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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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story. >> thank you. >> a legalla tiff of one resident described a frightening encounter the wanted fugitive. >> the relative spoke just moments after it happened. >> i just got a text from my loose that the cops were after had been staying in the area where they run a resort. he'd broken in and tied them un, then, stole the car. >> what kind of a car?u%:qu >> this is a maroon nissan. a newer vehicle. very been asked not to sate names. but they're okay as far as we know, they're fine. he wanted the car. >> the yale tiff says dorner may have been staying in a resort cabin unoccupied and being cleaned over the weekend. >> this started february 3 when monicaz@/ w quon, daughterf
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a lapd captain and her fiancee were shot to death in a parking garage in irvine, california. wednesday, a man matching dorner's description tried to steal a boat from a marina. >> the next day in corona, two lapd officers chased a vehicle they believed for to be dorner. one officer was grazed in the forhead and minutes later a gunman believed to be dorner ambushed two riverside police officers at a stop light killing one officer, and critically injuring another. >> later authorities found dorner's burned pickup truck near big bear and a manhunt began and continued throughout the weekend. sunday a $1 million reward was offered. >> riverside county district attorney filed murder charges in connection with the death that have riverside office skbrer authorities responded > the manhunt is still unfolding. it's a fluid situation. you can receive updates by
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down loading our free news app and opting for push notification. >> the web team is sending updates and you can follow us on abc 7 news bay area. >> police say they have few leads in a shooting in vallejo ai. 22-year-old man, four others, injured. police say this happened in a home on humbolt street. >> they just moved here and there has been a lot of ruckus going on. >> there was a fight out here, friday. we heard shots that saturday night. so it's just been progressing. so... just a matter of time brit happened i guess. >> at this point police aren't sure what led to the shooting and they dmot have anyone in custody now. >> happening now on the peninsula, san francisco is still working on shutting off a water pipe that burst saturday and sent thousands of gallons of water into san
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mateo creek. >> drinking water is safe for humans but killed a number of fish. >> the creek runs about five miles from here. the crystal springs reservoir out in san francisco bai. a half mile downstream from the reservoir a welded water pipe broke sending water safe for humans but not for fish into this tiny slice of habitat that until now has survived against the odds in heavily populated suburba. water from the ruptured pipe still spills down a hillside headed for the creek below. it broke saturday afternoon, and the san francisco p.u.c. has been working to shut it down ever since. the clornin yaited drinking water is now being dechlorine yaited.
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this look like rainbow but endangered steelhead species might have lived here, steven rogers noticed dead fish sunday morning. >> at#>f the bottom of the pools all fish were dead. laying on bottom some floating to the top. some on stream banks. >> rogers has more than a pass interesting in the trout. he's on the board of an environmental group called california trout devoted to protecting and restoring native species in the state. he's upset and worried it could take years to restore the habitat, if possible. >> this was a steelhead stream. it is not good. >> we don't like to kill fish. we've got to way to keep these buttoned up. >> the san francisco p.u.c. says it doesn't know what chaused the pipe to break but age played a role. a handful of environmental agencies are investigating for
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possible penalty autos regional water quality control board have been informed and that is their job to determine. >> to clarify the steelhead are categorized as threatened under the endangered speesy act. there will have to be dna testing to determine which species were killed in the creek because of the spill. >> thank you. >> new at 4:00 north bay surgeon is in custody. ples say he tried to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex. police say he started sending messages to the girl after meetingner a chat room. they say he tried to meet with her last night but police were there instead. he faces several charges related to attempted child molestation. >> police are looking for these men who held up two east bay businesses last month. first robbery occurred in a
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gas station around 8:00. 15 minutes later same men held up a fast food restaurant. anyone with information is urged to calm the sure sheriff's office. >> there is strong condemnation after north korea after the country conducted a third nuclear test. >> the country defied un warnings and carried out ato thic test yesterday. north korea called it a first response to what its leaders call threats from the u.s.. the un security council and refence department pledged further action.+q7÷ >> saw what north korea is done in last few weeks. a missileg6÷é test now a nuclear test. they represent a serious threat to the united states of america. we've got to be prepared to deal with that. >> the test will likely draw more sanction autos there is new individual yof a lightning
