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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 14, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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valley until 9:00. total sunshine today. mix 40's at the coast and upper 40's to mid-50's for the bay and inland neighborhoods. >> the bay bridge shows light conditions. no problems at the toll plaza on the incline section and into the city. everything is on time. same for bart and muni and caltrain, everyone off to a great start. we have road work for next hour and a half or two hours and the alameda ramp to southbound 880 is closed until 7:00 and here are the busy commutes at this early hour. >> as the cold snap continues with some subfreezing temperatures this morning people are fixing broken water pipes and being put on waiting lists for heaters. in walnut creek a resident heard what she thought was rain and
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went back to sleep and it was her water pipe that burst from the cold and flooded the roof and yard. her son was trying to make repairs himself last night. >> worse case i will keep working until something works. >> we are receiving from 6 to 12 calls a day. six we can help out in a couple of days. 12 calls, that is impossible. >> he says this is the busiest john he has seen in years. >> shocking information about how much san francisco muni is spending on overtime and who we having. one employ he clocked in shy of 2,000 hours of overtime last year. new to the west portal station. what is the story here? >> as you said it is astonishing, the san francisco chronicle is reporting that the city's overtime payment went $18 million over budget for the
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2011-2012 fiscal year of 25 top overtime earners who work for the city, 22 worked for muni. ten supervisors made more than $100,000 in overtime. bringing their pay to more than $200,000 for the year so they worked 80 hour work weeks every single week of the year. we have a breakdown of the pay for a mechanic whose base salary was $106,000. he put in for 1,954 hours of over time. an average person worked 2,000 a year so the mechanic got paid for work 4,000 hours in one year. at $83.85 an hour he made $163,842 in overtime. with add-ons he made more than $293,000 for the year.
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this happened during the first year of lee's mayor, and san francisco police and fire departments overpaid in overtime and those departments along with muni spent $154 million for that fiscal year in overtime. >> thank you. oakland officials will make a major announcement declaring a local state of emergency to seek outside help over a wave of violence with a recent attack involving a drive-by shooting that wounded five people at walnut and seminary avenue after ten other people were shot since friday across the city in what is believed gang-related shootings. before the drive-by shootings leaders held a conference call to discuss their response to the weekend violence of the oakland's vice mayor called for state of emergency in the city to clear the way to get help from the state, something new city council member agrees with. >> the directive is given to the
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administrator to work with the legal council to approach jerry brown. >> spokesperson for the mayor says that the public deserve as strong and fast reaction to all of the violence. >> today is the one month anniversary of the school massacre in newtown, connecticut, remembering the 20 children and six adults gunned down at the sandy hook elementary school. students attend chooses at a different location, there are mixed opinions of re-opening sandy hook elementary school. 200 people attended a meeting yesterday at the local high school to start the dialogue. some want to re-open the school and on the victims. others would rather see the building demolished. more discussion is scheduled later this week. >> in the wake of that tran difficult and other campus shootings, san francisco public schools initiate active shooter drills. officials are working on safety policies in the event of a shooter on school ground. among the preparations are digital floor plans for all san francisco public schools that police can download on their
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computer. the mapping of the school grounds is critical for first responders. >> police in santa cruz are searching for a man would grab add 12-year-old girl while walking home from school on walnut avenue last friday. police released this sketch after the victim provided details of the man's prescription to investigators. she was not injured. the suspect was last seen running up a flight of stair. someone took a photo. police say they would like to talk to anyone with information. >> the government hasshipped a subpoena for the permitting program of marijuana in mendocino. they want to know who bought and who sold it and who applied for permits. they say it is legally protected information in california. >> next up, atlanta, the san francisco 49ers are ready to play the falcons in atlanta with the winner going to the super bowl.
