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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 16, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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believe the fire was burning for some time before the emergency calls came in. they aren't sure why it took so long for one to call. at one point in the fire the floor in the second story collapsed.that was on fire two firefighters fell through to the first floor and i'm told they are injured, they are being treated. bogey are expected to be okay. we spoke with neighbors who told us that the mother of the little girl was unable to get to the apartment and save her daughter. we are still trying to get more information from neighbors here this morning. also fire crews still on scene. it's been more than five hours since that initial 911 call came in and they are still trying to determine what caused this fire. there are few of a few dozen neighbors displaced right now. red cross is on scene helping them get somewhere to finish their sleep tonight. reporting live on treasure island clear clap, abc7 news. >> thank you, kira. it's been a strange 30 hours for
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things coming out of space. the astroid that came close to earth, the meteor that hit russia and just last night a meteor streaked through our sky. a lot of people saw it. >> reports are coming in from around the bay but mostly on the peninsula. a bright blue strike streaking across the western cy around 7:40 tonight. someone claiming to have recorded the meteor while driving down 280 posted this video on youtube. another witness looked at the video and said it's what he saw as well. we caught up with people who saw it at ocean beach in san francisco. >> it looked like a big, like a flash of lightning. that's basically what it looked like. and it happened i thought twice. he only -- i think. >> at least three times. >> we saw two lights like right over there. >> it shone over the whole bay. it was like insane. >> apparently there was another bright meteor seen in the sky. maybe not as bright as the one
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that was seen in russia. >> more people seem to be paying attention to the sky after a meteor slammed into russia today. it streaked across the sigh beerian sky and smashed into the earth with the power of an atomic bomb, injuring more than 1,000 people, mostly from broken glass. n.a.s.a. said the meteor was about the size of a building and moving at 40,000 miles per hour. >> the recent occurrences isly what makes it interesting. it's definitely what has we up here. >> what do you know about astroids? >> i know they can be dangerous. >> meanwhile another astroid is passing very close to the earth. it's the closest any astroid has ever gotten to the earth. stargazers came out to get a glimpse of a fuzzy dot on a video screen. 17,000 miles seems like a long distance but it's so close the earth that astronomers see hits
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gravity has the potential of change its path. >> astronomers say it's a wonderful coincidence. reporting from the space and science center in oakland, i'm allen wong, abc7 news. >> if you snapped a picture of last night's youor, we would love to see it. just send it to us. >> if a meteor hit your home, are you covered by an insurance? michael finney got some answers. >> it is one of the things definitely covered under the homeowners policy. a lot of people doesn't realize it because it doesn't happen that often, but if it does, it would be covered. >> also the damage from the meteor concussion like we saw in russia would also be covered. other events likely covered under the homeowners insurance includes lightning strikes and falling satellites. more things to worry about. after 8 days aboard the carnival
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crew ship triumph. two northern california women are finally home this morning. julie and her mother flew into the oakland airport last night. her nine-year-old son missed her so much he literally took her off her feet. after the bear hug on the ground, nine-year-old ricky also had a big hug for his grandmother, connie. despite the conditions aboard the ship, they said their travel group of five women did fine. julie said she even used skills she practiced with her son who wants to be an eagle scout. she tied square knots for their tent on the deck. >> we were working together. used what you showed me. >> and that came in together? >> came in handy tieing sheets together. >> once we realized the fire was out and it was going to be all right, it took longer than we
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thought to come home. >> julie and connie said this experience was not scarred them from ever taking a cruz again, but they will study the next ship a little closer and make sure it's newer. abc7 news reporter sergio has more from oakland international airport. >> as julie and thousand of other passengers aboard the carnival triumph moved home, the trouble shipped was moved to a repair deck. that's where the investigation will begin. for some even the journey home met with technical problems. a charter bus broke down en route to new orleans stranding passengers for more than an hour. pictures shot by spring he will illustrate the conditions aboard the the triumph as the ship went dark and five inches of sewer water collected? their cabin. they said the situation aboard the triumph was tough but tolerable and that included caring for some people who had kids aboard. >> i think the kids had fun.