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storm. >> we're learning details about benedict's health. vatican revealed he had a pace maker and underwent a procedure to change the batteries.^aqç he plans to move into this monastery to continue his study autos let's check on the forecast now. >> it's another beautiful day in the hood. sunny skies across the bay area, we have clouds lurking off shore, low clouds might touch land areas overnight tonight. temperatures around 60 degrees though we're down to 54 here in san francisco. let's take a look at next 24 hours, patchy fog is developing but mostly clear skies it will be chilly in spots around the north bay and
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east way, low temperatures ranging from 34 to 45 and by afternoon, temperatures up to about 60s on the koevt, mid-60s inland. warmer, still. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 continuing to monitor breaking news in big bear. a fugitive former lapd officer is now barricaded inside of a cabin. officers under a standoff with christopher dorner. >> he's one of the richest people in america. mark zucker interg also one of the most generous. >> then, wrestling will be dropped from olympics. why that decision was made and how young athletes are reacting to think the afternoon. >> taking a look at traffic ñ8 incredibly lt for drivers heading south towards peninsula and beyond. but very slow for those trying to make their way across the bay wrij. the east bay.
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>> want to bring you the latest in southern california. the manhunt for accused killer christopher dorner continues at this hour. >> he's believed to be holded up in a mag cabin in big bear. aç= shootout erupted twees police and dorner. >> he is a fugitive wanted for three killing that's took place on thursday. now, apparently a fourth. police say he tied up two people inside of a cabin and stole a truck from that house.
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he drove a cabin where officers believed he he's still hiding. officers are stopping and inspecting every car leaving d÷z the area. they want to make sure he doesn't sneak out from that area. we'll update you at 4:00. >> back here bart riders may soon be paying more for their commute. bart proposed an increase in fares for 2014 raising to $3.62 per ride. officials say it's necessary to stay on track. also increasing fares in 2016, 2018 and 2020, including an increase at some of the s. >> one of silicon valley wealthyest couples is also the most chairitable. mark zuckerberg and his wife
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named second most generous americans last year donating about $500 million in stock in 2012. only warren buffet was more generous. >> next flit -- -- net flix is ramping up it's offerings. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry and carolyn. net flix is beefing up original programming involving a deal with dream works animation the studio behind "shrek" will create a original tv series for kids. the company is trying to remain competitive. wars keep flying in the battle between tesla and "new york times".
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reporting that the times lied after providing a review of the electric car, insisting the story is not a fake, john broder says he was not directed by anyone at tesla to top off the battery. and another major shareholder, dell's second largest outside investor says the deal under values the computer maker after dell's largest outside investor said it could wo do all it can to block the sale. the nasdaq lower on the day, shares of apple and since beingo weighing on your silicon valley index, twitter as well. twitter and american express teeming up to allow people to purchase item was a hash tag. users can sync their accounts
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but... they can then buy certain items by adding a protect to their tweet tweet. users can get a $25 gift card, and more products will be offered tomorrow. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> following breaking news now in the east bay. sky ever over el captain drive where a student was hit by a car. >> this is around 3:00 in the afternoon as classes were letting out for the day. >> spencer christian is here now. >> once getting to thursday and friday we're going to seeq- more dramatic increase in temperatures. here is a live sfru our camera you can see reflection of the
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sun tonight on bay waters. blue skies and we may see a few patches of fog but now, it's clear, smooth sailing you can see that and notice clouds after shore, let's take a look at forecast features, some areas of patchy fog developing overnight. milder days into the weekend and cooling dwinz on sunday. it's going to be nice and mild and spring like shows a large ridge of high pressure, our dominant weather feature and will be for several days. dry pattern holds throughout the weekend before we can see a threat of rainfall. at 11:00 this evening, notice patches of fog that are on the coast starting to push locally inland across the bay.