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the 49ers beat green bay in the division playoff game on saturday night at candlestick with a record-setting performance by the quaterback at 46-31. atlanta defeated the seahawks at a last-second thriller that ended 30-28. the title is on the line when the falcons and niners tangle on sunday at the georgia dome. >> as they take on the falcons fans are sharing their playoff pride picking up on the new hot trend called kaepernicking. e-mail your photos to and we will post the photos at 66 -- at >> good, that means tebowing is
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history. >> yes kaepernicking. >> speaking of cold, mike? >> warmer cold. >> exactly. >> no frozen tundra here. >> maybe the tub -- turf was too frozen. a look at this from the arctic, a huge bowl of cold air across two-thirds of the country. the east coast is talking about 70's in atlanta, 40's and 50's in new york, they are loving the spring they of getting but the cold air will go their way but not before it hangs around here for a couple more days. we will have low 30's inland at 7:00 and upper 30's for the rest of us and around the upper 40's at noon with hardly a cloud to be found and below average as we are in the heart of the coldest of the air mass.
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50's in the afternoon and upper 30's to mid-40's. tomorrow and wednesday and thursday, you have a remaining what trend and by thursday morning no one has to worry about frost. >> a live shot of 80 berkeley moving from the 580 merge, university avenue overcrossing to the macarthur maze you can see they are busy but the headlights are moving with no delays moving toward the bay bridge is if that is the destination and the san mateo bridge, with the toll plaza on the flat section up and over the incline to the high-rise and to foster city moving nicely westbound. from san rafael, and the marin ymca it is looking good. we have a problem with black ice on highway 92 to half moon bay and the coast, take extra caution there.
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kristen and eric? >> thank you, at 5:10. >> the buildup before the oscars. the big winners and very unexpected coming out at the golden globe. >> they has been away from "good morning america" for four months but this morning, robin roberts returns for a special announcement. >> but, first, america's
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>> welcome back at 5:13, a member of the abc news family is making our return soon on you can hear the good news straight from robin roberts herself, 138 days after undergoing a bone marrow transplant she is back in new york and ready to return to the area. doctors say they don't see any abnormality in tests from the battle with mds. use what this means is the doctors are waiting for the information to be able to tell me i can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair. i am coming home. >> all right. >> preparing for her return will likely take a few weeks and you can hear more from robin roberts this only on "good morning america" that begins at 7:00 a.m. after the abc7 morning news. >> she looks great, we can't wait. >> less was the -- les miserables was the top winner with the golden globe last
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night. >> les miserables! >> les miserables was named best comedy or musical at the golden globe awards two members also took home trophies, best supporting actress, anne hathaway and best actor, hugh jackman. >> the gang have redefined the word "musical" and to be part of that is unbelievable. >> it is so encouraging because there are so many people out there who feel and know in their hearts they are actors and storytellers and artists and it doesn't work out for so many. >> the award for best actress in a comedy or musical, jennifer lawrence. love jennifer lawrence. >> my 7th grade teacher started calling me j law, so to hear will ferrell is incredible. i will have a lot of text about
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that. >> argo took home two big awards, big best actor. >> got nominated for seven oscars including best picture i was thrilled. if you cannot be happy with that, your prospects for long term happiness are dim. >> and sag awards in two weeks and then the academy awards are handed out february 24. >> next big award she is coming up in a few weeks. you can catch the oscars live right here on abc7 on sunday, february 24. >> you can share your oscar picks and challenge your friends with a app on facebook available on appear preliminary and concern dill. >> jodie foster had a speech accepting the special award.
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>> i did my coming out a thousand years ago in the stone age in those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up and gradually proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met, but, now, i am told every celebrity is supposed to have a fragrance and prime time reality show. >> she talked about being extremely private person although she has limped in the public eye. we will have more on the golden globes on 7:00 on "good morning america" and i wonder, was she hinting at retire increasing. >> there was a lot in that speech. >> mike is looking at the weather forecast. it is complicated. some politicians are cold and others not so much. >> it depends on the win. it is good that it is not freezing but bad that the wind chill you have to dole with if
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you are out and about. 5:17. the east bay hills camera is looking over emeryville and berkeley and toward san francisco you can see how calm it is. the lights are twinkling off the calm bay water this morning on the eastern side of the bay bridge. live doppler 7 hd shows we have it running but not picking up anything but dry air right now. that is good. we can use a break from the rain. we will get a break, an extended break. say, next week or so. would that be okay? a lot of people were getting their cars washed over the weekend and today or this week could be a big time especially coming back from tahoe. now, the temperatures: 32 in san rafael, and 30 in los gatos and 29 in redwood city. that is all we have at or below freezing. everyone else mid-to-upper 30's and even 42 in san francisco.
