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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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much cooler air and a return to this of some rain. we will show you that with the seven-day outlook coming up a bit later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. this is super bowl sunday. the 49er faithful are ready for this afternoon's kickoff. win or lose, crowds will probably spill into the streets after the game. security will be tight. abc7 news reporter kira klapper joins us with the latest. >> good morning. win or lose is correct. let's hope it's win. we can all agree, i'm sure this, no one wants the same destructive and violent celebration that is occurred after the giants world series win. as you said, security is tightened for today. in fact, it already is. we saw some police and chp presence out on the roads this morning at this very early hour. police chief greg suhr tells us he has twice as many officers scheduled to be out today compared with a typical sunday. muni is even taking precautions,
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choosing to run diesel buses that can be quickly rerouted so they don't get trapped and ruined in destructive celebrations as they did after the world series. beginning at 5:00 this evening all bussus market street will be detour. most will switch to mission or vanex. the just in note, all these trends aren't to get in the way of potential celebrations, city leaders just want everyone to do it responsibly. >> niner fans, too. we don't want to arrest anybody. we want everybody to have a blast, celebrate the six. you know, just show the country that nobody has got it better than us. >> we do in new york. >> also to help people all 49'ers fans safe, they are holding dui check points across the area today. not just in the city. triple a said alcohol-related car crashes increase, get this, 57% in california on super^bowl
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sunday alone. as you have seen on commercial breaks on. average bc7 news we have a public service announce went with the mayor, police chief and fire chief just urging everyone to celebrate responsibly. no one wants a party to end. we just want it to be a nice, safe, fun time. we want everyone to be out and healthy for a potential parade, don't we? reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> and kira, chief suhr said that he will be out there after halftime with fire chief joanne hayes-white just to make sure everything is going well. >> yeah because as they said, they are 49er fans too. they want everyone to celebrate responsibly. we want to be able to have a good time and not worry about any dangerous situations. >> absolutely. thank you very much for the live report. outside the superdome the streets have been packed with niner fans.
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as they told abc7 news reporter katie marzullo, it was expensive, but well worth it, to join the super bowl party in new orleans. ♪ >> in new orleans it's always a party, but something feels different now, special. >> go niners! >> yeah, niners! >> go niners! >> 49er fans have arrived in mass numbers and they all have a tale to tell of how they got here. the devaneys are from sacramento. michael went online before the game was over and his family's fate was sealed. >> i knew about a minute, minute and a half they were going so i bought the ticket. i said we will worry about the arrangements later. it didn't we tried to get flights, but we work out. couldn't, so we said we are driving. >> we decorated the car on the way here. the whole way here we were getting honks and it was a lot of fun. >> joe senior is here from san francisco. he's a season ticketholder and maybe the world's most generous niner fan. >> i was picked in the lottery. i gave my two tickets to my son and daughter and i bought mine. >> his cost $1,400.00. it is on the 50-yard line.
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you don't have to be from san francisco or even california to be a 49er fan. meet curtis potter from mississippi. >> you know his name. we got it for the homeboy! >> a t-shirt is one thing but carlos has taken his gear to a new level. >> my license plate i had for years and years. my last name is lema or 49er lema, that's what i am. >> but he isn't a ticketholder. but that's okay. life is good when you are a 49er faithful. in spirit ever disclosure, there are more ravens fans here than 49er fans. there's one. but the niner fans, they brought heart, they brought confidence, and they are predicting a win n new orleans, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> katie, larry beil, mike shumann and wayne friedman are sending out great behind-the-scenes updates, including this one sent last night of the view from the superdome.