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mostly clear skies overnight. and still, chilly in locations we'll see lows down to about 34 in santa rosa, 35 in napa. 37 livermore, 35 in vallejo. 36 concord, and then, up to about 40 in locations around the bay shore line, then, tomorrow, under sunny skies temperatures continuing to rise gradually as i pointed out, mid-60s in our inland areas and around the bay look for highs of 60s in san francisco. 62 oakland. and farther south, mid-60s will be the rule in locations near monterey bay. 64 in watsonville. 66 salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. thursday, a gorgeous day. mid-60s on the coast up to about 70 degrees into warmest locations on friday. holding into that range on saturday, starting to cool down on sunday. monday, it's president's day
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by tuesday, our first chance of rain falling in sometime. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up big mardi gras celebrations underway in new orleans. >> new at 4:30 remarkable full court shot during this high school girl's basketball game.
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we take you live to an lap r lapd press conference. >> so were they aware it might have been dorner? >> that information was made aware to the deputy that's the suspect matched the he crashed the car and took off into the forest. >> i'm not going to comment. we're still doing investigation andiy5/÷ notifying family members. >> the sheriff would like to get back to the families in the hospital. is there another question?qul  >> in information regarding
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deputies is being released at this time. >> two deputies injured, were they part of a guna:déu fight? did they exchange fire with the suspect? >> that is3há' still remaining under investigation. >> are family members here at the hospital now? >> family members have been notified yes. >> is there information on how much gun power he had in this battle? >> no. i do not. the incident is still unfolding at this time. >> what can you tell us about what is going on at this time? >> i'm sorry i'm here with you guys and not able to see what is happening out there at the scene. i understand that it is still unfolding at this time. >> can you tell us about the presence here at the hospital? a large presence of sheriff deputies.
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>> now we wants to transfer to ab -- kabc. the prupgs is that christopher dorner was in that cabin. so they've taken what appears to be dramatic action. let's listen live to kabc. big family taking care of each other. lapd is here, yes, of course we're being surrounded by law enforcement. >> what about at the scene in big bear? is lapd involved there? >> yes. lapd along with surrounding cities is also a part ofv]yt the incident on highway 38. >> can you tell us the age of the deputy? >> there will be no information released at this
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time regarding the deputy. >> all family has not been notified now? >> we're notñ55n releasing information about the deputy. >> okay. >> thank you guys. >> you just heard a live press confrom loama linda. while this is going on a significant amount of activity has been going on at the scene. let's go to jt. >> you can see now on the smoke pouring out we're being very careful not to show any tactical locations. of this special enforcement s.w.a.t. officers on the ground right now we're getting reports there are shots being fired. uncertain if the suspect is firing in an attempt to get away from the fire and flames if so, meaning gunfire of the officers on the ground. as you can see this cabin is
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right now fully involved with fire. and it's very possible as well, that this could with a stash of ammunition that is being ignited and going off. it's uncertain but officers feel the suspect is inside and firing at them. it's hard to tell if that is because of the fire or if the suspect is firing. they're going to return fire. we spoke about this earlier. this is a war. this situation this suspect declared war on all of the agencies in southern california and right now, it looks to be a possibility this could be coming to an wend this situation but this fire is burning in thisq'os÷ cabin. there is going to be no rush to go in there around this fire or make a type of entry by any of the specialized details they're going let this
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burn to the ground. >>çeo3 we've been listening to scanner traffic. i understand the fire started and probably won't get confirmation but shortly after thark we understand a gunshot was heard from inside of the house and a lot of shots heard. there is suspicion it could be just a lot of ammunition going off inside of the home.,r-÷ those are the things we're going tiblçi[ to tell. and they're not going try to situation is seemed safe. the house is going burn to the ground until we get resolution. >> and we know the fire department has been notified of this, however, they're standing by until getting clearance to go in and fight this fire. >> and you're not showing
