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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 14, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PST

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calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. >> for the first time this couple held hostage by christopher dorner is talking about their harrowing ordeal as he tried to escape the law. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. they thought they were going to die. that's what they were saying as this developing story continues to evolve. listen to what happened as they came face-to-face with a cop killer. >> he had his gun drawn. >> you know, stay calm. >> resort owners found dorner
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died. he took off on foot to a cabin where an intense gun fight broke out. then in smoke and flames the cabin burned down. >> we believe this investigation is over at this point. >> detectives are waiting for forensic results on the charre body body they found inse the cabin. meanwhile in riverside an emotional farewell to michael crane, a husband and father of two. dorner is accused of gunning him down last thursday. >> every day got better. every day we renewed our love, and i knew how much he loved me. >> very emotional ceremony. the san bernadino sheriff's department identified the deputy who was killed as detective jeremiah mckay. he was 35 years old and seven-year-oldeven-year-old daughter and a four-month-old son. so a very young family.
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the san bernadino coroner says it could take weeks to identify the remains found in that burned out cabin. we are learning more about the south bay man wanted for setting off an explosive and threatening a public official. it turns out that official is leyland ye, and the suspect is a well respected computer engineer with close ties to apple co-founder steve s who knee yak. steve what's -- waznia c. >> this layer of a would be murderous bomb maker, or was it the at homework shop of a genius software engineer whose materials used with tinkering with homemade electronic devices could bemis taken for a bomb? well it depends on who you ask. chp officers will keep watch overnight off everett basham overnight. he was arrested for threatening leyland ye and charged with igniting or
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attempting to ignite an explosive device with intent to commit murder. the chp says s.w.a.t officers found bomb making liquid and powder ingredients when they entered the house. some had to be destroyed in the front yard last nights. >> initially that wasn't what we were look it was an eye opener when we got here. didn't expect to find what we did initially. we will continue to make the scene safe as we process the evidence. >> he is a softwar engineer who works directly with the apple co founder as he was endorsed on the linked in profile saying everett is about the brightest and skilled engineer since i have and it keeps dull and it keeps the rest of us inspired 6789 he tells a bay area news group that he is a, quote, brilliant engineer who constructed
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electronic devices at home and what the chp is calling explosives might be cleaning solve vents used in making the devices. investigators spent the day bringing out evidence including what they call a usable bomb. they plan to detonate it tomorrow in a bomb squad trailer to contain the blast. neighbors knew there was something strange going on at his house. the signs were all over the place this man walks his dog past it frequently, and he knew it had to be about that house. >> four security cameras out there and four radio antennas as well. i was curious as to what was going on in the house. >> he is urging restraint before jumping to conclusions about what was going here. ye plans to speak with reporters tomorrow about the threats against him. abc7 news. >> thanks >> thanks very much. a san jose teenager was killed theks to the campus of san
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jose high school. the victim was stabbed on east julian street. he stumbled to north 21st street where sadly he died. sky 7hd shows the taped off area where investigators spent the evening searching for -- the area and looking for witnesses. >> oakland police are looking for the hit and run driver who injured a woman walking across the street. police investigated, and both victims were taken to hospital, but their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. police have thought releasedded a description of the vehicle or driver involved in this hit and run. officials at uc berkeley are looking into why a transformer exploded in a vault a loud boom echoed, and that one was injured in the blast. a small fire was quickly put out. in the meantime, pg&e has most of the lights back on around the embarcadero waterfront after a blackout this
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evening. restaurants and other businesses from the ferry building south to the bay bridge were in the dark for about an hour beginning at 6:45. the traffic signals and the streetlights were out as well. pg&e says equipment failure is the cause and providing generator power for a few customers that are still affected. >> volunteers armed with flashlights are taking to trails trying tou! help people find their way. the lights are out along port chicago highway near the bart station, and once again it is because of copper thieves. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley set out in the dark to see what is being done. >> the sun goes down and it is pitch back on this highway. lights along the trail heading south of the north concord bart station has been out for months as the copper thieves accessed the in ground boxes and ripped out the wiring. >> when i have to come home it concerns me. i started carrying a pocket
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knife. from here to the center where there is a break going to the neighborhood all the lights are out. >> if i hit somebody we are going to hospital. so it would be nice if the lights were working. >> last week the copper thieves struck along this stretch of willow path road blacking out streetlights. in the last few years concord has spent more than a million dollars replacing the stolen copper wiring. >> the solution? in ground boxes will be encased with rebar with a cover acquiring special tools. >> you tried putting the boulders on them. >> we would have liked to think the boulders would work, but they did not. >> so they installed solar lights jie. we are installing the warning signs. pedestrians know they are out. >> we have volunteers that are working out here.