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we are re-tweeting the pictures at abc7 news bay area. during the game follow our teams in new orleans on twitter and facebook for the best up to the minute coverage of what is happening on and off the field. whatever happens tonight, abc7 news will be here to cover it. we will be on right after the game with live coverage from the bay area and new orleans. >> the 49'ers have announced that chris culliver will begin sensitivity training. niners defensive back made anti-gay comments during a presuper bowl interview last week. he has since apologized and they said he is going to volunteer at the trevor project in san francisco, which provides crisis and suicide intervention for lgbt youth. fairfield police have 15 detectives and three sergeants investigating the murder after 13-year-old girl. her naked body was found in a
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park early friday morning. a growing memorial of flowers and mementos marks the spot in allen wit park where her body was discovered. we have the latest. >> give us this day our daily bread. >> reporter: allen wit park has gone from a crime scene to an alter. honoring a 13-year-old found alone, naked and dead friday morning. >> she was face down. there's no obvious signs of trauma. put it that way. that's all i will say about her body. >> and today fairfield police asked abc7 not to release the girl's name or photos. detectives are following several leads from nearby surveillance cameras, but still do not have any suspects. they do know the girl was in the 7th grade at green valley middle school in cordalia. she was in school thursday and when she didn't return home that afternoon her foster parents called police. this friend was with her just before she got on the bus
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thursday after school. >> we were talking about life and success and like a bunch of stuff and then that's the last i seen her. she had a big smile on her face. >> now the tears wash over this community that is in mourning. >> it's heartbreaking to know that a teenage girl could end up dead in a park here. >> the sadness also served as a call for action. >> it brings a lot back for me. just because of me being in that place, being someone who was abducted. >> sanchez was only 8 when she was kidnapped and vallejo. now she helps families of missing or murdered children heal. she's reaching out to the 13-year-old's family to offer her support. >> she was a baby. she has a family that loves her. she has friends that love her that she went to school with. you know, 13-year-olds are supposed to be involved in
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sports and, you know, getting good grades. >> missy sanchez is also offering to help the family with any fundraising efforts needed to pay for the funeral. in fairfield, abc7 news. richmond and el~cerrito bart -- >> coming up next a a controversial photo as president obama prepares to start his campaign for new gun control measures. and a dramatic beach rescue in the north bay and the good samaritans who helped save a
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>> the white house has release add photo of president obama
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skeet shooting. the image puts to rest skeptics questions about whether the president has ever even fired a gun. it shows him shooting clay pigeons at camp david last august. the national rifle association is not impressed. they said one picture does not erase a lifetime of supporting every gun ban and gun control measure imaginable. today at 8:00 george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with the most powerful man in the senate. senate majority leader harry reid of nevada is the guest on abc's "this week." no question is off-limits as they tackle gun control and immigration. don't miss "this week" with george coming up here on abc7.
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a group of good samaritans helped save the life of a man struggling in the surf. it happened at stinson beach yesterday afternoon. abc7 news reporter sergio talked to witnesses and has the story. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of the helicopter dispatched to airlift a man after he was pulled from the surf at stinson beach. the video was shot by eduardo. he said surfers came to the man's rescue. >> three people were surfing and one guy calling for help. >> witnesses say they pulled the man out of the water and started yelling for help. some people on the beach pitched in. in that group from the beach were two people, a doctor and a nurse, and they quickly started administering cpr. >> in this picture shot by another person at the beach you can see a huddle of people around the man in distress. according to the marin county fire department, he may have suffered a heart attack in the water. the quick action by the surfers who pulled him to safety may have saved his life and the doctor and nurse who happened to be enjoying the beach this afternoon were also in the right place at the right time.
