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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 15, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> make it a good one. >> a long weekend. >> great to have elizabeth vargas here. and a whole lot happened while all of you were sleeping. three, big, breaking stories. you see those pictures. right there, from the massive meteorite, just terrifying some there in eastern russia, thought the world was ending. >> and look at that streak. that streak of light in the sky. people did think the world was ending. explosions, sounded like bombs were going off. and right before impact, it was also caught on a dash cam. look at this. it looks like some sort of huge apocalyptic explosion. the brilliant light at this intersection, clearly blinding the drivers. sam will have more. but first, let's go to abc's kirit radia, monitoring this from moscow. kirit? >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. scientists said that this was a big one. and witnesses say they thought they were under attack. a blinding flash of light. a burst of white smoke streaking through the sky.
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and then, a sonic boom so loud that witnesses say they thought a war had broken out. >> yeah. >> reporter: they're bombing, this man says. 2,500 square meters of window glass reportedly shattered. chaos inside buildings and panic on the streets, as glass and other debris comes raining down. dash cams and cell phones capture the amazing sights. and from inside a building, this witness. it was ultrasonic. it was an asteroid. officials report over 725 people injured, mostly from broken glass. just look at the destruction. the blast obliterates part of this zinc factory.
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taking down this outer wall. schools were closed after windows were blown out. temperatures in this region below zero today. 20,000 russian troops headed to the scene, including aircraft to survey the damage from the sky. scientists say the meteor, which could have weighed ten tons, was not connected to the asteroid that will fly dangerously close to earth today. and television networks here are going wall-to-wall with coverage of what they're calling the meteor rain. and about those schools that were closed, you may have heard of a snow day. this may be the first-ever meteor day. elizabeth? >> no kidding. thank you so much. and let's turn to sam champion. we just heard kirit say that this wasn't related to the asteroid that we talked about on yesterday's show. but it seems like an incredible coincidence. >> it's a cosmic coincidence, if you will. this stuff -- i find this stuff incredibly fascinating. and i love to talk about it. let's break down the difference between an asteroid and a meteor. if you think of an asteroid, as
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a big, almost planetoid, planet-like. very large in size and it has an orbit. it orbits around the sun, like this asteroid, 2012 da-14. it has a name. it's been well-monitored and well-tracked. they know exactly where this asteroid is going. it passes in an orbit by the earth every 40 years. and then, a meteor is a tiny piece of debris. almost, could be a chunk off an asteroid. could be a chunk off of -- >> is it a chunk off this asteroid? >> we don't know. there's no way to make the connection. you'd have to look at what the mineral deposits are of all these things. you can look at them. some of them come from the moon. some of them come from other planets. they come from all over the place. they're just little debris. they don't have a planned area. they don't have an orbit. they just fly through space. and they hit the planet and every planet, on a regular basis. maybe five, ten a year will hit the earth. this one was ten tons that went
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across russia. we don't often talk about, there was a giant one that hit america in oregon in 1902. it's called the willemit meteorite. and it was 15 tons. 15 tons. we haven't had them hit for a long period of time. >> and cell phone cams rolling. >> now, you'll get a picture of one when they come through. but not attached to the asteroid. the asteroid is going to pass by us. it will not be a problem. meteor showers are probably a dozen of them every year across the u.s. >> sam, thank you. we're going to turn now to the carnival cruise ship nightmare. it is finally over. after five days drifting without power in the gulf of mexico, "the triumph" docked in mobile, alabama, overnight, with more than 4,000 passengers onboard. we're going to talk to several of them live in a moment. first, let's go to abc's matt gutman. matt, i can only imagine relief when that huge ship behind you hit land. >> reporter: that's right,
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george. a huge relief. one last voyage for the carnival triumph. you see those tugboats, they're going to nudge that giant ship across this narrow channel when it will start to undergo initial repairs. so many of those people walking down the gangway, so happy to be off that ship. they were singing and dancing as they came down. overnight, the sweet taste of terra firma. >> great to be back in america and on land. >> reporter: just before midnight, more than 3,000 passengers stranded for 8 days at sea, began spilling out of the ship. some angry. >> it was degrading. demoralizing. >> and they want to insult us by giving us $500. >> reporter: others, relief. >> i'm just happy to be alive. it was quite an ordeal. but we're here. >> reporter: toby barlow, sprinting to his wife, planting this kiss, one of several hundred emotional reunions.
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and this morning, the first images of their hellish journey. the sodden carpets. the wait for food. the refugee camps on deck. the stories to match. carnival ceo gerry cahill personally boarded the ship to apologize. a move that only seemed to infuriate people. >> he said, we know how you feel. no, you don't. you were not there. you did not go many nights wondering what you were going to eat. what do you do? you can't contact your family. you can't do anything. >> reporter: throughout, carnival has offered answers only to logistical problems. why is it -- i'm sorry. he turned his back. later in the day, in the rush to flee questions, representatives of carnival nearly took out our cameraman and me. but this morning, they have many more questions to answer.
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>> they had an engine failure on the cruise before that. why did they put us on this ship? >> reporter: despite all of that misery, some of the folks we spoke to, that darkness brought them together, they did trivia, they had bible study. jazzercise. the question this morning, what will happen to this colossal ship? it's out of commission until april. three of the passengers on that ship, ann barlow, tammy. thank you for getting up early this morning after your ordeal. boy, so much for a getaway vacation, huh? >> right. >> tell us about the five days. you were sleeping up on the deck. you actually created, ann, a nest up on the top of the deck? >> we made our own nest because we were just too terrified to go inside because of the smells and the germs.
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so, we just banned together. and made our little nest and just survived. >> and, tammy, tell us more about what it was like below deck. we've heard some of these just horrifying stories. what was the most striking impression to you? >> i think going back to our room was kind of traumatic. and seeing that, from day one, we had no home. we were homeless. and people would say, they put this in your room. or they're going to do that. and we would -- we had no home to go to. and we would go downstairs, below deck, and your feet could feel the sludge that you were walking through. the smells and the liquids, draining from the ceiling. and the stories of people sleeping in the hallways. and the sanitary bags in the hallway. that was traumatic to watch it start piling up. >> and caroline, you all took care of each other. but did you see some individuals
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behaving badly? >> i'm sorry. can you repeat yourself? >> you all were taking care of each other. but did you see any bad behavior onboard? >> bad behavior onboard. >> i really didn't see too much bad behavior. i think the worst decision carnival made was when they opened the bar and a few people got rowdy. i just didn't think it was right because there was no need for alcohol on top of everything else. and there was a little bit of yelling and some commotion once they opened the bar. but other than that, people were pretty good to each other. >> and, tammy, maybe you can speak for everyone here. we've heard carnival apologized. they're going to give everybody a refund, $500. is that enough for you or do you want more? >> i want to really guard my heart from feeling greedy or exploiting the situation.
