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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 16, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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very light conditions. through 80 freeway, you can see it is light at emeryville and berkeley to the macarthur maze, no problems but just road work northbound 101 in southern marin and road work at strawberry they were blowing sparks all over this morning. >> we continue to follow breaking news from london where a helicopter crash in the piddle of the city killed at least two people and injured nine. it happened during morning rush hour. the helicopter hit a construction crane on a high-rise. the site is south of the river thames near the main subway station and near the british spy agency. the bbc is heying -- saying
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terrorism does not appear to be the cause. >> a scheduled flight from tokyo to the south bay will not come in. emergency act was taken on the troubled boeing 787 dreamliner after another safety scare. amy is live at san jose airport with canceled flight information. >> the boeing 787 dreamliner made four flights from this airport. the hope was it would bring $78 million worth of business to san jose this year but look at what happened yesterday. a boeing 787 dreamliner made an emergency landing after battery problems. passengers used the emergency slide to get off the plane. this was in western japan. the two airlines that used the new boeing 787 dreamliners decided to ground them because of a string of problems days after the inaugural flight from san jose. on friday the first time was when the airport has offered
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service to japan in six years. the city of san jose has been very excited about the new service and the new planes. the status of the service is unknown. the flights are grounded. obviously passengers are in japan from sheas and need to come home including official transportation secretary norm mineta would has to get back to get to president obama's inauguration but how the passengers were travel now is still to be determineed. >> we have developing news from san jose where police are searching for a man who tried to pull a toddler from his mother's arms in front of her arms last evening on dayo court. the mother said the stranger made a comment a about the toddler that made her
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uncomfortable so she picked up the child and he grabbed the girl's legs and tried to pull her away. the mother broke free and ran to the house and called police. he is hispanic, 20 to 30, wearing blue jones and a red baseball cap and a light t-shirt and smelled of motor oil. we will have more in a live report in the next half hour. >> a new associated press poll finds majority of americans support stricter gun laws at president obama will announce the plan this morning to reduce gun violence. for more we go to abc news like in washington, dc. >> get ready for a big fight. president obama's proposals to curb gun violence are already being met with enormous resistance by the n.r.a. >> the n.r.a. did not wait for president obama's announcement. the powerful gun lobby launched a strike releasing a video
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attacking the president's character. >> he is just another elite it hypocrite. it points out that his children have armed protection in school and asks, why is he skeptical about armed security? >> president obama will have to overcome the opposition and convince congress to pass the measures to curb gun violence. when he unveils the proposals he will do with children who wrote letters expressing concern about gun violence. the president will call on congress to ban military style assault weapons, limit the number of bullets allowed and require background checks on every gun purchased. he will also take action without congress by executive order. new york state acted before the federal government putting in place the toughest gun control laws in the nation. >> this is a comprehensive bill that addresses the full spectrum of issues that come up. >> the fork -- new york law
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would require mental health professionals to report anyone deemed a threat. amen -- mentally ill people with guns is a lethal combination. >> advocates vow to range war, with the possibility of impeaching rebound if the gun control measures go too far. reporting live in washington. >> thank you. happening now, a school bus drivers went on strike in new york city leaves tens of thousands finding other ways to get kids to school. the strike started early this morning involving 8,000 drivers concerned about job protection. 152,000 new york city students rely on the buss and a third of them are disabled. this is picketing out there in the cold, in the rain, parents are scrambling on a day like
