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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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7 news was there when suspected bank robber vended 8:15 tonight after officers fired 2 canister into his room. he and another man are sues pegged of robbing a bank of the west in fremont this afternoon about 3 miles away. police track them to this motel after spotting a possible get away truck. the other suspect gave up to police late this afternoon. good evening everyone i'm carolyn. >> i'm dan. some developing news out of vallejo tonight where 5 people shot. happened at 8:30 outside a home on humboldt street at eastwood. one block from i 80. police are still on the crime scene right now trying to figure out what sparked this gun fire. 2 people are in critical condition tonight. 3 others were also taken to the hospital but they are we understand expected to survive. police have not made any arrest. >> man in critical condition tonight after being shot by richmond police. sky 7 hd sho shows officers investigating the scene. earlier police responded to call of man with a gun on west 97 i hope avenue
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about the same time police shot technology detecting gunfire in the area. shortly after cop fronting the armed man several officers opened fire. >> disturbing discovery during routine maintenance of tunnel in richmond. what they found could turn into a serious structural problem. the tunnel is the main road natural point richmond neighborhood and tonight it is closed indefinitely. allen is live tonight to show you what they found. allen. >> real surprise. >> this all started out as cosmetic job to cover up those water leak that are seeping through the tunnel wall. but when a piece of coat broke away in a construction worker looked inside the hole, he realized they had a much bigger problem on their hands. >> concrete wall of richmond continual holding back the earth for 101 years. but a pest of the tunnel ceiling broke away on friday revealing an alarming discovery. >> actually a large air void
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inside the above the tunnel. >> richmond staff engineer melissa says it's a space about the size of pickup truck that should have been filled with earth pressed against a concrete wall 2 feet thick. >> what was disturbing was that the ceiling of the tunnel was really only about 5 inches thick of concrete. that's not reinforced. >>reporter: city indoor pool the plunge has been at the entrance of the tunnel since 19 26. >> coming into town to this i have to take a detour but it's not serious. >>reporter: but getting to the other side could affect the pool upcoming open water swim to benefit youth swiming in richmond. >> it would be possible if the tunnel wasn't open by then it could make it more difficult. we may not see as many swimmers as we would hope. >>reporter: real inconvenience could be the cost to taxpayers. 750,000 dollar cosmetic job likely reach into the millions and it could climb even higher if they find more of those dangerous pockets above the tunnel. >> i wouldn't be surprised. i wouldn't be surprise have had
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there were more voids. >>reporter: the next step is to use a rid arrest device to look through the tunnel walls and see if this project is requesting to cost the city more time and more money. reporting live in richmond, abc 7 news. >> thanks very muchal help. >> take you live to bricking news happening right now on interstate 80. this is our camera in emeryville. see the flashing lights of police cars as they pursue a vehicle here on interstate 80 right now. >> traffic is still moving but they are trying to catch the person and will tip to kind update the as you look live at the chase happening on 80 from berkeley. >>reporter: all began in solana county going on for some time now. doesn't look like it's too high speed that the point but one can never tell how this will go keeping an eye on it throughout the newscast for you. >> several. we understand has reached 100 miles an hour at times. not at that speed at this moment. we can see several police officers
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trailing the vehicle. keep you update sierra nevada cal train running on time tonight after crash with a truck caused massive delay for the evening commute. sky 7 hd overhead and see part of tracktor trailer pinned between the train at seament divider. crash happened when the trailer tried to cross the track at anxious avenue. cal train kept one track open while l crew cleaned up this mess. >> well the drag net for suspected murderer christopher dorns do dorner stretches to mexico where border patrol agent on heightened alert. investigators say he killed the daughter of former police captain her boyfriend and riverside cop in southern california. dorner was charged today in the murder of that officer making eligible for the death penalty. investigators believe dorner is seeking revenge after losing his job as lapd officer in 2008. tmz reless the images claiming police verified as dorner day before the measure customer purchasing scuba geevrment more than 700 new lead come in since
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yesterday when the chief of police announced 1 million dollar reward. north korea tonight says it is successfully conducted an underground nuclear test. the move is in did he fains of united nation order to stop building atomic weapon. security council schedule an emergency meeting for tomorrow morning. this is north korea third nuclear test and first unthe country new leader the goal is to build a nuclear war head that can be mounted on a long range missile. >> stunning announcement today from the pope. benedict the skaechbt gave his notice retiring at the end of the month. first time that has happened in 600 years. pope is a job usually kept for life. as you look live at the vatican tonight the catholic church is lacking for new leader. 7 news before jon alston has the story. >> it was the moment that caught millions of catholic faithful completely off guard. the pope announced a ceremony that at age 85 he could not
