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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 15, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we had temperature in the car that read 73 in san rafael. gorgeous valentine's day. so far, good ride, westbound, highway four, a big rig right there at northbound 160 the transition toward the antioch bridge that spilled the load if lanes and c.h.p. and caltrain is there to clean up and moving to pittsburg from antioch moving nicely. to the northern portion of the golden gate bridge, the work will be picked up by 6:00. and bart and mass transit getting off to a good start. >> in russia, 500 are injured after a stunning meteorite show. it happened 950 miles eat -- east of now. official say most of the injured were hurt by breaking glass. did you hear the "boom"?
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14 have been hospitalized. it is believed the meteorite broke apart and fell in several places causing all the explosions. people in the it was a war zone. search teams have found three large pieces of meteorite debris so far and 10,000 police officers are looking for more. emergency officials have not reported any deaths. katie marzullo will have a live report with more in 30 minutes. >> students are ready to return to san leandro school that was shut down while police conduct add murder investigation on campus. amy is live with the latest on that story. amy? >> hundreds of children return here today. to them, this place is school. to friends and fell of the victim this is the place where they lost their loved one and held a vigil for him here the scene school last night. 24 hours after he was killed here.
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investigators are looking into the possibility that the 19-year-old may have been killed here on the campus over a game of dice. he was found before 9:00 on wednesday night on hillside elementary school campus suffering from a gunshot wound and later died the scene hospital. friends and family say he had a bright future ahead of him. >> you see someone that you try to help mold their life and get them and keep them on the right track and see them doing that and still bad things happen, it hurts. >> foster was a registered freshman on the football team at college and a graduate of a high school in oakland where he played football. authorities canceled school here yesterday to conduct the investigation. they did not want children running around their crime scene. the school will be open today and officials will have a crisis team in place in case the children want to talk about what
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happened on their campus. >> san francisco police are investigating a chase that resulted in an officer shooting at a suspect. this chase inned in a four-car crash on 5th and mission streets at a by decision intersection, five people including the suspect, were injured and all with non-life threatening joins hitting a taxi and crashing into two other cars starting after an officer spotted the stolen vehicle. >> san jose police are investigating a double fatal shooting. a man shot a woman he was romantically involved with and shot and killed himself just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a house mail her the shots found the bodies and called police. several people were questioned would live the scene home. >> a 25-year-old is facing charges this morning in connection with a series of home burglaries in the east bay. this is video into the abc7 news room.
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the map was arrested after serving a search warrant. investigators say they found stolen property and booked the suspect in jail. neighbors in this area have been reporting home burglaries since december. a resident set up a camera and gave police footage showing a suspect entering a home. anow a check on the weather the. >> i didn't see any fog coming in. >> it was milder this morning than it has been. >> it was nice to not be blasted by cold weather or fog. there is a little bit up around santa rosa but that is it. big story today, compared to average our temperatures are going to be three to eight degrees warmer than average as we hit the mid-60's to low 70's. here is the visibility in santa rosa, 1.75 miley mile. it is not dangerous. we are clear, though, and 39 inland, and in the mid-40's to
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near 50 from the bay to the coast through 7:00 and a quick warming today, a great afternoon, if you kickoff early and get the tennis or golf in, low-to-mid 60's, listened at noon and the upper 60's to 70's by 4:00 and a there evening. tonight will be a nice evening, maybe celebrate valentine's day a day later like me and the wife. our warmest day, temperatures tomorrow in the mid-60's and the coast and low 70's, and we will drop into the mid 60's by sunday and low 60's away from the coast by monday. have a good day. >> nice commute on 80 westbound beyond university avenue to emeryville. early road work is all clear with headlights but it is moving the scene limit and looking good. here is what it looks like funneled into the bay bridge, light conditions, no metering lights, upper deck is looking good and eastbound dumbarton the