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ter. they're keeping news helicopter as way like a five mile area from the scene? >> yes. they've established a temporary flight restriction to five miles and 10,000 feet. there is a inner restriction up to 13,000 feet. so you know they don't want to take advances and don't want images to get back down into where the suspect may be. he may not be here but may be in another cabin so showing movements of s.w.a.t. officers and intelligence had suspect can use to his advantage is something we at abc 7 do not want to give away. he is family with these tactics. with lapd bre was fired. he's aware of the activities
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and his career in the navy and military experience. he's familiar with these tactics making him more dangerous. these officers are aware of that and they're going to counter act with what he may, or may not know. the fire continues to burn. they're going to let it burn new, we want toll you you're watching breaking news continuing at 4:00. thanks for joining us. this is continuing coverage of the search for christopher dorner we believe is holed up in that cabin. >> here are the details. fish and game officers exchanged gunfire about 12:20 this afternoon. one cabin has been surrounded that is what we believe the suspect has been holed up. >> that is jt trying to work in a signal. he's over the scene watching a recent development where the
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house is now on fire. we believe the suspect with dorner's description was inside of the tomorrow. the suspect got into a couple alt cases and gun battles and another one with san bernardino county sheriff's department. the gun battle two, officers downed and air lifted to loma linda medical center. one has passed away this afternoon. another injured officer will be okay. but one more officer has been killed in the line of fire we believe by the suspect. >> very sad development. we know he is holed up in that cabin, perhaps that is why two highways have been reopened. for a while they were locked down. and they believe that the gunfire ensued with christopher dorner about 1:20 in the afternoon and he's been
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holed up since. >> we've been bringing you live pictures from throughout the area of big bear mountain. we do have jt back. you can see smoke from the reported house fire. we don't mow the cause of the fire but we do know it accelerated the situation. this has been reports of gunfire going on. jt have you heard of anything snels. >> yes. sorry about that. you can see that thick black smoke this that house. this cabin is on fire now. this is a wait and see game. time now is on officer's side them have plenty of cover down there keeping eyes on that suspect. there is a little bit of a view that we can possibly see here. i might go in just a little
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bit tighter here just to make sure i don't see any officers. we're going make sure we don't show any movements. we're going to show heavy black smoke pouring out of the cabin. if this suspect is in here and not out now it would be sif yis to say i would doubt that anyone would be able to survive the amount of fire and smoke. >> there are reports the house is engulfed in flames. we've seen that before. when a house is fullo engulfed in flames there is very little chance of survival. >> this is wrapping up, quickly. we do see flames now. we're getting reports ammunition is going off from inside of the house. >> we know this is a desperate man. and now he has nothing to
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lose. another officer killed just this is a man with nothing to lose now. he's trapped and knows he's not getting out. he's just probably watching it on television. >> these are live pictures from over the cabin. you can see glimmer of flames coming up from the tree tops and black smoke. the fire department is not going to respond to this fireqv! until it's seemed safely law enforcement this, is a long way from being a safe scene so this house will burn to the ground and we'll goat some resolution unless, perhaps the suspect got out of the home well. believe that there are -- nobody has seen that happen. it's been surrounded since law enforcement saw him go into the house just after an exchange of gunfire with sheriff's department. >> also reports of shots fired just a moment ago frin side of the cabin.
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we can hope it was empty when he went in there. >> we don't know whether civilians were in that home when he busted in. we don't know the situation. law enforcement may not know the situation we don't know if there is communication with the suspect either, once getting inside of the home. i'm sure investigators and deputies tried to reach him. we don't know if they were successful but know the suspect was bent on going out in a violent way. the way he's been involved in a number of shootouts with police from last week, into today it was clear he was not going to go quiet lie to fish and game wardens today close call with him as well. they will be okay.úte[y and two sheriff deputies both shot, one unfortunately passed away. another will survive wounds.
