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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 31, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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not given to the victims. >>reporter: many of the victims even gave the man their car title or pink slip then in early december this is what the car lot looked like. he and the cars were gone. >> i remember coming by asking where is my car. what happened. are they still here. >>reporter: this man was one of them. she left her gmc yukon on the lot in october. along with the pink slip. >> we talk to this person because he called saying that he would do the job for us. >>reporter: she was one of the first to report him disappearing act to the police. but it took nearly two months and 2 sunnyvale detective working full-time on this case to navigate the con fasting maze of contracts and accusations. >> we were lucky at least we got the person. he's behind bars. >>reporter: and the suspect will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. mean time bail is set at half million dollars. live in san jose tonight, abc 7
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news. all right lisa thank you. >> independent monitor criticizing oakland police tonight for pointing gun at sleeping toddler last year. this incident was outlined in the monitor report that was released today. also says officers are failing to report the misconduct of the colleagues. president of the oakland police officer union is defending the cops saying the incident regarding the toddler was taken out of context. >> serving a search warrant in a narcotics home in oakland and they enter the home under the foot of the search warrant and were met with family that included a small child. >> disturbing that we are not going forward but we are going in fact backward. >>reporter: oakland is in the process of hiring compliance director in charge of overseeing reform effort within the police department. >> it is cool tonight around many spots if the bay area. 7 news is here with a lack at live doppler 7 hd. >> and live doppler 7 hd
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tracking some rain. now computer model indicating at least it looks promising. talk about that in a moment. check out live doppler 7hd it's clear well off the coast line and temperature dropping 42 degrees in fairfield right now. 48 in oakland. 46 degrees los gatos. 44 santa rosa. you know it is a chilly start. we still have long night ahead so make sure you grab a jacket or sweater when you head out the door when i come back i let you know how long the mild pattern will last and when you may need the umbrella. weekend forecast coming up. >> bound to end some time thanks very much. >> as we get close to the superbowl three days away officials are cracking down on counterfeit sports apparel and phoney nfl gear is right at the top of the list of course. more than 300,000 dollars worth of merchandise seized this week just in the bay area. it's all part of nationwide effort called operation red zone. federal agents cop physician indicated more than 13 million $worth of counterfeit goods across the country since september. >> san francisco sheriff wants
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to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again on sunday. giants fans went on destructive rampage after the win. there will be crowd control after the superbowl. >> we are live once again with complete coverage tonight from new orleans. >> 7 news sports director larry biel live with the frainers doing some public relations damage control. larry. >> if you are right about that. this is precisely what the 49ers did not want to deal with during superbowl week. and what happened now is one controversy has spawned yet another problem for them here in new orleans. let's start with chris because he's at the center of all of this. 49ers defensive back surrounded by reporters today. 24-year-old second year in the nfl apologized for the anti-gay comment that he made on tuesday. >> i'm sorry i offended anyone. it was very ugly comment and that's what i feel in in my
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heart and hopefully lick i said i can learn and grow from the experience and situation. >>reporter: on the heals of the -- heels of the crisis comes another p.r. nightmare for the york and niners. usa today report that go 2 players brooks and isaac didn't realize the it gets better video involved lgbt issues. they were quoted as saying they thought they were making a video about the prevention of bullying for kid. so another fire for jed i don't think to put in and out new orleans. another news. beyonce will perform at half time of super bowl 47. in town today and held a news conference. >> and the home ♪ of the of brave. about ♪ the brave.