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but i feel like $500 gives you about $100 a day. and for our jobs, that doesn't even cover that. and then, you talk about the emotional trauma and the -- just last night, feeling what we went through last night while we were on land with our families. and our insides just trembling. i don't think it begins to say what is needed here. >> so, you'll be seeking legal action? >> i think that's a direction that our families will talk about, consider, and see what's right for us. >> okay, thank you all for getting up and joining us this morning, telling your story. i hope you're able to spend some time now with your families and recover well. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> what an ordeal. oh, my goodness. now, to olympic hero oscar pistorius, weepg in court this morning where he was formally
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charged with murder of his model girlfriend. abc's bazikanani has more on this story. >> reporter: the world-famous athlete once again hid from the cameras as police and family escorted him from the jailhouse where he spent last night, to the courthouse, where he stood before a judge and a packed courtroom. he put his face in his hands and sobbed. oscar pistorius, a six-time paralympic gold medalist. and first double-amputee to compete in the olympics, is now accused of the valentine's day murder of his stunning cover model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. police say that, at about 3:00 a.m., steenkamp was shot four times with a 9 millimeter pistol, possibly this one recovered from inside pistorius' home, in a heavy-guarded luxury estate. local media speculated he had mistaken steenkamp for a burglar. but investigators have another theory.
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>> previous allegations of domestic -- >> reporter: pistorius has been arrested for assaulting a woman before. and neighbors say the estate has surveillance video showing steenkamp entering the night before, and not in the early-morning hours when she could have surprised pistorius. >> at the end of the day, we will all know this story, the true story. but must never forget what reeva stood for. >> reporter: as a family, grieves the loss of a young woman they call generous and loving, the billboards featuring an international role model are coming down. and his fans are waiting to learn how a hero -- >> now pistorius begins to fly. >> reporter: -- ends up here. oscar pistorius is back in jail. he will return to court tuesday for the bail hearing that was postponed today. meanwhile, a coroner is completing the autopsy on his girlfriend's body.
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and police are back at his house today gathering more evidence. elizabeth? >> what a story. bazi, thank you so much. let's turn, now, to josh elliott, who has more on these very contentious hearings to approve or not the new secretary of defense. >> indeed. a rare move in washington. good morning to all of you. as republicans have now blocked a vote on former senator chuck hagel's nomination as defense secretary. the first time such a vote has been blocked for a cabinet nominee. republicans are demanding the white house reveal more details about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the fight resumes when senators return from their presidents' day recesses. and if confirmed, hagel will oversee the drawdown in afghanistan. it has now been nearly a month since a u.s. service member was killed there. the longest such stretch in five years. afghans are doing much of the fighting. and for the first time, afghan women are being trained for their special forces. the fda has approved what's being called the first bionic eye, allowing thousands of blind people to at least partially see
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again. the device is actually a pair of glasses with a camera that triggers electrodes implanted in the eye. it treats blindness that results from a damaged retina. and the former mayor of san diego has admitted to gambling away a staggering $1 billion, including millions that she took from her late husband's charity. maureen o'connor who was married to the founder of the jack in the box fast-food chain lost most of it playing video poker. she's reached a deal to avoid prosecution while trying to repay it. we all love a good political fight on live television. returning to georgia. two members of parliament, trading insults. and, oh, boy. the glass of water you see there, gone. eventually, punches would be traded. >> oh, no. >> this all happened because one called the other scum. there's apparently many things you do in georgia.
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but you don't call fellow politicians scum. as you can see, downhill from there. all captured for your viewing pleasure. >> thank you, josh. that was really something. now, what could be the most lucrative business trip ever. david honeywell splurged on a powerball ticket just after checking in for his flight. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: dave honeywell, didn't need to get his wife flowers thursday. he opted for a check, instead. a big one. >> i told her that this will be the biggest valentine you get. there will not be bigger. >> reporter: the couple's $217 million ticket to riches was hiding in a most unlikely place. richmond international airport, at this automated kiosk. >> i was going on a business trip. and coming through the airport here. >> reporter: dave was on his way to a conference in denver on super bowl sunday, when that powerball jackpot caught his eye. he bought a ticket. it wasn't until days later that
7:16 am
he even remembered to check his numbers. >> i was looking, wait a second. all the numbers line up. >> reporter: every number matched. >> i said oh, it must be the wrong date. i checked the dates. this can't be. and i was shaking so bad at that point, i could barely read the ticket. i was just shaking. shaking. >> reporter: now, they hope to spend part of that money, helping their little grandson get some much-needed surgeries. dave's wife, nancy, says the child has had heart complications since birth. >> when we told our daughter and our son-in-law, it was like a weight off their shoulders. he can have surgery. we have the funds to help him now. >> reporter: and they also plan on a little splurging. >> a new car, that's about it. >> i get to hold the check. >> reporter: both dave and nancy honeywell are government employees. they work for the department of defense. but neither one plans to stay there much longer. they will retire in just a few weeks.
7:17 am
our stage manager, scott, he already has his powerball. i just know he's not going to quit. right, scott? >> that's so great. what do you have, sam? >> a government pension and a great savings account. there's nothing wrong with that. let's get to the boards. we have a little to talk about. there are two snowmakers that are actually moving on the east coast. tonight one and another one. let's see who gets snow out of both of these, in case you felt like you didn't get enough snow in the carolinas. your opportunity is the second low, the saturday night edition. but in the next 48 hours, we got snow in new york city, washington, d.c., raleigh, up to boston. the second low has oomph. it will probably produce more snow saturday night into sunday. we feel like boston will get anywhere from six to nine inches. quick look at the cold air that heads right after the two systems. goes all the way deep down south. look at atlanta going into the 30s. look at miami. early-morning windchills will probably be in those 30s, as well. we have high temperatures coming in the 40s.
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>> all right, sam, thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," breaking news in the case of olympic hero oscar pistorius. were there troubling signs that were ignored? also, get ready to meet the miracle blizzard baby. ♪ that aroma calls to you
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>> now, from abc7 news, i am kristen sze. san francisco police are investigating a chase that resulted in an officer shooting at a suspect. this chase ended in a four car crash last night. five people including the suspect were injured. this started when an officer spotted the stolen vehicle near market and 8 street at 9:15 and spike strips were laid out but the driver went up the curve to avoid them. the officer feared for his safe and shot the the -- shot at the suspect but did not hit him the. >> and southbound 880 is partly blocked because of an early accident and slow traffic marin, southbound, we an accident earlier near highway 37 which has been cleared for some time. >> mike nicco will look at the
7:24 am
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>> check the beautiful sunshine awash downtown san francisco. that pushes the temperature above average but it is 52 in san francisco and 51 in oakland and 612 at half moon bay and everyone else in the 30's to 40. well above average today and tomorrow and cooler by mond
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we're going to have a baby. >> you sure are. don't let a little snow stop you right there. central connecticut got dumped on last weekend. but this mom had friends and family come to her aid. and there's the miracle baby right there. >> awesome story. >> it is an awesome story. we're going to have it all ahead. >> it was a neighborhood project, the birth of this baby.