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they were running around on the ship. the crew did a lot to play with the kids and have events for them. i don't think -- i think the parents of the children were probably more stressed than the children themselves. >> i was thankful we didn't have our kids with. >> definitely. >> they were aboard for a group surprise 40th birthday celebration for her sister. they praised the crew who tried to make the best of a bad situation. >> there has been a federal lawsuit filed over the whole ordeal. i asked jewelry and connie what they think of taking legal action and they say of course conditions aboard the ship were bad but they don't believe it's worth a lawsuit. in okayland, abc7 news. >> 5:08. new this morning, seventeen agers were rushed to san jose hospitals last night after their large s.u.v. rolled in the city's terrace hill neighborhood. our media partner, san jose
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news, reports three of them had significant injuries. the crash happened shortly after 10:00. no other vehicles were involved. rescuers say there's any sign of alcohol being involved, but there were obvious signs the s.u.v. was speeding. a santa clara man is accused of threatening a state senator and he is now charged with ten felonies. everett did not enter a plea during his first court appearance yesterday. the 45-year-old is accused of e-mailing a death threat to the state senator because of his efforts to tighten gun control laws. they searched the man's house for a fourth straight day yesterday. multiple weapons were seized. the man will be back in court next week. this morning a teacher is accused of stealing from her own students. it happened in linden which is west of stockston. the teacher was caught in the act on this cell phone video.
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you can see the teacher going through a pink backpack. she appears to find money and take it out. students set up the camera after they noticed things missing from their bags. the teacher has been with the district for 30 years. she's now on administrative leave while the school investigates. coming up next, big trouble for a once promising political career. the lavish items jesse jackson jr. admits he and his wife bought with campaign funds. also marin county gets a piece of military machinery we are used to seeing in war zones. why the sheriff says it's a necessity.
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>> former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. and his wife face potential prison terms after they admit to plead guilty to spending $27,000 in campaign funds on themselves. they bought furs, a gold watch and a hat once owned by michael jackson. it's not clear how much prison time they can serve when they are sentenced in a few months. legal experts predict jackson jr. would likely serve at least a few years as breach of a public trust while his wife sandy would serve maybe only a few months for filing a false tax return. the marin county sheriff's department is buying an armored vehicle to use in response to everything from crutch to snipers. but is it a wise use of homeland security funding or a waste of
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money. not everyone agrees. we have the story. the bear cat g3 rescue vehicle can be stand explosive blasts and 50 caliber gunfire. but can it take an assault from marin county residents who are opposed to spending the $370,000 it costs to buy it? >> i don't think we need it. >> i think it's useless really. >> critics think the sheriff's request is overis kill kilimanjaro in a county there's never ban a roadside bomb and they think the money cab be put to use. but they say not a dime of general fund money is being used, it's mostly a homeland security grant paid with federal taxes. as for need -- >> this can be used region wide. for example, we know that the golden gate bridge and the oil refinery in richmond are targets for terrorism. in such an instance we have this now to help them. >> board of supervisors president judy arnold said marin
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will join 66 other counties with similar vehicles. once a sniper shooting on to 580 cost the agreeing to close for five hours. it might have ended sooner with the bearcat. it would be helpful in shootings. >> in colorado and new town were sleepy suburbs too where nothing ever happened so you never know. >> the attorney's office is near the civic center. he sees no problem with the purchase of the bearcat. >> there's plenty of money in homeland security and to use it to local communities, it's good because much of it is being used in borders and other areas. >> the truck is being built for marin now and should be delivered in a matter of months. abc7 news. police in marin county have made good on the vouchers they handed out during january's gun
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buy back problem. so many turned out they quickly ran out of the money they budgeted. it took fundraising but they were able to get another $50,000 plus to honor the ious. >> i want to get it out of my hand. so i got new use for it and i got 800 bucks. >> about 850 firearms were collected during the buy back. they were all put into an in sin ray tore thursday and melted down for scrap metal. it is 5:16. lisa argen keeping a look on the weather. boy, has it been gorgeous the last few days. >> really. spring fever running rampant. >> is it too good to be true? >> we have another beautiful day on the way but we are already beginning to see signs of change. here's a look from the emeryville camera. the fun is officially up at 6:58. plenty of that over part of the weekend. we will start out mild. turning school. ending in rain. i will have the details coming up. >> all right, lisa, thank you.