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front tray -- minute tray -- monterey bay, 32. frosty inland today, through wednesday morning, and, then, the warmer afternoons will take over and bring us warmer nights and we will be rid of the frost by thursday morning. today, we will have the coolest weather. antioch and livermore 29. 51 in san francisco, a lot of 53 for fremont and san mateo and napa, also. low 50's in the monterey bay and inland. now, what will happen tonight: more 20's and 30's. tonight will be colder than this morning because we have calmer conditions. this afternoon, though, we jump in the mid-50's on tuesday and upper 50's by wednesday and 60's on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. looks like a nice stretch of dry weather the.
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>> and a dry commute and light conditions. so far, so good. look at the golden gate bridge with four lanes for the southbound commute from the waldo tunnel into san francisco with no delays to san jose beyond the soon-to-be shark tank, back in action, and light traffic, and 87 northbound, and the drive from the central valley, starting to slow at 203 and tracy moving to the altamont pass, and it picks up at the dublin/pleasanton area and still at 20 minutes. northbound, the alameda ramp closed to southbound 880 until 7:00 this morning which is the only road work and i do not see too much slowing. 24 moving from walnut creek is less than 10 minutes and santa rosa 101, is a good drive from the novato area.
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>> coming up, a big royal announcement. we know when the little prince or princess from william and kate is due to arrive. >> no one thought a cannon in central park was this authentic. a frightening discovery by park workers. >> we have an important show about human trafficking in america that amounts to modern day slavery, young women and girls as young as eight forced to sell their bodies some by their own parents. a woman led a double life as a student by day and prostitute by night. we talk about a mission to reach out to the victims and help them become survivors. that is coming up today on a very important episode
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>> welcome back on monday morning at 5:23. in china a thick soup of pollution is covering the country and it is called the air pocolypse and it is called hazardous and the worst it has ever been, so bad some highways are closed and flights at airports have been canceled. >> britain's royal palace has announceed the baby is due to be born in july and the duchess is improving after the bout with morning sickness that put her in a london hospital. the duke and duchess are advertising for a servant to attend the royal household. the job involves more than
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cleaning, of course, including traditionally those performed by a personal assistant and coach and chauffeur and looking for someone to provide a high standard of husband keeping while keeping the help as small as possible. they want one person to do all of that. i like that. >> we can do all of that. >> we can. >> 5:24. >> now mike has the forecast. >> when you grab the heavy coat this morning grab the sunglasses because we have total sunshine during the afternoon hours and temperatures are below average again. we will be 50 at half moon bay and richmond and fairfield for the cooler spots and 49 in antioch and oakland at 53 and santa rosa is a wanter spot and 52 in san jose. all over the state it is dry. we have total sunshine everywhere and 29 in tahoe and 37 in yosemite.
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50 throughout the central valley and mid-50's in southern california. speaking of traveling, here is sue. >> so farring so -- so far, so good. clear on the incline section into the city with in problems. san mateo bridge is look from hayward to foster city and toward the san mateo area on skyline boulevard they are reporting black ice on highway 92. we have reports of a stall or accident and chp is going to the scene to chair southbound 880 at embarcardero with whatever is there, it is in the right lane. >> kristen? >> lake tahoe community is taking on fares, with a new law in trucking that leaves out garbage that bears can get into. violation could result in $1,000 fine. >> a worker at new york central
5:25 am
park made a frightening discovery inside a historic cannon which was loaded and cable of being fired. a worker tried to clean the cannon and discovered gun powder inside and it has been on display for 100 years in the famous park. the police disarmed the cannon 233 years after it was loaded. >> cool. >> 5:26. caught on tape, just ahead, two men accused of stealing mail from an apartment building and it is not a first time. >> new twists on gun buy
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right now this ashland vanity is a special buy at just two ninety-nine dollars. call (star star)thd to shop now. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:28 is the time. cold this morning. thanks for joining us.