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this to use car pools or make other arrangements. this is going to be tough. >> san francisco police released a picket of the man suspected of killing a dog during a robbery. 35-year-old laurice barrett stole money from a woman in san francisco's tenderloin and when her dog started fighting, he threw the 12-year-old dog into traffic. it died. there is $12,000 reward. >> farmers have to wait to find out if the cold snap did major damage to the crops, freezing temperatures can endanger everything from green vegetables to sit -- citrus fruits. they are trying to raise the temperatures by setting fires which can make the difference between a profitable harvest and
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losing millions. >> i don't know if it is too little too late but we are warming up. we will take every little bit. >> we will find out when that warm up is coming. it cannot be too soon for some of us. >> especially the farmers and those who pay higher prices. >> the warming trend in the morning lags behind the afternoon warming trend because the nights are too long for the warmth to spill over so you see temperatures close to yesterday. this morning we have frost inland and you can see everyone is at or below freezing inland but antioch at 36 and redwood city at 32 so frost is possible with scattered frost around mountain view and san jose and reporting stations at 33. the warm spot is 39. san francisco and half moon bay are at 42 and 41. 20's and 30's at 7:00, under
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sunny start, and hazy sunshine, low-to-mid 50's, and look at that, kids can play out in the afternoon and not worry about being too cold and mid-to-upper 50's and low to upper 40's by 7:00. low 60's tomorrow. low-to-mid 60's friday. saturday, temperatures are above average for the three days. >> we have light conditions on the bay bridge. you can see this very light traffic moving to treasure island. here is the western portion of the span. we have traffic moving at the limit into san francisco, no delays behind the toll plaza, everything and slowing smoothly, and into san francisco we have nice conditions for you in san jose and northbound 87, the julian off-ramp and road work eastbound 4, the left lane is
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blocked until 6:00 this morning, the reverse commute and the westbound drive looks good from antioch, less than ten minutes into concord and from the central valley, still good, with minor slowing toward the altamont pass and over into livermore and then it picks up into the dublin. and a feline survivors an arrow attack. >> and a proposed ban on smoking >> and a proposed ban on smoking at festivals in the kids... they'll tell you exactly what they're thinking... especially my niece. the moment she pointed out my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis... well, it was really embarrassing. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist.
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clearer skin is possible.
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:13. a live look at the san mateo bridge with tail lights headed westbound into san mateo, looking fine. it is clear and cold but warming. mike nicco will talk more about that. sue will have the commute but today is a "spare the air" so no wood burning. >> a san rafael teen accused of taling a fancy car wants his trial moved out of the county
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after he killed two people, a celebrity chef to impress a girl and trying to kill the girl and her boyfriend. the attorney says extensive media coverage of the case could taint the jury pool. >> an east bay family's cat which was shot by an arrow is back home this morning. kfc, five-year-old tom cat was hit with a 22" arrow while roaming the farm at contra costa county. he had emergency surgery and is in good shape considering an arrow made its way through the body. >> he was very lucky it did not hit the spine. >> animal services took the arrow as evidence if they can track down the shooter and prove intent that person could face animal cruelty charges. >> add festivals to the places where smoking is prohibits in san francisco. the board voted unanimously to
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ban smoking at outdoor festivals and parades. this does not mean police patrol the events but promotors will let people know of the ban. that is a requirement. supporters say peer pressure is a big factor as it is in restaurants and bars. >> there are no police in the facilities citing people for smoking. is there smoking at the facility? no. people know. >> if it gets final approval the ban could take effect in time for the chinese new year parade in late february. block parties are not surge to the smoking pan. >> do you want to buy the home of barry bonds? it will only set you back $25 million. the home is in beverly park an area inside and more exclusive than boyfriendly -- beverly hills with a theater, wine room,