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road work until 6:00 this morning and westbound has been picked up already. kristen and eric? >> it is 5:07. in bed? no food? no water? passengers are back on dry land after five days on a crippled cruise ship the. >> a new twist to the scandal inside the state park system. millions of dollars official lost track
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>> happy friday morning. 5:10. all stranded cruise ship passengers are on dry land making their way to the families and home. we met the ship in mobile, alabama, and saw some of the people kissing the ground as they exited the ship. >> good morning. here it is, carnal triumph docked and by four hours, the passengers were, finally, off the ship. >> dry land at last. carnal passengers kissing the ground as they leave what has been a miserable cruise ship prison. >> the sewer was backing up and there would be 6" over the ship in the dining area people would slip and fall in it, the smell
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was terrible. >> the stench and lack of electricity drove many of the 4,000 people on board to live and sleep in a shanty town on the dick that began sunday when a fire knocked out the four engines leaving the massive vessel stranded in the gulf of mexico. >> didn't know if you were going to explode, cash on fire, for a day we did not see any sign of life and that is scary when you are out there on the water. >> after eight days at sea tugboats slowly brought the ship to dock in mobile, alabama, last night. the c.e.o. of carnal going on board offering reimbursement, free cruise, $500 and an apology. >> i know this is very difficult and i want to apologize, again, for subjecting our guests to that. >> many passengers feel that is just not enough as they board buses, finally, headed toward
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home. (inaudible). >> some of the buses are headed straight to texas where the cruise originated. others took a shorter two hour trip to new orleans so they could finally take a hot shower and get rest before flying home today. we are live in mobile, alabama, for abc7 news. eric? >> before you get away, did we hear anything about injuries or illnesses on board after we describing the conditions? >> there was one would had to be medivaced offed ship and another was taken away by ambulance. we have not heard reports of any other injuries or illness. >> thank you from mobile, alabama, thank you very much. >> 30 days and what a judge is giving a san mateo family to clean up the front yard which is littered with trash and debris. the city considers the couple's
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home a public nuisance. there are broken allowances and furniture and old carpets and paint cans. family has been working on a remodel for decades and battling the city for as long. san mateo officials say the property is a safety hazard especially the supposed insulation and wiring. if they do not fix the violations city workers will go in and do it for them and send the owners the bill. >> it is 5:14. a mild morning here in the bay area and i was looking with sympathy at those people in mobile, alabama, and the reporter looked cold. >> and it will be cooler but it will stay dry as we head through the holiday week. coming up on 5:15 and from the east bay hills camera at emeryville to san francisco, clear sky there. we will move on to live doppler 7 hd covering bay area you can see how dry it is on radar and the lack of clouds this morning.
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temperatures yesterday, check this out, we ran in the 60's to low 70's in oakland and the scene airport at 71 was a record high temperature. we may hit that again today with most of our records in the upper 70's. we will be warm but maybe not that warm. these are the 5:00 observations, you can see we still in the 50's in oakland and san francisco, and half moon bay, and now down to 59, and still the warm spot and upper 30's in santa rosa and novato and fairfield and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's and the monterey bay and inland, mid-to-upper 40's santa cruz to watsonville and 52 in monterey. so, today and tomorrow, sunny and warmest afternoon with the cooling starting sunday leading to the wet pat enthat starts tuesday and we will get warm sun but we will get a couple more after that as we head through next week and into next weekend. so, enjoy this weekend.
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low-to-mid 70's in the south bay and check out cupertino and triangle at 73 and 70 in san mateo and 69 at half moon bay and ocean beep at 66, and upper 60's for downtown and south san francisco and upper 60's through the not bay and check out your beaches, mid-60's and sunshine, and upper 60's to low 70's on the east bay shore with 71 in oakland and around 70 to 72 inland with dublin and concord and pittsburg at 71 and low-to-mid 70's around the monterey bay and inland. 50 in san francisco tonight and the rest of us in the 40's and cloverdale upper 30's. check out the temperatures by monday: a good 10- to 15-degrees cooler than today, and, then, 50's for tuesday, wednesday, and next thursday. get ready for some rain. sue? >> happy friday.
