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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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head and asking why more wasn't done sooner? san francisco police want people to look at this man's photo and see if they remember him from 29 years ago. he is a man of many names, wayne jackson, raymond william stewart, tellly leigh dawson, kelly sean stewart and dan leonard therion. >> in 1981 jackson was arrested under the name of wayne jackson in the fisherman's wharf area for kidnapping and lewd acts on a child. >> for the first time san francisco police say jackson had a history of child molestation including the sexual assault of two juveniles in canada. he got out of prison in 1984. it was the same year kevin collins was abducted. using a different name jackson lived one block away from the school. jackson was named a person of interest, but that was all. he died in 2008. fast-forward to 2013 when san
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francisco police reopened the cold case. the family held their breath. bones dug up in the garage of jackson's house appeared to be animal bones. still collins' family is stunned and police never connected these dots before. >> for the individual with five names that now we know had a history of molesting young boys, it seemed like he should have been a stronger suspect back then. >> they said he was a person of interest in 1984. why didn't they connect that with the arrest made in 1981? alias or no alias, they had fingerprints. >> i am not disparaging what they are doing now. it looks like they are doing everything they can. but we had our office right next door to where this guy was. we were there for six months and he was living there the whole time probably laughing at us.
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>> it is hard going through it all again, and we have nothing concrete. >> police say they are still analyzing the bones unearthed. the family says they have to move on with no real closure. dan, a really disturbing story. >> leslie brinkley, thank you so much. a triple murder in rural forestville was a drug deal that went bad. three men from out of the area were found shot to death yesterday afternoon in the home of one victim's mother. investigators say the three men were attempting to buy a large amount of pot. the sheriff says the shooter is still on the loose tonight. police in the south bay are looking for a suspect who escaped from custody by stealing a police van while handcuffed. alan wang is in san jose with the story. >> reporter: carolyn, this guy is 5 foot 8 and 275 pounds, so when police tried to stretch
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his short arms it was uncomfortable. they did him a favor by locking two sets of handcuffs, and what they didn't know is he was portly, but a limb bell -- limber 275, and he was able to stretch his hands under him and slip or pull his legs through his cuffed hands. he got them out in front of him. this was 3:30 in the afternoon near hills dale avenue. the officer was outside of the van doing paperwork. the ignition was in, and the keys were in the ignition. he later ditched it just two miles away right here along the expressway which is not far from challengedder elementary school -- challenger elementary school. they found the van two hours later and now 32 32-year-old antonio sanchez is in more trouble. he was wanted on a parole violation that would have put him back in jail, but now he
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is wanted for escaping, resisting arrest and stealing a police vehicle. he was on parole for a narcotics charge. police don't believe he is dangerous, but now that they know he is trying to saw his way through the handcuffs, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. new details in a home in december. abc news was first on the scene and found the homeowner. >> he ran over his leg when he tried to stop them from backing out of the driveway. fingerprints found in the home lead police to sacramento. they found evidence in the case when they searched the suspects homes. an accident sent several people to the hospital today. they were over the scene at powell and washington streets. the two operators were the most seriously injured. the conductor underwent
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surgery and they suffered cracked ribs. the cable car stopped after hitting a bolt stuck in the track. >> it was clearly lodged down there. so when the car came down and impacted the bolt it stopped. >> the bolt came from a catch cover and an alarm should have gone off to indicate something is there. muni is investigating why the alarm failed. >> new at 11, people are buying homes using all cash. a third of california home sales last year were all cash deals. in the bay area that means about 26,000 homes out of nearly 146,000 purchased statewide were done with no financing. ama dates is live, and it is fascinating and changing the way homes are sold in the bay area. >> reporter: dan, it really is. cash is great for the seller and the buyer. you can swing it, but for all
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of the people out there using financing to purchase a home, they are having a tough time competing with cash. he has lived in this foster city townhome for two years and is ready to buy a home in the south bea. he has been house hunting for seven or eight months and has taken the right steps. >> pre qualified. >> and he has his 20% down payment. the four or five offers have been rejected, and it turns out cash is key. >> the selling agent actually told us that we had the higher overall offer, but they took the cash offer because it was a quick close. >> it is a new phenomenon we are facing. >> he is president of the santa clara association of real fors and says there has been an increase of cash buyers in the bay area over the last several months. >> and it is not just first time buyers in the $400,000 range. it affects the 1 million and $2 million range. >> sellers like cash because
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there is less risk it will fall through. >> when you have 20 buyers that submit offers they will go with the least resistance. and usually least resistance is cash. >> it used to be downsizing empty nestors who paid cash, but now they are finding other ways to come up with the money. >> sometimes they get money from relatives and they make it a cash deal and then do a refi after the ease scow closes -- after the escrow closes. >> and there is stock money. >> people are getting stock options. that's the new found money and they are being creative and making the offers. jay for him paying all cash just isn't an option. >> not here. maybe where the home prices are less. not in the bay area. >> it is not all bad. a few days ago his offer on a short sale was accepted. it is in the same area of san jose that he and his father grew up in.