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gym, spa and elevator and the guest house. and the pool. he bought the house for $8.7 million in 2002 and he did a significant renovation. >> i am a little bit short...can you lend me $24.9 million? >> a little short? >> a little bit. aa little. how much is the pool house going for? >> we could not afford that. >> 14 bathrooms but seven bedrooms? >> it depends which side of the bed you wake up. >> you have a party and no one is waiting. >> been waiting for the warming trend so we will look out at what is going on. coming up on 5:17, you can see the ferry building, and the flags are blowing out to sea. that is the offshore breeze bringing us the slow warming trend, the dry air and stagnant
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air. not stagnant but it is not venting our pollution like onshore would. as it does during the summer. did i make that crystal clear? live doppler 7 hd shows how clear we are of radar runs and of clouds this morning. updated the temperatures: 40 in oakland and 42 in san francisco and 41 at half moon bay and everyone else in the 30's and a few 20's including concord and san rafael. in the monterey bay everyone at freezing including 28 at gilroy. hazy sunshine. milder temperatures this afternoon. we have the possibility with the stagnant air mass of poor air quality all week. the stagnant air mass keeps us dry. no rain in the forecast through wednesday. temperatures are getting close to where they should be for this
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january 16. liver more is two degrees warmer at 58. and redwood city at 59 san jose is 59, as well, a degree short of average. we will hit 60 in fremont and palo alto and 59 is the warmer spot in oak oakland and san jose. fairfield and vallejo andantback are cooler at 56. gilroy is the warmer spot at 52. frost is possible inland as the morning low slowly moderates and slower than our afternoon low and mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore and 43 in san francisco tonight. here is the area of high pressure, it has not moved and it will not move any time soon but the air mass will as it retreats to the east ever so slowly and the coast opens up and southern california opens up and central valley opens up and
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there will be warmer-than-average both. the accweather seven-day outlook shows no rain but no new powder in the sierra so packed powder for skiing. at home, low-to-mid 60's. >> we have a nice live look at 80 westbound toward macarthur maze beyond university and albany to berkeley and the macarthur maze and the bay bridge looking good. everyone is flowing smoothly. in san jose, light conditions, with the headlights snaking from san jose toward cupertino and highway 17 is light moving from the santa cruz mountains to san jose. good looking conditions. bart and muni and caltrain, all checking in on time with no delays system-wide and a look at the busier commutes, 580 is looking good from the central valley and the altamont pass and foyer westbound is getting
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sluggish from antioch. and less than 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. >> being overweight could hurt you at work. we will explain in the bloomberg business report. >> what a new report reveals about spending priorities at school with major court program. >> today, "dancing with the stars" star will tell us about the cancer diagnosis that rocked her word and the heartbreak of telling the news to her kids. and randy jackson opens up about his experience with type two diabetes. and a guess at 26 suffered a mini
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>> welcome back on wednesday. the amount of money major universities spend on college athletes is six to 12 times more than schools spend per student on academics according to the american institute for research which is working with a commission on athletics. as of 2010 member schools spent an average of $100,000 a year on a student athlete. the study was prepared for the annual meeting this week in texas. >> some of the largest drugstore chains say they are running short of flu vaccines. >> and now the bloomberg business report. >> we have trouble finding a pharmacy with the flu vaccine with walgreens and c.v.s.
5:23 am
running out but there is no national shortage. get ready for the neurovirus to hurt cruise line industry. a professor in australia says the new strain will cause problems on the cruise ships the next 12 months. in was a rally that helped the s&p recover from early losses. being overweight may not tip the scale in your favor at the office. according to a "wall street journal" report a study by the center for creative leadership says a few extra pounds affects leadership ability because the perception of health and stamina^. >> we are so busy thinking of working out. >> thinking about it. >> speak for yourself. >> i am thinking about the warm-up we have been waiting for. >> good morning, mike, good time to work out today, warmer in the