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if you are headed out of novato and marinwood, this is tail lights headed to central san rafael and fog free and moving well into the golden gate bridge with road work on the northern portion of the span to be picked up in 15 minutes and you are wide open with four lanes for the southbound commute. elsewhere, we will look the scene drive times, 24 if you leaving walnut creek, and highway 101 out of santa rosa to novato, about 20 minutes and there is the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, less than 15 minutes. >> 5:17. >> heads us costco shoppers, we have a warning if you bought jewelry there, lately. >> a popular tourist spot in the south for visiters, you need to know something. .
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>> good friday morning. traffic on 680 is moving fine with no fog in the picture and it is clear. our meteorologist, mike nicco, has a down-right spring-like forecast. we will have a check on that with sue and the commute, too. >> people who got vouchers turning in guns in marin county can turn them in for cash today. 850 weapons were turned in during the john 15 buy back in
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marin, and the county handed out vouchers when it ran out of cash. the shortfall is covered by private donations and the marin board of supervisors and the city council. if you got a voucher, you can redeem it for cash, today, the scene marin civic center in the friends of marin center room from 11 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> a warning for americans considering traveling to peru, the embassy says they have information a gang could be planning to kidnap american tourists visiting the popular ruins of the inca people. >> the house of representatives will vote whether to extend the current pay freeze for the nation's two million civilian federal workers, saying blocking a raise proposed by president obama will save $11 billion and well compensated federal employees can afford it. but democrats and even a few republicans say federal workers are be singled out for punishment by anti-government
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lawmakers. >> what is next for the carnival cruise line passengers and the cruise liner trying to clean up a major p.r. mess? and a major warning for anyone who bought jewelry at costco. >> good morning, carnival may have to come up with more than refunds, discounts and $500 for passenger to make up for thousands of passengers stuck at sea for days in the gulf of mexico. crisis management consultant says carnival needs to come up with use visible sign they are making improvements or it will have a long term image problem. the operator of website says fires on ships happen up to four time as year and investigators to look to see if there is a pattern. >> if you bought what you thought was a diamond ring at costco it could be a counterfeit rings have nothing to do with tiffany. >> staples will sell apple
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products after holding a meeting to announce the deal yesterday. no official word on if it is true or whether the ipads and iphone 5's are part of the lineup. i am jane king from the new york stock exchange. >> ikea has a special or for parents to be, a free crib, to babies born on november 14, 2013. that is nine months from yesterday, valentine's day, all you need to do is keep a coupon and provide proof of birth, delivery -- ha-ha help -- is not included. >> mike will "deliver" the weather forecast. >> did you read the fine print? >> delivery is instant but it takes nine months to put together. >> we will have a talk during the weather forecast.
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bad joke friday, upper 60's to 70's and it will be governor goe scene coast. we have dry weather and sunshine and offshore wind and it is unfortunate if you are headed to the sierra with a lot groomed snow but no new snows in the 50's today and tomorrow, and we are going from the teens to 50's for overnight lows, a huge spread. as far as temperatures around the state, today, we will have 70's in the central valley, 60's along the coast and in southern california, 80-degree temperatures today and tomorrow to a lesser extent. >> update now with a big rig out there westbound 4 to northbound 160 approaching antioch bridge with a tow truck on the scene that lost its load.
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traffic is usually slow westbound as you move toward antioch and to pittsburg and bunching up a bit there and we will check back with c.h.p. eastbound dumbarton bridge road work until 6:00 this morning and mass transit, bart and muni and cal train checking in on time. >> an asteroid at 150' will pass 17,000 miles of the earth today just before 11:30 this morning which is very close. jimmy kimmel has advise. >> the closest an object of that size has come to the earth in recorded history with best viewing locations in eastern european owe if you are here and you cannot get there have a friend whip a pebble at your head. it will be the same of the it is not expected to hit us but, still, hold your loved ones and be flat that bruce willis is with us just in case.