7:29 am
>> it didn't start as one. also ahead, a scary story for another hollywood celebrity. the long-time star of "how i met your mother," alyson hannigan, says she fears for her life right now. a stalker threatening to kill her and her husband. what she's doing to stay safe. this is a real issue for a lot of celebrities. also ahead, we have the latest on lady gaga, cancelling her entire tour now because of the injury we told you about earlier in the week. she's heading to surgery and months of rehab. we wish her well. we're going to tell you what it means for her blockbuster career. >> get back soon. also we've seen this a couple times this morning. it looks like he's surfing. are you more impressed if i tell you he's on a pair of skis? >> yes. >> okay, then. we're going to talk to him, then, if nothing else, what gave him the idea that that would work. first, a stunning fall from grace for oscar pistorius. for the world, he and reeva
7:30 am
steenkamp seemed like the perfect pair. young, glamorous, wealthy and successful. now, her life is over and his is shattered. paula faris is here with the latest. good morning, paula. >> reporter: only recently had oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp begin dating. by all accounts, they had a fabulous relationship with no signs of violence. she was the gorgeous model. he was the inspirational athlete. together, oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp had the potential to become south africa's golden couple. instead, steenkamp is dead. and this morning, pristorius is facing charges he murdered her. pistorius won hearts in london last summer as the blade runner, the first double-amputee to complete at the olympics. >> i don't think i'd be the same person today if i had legs. >> reporter: beloved for his
7:31 am
remarkable story. his legs amputated before he turned 1. his success brought him an endorsement deal with nike, including this ad. some say he was fast and reckless off the track. >> he was an adrenaline freak. >> reporter: did he have a dark side? >> i did not see any dark side. i worried about oscar hurting himself in various ways because he can be very reckless. >> reporter: "new york times" contributing righter, michael sackolov spent time with pistorius last year. and saw his fascination with guns. >> that previous night, he heard somebody in the house. and he wandered downstairs with his gun. >> reporter: pistorius reportedly sleeps with a 9 millimeter handgun, the same kind police say he used to kill steenkamp, the up-and-coming model he had been dating for a few months.
7:32 am
steenkamp, an "fhm" cover girl, was successful in her own right. >> she wanted to create her own identity in the media. not just of oscar's girlfriend. >> reporter: the 29-year-old had been modeling for 15 years. and was set to star in a reality show. her grieving family said she was beauty and brains. a law graduate who took on social causes and loved life. >> she was passionate about certain and protection of children. her plans were for the future were so inviting. she has so much going for her. >> reporter: and steenkamp's haunting tweet just hours before her valentine's day death said, quote, what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? elizabeth? >> paula, thanks so much. for more, now, let's bring in "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. and we have michael sokolove who wrote a piece on pistorius.
7:33 am
you must have been shocked. >> i was shock and saddened. this isn't from a precursor. this was not mike tyson. this was not anything like that. >> you did write in your profile that he was a fierce -- he had a fierce, even frenzied need to take on the world at maximum speed with minimum caution. reckless? >> very reckless. i think oscar saw himself as an action hero. his own life as an action hero. he drove fast. he kept exotic pets. he wrecked his speedboat. i worried about him hurting himself. i didn't see him as a person of mall la malice. >> dan, we were talking about the culture of guns in south africa. every does live -- you were there, too, michael. in a compound, a fortress behind high walls, electrifying gates. many people with guns. >> and yet, the laws are not
7:34 am
that dissimilar from ours when it comes to protecting your home. it depends on which state you're in as to what the laws are. but generally in south africa, the law is, if someone is coming into your home and you have a reasonable belief that they're going to hurt you or someone else in your household, you have a right to use deadly force. if someone is, for example, in your home and they are leaving, after having robbed your house, you do not have the right to shoot them. there's a lot of questions here about what was he thinking? what was his intent? those are going to be very important questions legally when thinking about this case, as it moves forward. >> there's some real questions that are being raised about all these really heroic athletes because he was a hero, internationally. not only to the special olympic community, but to athletes everywhere, for everything he did, after losing both of his legs at the age of 1. there was an interesting question in "the washington post." this morning. do we expect too much? do we set these athletes up for
7:35 am
crashes? years of athletic training prepared pistorius to run at record speed. but it may not have prepared him for celebrity and wealth. >> that's a difficult question. we want people to look up to. and here's someone who was born without lower legs that he could use. and he became an olympic runner. it's remarkable. and he inspires, you know, everyone. people certainly who are disabled in various ways. and all of us who have things we want to overcome. so, it's very difficult not to -- you know, to human -- >> but other sports do provide counseling. the nba, for example, provides a lot of help to young stars who are suddenly thrust into great wealth and great celebrity. >> i don't think we should immediately start talking about this case in particular as one of relating to celebrity and wealth. this is someone who is accused of something shot his girlfriend in his home. this is not a case of sort of, you know, constant drunk driving or -- this is -- this is a serious murder case.
7:36 am
and there's a real question about what happened here that i think probably goes well beyond just who he was and his celebrity and all the rest of that. this is just a fundamental question of what the heck happened in that house? >> right. all right. dan abrams, michael sokolove, thanks for being here this morning. let's go to sam and a look at the nation's weather. >> good morning. we start with a good morning, denver, by the way. pictures of denver will show a light hit of snow. generally, denver would have had 35 inches of snow so far this season. only 17 inches so far. outside of denver, got more out of that snow system. but what will happen is the cold air behind it. 10 degrees feeling with windchills in kansas city. minneapolis at about 7 below. this makes it into florida by the weekend. where it is not cold is to the west. and now, we've got this area of high pressure, setting up some santa ana winds. about a 45-mile-per-hour wind.