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>> a man and a woman in the bay doing cpr, very good cpr, and the guy -- and they, he started to breathe. okay. >> authorities did not release the identities of the good samaritans. same goes for the man who was pulled from the water. he was airlifted to doctor's medical center in san pablo. he was awake and talking when he was be being loaded into the helicopter. at stinson beach, abc7 news. >> so i think they have some advisories out for the sneaker waves. >> yes. beach hazard still until 10:00 this morning and then the waves are expected to subside. always be careful when you are headed toward the beach. today perhaps another beach day as we get more clearing. temperatures have dropped in the north bay and there's fog santa rosa and napa. the east bay in the upper 40s,
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oakland. we will talk about the rest of the weekend, the super bowl forecast and also when the rain is coming back from the cool air. that's next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, if it weren't for the 49'ers, the sharks might be the talk of the town. last night they tried to improve to a perfect 8-0, facing off against nashville. rick kwan has the highlights co
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as lisa pointed out, not everyone will be inside watching the super bowl today. some people want to get out and about. >> it's true. we will have another nice afternoon. yesterday we saw more sun in the north bay. and today more sunshine around the bay except for the coast. i think the clouds are going to hang on there. across the bay right now it looks pretty good. the sun coming up after seven. we do have mostly cloudy skies around the bay. that's helping keep the numbers up in the 40s. there is fog to the north. three mile visibility, a mile and a quarter in napa and then the sun is south. the low clouds and fog banked up along the shoreline yesterday kept temperatures in the 50s. we had high cirrus clouds from the south bay. live doppler 7hd this morning picking up some of the clouds, jack, and you will notice we are going to see more today but it t
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will be of a different variety. the cirrus clouds have since moved off to the east of us, most of them, general way. good morning, livermore. 47 there. 48 downtown. half moon bay 48 and we are at upper 40s as well, gilroy, salinas and watsonville. this morning mostly cloudy skies. more sunshine away from the coast. we have an area of low pressure that will bring some really cold air by the end of the work week and with it some showers. but it looks like this is going to bring some very low snow levels, as well. what little moisture it brings, maybe a quarter to half-inch of rain, we see the low snow levels from mount hamilton and mt. diablo come thursday and friday. the beach hazard still with us through 10:00 this morning. if you are doing beach combing, stay back from the water's edge. the swells will begin to subside by later on this afternoon. we are looking at more in the way of mid-level clouds this morning with a high deck of
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cirrus yesterday. you will notice a lot of the activity moving off to the east. we have a lot of mixing to get underway before we get into more sunshine. yesterday we had the spare the air and the haze out there. today with the little system up to the north of us, we are looking at the making and the northerly grading allowing for some of these clouds to part. that will bring us partly cloudy skies, but the clouds at the shoreline, keeping numbers right around 60 degrees downtown. elsewhere we will be back up, a little bit of up normal in the low to mid-60s once again today. high pressure with us through the rest of the weekend into monday and tuesday. by wednesday it begins to break down. looks like the first chance of rain coming our way on thursday. really more significantly will be the older air that takes over. we've been so used to the mild numbers. a big about-face by then of the work week. 80 palm springs, 56 vegas and back home looking at upper 50s with the clouds, half moon bay. 65 in concord, low 60s for
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san jose and livermore. the monterey bay, still a also gray there with upper 60s and 62 hollister. abc news weather seven-day forecast, very little change electric today to tomorrow except we will be celebrating tomorrow, right, big time? and we will look at the cooling trend right on through a little bit wednesday. more significantly thursday with some showers right on through friday. maybe a quarter to half-inch, i said, so it doesn't look like a huge rain make are. then we will be dry again but cool after that. >> we need a little bit of rain. we are behind. >> we definitely need a little and doesn't look like sierra snow in this one. >> thank you, lisa. >> coming up at 8:00 is good morning america. dan is joining us live from new york. dan, all attention here is on the super bowl, but i know there's other news out there today as well? >> just a little bit. just a little bit. we will be talking super bo s bi.
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we will tell you what he said. although i can't see you over the satellite now but i'm told you are wearing all red in honor of the hometown niners and i salute you for that. >> where is your red tie? you said you like the niners. >> i do like the niners. i fell down on the job on the front this morning. i should have gone strong with the red but, you know, i went with the boring blue. >> your shirt from my angle looks a little bit purplish. >> yeah. so let's read that as a pro 49er's statement. >> no, purple is the ravens, dan. >> oh, it is? [laughter] >> you football fan you. >> you caught me unaware. >> all right. i'm going to cut you some slack this morning and we will talk later. >> good luck today, by the way. >> thank you. we appreciate it. talk to you later. we are going to turn now to sports with the countdown almost over super bowl xlvii just about nine hours away.