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i am kristen sze. the car thermometer was at twine on -- 29 on the way in. >> mine was 30. you beat me. >> i don't want to win that competition. >> now, we have not had frost for the first time in a week, gives you an idea of the microclimate in the morning because of the elevation and wind. live doppler 7 hd shows no need for the wet weather gear today. you need the sunglasses. a beautiful and bright sunshine. we have freeze warnings for the north bay and east bay and santa clara valleys and the bayshore line in san francisco is out because the temperature is not close but for a few spots such as note -- novato at freezing. total sunshine and 40's at the coast and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us. >> chp reporting an accident at oakland involving a big rig
5:29 am
southbound at embarcardero blocking the right lane. they will determine the extent of the accident. we have black ice in the san mateo area and highway 92 on skyline boulevard in patches moving westbound toward after loan -- moon bay and busy moving to the macarthur maze with no problem at toll plaza. eric? >> as you heard from mike and sue the cold snap continues and the thermometer says it is warmer today than yesterday your skin may not know the difference. amy is bundled up against the cold in livermore. amy? >> here is what is different: there is wind here in downtown livermore. look at the flag blowing there. it is making it feel more unpleasant in my opinion. as mike nicco explains, the wind is what driving the temperature up so it is a balmy 32 degrees
5:30 am
here today. over the weekend in the east bay it was in the 20's and pipes burst in the cold including the home of a walnut creek woman who said her yard and atrium was flooded and she was without water. companies that service heaters say they have been incredibly busy receiving six to telephone call as day saying there is no way they can spend to all of them. the people they did help say they were extremely grateful especially those who have been without heat for a while. >> gosh, several weeks. we tried to ignore it and you put in a little portable heater but you cannot work in conditions like that. i don't know how the eskimos live but i can't do it. >> no heat makes dealing with a frosty car not so bad. people are doing they can to
5:31 am
ride out the inboundly cold weather. >> citrus growers are trying to limit the damage to their crops from a fourth night in a row of freezing temperatures. 28-degree temperatures for more than a few hours could ruin the fruit. growers are using wind machines to keep the air circulating and keeping it warmer and above freezing. so far, agricultural officials say the crops have escaped significant damage. >> oakland city leaders are expected to make a major announcement of responding to the violent crime problem. last night a drive-by shooting in east oakland injured five and ten others were shot in shootings since friday. five were hit by bullets last night. the mayor of oakland is calling for a "state of the emergency" to clear the way do get help from the state. and a new city council member
5:32 am
says this decision was made during a conference call before the shooting. a spoke for the mayor says the public deserves a strong and fast reaction to the violence. >> vice president biden will meet with members of the house of representatives to continue talks on reducing gun violence and will be joined by attorney general holder and other cabinet members and will give president obama a comprehensive package of recommendations tomorrow. some lawmakers say the connecticut school shooting transform the country and memberships are ready if sticker gun laws but the national rifle association says they have enough support in congress to block any new laws that would ban assault weapons. >> resident would want to turn in guns for cash can do it tomorrow at five marin county locations. cashing in firearms is a fitting tribute on martin luther king's birthday on tuesday. they raised $40,000 for the program similar to the gun buy backs held in san francisco and oakland last month.
5:33 am
they will offer $200 for semi-automatic and $100 for other firearms. those who turn in violent video games can get up to $10 if money is still available. locations will be on tomorrow from 11 a.m. until 8:00 people in novato and st. andrew's church in marin city. >> a 25-year-old man who raped a san francisco woman during a robbery is in instead this morning. authorities say he forced his way into the residence as she was going in late saturday night and a neighbor called 911. jones jumped off the balcony but was found hiding in the backyard of a nearby home and is facing assault and robbery. >> postal inspectors hope surveillance video will help catch two men who stole the mail from one apartment building in san francisco. cameras captured these images of the men in action.