7:37 am
it's not the worst santa ana. 78 today, san diego. monterey, 71. >> so, this weekend, like today in new york, almost 50 degrees. but get ready for a big chilldown coming into the east this weekend. all that weather was brought to you by bing. >> bing. >> i almost want you to do that one more time. coming um, scare for one of tv's biggest stars. alyson hannigan on the threat to her and her husband right now. and the very special delivery. the mom who got to the hospital with the help of her entire neighborhood, just in time to greet her baby.we're in san fras bing it on challenge. e
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back, now, at 7:43, with a stalker scare for the star of "how i met your mother," alliys hannig hannigan. she and her husband getting death threats from a man just out of the mental hospital with a legal permit to carry a gun. >> this one time, at band camp. >> reporter: the flame-haired actress who rose to fame in
7:42 am
"american pie." >> you know what i do when i'm angry? >> reporter: says she's not only angry, but afraid for her safety. allisyson hannigan, who stars o "how i met your brother," says she's being terrorized by a stalker. >> a lot of this is driven by delusions. he's created this love relationship. >> reporter: in her petition, the 38-year-old actress states hobbs has posted a barrage of threatening messages directed at me and my family on various websites. police say hobbs is unstable and was recently discharged from a mental hospital. it notes he seemed to be living in an alternate reality. posting messages like this on facebook. i can still marry you tomorrow. i also can kill you tomorrow, too, because i simply like and love you as you live life. aly, it doesn't end, even after death. hobbs refers to hannigan's husband, alexis, as mr. evil 2.
7:43 am
in one post, he provides his phone number and address, suggesting they talk in person. on several occasions he mentions plans to visit her in california. >> by making those l lly viola stalking laws. >> reporter: experts say the problem will only get worse. >> technology is a big contributor to the stalking problem. you have people thinking they're talking to celebrities. >> reporter: hobbs and hannigan declined commenting to abc news. but it likely goes without saying that hannigan wouldn't mind he apparently posted online. saying, to get my memory erased, well, all the things i thought or feel for you. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> a scary situation. all right. coming up, it is one of the most astonishing trash-to-treasure transformations ever. why? because we're icing it, baby, with vanilla ice.
7:44 am
apparently nobody's done this before. there might be good reason why. a man surfing on skis, literally. >> or skiing the [clucking].
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> thankfully, it's "the play of the day." chuck patterson, believed to be the first ever to do this. wave ski. >> what? >> skis, specially fitted. it's part of what is a tow-in phenomenon now. you have to be dragged into this by a jet ski, let go, and then hope it works. as you can see, it worked and how. and chuck, in hawaii, where it is not yet 3:00 a.m. good enough to be up and joining us today. chuck, look. it's an amazing thing you did on skis. but did you know it would work
7:49 am
up until the point that you tried it? >> i mean, you know what? i had a lot of faith in it. growing up skiing when i was younger. and then, doing a lot of the big wave surfing here on maui. combining the two, i had the vision in my head that it would work. and testing all of the equipment beforehand was kind of a buildup to getting there. but once i actually got out, and did it, that was the real test. >> it is a remarkable thing to see. we only have a few seconds left. and i don't want to cut you off. but i do want to thank you, chuck patterson, for getting up with us at the crack of pre-dawn and joining us this morning. it's unbelievable. >> we love the video, josh. cowabunga. >> seriously. join us again, won't you? and stay safe out there, chuck. thanks so much. >> thanks. coming up, blizzard baby. for a limited time only during ethan allen's
7:50 am
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> people who got vouchers for turning guns in marin county a month ago can redeem the vouchers for cash with 850 weapons turned in january 15 during the buy back. vouchers can be redeemed at the civic center from 11 until 8:00
7:55 am
p.m. tonight. the temperatures, mike, will we have 70's? >> i think so, and well above average if a last areas. from seven to 11 degrees above average and some areas close to record highs. near the coast, in the mid-to-upper 60's and very nice. accweather forecast, warm tomorrow and cooler on monday and tuesday when it starts raining. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, a stall on incline lane number 4 but not much of a backup, and southbound san rafael an early acci
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] almost springtime out in times square this morning. nice, happy friday crowd. good morning, america. happy friday to robin. cannot wait for her return five days away, on next wednesday. just saw d.j. kalkutta. and the song she's spinning, "ice, ice baby."
7:59 am
for a very good reason. >> i'll say right here. you know the guy. you know the song. vanilla ice is with us. he has a brand-new invention. how am i doing? no? stop, collaborate and listen. we went on on unbelievable hunting adventure together, where we transform trash into treasure. ice does it on a show on diy like no other. today, we will show you how we did it. >> that sounds like fun. also ahead, another singer in the news. lady gaga making huge headlines, unfortunately for cancelling her tour after a hip injury. she is now headed into major surgery and months of rehab. this is going to have a huge effect. >> going to be rehabbing for months. >> we sure hope she is back and okay and soon. also, we've been seeing this all morning long. this is a whole neighborhood in connecticut, naugatuck, connecticut. getting mom to the delivery room through that blizzard. we're going to meet blizzard baby. and mom and dad.
8:00 am
a terrific story. >> a cute baby. and a name as lovely as this young lady. quvenzhane wallis is here. she is the breakout star from "beasts of the southern wild." here to tell us about her blockbuster role. by the way, the youngest best actress nominee for the oscars, ever. >> as soon as she finishes -- >> she's too young for the audition. cannot wait to talk to her. first, we get news from josh. >> we're going to begin with breaking news from southern and eastern russia. a meteorite, slamming into the earth there. people thought war was breaking out. that video, stunning. you see it streaking across the sky right there. and then, that impact. massive flash of light. you can see it here. the camera blinding this intersection. scores injured, more than 700 in all. most of them cut by glass, from thousands of windows shattering upon impact and the accompanied
8:01 am
sonic boom. the meteor weighed an estimated ten tons. it landed 900 miles from moscow. as a precaution, thousands of troops are now being sent to the area. it is not related to the asteroid that is scheduled to pass by earth later today. and the disabled carnival cruise ship finally docking in alabama. passengers, like these, understandably dropping to the earth and kissing the ground. cries and cheers. all looking forward to their first hot shower in almost a week. they're telling more horror stories about sleeping on the decks, even in rain, as plumbing backed up and began leaking into carpets and down the walls. some of them choking on the foul smell. olympic hero oscar pistorius wept in court as he was charged with killing his model girlfriend in his native south africa.
8:02 am
prosecutors reveal previous complaints about domestic disputes at his home. back in this country, police had to use mace to break up a massive brawl in a minnesota high school. it all started with a food fight. then, some 300 students were soon throwing punches, calling names. four people had to be hospitalized. we'll have updates as news warrants. one little boy will have quite a survival story to tell when he gets older. a 16-month-old swallowed 42 refrigerator magnets, as you can see here on the x-ray. that's almost like a star system. his mother had left him alone in the kitchen for but a few minutes. that's all it took. fortunately doctors removed all the magnets. he will be fine again. everybody, take a look around the home. >> 42? >> yeah. >> wow. a fascinating sight here.
