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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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faces three special circumstances including kidnapping skpraip a lewd act upon a child under 14. if convicted jones could face the death penalty. police released few details but a last known photo of her shows her walking past a convenience store just across from the apartment building where jones mother lives and where the suspect was arrested on friday. on the way out of court jones mother and sister woz not comment on the possible involvement in the murder. eric may had his own impressions of the mild mannered man he saw in court. he doesn't look like a -- i mean, looks like a human being. but what he did to her is jus just... unimaginable. >> and again, at this point jones remains here at the jail has only been charged with gennel's murder. police have released few details in this case whether
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this was añzk random act or whether these two people knew each other, jones will be back in court here next week. live in fairfield abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> more than 4,000 people turned out to honor a southern california officer killed by a former lapd police officer. officer michael crain died while working the graveyard shift in riverside. investigators say disgruntelled former officer opened fire on him. today he received an honorary salute in a public service crain served two duty -- tours of duty in kuwait. the search is over tonight for that that accused gunman investigators say went on a vengeful shooting spree after losing his job on the force. tests continue to determine whether the body found inside of the burned-out cabin in big bear is in fact dorner's but that is the suspicion. another alleged victim this,
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man was identified today. a second deputy will recover from wounds. investigators say the two shot during a gun battle yesterday who then barricaded himself inside that have cabin. >> the deputy sheriff responding to this active shooting scene yesterday were true heroes. there are rounldz being fired like a war zone. >> here is it looks like now. not much left. officer say they did use tear gas that may have hearted the -- started the fire. >> we have developing news of a house full of homemade bombs. that took care of the explosives found. abc 7 news is live now to tell us what he learned today. >> we're et getting strong leads the person threatened a
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state senator was leelandy from an fran. the owe office says she were -- they were briefed. and there is a a number related to his position ending gun violence. the senator is not commenting today. the investigation continues in my shoulder. >> throughout the day, they took the form of computers and what might be garbage but it did seem to be telling a story. >> it's kind of an eye opener. didn't expect to find what we did. >>grda this began yesterday wia patrol. they found a concealed gun and explosive materials, and unknown chemical that's they disposed off on the front lawn last night, loudly.
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>> can you link anything in in this person? >> that is part of the investigation. so i can't comment on that. >> nor do we know about bashum who lived in the house. >> he was always looking at them. >> he kept to himself a lot. >> and and never bothered nobody. >>e/ñí out back quite a lot apparently. >> for a while chp were worried about booby trap autos going through everything in the house. >> yes. every drawer, every box and corner. yes. yes. >>. >> it's time consuming sir. >> they're shipping back to sacramento aez evidence of what exactly, we're still waiting to hear.
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>> and now, we're beginning to find out more information on ask and he worked and now, the co-there is a is an endorsement saying in part let's show you that quote. that is about the brightest skilled engineer i have met. and he keeps us inspired with him, tomorrow, when chp investigators we'll know more. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. new jersey governor chris christie is in town tonight generating publicity and an awful a lot of money. he will meet and greet at mark zuckerberg's nous a palo alto neighborhood off university avenue. mark matthews is cover asking is there for us live tonight. mark?
