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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> tense night in southern california continues tonight where a man hunt intensify force fugitive ex police officer turned cop killer. they are looking for 33-year-old christopher dorner suspected of killing 3 people including a riverside police officer and wounding another officer. lillian is in the newsroom with the very latest on this. lillian. >>reporter: search is continu continuing at this hour despite the fact that officers are dealing with frigid cold temperatures and darkness. officers are focusing their search in the area of big bear[ lake east of los angeles. using dog and aircraft with heat seeking sensor. >> we know what he is capable of doing and we need to find him. >>reporter: nearly a dozen law enforcement agency sent their officers interbig bear lake in san bernardino mountains. 125 of them had been going door to door searching for 33-year-old christopher dorner. police found his burned out pickup truck and track leading away from the vehicle. tonight the san bernardino sheriff's department says the search will
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continue through the overnight hours. >> don't answer your door unless someone you know or law enforcement uniformed law enforcement personnel. >>reporter: investigators say dorner a former lapd officer is targeting cops and families in retaliation for being fired in 2008 for making falls he statements. they say he's already shot and killed one officer in riverside. shot and killed a daughter and future son-in-law of retired lapd officer in irvine. officers so on edge in torrance they shot at innocent people in two week similar in description to dorner pickup truck. one woman is recovering from gunshot wound. >> extremely intense. extremely volatile situation. armed dangerous and propensity to shoot when confronted. >>reporter: he warned of the shooting rampage on his face book page. violence and action high. unconventional and warfare to those in lapd
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uniform whether a on or off duty. according to college classmate he displayed signs of violence and always seemed to be reason person. >> frankly seemed to have his act together l. finished college. went to military served our country. served as lots ang police officer. i was really quite frankly proud to know him. somebody i would consider a friend. >>reporter: as for dorner burned out pickup truck that was taken to the crime lab processed by a forensic team. in the newsroom, abc 7 us? thank you. >> there are many signs kristov dorner planned his rampage in advance. this evening we found out that he sent a package to the office of cnn anderson cooper. it arrived last friday but mappingment learned of it today. the package contained dvd posted note and souvenir corn from former lapd chief and now consultant for the oakland police department. the coin was shot through with bullet hole. >> here's the time line of
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christopher dorner crime spree. on sunday monica kwan the daughter of former lapd captain and fiance shot to death in parking garage in irvine. on wednesday a man matching dorner description tried to steal a boat from a san diego marina and 81-year-old man tied up there but not injured. at 1:30 this morning in krohn a two lapd officers chased a vehicle they believed to be dorner. one officer was grazed in the forehead during a shoot out. few minutes later at 1:35 am gunman believed to be dorner ambushed 2 riverside police officers at stoplight killing one officer and critically injuring the other. more on the massive man hunt for christopher dorner coming up later tonight on "nightline". that starts at 12:35. 7 news will continue to keep you up take ited on this developing story. follow us on twitter for breaking news alert and always updating breaking news on our web site. >> police action against local man sparked peaceful protest
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through san francisco mission district tonight. march sponsored by the group answer coalition san francisco began on 24th and mission street. we flew over the march as it made its way up 24th street to rally at the mission police station. this is the video that sparked all of this. demonstrators say police brutally beat community college student last month. student facing charges of resisting arrest. >> 2 men one armed with a gun threatened to kill a fair field school custodian unless he told the roners where the school i-pad were kept. happened last tonight around 10 at the continuation school on east alaska avenue. police say the robber forced the night custodian to lead them to the i-pad and used duct tape to bind him to the desk. they stole 40 i-pad and ran away. custodian not injured. >> 0written today family fighting bam back by hit by burg lrs 4 times. most recent la months. homeowner posted this video to help track down
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the crook. 2 women kaisd the house then when they discovered nobody 30's 2 men come in to finish the job. fortunately the family had alarm system and when it sounded the thieves took off running. >> good thing about the alarm that they in this incident it was loud. it was obnoxious. louder more obnoxious the bet are because that alerts other neighbors and scarce the burglars off that happened in this case. >> officials say best way to protect your home is to get to know your neighbors and keep an eye out for each other. >> safety chief concern among the residents and marries and hope they agree to help fund police development the mayor laid out state of the city address tonight. here's lisa. >>reporter: san jose mayor was quick to set the tone for his annual state of the city address tonight. >> would i love to tell you i'm not going to talk about the budget tonight. wouldn't that be a pleasant change but the budget still our biggest
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challenge. >>reporter: even though there is a small surplus this year it's still not enough to beef up the city struggling police department. layoffs. low morale and pension reform should returning the department to under 1,000. >> my priority for the coming year is public safety. >>reporter: city crime rate has gone up. last year there were fre 46 homicides. high nest 20 years. mayor promises to add 200 officers over the next two years. but the police officers union wants more. >> people are looking for san jose to pay competitive wage for police officers. market rate is much less at any of the surrounding cities. >>reporter: so really get things back on track the mayor is suggesting a quarter tore half crept sales taichblingts 2014 in a place where we can explain to the public that if they give us additional revenue we will restore services. >> until we get out of this situation we are in, probably need the money. >>reporter: there was a small group of people not on board