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also next, last month they couldn't lose. now they can't win. the sharks try to snap a six-game losing streak in chicago. larry beil has the highlights larry beil has the highlights coming up in sports. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> welcome back. 5:19 on this saturday morning. promising to be a beautiful one. enjoy it while it lasts. >> did you know it was 80 yesterday in santa cruz? 77 watsonville. plenty of 70s yesterday and a few today, as well. we are beginning to see a few changes. here's a look at the east bay camera. out over the east bay official sunrise 6:58 setting at 5:50 tonight so that's 10 hours and 52 minutes of day light. we are looking at higher clouds and a wind shift today. that will allow for a little by of cooling but not much. in fact today almost as nice as yesterday with temperatures above normal. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. you notice that we have some higher clouds around, some stratus. but these will begin to clear on out. we will look for more sunshine. it's nice and mild in san francisco. 54 right now. good morning, mountain view. 48 and a couple 30s around the delta. 45 in san jose.
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partly cloudy skies along the central coast with upper 40s in santa cruz and 39, typically cool in gilroy. this morning we are cooler in parts of napa and milder in mountain view. five degrees warmer than yesterday. look at the cove. already with those on shore gradients we are looking at 13 degrees of cooling around half moon bay. we will see plenty of sunshine today at the coast. but some subtle changes today. more dramatic changes tomorrow. mild to warm again today. the cooling trend beginning tomorrow on sunday. president's day late in the day a chance of rain. in fact, we are looking at increasing on shore winds on monday. and bigger cooling, in fact highs just in the 50s at our coast with increasing cloud cover. so a couple things going on today. high pressure still in control to the east and west of us. but this weak system and a few high clouds moving in from the south and west, allowing for the flow to be a little bit cooler to start out. then the high clouds clear, but
5:20 am
our high pressure continues to shift to the east. with that we are beginning to see some subtle changes today. but still plenty of sunshine and by late monday could see a few raindrops. this system pretty cold. we are looking at anywhere from a quarter to a third of an inch of rain. come tuesday low snow levels. very, very chilly around here for the rest of the week beginning on tuesday. but cool begins tomorrow. 60 in yosemite with 61 in lake tahoe. they call this ski week supposedly for a lot of the kids. not much in the way of new snow to start off the week but we may see a few snow showers by the middle of the week. 9 in los angeles today. back home we are looking mice and mild again. numbers a little bit cooler than yesterday, but you may not even notice in some neighborhoods. san francisco 67. low 70s for gilroy, hollister, and notice the cooler conditions for monterey and santa cruz by
5:21 am
as much as five to ten degrees. that's because of the on shore winds returning. so a little cooler at the coast today. everyone cools off tomorrow. president's day clouds this cannening, even cooler. cold rain come tuesday. a break wednesday. another system wants to visit us thursday and friday. look at the highs, mid-50s. >> wow. it's going to be a shock to the system. >> it's a little cooler than average for this time of the year. >> lisa, thank you. in sports this afternoon stanford hosts ucla at of and usf will meet fifth-ranked gonzaga on the hilltop. last night the sharks tried to snap a six game losing streak in chicago against the blackhawks. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. for the sharks, january was spectacular. they were 7-0. february is a disaster. now 0-7 after yet another loss, this one in chicago. the captain, joe thornton, doesn't fight too often, but jonathan toews was asking tore it. second period, 1-0 hawks.
