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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> we are at the police department in san jose where police are working this case. the good news the little girl is safe but imagine this. the mother of the 2-year-old has a tug of war with the suspect in order to save her child. police say the two-year-old was playing in the front yard of a home on dayo court in east san jose yesterday afternoon. toys are still in the front yard. the mother says a man came up to where the little girl was playing and made a comment about the child. we do not know what the comment was but it made the mom uncomfortable and she picked up her daughter but the stranger grabbed the girl's legs and tried to pull her away from her mother. there was a struggle. the mother pulled the girl free. she ran into the house and called 9-1-1 and said the man ran off down a drive but a search turned up nothing. the suspect is described as hispanic male, 20 to 30, with a red ball cap and blue jeans and
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a white or light colored t-shirt with yellow stripes. he smelled like motor oil. the dad tells abc7 the girl was not hurt. police are inviting anyone with any information to call them right away. >> happening now, two major japanese airlines have grounded boeing 787 dreamliner after yet another safety problem. this will affect passengers at mineta san jose international airport. >> the latest incident was mid-flight on the boeing 787 dreamliner headed if tokyo. the airline says a battery wanting light went off less than an hour after take off. then it came to smell of smoke and a smoke alert forced the pilots to land in western japan and evacuate all 137 people
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using an emergency chute. hours later they apologized saying they would ground all 17 of the dreamliners. japan airlines halted all seven of their boeing 787 dreamliner for emergency inspection. this is a week riddled with problems. last monday a fire broke out on a tokyo-bound flight in boston. the next day a fuel leak. a cracked window and faulty brake system grounded several flights in japan. the boeing 787 dreamliner was supposed to be a game changer, the most fuel efficient jet with 800 orders to date, but a year after take off, the problems have raised serious questions about its safety. >> the f.a.a. has launched their own investigation into the boeing 787 dreamliner. the agency says it was monitoring reports of the latest incident and will include the information in a comprehensive review of the boeing 787 dreamliner manufacturing and
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design. >> developing news where the search continues this morning for a 17-year-old boy who escape add juvenile detention center. people who live near the youth rehabilitation facility are being told to look out for the teenager. the facility is known as the boy's ranch. the team has brown hair and brown eyes and is 6' tall and 165 pounds and was wearing an orange jump suit. no word on why he was at the detention center. >> the governor is scheduled to attend the board of regents meeting in san francisco and will talk about the priorities he wants to see in the system. "los angeles times" reports brine will push no more teaching and less research and wants more online courses to save money and increase class offerings. in the budget proposal, he increased money for both uc and
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cal state university by $250 million each, less than asked for but enough to avert tuition hikes in the fall. if they want more funding in the future, he said they will need to do as he says. >> president obama in five hours will unveil a plan to deal with gun violence. a peninsula congresswoman took part in vice president biden's task force saying that the president will ask for renewal of i salt weapons ban, a ban on high capacity magazine clips and mandatory background checks for anyone who buys weapons from gun shows or private sellers. >> do we want an environment where we hear in this country, not so much in california, but in the country, where 40 percent of the guns that are purchased do not have criminal background checks in. >> the focus should be on the behaviors of the individual who committed the crime not on the focus on behaviors of the individual who have not
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committed crimes. >> the n.r.a. is calling the president a hypocrite releasing a video that not supporting the arming of school employees when his children have their own armed guards at school. >> we are learning how successful a gun guy back problem was in marin county, 827 weapons in all were turned in from people in marin, san francisco, and sonoma counties, given up to $200 a weapon. agoers ran out of money in just a matter of hours. another buy back has been scheduled for next monday, 291st, running from 11 in the morning until 8:00 p.m. with weapons cropped off, no questions asked at ran valve -- at san rafael and mill valley. >> employees had to move because of a flood which last week damaged equipment and caused structural damage. the workers are going to be
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displaced until spring. it will take ten weeks after someone left a tap on in a custodian closet. >> drivers will notice big improvements in nine month, after a single lane in short stretches as the department of public works is starting a $7.3 million renovation project, the first phase of the project discovering to lincoln way which is repaved with a new drainage system, a new median, and better access for bicycles and pedestrians. >> we were talking about this earlier, a "spare the air" with no wood burning. >> right on both accounts. you do not want to be fined. >> you can send that money to me because i saved it and i will
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invest it, too. mike? >> the air quality, in the north bay, where most of the poor air quality is today. it should be good in the central bay and the coast. moderate in the south bay and santa clara valley and inland east bay. although it is north bay where we expect the poor air quality everyone is under "spare the air" so no one gets to burn. you can see we we have dry weather but it is cold enough we have frosty spots inland and mid-to-upper 20's at the shore and the coast. low-to-mid 50's at noon so your favorite restaurant you have been sitting inside you may be able to sit outside. mid-to-upper 50's through the afternoon and down into the low 40's inland by 7:00 and upper 40's an the bay and coast so not as chilly.
