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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 10, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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not to apiece dornore. >> if there is anything from his manifesto we will deal with it. >> they found a burnt up pick up truck in big bear. dorner is a former military and marks man and familiar with law enforcement tactics and techniques. the 34-year-old police officer killed in thursday's shooting will be buried in riverside on wednesday. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. >> dorner posted his manifesto on-line and now some people are voicing their support for the man suspected of three murders. the tributes are a barrage of tweets and a fan page on facebook. that page had more than 2,000 likes by friday. some even called dorner a hero for writing his manifesto saying there was racism and corruption in the lapd.
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stay with abc7 news for the latest developments in the christopher dorner manhunt. we will have updates on our website and the abc morning news at 4:30. developing news tonight. we are learning more about the man accused of sexually assaulting and killing a 13-year-old girl in fairfield. a sheriff deputy served anthony lamar jones with a restraining order after the nude body of janelle alan was found. his wife obtained the restraining order after claiming that he threatened to kill her. they reported jones' wife jumped from their moving car in late january and ordered to get away from him. santa clawr raw county emergency crews rescued two people whose car careened off a cliff. it happened about a mile east of clayton road. abc7 news reporter lilian kim shows us what happened. >> crews pulled this silver corvette up a steep hill. it crashed 150 feet down the
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embankment after the driver of the car lost control while going up the mountain. this is where the car went off the cliff about a mile east of clayton road. we spoke to one witness who saw the whole thing unfold. >> as i was returning home from a hike i saw the car seemingly over steering and quickly went over the edge and down the ravine. >> the passenger got out of the car on his own and called 9-1-1. the san jose fire department said he suffered minor to moderate injuries, but the driver was ped tray. was trapped. they used ropes and pulleys to bring him back up the hill. about 25 emergency personnel took part in the effort which took more than two hours. >> it took personnel and hauling and strength pulling him up. he is using pulley systems, but we have to climb up a steep em bankment. steep embankment. >> a helicopter was waiting to transport the driver to the hospital. he is said to have suffered significant injury.
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chp officers are investigating the accident. they say it is too early to conclude what caused the driver to go off the cliff. but they say speed was likely a factor. officers had already responded to a handful of those driving off the road, but this one was the most severe. >> people were coming out for a mountain drive and the cars are coming at him and they have to swerve to avoid and coming down the embankment. >> chp plans to interview the driver and find out what will happen. there are no signs he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. in santa clara county, lilian kim, abc7 news. new at 11:00, a police chase ended when these two cars smashed together. the chase started when they spotted a stolen car around 7:30 p.m. the driver refused to pull over. two men ran from the stolen car after the crash, but police were able to catch them. nobody was hurt. santa clara county sheriff deputies want to learn more about a shooting that killed
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one man and sent another to the hospital. it happened on rhonda drive in an unincorp prettied -- unincorporated part of san jose. neighbors called 9-1-1 after hearing gunshots around 3:45 this afternoon. >> we don't know at this time if it was attempted homicide and a suicide or some other type of crime involved. we will look to add more details soon. >> one man died at the scene. the other person who was shot walked into the emergency room in a nearby hospital. he is expected to survive. in oakland, violent crime was the subject of the first in a series of community meetings where the city's newly hired crime-fighting consulting firm was introduced. abc7 news reporter joining us now with details on this event. >> this afternoon's meeting is the first in a series at each meeting. the newly hired consulting firm will curb the consistant crime problems. >> he is the chairman of the strategic partnership.