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[applause]. >>reporter: that's how she started the news conference. beyonce came upped criticism when she lip synced the national anthem during the presidential inauguration. today she explained the reasons for deciding to use a recording that day. >> live television show in very, very important emotional show for me. one of my prou proudest moments and due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. it was about the president and inauguration. i will absolutely be singing liv live. i'm well rehearsed. and i will absolutely be singing live. this is what i was born to do. >>reporter: in case there was any doubt, yes, bee open say can really, really sing. we are making a bunch of new friends here in new orleans. want to show you a shot from morning news reporter katie
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this is her new friend. it's her map. he's a craw fish. good news for herman celebrity mascot now and not somebody's dinner. we are come back in just a few minutes with some football news. ravens have changed the practice facilities and they have joined the 49ers. we'll explain all that coming up in just a few minutes later on in sports. back to you. >> thanks very much. we appreciate see you shortly. larry of and others send out great behind the scenes update and retweeting the best of them on our web site. live reports continue all week through superbowl sunday here on abc 7. we notice will watch the game and it's terrific but afterwards turn back to us our team is in the new orleans and bay area we are live on the air with up to the minute look at how the niner fans are reacting here and in the big easy as well. >> young man called vallejo police for help and got smack down by vet rap of sir, you see it happen. dan is here with an
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investigation you will see only on abc 7 news. >> the entire incident captured on video. >> i know who i'm talking to. you are down. do you understand that. >> up next. show you how the officer took one comment from the victim very personally. what about the man who was slapped to the ground? you will hear his story too. >> san francisco has a lot of heart. 5 new ones just unveiled. >> then later on kimmel live. >> tonight katie is here. music from sarah and oscar nominee jennifer lawrence. >> couldn't be happier to be here. >> see what a terrific actress >> see what a terrific actress she is >> jimmy kimmel live starts >> jimmy kimmel live starts right after us
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fichlt abc 7 fuss i team uncovered new complaint of excessive force used by vallejo police. this incident caught on camera. >> keep in mind the department is already reeling after a violent year including 6 people shot and killed by officers. >> dan is here now with an exclusive i team investigation. >>reporter: the story began when package arrived in the mail from someone inside the department. dvd. police report. letter complaining about a cowboy attitude by officers and command staff. imagine you are a police officer on patrol. warm enter day. when the call comes in. 22-year-old complaining his roommate beat him up and kicked him out of the apartment. >> are you injured. >> yes. they punched me in my face checked mow out ripped my clothes tried to steal thousands office dollars worth of my stuff. it's in front of the house. >>reporter: victim is upset how long you took to arrive. >> you do took 45 minutes to get out here. >> okay. listen to me first of all i'm not on your time watch. >> i know. >> second of all.
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>> you took forever. >> second of all. >> u.s. soldier know who you are talking to. >> are you getting in my face you step forward to me i didn't step forward to you. >>reporter: at this point what would you do? a try to diffuse the situation. perhaps explain why it took 45 minutes to arrive. b direct the victim to step back. have a seat on the curb and assure him you are there to help or c smack him in the head. >> i know who i'm talking to and you are down do you understand that? so you are talking to a united states marine. do you understand that? >> i'm a u.s. soldier. >> you are talking to a marine so i suggest you never step the up an8&é in my face again when i'm talking to you do you understand me. >>reporter: i tracked down the victim on the video blake roychbility seeing this now brings back the anger frustration that i felt that day when the people that were there that were supposed to come to help me were there to attack me. >> hi never seen the video before. brought back a flood of emotion. >> let's start over.
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>> the action stops. >>reporter: when he was on the ground the 2 officers pressed the knee into his chest. and that he blacked out briefly. >> would you like to start over. >> do i need to further introduce myself i don't need to further introduce myself. >>reporter: officers accused robles of faking it. >> what was that all moneying and stuff did you on the ground. >> was that because my knee was in the center of the chest and having a hard time. >> what was that moneying you son of a bleep. that was me not being able to breathe. >>reporter: whether you are in a bad mood whether angry whether they feel you are being disrespectful doesn't matter. they are there to protect and to serve us. and i was not protected never served never felt safe from the police department since then. incident was catched by a camera clipped to the shirt of the officer 17 year veteran of the vallejo pd scene in this youtube video. >> do you know to know what