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>> jt what isøñ the latest? >> we've been asked by the sheriff's department to widen our shot just a little bit. we understand that. we don't want to see any s.w.a.t. officers, which we did not. we did see heavy flames pouring out of the front door out of the window. you can see this is important to mention again, san bern wern county sheriff department helicopter overhead right now locking that down now to make sure that they can cover high ground on this if this suspect comes out of the house he's going to be engage bid s.w.a.t. officers if he's firing but it would be hard pressed to believe at this point if this home, heavy black choking smoke in that house, hard for us to believe anyone could survive that. there is a possibility the suspect might not be in here
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them. have a small containment and a large perimeter with vehicle checks chp looking for moving vehicles that can be checked out. so in this case if he got out and moved through, you can see,m trees there. when circling around, you can duck and we've around the trees and make a way out. it's well locked down. it's very hard pressed to believe that officers can d.have air support it would be difficult for him to get out of there. so this is a cabin that is going burn down the ground.ví.q they're not going to allow the fire department in there. everybody has a advantage on this location. there could be ammunition
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stored up in and around that location that could be popping off. and it's a wait and see game officers' side. >> right. give you an idea of where this is. it's foif 10 miles south of big bear lake running about three miles from i believe it's all called angeles oak you can see over the top of the line here that is about 10 miles north and over ridge line down foo this river bed here to the south. we're north of bart flats area. this street is 7 oaks road. it's an east west road about three miles to the north. and it's one of the small roads. lots of cabins in the area
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tucked back in, one way in, one out. it's a very quaint vacation home cabin setting. >> we have an update quickly we're hearing now is reportable this, is confirmed that once the fire started, of course we don't know how it started there is speculation it could have been tear gas but once the fire started a single gunshot was heard from inside of the cabin. the fire accelerated more ammunition started to explode t's going off within the fire. perhaps not in exchange of gunfire but ammunition going off in the fire. and they're going to use this vehicle to break down the walls and penetrate the cabin so we're coming to close to resolving this situation
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getting to the bottom of what is inside this cabin. they're not going use that s.w.a.t. vehicle unless they're fairly comfortable or feel it's safe to move in. and bull dose this cabin so this isueq coming close to resolution i'm hearing from a source that a woman is one of seven cabins she said they were supposed to be empty monday no, cable no, phone or internet so. hopefully that is the case and thank you. :m:pa concern. >> the poor owner of the cabin can you imagine? she this is the last thing she's expected.
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>> as long as she's not in there. other stuff can be fixed but that is live picture at least it's got a little bit of break up right there. the cabin is on fire. a gunshot was heard from unside of the cabin then minutes later a lot lot of gunshots or explosions going off within the fire. we believe law enforcement is going penetrate this cabin. we're not going give you specific pictures of that. >> jt are you with us?. >> i am. >> have you heard anything? >> we have not heard that. that information is coming from you. that seems like a tactic used in the past by special weapons teams. walls, it could be safe
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so-to-say walls are going to be well burned to the ground and what they'll do is move had into that armored personnel vehicles. they can tear apart and go through rubble and see if they find any remains or the suspect themselves.:txj so that is again, you cannot assume that the suspect was killed. you're going to approach this thing after events of today with that san bernardino county sheriff office. he's going to go dwoun a fight and they're going use every means necessary to take him into custody. >> a desperate man with a convenient debta. they won't able to let anyone in there until they have 100% certainty they have their man.
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>> we can in for a long wait and there is still a lot of questions to be answered on what went down today and we have to talk more, a lot more about the san bern county sheriff's deputy that lost his life we have confirmation one more law enforcement officer passed away today with we believe, the suspect. >> we don't know if it started todayj÷,iñ when he broke into tt cabin orhd for days but we know about 12:20, one woman escaped from the ties and... the vehicle was stolen. >> we're going keep the picture up. we're going to go$$prç to la tea wattage. she's near the scene.
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>> this is highway 38 the only way in or out of% h. the area. we're near what is called the ranger situation. it's a tense situation now, very sad situation.deg itchland empire losing two law enforcement officers in a span of a week. now what i can tell you we did see that bear cat heading up to the mountain about maybe two hours ago. some lighting we can determine it's going to be a long night and head up to mountain was equipment in place where this may be turning to possibly a forensics operation. heavy presence. they're not letting anyone up or down highway 38. we've only seen vehicles coming down and any vehicle
4:43 pm
coming down is getting searched by s.w.a.t. team members. we're also watching as police presence has diminished. it seems everyone that should be up there is up there at the moment wex saw the sheriff department officer here at the area. i want to go talk to her. you want to mention caltrans did put out a press release saying it would be closed for some time now f you what head into the area i maybe want to figure out a different route go somewhere else for the night. we're hearing a siren coming up. taking a look looks like a fire vehicle heading up here. we're going to get loud here.
