid to upper 40s by noon and then mainly mid to upper 40s by 4:00 with a lot of clouds, a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds, extended period of dry weather started yesterday. we are getting word of a new accident in milpitas
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northbound 680 before calaveras boulevard near 237 watch out for that accident we have cars on the right shoulder, possibly some delays. right now live look at the maze, oakland this section know problem, traffic light and moving fine bay bridge toll when you do get there, you are going to find little wait, no problems this morning, few headlights, sphaobgt ride into san francisco. happening now, congress is trying to get out of political gridlock in time to pass a bill before midnight. without one the new year rings in automatic tax hikes for almost all americans plus deep cuts in federal spending both houses took a break overnight while the president waits for something to sign. coming up at 8:00 this morning, senators will resume their efforts to reach a deal to avoid the cliff. last night senate leaders call
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on vice president biden to try and broker an ice breaker with house republican leaders. we will be getting an update from capitol hill throughout the morning. coming at 7:00 on "good morning america". another health setback for secretary of state clinton she is being treat ford a blood clot at a new york hospital the clot was discovered yesterday during a follow-up exam connected to the concussion the secretary suffered after a fall earlier this month. a spokesperson would not state where the clot is located she cancelled two trip$sñú%s planned for next week. two people were taken to the hospital after fire erupted in a home in the excelsior district. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. what is happening out there? >> reporter: look behind me, the street is still clogged with pg&e truck and heavy equipment, all of this because of of this fire being called suspicious.
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firefighters say when they got here to athens street 1:00 this morning, the fire was ñ big and spreading quickly that.eading had them suspicions . then a neighbor told them the house had a meth lab inside. then, the gasoñ= main gotíqoo , firefighters had to call pg&e for help. >> gasline ruptured in front of the house and we had to contain the fire once we put the fire out in the house we the fie the gas fire, pg&e was able to come out and open up the line and shut it off. >> reporter: firefighters say that gas main catching fire was indicative of possibly someone trying to bypassr)gç the gasline or meter here which could be part of a drug lab but arson investigators went inside and told the chief she saw no evidence of drugs inside the home. i talked to the homeowner who made it out safely, he lives
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here with two tenants and said he hasn't seen anything with drug activity in the home. firefighters say at this point they don't know what started this fire. they are just calling it suspicious, it is still under investigation. two tenants were taken to the hospital. homeowner told me he thinks they suffered from smoke inhalation. police are with them, trying to ask them questions, trying to figurek5ç-iáuá what could hae started this fire. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose fire investigators are trying to determine how an apartment fire that killed two grandparents and their 4-year-old granddaughter got started late saturday night. cecilia escaped but lost her parents and her young daughter. she woke up and the roomij was on fire. she did escape, family members say a0bf cousin is in intensive care. efforts are still being made to enable more than 50 displaced tenants to return
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home. this morning oakland police going through video, talking to witnesses as they try to find the person who shot and killed a 15-year-old girl. investigators say a group was walking about three blocks east of the coliseum yesterday afternoon when a teenaged boy approached and opened fire with a handgun. 3oq wounded. injuries not life-threatening. the shooter was 13 to 16 years old possibly wearing a red t-shirt. he ran from the scene. several prominent oakland religious ers and city officials will remember this year's homicide victims at 3:00 in!ga front catholic churh on san pablo avenue >> three suspects jailed in connection with last month's murder at a mansion. sky 7 hd was over the scene of that murder in november. the victim was the former owner of the mountain winery, the latest arrest came over
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in sacramento, garcia was arrested thursday and anderson was already in[z=íñ jail on unrelated charges. this morning, live more police asking for the public's help inl
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welcome back. frosty start black ice on san pablo dam road near inspiration point that's wait it is going to be the next couple of mornings, 31 in concord, coolern[ix in santa roa at 29, we are flirting with frost anywhere from napa, fairfield and livermore, even san jose and redwood city at 33. as you head out visibilities are fine, thanks to the dryn:á> air that is out there no fog to contend with, temperatures rz highnd with, temperatures clouds and sun today, as we head towards the new year, mid
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50s tomorrow, freezing cold wednesday morning, slight chance of shower north bay thursday, really small. accident to report at 6:40, in milpitas, northbound 680 near 237 there are cars on the right shoulder some activity there on the right shoulder as well.,f@ be cautious, if you are;ñ[ç heading through that area. again, accident in milpitas. elsewhere at your drive times, everything smooth sailing this morning as it is a semi holiday, if you will. maybe people have today off work, you are looking at the 580, 4 and 80, easy drive times there. a live look outside at 80 in berkeley, plenty of cars on the road, they are all getting where they need to go, at this hour. 23-year-old san francisco woman face as rainment this morning on three charges, including -- arraignment this morning on three charges,
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including felony dui.&oq%ñ gina eunice issjgt chargeder her bail was set at two million dollars. this month police tell us eunice hit four in the twin peaks area, knocking one person over the embankment, that person later died. police charged eunice with!+s+0 leavnng the scene. arraignment set for 9 a.m.. death toll has reached nine in a tour bus crash in oregon it happened yesterday in frigid conditions on i-84 near pendleton northwest oregon. police say the driver of the charter bus lost control on the slick pavement. the bus skidded through a guardrail and tumbled several hundred feet. 40 passengers were traveling from las vegas to vancouver, in addition to the nine passengers who died, more than 20, including the driver, were injured. they are being treated at hospitals in oregon, washington and idaho. the highest minimum wage in the country is about to get higher.