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happened. >> do i. >>reporter: but he doesn't want to talk about this case. by e-mail he refused my request for interview. his best known outside the department for his respect music. after he recorded a tribute vallejo officer james who was killed by suspected bank rob inter2011. >> jim ka poot fast forward ♪ ♪. >>reporter: at chief joe declined to be interviewed when i caught him outside police headquarters. he wasn't chief at the time of the sdichbility he arrived last september from novato. fwhu package arrived here last month sent by someone inside the vallejo pd who is concerned about positions there right now. along with the dvd and police report the source wrote a letter describing a pervasive cowboy attitude in the department source described what happened to blake and wrote criminal behavior is being allowed and nothing being done to stop it. internal affairs does nothing to hold officers accountable. and spends more time bullying
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citizens who try to file complaints. source also wrote that the ship supervisor played the video in briefing and laughed about it. >> did that happen. >> i don't believe that happened. i believe that's completely inaccurate. this the is year and a half ago i wasn't there for every step of this. >>reporter: lieutenant horton oversees vallejo police prvl standard division and refused to comment directly on the video. or to say what if any discipline officer received for the incident. >> by law i can't discuss the man's personnel file or disapplication anything like that with you. >>reporter: you are asking me and you are asking the public to trust you that you handled this properly. i'm not sure there's a lot of trust here. so i just need to know give you one last mott shot. was his behavior that officer behavior on that video appropriate. >> well i can answer the question for enthusiastic way. if i'm telling that you we conducted an internal affairs investigation, disposition with the officer, that's the answer to your question. >>reporter: he would not discuss the version of events he wrote in the official police report. i conducted front
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force with my right palm natural upper portion of the chest sweeping leg in opposite direction. but he didn't hit robles in the che guevera as he wrote. you can clearly see the fwlovd right hand strike the left side of robles head knocking him to the ground. >> police officers know that you don't take control of the situation pretty early on you can easily escalate. >>reporter: head of san francisco state criminal justice program says the use of force falls within general police guidelines but frees he let the confrontation turn personal very quickly. >> you are talking to united states marine. >> perhaps he stood a little bit more of a distance at first and tried to use some position, command, please sit on the curb then see where it went from there. >>reporter: blake robles went to the hospital after the incident he says his ribs were sore for weeks. but he never considered suing the police. >> i don't want money. i want a solution. i want the people of vallejo to be safe. and
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they are not safe right now. because when officers like this are coming out to calls and treating victims of cases like this no one is safe. >>reporter: using the public records act i asked vallejo police for all the recordings which the officer had any physical contact with the public in the past three years. the department denied my request saying all the video are part of his personnel file. i'm appealing this with the pd lawyers and tell you how it turns out. if you want to check it out i'm posting the full police video in this case along with letter from the source at abc 7 back to you. >> all right dan thank you. >> 2013 version of san francisco painted heart were unveiled today. 5 table top size heart you see here will be auction on on valentine's day to raise money for san francisco general. full size version unveiled in a few week including some put together with the help of san francisco giants. always such a great fun place in the city.
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>> yes. >> some changes to our spring like weather in january. >> that we don't want to hear about. sandy is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> okay. if you don't want to hear bit don't worry i won't tell you until the end of my weather segment. changes that are coming that is. here's a look at live doppler 7hd low clouds off the coast line. pretty clear otherwise that's going to be changing. let me show you how reservoir are doing. kent lake 156 percent of average up in western marin county. san pablo 115 percent. san antonio reservoir 130. crystal springs above at 137 and lexington is at 250 percent of average so yes, january has been relatively dry for san francisco third driest on record since record keeping began. but we are lacking at the state department of water resources latest data and end of december storage so we are still doing fine in terms of our reservoir. chilly inland overnight. mild afternoon
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through monday and we lack at cooler days as we head into next week. here's pacific satellite picture. this is the area of high pressure that is going to provide us with a dry pattern that is going to hold into next week. we start to see some changes beginning next week. this weekend we see few extra clouds around. these are just high cloud. sub tropical moisture on saturday. with the cloud cover and weakening of the ridge slightly temperatures will fall a couple of degrees saturday. only to come back up for superbowl sunday. it's gorgeous. if you are traveling to new orleans for the superbowl cool sunshine 60 degrees partly cloudy on saturday 66 partly cloudy for superbowl sunday niners sure to win with weather like this. of course it's being played inside the superdome and mostly cloudy on monday so if you have travel plans it's looking grit for that area. overnight temperatures are going to come down to near freezing in some spots. mid 30's coldest inland valley so make sure you bundle up when you head out the door.