4:44 pm
looks like this is a fire vehicle. i can't be sure it looks like engine nine heading up to highway 38 running code probably trying to get to that fire up there in the mountains. this is the latest situation anyone that lives in that area may not able to get home sometime tonight. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> you're watching live coverage right now of our sister station kabc in southern california. >> they have their person. 38 is the only one that remains closed now. >> yes. that is the only way in and out of the area they're going to keep that closed right now. we just saw a truck rushing by
4:45 pm
allegedly on the way to this it's probably not deemed safe yet. they probably put him on stanld by mode when it is deemed safe. these are live pictures that is video of the smoke. tree tops this is a live picture. flames are real. sorry about that. there you go. there is some perspective of where the cabin is sitting in the are tree autos there i is -- is he arrived on the scene. hey, bill. >> we're looking at that cabin that caught fire we're not sure what caused this fire to -- but you can see it's engulfed in flames. this area near big bear has a
4:46 pm
five mile temporary flight restricted area. we have to stay out of the area.v9>27 we can'tmm:b see firefighters. it's very chilly. eight degrees below zero. probably 32 degrees on the ground right now. but not a winning situation it's not going to cause a forest fire. lks like firefighters goring to let this burn out. when law enforcement deems it safe they'll move in and see if the suspect is still there. you can't see black smoke rising up from that cab on. this is about foif seven miles south. it's a rural and difficult area to get to. i believe it's seven oaks road at glass road. there have been shootouts we did hear one person was killed.
4:47 pm
so the investigation continues here. it's too dangerous until they've got eyes on the suspect to move into the cabin. and they'll see if the suspect is still there. we imagine s.w.a.t. officers there is a huge command post. we landed a short whiling awhere he to take on fuel there. dozens up there and interesting. one person from lapd was telling me gloves are off there are no zip codes. everybody, every law enforcement agency are working side by side. and want to do everything to get this guy into custody. everybody. not only in big bear but throughout the region. we'll keep you updatedded on the progress of the cabin fire. >> we had a number of people
4:48 pm
calling us letting us know they're seeing law enforcement on the way up the mountain from chp officers to under cover officers we've heard confirmation lapd was on stand by. of course, riverside is up there as well. law enforcement and are in position had this suspect was spotted today, mid day today, there was a very fast response that is how they're able to track him into a cabin. and knew where he was. >> two women one able to he is skpaip said he stole my vehicle. otherwise we may never have known where he was. >> right. someone from california department of fish and game, a warden spotted the suspect and the got in a shootout they
4:49 pm
were face-to-face in vehicles. warden wasn't hit. and at this point it's still unclear to us whether that is where he abandoned the vehicle or we don't, he may have gone back into the vehicle then got into another exchange of gunfire. that happened in or near the cabin and where one sheriff deputy was killed and another wounded so this is live pictures. i guess the fire started about a half hour ago. one single gunshot heard from inside of the cabin. minutes later a lot of explosions going off within the fire. >> we do have where the condition of the second officer. robert? >> we're waiting for word on the second officer.