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with the mayor vision would are still worried about a crime. >> sitting here and saying we are good for business we are good for business. right now what we are good for is murder business. >>reporter: he shared his long-term goal of fixing the streets and improving education and restore city staffing levels. >> as mentioned earlier we are getting rain around the bay area tonight. that time of year obviously but we have been dry for couple weeks now. amma live in san francisco at justice herman plaza. rain here means snow in the sierra. >>reporter: it does wechlt a nice break from the rain in san francisco but we saw showers across the bay area this evening and it caught some people off guard. foot of market street deep downpour tonight. some people expected the rain and ready with the umbrella. others sadly probably didn't listen to sandhya forecast and had to pick up the face to dodge the
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drops. daly city fair share of rain slowing drivers near the center and soaking shoppers. rain may not be cause for excitement but it has been snowing off and on today in the sierra. perfect timing for this lafayette family going to tahoe for the first time. >> they had good early snow so we knew there was snow pack up there. so we are going to go one way or the other this weekend. >>reporter: worked out well. >> great, yes. >> and can see some of the snow from earlier from the cal-trans camera near done intersummit. we actually have rain snow mix going on right now on mount hamilton back in the bay area. so a the row of people take advantage of the snow no. plans this weekend, maybe next weekend because i believe it's a holiday weekend so you have a little extra time to enjoy the snow. in san francisco, 7 news. >> thank you. >> tonight northeast preparing for a major snowstorm predicted to be so serious marries are recommending residents stay home. dump truck load one sand
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and salt and generators snow shove else being run out. 2 major winter storms will collide just off the coast of massachusetts bringing as much as 2 feet of snowal with hurricane force winds. airlines have already cancelled 2600 flights through saturday including 29 flights at sfo and one from oakland. >> really rough. more to bring you tonight. valentine's day. week away. week from today. but if you forgot the flowers not too late. >> michael walk us through the world of on line ordering. >> it's different. we found ordering flowers on line is different than what you are used to. >> the opposite of sticker shock. call it sticker swoon. company can advertise a price that almost surely will not be the price the consumer pays in the end. >> up next. we look at the discount and the ad on all part of making special someone smile on valentine's day. >> ink for charity. man woman
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willing to get tattoo for a good cause. >> then later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight music from tim mcgraw superbowl champion ravens jones and dr. phil is here and look he brought me an imaginary girlfriend. [applause]. >> all right stay with us back >> all right stay with us back in
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>> not long ago the only way to get valentine's day flowers as two colonel a local florist but now there are countless nationwide services promising to deliver the goods. >> things have changed. michael has been checking them out and joins us now with a special report just in time for valentine's day. >>reporter: it is just in time. we order from 3 of the big florist pro flowers 1-800-flowers and ftd back on mother's day we checked them
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out with our partner consumer report so seemed like a good time to check back in. we ordered one dozen red roses on line from pro nroushtion 1-800-flowers and ftd. this is what we received. 3 dozen flowers. all 3 of these companies get an a for doing what they say they are going to do. >> dozen roses showed up when supposed to. they were would you have about. wasn't exactly as personal as i would like had it been for real. >>reporter: here's what she means by that. the flowers arrived by fedex or ups not a florist. they didn't arrive ready for display. they were more like a boxed kit. with vase. vegetation and instructions. you put it all together yourself then add water. with 1-800-flowers there were only the roses. ftd araved with roses, plus green foliage. pro flowers roses came with foliage fern and baby
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breath but with pro flowers the stems needed trimming before placing the rose ins a vase. here's what they looked like once set up. all healthy flowers with tight petal. all aged well. lasting more than a week. so watch the catch? ordering. this is the opposite of sticker shock. this is sticker swoon where company can advertise a price that almost surely will not be the price the consumer pay ins theen. >>reporter: flowers are shown in a vase but once you order notice the vase cost extra delivery time. remarkable because take you a product that is extremely simple. dozen flowers. making it perfect plex. not just buying the flowers but add on for vase. add on for a regular delivery fee. the the delivery in the morning and handling fee ins some cases. simple product can have so many layers of fees
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added on to it. >>reporter: but there are subtractions too in the form of multiple discount. some listed right on the company web site. some we found looking on third party web sites. still others we were given just because we were chatting with the on line customer service person. if we subtract specialize delivery fee which is only fair our cost ran between 52.63 and 69 dollars. that's a difference of 17.29. did you notice i am not telling you which one was the cheapest. a wren for. that because i am not convinced it would be the cheapest on the day you search. need to shop price discount and on line coupon. all 3 of these companies also offer same day service for local florist but it cost more. now coming up tomorrow at 6. looking forward to having local names sometimes local numbers that no local address. wait until you see what i find out.