8:03 am
see what happened. it interrupted a very big golf tournament in australia. quite a sight. >> oh, no. >> kangaroos, just rolling on through. forced the stop in play. for them, it was lunch. >> that's so cute. >> lunchtime. and guess what? they win. >> they win. >> food has been in short supply. there's an ongoing drought there. so, this is what happens, all the time in australia, when the wildlife and the human beings are living in very close proximity. and sometimes they just got to eat. >> that's a great picture. >> it was awesome. >> very cool. "pop news" time. >> indeed. thank you, george. good morning to you all. sam, this is for you. >> okay. >> dame maggie smith said she doesn't watch "downton abbey." if she watches, she will agonize over her performance, rethinking how she could have done things differently. torturing herself over her choices. sam, what do we want to say to her? >> you don't need to watch it. you're fantastic. >> no need to torture yourself. >> amazing. don't watch it. >> perfection. the actress who has won two
8:04 am
oscars, three emmys and a tony, says she will only sit down to watch the incredible program when it's all over, which we hope is not for a very long time. >> can we have a viewing party? can you imagine how awesome that would be? just a big bowl of caramel popcorn? >> what do i say? what is a weekend? >> maybe you can work that out after the show. >> we will. >> it's friday. get ready. when it is finally time to raise a glass at angelina jolie and brad pitt's wedding, it may be filled with a very special kind of wine. the power couple is creating their own label. releasing the first bottle one month from today. the pink rose is called miraval. the french wine grower who uses their estate in southwestern france. this estate has produced several prize-winning wines over the years. so, look for a nice taste and a nice finish. also coming a line of organic
8:05 am
white and red wines from the pitt-jolie line later this year. >> a quick follow-up. is there a wedding date scheduled? >> no. >> we still don't know? thank you. >> you're welcome. >> the wine will be drinkable whenever it is. >> and your invitation is in the mail. for sure. so, we haven't talked about it ourselves. we know how hollywood celebrated valentine's day. john mayer and katy perry went to a fancy dinner in brentwood, california. guess that is going hot and heavy. we're excited for them. mariah carey and her husband, nick cannon, went for a horse-drawn carriage. and lamar odom sent khloe kardashian this heart made of roses. however, it wasn't a fairy tale day for everyone. "the daily mail" reporting that chris brown and rihanna, who were acting very cozy at the grammys may be off again when they were spotted ignoring each other at an l.a. nightclub. >> how do you spot someone ignoring someone?
8:06 am
>> right. we'll get back to you. and finally on friday, you know we love to finish with a little -- a little eye candy for you. when you're done, you're done. take a look. sometimes, you just got to get out. no matter where, no matter what. you just got to go. >> what -- >> this is quite the wily little wiener dog. i found this for you, george. it's a dachshund. he's climbing a gate. it's a wily wiener dog. >> squeeze in there. >> he just climbs up. like spider-man. then, there's this guy. he's not quite as inventive. this is just a beautiful basset cozying up to baby amber. she was 2 weeks when this was posted. it's baby basset love for you on this friday morning. and that is "pop news." >> that's a good nap right there. >> sweet. sorry you missed that, sam. >> i could see it. >> can i see it. we can all see it out here. good morning, magnolia, texas.
8:07 am
good morning, miami. good morning, chicago. good morning -- >> charleston. >> good morning, charleston. there's a lot of charlestons. you're from the south carolina charleston, am i right? >> yes, sir. >> tell me your name. >> ryan. >> welcome in. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. we are going to start with a shot out of miami. there, you have some rain. this is the story in south florida today. yesterday, there was heavy rain in central florida. now, the front has started to move to south florida. so, heavy rain expected during the day today, possibly up to two inches of rain. and behind that front, colder temperatures. get ready, south florida, to face the winter everybody else has had with some colder, colder temperatures. you've been exempt, but no longer. it comes into the northeast, as well, by the time we get to the weekend. two systems from down south will kiss the mid-atlantic with a little bit of light snow twi
8:08 am
>> you make the signs. we want to be with you right here in times square. what does that one say? louisiana loves "gma." we love you, louisiana. let's go back inside to who? >> lara. >> a great crowd. thank you. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." lady gaga cancelling her entire tour and headed to surgery. what does it mean for her blockbuster career? plus, special delivery. the entire neighborhood rallying to get a mom to the hospital in a sled. and it's our big trash-to-treasure, with none other than vanilla ice. wait until you see our transformations. all coming up live, here on "good morning america," in times
8:09 am
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. hi, mom and dad. talking about it. today, we're going to do it. lesley jane seymour. >> good to be here.
8:14 am
>> good to see you this morning. >> here's one that caught our eyes. ben affleck, getting so much buzz. winning so many awards. "people" magazine has an article about ben and jen garner. she talks about how she's taking a step back in her career. >> very modern. >> you have very strong feelings about this. >> yes. we know it's hollywood. let's wait and see. give it five or six years and see if that works out. there's some couples who do a very good job of balancing this out. somebody will go onair for a while and come off a movie. look at kiera and her husband. >> and angelina and brad pitt do that. >> some work it very well. in a modern world, you -- >> any two-career families are like that. >> if you want to have two careers. the only thing i will say about hollywood is, remember, you may not hear exactly what's going on
8:15 am
yet. so, i say let's give a little while and see if it's working out. >> what do you mean? >> i'm always skeptical. these things, they look really good on the surface. and we'll see. hopefully it works. >> one of the reasons that ben affleck -- he's in a sweet spot in his life. and a large part of that is he seems to be very happily married to the beautiful jennifer garner. >> it was going on before. >> i hope it's happy. i'm just a little skeptical. and a little jaded about hollywood. but we'll see. >> that's stunning. >> and lady gaga? >> lady gaga is going to have hip surgery and months and months of rehab. she's huge. she's not going to be on tour for a long, long time. that really drives record sales. this is kind of a hit on her career. >> you know, these are tough moves. but americans love, you know --
8:16 am
they have a real passion for their stars. and when something goes wrong, we all know that. we'll take a backseat. and we're waiting for them to come back and we can't wait. and she's such a gigantic star. >> can you imagine rehab? we have video of her. she doesn't stand at a microphone and sing. >> that's why she has the hip injury. >> do come back from that -- >> i hear that you get some of the baseball players have the same injury from all of the movement. maybe she just has to move less. you know? maybe a little less movement. at 26? oh, my goodness. absolutely. fans are very -- we're all die-hards. we love our stars. we love our music stars. we give them seven and eight chances to come back, even the ones that are self-destructing. i'm not worried for her. i'm a huge lady gaga fan. she's such a feminist at heart. >> lesley jane seymour, thanks
8:17 am