5:22 am
the little knuckler into the neutral zone, off the post, and antti niemi completely lost it. that's a soft goal and it's a killer. is that correct respond. tim kennedy just called up from the minors. first goal. 2-1. hawks still. now 3-1 chicago. niklas with a rocket. top shelf. this blackhawk team has not lost a game in regulation this season. the sharks, they are losing plenty. their 7th in a row, 4-1, the final. grizzlies adams has report today a's camp. actually it's josh reddick. but he didn't shave during the offseason so if zz top needs an outfielder, reddick is perfect. a's pitchers and players already in camp. as for reddick, he and coco crisp had an offseason bet to see who could grow the longest facial hair and i do believe we have a winner. >> what i've been told i've been declared the winner among my peels. i think coco has accepted his
5:23 am
loss and trimmed his up. i don't know what it will bring to the table. they say it will slow me down on the base pads and outfield. it's a matter of combing it down and letting the wind run through it. >> oh, brother. >> looking to defend his title at hp pavilion. he's one of the best serves in the game. 14 aces. takes the first set. a tie break on match point. his return goes long. he moves on to the semifinals my finals in san jose. 7-6 and 6-3. sixth-ranked cal in so cal taking on them in women's hoops. birdie with 14. a little runner the lane. nicely done cal with their tenth straight victory, taking care of the bruins 9-51. homer laker coaches the trojans. but they could not stop the team. 26 points, 15 boards, making a
5:24 am
living in the paint as stanford rolls 79-59. their ninth consecutive win. the nba all-star game is sunday in houston. rising stars game played friday night. he had 40. ricky rubio between the legs with the assist here. two. >> he gets high and mighty! >> one. the very many high and mighty beils, bradley beil, my cousin. and on the losing end as team dominated. that's a wrap on morning sports. be sure to join mike shumann with spring training reports starting at five and six here on abc7. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, a violent home invasion in a usually quiet san francisco neighborhood.
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>> new this morning at 5:29, what is the president doing this president's day weekend? he's in florida golfing with friends while the first lady and
5:28 am
their daughters take an annual ski trip. the president stepped off air force one in west womb beach last night. he was then driven nearly an hour to the coastal palm city community behind the gates of the exclusive floridian yacht and golf club. he will return on monday after spending what he calls me time with golf buddies. he encourages lawmakers to enact the economic proposals he laid out in the state of the union address instead of reducing it through cuts alone. >> one that brings down responsible approach to bring down the costs of healthcare and saves hundreds of millions of dollars by getting rid of tax loopholes and deductions for the well-off and well-connected. >> the republican side congresswoman warns the president and congressional democrats want to use the march 1 sequester deadline to raise taxes again while making deep cuts in military spending. opponents of president obama's
5:29 am
policies and proposals plan to protest at all 50 state capital as today, including sacramento. it's being held by the groups. new this morning a $2 million partnership will be announced at 11:00 involving three state parks in marin county. county and state officials made a deal with a nonprofit group to expand hours at china camp, the bay and the other state park. the park will now see expanded hours. >> a year ago the partnership was formed to raise matching funds to keep china camp from being closed completely. effort grew in size to allow today's announcement that all three parks will be operated through the partnership. the marin state park association took advantage of a newly passed law that put a freeze on closers
5:30 am
after the discovery of $50 million the state parks department had in hidden accounts. and there will be a new agreement with the national park service that will keep samuel taylor state park open. now to a home invasion robbery with a hatchet. it happened in an area of the city where that kind of crime is not expected. the story from abc7 news reporter thomas ramone. >> he let him in. there was no forced entry that we know of. >> he said he's known the victim who lived in this house for more than 25 years. >> he's had encounters with other houseguests who have threatened and hurt him. so this is not -- this is not an isolated incident. >> san francisco police are calling the incident that happened at 10:30 thursday night a home invasion robbery. police say three men broke into the house and attacked the 69-year-old resident while he slept with a hatchet, then attacked his roommate. >> the victim was brutally attacked in his own place by
5:31 am
these suspects. the victim had no time to react and just did his best to defend himself. as you can imagine, the second victim coming home and walking into a home invasion in progress was also vicious by attacked. >> reasons for the attack differed from the police reports what neighbors have experienced having in the home in the past. this troubles tom who lives a few houses down from the victim. he said the neighborhood is closely guarded by residents. >> you don't anticipate that this would ever happen on our block. i don't know what really to make of it because it just seems so out of the ordinary. >> san francisco police have not released the names of the two victims. they do say, however, they were hospitalized with nonlife-threatening wounds and police are asking anyone with information to police giver them a call. abc7 news. two armed robbers are on the lose in hayward. a man trying to sell his car through craig's list was tied up in his home and robbed at gunpoint friday.