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>> of course the short sale is not a done deal. hopefully it will work out. if you are financing carl says to make sure you have everything in order like joe did. he said it sometimes helps to write the seller a letter because sometimes they want a nice person or nice family to move into their home because they care about the neighborhood. ama dates, abc news. >> thanks, ama. >> new at 11:00, disney has registered george lucas' 37 million shares of disney stock meaning he can sell it at anytime. lucas received the stock and $2 billion in cash as part of the sale of the "star wars" 2 disney. it is worth more than $2 billion today. lucas has given no indication he plans to sell the stock. right now he owns 2% of disney and making him the second largest shareholder after the steve jobs estate. >> the u.s. postal service is ending the saturday home delivery of regular mail this coming august. budget problems forced the decision which will save an
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estimated $2 billion a year for the post office. carriers will deliver priority and express mail packages and the mail will go to the po boxes. if the post office wanted to break even if it would have to charge $1.08 for a first class stamp. that's two and a half times what we pay now. the care and feeding of orphaned black bear cubs. >> they use their teeth and claws. and they are just -- they are remarkable. >> the real life tahoe family devoted to giving these rescued cubs a second chance. >> and bad hair days. you might think there it is a joke, but the hair melt down can really affect your health. >> predictions this year? >> predictions? >> well, an early spring. >> and golfing with the stars. who is showing up for the pebble beach pro am. >> and then on "jimmy kimmle live." >> the wonderful ewin
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mcgreatest greger is here. i called you wonderful. anything you would like to shea? >> thanks. >> isn't he wonderful? you are very welcome. >> we'll
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winter is usually a slow time for a wildlife rescue center in lake tahoe, but this year is different. they have more orphaned black bear cubs than ever before. they are all healthy and will be returned to the wild. tonight what it takes to give a baby bear a second chance at life. >> you may remember these guys. we showed them to you last summer when they were confiscated in nevada county. they were taken from a man who was trying to sell them. this little cub was found near the alpine meadows ski resort. the mother was killed by a hunter with dogs. >> she was hungry and cold.
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she had been hit by a car at that time and was slightly limping. >> in the wild, these bear cubs would die without their mothers. instead they ended up at lake tahoe wildlife care. this is also cheryl lynn tom's home. right now they have their hands full with bears. the center gets an average of four cubs a year, but on this day there are 10. seven are hibernating and snuggled in these buildings in the backyard. live cameras show them snoozing. the other three cubs are very much awake in this cage, and it is almost feeding time. first cheryl cleans up the floor. >> bears are more afraid of us than we are of them. they have a fear of humans naturally. we want to keep the fear. >> the cubs stay up on the platform as long as people are around. >> they came in at 11, 12 and 20 pounds.