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continue on. >> today decision by benedict the 16th came as a huge surprise to me and i think to everyone in rome. >> i was shock. >> there water an identical reaction at st. mary's college where tonight the pope got prayers from those who gather for mass at the chapel. some students hope he open as dialogue on issues like married priest and same sex marriage. i do believe a lot of the traditions and stand that we have in the church but i think we definitely need to move forward. >> i don't know if i necessarily a priest but more respect in authority and power for women in the church the lay women. >> he was criticized for handling the sex scandal that cost the church nearly 3 billion dollars. they hope this will bring accountability. >> i can hope it's an opportunity for church to demonstrate morale authority as opposed to being in the dungeon
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of the vial corruption that i believe it is now. >> drastic change in church doctrine not expected. >> i think whoever gets the job its going to think that they are helping the church to lack at the gospel message of the council and interpret it for the needs of 2013. >> pope will leaf office on february 28 and successor will probably be elected by easter about a month later. benedict appointed most of the cardinal who will which is the next pope with the largest voting block coming from europe. dan. >> okay john thanks very much. jon roringt. more on the pope decision to step down coming up on "nightline"starting at 12:35 tonight. >> as you know feeling a lot like spring today. 7 news is here with look at live doppler 7 hd. >> it's only going to get warmer around here. right now i show you live doppler 7 hd. we have some fog formed. not just near the coast but also in some of our valley. santa rosa
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now visibility down to point 8 miles so it's dropping quickly. give yourself a little more time if travel take you there through the area. or through half moon bay where visibility down to 6 miles an it's foggy. also bundle up when you head out the door in the morning. it's going to be chilly. when will you see the 70's showing up. and will you need the umbrella. answer those questions coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> new video shows the possible dog napper accused of stealing a puppy from pet adoption event. somebody tipped off rocket dog rescue sonora spotted saturday in dolores park. now a member of rocket dog rescue went to get the dog and recorded the video on the phone. people denied taking the puppy when the rescue worker called police the 2 people ran off. well we are happy to report tonight that sonora is safe. one of the police officers who was responded to dolores park saturday has expressed interest in adopting that puppy. >> artist with baby grand piano drawing huge crowds most unusual venue. along the ocean
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front in half moon bay. but as lillian explains there are jaws few days left of these sunset performances. >>reporter: ever since she hauled a piano a at the edge of the cliff 9 days ago crowds have flocked here at half moon basement part of the art project called sunset piano. he plays the same pieces every day as the instrument slowly falls victim total meant. >> i see everything is in flux and captain control things as much. just roll witness. >>reporter: this has been overcome with emotion since the art project started. she grew up with piano in the childhood home an it caused 20 thousandths dollars to repair. >> how beautiful for this to be here near the ocean where it's everything always changing. that's how life is right. >>reporter: piano sitting out unprotect theed 24-7 but days on the cliff are numbered. city officials say the art installation lacks the proper
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permit. the resident say it's a shape. piano brought the community together. >> i played a little boy came up and i played chop stick. this on the beach where else can you say that but half moon bay. >>reporter: piano here until thursday. that's the deadline given by the city of half moon bay. he plans to hall it back to his property where he says he will burn it. final chapter of his art project. half moon bay, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> wow! >> san jose man says is worried about the number of ct scans his doctors have ordered. >> dan is here with an investigation into the risk and benefits of this. >> dan and carolyn the patient we talked to has already had 17 ct scans. >> of i go there for help. i go there for to get well. i don't go there to get more problems. >> up next. brian cross has one more problem. we show you the letter the doctor sent him and what it means for the
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medical care. >> also the pot bust that came with some teeth. what officers found standing near the contraband. >> then later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight great karl reiner music from family of the year plus grammy award winner mindy. >> i didn't win a grammy. >> yes you did. >> no i didn't. >> you did. >> you did. >> before back in
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he is. >> risk versus reward is the debate in the medical community over common test frequently ordered by dock toyvrments one local patient came to the i team worried he had been exposed to too much radiation. >> 7 news i team reporter dan noyes here with the latest investigation. >> the use of ct scans has increased more than 20 times since 1980. they are used in