5:32 am
our media partner, the contra costa times, reports the victim called police to report what happened at his apartment complex in the 200 block of carlos b boulevard after he freed himself. he met two men in the arcing lot to discuss selling his vehicle but the armed men then followed him into the apartment, tied him up and robbed him. they did not take the car. new details about the death of the ex-cop christopher dorner. they believe he shot himself in the head. the family who owned the cabin saw it yesterday. he held gym and carroll hostage on tuesday. the sheriff's department is defending deputies from criticism dorner hid out right under their noses. >> he left the door unlocked so a maintenance man could come in and check the residents and work on it. it appears at that point christopher dorner had already entered that residence and locked the door behind him.
5:33 am
our deputies knocked on that door and did not get an answer. in hindsight, it's probably a good thing that he did not answer based on his actions before and after that event. an autopsy will determine dorner's official cause of death. authorities say they recovered silencers and assault weapons from dorner at sites connected to him. the state of california has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to overhaul it's aging computer infrastructure but now a third state agency is baling on that overhaul because it doesn't work. this time it's the dmv. abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda has the story from sacramento. >> the $200 million effort to overall dmv's 40-year-old computer system that processes drivers licenses and vehicle registrations has been halted. after seven years and 135 million taxpayer dollars only the one portion is close to
5:34 am
getting done. >> we thought it was a time to bring the project to an end because they weren't going to get to an agreement on how to finish it out. >> the stalled dmr project is the late nest the string of high profile blunders of that plagued state government. last week controller john chung fire the contractor charged with the $400 million upgrade to the save payroll system because it's years behind schedule, triple the original estimate and it doesn't work. last year after doling out half a billion dollars the courts pulled the plug on the effort to electronically connect every courthouse in the state when the cost ballooned to $2 billion. >> it's ironic that california being the birthplace of the high-tech describe can't seem to get its act together. >> but the state's technology chief said they do have some successes. california is the first state to have a mobile app store. an online voter registration system kicked off last fall and family and friends can make online visitations to visit an
5:35 am
inmate. carlos admits the state may be too big for certain projects. >> technology projects in and of themselves can be pretty complex undertation but when you take on something of the scope and scale of california, they are inherently risky. >> state department heads don't make projects easy either. >> what we've heard from some of the people in the private sector is that the state will ask for something, but then they will change their minds later or they aren't clear as to what they really want. >> the state will be evaluating what 20 do next and the court and dmv projects. the state comp troller said he will sue to get at least some of the taxpayers money back. abc7 news. a freelance web designer has taken over a local customer site claiming he hasn't been paid. the customer is sf fitness. the designer from germany posted this angry letter on the company's site calling sf fitness a corporation that can afford to star everybody
5:36 am
freelancers out. sf fitness claims it paid the designer $5,000 to create its web presence and accused him of missing deadlines and said he voluntarily passed on the in cleat website, pass it had on to a new firm. new this morning redwood city residents are bracing for their third hike in garbage rates n the past two years. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports garbage bills in redwood city would go up by 3% if the council approved the proposal this month. the typical monthly bill for 32-gallon bins would go up 29 cents to $27.30. there will be a public hearing on february 25th followed by a votes. they raised rates by 7% last year and 18% the year before. coming up next, a new app that many people would find very useful here in the bay area. why the developers call it the expedia of parking. and let's take a live look
5:37 am
outside at 5:38. looking from our hd roof cam. it's nice in the city, 55 degrees, partly cloudy and it's going to warm up. but this might be your last warm day. lisa argen will have your full forecast in a few minutes. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits.