for coming on. we're going to the special delivery. the story behind the video we've been showing you, about the baby born in the blizzard. there was a monster blizzard in the northeast not too long ago. inconvenienced a lot of folks. a lot of folks had to wait. some things -- >> can't. >> just don't wait. take a look. you might call it delivering a baby. >> only this baby. >> reporter: but the way little james wood jr. came into the world gives delivery a whole, new meaning. >> i was starting to worry about the baby because he wasn't moving that much. >> reporter: it started on sunday, right after that massive blizzard blanketed the northeast with record snowfalls. that's when 42-year-old lauri wood and her husband found themselves buried in three feet of snow at exactly the wrong time. >> one, two -- >> i started getting really nervous. you're starting to contract at 39 weeks and you can't go anywhere. you know, we were trying to
8:18 am
think what were we going to do? >> reporter: without a way to get to the hospital and with little james already on the way, james sr. came up with a unique idea. >> i said, i need a sled. >> reporter: that's right, a sled. with the help of friends and neighbors, james put lauri on to a homemade sled and started the long trip down a steep hill. >> i was completely out of breath when i was pulling her. and i was just hoping i didn't pass out on the journey because it was not easy. >> reporter: while it took the group nearly 40 minutes, they finally made it to a waiting car. >> we're going to have a baby. the snow, it was a crazy idea to begin with. but obviously, it worked. >> reporter: shortly after arriving at the hospital, lauri gave birth to her little james, a seven pound, ten ounce little snowman. thanks to the sled and her friends. >> the best bunch of people you can have. i finally had what i always
8:19 am
wanted, a son. >> all right. we move on, now, to oh, yeah. let's do it. come on. >> we got -- this is the smooth moves. this is the guy, everybody. rob van winkle, also known as vanilla ice, with a different project. transforming trash into treasure, on his show, "the vanilla ice project" and "trash this house." we go his home in florida. take a look. glamorous palm beach is home to many a real estate mogul. but it's safe to say, none have a story quite like rob van winkle. did you know in your hip-hop days you would be worried about pillow colors and drapes? >> never in a million years did i think i would be doing this. >> reporter: rob, better known by his alter ego, vanilla ice,
8:20 am
rose to fame with megahit "ice, ice baby." bringing rap to the forefront of pop music. you paved the way in hip-hop. now, you're paving the way in diy, and house-flipping. who knew? >> not even me. >> i found another passion. i enjoy it. >> reporter: rob turned to real estate where he made real money, finding, fixing property all over south florida. i met up with rob here at a foreclosure he transformed near his home. the room-by-room renovations are featured on his show, "the vanilla ice project." he's known for icing out a house to his own specifications. i don't know why. but you need to have that. whether it's the lush, tropical grounds. >> i put an extreme feature in my homes for people to go,
8:21 am
that's cool. >> reporter: this is the nucleus of the house. or the extras like a massive renovated kitchen. and spa-like master bath. these are the things rob says will significantly increase a home's value. >> this is the master closet. >> reporter: are you kidding me? nice job. >> we cut out the master bedroom to make this closet that much bigger. >> reporter: inspired by our shared love of finding diamonds in the rough, we went hunting for junk to transform into gems. these are incredible. >> you can go crazy in a place like this. >> reporter: they're cute. the work. oh, my gosh. that's a great idea. what do you see? >> mirrors. >> reporter: these are cool for a piece of artwork. >> yeah. look at that. good eye. great eye.
8:22 am
that's our piece. set it on the ground like that. >> is it a coffee table or a combo table? >> good eye. >> so fantastic. what a great eye rob has. and now, we have the big reveal with the help of our team. sam and josh behind. we're going to begin with the mirror. we got this for literally $40. your vision was to ice it out. this is the result. and we got really simple tips. you buy any kind of mosaic tile. the first thing we did was to unify these two pieces. anytime you want to put two pieces together, you use the same color paint. >> that's right. little elbow grease. >> and i love the fact you had a flat surface, you decided to add more mirror. the total cost to redo this was
8:23 am
another $30. you're looking at a $60 rescue/recycle reinvent. >> if that. it's genius. it turns from zero to hero. look at that. that old easel, that mirror. it's modern and fresh. put it in a kids' room. >> a foyer, anything. we were in salvation army. and literally, he saw this little table that was sad. it buss $19.99. he looked at it. he said, that's not a table. that's a light fixture. we turned it upside down. we found another light that we put inside. we bought two different light fixtures. you can see them. we have a picture of them. this was $7.99. this was $19.99. by combining them, you create a wow piece over a kitchen island. this was somebody's castoff. this was something that someone was going to toss out. and it's having that eye that you do with the houses that you find. this is the man, the foreclosure man. >> you can also -- like there's
8:24 am
a vintage feel to it, too. it's not -- it doesn't feel completely new. but unique. >> one of a kind. >> not the cookie cutter things that you're going to go to the store and pay $400 for a light that your neighbors already have. >> this is an old window out of an amusement park. and we found these legs. and we created this. >> a little sandblasting there. put a glass on top. stain it. >> wow. >> can i have this? honestly? >> isn't that beautiful? you have a modern feel from a piece -- a salvage piece. we took these legs that were chinese red, by unifying them with the same color. this was something at a salvage yard. >> thank you for this, rob. that's awesome. >> yeah. >> you can bring more stuff. >> we got the shelf. >> a companion piece. >> recycle your pieces, and more tips on how you can turn trash
8:25 am
to treasure, on yahoo! and check rob out on diy. when we come back, robin getting ready to get back in the game. >> now, from abc7 news , i am kristen z. c.h.p. investigators will be at home of the man who threatened to assassinate senator leland yee in san francisco with more material found in santa clara yesterday. a device was dangerren away and detonated and the suspect, 45-year-old everett basham is due to make his first court appearance this morning. officers arrested him on tuesday for threatening the state
8:26 am
official and having illegal weapons. sue, a lot of people are getting an early start on the holiday. >> but fremont they are not getting fast anywhere. we have a sig-alert southbound 880 beyond michigan boulevard, a collision with the driver unconscious, and injuries and two left lanes are blocked all the way back to the parkway as you can see on yap and another accident southbound 680 at stone valley has it slow, as well. >> it will feel pretty spring like with mike nicc
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> temperatures are in the 40's and 50's but for 63 at half moon bay and from seven to 11 degrees above average, putting us in the mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and upper 60's to low 70's inland and the seven-day outlook is cooler by monday and rain i got married on "gma." >> and i got to be there, too. >> look at brian and melissa, getting married. captain arnold doing the honors yesterday. fair to say, our biggest love live event ever. and there they are. the service for melissa and brian bondy, the first kiss after walking down the aisle, upstairs.