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the pay increase coming to some san francisco workers in less than 24 hours. bag charges are coming to a store near you. we'll tell you where the new fees will hit in the new year. last trading day of 2012 is underway on wall street. live look at the big board, dow is calm, nearly up four points before the 11th hour fiscal cliff
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52 in san francisco, san rafael, half moon bay and richmond san jose 55, oakland 54, concord 53. traveling today, no worries until youpc get near crescent city where we have a chance of being sideswiped by a shower
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there 49, tahoe 30, 36 yosemite today. warmer down south near 60 palm springs, san diego and l.a. take your sunglasses there. let's check in with ron claiborne for what is coming up on "good morning america." breaking news overnight secretary of state clinton in the hospital diagnosed with a blood clot the latest on her condition. plus, starting the countdown to midnight early this morning in times square, next on gma. new york woman accused of shoving a man to his death in the subway erika menendez is well-known to police, arrested three times, she was raysed two days ago, 24 hours after she -- pushed a man into the path after oncoming train. she told police she hated muslims and hindus and pushed
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the man because he was muslim. she has been charged with murder as a hate crime. >> richmond police reporting lowest murder rate in the city murders this year, down from 24 last year. the citi-has seen a decrease in the number of other violent crimes. a detective says the drop is due to richmond's increased police force from 40 officers to 190. officials in marin lobbying back guns and54ñ violet video games next month. the program is made possible by donations, including $10,000 from the marin community foundation. additional $5,000 came from private donors. the program was first proposed by the district attorney after the connecticut school indictment. minimum wage workers in is if he getting añcç raise.
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the minimum wage is increasing from $10.24 to $10.55. in 2003 voters approved ordinance tying minimum wage to inflation in the bay area. compensation has gone up every year since with the exception of between 2009 and 2010. san francisco has the highest minimum wage in the country. january 1st, plastic bags will no lodger be available at most stores and other retail there's sell packaged food in alameda county. stores will charge at least 10 cents for each paper or reusable bags. 50 win other cities and counties in california including, san jose, san francisco and san mateo already impose bans on plastic bags. wall street is focused on the fiscal cliff negotiations. this is the heaventh hour. >> jane king joins us --n+3zñ js
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us live with that and new ranking about airlines and customer service. good morning. 11th minute in the 11th hour we are getting down to the wire investors looking over the edge of the fiscal cliff and being afraid of how far u.s. economy could drop if automatic hikes and cuts aren't averted. still hope of a deal. kind of hearing from some in washington, that they are making progress. negotiators did continue to talk overnight, republicans and democrats are closing in on a deal that would have y somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000 a year talks between mcconnell and vice president biden and staffers working late into the night. even if a deal is reached, it is likely to be temporary with another fight over deficit reduction coming next year. market is reacting cautiously. positive in nasdaq and s&p, dow has cut losses as these
6:48 am
bits of news trickle out. bloomberg index still trading s(ó airlines say they are always trying to improve customer service, according to one survey they$0!6 should check to see if their employees have an attitude problem. 1,000 people were asked which airline had the rudest employees, american topped the list, 25% criticizing the manner of the workersg4p, united second, followed by delta andj0a us airways. gñ a smoker and looking for a resolution, today may be good day to researchers say the best day of the with week to quit smoking is monday. monday saturday people start out fresh, they resolve to do better and focus is on health. you can resolve to quit for just a week and renew the pledge to yourself, next monday and get through the whole year without smoking. tobacco-free website says public and private health care
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expenditures a.m. to 96 billion dollars a year. -- amount to 90 six billion dollars a year. i'm jane king, abc7 news. >> [ talking over each other ] putting the sweet notes aside we have issues out there, black ice? near inspiration point report of one accident because of black ice frost is going to be thick and the main problem out there you can see why we'veer had such frosty conditions had such frosty conditions lack of clouds for the mostu40b high clouds are too ragged now to hold temperatures below freezingçrr+÷=z/tz. freezingçrr+÷=z/tz. v sutro this morning, execute me mount tamalpais this morning.