5:34 am
the building manager say they worked together to break in all 32 mailboxes and snatched a bag of mail. the landlord needs to repair the broken looks. this man did not want to share his name the. >> they have not changed the locks on the box. the only ones that can do them is the resident manager so the manager has to personally take the mail and distribute it to each the tenants. >> investigators say mail often includes important tax documents that could help identity thieves. >> san jose firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a fire that force add family from the home. the call of the house fire yesterday afternoon and by the time they arrived, all six people in the two-story home including the family dog got out safe safely. officials believe the fire started on the wood shingle roof. crews stayed on the scene to
5:35 am
guard against flareups. >> the san mateo city council will hear both sides on whether a new 7/11 store should be allowed to stay home on north san mateo drive. some neighbors fear the store will increase crime. they protested before the store opened claiming it violated local zoning laws. the area is zoned for housing although a store once occupied the site under a special exemption. >> the sharks are holding another noon work out today and it is open to the public at the practice facility. players wasted in time getting back to training camp at the sharks ice facility yesterday, a day after the nhl walkout ended going through their faces in front of a packed house and were preparing for the season opener in calgary on sunday and winning back their fans. >> they are the best fans in sports. sunday was nice.
5:36 am
we are all having big smiles. >> i didn't thing it would happen this quickly but we gown out it did we were so excited. >> the sharks will play the first home game on january 24 when they host the phoenix coyotes. >> time for a look at the weather forecast and it is cold enough outside to cause black ice in some places. >> where will they be? mike nicco will talk about where the coldest temperatures are for you. >> right around redwood city at twine which is the coolest one and that is a degree cooler than yesterday and at the coast we are four degrees cooler. otherwise, oakland and los gatos are the same and everyone else is 2 to 14 degrees wanter than yesterday. the two are san francisco and 14 being in napa. the reason? check out the wind. we have east wind at concord and six in napa and six in santa rosa, and seven at half moon bay, that is all it takes, a little bit of wind to keep the
5:37 am
atmosphere stir asked not let the cold, heavy air sink down to our level and just sit there. we are still chilly, 32 inland and upper 30's for the rest of us by 7:00. near 50 for the afternoon and upper 30's to mid-40's later in the week. mid-50's on low 60's on the way at the end of the week. >> chp is on the scene in oakland southbound 88016th and embarcardero this is a stalled big rig on the right shoulder so that is good news and no slowing beyond the scene use move south through oakland. also, the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems here, metering lights are off and a minor delay if you pay cash but no big problems on the incline section moving nicely to the western portion of the span of the san francisco. talking about black ice, highway 90 on the hill you can find
5:38 am
patches of black ice from skyline boulevard to half moon bay this morning so extra caution there and slow speeds. kristen? >> bart is working on a plan to reduce crowding at two of the biggest stations and the fix could cost riders. >> the simple but critical advise doctors are giving to protect you from
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>> health authorities are wanting the flu epidemic sweeping the nation will only get worse. there are cases with supplies of the vaccine becoming more scarce. it is recommended you wipe down any officers in the workplace that are touched by numerous co-workers. >> microwave. tv remote. light switches. door handles. keep boards. >> never thought about the gas pumps but everyone touches it so i can imagine it would be dirty. >> churches are getting in on it, too, many have church workers wiping down common areas between the services. >> the veterans administration is revealing 700 patients at a v.a. medical center in buffalo, new york, could have been exposed to h.i.v. or hepatitis because of accidental re-use of insulin over two years going in
5:42 am
october of 2010. authorities say there is a small risk of infection for those with diabetes exposes to the reused devices. they are offering free blood tests. >> the corruption trial of six former city officials in a los angeles suburb are underway, a federal indictment was handed down against the former mayor and vice mayor and four city council members for misappropriation of funds. an investigation found that the city officials of bell were paid two or three times the salaries of officials in communities of the same size. the foam city manager and assistant city manager will be tried separately. >> after months of dropping, gasoline prices are on the rise again. the average price of a gallon of unleaded is up one cent the last week and two cents the past month. according to aaa the national average is $3.30 a gallon. in california it is $3.62 and in the bay area gasoline is selling forren a average of $3.67 a
5:43 am