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as you know, dan may not know, but you know the niners are trying to bring home the team's sixth lombardi trophy. last night the sharks tried to remain undefeated when they played nashville at the tank. here's rick kwan with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the sharks had opened the season with seven straight wins. would the streak continue against nashville? let's go out to the tank. it was scoreless after one. san jose had a great opportunity in the second. ryane clowe's shot goes off the post, but martin havlat, thinking it was in, celebrates instead of putting the puck in the net. havlat tries to make up for it in the third period. he scores with the backhand. it was tied at one a piece. for a third straight contest, the sharks went to a shootout. this time, though, they would lose. joe pavelski was shocked by rene peca. they drop to 7-1. after sitting out with a twisted ankle stefhon curry was back in
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the warriors starting lineup. bogut drivers the wide-open lay. he had 11 points and 8 rebounds. curry's ankle held up just fine, thank you. he had buries the three here. he had ten points at the break. nice pass by bogey gut, who goes behind the back to harrison barnes. he matched his season high with 21 points. third quarter action. curry on the break. he gets the hoop and the foul. after trailing by four at the half, golden state pulls away to win. david lee goes back door to curry for the reverse. curry with a game high 29. warriors win by 20. it's their fourth straight victory. after losing to stanford wednesday, fifth-ranked oregon paid a visit to us. justin cobbs connects. cal takes the lead. singler puts up the three and the bears defense comes up big and gets the ball back on the jump ball possession a pair of free throws made the final 58-54. fans stormed the court. the bears now 13-8.
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the saint mary's fans got to enjoy a laugher against portland. it was all gaels. the steal and lay-up. he scored a game high 23. saint mary's led by 21 at the break. it would get worse for the pilots. to waldo, they win their seventh straight. 77 - 42. they improve to 19-4. who will win the super^bowl? trent dilford has played quarterback for both the 49'ers and ravens. here is what he thinks. >> i think the niners are the superior team. not the better team but the superior team. if the niners don't mess it up, they don't get in their own way, i think they win this game not easily, i don't think anything is ever super easy but they get after the ravens and impose their will and win the game. >> my prediction for the super^bowl, 49'ers win it 28-21. i'm rick kwan. enjoy your super bowl sunday. >> i like what he said, they impose their will.
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coming up next, the excitement in turlock as the hometown hero, collin kaepernick, gets ready for his first super bowl. and some of the locals abc7 reporter wayne friedman met when he ventured outside new orleans into the bayou. >> here in san francisco, 49er faithful and law enforcement officials, police and fire, are preparing for a hopeful super bowl celebration this afternoon. what you need to look out for, how to stay safe, and how much people are paying for some
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are you ready for some football? super bowl xlvii just hours away. fans and first responders are getting ready for celebrations in san francisco. a. c7 news reporter kira klapper joins us live along the embarcadero. hey, kira. >> carolyn, good morning to you. if you haven't got into your 49'ers gear yet, safe to say most of it is pretty much sold out. fans are stocking up on everything red and gold, safe to
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say. it will be a sea of red and gold across the bay area today. yesterday we caught up with fans in the marina who were stocking up for their super bowl parties today. at suzy's cakes they are buying 49er cupcakes at four dollars a pop. there are more serious preparations underway as well today. 100 more officers will be on the city streets. san francisco police chief greg suh reminding partyers there will be more eyes watching them today than just the police. >> you are looking for a camera, three others are looking at you. time to be contrite about acting out or doing something wrong isn't when you have a felony charge and looking at a five year felony sentence, it's beforehand. >> twice as many san francisco officers will be out today compared with the typical sunday. muni is taking precautions as well, choose to go run diesel
6:31 am
buses that can be quickly rerouted so they don't get trapped and ruined in destricttive celebrations as they did after the giants won the world series in october. beginning this evening all bus lines on market street will be detours. most will switch to vanex or mission street. and the market street will be replaced by buts all day. mayor ed lee has even asked bars to keep track of how much alcohol they are selling. when the giants won the world series 12 people were arrested for public intoxication. we have that public service announcement only on abc7. with police chief greg suhr and fire chief joanne hayes-white. just they want people to show the rest of the country that we can celebrate responsibly. of course, they want people to know who's got it better than us, nobody. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> they say no booze ban, just
6:32 am
don't go overboard. this weekend the city of turlock is raising money in honor of its hometown hero. talking about 49'ers quarterback colin kaepernick. yesterday a fundraiser was held at his alma mater, pittman high. turlock has turned it into a virtual kaepernick kingdom. his numbers and school pictures are everywhere. everyone at the fundraiser knows colin. >> a really tall guy and very good at sports, but also shy. that's how i remember him. >> humble. he's a good kid. you know, smart student. he was a great kid. >> and kaepernick would certainly approve of where this money is going. it's being funneled right into turlock's education fund. it seems abc7 news reporter wayne friedman has been just about everywhere this past week in new orleans. giving us the flavor of the french quarter and bourbon street.