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>> one question looming on the here risen as cities get larger is where do you put all the cars. jonathan bloom found out, there's more room than you might think and now there's an app to help you find that room. >> to see the breath less parking valets running around san francisco's downtown marriott, you might not guess this is one of the slowest times of the week. they expertly squeeze cars between pillars, entire rows of spaces sit empty for good reason. >> we don't turn away hotel guests. we always have parking available for hotel guests. >> but they aren't coming for ours and meanwhile the garage is full. why can't they rent out those empty spaces for just a few hours? >> i have the 12-dollar rate and $15 rate. >> this is park now, a free app that call itself the expedia of parking. it offers drivers cheap rates on
5:41 am
spaces that would otherwise sit empty as long as you agree to be out by a certain time. >> 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for four dollars. if you stay longer you pay the regular price. tallet you pay special to observe extra special parking. >> a premium price on new year's eve or 4th of july. >> it has a greenside. it lets you find spay was charging stations and reserve one in advance. the average user books a spot 11 hours ahead of time which in theory cuts down on circling. but perhaps the most interesting thing is who is paying for it. a joint venture between a few private investors and bmw. here is why. >> owning a car is one of the things you almost regret when you move to a city. >> as more americans move to big cities, it's in a car's company's big interest to take the headache out of owning a vehicle. >> bmw has been focused on ways to find ways to ease the stresses associated with mobility, particularly in the u.s. where our congestion issues
5:42 am
are more significant than other markets. >> in abc news. >> anything to help parking is okay in my book. >> seriously. not a bad day to be searching for a car spot because the weather will be pretty nice today. you will notice a couple changes. we will talk about more dramatic changes by the time the weekend is up. we are looking at much cooler highs and a return to rain. we will have that forecast next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, what it means to be a snowplow parent and whether he's a plus or minus for your kids. what do we dnt,
5:43 am
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>> it's going to warm up and be sunny into the upper 60s later today a lot of sun and warmth in the bay area today so hopefully you will be able to get out there and enjoy it. you probably heard of helicopter moms. those who however over their kids all the time. but have you heard of snowplow parenting? it's a new trend in this increasingly competitive world. but abc7 news anchor christian zee says overparenting could end up hurting rather than helping your child. >> parents come in all types. sometimes we play tiger mom. >> whether they like it or not they will do piano until they are 11. sometimes helicopter parents.
5:46 am
>> since i just have one child i tend today nurture him more. >> and now the snowplow parent. >> the snowplow parents pushes life obstacles out of his or her way. be it bad grades or being overlooked at a sports team. >> she's mother of two boys. >> i have the tools you can pull out to be a snowplow or a helicopter or a dive bombing stealth. >> when trying to snag her son lucas a prime position on the baseball team. >> i brought lemon cupcakes to the baseball game once and realized the coach doesn't like lemon. i went and baked others and brought them to his house for his family to share. >> that's not uncommon. in fact their children are already successful. >> maria's son, alexandra, is an
5:47 am
accomplished vial inist. and leslie's son excels in baseball and ben is a budding local theater star. but educators are worried about bay area parents increasing tendency to prevent their children from failing. kate is the head of the peninsula school in palo alto. a private school. >> we have people who come to open houses and tours okay, if my child goes here will they get into stanford? >> the athletic director, steve, said it's evident in sports. >> a lot more money is spent on the club activity outside of school. a lot more in the way of private lessons. >> he sees parents deterring kids from trying other sports to focus on success in one sport. one result? overuse injuries at a young age. renown stanford psychologist
5:48 am
warns of another consequence. >> they are teaching their children a terrible lesson. if you are not good at something immediately, get out. it's humiliating to be a novice. >> her book are, "mind-set" details her research saying when students are praised for achievement they become fearful of failure and stop trying. on the other hand. >> you know, if you get something wrong you need more effort or you need to try another strategy and guess what happened here? they became more resilient. >> she points out all successful silicon valley entrepreneurs have failed early and often. they learned from their mistakes. something for all parents to remember. abc7 news. >> ten minutes before 6:00 a.m. lisa is keeping track of a beautiful day today. that's the he's ski part, right? >> yeah. and unfortunately we've gotten so used to this mild weather.