gallon. >> the post office is burning through $25 million a day and close to running out of cash. jane kings that the bloomberg report. >> tomorrow most americans will have experienced a hit to the paycheck after congress let a two-year old payroll tax break expire. the drop ranges from $4 a week to $47. economists say it could impact how much you are willing to splurge on the little things in life. and congress has not helped out the post awe service which will run out of operating cash in october and they will not be able to pay workers or buy fuel for the trucks. >> looking for cheap eats in taco bell has a new value menu in two markets including fresno california and knoxville, ten, trying out the $1 menu with nine items. there could be a hike than the
5:44 am
"why pay more menu." that is the bloomberg business report. >> if you ride bart you can be crowded. the agency is looking if ways to make more space if riders. according to officials they are proposing changes at the eastern most stations that face overcrowding problems of the plans include removing banks of payphone and replacing large benching with small are benches and they could charge premium fares. the platforms will need to be expanded in 15 years. >> and trophies from the giant world series victory in 2010 and 2012 began last week in sacramento with fans lining up for pictures. after richmond the trophies will
5:45 am
be displayed in vallejo and back to the giants east coast root in new york city and then to arizona for training camp. >> do not try to kiss it. your lips would get stuck. >> today it would. and yesterday, especially. >> i can see someone trying to get a free trip to scottsdale, arizona, because they are attached to the trophy. >> it is very cold this morning. not as cold as the records we had yesterday. but, still, colder than it should be for this time of year the first of our story lines. good morning, everyone, south from vallejo you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge with beautiful colors. what colors are they? the colors of the 9ers. big win. big win.
5:46 am
now, live doppler 7 hd showing it is blowing in a dry air mass. you can see that when you step outside. you can see how dry it is with not a cloud to be found. temperatures show it is still freezing in san rafael at 32. 29 in redwood city. 30 in los gatos. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 30's until you get to san francisco at 42. san jose is 34 and santa rosa is 33. freezing in monterey bay and inland at 32. chilled sunshine and a breeze today. we will have it, and it will be frosty inland through wednesday morning and the warmer afternoons will translate into warmer nights as we head from thursday into the weekend. compared to average, we are four degrees cooler today in oakland at 53 and napa at 52. redwood city and san francisco,
5:47 am
52 and 51. san jose, 52, seven degrees cooler. you are supposed to be the warmest. sunrise at 7:24. you can see the coolest weather is livermore and antioch at 49. to the monterey bay, we have low 50's around the bay but low-to-mid 50's headed inland. tonights we will not have the wind we have. high pressure comes in and 20 and 30's inland and 20's around the bay shore so it will be colder tonight than this morning. our pattern is not going to change any time soon. two areas of high pressure taking over, and it will be dry but it will be warmer. in fact, look at tomorrow, we are in the mid-to-upper 50's wednesday and 60's on thursday and through the weekend. have a great day. >> thanks, mike. still have road work with slow traffic beyond the scene at san jose northbound the alameda the ramp to southbound 880 closed until 7:00 this morning with road work and repaving and
5:48 am
southbound 85 in the mountain view area a stalled bus in the left lane with no slowing so traffic is still light in the mountain view area. drive times now from san rafael to the golden gate bridge less than 15 minutes. san jose 85 to 286, 20 minutes or just under 20 minutes. and the nimitz freeze from the macarthur maze is 15 minutes. and san mateo bridge is moving nicely and you are getting a little busy from hayward to foster city at 15 minutes. >> in a letter to congress, president obama is admitting american forces helped in a failed effort to rescue a french citizen in somalia. the admission comes as the french forces continue to bomb islamic rebel targets in mali and the villageers welcomed this saying they lived in fear of the
5:49 am
forces and the french say the rebels are linked to terror groups and the president said helping the french is in the interests of u.s. security and the french say the hostage is almost certainly dead. >> president obama's inauguration is a week from today and rehearsals for the big event are underway. the marine band played and horses were down pennsylvania avenue and there were stand ins during a rehearsal. the president will take the oath of office next sunday privately and the public swearing in and the parade happen on monday. >> how coal. -- how cool. the bay area senior center without hot water for days. >> keeping watch under children's online contacts, a study reveals why it is especially critical for parents
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> welcome back at 5:53 on monday morning. residents of a senior housing building have been without hot water they claim since a week ago on thursday. the problem is a town park towers 212-apartment building for low income seniors in san jose. >> i took a shower last night. half of the time, it was cold water coming. it is not even hot water, it is warm. i stopped right away.