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>> all exhaustive memories to shed some light on a growing problem. 234 concord, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. happening right now san bruno school board members are locked in a discussion about a possible school closure. they are deciding what to do with students at crest more elementary school. the district needs to shutdown one school because of budget problems. board members are divided about where to send them. either rolling wood elementary or john muir elementary. it could last until after midnight. crest more is a half mile from the site of the 20110 gas line explosion that destroyed dozens of homes. our warm spring-like weather is about to change. now to sandhya patel and live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> you know the saying all good things must come to an end, but not immediately. let me show you live doppler 7hd right now. we do have some fog out there. along the coastline it is getting dense. the national weather service is warning people especially
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along highway 1 if you are traveling from the peninsula coast down toward the monterey bay. it is getting thick. the temperatures right now in the 40s, and they are going to continue to fall so you know you need to bundle up as you head out the door tomorrow morning. i'll have your complete valentine's day forecast and a look at when live doppler 7hd will be tracking rain. you heard right. dan? >> it has been awhile. thank you very much. if you are looking for a mate, you probably thought about turning to the internet. >> a lot of people do. now michael finney explaining how you can run into trouble if you are not carriful. >> and these are heartbreaking stories. they are women who were >> you areing for love. >> you are human. you ignore certain signs. >> up next, i will show you what to look out for to avoid being the victim of a ripoff. >> also, the big event at the san francisco zoo. what happened at the tiger enclosure. >> and then late other "nightline."
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>> we have music from fallout boy and james franco. >> thank you, anne. and now the award for best supporting actor. >> he thinks he is still hosting the oscars. >> "nightline" is after that. >> "nightline" is after that. that's
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singles who have tried on-line dating. >> many have found love and some have also found trouble. >> on-line dating sites have a great way to meet, but a new arena for on-line criminals. they convince their victims they have fallen in love with them and then move in to take their money. >> my dear, sweet, lori.
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i miss you. >> lori thought she met the man of her dreams on >> i want to romance you. i want you to though how beautiful you are in my eyes. jay he said his name -- >> he said his name was sam and he wrote long letters professing his love and e-mailing photos of a strapping young man. we are blurring the faces in these photos because there is no way to know who they really depict. >> there was definite romance. we talked on the phone every day. >> sam said hen overseas on business, but he couldn't wait to meet her. and then an odd request. >> he wanted to deposit his paycheck into my bank account and then have me send him the money. >> he said the funds were frozen. could she help? lori declined, but sam kept the love letters flowing and lori was swept up in romance. when he asked for a birthday present, lori sent him a $50 itunes gift card.itunes gift then another request for money. >> $50,000 cash advance on a
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$50,000. it is like, seriously? >> lori told him she couldn't afford it. after that sam stopped writing. lori began to realize the man of her dreams was really a con artist. >> i did go through those being angry and then depressed. >> luckily all she lost was a gift card. not so lucky was susan from contra costa county. susan has asked us to conceal her identity and here is why. she lost a staggering $100,000 to a swindler on >> you are human. you want to find love. so, yes, you ignore certain signs. >> susan was hoping to meet another woman on the site. somebody named veronica e-mailed her and sent her the photos and wrote long love poems. >> are you an amazing, sparkling person. >> susan thought she found a life long companion. and then veronica said she had
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to go to nigeria to sell a family farm and needed cash for repairs >>- q. i shooy said i need $800 and i said i could loan you the money. >> but it didn't stop there. >> she had to pay property tax and stuff. so it started escalating to more and more. >> susan wired money again and again, plunging $100,000 into debt. she believed veronica's promises to pay it back and they would be together some day. and then the cold reality. susan went to finally meet veronica in person at san francisco international area port, but no one showed up. >> i was very naive. it turned my life upside down. >> says cons are rare and millions have found true love on the site. the company is up front and telling customers it does not do criminal background checks. saying that won't stop most thieves. thieves. while only a small number of
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our millions of sub scraibers have -- subscribers have been scammed by those who prey on individuals in every corner of the web we take this issue seriously. we address it on the site tracking it and preventing fraud at every step of the way. it is also very important that people exercise common sense and prudence with individuals they have just met whether through on-line dating or any other means. >> the biggest red flag with these sorts of the dating scams we are seeing is that they are very quick to say they have fallen in love with you. >> that is julie from the fbi who investigates internet crimes like these. >> they target people who are seniors and they target people who are lonely. >> so how can you spot an on-line dating fraud? con artists profess love after a very short time. they claim they can't meet you in person because they are traveling or are overseas. they ask you to go off the dating site right away and use