5:49 am
you know it's going to end. today we are talking about temperatures once again well above the average. here's a look outside. you will notice that, you know, it's clear. once again, temperatures this morning are quite mild. mid-50s downtown. official sunrise 67:58 and setting at 5:50. things are really going to change within the next couple of days. as we take a look at live doppler 7hd, we do have some higher clouds. the winds have turned more on shore. we are looking at cooler conditions at our coast. but overall this morning pretty comfortable out there. we will look for a return to very mild afternoon highs. the subtle changes come at the shoreline and the wind direction today. then we will see just a few high clouds but then a trough visits us by late in the weekend. 48 right now in mountain view. good morning san jose. 45 for you. you notice the cool 38 in fairfield. look at the mild 54 downtown. 46 at half moon bay with upper 30s in gilroy and 49 in
5:50 am
salinas. this morning it's pretty mild, although at our coast with those westerly winds we are cooler, we are five degrees cooler this oakland. elsewhere also change. mountain view, you are warmer. as we get the day going you will notice that this morning you don't notice too much in the way of change but if you are spending anytime at our beaches it will be a little cooler there. overall mild to warm again today. the significant cooling starts tomorrow for everyone and then the chance of rain arrives by late monday, president's day. we are looking at the showers. cold showers arriving for the rest of the bay area on tuesday. so the setup remains the same with high pressure to the east of us as the weak system to the west of us. and overall today a few higher clouds visiting us from the southwest. but the ridge will begin to shift to the east. as that happens, the flow changes. we get the on shore gradients. these high clouds aren't going to do much to inhibit that sunshine. in fact, we will see a mostly sunny day today. but then by tomorrow numbers coming down as much as ten to
5:51 am
fifteen degrees and by monday night, president's day, this system is knocking on our door and we can see a few raindrops overnight monday. but everyone should get wet on tuesday. you know the colder systems don't hold a lot of moisture but we will knock the highs back. not today, though. 51 in the northern sierra a lot of folks heading up there for skiing the next couple days. it will be colder and cold we're each day. the snow will arrive by the middle of the week. 71 in press no. 79 in los angeles today. we had 80 yesterday in isn't crude. today we will be cooler at the beach. relatively speaking a nice mild afternoon with 69. palo alto 66 and richmond. and most 70s for cloverdale. 69 livermore and down by the monterey bay. we will exchange some of the upper 70s for lower 70s but still beautiful. a look ahead, calls for numbers almost as mild as yesterday. more cooling tomorrow. look at that, upper 50s at the
5:52 am
coast and by monday everyone is cooler a few more clouds. rain arrives on tuesday. it's out of here wednesday but then another cold system follows it thursday and friday. so not a lot of moisture but at this point we will take anything we can get. >> lisa, thank you. coming up next, the invasion of a furry kind. what could possibly be so upsetting about these sweet, precious little bunnies? you will find out next. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal.
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>> a baby in connecticut just could not wait for the snowplows after last weekend's big east coast visited. 42-year-old lori woods went into labor. look at this, her neighbors spraining into action. they put her in a sled to take her to the hospital. huffing and puffing they made it just in time for that little snowman to arrive. his name is james after his father. that's quite a story to tell. in colorado an invasion of sorts. bunnies are going after cars parked at the denver airport. the furry critters may be very cute, but they are getting into cars and chewing on cables, causing hundreds of dollars in damage per car. they are now installing new fencing and building perches for hawks and eagles to go after the roofnous rabbits. poor little guys. the oscars are just now 8 days away. abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars next sunday,
5:56 am
february 24ing. you can count down to the big night with our official app. the backstage pass feature will gulf you the best access with more than a dozen cameras, extreme video behind the scenes and on the red carpet. it's available for i-phone, ipad, android and the kindle fire. >> coming up next at six, star struck in the bay area. what was that bright blue flash of light that lit up our skies? >> plus a deadly overnight fire kills a young girl. i'm kira klapper live on treasure island. i will tell you what responders say was suspicious about this fire when abc7 news returns.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> good morning, everyone. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. let's start you off with lisa argen, meteorologist, with what is going to be a beautiful day
5:59 am
in the bay area. >> good morning, everyone. we are starting out with partly cloudy condition from our roof camera. temperatures are quite mild downtown with numbers in the mid-50s right now. outward the delta and along the central coast we are in the upper 30s. so we do have quite a range with some stratus. and also our winds have shift to an onshore component. that's keeping the beaches cooler. by the afternoon, though, a return to 60s and 70s. yesterday we had widespread mid-70s in the south bay. today trimming those back just a little bit. but tomorrow will be the more significant cooling trend. we will enter a period of some cooler conditions tonight. but changes are on the way not only for the weekend, but in fact we are talking about the long holiday weekend bringing us some rain before it's all said and done. i will have that for you a bit later. katie. >> lisa, thank you. breaks news this morning. on treasure island kira klapper is live at the scene after


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