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>> mark zuckerberg hosting dinner for chris christie the new jersey governor has got really very high approval ratings in his home state and speaking of that, mark zuckerberg has certainly liked and friended chris christie. >> facebook founder and new jersey governor have been friends several years, since 2010 on oprah, mark zuckerberg donated $100 million to new jersey public schools, zuckerberg hosted a town hall for president obama but tonight he's throwing a political fund-raiser that raises chris christie's profile in silicon valley. meg whitman is another tech supporter of christie's and in a run for white house our political analyst says a base of support can serve christie well. >> we've seen it already in california they can put up a lot of money for moderate
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republican candidates. >> chris christie will need cash. conservative republicans represent a significant more to the conservative's liking, governor christie one of the most-popular among contenders is marco rubio. last night in his response he missed an opportunity. >> nothing frustrated me one like false promises like the one the president laid out tonight. >> not just awkward water moment. he spent minutes in the national spotlight rehashingfáñ argument frtz romney campaign. >> this was his chance to introduce him stofl a national audience. >> one organization is unhappy about the head of facebook raising money for a governor who cut funding for womens'
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health care services. >> 58% of facebook users are women, we're here to send a message we don't think he should be funding the republican war on women. >> we saw chris christie and her role in a big white suv. and $3800 a head. we saw condoleezza rice walking in just minutes ago this, money being raised for chris christie's reelection as governor of new jersey. his campaign, and i still can't shake the feeling somewhere tonight the race is getting underway for 2016 white house. >> it has that feel, thank you very much. >> still head tonight an investigation into some of the biggest companies in skaly. find out how they're getting away with not paying billions in taxes. >> in sacramento the law has
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only been in effect for a year, now, they want to take away ability to use hands free texting while behind the wheel. he says there is evidence that says that is too dangerous. >> details on a celebration planned for the opening of the bay bridge. you might as well enjoy it. >> this pattern hasn't ended yet. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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crash skptd plane apparently broke apart. the crop duster pilot died near the town of winters. deputies say he crashed near interstate 505. no word yet onit happened but we do know the pilot, sadly died in the crash. >> there is an attack on siri. a bill banning hands free texting while you drive. it may seem odd but as abc 7 news reports, theço4x supporters say there is a difference. >> yvonne is among the thousands of driver who's text hands free while driving. >> hi, laurie. i like the sort. >> with long commutes and traffic jams it's a way of life here since hands free texting while driving became legal last year. >> this is 21st century.
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about convenience. ask efficiency. and that is a convenient way of communicating. >> a year into the law a lawmaker now wants to make hands free texting illegal. >> average time for being distracted is 4.6 seconds. it's almost a football field you're not paying attention to drivers around you. to me that is not okay. >> there is a nud nu studyo'z showing texting hands free is just as dangerous. researchers found voice controlled texting required higher mental demanld, longer glance as way from roads. the democratic assemblyman laments numbers from the national transportation safety board, nearly a thousand deaths and 24,000 injuries per year. but critics wonder if this ban opens the door to more restriction autos if youç/qh ban
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one hands free thing, next step is going to be banning hands free talking. >> he says he's just trying to make roads after safer after having lost a daughter a crash unrelated to texting. >> as a father who lost a child in a car accident i don't want anyone to have to go through what i did. >> i think you can multi task in the car. >> this bill should get its first hearing in the spring. >> santa clara county offering a gun buy back program. official as announced a anonymous buy back scheduled for saturday. no questions for law enforcement. officials don't expect the anonymous part will encourage criminals to turn in records. koit. but it's important to have a solution for people who just don't want guns in homes
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anymore. >> our categories if you look at violence we have, guns have been stolen and end up in the hands of criminals. this is a way to take it out of circulation. >> signs are being posted aaround county. >> a two day party celebrating bay bridge opening is expected to be approved. a committee recommended the celebration that would include a bike race, foot rairks concert, fire works and public walk. a spokesperson says there is a lot of support for this big celebration. >> this is not the plan. the plan is standard fare. what is unique is that you have a structure on the bay. not just in the bay area. not just around the world. >> a five-day shut down of the bridge is planned starting wednesday, august 28th running through labor day.
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the rest will be for the celebration. the full commission expected to approve the partyuz later this month its going to be exciting time. >> we'll provide coverage up to and throughout that wonderful moment. >> let's talk about gorgeous weather. it continues to be spring like and getting springier. here is a live view from our east bay hills camera look westward. bright and sunset quite a few minutes ago. look at that. we do have low clouds and fog. at the coast locally towards the bay, skies over most of the bay area are clear. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd you can see outline of clouds neert coast but clear skies over land areas and populated areas and temperatures at this hour 50 degrees in san francisco.
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mainly 50s and warm spots. antioch, 62. 60s in los gatos, forecasts features are these. sunny skies and mild conditions continuing tomorrow, through saturday. cooling begins on sunday, though under sunny skies. showers likely tuesday and wednesday. of next week. so they're certainly a change in weather pattern coming our way. high pressure a large ridge still dominant feature it's going to hold the pattern and warm part. >> starting at 7:00 tonight fog is pushing not only locally inland but across the bay into inland valley locations in the north bay and east bay. despite presence of fog goits tok chilly in interior valleys. lows dropping into mid-30s. upper 30s in concord. only 41 in san jose.