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every hospital every day. they are over used say doctors. >> i believe the i have been exposed to too much radiation. >>reporter: 44-year-old brian cross of san jose was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2000 nichbility he had surgery to remove it. but not before the cancer spread to his liver. in the course of his treatment he says he's received 17 ct scans. that's about 4 per year. depending on the type of scan the radiation dose can be 100 to 500 times more than an x-ra x-ray. >> dwroud joke around and say that you know would i glow in the dark. >>reporter: cross is concerned that each of the 17 times he was exposed to radiation makes it more likely a new cancer. >> i know i have cancer but i don't look forward to an additional cancer. >>reporter: studies have linked ct scan to hire risk of cancer. study in the lance it medical journal last june suggest kids who 7 2 to 3 scan
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before the age of 15 might have triple the risk of brain tumor. process never told about cumulative risk from ct scan radiation. >> i'm the patient. i go there for help. i go there for to get well. i don't go there to get more problems. >> i think 17 is a lot. >>reporter: we show some results to dr. rebeek a smith a a specialist on radiology and biomedical imaging at uc san francisco. never treated cross but a critic of the over use of ct scans. >> some of them are reason and didn't lack like it was going to help very much ivshtion smith says multiple ct scan are common sometimes needed but the doctors and patients need to know the risk before any test is done. >> the risk for anyone test is relatively low. not a big risk but the risk are administrative so if you have 17 ct scan the risk is guest up there to a place where it's a real
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possibility the patient could develop cancer directly in rae response to the dna changes from that ct scan. >>reporter: study publish in the new england journal of immediate in 2007 estimated ct scan accounted for up to 2% of all cancer in the united state states. that number could now be 5 percent. >> somehow we have blown out of proportion and out of context radiation risk from the ct sca scan. >>reporter: dr. michael brand is a radiologist and executive director of neuroscientist at hoeing memorial oh, no hots in newport beach and points out the cancer rate is down slightly and says no evidence the scan radiation has cumulative effect. radiation from multiple ct shouldn't be added up to one big dose. each event separate didn't at different times allowing the body to heal between tests. using a sunburn analogy. >> stood there for an hour one dose red blister skin every week or so you go out for 5 minutes 12 weeks hour worth of
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exposure. nothing happens. >>reporter: the doctor adds even if a small cancer risk with ct scan the benefit outweigh the risk. >> the need to destroy the cancer is much greater than the slight concern from ct scan being used to monitor whether or not the treatment is being effective. >> that's my about i don't know how to weigh saving somebody life and then potentially them dying later. >>reporter: cross has one more problem. in a letter last month his doctor said find someone else writing there have been a break down in therapeutic relationship. i recommend you find another oncologist. you will need to do so within 30 days. leaving cross without a physician and with the worry more cancer is in his future. >> i can't help but think of how many ct scans i have had and it scares me but i mean
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about all you can do is have hope. last thing to go. >>reporter: both doctors we spoke with said ct scans save lives but are over used in the radiation dose needs to be low. patient can always ask if other test that don't use radiation such as mri or ultrasound would be a good alternative. >> all right dan thank you. >> vacaville police serving search warrant for drug stumble on menacing predator. 3 foot long baby alligator inside fairfield house. cup that he will lives there suspected of sell marijuana in vacaville. alligator turned over so to solano county humane services and more than 50 pound of marijuana and 7 firearms. we are enjoying some spring like weather on this week of valentine's. >> what a great gift that is. sandhya is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> beautiful for valentine's. so go ahead and make a plan if you haven't done so yet. it is going to get warmer beyond
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valentine's as well. i show you a time lapse from the east bay hills camera from this evening and you will notice the fog starting to creep back in along the coast line. patches of fog already forming in our valley as well. show you live doppler 7 hd we see a few patches around santa rosa where visibility is poor so give yourself extra time for the morning commute. see the fog right along the coast line as well. temperatures right now falling. it's getting cold. 38 degrees in fairfield. napa. 39 in novato. 37 degrees in livermore. most other areas in the 40's. highlights patchy fog for the could he go. it's a chilly morning for all of the bay year. looking at sunny mild day this is week. with 70 degrees temperatures showing up. by friday. so well above normal by the time we hit the end of the work week. something to look forward to. area of high pressure it's a ridge that remains strong all week long. so what's going to happen is it will divert the stormtrack. carry them well to