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afternoon. >> there could be poor air quality in the north if you are susceptible and maybe head to the gym if you can. everyone else is under the umbrella although our air quality is okay. you look around this day, everyone under this influence of high pressure, not a radar to be found whether it is nevada, arizona, utah, to washington and oregan, the expire west coast seeing sunshine and temperatures slowly moderating. we will start with the coolest mid-to-upper 40's in yosemite and tahoe and mid-to-upper 60's around san diego and palm springs and los angeles. safe travels. >> the commute is looking good. we have light traffic conditions on the golden gate bridge. no fog this morning. smooth smiling moving from waldo tunnel to the span. you have four lanes for the southbound commute. traffic is looking good. the bay bridge has no problems with light conditions and no delays on the incline section
5:25 am
through the tunnel to the san francisco and good looking drive for you. still road work eastbound 4 that will be picked up at 6:00 this morning and not a bad drive in the westbound drive moving toward pittsburg but slowing from antioch. eric? >> a walmart employees in citrus heights is looking for a young customer would makes most parents proud. he found this notebook in a shopping cart at the sacramento suburb store and the child wrote long lists of rules to live by. he wants to return the note back to the owner and the payments are filled with 150 rules such as don't put your elbows on the table and don't bite the dentist. >> we continue to follow breaking news from london where a helicopter has collided in to a high-rise crane. what police are saying of a possible cause. >> grounded, the dramatic decision involving the plane
5:26 am
considered the future of aviation and the impact it is having right here in the bay
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a live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on wednesday. at 5:29. thanks for joining us. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> what is the temperature? when is the warm upcoming? >> the warm up in the afternoon is faster than the morning warming trend. the dry air has taken over the neighborhoods again. the stagnant air mass means poor air quality is possible in the north bay. no burning of wood and we are under a "spare the air" and i know it is cold in the house. 20's and 30's inland and 30's around the bay shore to the south bay and 40's along the coast in san francisco. we have total sunshine today,
5:29 am
mid-50's along the coast and mid-50's and near 60 for bay and inland neighborhood. >> good looking commute so far if you are out now at 5:30, san mateo bridge is busier with tail lights on the flat section headed over to foster city headed westbound. light conditions if you are driving from san mateo over toward hayward on 92. otherwise, that is known as the san mateo bridge. southbound 101 pad the marin ymca and civic center, nice drive from novato headed to southern marin, no problems. golden gate bridge is problem free. and mass transit, because it is "spare the air" day is a great way to go. bart, muni, caltrain, everyone running on time. kristen? >> san jose police are searching for a stringer who tried to wrestle a toddler away from the mother outside the home.
5:30 am
>> we can tell you the little girl is safe after scary moments. the mother of the 2-year-old had a tug of war with the stranger in order to save her child. police say the two-year-old was laying in the front yard of her home on dayo court in san jose. toys are still in the front yard. the mother says a man came up to where the daughter was playing and made a comment about the child. we do not know what it was but it made the mother uncomfortable. she picked up the daughter and the stranger grabbed the child's legs. there was a struggle and the mother saved the daughter and ran in the house and called 9-1-1. a search of the area turned up nothing yesterday. the suspect is described as hispanic male, 20 to 30, wearing a red ball cap, blue jeans and a
5:31 am
white or light colored t-shirt with yellow stripes. the mother said he smelled like motor oil. the dad tells abc7 the girl was not hurt and the san jose police requesting anyone with information call them right away. >> breaking news from london, where a helicopter crash in the piddle of the city has killed at least two people and injured 13 others. it happened during return hour around midnight our time. it hit a construction crane on a high-rise building south of the river thames and the london subway station and the british spy agency. british television spoke to eyewitnesses by phone. >> there was a massive explosion, like something from a film. and then the debris went 20 or
5:32 am
25 yards. now a few seconds you were just stunned because you have for clue what its was. >> the bbc is reporting that the helicopter pilot was diverting because of bad weather. the bbc reports that terrorism does not appear to be likely. >> happening now, passengers scheduled to fly into san jose international airport from tokyo will have to make other arrangements to get there, or get here, with flights canceled after grounding all of the boeing 787 dreamliners after a boeing 787 dreamliner made an emergency landing this morning. officials say battery failure and the smell of smoke in the cabin were reasons for the landing. this is the latest in the series of problems including fires and fuel leaks plaguing the airliner. last week the boeing 787 dreamliner was flying nonstop to tokyo from san jose international and the flight from tokyo to san jose was