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>> but he needs to be on the asteroid according to the movie. it airs weeknights at 11:35 right here the scene new time following abc7 news at 11. >> seaworld in san diego has a new addition, a 37-year-old killer whale gave birth to this calf on valentine's day. the baby orca is estimated to weigh between 300 and 350 pounds and measured 6' to 7'. the gender is not known. give the mom some time with the calf. the mother and calf will be observed around-the-clock for the next few days. >> a shooting and chase in the streets of san francisco, ahead, police tell us why they were forced to open fire on a driver last night. first, huge meteorite fragments from the sky in russia with panic and injuries and video of the damage left behind.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> lots of great reasons toic what up this morning at 5:29. thanks for joining us. >> one is considered the alternative. >> you mean not waking up? >> right. >> scientists are swarming to central russia right now after a meteorite fell to earth in western siberia, 950 miles east
5:28 am
of now. we are live in the newsroom with the amazing video of the incident. katie, this time this were injuries. >> there were. 500 people have been treated from broken glass and some people estimates between 34 and is 112 are kept in the hospital. if those that got away, it was a shocking event. witnesses say they thought a war had broken out. you can hear the "boom". this is individual i videos posted. you can see the flash of light. it is estimated to weigh ten tons, and entered the atmosphere of the earth at 33,000 miles per hour and exploded between 18 and 32 miles above the region. >> this is where the meteor, the
5:29 am
material, is coming into the earth's atmosphere so fast that the earth's atmosphere acts like concrete and it disintegrates in midair, an air burst, and the pressure wave from that, the shockwave, knocked out windows. >> in this case, windows were blown out over a mile and a half area and schools are closed and it is zero degrees, and a factory actually crumbled. abc news is reporting 20,000 troops are on alert and three aircraft are doing surveys from above according to reuters, search groups have been set up to look in the remains of the meteorite. this story develops this morning and we will bring you any new information as it comes to the newsroom. >> thank you. it could be comforting to know nasa is emphasizing there is in connection between that meteor over russia and a huge steroid making a very close trip beyond earth today.
5:30 am
these are images from nasa she, the asteroid, and it will be the best opportunity ever to monitor a near miss by something so large, and it is half the side of a football field. oakland's center is hosting a telescope viewing party starting at 7:00 tonight. nasa is broadcasting the fly by on its site at under "see it on tv." extra happy to be awake this morning. >> if you have trouble picturing half a football field, people saying it is the sides of an olympic swimming fool -- pool coming by earth. >> it is cool or warm? >> it is warmer. dry. clear. offshore breeze kicked in yesterday and chased away the clouds.
5:31 am
one area only has fog at 1.5 mile visibility in santa rosa. get ready for a warmer than average day and mid-60's the scene coast and upper 60's to mid-70's around the bay and inland. how the commute? >> relaxing. 5:32 on friday morning everything is looking good. if you travel from pleasant hills the brake lights at north main and moving nicely on 24 and 680 is looking great all the way to the dublin interchange and the central valley is moving nicely over the pass to livermore area and the drive times if you are traveling north 101 through san jose, 880, northbound, toward highway 84 and 92 from the peninsula over to hayward you are looking at 15 minutes on the bridge. >> a busy san francisco intersection is clear and open after a stolen car takes police
5:32 am
on a dangerous chase. our reporter is live at 5th and mission with the injuries and aftermath. >> it is amazing no one was seriously hurt after the police chase ended here in a dramatic four-car pileup. the scene here at 5th and mission has been cleared but police say the driver of a stolen town car being pursued by police collided with a taxicab. to other cars were hit by the cab and town car and there were injuries. moments before that police fired shots the scene stolen car suspect a few blocks from here after the driver may have tried to run down an officer after police put spike strips to the street to try and stop the town car. >> the officers in front of the station laid out spike strips to disable the vehicle and the suspect vehicle drove on to the sidewalk and at one point where an officer is on the sidewalk deploying the spike strips did
5:33 am