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the detailed power point presentation was the main focus of the meeting. and one of the main strategies is dividing the city up that five geographic community policing districts. >> it is probably the most important thing this department can do to improve the quality of its policing in the neighborhoods. >> absent from this meeting was the former lapd chief bill bratton because of the controversy over his police strategies, he has taken a lower profile role in this process. but he did address the controversy. >> it is a valid, accepted, under the constitution practice. and it works fine with no controversy if officers are respectful of everybody they stop. >> a capacity crowd filled the 400 seats of the valley center for the performing arts. the community policing is an idea that seemed well accepted if residents get to see more police resources. >> our police man -- we have
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one for the whole oakland hills. >> adding to the police force was a popular issue for the crowd. the mayor mentioned a goal of 900 officers. the chief mentioned 1,000. >> what is your hope? what is it closer too? i always enjoy listening to him. >> not everyone was sold on the new strategy. >> the youth are who are committing the crimes that's who we will reach out to. when the crime happens there is somebody that can respond faster to the crime. >> now, plans to begin community gee -- geography will be rolled out and the police captains will be responsible for the crime reduction in those areas. ama, back to you. >> sergio, thank you. let's focus on the weather and leigh glaser has your first check on the weekday
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weather. >> and we have clear skies out there. live doppler 7hd is picking up live, and those clouds are off the coast. the higher elevations though, the breezes and those north to northeasterly winds are starting to pick up a little bit. so the higher elevations will have some off and on wind gusts. possibly as high as 25 miles an hour. that will keep the temperature up a little more. santa rosa 40 and we already have 37 in novato and 47 san francisco and 37 in livermore. get ready for a nice warm up this coming up week. developing news, a tornado watch after a powerful twister ripped through hattesburg. look as it went through downtown. there are no reports of fatalities so far. it mangled hundreds of homes and businesses in its path and damaged buildings at southern
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mississippi universities. business will not return to normal in parts of the northeast after this weekend's mega storm dumped up to three feet of snow in some locations. believe it or not, are you looking at the path of a street in milford, connecticut. the city saw a record 38 inches of snowfall during the storm. it overwhelmed milford's snowplow fleet. >> i would say it is one of the biggest i have ever seen. >> this is a situation where we can't pile the snow. this is an event unlike we have ever had before. >> more than a third of all of the snow removal equipment in new york state zeroed in on the county. abandoned cars remain scattered along the highways and the local streets. dozens of plows combine forces to clear the usually busy long island expressway for thousands of commuters who will attempt to drive into the city tomorrow. check this out. they set up a camera to capture every second of the blizzard. as you can see in the time lapse video it quickly rose
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from being ankle high to standing more than waist high. tomorrow's forecast is calling for a little more snow. still to come, the challenge from former penn state coach joe paterno's family. and his widow, sue, speaks for the first time since the sex scandal rocked the community. >> and tonight, tightening a sagging neck line. >> and a big night at
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the family of legendary coach joe paterno is fighting back against a report they call a rush to injustice. they are now releasing their own report, part of a campaign to clear paterno's name. here is abc news reporter.
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>> for the first time since the penn state scandal broke we are hear frght widow of -- from the widow of joe paterno. >> what was your reaction, sue, when you first heard about this? the allegations that jerry sandusky was -- had molested boys? >> horror, disbelief. it is still hard to accept, but when i read the first present of charge, i actually got physically ill. i couldn't read anymore for a couple days. >> after the university commissioned an investigation lead by former fbi chief, his report claimed paterno knew what was going on, but he cared more about his football team than reporting the abuse to police. >> our lives are about children and making them better, not hurting them.