5:33 am
canceled. >> relatives of those killed in the newtown, connecticut school rampage are on hand when president obama unveil as plan to deal with gun violence. a congressman from san mateo took part in biden's task force this week saying that the president will ask for renewal of the assault weapons ban, a ban on high capacity magazines and mandatory background checks for anyone who buys weapons from gun shows or private sellers. >> who would want to continue to have an environment where we have in this country, not so much in california, but in the country where 40 percent of the purchased guns do not have criminal background checks? >> the focus should be on the behaviors of the individual who committed the crime not on the focus, not focusing on the behaviors of those who have not committed crimes. >> the n.r.a. is releasing a video attacking president obama for not supporting the arming of school employees when his
5:34 am
children have their own armed guards at school. >> new this morning we are learning more successful a gun "buy back" program was in marin county, in all, 827 weapons were turned in, given up to $200 a weapon. agoers ran out of money in a few hours. another buy back is scheduled for monday, from 11 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. with no questions asked at san rafael and mill valley. >> in contra costa a search is on for a boy who escape add juvenile detention center and residents are told to look out for the teen. the facility is known as the boy's ranch. the teen has brown hair and brown eyes and is 6' tall and 165 pounds and last seen wearing
5:35 am
an orange jump suit. >> governor brown is scheduled to attend the board of regentses meeting in san francisco today at uc and will talk about the priorities he wants to see in the system. "los angeles times" reports brown will push for more teaching and less research at university of california campuses and wants more online courses to save money and increase class offerings. in the budget preliminary last week, he increased money for both the uc and cal state university systems by $250 million each less than requested but enough to avert tuition hikes in the fall. the governor said if they want more funding in the future they need to do as he asks. >> employees at oakland unified school district forced to move because of a flood will not be back any time soon after equipment was damaged. workers are displaced at least through the spring. they are looking at the structural stability of the building of the it will take up
5:36 am
to ten wokes. the flood was caused by someone leaving a tap on in a custodian clots it. >> drives along the great highway in san francisco notice big improve 349 the next nine months with a little inconvenience in the meantime. traffic is reduced to a single lane in short stretches at the money works department breaks ground today on a $7.3 million renovation project. the first phase of the project covers the stretch to lincoln way and is repaved with a new drainage system, new median, and better access for bicycles and pedestrianses. >> the area has been quiet with the weather the way it has been. >> it hasn't quite been bicycling and hiking weather. at least for the wimps among us. >> for the wimps among us, this weekend we have the warmest weather. you can see the omega shape of
5:37 am
the high pressure with clouds coming in and turning left and going into canada and dropping the cold air to the eastern two-thirds of the country and notice the deepest water or the most water you can see the greens, oranges and yellows and the orange right here is the dry air, the down sloping wind coming off the mountain, drying and slowly heating and that is why we get the warming tend. temperatures are still frosty inland 20's and mid-to-upper 30's around the bay and to the coast. check out noon, if you want to head outside it will be easier to have your lunch outside and it will not be windy and the temperatures hang out low-to-mid 50's and mid-to-upper 50's for 4:00 and a chill. you will need the coat at 7:00. on thursday, friday, and saturday, low 60's tomorrow, and low-to-mid 60's for friday and saturday. temperatures above average this weekend. >> 80 east shore freeway the
5:38 am
headlights pointing to the bay bridge, there is bunching up at 580 and 880 but it is looking good eastbound to richmond. we have nice traffic at the bay bridge with no problems on the upper deck and into san francisco the headlights are snaking up on 280 pass the 17 overcrossing and into cupertino and from san ramon corridor 16 minutes and 85 san jose 101 to 17 is 20 minutes and an accident on the shoulder at mission in the northbound direction and there is a look from 238 into the maze. >> oakland considering hiring a controversial outside consultant. coming up why critics say he is the wrong man for the job. >> why the mavericks may not
5:39 am
want to
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,. >> loss at toes, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is a like look at the bay bridge from the camera in the east bay hills. again, another chilly morning in the bay area.