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it's cool but not cold. tote it continues to be sunny getting milder. high temperatures into upper 60s to 70s in los gatos. 68 palo alto 60s on the coast in pacifica and half moon bay. low to mid-60s there. 66, 64 degrees, downtown, 62 in the sunset district. mid to upper 60s and near 70 farther north. . upper 60s on the east bay. inland east bay will have highs into upper 60s. and near monterey bay, highs into upper 60s to low 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild pattern continues through saturday.
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and cooling sunday and cooler next week. monday is president's day, tuesday, wednesday, rainy day autos good. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next a soft ball team going to make history in cuba. >> local high school students got a civics lesson today. got a civics lesson today. what an opportunity they had.ysg
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a group of high school students are getting ready to board a plane tonight for a trip to cuba. they belong to the baseball and soft ball teams, others have gone to the country before but it's believed they're the first to go to play against students there. now, they're also taking sports equipment to donate to cuban youth. >> have several dozen bats. we also have, i believe about 75 gloves. helmets, cleats. >> i just hope to learn how they play the game i. sure it's different than the weway we do.
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to visit museums and events in between games. >> california chief justice got a preview of what she may do when she retires. she visited balboa high school law kad my. students asked the chief justice questions and got career advice. >> she talked to us like she's a regular person. she's such a great honor. >> it opens up kids minds and gets them thinkinging about anything is possible. >> she is only the second n california history. >> tonight the silicon valley companies that have avoided paying billions in taxes.
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an investigation reveelz how they're getting away with it. fire. they knew about it all along. >> attorneys returning to court hoping judges will do what the trial judge did not. abc 7 news at 6:00 conti
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you pay taxes on your income why aren't largest corporations in the bay area doing the same? our media partners have been poring over frordz the biggest tech firms. they report that companies have billions in overseas accounts and it's perfectly legal. >> google, apple, ebay, yahoo, cisco. they're some of the biggest names in silicon valley. but they're also among the companies who have avoided
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paying billions in federal and state taxes. mat drains poured over documents submitted to the suc by 50 largest companies in silicong5 >> we found almost all of them are doing the same thing. >> 47 reported having assetsddg overseas that were permanently reinvest add loug them to legally avoid reporting the money as taxable u.s. income. >> a lot of the money is not. it's a lot of times the company chooses u.s. investments and things like that. >> those are just some of the ways companies defer payments indefinitely. five company as kted for more than two thirds of the $225 billion in accumulated foreign earnings last year. top u.s. tax rate is 35% but a review of the last three years of financial records found that some silicon valley
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companies are paying lower global tax rates. apple reported $40.4 million -- billion in holdings overseas. ebay, $10 billion overseas, google, $24.8 billion reported. yahoo had $3.2 billion overseas. and cisco which reported $41.3 billion overseas had anmk;va effective tax rate of 14%. those that did said they're following the law. economists estimate the federal government loses $90 billion a year enough to fund california public schools and universities more than two years. or cover 206 days of military operations in afghanistan and iraq. this isn't the first time multi national companies have
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been the target of criticism for sheltering money oversea autos bottom line of our investigation is that some use our current tax system to engage in gimmicks to avoid paying taxes they ow ee. they take a look at how companies have become so efficient at avoiding taxes. hewlett-packard and microsoft testified they're among companies operated legally. >> they're properly legal tax avoidance. >> senator says congress is to blame creating a patch work of tax laws. >> they spend a lot of money with accountants to take advantage of every loophole that we have created. >> and they will continue to do so. there have been no changes in the law so far. many firms will benefit from a
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two year extension in a fiscal cliff deal that will cost the government more than $1.4 billion. >> hard to believe but it's been a decade since the case against barry bonds began. his attorneys"ç trying to4/;)x overturn his felony conviction in the case involving the use of performance-enhacing drugs. >> barry bonds not in the courtroom today as his attorney appeared before a panel arguing home run king's conviction for obstructing justice should be tossed. bonldz was convicted for testimony he gave before a grand jury. a jury decided that the slugger's rambling answer in che talked about growing up the child of a celebrity was evasive. but his attorney says those