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jay now they are twice that -- >> now they are twice that size, but still too small to hibernate. this is the only certified bury hyble station -- bear rehabilitation station. it is lined with chain link because bears are good climbers. >> they use both their teeth and their claws. they are just -- they are remarkable. >> cubs are brought here from all over the state. the most famous was lil smoky whose paws were burned in a forest fire. the milhams get help from a team of volunteers, and they have cared for 53 cubs since the year 2000. when the cubs are not hibernating they go through fruit and vegetables and carefully prepared every day. >> the 10 bears are costing us $800 a week to feed them. you can't feed them garbage. you have to feed them the proper food. >> the food is scattered on the cage floor. and then live cameras in the office show the cubs coming
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down to eat. >> they are gaining weight perfect so they can be released in april. >> in california it is illegal to shoot a mother bear who has cubs. starting january 1st, a new state law made it illegal to use dogs to hunt bears. they hope it means fewer mother bears shot by mistake and fewer cubs left as orphans. >> lake tahoe wildlife care and the bear league are nonprofits that rely on donations. if you would like to help we have links at and click on see it on tv. >> if you always wanted to walk across the bay bridge you could get your chance. the labor day grand opening celebration includes a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the trek from oakland to san francisco. the plan to let as many as 125,000 people walk across the bridge before the span opens to traffic. the proposal will be discussed next week. the bridge will be closed for four days over labor day weekend. it is scheduled to reopen on september 3rd.
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>> well, the first of four days of the publish beach tournament tees off tomorrow. today a few of the more well-known amateurs warmed up the course. ray romano hit the links for charity. that meant a lot of time in the rough. the celebs spent some time joking around with laura anthony. >> how is it looking today? >> how is what looking? >> the game. i never know what the game is looking like. >> he is wearing andy garcia's hat. >> any predictions? any predictions this year? >> predictions? well, early spring. >> that's a reference to bill murray's movie "groundhog day" they raised $112,000 for four charities . having a bad hair day can be bad for your health. both men and women are affected when they don't feel good about their hair.
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people may under perform at work and feel less confident on those bad hair days. just the perception of having lousy locks can make people feel less intelligent than others. but keep in mind it is commissioned by procter and gamble. >> i would settle for the odd bad hair day. >> sandhya patel is here with us. >> carolyn and dan, we are talking about some changes coming up. cold storms on the way. let's check out live doppler 7hd. you can see the clouds are just off the coastline. the rain right now is up along the crescent city and the eureka coastline. you can see the rain here. they are starting to see some thunderstorms developing as well. here are your urpt c temperatures. here are your current temperatures. today actually turned out to be a milder day than yesterday. hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the dry weather. it is about to change. showers arrive tomorrow morning and falling snow levels and a chance of thunder coming into thursday night and going into friday morning. we do have the highest tides
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of the month coming up over the next three mornings. a beach hazard has been issued from thursday morning to saturday morning. those tides will be close to 7 feet occurring in the morning. so just be careful if you are going to check out the coastline. check out the waves. here is a look at the storm system. it is limited in moisture, but it certainly is a cold one coming out of the gulf of alaska. what we are going to see is the possibility of snow here locally. and even the possibility of thunderstorms. 5:00 a.m. on thursday when some of you are heading out the door for the morning commute, we are seeing scattered showers. you will need to give yourself extra time for that morning commute. at 10:00 a.m., you will notice that the rain line is light to moderate across the heart of the bay area. at 2:00 p.m. it has shiested into the east bay and -- it has shifted into the east bay and the south bay. the showers will be spotier until 11:00 p.m. you can see this trough coming in and it is more organized, wet weather here. and there is even potential
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for thunderstorms to develop as it moves right over us. we also will see a rain-snow mixing in and mount hamilton and it is indicated by the pink here. the snow levels are about 2500 to 3,000 feet. but mount hamilton could be picking up some snow. we will be watching that. by 1:00 p.m., it is turning mostly sunny. the rainfall totals are not terribly impressive, but we will take any moisture. quarter to half an inch for most areas through friday afternoon. remember the last time we had measurable rain was two weeks ago. you will need definitely extra time as the oil slicked roads will make for a slow going commute. winter weather advisory on thursday at 10:00 a.m. to friday at 10:00 a.m. four to seven inches above 3500. low snow levels. chain controls are likely heading to the high country. if you do have travel plans, make sure you have your chains. chilly in the morning. you will need your winter coats and you will need the umbrellas. mid30s in the coldest inland
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spots and upper 30s in the inland east bay and also around san jose and half moon bay and santa cruz. most other areas will be in the low to mid40s as we check out your high temperatures. scattered showers around, and it will be cooler. low to mid50s and you will feel the difference in the air mass. around the monterey bay, temperatures in the low to mid50s as well. as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, chance of under thunder into friday morning and then the showers will taper for your friday afternoon. don't worry. i have you covered dry dry and milder. taking you through the middle of next week. i know that's all that carolyn and dan are thinking. >> for now, that's true. >> at least you are admitting it. >> thank you. coming up next in sports, what's going with the warriors? >> after getting blown outlast night in houston, the warriors try to get some respect in oklahoma. stay with us.