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39 vallejo. 34 napa. 35 santa rosa. 40's around the bay and coast. 36 livermore, 41 san jose and santa cruz. tomorrow afternoon if you enjoy today high you will enjoy tomorrow. we got close to 70 degrees are area. 64 san francisco, 65 san mateo o. oakland san jose 67 degrees. 65 in livermore. mild and sunny temperatures running anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above normal in the places like salinas. 73 tomorrow afternoon for your friday. great way to end the week. 70 agrees in santa cruz. not too many people can say they enjoy beach weather for february 1st. 7 day forecast it's spring like for your friday. cooler for ground hog day then superbowl sunday bouncing back temperatures near 70 degrees. cooling trend next week. leading up to latest computer model yes want to bring in what carolyn and dan done want to hear chance of rain on thursday. so it is
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looking good. but writ now light rain if we get it on thursday. >> we'll take it. >>reporter: all right. >> thanks very much. >> all right. let's head back to the big easy now and superbowl coverage. >> sports director larry there revved-up for superbowl sunday getting close larry. >> we are getting revved-up man to man coverage one-on-one with the greatest receiver of all time. l is that jerry rice or randy moss? we'll get into that and rave he says making unusual move during superbowl week to change the practice locations. now they are joining the niners. we'll are joining the niners. we'll eto save on a new mattress.r pry sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
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>> good evening everybody. we are live in new orleans side of superbowl xlvii. we are could could you pleasing it down to the big day. kind of unusual. 49ers now have some company at the practice facility. the ravens have joined them and i'll get to the explanation here. ravens were working out at tulane university. they
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were working out on the baseball field there because the football stadium is being renovated. players unhappy. said it was rough on the knees and leg so they have joined the niners over at the saints complex. obviously not practicing at the same time. the niners they practiced outside for the first time this week. too windy past few days. superbowl could turn that a show case for running back gore. niners coaches gush about him and think years of the franchise losing so many games has kept gore from getting national respect. >> haven't had a lot of success earlier but that cuts him out of the spotlight. if they had won he would be a household name on every street corner. >>reporter: now mike sat down with jerry rice today or as we joked with him now the second best receiver of all time. rice talked about moss claim early in the week that moss is the best receiver in nfl
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history. >> could have been the best football player probably to ever play the game. most talented but i was not the most talented but i was going to out work him and i never played so randy and i think he quoted this he said i play when i want to mraichlt i felt like it was my job to play every down. >>reporter: raider fans will remember moss taking some seasons off there for awhile. to the nba. warriors without curry again tonight resting the sore angle but did have andrew and as it turned out he made a huge play down the stretch against the dallas mavericks. warriors and mavericks at oracle arena. david lee is a double double machine. 15 points. 20 rebound off glass inside there. tomorrow so that set a career high with 32 on tuesday. 27 tonight. knocks down the 3. warriors up by 8. mavs came back. down one with
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8 seconds left. boom rejection on former warrior rice. golden state wins the third in a row. 197 the final and of steff is pumped. to the ice. perfect season alive going for 7 in a row hosting the royalers. the shot. he scores. and then kaepernicking. nice. second straight game to the shoot out. first for make a.he scores. then dan top shelf game over crime home shaevl. shark as perfect 7 and o this season about east start happens to be 10 and o by the way. the shoot out a little bit of golf and phoenix open and phil this is going to be a record setting putt here if it goes down. gunning for a 59 and he just missed it. settle for a the 60. the difference between 59 and 60 is like the berlin wall
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in the sport of golf. leader after round 1. 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino back to you. >> all right great stuff thanks very much. >> all right jimmy kimmel terrific line up tonight. terrific line up tonight. >>
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. >> hi here's the wake um weather. cold inland in the morning bundle up cool around the bay. patchy valley fog formed watch out in the mornin morning. 8:00 a.m. 40 to 50 degrees. mike will be tracking the fog. possibility of rain. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. starting tomorrow morning. >> all right thanks. >> jimmy kimmel live. >> his guest jennifer lawrence, katie and musical guest. >> here's a sneak peek. >> i have a lot of eating planned for sunday. hot wings. nachos. sausages. maybe a walrus. who knows. the inside of my stomach will lack like michelle obama nightmare. >> what not to eat. >> all right that's our report. >> and i'm carolyn john son
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remember 7 news tips tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 with more superbowl reports. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. stay with us. 7 news bay area good with us. 7 news bay area good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jennifer lawrence. katie couric. and music from tegan and sara.
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with cleto and the cletones. and now to entertain us all, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello. thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching, thank you for joining me here tonight in our studio. thank you for -- you know what? thank you for being not just a lover, but also a friend. i appreciate it. on sunday, the san francisco 49ers take on the baltimore ravens in super bowl xlvii. and if this super bowl goes well, next year they're thinking about doing a 48th. [ laughter ] here's what i don't get, shouldn't they -- they spend a lot of money on these commercials, shouldn't they run like the beer and


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