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this morning he's outside of new orleans where he met some swamp people. >> fifteen miles southwest of new orleans, did you ever hear of lafeet, louisiana? it's a place where even this weekend the super^bowl is an afterthought. >> what's the big attraction? >> alligators. ♪ >> we are entering the heart of louisiana swampland darkness. only the bravest souls venture here, boat loads of them. >> it's awesome but it's creepy. >> these animals are hydrol lick -- >> they are real? >> they are real. >> real enough to touch and hold? i must be on something right now, i don't know. >> and thanks to the navigating skills of the captain, they are right off the side. >> we don't have alligators in l.a. >> do you want to pet him? >> no. i wouldn't mind a pocketbook. >> it's all part of the national preserve. the alligators are protected yet but you haven't seen a big one yet.
6:34 am
>> oh, my gosh. now you have. here's a look at the dominant male in these parts. he's easy to find because he's almost 11 feet long. >> how old is he? >> sixty, seventy years. >> how big is he? >> eleven feet, probably 400 pounds, 500 pounds. >> is this someone you don't want to tangle with? >> you don't want to mess with him. >> no, you don't. they tell us he didn't move because at 70 degrees today the water was cold. what's that? you wonder how he got this shot? a brave cameraman named randy davis -- do not try this at home, especially when cruising a bayou in louisiana. wayne friedman, abc7 news. ♪ >> wow, that was a great shot randy davis got there. wayne, larry, katie and schu are sending out great behind-the-scenes updates. this is a photo of 49ers fans mikeel and ken with larry beil there. we are retweeting the best of
6:35 am
those at abc7 news bay area. and during the game follow our team in new orleans an twitter and facebook for the best up to the minute coverage of what's happening on and off the field. whatever happens tonight, abc7 news will be here to cover it. we will be on right after the game with live coverage from the bay area and new orleans. 49er fans are showing off their team spirit and the kaepernicking craze continues. check out that cutie pie getting into the spirit. and these fans are ready to party today. they are rooting for a big win in new orleans. you can share your photos with us, you can e-mail them to we are also posting your picks on >> coming up next, are you having trouble get to go sleep? the one thing you can do to help you get some zs. and here is a live look from our
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roof cam. nice day over the bay. something we haven't seen in a while could be heading our way. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes.
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>> welcome back, everyone. time right now is 6:40. it is sunday, february 3rd.
6:39 am
also no one around here as super bowl sunday. this is a live look from our damage cam. mountain there with the clouds almost looks a little bit like a volcano erupting. it will be in the mid-40s with fog to the north. lisa argen will be along with a full accuweather forecast coming up. she, we all do it, we all need it. now a u.c. berkeley study has looked at how the way you sleep could affect your memories. reporter amy has the story. >> scientists have discovered what is happening at night may be the key to why memories fade as you age. turns out it's not how much you sleep but what kind of sleep that may be crucial. it's called slow wave sleep. the nondream, deep sleep that occurs in the first few hours of a sleep cycle. your brain waves are actually different with higher peaks and valleys. >> that sleep is transferring memories from one location in
6:40 am
the brain, a short term location, to a long-term location. >> we all heard of testing memory by memorizing dates and faces. but they asked them to memorize ordinary words paired with nonsense words. mike false and dipotabia and jump and filonet. the theory, that the ability to retain previously unknown information declines with age. doctors then tested to see if people could remember those word pairings after sleep. the older patients with less low wave sleep had a harder time remembering the words. >> if you had bad sleep your memory was a lot worse. if we can improve sleep,we can actually improve memory >> the good news, no matter your age, doctors say there is a way to improve slow wave sleep and, thus, your memory. >> exercise and exercise may be especially interesting in relationship to this deep slow wave sleep. exercise can increase the amount of time that you spend in that deep slow wave sleep.