the charged the firearm fearing for his safety and other pedestrians. the officer was not hurt but the spike strips were put down. the suspect was not hit by the officer's gunfire but arrested after the crash without incident. others, bystanders, were injured but everyone amazingly expected to be okay. >> developing news the prosecutors will pursue a premeditated murder charge against track star oscar pistorius, the double amputee who ran on blades in the olympics was charged with murdering his girlfriend in south africa. he sobbed as the judge read the murder charge in court. his girlfriend, 30-year-old reeva steenkamp, was shot and
5:34 am
killed inside the olympic and paralympic star's home. early reports suggest that he mistook her for a burglar but neighbors heard argue before the shots were fired and this were previous domestic incidents the scene house. >> in antioch a 14 year old was died after being hit by a car crossing street. it happened at an intersection in antioch at 6:45 last night. the girl was airlifted but it does not appear the drive was drinking or speeding and is cooperating with the investigation. >> students will return to hillside elementary school after classes were canceled yesterday so police could investigate a fatal shooting. the investigators say the 19 -year-old was shot to death during a game of dice on wednesday night on school grounds and a large gathering of family and friends remembered him last night. he was a registered freshman
5:35 am
linebacker. family members say he did not deserve to be shot and they want justice and hope the killer is caught. we will have. more from abc7 news reporter in the next half hour. >> c.h.p. investigators will be back the scene home of a man they say threatened to assassinate state senator leland yee in san francisco. there were more bombs found yesterday. the suspect, 45-year-old, everett basham, is due in court today. officers arrested him on tuesday for threatening a state official and having illegal weapons. the senator spoke about the case for the first time yesterday saying he got an e-mail threatening him with assassination if he did not stop pushing for gun criminal legislation. authorities are looking if a man who may have robbed up to three banks, two them in less than an hour. police say that a man walked into the bank inside the safeway
5:36 am
yesterday and demanded money from the teller and left. 45 minutes later in santa rosa, a man robbed a u.s. bank the scene safeway on mendocino and acted as if he remain armed. witness description match a suspect of a suspect from two weeks ago. hispanic man, weighing 200 to 250 pounds with bleached hair and a black goatee and there is a $5,000 reward. >> one of the two runways at sfo will be closed for federal safety upgrades. the closure starts tone at 10:00 and lasts until 8:00 on monday morning, and 30 flights an hour are allowed to land, half what is normally allowed to land. >> at least it doesn't seem or look like we will have weather-wealthed issues this morning and hopefully not the
5:37 am
weekend. mike? >> absolutely. looking good as far as getting in and getting out. temperatures are well warmer than average with some areas doubling digit warmer than we were yesterday. one of those specific areas would be livermore, 11 degrees warmer than average. everyone else is around seven to nine degrees warmer than average. sun will set at 5:50. we are starting ten degrees warmer in oakland and 13 in half moon bay, and six in san francisco, and four in fremont, and only one in san jose, but, still, you will run to the 70's this afternoon. as far as the visibility if santa rosa, still has fog. upper 30's inland, mid to 50 through 7:00. we will all be in the low-to-mid 60's by noon and upper 60's to 70 by 4:00, and check out this gorgeous friday evening low-to-upper 50's and very
5:38 am
immediate. another warm day tomorrow, the warm of the of the holiday weekend, temperatures will cool back to average on sunday and below average on monday but it will be die all these days. >> hello, everyone, happy friday. it is looking good on the roadways, in san jose, now, 87, the headlights headed past the h.p. pavilion, the scene. a tow truck is here and are in the clearing process but it is still out there westbound toward pittsburg is slowing now out of antioch, as well. kristen and eric? >> 5:40. bicycles on bart, making it easier, again, for cyclists who want to ride the rails. but first a shark sighting off
5:39 am
but first a shark sighting off the california extra coast and :
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a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. >> walnut creek and campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a shark sighting at monterey bay will keep a few surfers on
5:42 am