6:32 pm
remarks weren't included in the indictment. and that bonds answered the question. >> he answered that question three times directly. how can that be obstruction of justice? >> the prosecutor prets pressed a government's view in an exchange. >> if the government gets a direct answer after a series of arguably evasive answers does that make policedding answers obstructive? >> well, your honor it does if it's a false answer. >> lance williams wret "game of shadows" a bestseller about the steroid scandal and bonds. >> there is no dourt on bonds went in there determined not to answer a question about using be banned drugs if he can possibly avoid it abc 7 legal analyst calls the case
6:33 pm
last minute. >> the charge under which bonds was convicted was added at the last minute. the statement of che was convicted added at the last minute. >> there is in deadline on when they must rule. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> tonight's money matters a number one in the airline industry. sources tell associated press today both boards of american airlines and u.s. airways have agreed to a merger forming what will be the nation's biggest airline. details remain private. >> despite a shaky economy cisco systems reports sales of internet equipment are picking up. up 44% and a good sign for the rest of the industry. there has been a drop in bay area foreclosures. default notices down as much
6:34 pm
homeowner bill of rights kicked in. >> comcast may have gotten a steel whit bought the rest of universal from ge. one says the deal was misfris prised. blue chip stocks fell after a slight drop in retail sales last month. the dow lost 35 points, nasdaq up by 10. >> a new report reaffirms claims chevron knew about a pipe causing a massive fire in its refinery in august.@1u this report says chevron was warned by it's own inspectors but bth damaged pipe but waits never replaced. chevron faces a fine for the incident that caused problems
6:35 pm
for thousands. today saying quote we do not agree with some of the characterizations we're committed to discussing findings from our investigation and our corrective action wtz investigating agency autos when we come back a road trip for hacker autos that is right. going to show what you they hope to accomplish on a long bus ride to texas.
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it could be the road trip of a lifetime for a handful of bay area hackers designers and sales people. >> young entrepreneurs will spend three sleepness nights on a bus trying to start a business as wheel goes around and around. >> it's aa bus whose seats are so coveted it's inspired geeks to become rappers. a select group of hackers come
6:39 pm
up with wild i'd skbraz turn them into real products, leaving sab fran on march 3 bound for south by southwest d investors are waiting. almost nobody sleeps. >> it's a very intense experience that is on purpose. >> the start up bus began three years ago, now, spread to 10 other city autos won't it be easier to hop on a plane? >> yes. would it be easier to hop on an airplane but not half as much fun. >> they stop to hear experts and do market research on a tight clock. that is last year, her teamh"1÷ produced serlized. >> you can select the
6:40 pm
ingredients you wanted in serial and see it in the bowl. >> the start up bus is one of a growing number of hackathons happening unusual convenient use. don't fancy the open road? how about open water? >> it's on a yacht. >> venture beat writer says unreasonable at sea and a start up bus exist one reason. >> there is a talent shortage in silicon valley well. have to come up with fun ideas to get programmers wanting to get involved with hacka thonz. >>"vxc the start up bus is half full and taking applications. >> coming up next a new made in america story. >> a woman turning her life of the beach into a booming
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a published study today shows california tobacco prevention program saved us billions of dollars that. concludes cost have fallen by
6:44 pm
$56 for every $1 the state spent on antismoking programs. since 1989 california doled out $2.4 billion trying to get people to kick the habit. >> tonight a made in america story of a young woman from pacifica whose time at the beach is now beginning to pay off. she combined business degree with hobby for fairly amazing results. >> this is what happens when a bliss becomes a business. for chelsea company headquarters has yet to expand beyond rooms in her home. the world is coming to her. >> 500 packages got delivered. >> she design what's women want to wear and men want to see. bikinis. really small bikinis. >> it's started with a serious addiction to bikinis. >> a life long addiction for a girl grew up along northern
6:45 pm
california beaches and never got the wind, water or waves out of her system. >> so calming and peaceful. and i feel it centers me. sometimes i just like to work and stare at the ocean. >> so last summer no one would hire her she began turning drawings into dreams come true and stone fox swim began making little wave autos how do you know you've made it as a bikini designer? >> if you made night "sports illustrated" swim. >> a goal on a whim, chelsea mailed them bikini autos this is the collection. >> 40 pieces off to new york. then, she waited. >> there are details go into making it. i mean just the way like#kt it needs to be sewn perfectly when it's@4d so tiny. >> people aren't looking at sewing. >> well, if you open up magazine you may notice she did not get her exact wish. >> they're using four.