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>> i think i know the toons this from permanent experience. do flowers get more expensive us a get closer to valentine's day. >> yes. order today. they do supply and deman because praises start going up because more want flowers. and even more importantly they offer fewer discounts or lower discounts because i know you are going to buy flowers. tl. >> thanks michael. >> unusual auction helping raise money for the san francisco spca. 2 employee there is getting inked for charity. they already have lots of tattoo but the next one are up for auction on ebay. winning bidder gets to decide what at that time too will be bidding ends tomorrow at noon then the duo get the new tattoo during an adopt event tomorrow. they raise money for the organization and bids a little more than 200 dollars each. >> that is commitment to the cause. >> first grader with ice water in the vein is legend on the basketball court tonight. blake harper of a school in
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maryland drained a free throw last week. head master promised to give the whole school the day off monday after the superbowl if the student could make the shot. well guess what he sank it after older students missed 3 point attempt and his classmates went wild. look at this t.shot was posted on you tube. 6-year-old blake now the big man on campus to be sure. good for him. >> hope they don't crush him there. wild. >> just got in some pictures of snow along interstate 80. take a look. this is about 5200 feet you can see a little bit the conditions are good once you get there. sandhya is here with more open the storm on of cop done. >> winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada dropped. still seeing a few flurry but tomorrow more snow showers. live doppler 7hd tracking the system. notice all the
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moisture off the coast. now starting to see some interesting weather here as we look just northeast of san jos jose. we see mixed precipitation. in the mountains there. pitching indicating mixed precipitation and santa cruz mountains northeast of morgan hill mixed precipitation right now. cold enough that mount hamilton did you know to 30 degrees. likely to see snow overnight tonight and south of monterey big sur coast line the snow at this hour. watching showers developing here off and on around the north bay. marshall petaluma road you can see wet weather. it's light in intensity but don't rule out the possibility of moderate rainfall as the cold showers rotate through. temperatures falling there in the 30's and the 40's and indication that the cold air is here. showers tonight possible thunder snow level below 3000 feet dry milder weather for your weekend. head to the beach, we have a beach hazard statement through saturday morning. hig
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highest tide of the month next 2 mornings close to seven feet. watch out for those as they could cause some low lying flooding. cold front this brought us wet morning commute. now we are watching the second part of the system which is this area of low pressure, cold unstable air. this is what is coming down and working its way towards the bay area which is why we see showers off and on. 11:00 o'clock tonight few showers. will continue to see those showers 5:00 a.m. could even see more of that mixed precipitation snow on mount hamilton heading into tomorrow morning then the sun breakthrough but don't put the umbrella away yet. isolated shower or 2 as we head into the evening commute and evening get away. rainfall total through 5:00 p.m. friday about half inch and these are just scattered in nature as far as the showers are concerned. you may run in a brief downpour. we have had some tonight in san francisco and oakland and certainly possible again tomorrow morning you will need the rain coat. umbrella. make surety little ones bundled up it will be chilly. 33 nap a.34
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santa rosa. scattered showers san mateo 39 san jose. 36 degrees in livermore. tomorrow afternoon keeping it cool. air mass modified. temperatures only in the low mid 50's as the colder air makes its way down and you need the shades as well. sunny break around the monterey bay few showers may linger so if going to the at&t national pro am pebble beam pro am take your umbrella with them you will need them. thunderstorm threat in the morning then we will see the showers winding down. it's sunny. milder. starting this weekend and we keep on taking those temperatures up each and every day going up a few degrees. by thursday? low to mid 60's. you start wondering is it really winter? it will feel like spring around here with temperatures rising well above normal at this point we are starting to slip away in the rainfall department. nothing we can do. >> still time left. >> there nice thanks very much. >> rain not in the way of great