dry land spotted yesterday morning at moss landing between obvious and monterey. a dozen serveers spotted the great white 150 yards away from where they were and much wad the shark devour a sea line estimated to be between 10 and 12' long. a surfer saw the sea lion past him a moment earlier. surfers quickly got out of the water. >> preventing violence against women and children is the focus of a movement called one billion rising, a call to action the city of san francisco has responded to. activistses danced together to show collective strength in front of city hall. officials came together to show their support. the mayor took part in the movement saying he will make violence against women and girl as priority. the day was about empowering women and those involved state it was a huge success. >> this is a gathering of a billion men and women and all
5:43 am
those would love women who demand an end to domestic violence, or all forms of violence against women and girls. >> as celebrations were held through the bay area, you can see a sheriff would pleaded guilty in a domestic violence case bring the movement to the jails. he and his wife danced with the inmates. >> bart is letting cyclists back on board of the trains, their second round of bicycles on board testing dug heavy commute hours and will happen the week of march 18, people will be allowed to bring their bicycles on trains at all areas with one exception: in bicycles in the first three cars during commute hours. policy bans bicycles from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. they had a similar test in august. >> you could not ask for better weather if you ride to work. mike? >> absolutely. nice day to get out there and
5:44 am
ride, jog, renew the new year's policy of trying to lose weight. 5:45 this morning. the embarcardero shows how calm it is, how clear it is, and now we will talk about live doppler 7 hd, when will you need the umbrella? not this morning. we are showing dry sky this but on tuesday, better know where the wet weather is and heavier clothing as spring has a few more days left and then it is gone. 37 at santa rosa and novato for the cool spot along fairfield and 38 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 30's and low 50's around oakland and 53 in san francisco and still 59 at half moon bay, and temperature range from 37 in gilroy inland to 52 in monterey. so, today we will have sunshine and warm temperatures again, and we will make this last until
5:45 am
tomorrow. so if you have saturday off you get a warm day. the cooling starts on sunday and the wet pattern. not a storm or rain but a wet pattern develops with wet weather all week. peninsula, and south bay mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and south san francisco and mid-60's at north bay, and upper 60's to low 70's in the north bay and possible record highs around those areas including concord and 71, and to monterey bay low-to-mid 70's and headed inland. as far as tonight, temperatures are mild, again, and 38 in cloverdale and santa rosa and 40's for the rest of us and san francisco will hang out at 50 degrees overnight. two areas of high pressure, they are still out there and they move around a little bit and they are further to the north pushing the jet stream up dumping cold air into the eastern two-thirds of the country, and this trough here is cold air and our next weather
5:46 am
will move in but it won't come until after the holiday weekend. tomorrow, almost as warm today and you can see we drop four to six degrees on sunday with increasing clouds and a sea breeze that develops with monday temperatures below average, mid-60's at the coast and low 60's for the rest of us and below average with a chance of rain best on tuesday and, again, on thursday, highs in the 50's. have a great day. sue? >> checking back with the toll plaza, a little bit more traffic going through but certainly in delays and everything is at the limit making your way through treasure island and the western portion. road work out there the next little bit as you move up the waldo grade and down to the northern portion of the golden gate bridge that should be picked up shortly and you will have four lanes for the southbound commute as usual on the bridge it is looking good. and eastbound dumbarton is looking good, and picked up, as well.
5:47 am
>> presidential medals are awarded for the six who died protecting children at sandy hook elementary school and president obama will present them to surviving family members at a white house ceremony today. presidential citizen medals will be given to four teachers, the school principal and psychologist all gunned down trying to protect the children. the 20-year-old shooter killed himself the. >> we will learn more of the mysterious 2001 murder of the congressional intern from modesto. a superior court judge in washington, dc, ordered some transcripts of hearings the past two months be released in a week. the hearings could signal a problem with the prosecution of the defendant, the illegal immigrant convicted in 2010 of murdering levy who had a romantic relationship with the modesto congressman. >> looking for a job? >> consider an internship.