5:42 am
but the chill is going to exit stage left coming up soon with more information for you coming up. >> are you sure it is not stage right? >> he says "stage left." >> the city of oakland is discussing hiring a police consultant. a man under consideration caused an outcry at a meeting. people packed city hall for the meeting of the public safety commission. the former chief of police in los angeles was being considered as a police consultant. he favors the stop and frisk technique which many believe is racial profiling. >> do you need to hear what he has to say? then just have jordan buy his book on amazon for $18. >> officers have the right based on reasonable suspicion to stop anyone. >> oakland police chief jordan favors the hiring of the consultant who was chief in new york city and boston, and the
5:43 am
commission recommended the city hire someone but now necessarily the consultant. >> oakland is reaching out to alameda county in fighting crime. they agreed on tuesday to pay alameda county to place sheriff deputies on city streets as soon as possible. oakland has a shortage of police officers. a new class of the academy graduates in march the first such class graduating in five years. the vote to okay payment is next week. >> in san jose officials are trying to save residents money by overhauling the trash collection billing. homeowners are billed for trash service but the city council voted to explore other options that include paying through property tax bills or directly to the garbage companies. officials estimate the collective savings to san jose taxpayers could range from several hundred thousand to $3 million. >> muni directors in san francisco have unanimously approved a $24 million contract to upgrade the transit agency's
5:44 am
decade old communication system which involves improving nine metro stations with better platform displays and public dress system and monitoring the 26 power substations used for trolls and buses and light rail. there is will be a new broad band debt work to connect underground infrastructure which includes upgrading the extra patrol system. the work will take about a year and a half. muni awarded the contract to a fremont company. >> the maverick surf competition to, -- could, maybe, take place this weekend. organizers will know by friday or saturday if the conditions are right for surfing. if sunday is not a go they will keep watching. the window for the forecast is open until march 31. 25' is the minute but they
5:45 am
prefer 30' or 40'. >> they prefer as big as they can get. >> they would still ride it at 100'. >> it won't be but if it were...but it will be nice at the beach. temperatures are warming into the 60's. just great. now, almost picnic weather. we have clear skies and the palm trees are not moving on the embarcardero because the wind is light. the stagnant air mass is leading to possibility poor air quality. no wood burning although it is chilly, because it is a "spare the air" day the fourth of the winter season. we have not exceeded so far any health standards. that is good news. we appreciate you heeding the aid vice from the district. >> you can see how dry it is, no clouds or radar and next chance
5:46 am
of rain is next week. late next week. now, temperatures, frosty spots inlands 20's and 30's, and antioch has a few spots not frosty at 36 and mountain view and san jose we have frost at 33 and low 40's for fremont and oakland and san francisco and half moon bay. to inland at salinas everyone is close to frost and gilroy at 28. hazy sunshine today and milder temperatures, poor air is possible all week because our air mass is not changing. we will be stagnant and dry through wednesday. temperatures today are a degree warmer in oakland and 59. and fremont is 60, and concord is 57. the cool spot is fairfield and antioch at 56 and free moment and santa rosa the warmer spots at 60 but frost inland at
5:47 am
mid-30's to around 40 for the bay shore and to the coast. the seven-day outlook shows the low 60's tomorrow. low-to-mid 60's friday, saturday and possibly, again, on monday. dry every single day. have a good day. >> real grind from antioch which is typical as you make the commute moving westbound on highway 4 and eastbound there is still road work and a minor slowing in the eastbound direction with one lane affected as you move toward antioch and elsewhere, we have slow traffic and just right around mission at northbound 880 in the fremont area and an accident on the shoulder. you can check out the abc7 act, 582 or 5 to 580 commute from the
5:48 am
central valley, there is heavy traffic moving westbound and it is sluggish toward the altamont pass and free app at apple app and google play. >> and now a look at jimmy kimmel live night. he had social commentary this time on bay area social media. >> google announced that zuckerberg held a press conference to announce if you post one more picture of your cat sleeping they will delete your account. he introduce add feature called graph search which delivers search results more customized by incorporating information from your network of facebook friends so you ask questions like, who are my friends that live in san francisco and if you have to ask that you don't have any friends in san francisco. >> you have a lot of friends in san francisco. jimmy kimmel airs weeknights at
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11:35. >> stunning health news this morning, can children actually grow out of autism? the results of a new study are coming up. >> the unique solution a youth soccer league
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>> welcome back. san jose police are investigating an accident involving a truck and two children on bicycles. the children were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. police believe a broken streetlight may have been a factor. the truck driver cooperated and was not charged. >> new report by the dmv is adding fuel to the debate whether illegal immigrants should be eligible for driver's license. the report says unlicensed drivers are three times as likely to cause a fatal crash. just passing a written exam and driving tests could significantly reduce the number of fatalities. state law requires licenses drivers to show proof of legal residency.