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so vial is the best word i can think of. >> you can watch the katie couric interview with sue paw paterno tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. on abc7. for some people, a sagging neck is one of those issues that diet and exercise may not help. now there is a minimally invasive treatment that promises to help. carolyn johnson has a look. >> this is actually a combination treatment performed in one procedure. it is designed not only to remove fat, but to tighten the skin at the same time. while 55-year-old catherine zuniga he has an issue that dye create and exercise don't help -- that diet and exercise don't help, a sagging neck line. >> i want a slender look. i don't want to see the pouch i have right now. >> to tighten the pouch catherine has chosen the inside out neck lift. in her office in san francisco she will use a laser combined with liposuction to reshape the neck without traditional
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surgery. >> it is being tightened and less fit from inside out. we introduce the laser fiber in the neck area and we melt the fat there and tighten the skin. >> katherine will be awake during the procedure that requires only local anesthesia. they make three small incision. an assistant monitors the temperature of the device that will target an area without damaging the surrounding tissue. >> it has high uh finish tee for fat and red blood cells. it causes the fat to rise and minimizes the bruising. >> the device combines liposuction to remove the fat in the same area where the collagen is being heated. >> the result of that is that the patient will make more collagen in the area. over the next few months they will see a tightening of the skin and achieve neck lift. >> these before and after photos capture the results of
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the two-stage process. patients typically wear a compression pack for the first two nights to minimize swelling and then wait several weeks to see the ultimate benefit. still katherine noticed a difference in her neck line immediately after the procedure. >> i was amazed, really. the problem area i kept looking at is gone. >> the procedure costs about $2500 to $3,000 and patients taking blood thinners or even regular asprin doses for heart conditions may not be good candidates for this outpatient procedure. carolyn johnson, abc news. texas governor rick perry started a tour of california hoping to persuade business leaders to invest in the lone star states. a private group is paying for governor perry's trip. the republican hopes the lure of lower taxes and fewer regulations will attract companies to texas. a high profile web company is moving to the bay area. go is opening its
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first office in sunnyvale. the company wanted an office in the bay area to attract more high-tech talent. leigh glaser has been checking our forecast. nice today, but maybe warmer this week. >> you got that right. especially heading that thursday and friday and temperatures expected upper sictds and can we even see a few 70s? yes it looks like we will. live doppler 7hd is showing you clear skies across the bay area. we will animate some of the low clouds that are sitting near the coast. and everything looks like it will stay off our coast. we have 40 in santa rosa and 37 in novato and 49 in san francisco. 44 in oakland. livermore is in the 30s. we have 45 in san jose. by the way, these numbers are 5 to 7 dries -- 7 degrees warmer than where we were this time last night. that's a good indication that the temperatures won't be as cold overnight this evening.
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it will be cold still in the 30s and we will have pockets of inland frost. a cold start for your monday morning commute and look for mild temperatures developing by monday afternoon and as we look ahead a dry and warmer weather pattern sets up through the latter part of the workweek. overnight lows tonight, santa rosa and napa, you were in the upper 20s last night. tonight we will go right near the freezing mark. likelihood of frost there. 43 in san francisco and 40 in oakland and 32 in livermore and 35 and clear sky overnight in san jose. and in all of this dry weather is going to be responsible of areas of high pressure. it is starting to build in. today it brought the north, northeast winds. it helped to scour a lot of the low clouds out of here. as we advance in especially toward wednesday, thursday and friday, this will settle upright over the bay area, and it will bring the offshore winds. that is what is going to bring temperatures, unseasonably
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warm temperatures, to the bay area. as i mentioned, upper 60s to near 70 degrees. let's get you out the door. at 5:00 a.m., clear skies and you notice 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, the clouds are well off the coast and by 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine and clear skies. it doesn't look like we will see any rain around here. very dry. no rain expected for the next five to seven days. the temperatures tomorrow are mild. 64 for santa rosa and 59 san francisco. lots of sunshine for livermore and 62 degrees there. antioch 63. we will notice mild conditions developing beginning tomorrow toward monterey. santa cruz 61. plenty of sunshine for gilroy and 63 degrees. my accu-weather seven-day forecast is bright and sunny on tuesday. and you will notice as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday, check out some of those numbers.