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temperatures are still taking small steps each day, low 60's tomorrow and low-to-mid 60's for friday and into sort. that is a look at the forecast. now a traffic update. >> you have to be up at 4:39 in the morning but traffic is very light through san jose, 87 northbound beyond h.p. pavilion with headlights head the northbound with no delay. from novato, past marin wood, traffic is light headed to central marin. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, same condition here with light traffic with a few headlights headed to the toll plaza and no delays on the upper deck making your way toward treasure island and san francisco. 62 miles per hour from the central valley and good over the altamont pass and under 20 minutes in the dublin/pleasanton westbound 580 and road work westbound the dumbarton bridge,
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blocking different lanes until 5:00 this morning, and eastbound lanes just picked up so no delays either direction and that road work is just for 20 more minutes westbound direction. kristen and eric? >> 4:40. >> a busy morning with a lot more ahead including a land to bring in high profile help to combat the crime problem in oakland. it is a plan but not a done deal. >> first, the tech bytes. >> in the tech bytes facebook takes on google with a new search tool. it allows users to look for any information their friends have shared on the site. it will be rolled out the next few weeks. do love your droid but don't like the keyboard? >> they have a wonderful app
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[ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:43 on abc7 morning news, another cold morning, but we are running out of the them. we will turn the corner coming up. this is a like picture of san francisco and to the west the ferry building lit up with colors showing the 49ers will win the championship and head to the super bowl. >> i like our redictions.
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oakland is reaching out for help to fight crime. a city council meeting agreed to pay alameda county to place sheriff deputy on city streets. oakland has a huge shortage of police officers. a class at the academy graduates in march. the first such class is five years. the final vote to okay paying for the deputies is next week. >> oakland is considering high-level help to fight crime. a former top cop who worked in los angeles and new york is the names being tossed around to be a consultant for the city. the proposal results in a raucous meeting at city council. >> he is exactly what we do not need in the city of oakland. >> the protest against the hiring of high profile police cutant started on the steps of city hall and worked its way into the public safety meeting. >> if you can please remove the individuals. >> his zero tolerance police
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strategies have been highly controversial in other cities. the use of gang injunctions and curfews and antiloiterring laws have been rejected in oakland in the past but oakland is facing a crime epidemic. on friday four were killed in less than ten hours. if hired the certify would pay him $250,000. >> if you really need to hear what he has to say, why don't you go and ask jordan, buy his book on amazon for $18? >> oakland police chief jordan favors hiring the former police chief of los angeles who was police commissioner in boston and new york but protesters fear the use of stop and frisk techniques that he introduced in new york will lead to racial profiling. stop and frisk enters a gray area that questions what is reasonable suspicion? last week a federal judge found it to be in violation of people's civil right. >> officers have the right based
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on reasonable suspicion to stop anyone. >> chief jordan says too much emphasis has been placed on the stop and frisk methods. >> the large part of the success in new york and los angeles was based on partner community something we are in support of. >> the public safety commission voted to recommend a contract to hire a consultant but not necessarily this consultant. it goes to a full council next week and is likely to be another lively discussion. >> the internationally fame rouse maverick competition, surf competition could take place this weekend. there could be waves of 25' which are big enough to hold a competition. organizers will know by friday or saturday if the conditions will be right. if sunday is not good, they will keep watching. the window is open until march
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31. >> here is mike with the forecast. if you are a betting man, what would you bet on mavericks this weekend? >> no. i have not looked. i will look and let you know. i have not looked. >> if they hold it it will be warmer than the past week. >> that is a good point. it will be nice to be out there with temperatures in the 60's. there are strong informs a thousand miles away from us around that omega block high. i will get back to you on that. now, from the east bay hills camera to emeryville and across san francisco, it is calm. live doppler 7 hd shows satellite showing not a cloud or radar return. the frost is out there and the air continues to get dry. the frost is not as thick as early in the week and last weekend. dress for freezing temperatures
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inland but for antioch at 37. we are freezing in los gatos at 31. redwood city is 33. mid-to-upper 30's the rest of the bay shore and san francisco is at 43. as far as temperatures around monterey we are above freezing inland to salinas and 29 in gilroy. hazy sunshine today because it is "spare the air" and milder temperatures. we have the possibility because of the stagnant air mass to have poor air quality through saturday and into sunday and this pat enwill leave us dry through wednesday. off in the distance there is a possibility of rain. temperatures are going up today from one degree in oakland to 59 to concord jumping to 57 degrees, a seven degree jump over yesterday and a lot of mid-50's to around 60 in fremont and palo alto and santa rosa. as you head to the monday --