6:46 pm
>> four. >> is that a vikt sfli. >> is that that is a huge victory. >> massive. life changing and all from bikinies so small she can make three from a yard of fabric. >> do you mean how did i learn to do this? >> yes. >> google. >> and the rest? >> force of will. >> we're hoping it's going to be big. >> that from skimpiest of clothing. in boulder creek abc 7 news. >> three bikinies from one yard. >> it's efficient. >> it's amazing what you can do with google, too. really. >> you can't get spencer christian though, doing weather. >> this is skimpy clothing weather we're having now. a look at live doppler 7 shows low clouds and ?w'l the coastline, condoleezza overland areas. sunny skies and high temperatures around 70 degrees
6:47 pm
in chico. 76 in los angeles. 57 in yosemite. cool spot, tahoe. another mild day with sunny skies from top to bottom. 68 in san jose. and here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. weather trend continues through saturday high temperatures friday around 70 degrees in several loks mid-60s on the coast. monday extra clouds in the sky for president's day z then, tuesday, wednesday, a taste of rainfall we've seen in white a while. >> we need it we do. getting dry out there. >> yes. >> remember academy awards are coming up soon. so now, it's the time to down load official oscars app. the feature has details on eçfees and will help you
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keep track of your favorites. >> it's available for iphone, ipad and kindel fire. remember, oscars on february 24theyn now less than two weeks away. the show airs here on abc 7. >> that is a big, fun thing. mike shumann is here. >> spring training has begun. catchers reported yesterday but there is a re
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spring training for defending champions has begun. pitchers and catchers taking the field for the first time today under snichlz the new look a thing of the past. now, we've heard about rumors ill will between lincecum and buster posey.&7'f both want to develop a chem tri this season. the gins first spring training game is a week from saturday against angels. g men prepare for another run,
6:52 pm
nine players will be leaving to play in world baseball classic which runs from march 2 through the 19th. 16 teams, 39 games, seven venues. those participating are exsated. >> giants manager is showing off the sport of baseball around the world but has to be concerned about injury was a third of his roster participating. >> you have a possibility if you didn't go to wtc that goes with the territory. make sure they're ready before they go. they're not overworked. >> giants pitchers claim this may be the last chance to play for their country. >> it's a dream of mine is up there with winning a world series, being an all star.
6:53 pm
just being a big leaguer altogether. >> this event is a concern for pitchers they don't want to throw arms out before the giants season begins. >> it's just preparing to be more competitive. you have to be in shape to where your arm with handle your adrenaline. >> semies and finals showcasing giants fans among eerjz it's going to be a different atmosphere though. you're going to see more of a world cup atmosphere here. they're having uniforms and hats. and flags. it's going tog to be cool. >> they open against mexico march 8th. our spring training coverage begins this weekend.
6:54 pm
i'll be with giants on saturday going to the pit two weeks from now facing off today. the game's first goal the header and then, 20th minute. the header of his orngs equalizer for the tie. golden opportunity just in time for game's end in a one, one draw. will ferrell is many things an actor comedian and an usher at staples center. >> stone faced. acting the part part to a tee. >> everybody knows about the red coats here. yeah? >> yes. >> i'm watching you. >> farrell taking his job seriously last night at lakers-suns game. noticing an imposter in the
6:55 pm
front row and escorts him out of the building that. is shaq playing with the gag. kobe bryant said he saw this happen and got a good laugh out of it. now, will ferrell can just stand there and i will laugh at him. he's funny. >> there is something about him. >> is this for his new movie anchorman 2? >> it's been shot. i'm going assume it's just a gag. it has that web site be phony or die. but i just love the fact he'll try anything, and do anything. >> right. right. >> join me tonight at 8:00 on cable channel 13. coming up with a rumble and roar a glacier collapses how rare is this sight? >> then at 11:00 women looking for love on line only to become victims of a rip jo. how to tell when you're getting conned. >> at jimmy kimmel live, james franko, nigella lawson and
6:56 pm
fall out boy. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here thanks for watching. see you again
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