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upper 60s to near 70 degrees on friday. friday will bring a few high, thin clouds in here and a dry day on saturday. although things will start to break down a little bit, the high will. look for temperatures to come down a few degrees and sunday we will go with partly cloudy conditions. maybe some rain in the middle of next week. and of course mike will be here tomorrow morning at 4:30 to 7:00 on the abc7 morning news for an update. >> maybe you will take your sweetie to do something outdoors on thursday. >> fabulous. the temperatures are 70 degrees, are you kidding me? >> that's fantastic. >> we need to talk to you about a gift for your sweetie on veapped. the at&t pro-am is a huge success this week. especially as snediger took advantage of the great we
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his win at pebble. he went to vanderbilt on a
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scholarship by toby wilt. toby was his partner and they were both in the winner's circle. you never get tired of looking at this area. the monterey peninsula is just beautiful. a glorious day for all creatures involved. snediker likes this place now. start of the day and he was tied. brant took the lead on number two. the par 5 stops short of the hole and makes that putt for eagle. his playing partner, james hahn with an eagle putt on two. he missed another birdie on three and never recovered. snediker started to pull away. a birdie on 10 and another on 11. 18 under and it looked like a run away. he puts it to about eight feet and he closes the back and that's as close as he got. six under 66. jim harbaugh, eagle putt on
11:23 pm
18. just misses and he finishes tied. snediker's lead down and another birdie. now 19 under and up three. his amateur partner who created the scholarship just misses the putt on 18 to win the amateur portion out right, but they end up tied for the title and snediker all alone on top of the leader board winning the at&t pro am by two strokes and he has been in second place twice and he shoots a final round seven under 65. >> such a special place to win at pebble beach and you just can't make this stuff up. it is just too perfect. it gives me a ton of confidence going into all of the great venues we have this year. that's next on my list. i won five times out here now, and the most important thing was the majors. >> one of the good guys are on
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tour and of course he wins $1.1 million for his efforts. let's switch gears. we will serve them up in his final year at hp pavilion. roanic talks exclusively with abc7. he had a final run here. an) 3 dg
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful
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(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful anyone? it has been a great run for the sap open. this has brought professional tennis to the bay area for over 100 years in berkeley, san francisco and san jose. this will be his final season as the tour requires a three-court venue and the pavilion only has one. roanic was practicing today and hoping for a three-pete. the canadian currently ranked 13th in the world has been climbing up the ladder with his huge serve. 150 miles an hour and fore
11:28 pm
happened. he is a great kid and loves hockey and the nba. this was his first atp title two years ago. and he really appreciates the tennis fans here in the bay area. >> it is great. a lot of people come out, especially the weekend. they have given me a lot of reason to come back other than just winning it is fun for me to play here. i get a good appreciation, and it is a good crowd to come out ssments. especially a lot of cod neighed yens it is a lot of support. >> get out and support. the opening matches start tomorrow and run through next sunday. the cal bears hosted by 7th ranked arizona and upset the wild cats for the third straight year. the victory also ends a five-game win streak for arizona. cal is lead by alan crab and he is in a zone defense. bears up open up the second half and alan crab hits the
11:29 pm
three and the foul. four-point play. the wild cats close the gab. the gap. he had 16 and ardz -- and arizona down two. there was no answer for crab. he had 31 points in the game and gets that to drop. cal with the upset. the bears are 14-9 and 6-tiff and -- 6-5 in pac-10 play. breast cancer awareness of course and he is unstoppable. the steel floats in for the lay up, 22-16. the next possession and she takes the baseline and drops it in. 26 points and 14 rebounds and bonnie samuel sen and a career high 19 points. stanford wins big improving to 22-2. 11-1 in pac-10 play and they are tied with cal to beat arizona this afternoon. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up in the newscast, the
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new look giants will literally break it down. stay tuned. a great week down in pebble. a lot of people had fun. >> thank you, shu. ?oi still to come, stranded at sea. the problem that left passengers a drift on a cruiseship. and local and military first responders are getting in a little practice today. how they plan to help you when disaster strikes. and what you don't know can hurt you. the potential dangers of using machines to tenderize beef. machines to tenderize beef. the abc7 news [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. i'm ama dates. tonight's headlines, rescuers spent two hours freeing a man from his crumbled chevy corvette after it went off a cliff today. it happened on mount hamilton
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road in the hills of east san jose. the passenger called for help after escaping the wreckage. the driver suffered serious injuries. two cars smashed into each other . the chase started when officers spotted a stolen car. police arrested two men after officers say they ran from the stolen car. one man died and another to the hospital after a shooting in an unincorporated part of san jose. the wounded man is expected to survive. sheriff investigators believe this might have been the case of someone killing himself after trying to kill another man. more than 4,000 passengers and crew are stranded on a carnival cruiseship in the middle of the gulf of mexico. a fire in the engine room this morning caused a power outage sending the triumph a drift. this was the shut before it left -- this was the ship before it left on thursday. a tug boat is heading to the ship's location about 500 miles off galveston.