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personal e-mail. that's to avoid detection. they also fabricate a profile. photos are not really there. and then predators eventually ask for money. don't give anyone cash or personal information. and lori says protect your heart too. >> even though it was fake, yes, it was a great couple of months with an unfortunate end. >> now says customers should report any member who asks for money or puts a fraudulent profile on lipe. that violates the company's rules and those people will be booted off the site. now, i posted more tips for protecting yourself on-line. go to abc7 look under 7 on your side and make sure you have a very nice valentine's day. >> thank you, michael. now let's turn our attention to what has been and
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continue to be a spectacular weather forecast. >> and should be through valentine's day. sandhya patel is here. >> it is only going to get better. we will see warmer conditions for valentine's day. from this evening, watch the fog. it was hugging the coast all afternoon and it has started to come back in over the bay as the sun was setting. as we check out live doppler 7hd, we do have the fog around. it is dropping visibility along the coastline. it is down to 5 miles right now. falling around places like watsonville a quarter of a mile. here is a look at your valentine forecast. if you are going out to breakfast it is going to be foggy. noontime lunchtime hour mid50s to low 60s at 4:00 p.m. it will be sunny and temperatures in the 60sclosend close to 70 there. and then by 7:00 p.m. if you do have dinner plans it will be clear and cool. midto upper 50 so grab a
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sweater or jacket. areas of fog and dense in patches. warmer for your valentine's day and rain returns next tuesday. it is a longtime in coming. here is a look at high pressure that has been dominating our weather here. it is going to hold on right on through monday. with this ridge of high pressure in place, the tomorrows -- the storms will not make it yet. but by tuesday, the high breaks down and the rain comes in and showers will linger until wednesday. the morning will begin with fog. we have it near the coast. it will be locally over the bay as we head into thursday. and the morning commute will feature pockets of poor visibility. make s have extra time to get to work or get the kids off to school and make sure the little ones are bundled up. 35 degrees by morning in napa and 36 in santa rosa. 38 for san rafael, livermore, low 40s fremont san jose, palo alto. oaknd la, san francisco are the milder locations. mid40s due to the moderating affects of the water. highs for thursday are coming
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up a few degrees. these are warmer than average this time of year. 64 in san francisco. 69 in santa rosa. oakland, concord, fairfield, 68 palo alto. it is going to be sunny and mild. watsonville 70 degrees and 71 in salinas. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. i have sunshine to brighten your valentine's day. temperatures will come up on friday. mid60s to low 70s. they will start to fall over the weekend. a little more cloud cover by president's day. it is cooling off and it is much cooler by tuesday and wednesday. numbers in the 50s. rain tuesday, showers wednesday. the computer models are still going with the possibility of rain. it is still in there. we are going to keep it going and hope we get more wet days coming. >> thanks, sandhya. the oscars are a week and a half away.
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it is a final chance at hp pavilion. survival mode and third set and second game and gets out of it with a monster serve. an ace up the tee on game point. 2-2 and the 6 foot 9 near court and returning serve with the forehand winner and from the shoelace and we go to
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match point. sails long and the 2 seed moves on 7-6, 2-6 and 6-3. the giants will look to make a run at back to back world series title. pitchers and catchers are taking the field. for the first time sunny skies. tim lincecum and his new look on display with the long hair on the past. we heard aboutee ill will between tim lincecum and buster posey, but they look okay here. they wanted to develop a chemistry as quick as possible. timmy changed his look and off season workouts and he is changing his preparation in hopes he can reclaim his cy young form of 2008 and 2009. >> it is accentance. sometimes it is hard to accept. there are things you don't want to. last year was a tough one to swallow. i got through it, and the team helped me get there. this year i would like to take
1:34 am
a fresh plate and approach this year as if i am another guy on the team. >> he's ready to go. i think what he did in the world series and in the playoffs capped the season. i know as a free agent to be, he wants to do not only what is good for him and his career, but the organization. we ants -- anticipate a good year. >> one of the most storied rivalries, the tar heels hosted by duke bluedevils. can you believe he is ict is 6 today? he was not in a seg law bra tore mood. -- a sell law bra tore mood. harrison with the follow-up jam. north carolina lead for the first 26 minutes. the two handed flush and a jump hook in the lane. he had 18 points and duke wins it 73-68. and this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. i am on my way to spring training and we will start on saturday at 5:00. >> look forward to seeing those. the dance moves of a marin
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family -- pardon me. we have a new development at the san francisco zoo.
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that's our mission for health. wake up weather.
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be careful. the winter chills will be with us. mid30s to mid40s and by 8:00 a.m. you are looking at temperatures from the low to upper 40s. valentine's day is looking great. we still have the possibility of rain coming in on tuesday. mike will be here from 4:theater to 7:00 a.m. and tracking the potential for rain. jay thank you, sandhya. the moves of a marin county man and his two grandmothers have gone viral for their take on the latest internet sensation. >> he is doing the harlem shake with a little help from his grandmother. >> a lot of help. >> it is a free form dance to the song "harlem shake" and youtube has raked up a million hits. the san francisco zoo has a new addition. >> a tiger cub was born to its nine-year-old >> it is an extremely endangered species.
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