6:41 am
>> that was amy reporting. the scientists say while it is important to exercise, it's a bad idea to do so just before bed. you get too fired up to suddenly relax and sleep. lisa argen a little grumpy today. she did not get her sleep. well, you would never know it at home. >> we are fired up, though, for the game today for sure. >> talking out of school here about you. sorry about that, lisa. >> i'll get you back. don't worry. >> good morning, everyone. we are looking at a few clouds in parts of the bay. fog from napa to santa rosa. we will look for more sunshine. ite here east bay, south bay but the clouds banking up along the coast keeping cooler temperatures and a look at the much, much colder air and when the rain is returning coming up. >> thanks, lisa. let me make it up to you by giving you some flowers. just ahead in time for valentine's day. a floorest who goes the extra mile to prove your flowers actually arrived.
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michael finney is next with a delivery
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lisa argen here now over there tinkering with the computers and make sure you know exactly when the rain is coming this way. >> yeah. in between systems right now.
6:45 am
we saw the cloud cover yesterday and a little bit more sunshine. still a few more dry days before change. we have been waiting for the rain. it's the third driest january on record last month. february certainly not looking any different yet. okay. as we head outside right now we are talking about some nice condition here with the pan of downtown san francisco. you see just a few clouds, but otherwise, boy, it's a very pretty start to the day with over 30 minutes until the official sunrise. we are looking at the fog far north. there's the east bay right there. in fact the foggiest condition up in napa and santa rosa this morning. less fog, though, than yesterday. we will see a pretty nice day downtown. although if you are headed to the shoreline more clouds will be banked up along the coast with the marine layer coming back into play yesterday and today. we also have the beach advisory to talk about, which is providing some dangerous conditions for our beaches from the sonoma county coast all the
6:46 am
way down to the monterey coast where they are looking at some pretty foggy conditions. live doppler 7hd right now showing a little bit in the way of cloud cover off the coast. otherwise we will look for a little bit more in the way of mixing today with high pressure in control. that will lead to more fair skies. 49 in oakland. good morning redwood city. 46 for you. 43 fairfield and 45 up in santa rosa with the fog. 48 monterey. santa cruz at 44. only in the mid-50s along the central coast yesterday, and a little bit of warming today. still the clouds will hang around monterey. mostly cloudy this morning with more sun for this afternoon around our east bay valleys. and the north bay saw most of the sun yesterday. it will be cool. in fact, this is really the headline for the week ahead. not so much the shower activity. right now it's only looking like a third to a half of an inch possibly. but the low snow levels by
6:47 am
thursday and friday bringing that much, much colder air from the gulf of alaska. for the next up couple of hours, still the dangerous sneaker waves are what to look out for throughout the morning hours. remember to stay back from the water. and still some deep long period swells out there. the satellite composite, you see the cirrus clouds getting out of town through the overnight hours. we are looking at a ridge of high pressure j nudging in, and that will allow for the northerly flow and that brings us a little bit more sunshine. although we've got the low clouds and fog that still want to slide up along the shoreline here. bringing the numbers down along the coast. but inland, boy, february and in the 60s in fresno. 65 for you with 49 in the northern sierra. looking at perhaps low snow levels for us, but this next weather system doesn't look like a significant one for the sierra nevada. so still dry with that snowpack dwindling. 80 in palm springs. back home numbers ranging from
6:48 am
the upper 50s half moon bay, 61 in richmond with 63 in santa rosa, livermore and san jose. 62 in antioch and down by the monterey bay a little bit of fog and then partly to mostly cloudy with 63 in morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast look for very little change. a few high clouds on monday. tuesday a couple degrees cooler at the coast. wednesday still holding steady and then looking at a chance of showers and the temperatures really dropping by the end of the week with a little bit of rain. >> you know that great predicter, the groundhog said it's spring. >> yeah, tell me about it. okay. [laughter] >> thank you, lisa. after the super bowl it will be time to start thinking about those valentine's day flowers. there's a lot of competition for your business. seven on your side's michael finney has been looking into some unique services being offered. >> reporter: when sending flowers, we all have the same concern, that what we bought and paid for isn't what actually
6:49 am
arrives. >> they will show up and they are wilted and it looks like you didn't care. that's a problem because i did care. i sent the flowers in the first place. >> have you ever received any flowers that were lousy? >> yeah, actually. >> what happened? >> well, to put them in a vase would be nice. >> you don't get the same kind of feeling from them. it's kind of cool. >> did you feel like the person who sent them got ripped off. >> definitely, yeah. >> yeah. >> all the websites show pretty pictures, but how can you know what was actually delivered? well, 7 on your side has found a way with photo confirmation. a unique service offered by these two of san francisco's jane's roses. >> it works very well for both. for us, that our client is happy, and for clients that they have whatever they ordered. and they know that they didn't waste money and they are happy.