11:35 pm
it will be towed to the nearest port in mexico. well, it is worse in the canary islands where five crew members from the ship died during a safety drill. a life boat on the deck of the ship flipped over and fell about 60 feet over board. the ship was docked at the port of santa cruz in la palma when the accident happened. three other crew members were injured. the ship was due to sail later in the day. no passengers were involved in the accident. in washington preparations are underway for the president's state of the union address tuesday. as abc news reporter reports, it will be a very different speech than the one he delivered last month. >> the jobs of tomorrow. >> that's my plan for jobs. >> the president will also ring alarm bells over automatic spending cuts and defense in education. slated to start on march 1st. and push for stricter gun laws, but the pressure will be on rising republican start
11:36 pm
marco rubio. rubio was a talked about vp candidate last year. something david muir asked about on the campaign trail. >> i think if i do a good job as a senator i will have other opportunities both inside and outside politics. i don't know what they are, but i will have them. >> >> we heard the freudian slip. >> if i do a good job as vice president -- i'm sorry. >> that wasn't a freudian slip. >> he might be eyeing something bigger. the next stip? doing -- the next step? doing something next tuesday night. >> you can watch the state of the union here on abc7 and tuesday beginning at 6:00 p.m. police in concord are looking for the person who slashed the tires on dozens of vehicles. a picture posted shows the damage to one of them, all four tires are slashed. about 60 vehicles in all were damaged. they were parked in the area of glacier drive and bel-air drive. they believe it happened earlier this morning.
11:37 pm
they are asking people to call in with any tips. in fremont, a disaster drill involving hundreds of state and local emergency workers. the horrific looking scene was actually a training drill for police, fire and medical responders. it gave them a chance to practice working together in the event of a major disaster. operation chaos had people posing as victims to help stream line their operations. >> learn how to interact with the fire, paramedic, police and the natural disaster. we are expected to all work together which we don't get to do this type of training a lot. th is a big deal. >> the army national guard, fremont police and even the boy scouts took part in a six-hour exercise. still to come, a look at the controversial process used by the meat industry to tenderize beef. and it is not without risk. the eye team investigation is just ahead jie. and checking in with live doppler 7hd for
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one last look and look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. we'll let you know when the warmest day next week will be.
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tonight our abc7 eye team has an inside look at a common meat industry practice that is activists and meat industry squaring off. it is a battle of questions of
11:41 pm
how much you get to know of the meat you eat. dan noyes has the controversy. >> industrial videos posted to youtube show how the tenderized meat is made. the rough pieces are punctured with the needles and blades and breaking down the fibers to the more tender beef. sometimes the water or marinade is injected at the same time. >> it is another way for industry to get as much profit as they can out of meat that otherwise consumers may not have been interested in. >> reporter: the problem is you don't know you are eat tsmght mechanically 10 leer rised meat doesn't look different when it hits the store. but food advocates want to know what they are dealing with and here is the reason. they can push deadly bacteria from the outside of the meat to the center where it is harder to cook off. like hamburger, you have to cook it through to be safe. you shouldn't eat it rare. >> and so what we are advocating for is a label on it.