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golf today. >> that's right. down at pebble beach larry is here. >> i'm something of an amateur meteorologist. very amateur and rain free round at pebble weighs say. im am shortage as well i have been called. i tie for the lead. l f show has my back with a knife in it. plus new body art. niners quarterback ivrpinging up
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>> good evening. weather often dicey at pebble beach but today everybody expecting rain it turned out to be beautiful. doppler clear. during round 1. sandhya shaking her head. bill murray accommodating always. signs a woman forehead then yank on her sweatshirt and she said thank you mr. murray may i have some more. look at the scenery on 7 with the waves crashing. about he's one under. hunter with a 6 under 66. at pebble. his approach on 10. in the sure this is the
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way he drew it up but off the rough and rolls toward the pin setting up bird easement tied with russell for the lead at 6 under. looks like once again st. mary's has the best college basketball team in the bay area putting their record on the line tonight at santa clara a.santa clara trying to snap the 7 game win streak fired up early but with st. mary's star held to 4 points on free throw making it rain. career high 2 24. evan desperately trying to keep the broncos in the game. floater. 18. santa clara still down 10. pwrvrng 0defense non-existent at times. 84-63 as gaels win their eighth consecutive game. mr. mr. sun devil up close and personal. control the game. with the jam on the put back. crab with 16 for the bears. 3
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ball late in the half but cal down 10 at the break. 23 points. wide open in the corner there. knocking down the 3. cal with late charge 13 seconds down 3. crab. leading scorer loses it out of bounds. another turn over late as well. good night. asu hangs on 6 66-62. great finish no. 1 indiana facing illinois. tied at 72. l free from him and game winning bucket. hoosiers confused out front on double screen and left griffey all alone and there's the red sign on the backboard so he gets it off in time. fifth straight week the no. 1 team falls illinois with the upset 74-72. a little baseball news. hernandez and mariners have agreed on contract extension brace yourself people. seven years. 175 million dollars. king feel ex at age 26 is now the highest paid pitcher ever.
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well deserved. 4 consecutive season with at least 200 strike out maybe under paid. frainer quarterback kaepernick new addition to the body art instagram add taking too across the chest. it read against all odds. at this rate his back is all eveninged up. he will run out of room. on his body because he is going for it with the ink. abc 7 sports are brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks larry. >> we have update on that massive man hunt under way in southern california right now. >> fugitive ex cop christopher >> fugitive ex cop christopher dorner
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here's wake up weather grab umbrella heading out the door. cold showers chance of thunder snow levels falling and more snow maybe. mid 40's in the morning. we are here at 7:30 amtraking the storm with live doppler 7hd. >> thank you. update you now
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on the massive man hunt under way for former los angeles police officer suspected of murder sprae. >> authorities conduct door to door search for christopher dorner near big bear lake in the san bernardino mountains. he's suspected of killing at least 3 people including riverside police officer in revenge rampage. >> he wrote a manifest on facebook threatening revenge for being fired in 2008. >> "nightline"much more on the man hunt later on tonight. >> of course 7 news continues tomorrow morning with very latest on this at 4
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, dr. phil mcgraw. from the baltimore ravens, jacoby jones. and music from tim mcgraw. with cleto and the cletones. and now, with all due respect, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here with us tonight. it's thursday night. you know what that means, right? i don't either. [ laughter ] we have quite a show for you tonight. wide receiver for the baltimore ravens, jacoby jones is here. [ cheers and applause ] we're told the word is that he's still in the middle of the post-super bowl celebration right now. so that should be fun. the ravens had their big victory parade in baltimore yesterday. more than -- tuesday, rather. more than 200,000 people showed up and here's jacoby


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