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[door knocking] >> hello. >> hello. >> he makes the delivery. >> flowers. >> cool! >> the person who sent the flowers would like me to take a picture and e-mail it back. would you allow me to do this? >> absolutely. cool! >> he brings out a am carolyn tyler rashad, a picture is taken of the flowers and the recipient. it is a fun moment to capture. the photo is e-mailed to the sender. now this one came in upside down, but most come in right side up like these. allowing the sender to get in on the fun and make sure they get what they paid for. >> that is so cool. that's really smart. a lot of times i buy flowers for my mom back home and i'll have her take a picture for me and it's never when i want it to be. so this is really, really neat. it's a cool service.
6:51 am
>> i'm surprised nobody copied this service from us. i don't know why, but nobody does. >> i did an internet search and only found a handful of florists offering a similar service. among them one in indianapolis, another in pensacola, florida and another in alberta, canada. of course, there could be more. i hope others do pick up on this. it is a great consumer protection. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> here's the strongest predicter yet of how the oscars might go. last night in hollywood. directors guild of america chose ben affleck for outstanding director for argo. he beat out other directors and even steven spielberg for lincoln. affleck humbly said he does not think the award makes him a, quote, real director, but shows that he is on his way. abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars on february 24th. you can start getting ready for the big event with our officials oscars app.
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check out the my pics feature for details on all the nominees and to keep track of your favorites. the app is available for the i-phone, ipad, android and the kindle fire. coming up next, perfect for a super^bowl party. we will show you the giant hamburger cooked up in the central valley. you aren't going to believe how big it is.
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6:54 am
>> other stockton restaurant has
6:55 am
cooked up what could be california's biggest cheeseburger. take a look. 275 pounds of meat went on to a 48-inch bun covered in 14 pounds ever cheese. it weighed in at a whopping 349 pounds. how many people does it take to eat a huge burger like that? the owner of the victory grill has even the teams playing in today's super bowl would be unable to finish it themselves. yum-yum. lisa argen is here with the last check of the forecast. >> an amazing 64 in napa with some fog right now. you will brighten up. 63 santa rosa and it will be warmer for some. we had the clouds yesterday. still low fog and clouds banked up along the shoreline from half moon bay, santa cruz and monterey. upper 50s there. the look ahead, dry and mild on through tuesday but we begin to lose heat at the coast. wednesday cooler for everyone and a slight chance of showers on thursday with much, much
6:56 am
cooler weather through the beginning of next weekend but it doesn't look wet into the end of next weekend. >> all right. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. you asked for it. now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or tablet and the kindle fire. download it now for free from the amazon app store and on google. it's also still available if you have an i-phone. have a good sunday, everyone! go niners! >> 49er fans are world-class. let's show the world just how great we are. >> who's dot it better than us? >> nobody! go niners!
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning, america. this morning, the american sniper shot and killed. he's a navy s.e.a.l. and decorated sniper murdered at a gun range in texas. what provoked the 25-year-old
6:59 am
suspect to pull the trigger? thanking the hostage-taker. day six of the crisis involving the survivalist holding a 5-year-old boy in an underground bunker. why are police now publicly praising this man? affleck's revenge. snubbed by the oscars the man behind "argo" takes home the biggest prize in directing overnight. so how did he go from "gigli" to beating spielberg? super sunday. we are your first stop for all things super bowl. josh, sam and emeril taking the big easy as we tackle the burning question, who is going to win the game? who is going to have the best ad, and will beyonce stage a dramatic reunion? ♪ hey, good morning. happy super bowl sunday. this is a secular holy day in america with millions worshiping at the temple of gridiron. chief among them our own josh elliott leading our coverage from new orleans.


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