5:53 am
i was shaking. >> they just don't care. we are old people. who cares about us? >> in a statement e-mailed to abc7, the management says that the temporary replacement boiler system was installed on friday and that was the only day the entire building was without hot water. they say that hot water previously was running low during high times. >> an annual rescue group will try to capture one of two wild turkeys running loose. check out this video showing the turkeys first spotted near 1st street and his 880 around the holiday. jenny is still loose but jake was captured after developing a bad habit of chasing cars. he caused two traffic accidents. jake will likely be re-released away from any neighborhoods. do you think will police will give him tickets for causing the accidents? >> what was jake going to do if
5:54 am
he captured a car? >> get them back for the turkey eating we have. >> stuffing time. >> mike? >> good morning, everyone. we will look at what is going on this afternoon. total sunshine. temperatures ranging from 49 in antioch and livermore to oakland at 53 and santa rosa and 52 in san jose. it is quiet across the entire state. live doppler 7 hd shows no return and total sunshine and 29 in tahoe and 37 in yosemite and central valley near 50 and mid-50's headed down to southern cal. no travel worries here. >> a minor delay in mountain view southbound 85 beyond 101. we have a stalled bus blocking the left lane where no injuries and they are working on getting a bus tow truck to clear that. new accident northbound 680 in the san jose area a driver fell
5:55 am
asleep but no injuries involved. this is in the northbound and we are in the clearing stages. and getting busy on 80 on the way to the macarthur maze. >> you need to monitor your teens' online activity but a study shows why it is extra important for girls. researchers studied girls 14 to 17 and 30 percent met in person one individual who they first met online. at least 20 percent reported and online sexual solicitation. half the girls in the study were victims of abuse or necessityject -- neglect more prone to internet behaviors. >> a program to make it safer for kids to bike or walk to school is working and could be expanded. the safe routes to school program is in effect in many cities including the bay area. columbia university researchers evaluated the program in new york and found injuries to pedestrians ages five to 19
5:56 am
dropped 44 percent in neighborhoods using the program. it uses new traffic and pedestrian signals and speed bumps and pedestrian crossing times to reduce accidents. >> imagine taking home an extra $100,000. a year. in overtime. ahead, the san francisco muni employee who did just that. >> preparing for a worst-case-scenario, a plan that some bay area schools are implementing to prevent a tragedy like that in connecticut. >> the first look at a brand new corvette unveiled in detroit and how it
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> the cold weather continues at 6:00 as parts of the bay area
5:59 am
wake up to freezing temperatures. mike nicco is ahead with how long the frigid conditions will stick around. >> new this morning, more than $100,000 in overtime how much a san francisco muni employee took home. ought niner nation still celebrating after the big weekend victory over the packers. now it is on to atlanta. dare we say, maybe the super bowl? >> yes, we dare. let's say it and think it. thank you for joining us on monday at 6:00, i am kristen sze. >> we have frigid temperatures and below freezing. >> they are below freezing. some spots have potential to drop below freezing because we are not at the coldest part of the morning which is the next hour. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry the air is. good news for the bayshore line and san francisco, out of the freeze and frost advisory and warnings, north bay and east bay and south bay if


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