11:42 pm
>> reporter: the issue has been pushed since 2008. she has been the founder of a nonprofit, the center of food born illness, research and prevention. >> it is something i am passionate about and near and dear to my heart. >> a family tragedy turned her into a relept less advocate -- a relentless advocate. >> he contracted e-coli and went from perfectly healthy to dead in 12 days. >>- q. i it was part of the 2009 oscar nominated documentary food inc. part of the campaign is to get the federal government to label mechanically tenderized meat. >> and as a consumer i have a right to know what i am putting into my body and what i am putting into my children's body. all i am asking for is for them to label it. i can't imagine that the label is going to cost that much more. >> the debate over labels gained attention this fall when the canadian government recalled millions of pounds of beef products including meat that was mechanically
11:43 pm
tenderized from xl foods. 18 illnesses were traced back to the plant. two and a half million pounds of xl foods beef was imported to the u.s. and then quickly taken off shelves. >> i myself am a mother and have two small children. i feel confident in the safety of the meat supply in this country. >> meat industry representatives and cal poly professor says there is a risk for contamination in beef that has been needled, but how big a risk is still in question. they want the government to study that issue before moving forward with a label. >> there is certainly nothing wrong with giving people information as long as it doesn't unduly frighten them about the products they consume. there are already warning labels on meat products. >> the usda estimates 18% of all steaks and roasts in the u.s. are tenderized. that includes meats sold in grocery stores. but according to one trade group, the 18% is a low estimate. the north american meat
11:44 pm
association says they surveyed just one part of the market. the hotel and the restaurant trade and they found 80 to 90% of the beef served there is mechanically tenderized. even though it is so prevalent they won't commit without the risk of study. >> we are not ready to say if anything was done. >> there was meat that was tenderized in the u.s. data from the american meat institute, a lobby for the meat industry, lists six recalls. during the latest incident in 2009, 21 people got sick in 16 states including california. that's the bottom line for the whistle-blower groups like the food integrity campaign. >> it has been associated with illness. still apparently not enough illness to justify a simple label. a simple label so that con sewellers can make informed decisions about what they eat. >> it has been almost a year
11:45 pm
since they sent a label to the white house. since it is approved, both sides are gearing up to fight what the label will say. for now your best bet is to cook that steak all the way through to be safe. for the i team, dan knows, abc7 news. >> with an emphasis on stage performances, the 55th grammy award show featured only 11 trophy presentations as most of the honors were handed out earlier in the day. that meant more time for music with 30 performers doing what they did best. the big winners were the black keys, jay-z, kanye west took home three trophies. the australians humbled by taking record of the year award from prince. >> growing up, you were a big reason i was inspired to make music. thank you. >> new york hipster group fun won stong of the year and best new artist.
11:46 pm
band of the year went to mumford and sons. and don't forget the oscars are february 24th and abc7 is the only place you can catch the award show. you can get ready with our official oscars app available for the iphone, ipad, android and the kindle fire. one lass look before we head out -- one last look before we head out for the night. >> the clouds are well off the coast and it is a clear night tonight. if you are traveling back east, all of that snow is gone from the new york area. it is not coming down out of the sky, but it is still on the ground there. you can encounter some flight delays. new york warming to 47 and chicago is 37 and maybe a little snow there. detroit will see snow tomorrow and 60 for dallas and salt lake city is 30 degrees. here is a look at l.a.'s weather for tomorrow. it is heading into southern california and 64 with plenty of sunshine. 60 for fresno and lake tahoe
11:47 pm
sunshine and 39 degrees. speaking of the week, my accu-weather seven-day forecast, get ready for a nice warm up. it is going to be dry. i know we need the rain, but it looks like it will hold off for at least another five to seven days. thursday and friday the warmest days and the temperatures near 70 degrees in some locations. and then we will keep it dree and bring some clouds in next sunday. >> thank you so much, leigh. shu is here with sports. >> we are moving forward. they are making their final run as the professional men's tennis is no longer over after a 100-year run. a 100-year run. we will hear from him well, well, well.