8:29 am
he proposed less than an hour before. >> and boom, boom, boom, flash wedding. you were smart to ask the question. are they really married? well, here you go. we're answering that. the happy couple hustled downtown to make it officially legal. their first meal together as married couple was new york classic, a hot dog. >> that's so great. >> and a pretzel. >> and they take a picture. that's wonderful. >> they ate a bit fancier last night. dell frisco's downtown, the place, as they held the reception dinner. i'm sure it was delicious. and congratulations. a mazel, mazel. >> brian, cool as a cucumber all morning long. but i did see him, when he got the champagne, it was down. >> i don't blame him. >> he was nervous about her saying yes to marrying him and yes to marrying him right now. >> that was a big day. we have so much excitement here this morning, as well. a great crowd outside in times square. and d.j. kalkutta is spinning us
8:30 am
into the weekend. we love her music. >> there she is. and we're going to meet a very charming young lady. youngest ever best actress nominee. quvenzhane wallis. "beasts of the southern wild." look at her. and look at that smile. gorgeous. >> so cute. also coming up, one lucky woman getting extreme closet makeover. wait until you see it transform into a dream space. we have tips for you how you can declutter your closets right now. we can all use it. >> and ice is in the house. he can help. we want to get here. five days, now, and counting, until robin is right back here at the desk. another step on her journey, being walked, or really run and jumped by abc's john schriffen. he is playing in the nba all-star game in houston, where robin had hopes to do it. and to make sure he does our all-star and hall of famer proud, john's been getting tips
8:31 am
from some of your favorite celebrities, all-time great players and one very important person. >> reporter: it's a daunting challenge to stand in for one of the game's true greats. >> i am working hard to make my comeback soon, too. i am bummed that i can't be there at the game. but john is there. and, john, you're going to score some points for me, right? i'm counting on you. >> reporter: thanks, robin. i will try my best tonight. but i can't wait to see your comeback on wednesday. i've enlisted the help of some nba legends. >> drexler takes on his lofty nickname. >> reporter: among them, clyde drexler. bruce bowen. bruce playing against me. and both have volunteered to help me get ready. >> most guys they do an nba workout in 15 minutes, they're dead-tired. >> reporter: this could be it for me. bruce and clyde, along with chandler parsons, know something about staying fit. as part of the league's fit
8:32 am
initiative, they are ambassadors encouraging children to be active. >> we have to focus on kids getting outdoors more. >> there's the ball. >> reporter: also about me not embarrassing robin in tonight's celebrity all-star game. >> the ball slipped. >> reporter: i'll blame it on the ball. thank you. thank you. >> we're going to work on it. and tomorrow night, we're going to do it in the game. >> the ball didn't slip. he's worried about playing my team. >> reporter: maybe i can't dunk like chandler. but i do have a secret weapon. high school basketball coach lawrence roberts. did i mention he's robin's older brother? i have to make robin proud. >> listen, here's what you need to do. shoot the ball. shoot the ball. shoot the ball. shoot the ball. did i say shoot the ball? >> reporter: give me one or two go-to moves. >> there you go. >> nice. >> reporter: i like this. >> all right. >> reporter: this is going to work tonight? >> absolutely. >> reporter: let the game begin. for "good morning america," john
8:33 am
schriffen, abc news, houston. >> one, two, three. team robin. >> that's awesome. bruce bowen, my former colleague at espn, he's going to be jawing all game. john, good luck to you. you can see it. the all-star celebrity game tonight at 7:00 eastern, on espn. enjoy. george? >> thank you, josh. we're counting down to oscar sunday with quvenzhane wallis. she auditioned for her first acting job at 5. won the part of hushpuppy in "beasts of the southern wild." and now, at the ripe age of 9, the youngest nominee in oscar history. you were doing something sensible when you were nominated. you were sound asleep. >> yes. my mom had to wake me up. and i was half-asleep because it was like 5:45 in the morning. she wakes me up. tells me i'm nominated. half-asleep. and i was watching a name scroll on the screen. but on the inside, i was doing
8:34 am
flips that i never could do before. >> i'll bet you were. and you've got to tell me this story. you weren't even old enough to audition. it was supposed to be 6-year-olds. you were only 5. how did you manage that? >> my mom called and said they had auditions for 6 to 9-year-olds. and i was only 5. she is not old enough. she's like one age under. my mom said, i think she can handle it. so, it just all went through that way. and just -- >> and you beat out thousands of little girls. and got the part. we want to show a little bit of it right here, where you're in a scene with your dad, wink, and you're arm wrestling. take a look. >> come on. come on. come on. [ screams ] >> take my hand. you're the man. who the man? >> i'm the man. >> yeah, you the man.
8:35 am
who the man? >> i'm the man. >> you got the guns, huh? you even crack yourself up. the director said you actually helped pick your own dad in the movie. how did that come out? >> we -- they had two other men before dwight. and we played together. and we tried to do a few scenes together. and just couldn't, like, fit together with them. so, we actually had to go to another man. and then, just ended up getting like that. and we went to another man. and that was dwight. and he came with bags. and it came with doughnuts. >> he knows the way to your heart. >> and he said his trick is to bring either toys or treats from his bakery. and he came with two bags, with a big smile. put them on the table and gave it to me. i opened up the bag. i thought it was one of those
8:36 am
box tricks, when you open it and it's like a small charm. i opened the box. and all i see is doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes. i turned around. and did like this -- >> that's my dad. >> yeah. but we still had to, like, do a few things together. >> are you having fun with all this? i mean, getting all this attention? winning all these awards. has it been great? >> it's been awesome. i love it. >> that's good. good luck at the oscars. i just have to ask -- i love your outfit. my girls are going to be very envious, especially of that little bag. do you want to be an actress when you grow up? >> of course. it's something fun. and i get to come on "good morning america." and stuff like that. >> well, you made our morning. you made our week. good luck at the oscars. great to have you here. hey, sam? >> that's adorable. >> that's amazing. >> adore her. that is 1,000 pounds of
8:37 am
personality in that little package right there. doughnuts and brownies always win. let's get to the boards. your twitter and facebook pictures light up our computers every morning. a little shot of kansas. also, when you find a great place in america and want everybody to know about it, this is a great way to do it. we didn't know that sinks canyon state park had a river under the canyon. emerges about a quarter-mile down in a pool. it takes about two hours to make the quarter-mile journey through wyoming. wouldn't that be lovely? quick look at the mild west. we'll show you what's happening with those temperatures. little area of high pressure where you're going to get santa ana winds from the west across the area. that's going to warm things up. 78, san diego, to l.a. san francisco, a bit milder. the east coast has two opportunities to freshen up that snow coat. one happens tonight. one happens saturday night. the saturday night will be a little bit more for areas like boston. even the carolinas.
8:38 am
>> all of america's weather was brought to you by serta icomfort. we agree, our closets are a mess. how do we fix all this? we're going to tell you, right here, on "gma." mine is worse. mine is much worse.