5:48 am
>> what is a penny worth to you in your coin jars could be worthless. >> foreclosure in california, the stunning turn around for home owners in the golden state and the california city that still is facing trouble. >> happy friday. what can i say, these two funny ladies crack us all, both have a serious side, as well. whoopi shares oscar memories and for others we dug up photos of jane from high school days. thank god it's
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>> california insurance california watch dogs say anthem blue cross has agreed to reduce a planned hike on customer premiums satisfy the state conduct add review they proposed an average increase of 18 percent but now it is reduce that to 13.8 percent, and it is estimated that it saves policyholders $54 million. the increase was effective february 1. >> lovers are looking for creative ways to celebrate valentine's day, right? and even friends.
5:52 am
san francisco is one of best places to go where friends turned pill let fighters went wild last night at the annual melee. >> got the member, finally. wore me out. harder than i thought. but it was fun. it was more intense than i thought. it was, i probably have a concussion. maybe, i'm not sure. i don't know. >> concussion? concussion? people that took part helped clean up the mess and city crews were called this to finish the job. >> in foreign objects in the pillow case, okay? bottom line. now the weather forecast. >> it is good day to get outside and do something fun like that. >> sometimes love hours. but weather is not one of those. if you didn't get a chance to enjoy it yesterday, another round today, if you is to work,
5:53 am
another round tomorrow, and that is it, spring is over. we go through this every february with the surges in temperatures where we get record highs and this is that time. upper 60's to low 70's everywhere, even the coast. and radar is dry, 70's through the central valley and 69 in big sir and now, headed up to tahoe it is 52 and 51 tomorrow, and 47 on sunday with a lot of sunshine and in southern california, shorts shorts and short sleeves, 80 and 81 tomorrow. >> we have first reports of an accident in fremont a truck slammed into the center divide and spun around and now is in the left lane. southbound 880 through fremont and back to walnut creek to highway 24 a little bit of
5:54 am
bunching on 24 but no slowing and back to the bay bridge and everything is moving nicely, no metering lights or delays on the upper deck. >> academy awards are ten days away and now is the time to download the official oscars app providing details on all the nominees and the feature that can help you keep track of your favorites available for iphone, ipad, and concern dill fire and will air on saturdays sunday 24, so we are only nine days and getting closer and the only place you can watch is right here on abc7. >> new this morning, support for getting rid of the penny is now coming from the white house. president obama says it could be time to drop the one cent coin. he agrees with economists who say it costs more to make it than it is worth and people use them less but he says it will take legislation to stop the minting which will not likely happen with more pressing issues. he did this appearing on google
5:55 am
plus yesterday. >> survey ranks the top 20 companies in the nation hiring paid interns and two are in the bay area. according to a report, google is at the top of the list earning more than $6,400 a month, followed by proctor and gamble and microsoft is at number three. nordstrom rounds out the top five. and intel is at number eight pay interns more than 4,200 a month. you can bet they propose get lots of applications with those figures. >> they will get mine, shortly. next at 6:00, the east bay elementary students returning to campus after the school turned into a crime scene. >> we are fopping -- following developing stories with a meteorite streaking through the
5:56 am
sky in russia and causing a
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 6:00. thanks for joining us. >> i am eric thomas. you are excited, too, because the weekend is just about here. we will check with mike to see what the weather is going to be like. there is a holiday, right? >> absolutely. always want good weather on the holiday. the weather will stay dry but progressively cooler. live doppler 7 hd shows a lack radar returns, a lack of clouds this morning. visibility, one lone hold out, sure enough, santa rosa has the fog and the rest of us are fine. now, the bay, a clear start, 40 to near 50 degrees this morning. we will be near 60 by noon.
5:59 am
near 70 by 4:00. a few records are possible again today. headed inland, we have the fog in the north bay, mainly clear and cool at 36 to 45 but we will push 60 at noon and 70, great day to be outdoors and pleasant during the evening hours with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. half moon bay last sure, 359 -- 59 degrees and near 60 at noon and a lot of mid-60's with calm conditions this afternoon. wear sunscreen this time of the year. >> hello, everyone, we have another accident reported now in hayward the off-ramp from southbound 880 partly blocking the off-ramp and southbound 880, another injury accident there with a pickup truck that slapped into the center divide now blocking the left lane. elsewhere, we will take a look at what is happening


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