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for the sap open. it has brought professional tennis to the bay area for over 100 years in berkeley, san francisco and san jose. this will be the final season. it requires a three-court venue and hpv pavilion has only one. roanic was practicing hoping for the three-pete. the canadian is currently ranked 13th in the world. he has been clipping up the ladder -- climbing up the ladder with that big forehand. two years ago he was here and he appreciates the tennis fans in the bay area. >> it is great. a lot of people come out especially the weekend.
11:51 pm
they have given me a lot of reason to come back. other than winning it is fun for me to play here. it is a good crowd to come out and especially being another canadian here. >> and we will have a lot more from milos. >> snediker is back in the winner's circle. he takes advantage of a great week of weather with a little help from his partner. pebble beach, do you ever get tired of looking at this place? not only to golf, but to visit. he started the day tied with the former cal bear at 12 under. he took the lead early on number two. par 5 his approach stopped short of the hole and he will make that putt for eagle. his playing partner also an eagle on putt 2. he never recovered after 3 and he finished retired. the birdie pitt on the same par 3 seventh.
11:52 pm
nothing but net, and now 18 under and it looked like a run away. the third shot on the par 514th. he closed the gap to two sphroax and that's as close as -- and that's as close as he got. the 49er coach needed this putt on 18 for a net eagle. he finished tied for 13th. it is a good distraction for the coach after the super bowl loss. on 17 he took care of that. another birdie and up three. his amateur partner created a scholarship and this is the putt on 18 for the amateur win. they tied for the title and then he is all alone on top of the pro leader board winning the at&t national pro am by two strokes. what a week and he is winning with his mentor. >> such a special place to win and playing with a wood and friend of mine, you can't --
11:53 pm
playing with a good friend of mine. you can't pass this up. it gives you confidence going into the masters and the u.s. open and all of the venues. that's next on my list. i have won a bunch, won five times out here and the next important thing is winning majors. >> a little hoops. they upset the wild cats for the third year at the mckail center. it ends a five-game win streak by arizona. bears open it up and lays it in and he has 21. alan crab and the 3 and the foul. coaches hate that. bobcats try to close the gap. he had 16 and arizona down two, but there was no answer for crab. 31 points and cal with the upset. 77-69 and the bears are now 14-9 and 6-5 in pack 12 play. fourth ranked stanford is hosting arizona state wearing the pink. breast cancer awareness.
11:54 pm
she is unstoppable. steal and floats it in. she takes it baseline and drops it in. 26 points and 14 rebounds. bonnie sam you sen off the -- samuel sen off the bench. they are 11 and 1 in play. okay, you want to reinvent yourself every year in team sports ease early andly after -- especially after winning the world series. the giants have done just that. check out the new look. after winning mvp and signing a new $8 million one-year deal, buster posey is going with the long side burns, and he can now afford product for his hair. vogelsong with the thinner your hair looks the less product you use and with the burns they seem to be back in vogue. sergio romo got rid of the beard that brian wilson made popular. just going with a goy tee. he is cute no matter what. barry zito access cor rising
11:55 pm
with the -- access rising with a hat, simple. and the frequent with short hair, fake glasses. they are trying to prove they are not dumb jocks. maybe a little rachel maddow. they all look the same in uniform so i thought you deserved to look outside the lines before they reported to spring training on tuesday. there you have it. this abc7 sports report with a fashion update is brought to you by river rock casino. what do you think? >> i think they look good. >> tim had the long hair. he was like sampson who cuts his hair so hopefully better play. >> i like the clean cut look. >> everybody clean cut and different look and a little product in the hair. >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates. thank you for joining us. the news continues tomorrow the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. there are two kinds of fol
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