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the north of us. not expecting any rain any time soon. as a matter of fact all we will see is a few patches of fog mostly clear and chilly otherwise tonight. tomorrow we look at sunny and mild weather for your tuesday afternoon. but temperatures will be held back a little bit by the patches of fog that formed tonight. so tomorrow morning bundle up. we see sub freezing temperature in santa rosa napa freezinging in fairfield. 35 vallejo. 34 in fremont. san jose 35 degrees and same thing for santa cruz. patches of fog in the morning. afternoon looks bright and sunny. 65 in santa rosa. 62 clear lake. half man bay on the coast. san francisco fremont. 60 degrees. antioch livermore 61. 62 on the peninsula. palo alto. and heading down to the south bay in san jose. for the monterey bay 59 in monterey. could see lingering patch of fog. 62 degrees inland in gilroy. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's going to be sunny and comfortable the next couple days. on valentine's day we are looking at temperatures
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inching up close to 70 agrees around the bay. we hit 70 by friday and then it's a slow cooling trend we good into the weekend. president day weekend temperatures dropping back down to where you should be this time of year with few extra clouds around. >> all right thanks. >> we want to update breaking news at the top of the broadcast. chase that started in solana county has just ended in east oakland. >> em l riville tower cam are caught the pursuit passing through berkeley interstate 80. chase reached 100 miles an hour at some point. told the pursuit ended off 5 80 near golf link road 1% is in custod custody. >> move on to sports tonight
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0. >> good evening. great post game rant sharks coach said the team tonight was out worked. out executed. out goal tended. out a lot of things. they didn't win. sharks came in on
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4 game losing streak. started slowly and faded from there. 43 seconds in brannon first goal of the season. if you can't beat them, beat them up. matt of the sharks and jerrad mix up and then adam and garrett. worst team in the nhl l but still fv codey makes it 3 nothing. patrick the tenth of the year to get the sharks on the board but summit up. clump about because scored and drop the puck 8 seconds later mark beats thomas. that's what they call a soft gochlt you have to make a little block. 6-2 the final. sharks out everything in their fifth straight loss. not exactly baseball weather in arizona today. 54 degrees and raining. world champion giants preparing for spring training. pitchers catchers report tomorrow. annual question is how does pablo look. kind of big there. giants pitcher matt
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cape told espn this giants team as usual led by the pitching staff. >> i think that can always jump start it. i think if we can get hot as staff early think that kind of relieves the pressure on the guys on offense i have side. not worried about having to good out there and score a bunch of runs for us. but we love to get out hot start as staff and everything else will fall that place. >> warriors try to snap a 4 game skid tomorrow night. against jeremy lynn and rocket rockets. fashion change might help. warriors showed off a new look today. to be debut february the 22nd against the spurs. short sleeve and pin stripe shorts. i used to have pajamas that looked like that. in fact well never mind. this is not a good look at george simmer would say i guarantee i it. play of the night from the fba. blake griffen with authority. spencer actually defensively guess up with a block. right hand. and griffin changes hands in
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mid-air to go with the left spike. 20 points for the spectacular play. clippers smoked phillies 107-90. >> you can't do manufactures like that. in pajamas. >> thanks very much. >> 7 news meteorologist sandhya >> 7 news meteorologist sandhya up
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>> here's wake up weather mostly clear skies. patchy fog at the coast. cold start make sure you have a jacket or sweater when you head out the door. temperature low 30's to mid 40's and really only getting up to the upper 30's to upper 40's. mike will be hear starting at 4:30 continuing until 7:00 a.m. tracking the temperature trend for you. carolyn, dan. >> excellent thank you. it's raining more than just bead in mardi gras in new orleans. a little precipitation did not slow down this party, though. >> not much will slow did you know the party in the big easy. french quarter just packed with partyers today. tomorrow more rain in the forecast. fat tuesday coming the french quarter likely to completely be stuffed again. they are having fun. >> jimmy kimmel leif up next. his guest tonight actress mind mindy, karl reiner and musical guest family of the year. >> stay tune for that then followed i by "nightline"all for now. thanks for watching appreciate your time. >> remember abc 7 news
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continues tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 and we are always available at abc 7 and on facebook and twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> check us out there when you >> check us out there when you can. have a good night
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- mindy kaling, carl reiner and music from family of the year. with cleto and the cletones. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: thank you. hi there, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for -- braving modern temperatures to be here tonight. it was 62 degrees and sunny in l.a. today where most of the country got hit by a coors light commercial. some areas got 3 feet of snow. for some people that meant power outages and cancelled flights and for others new instagram photos. snow has replaced lunch this week. while a lot of people are suffering no one has it worst than our nation's weather reporters. when the weather is


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