6:50 am
-- excuse me, mount tamalpais this morning. live doppler, 7 hd looking quiet, a lot of dry air outpgxvp there, temperature 29 in santa rosa, subfreezing in fairfield 32. 30s everywhere around monterey bay and inland gilroy below freezing now. sunny, seasonal, frost likely the next twobo+jujl#wr÷ extended dry weather pattern put the umbrellas away for a while. today two degrees cooler than average in concord and oakland, three napa, redwood city, 60 sundancing through during the afternoon same around the monterey bay coolest monterey
6:51 am
salinas, tonightñ#ç 34 inland, 4 san francisco, 32 and 42 spread at midnight, i'm ing to work and i watch you travel home, -- we'll have frost at about 30, i always love seeing that last bart caricom into walnut creek at 2:00 in the -- morning packed and i'm driving to work. 20s and 30s out there inland, mainly in the 30s a few 40s÷ coolest morning wednesday, then we@íf%vu to see a little warming trend friday through sunday near 60 for highs this weekend. i'll be driving in with you&& solidarity there. mike was talking about black ice. now we have that report of a confirmed accident on san pablo dam road in contra costa county to black ice, again you want to watch out, elsewhere north bay and
6:52 am
east bay valleys, you may see that black ice, slick out there be careful. tu transit is what you have here, bart no delays, muni saturday schedule, no delays. ahead, five things to know before you go. the abc7 morning news
6:53 am
here are five things to know before you go: number one, there maybe some movement this morning in congress to try to avoid the fiscal cliff. leaders are offering up to $450,000 in family income before higher taxes kick in. last night they were unable to make a counter offer to republicans, vice president biden was called in to break the ice. "good morning america" will have the latest at 7:00. >> number two, house fire in san francisco sent two to the
6:54 am
hospital. two story structure on athens street was well involved by the time firefighters arrived before 1 this morning. a gas main ruptured crews were >> number three, secretary of state clinton, still in the hospital this morning. getting treated with blood thinners for a blood clot. the clot was found yesterday during a follow-up exam. the secretary suffered a concussion from a fall ii >> number four, stanford cardinal will make a final run through in pasadena opponent wisconsin appearing in its third straight rose bowl. they hope taylor will -- taylor -- >> number five, plenty of transit options from new year's eve revelry bart will run trains until 3:00 tomorrow morning, tree to ride muni 8:00 tonight -- free to ride muni 8:00 tonight.
6:55 am
bart is not free. bring a coat. >> great advice, chilly this evening as we head towards midnight frosty inland. live of thefb3ñ higher clouds are gog to roam across our sky today if you are stepping out know frosty inland scattered frost on the peninsula, redwood city 33°. up to san francisco or half moon bay 43° for the warm spot. towards the afternoon temperatures near 50 at the coast, low to mid 50s for the rest of us. finally, one last check of traffic bay bridge toll, clear no problems. we have a map with drive times, no problem 101, 80 or 85 smooth sailing. mike with you were talkingg1lm÷ about black ice san pablo dam road we have that accident there. >> conditions cold, you might
6:56 am
expect that black ice. >> next couple of mornings i would be careful for that. >> thank you, that is going to do it. is this our last morning newscast in 2012? >> that makes me sad. we'll do it again in '13. >> he and i will. you sleep in tomorrow. we have to call you. >> we'll wish you new year 4:00 tomorrow. >> i would be honored. to youd to youd your family! captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, health scare. the secretary of state hospitalized for a blood clot, just weeks after suffering a concussion. new details on her condition, what could have caused it, and what doctors are saying now. developing right now -- the 11th hour scramble to stop the country from going over the fiscal cliff today. washington still in deadlocked this morning. can a last-minute deal be reached? one source revealing this is how talks are really going. and look at this. a rare fight caught on camera. two of the most gentle creatures on the planet breaking out in a wild showdown. giraffes. viciously attacking each other. does this battle all come down to a woman? and we're counting down to the biggest party in the world.


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