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>> playing back to back road
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games is tough enough, but because of the fog the warriors were forced to fly to tulsa earlier this morning, and then take an hour and a half cab ride to oklahoma city. they finally got to their hotel rooms around 4:00 a.m. golden state turned the ball over 19 times tonight. russell westbrook with the bounce pass to dure rapt for the jam. he had 25 points. the warriors were sleep walking the first half. westbrook scores over david lee and the foul. the thunder cruise to a 119-98 victory. kevin martin with the big finish and fall to 0-2 on the road trip. stanford was at arizona and hoping to cut the tree down to size. the cardinal was playing well of late and lead most of the way. down the stretch the wild cats take the lead. a season high 25 points. he seals the deal with a monster one-hand slam. they hold off the cardinals.
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the stanford football team was busy adding new players on national letter of intent day. the cardinals signed three tight ends including austin hooper. hooper is 6 foot 4 and 245 and he played offense and defense as the spartans win their fourth straight title. stanford signed just 12 players among them. he is a taller version of his brother. he is the 50th ranked prospect in california. he was ranked 167th in the nation and eric cotton who is among the top 300. meanwhile, they signed 25 players including marin catholic goff. he scored 85 touchdowns during his last two seasons. he graduated early and is already taking classes in berkeley. running back mohamed and
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cameron walker from southern california. the bears bolstered their offensive line with five new players including aaron cochran who is 6 foot 8 and 360 pounds and vincent johnson of sacramento. san jose state signed los gatos defensive tackle amaneti, a wide receiver from gilroy and sykes from summit high school. now to baseball and the giants and sergio romo have agreed to a two-year $9 million contract. romo became the team's closer last season and was just superb during the playoffs. one win and four saves and a .84 earned run average. abc7 sports was brought to you by river rock casino. i understand larry as -- has recovered from his trip to new orleans, and he will be back tomorrow. >> it remains to be seen. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. up next, monopoly will never be the same. >> no, the new game piece that
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will walk down boardwalk and park place wearing a collar
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here is your wake up weather. wet for the morning commute. make sure you give yourself extra time. scattered showers, breezy at times and chilly innd la. bundle up -- chilly inland. mid30s to mid40s. by 8:00 a.m., the numbers will be in the low to upper 40s. live doppler 7hd, and our mike niko will being traying the storm -- tracking the storm 4:30 to 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> sandhya, thanks so much. >> the initter net has spoken and the new monopoly token will be -- >> a cat. that's not bad. it earned 31% of the vote from more than 10 million monopoly fans. the cat will replace the iron which has been around since 1935. >> and it will join other castoffs including the sack of
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money and the man on horseback and the cannon. you will see the changes in new boxes of monopoly that go on sale later this year. >> i like the sack of money. >> i liked the iron. >> jimmy kimmle is back with ewin mcgreger. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley, for rick quan and sandhya patel and everyone here, thanks for watching. our next newscast is tomorrow our next newscast is tomorrow at 4:00 a.all right that's a fir problem...
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ewan mcgregor. julianne hough. and music from gary clark jr. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel.
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>> jimmy: hi there. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. i have a lot to share with you tonight. first of all, some very big news. some very important news, actually. released a list of the most romantic cities in north america and for the second year in a row, knoxville, tennessee, is number one. [ laughter ] people in knoxville bought more romance novels and adult toys per capita than any other city. which means they are either the most romantic or have the most horny


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