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monterey bay we will have upper 50's. tonight, frost is possible, with let to mid-30's and mid-40's possible in san francisco. everyone makes it to 60 tomorrow. we do not let go of the 60's the rest of the forecast with the warmest weather over the weekend. have a great day. >> it is light out there. the macarthur maze shows from 580 and 880, everything is smooth. so far, so good. to the san mateo bridge, the flat section when you get beyond industrial and the toll plaza you have a 15-minute drive between hayward and foster city and over the high-rise, no sluggish traffic here, very light on both directions of the san mateo bridge. road work is still in lanes, with the right lane blocked northbound 101 through the
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strawberry area working on the overcross so there could be slow traffic northbound. but no southbound road work. 880 we have southbound road work if various lanes from 980 to 16th until 5:30 this morning and northbound 85 to 101 you is blockage until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> thank you very much at 4:50. stunning health news, can children actually grow out of autism? coming up the results of a new study. >> two children are rushed to the hospital after a collision
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>> good morning, on wednesday. the golden gate bridge, crews are wrapping things up with headlights coming into san francisco, no problem weather-wise. it is clear. very clear, with a "spare the air" alert, the fourth in the
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winter season. a change in the forecast coming up. >> san jose police are investigating an accident involving a truck and two children on bicycles. we were over the scene moments after the collision. the children were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. police believe a broken streetlight may have been a factor in the accident. the truck driver cooperated with police and was not charged. >> a report from the dmv is adding fuel to the debate whether illegal immigrants should be eligible for california driver's licenses. the report points out that unlicensed drivers are three times as likely to cause a fatal crash than licensed drivers. a majority of unlicenses drivers are illegal immigrants. the report suggests passing a written exam and driving test could significantly reduce the number of fatalities. state law requires licenses drivers to show proof of legal residency. >> time for a look at the forecast. >> ready for a warm up in.
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>> i am ready. we are all ready. mike nicco has details. >> good morning. we will look at live doppler 7 hd across the expire state. it is dry. it is dry in nevada, arizona, utah, washington, oregon, all dry right now and under the influence of the high pressure. temperatures are climbing. we have mid-to-upper 50's through the central valley, eureka down to big sur and mid-to-upper 40's in the sierra. if you are headed down south, it is starting to get warmer with temperatures ten degrees warmer than last week with mid-to-upper 60's around los angeles and palm springs and san diego. we have a "spare the air" today. that is from particulate air, not from the cars.
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>> we have light conditions on wednesday morning. to the golden gate bridge, no fog. you are down to two lanes southbound. that will be reconfigured later on this morning in another 20 minutes. to four lanes southbound and two lanes in the northbound direction. clear and smooth sailing with no problem there. from marin to san francisco, no problems. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights and no problems, stalls, or accidents. road work on the westbound direction is being picked up at this hour and eastbound, road work blocking various lanes and westbound is looking good from antioch and that is so far so good this morning. kristen and eric? >> it is 4:55. get ready to learn a new area code as the last 415 area coat will be designed. there will be hearings on the 628 area code. 415 covers san francisco, marin
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county, and parts of daly city but the numbers will run out in 2015. >> san francisco unified school district receives a boost to the budget because of the rainy day fund. the mayor has released $1.5 million to help with the school budget to get the money they need, like facing significant teacher layoffs. based on the new budget plan that criteria will be met and has taken $8 million from the rainy day account this school year. >> some incredible potentially incredible health news this morning. psychology gists say some children diagnosed with asteism at a young age may grow out of it which is generally considered permanent, but experts studied 34 children and young adults 8 to 21 with a mild form of the condition and slightly higher i.q. than those with high functioning autism and all received intensive therapy. research was founded bit national institutes of health
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say those children show normal language, face recognition, and social interaction and no autism symptoms. studies are underway and it is hopes the findings could point the way to effective treatment. >> nearly kidnapped. next at 5:00, a neighborhood on alert after a toddler is nearly scratched from her mother's arms. >> you think your come shoot -- commute is a struggle? this is a strike causing a major nightmare in a
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. middle of the week. so glad you are with us. i am kristen sze. >> we are glad mike is with us. >> good morning, everyone, nice to see you on this hump day. live doppler 7 hd shows high pressure, still very dry air mass. no clouds. no radar runs. a little bit of frost inland. our big story for all of us is going to be the "spare the air" with no wood burning although the poorest air quality is north bay all of us are under the umbrella. 20's and 30's inland. that is where we will fine the patchy fog, and 30's and 40's around the bayshore. we will be in the mid-50's at the coast and mid-50's to low 50's around the bay and inland. >> happy wednesday as mike said, hump day. we have light traffic conditions if you go southbound 101


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