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8:41 am
back, now, with our series "get the good life," where we show you simple ways to make the most of your world. this morning, we're tackling your closet and showing you how you can give yours a dream makeover. take a look. ah, closets. there's the dreamy kind we see in movies that make us green with envy. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and then, there are
8:42 am
the real kind, like the one that maude sachs has. >> my closet can have tentacles that come out in the middle of the night. >> reporter: the new york housewife and mom says her closet is home to everything. dresses, costumes for her daughter, lydia. forgotten toys and gift wrap. and three different wardrobes. >> i have the mommy wardrobe. the back to work wardrobe. the i need to look better than the mommy wardrobe. >> she needs to put everything in separate sections so she can sort of find what she needs. >> reporter: what does she need? >> i need a closet makeover. >> reporter: fortunately, we knew just who to call. john desilvia, from the diy network's "rescue my renovation." >> i want to see this closet. >> reporter: within minutes of meeting maude, john had a plan. >> it's a mess, isn't it? >> reporter: step one, make your closet a priority, like any other room in the house. >> it's kind of like the last
8:43 am
room in someone's home, that they think of renovating. and it becomes the most unorganized spot in the house. >> reporter: step two, never underestimate the importance of good drawers. >> you want an investment piece, have a custom closet made with drawers. >> reporter: and step three, fully utilize your space. don't sell the power of high ceilings or a deep closet short. >> are you ready to get your closet back? >> yeah. >> reporter: one week later, it was time for the moment of closeted truth. take a look at maude's closet before the makeover. and take a look at it now. the discount dresser is gone. in its place, a closet maid system, constructed of cherrywood. dozens of drawers for her sweaters, socks, lingerie. matching trays for her jewelry. for her shoes, built-in reinforced wracks. odds and ends, carefully labeled. the closet that could barely fit
8:44 am
one person can now easily hold four. >> this is unbelievable. i can't believe there's that kind of space in there. >> that's a dream. we're here to have john desilvia, from "rescue my renovation" with more tips you can really use. this is something we all deal with. the closet is such an parent zone of our world. and there's never enough space. >> nobody thinks about it. >> well, we think about it. there's not enough space. in maude's world, it looked like a $1 million project. but you're saying we don't need to have that kind of budget? >> we went to closet maid's website. and they make it really easy to design a closet. you just input the dimensions. they'll ask you questions. how many long garments? short garments? shoes? >> they lay it all out? >> you lay it out on their website. and they design the closet for you. it's delivered to your house. >> did you have to measure and stuff? >> take the length, the width and the height. that's it. put it into the website.
8:45 am
they design the closet for you. deliver it to your house. you put it together. about $1,000 if you do it yourself. if you hire a general contractor, he's going to charge you $5,000 to $10,000 to build you a custom closet. >> and vanilla ice was just on. he says closets are a great selling point. it's a great place to invest. there's a couple of luxury items you recommend. not a lot of time. but we want to tell everybody. >> this is a rolling ladder. the hard-to-reach places, this makes everything easy to get to. >> take advantage of the high ceilings. >> and it looks beautiful, doesn't it? >> what's with the safe? >> the safe is great. i tuck it away in the corner of the closet, bolted to the floor. you can keep your valuables in here. jewelry, important papers. as opposed to keeping it in a safety deposit box. >> if you have space, it's a luxury to have a chair. a place to sit and put on your shoes or whatever. >> if you have a large walk-in closet, you can turn it into your own personal dressing room. >> we thank you so much.
8:46 am
great simple tips on how to get the good life. we have more to come. we thank you so much. check him out on diy. and check us out right here. we're counting down to oscar sunday. revealing what it takes to create a memorable movie character.
8:47 am
8:48 am
back, now, with our countdown to oscar sunday. and the close-up of the role of the costume designer and how clothing can help make the character special. "gma's" special contributor, cameron mathison, went into the design studios to find out how movie magic is created. >> reporter: it's the eternal question for every actor. >> can i conceal myself for ever more? >> reporter: and as hugh jackman felt in "les mis," the transformation from this to this is no easy feat. ♪ who am i
8:49 am
>> reporter: in this year's oscar-nominated films, the costume designs have their own distinct roles. something that ruth carter, famous for films like "malcolm x" and "amistad" knows firsthand. how big a role do costumes play in the overall look and feel of the movie? >> you hear many actors say they don't get into character completely until they have their costume. >> reporter: a complete metamorphosis. based on hours of research and design. ruth's attention to detail has earned her the respect of countless celebrities, even oprah, for her upcoming film, "the butler." >> she wanted to instagram right away. and the director would say to me in one ear, don't let her instagram this costume. >> reporter: what would an afternoon with ruth be without a little best picture-inspired dressup. first up, "lincoln." >> it suits you completely.
8:50 am
>> reporter: a presidential and stoic transformation if i do say so myself. then, the hard task of channeling ben affleck in "argo." >> we have to do a cufflink. >> reporter: and i was back to the '70s. it was my "les mis" costume that had the folks in atlanta in for a real parisian treat. >> the keys are in there. and just checking in. >> reporter: you should know, i actually don't work here. >> perfect. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, atlanta. >> they're coming back. >> there are actors who really need the outfits to get in character. it helps them very much. and you will see some of their finest work coming up. >> oh, no. >> we're showing this now? >> no. >> oh. oh, stop. >> that is a sampling of what you'll get when we do our oscar
8:51 am
special next week. stay tuned. >> and you can see the oscars, right here on abc, on sunday, february 24th, at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 pacific. just in case sam in that blonde wig was quite enough. >> i don't know. it was great, though. we'll be right back.
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nice crowd. and there is d.j. kalkutta. thanks for all of her this morning. we have a lot of people to thank for melissa and brian's wedding. kleinfeld for men. the jim hjelm bridesmaids. all the folks on that great list, including captain arnold. >> thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! >> three of us are staying. right here, at this very table. >> how many? >> three of us. >> "gma live!" moments away. have a great weekend.
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>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. hillside elementary school reopened after classes were canceled to investigate a faith shooting. investigators say the 19-year-old was shot to death during a game of dice on wednesday night on school grounds. the family and friends held a vigil at the site last night. >> we are warming up today on the way to what kind of temperatures? >> in the mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and low-to-mid 70's for the rest of us a seven to 11 degrees warmer-than-average temperatures.
8:58 am
warm again tomorrow but much cooler with wet weather next week. >> a nasty sig-alert accident southbound 880 in fremont area, and abc7 shows two left lanes blocks with a toll taking out a pole and now, reports of another accident northbound, at oak with traffic jammed both directions of 880. >> thank you very much. join us for midday news at 11. we will see nnouncer: it's "live! with today, host and judge of "project runway," heidi klum, and from the "beasts of the southern wild," oscar-nominee, quvenzhané wallis. plus, a visit from reality stars snooki and jwoww. all next on the emmy-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and
8:59 am
michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you. thank you. you know, we really should have been supermodels. michael: yes. kelly: what a waste of natural talent. it's friday, february 15, 2013. it is fashion week, of course, and today, i am wearing tadashi


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