4:50 pm
from the sheriff is expected to do fine receiving nonlife threatening wounds. sad news here is that one deputy was fatally shot. the way it broke down is that sheriff deputies from san bernardino report org responding to reports of a stolen vehicle and they gave chase, then dorner crashed the car. and that is when one deputy was shot. dorner expected to run, they said ran into the cabin where presumably heeds holed up now. this is off highway 38 happened in a matter of moments.y no word in terms of age or where they're with the force
4:51 pm
specifics. the mood changed here. we have video of helicopters landing. maybe we can roll that. some people in the area brought to the facility here, they're both transported by air, one deputy tied here at the hospital according to sheriff department spokesperson here for san bernardino. again, the other deputy wounded but is expected to be okay. also arriving by air transport. both were back at the scene but that is the latest here, we're waiting to get more updates in terms of perhaps specifics now. a spokeswoman tells us this is a very sad emotional scene. a lot of personnel from the sheriff's department showing
4:52 pm
up here at the hospital. one thing mentioned is that it's a brotherhood and they're mourning together here. it's a tight knit community. what you can see at the hospital is cars and officials have worked with the san bernardino sheriff's department. so that is the latest here from loma linda. buz yes. >> tragic news let's go back to bill thomas. >> this is a fire that will just not die down.q!== this is the 40,000 block of 7 oaks road called barton flats. up in the mountains, locals know it pretty well. very difficult area to get to. rural area. and i'm surprised law enforcement officers are able to track their suspect to this home. it's unconfirmed not sure how the fire broke out. you can see the cabin will
4:53 pm
burn to the ground. this picture is a bit of a distance. area is restricted within five miles that have area. so you'll notice it looks like it's long, and it is. deputies, firefighters are standing by. this just puts itself out. they p can't move them self outz so it's just not safe. we're getting information that 5 is develop now from san bernardino airport and 13 additional deputies on board there. they'll fly in, likely find a landing zone near the cabin burning to the ground, lanld, there could be crawl spaces in
4:54 pm
that cabin. we understand it's been surrounded on all sides sometime they've got to take no chances and wait until it burns out. officers and law enforcement will move in and try to find their suspect either dead or alive it will be interesting to see what that helicopter is carrying. whose team that s what specialty is. they have a lot of s.w.a.t. is progressing quickly. and sow many departments have been set up to respond to this situation. lapd confirm thlg s.w.a.t. team was reaped and red to go but had not been called in. we don't know about l.a. county sheriff's department on wlrnd they moved in. a number of law enforcement were there, lending a hand wex
4:55 pm
don't report that often about that getting into gunfire but does it happen. they that was initially what started this gunfire, one two of that happened earlier this afternoon. the result chf we know one person is dead. and we'll continue to update you on that situation. air 7 watching this fire burn. any new observations? >> not just yet. we'll keep cameras on that fire. looking south to lk for san bernardino and international airport. that is where that helicopter is inbound we understand are 13 troops. it could be special troops we don't know who is on board but a a.decision yl troops being brought in. there are dozens and dozens of law enforcement officers not only in big bear city, off of
4:56 pm
highway 38 in a command post. we can't see because we're five miles out. and don't want to give away their positions. we believe if he hz a by to see ourajyz signal we don't want to give away a position of law enforcement officers. so keeping the picture up on the ground right now this, area out of the san bernardino mountains it's 32 degrees on the ground. colder than our altitude. on the ground it's going to be a chore for law enforcement and firefighters as well. we're fortunate this afternoon this could turn this into a brush fire. looks like fire confined to just that one property. properties here are very spread out.
4:57 pm
we'll keep you updated. >> thank you very much. this is eyewitness news at 5:00 i'm marc brown you're watching live coverage of the shootout and continuing violence in the ongoing saga of christopher dorner. let's hear now from cindy bachman from the san bernardino county sheriff's department. >> this is abc 7 news at 5:00 you're watching. >> this is something going on since 12:20 this afternoon. the first call came in to police saying a car had been stolen two, people had been tied up and managed to get away. they told authorities they believe the person who tied him up was christopher dorner, an exlos angeles police officer. >> this is live coverage from
4:58 pm
kabc. we want to continue what they are broadcasting right new. >> one of them died after being taken to loama linda. second dep city in surgery and is expected to survive. >> we they on routine patrol or part of a large. >> they were a part of the search efforts to find dorner. >> house is burning significantly. it doesn't seem anyone could survive in there. how soon before they go in to confirm whether he's in there? >> i don't know. probably when it's safe to do so. >> is this an occupied cabin? >> i think it was a rental and that there was no one there. >> how sure cub? how secure is the area around that house? how well were your helicopters watching this area while he
4:59 pm
was in there? and this is playing out? >> i can't answer that now. i don't know. i found out just when a rifd that it was on fire. >> there is no further gunfire from the snom. >> it's my understanding since the fire began there has been no other gunfire. >> what can you tell us at the moment as the sun is about to set is this guy still on the loose? >> i can't answer that for you? >> but it's a possibility? >> roads are going to stay closed. i would say for at least a few hours. probably longer. >> so all right we've just listened to the san


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