5:53 am
>> and now the forecast. mike? >> we will start with radar across the entire state, and how dry it is. there is nothing going on. the winds are light so if you are traveling around no weather worries just the glare of the sun is the biggest issue for you. if you are traveling around, we will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's in the see area where we do not have any new snow and we do not have any in the forecast. a last it will be groomed. in fresh powder. in the south, mid-to-upper 60's. >> a couple of problem spots headed out this morning at 5:54. in sunnyvale westbound 237 at 101 a new accident blocking the right lane. so far, not seeing any delays beyond the seen. at mission, an accident is off to the right shoulder so clear conditions through the fremont area with no delays. in the bay bridge toll plaza no
5:54 am
metering lights and a couple of cars are backed up paying tolls. otherwise everything is on time. >> changes are coming to bay area phone numbers. the 415 area code that covers san francisco, marin county and daly city and brisbane is running out of numbers. it is expected to run out of numbers by 2015 so a new area code, 628, will be introduced. public meetings start today. >> san francisco unified school district get as boost to the budget because of the rainy day fund. the mayor release the $1.5 million to help with the school budget. the district needs to meet certain criteria such as facing significant teacher layoffs. based on the governor's new budget plan that criteria will be met after taking $8 million from the rainy day account this school year. >> potentially incredible health
5:55 am
news. some children diagnosed with autism may grow out of it. it is generally considered a permanent disorder with in -- with no cure. all in the study had a mild form of. >> dix and higher i.q. than those with high functioning autism and all got intensive therapy and support. research is funded bit national institutes of health and say those children show normal language, face recognition, communication and social interaction and no symptoms of autism. further studies are now underway and it is hoped the findings can one day point to an effective treatment for autism. >> preventing the spread of the flu virus is affecting the soccer pitch in new york. the president of the manhattan youth soccer club is telling coaches and parents to have players avoid giving the traditional high five in handshakes but, instead, opponents are recommended to nuckle bows in a show of sports machineship after games.
5:56 am
the president of the club is a doctor, specializing in infectious diseases. >> follow what he says, when it comes do spreading disease...there you go. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from london after a helicopter crashes into a crane and to the ground leaving behind fiery wreck acknowledge. the growing injury account and what authorities say ma have led to the crash. >> apple shares are scrutiny. stocks declining amid a new
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00 a.m. burning wreckage and chaos if london after a helicopter crashes into a crane and two people are dead more than a dozen are injured. >> boeing 787 dreamliner is grounded after an emergency landing, another one, in japan.
5:59 am
>> a few hours from now president obama will outline the new gun control proposals in the wake of the school tragedy in connecticut. >> good morning, at 6:00 on wednesday. thank you for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> that is mike nicco. >> we are picking out the dry air with no clouds. it is a bit of a frost-free morning for some of us. but inland, not so were. in the afternoon, the big story all day today is "spare the air" for 24 hours today. all of us need to refrain from burning wood. less forecast in the bay this morning at 31 to 39. we are around 50 with hazy sunshine at noon and low-to-mid 50's and throws average in the afternoon. inland we have frost, 26 to 36, with not everyone dealing with frost. it will be hazy at noon


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