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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> caltrans has snowplows out in force. what started out as slush became a slippery coating of ice crystals as the temperature dropped. fortunately there were no accidents. snow can be a visual treat, driving it can be dangerous and it creates work for others. for still others, it's an excuse to take time off from work and maybe gather the kids to take in a rare phenomenon in the bay area. >> it's really nice. we need the water. it's really beautiful up here. >> reporter: you are going to take day off and enjoy the snow? >> i am. i am going to probably pick up my kids and come out here. >> it will be fun for them? >> it will be a blast. >> reporter: we still are getting an occasional snowflake at 2,000 foot level but nothing like earlier today. is the snow over? we'll have to ask our own spencer christian to find out what is in store. >> larry: for the rest of us had
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to deal with snow and the first in the bay area for 11 days even longer than that. an anonymous viewer in hayward during a downpour there. ureport page, send pictures there. spencer christian with a look and tornado sighting? >> that is correct. here is a live doppler. most of the bay area is drying out now. most of the moisture has left us but where it's active is quite active. that is down in the santa cruz mountains where we have a wide path of heavy rainfall and snow in the higher elevations near doulder creek and rain continues down towards scotts valley. farther east along gilroy, area of east of that rain up in the mount hamilton area. snow is still falling. farther north, take a look where
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the tornadoes touched down. two tornadoes produced. first one touched down 1:30 in the afternoon and hour later a second tornado report. fortunately no reports of damage yet but video to show you of the first funnel cloud as it was touching down. this is one that occurred at 1:30 in the afternoon. there is a lot of dusting but there is no apparent damage occurring. as i said earlier, no reports of injuries. we have had some wild and wacky weather around and near the bay area today. it's not over yet. i'll have a look at seven-day forecast a little later. >> carolyn: thank you. today's storm caused headaches for commuters and did trigger a number of traffic accidents. in santa rosa a woman was injured when her truck overturned this morning. home is investigating what caused crash but weather is believed to be a factor.
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wayne freedman is live with a look at conditions in san anselmo. >> we didn't have any snow there or no tornadoes. we did have rain this morning. as you look over here, this is some of the runoff in upper san anselmo creek. that is it. this area if it was a big rainstorm, even where i am standing would be under water but we did have some here this morning. >> some rain must fall and to marin residents, they brought umbrellas and kept date in context. >> i like it, we need the water. >> i came from the east coast a few days ago. this is an improvement, i guess. >> if you are looking for headlines, there was power outage in san anselmo. jack anderson told us all about it. >> it was out about an hour and
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then came back for five minutes and then an explosion and it was out for another hour and a half. >> coffee joints did brisk business, when people talked no much of the end of the world but the beginning of spring. >> i think they are full. >> when do the hill turned green? >> think they have. >> okay. >> but before it does... here a last treat. a beautiful by-product of storm. cascade falls in mill valley, water and nature in harmony, not a soul in sight. >> from a natural water flow in mill valley to a manmade water flow here, this gives you an idea how much water there isn't in this portion of the county tonight. as i said, if there were flooding in san anselmo it would be over my head and flowing very
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fast. >> larry: thank you. in the midst of a critical budget standoff in washington, president obama will sit down for an exclusive interview with anchor dan ashley tomorrow. dan joins us live from the white house where the president and lawmakers are facing a tight deadline. a great opportunity for you tomorrow? >> reporter: it is a great opportunity. thanks very much. good evening from washington. i'm here at the white house whereas you said i will have a chance to speak with president obama directly one on one in an exclusive interview. ask him about a number of things and one of those things we will discuss is the budget deal that is now being debated here in washington. you know there is a major deadline looming here in just ten days time, $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will take effect. president believes with disastrous consequences for ordinary americans. he is putting a lot of pressure on congressional republicans to do something to come up with a deal to keep that from happening. today, he issued a dire warning.
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>> people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate might tick up again. >> reporter: president was joined by state and local emergency workers who he says will be hit hard. >> they are building to help communities to respond and recover from disasters will be degraded. >> reporter: but congress wasn't here in washington to get that message. lawmakers are on recess this week which means there are no negotiations underway. over the weekend republicans said the cuts are going to happen. congressman paul ryan says the blame lies squarely on the white house. >> we are here because the president back in the last session of congress refused to cut spending and therefore we have wound up with a sequester. >> reporter: last week democrats proposed a plan to avoid spending cuts by closing existing loopholes but republicans declared it dead in the water. >> the republican party is not in any way going to trade
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spending cuts for tax increase. >> the president got his tax increases last year. he got his higher revenues. >> reporter: the president says if these drastic spending cutting into effect, it would be directly because he claims republicans would not work with democrats to keep it from happening. he says it would cause catastrophic results on the u.s. economy. so she clearly, even though congress is in recess until monday, putting a great deal on congressional republicans for when they return to washington to get a deal done as soon as possible. >> carolyn: sequestration the major topic, is that what you plan to speak with the president tomorrow? >> reporter: no doubt, i will ask him about sequestration and it affects all of us if these spending cutting into effect. i hope to talk to him about a number of other issues, the nation's infrastructure, roads and bridges. he talked about that some in the state of the union.
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i want to ask him about his immigration policy and some of the plans he has to deal with allowing illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. a variety of topics, education if we have time and a chance to talk with several cabinet secretaries about some of the issues that are affecting the nation and california. so there is a lot to talk about tomorrow. i'll have reports tomorrow and you can follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc7. a big day tomorrow. i look forward to having a chance to speak to the president tomorrow. >> carolyn: we look forward to your reports. he will be the only bay area journalist to interview president obama tomorrow. his reports from washington continue tonight and tomorrow here on abc7 news. as dan mentioned you can follow him on twitter@dan ashley abc7. >> our weather coverage
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continues. >> i'm laura anthony. first storm in weeks is starting to drop snow. >> also tonight we'll hear from the owner of an internet cafe who denies he conducting an illegal gambling operation. >> larry: and coach of cal is issuing an apology in the way he tries to not elevator his star player on sunday night. >> and health technology can >> and health technology can help you well, well, well.
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>> larry: latest on the breaking news we brought you at 4:00 and 5:00, a massive fire which continues to burn at an upcame shopping center in kansas city, missouri. >> carolyn: you can see much of the building has been reduced to rubble. at least seven injuries have been reported. five of them critical. there are three people unaccounted for tonight. police say it appears a car crashed into a gas main sparking this inferno. there are reports that the impact of the blast was felt blocks away. >> larry: the building you see burning is called the country club plaza with shops, restaurants and apartments and cleanup will continue for hours if not days. >> carolyn: the city of hayward is moving to shut down internet cafe that let people win cash prizes. nick smith is live in any hai ward. >> reporter: good evening.
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most recent move to stop internet gambling will happen in about an hour city hall behind me. he said he did everything right when he applied for the permits and those looking to shut him down, he is not afraid to fight city hall. >> this is legitimate business. we use legitimate software and we are not breaking any laws. >> ron doyle is fighting a war on two fronts. he owns net connection. both stores have been ordered to shut down by hayward and alameda city officials. they have internet access to games with cash prizes which they call gambling but he says it's simply family entertainment. >> these are internet gambling sites. >> they say the sweepstakes in that they provide skirt gambling laws and are illegal.
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end of story. >> we also have an advisory state from the gambling control that says these facilities are illegal internet gambling. everybody is doing online gambling. these are gambling sites. >> there were three cafes but only two remain. one has shut down. the hayward city council is considering an emergency moratorium to prohibit these kind of cafes from remaining open until the matter is settled, but ron says he is not going down wuitd fight. >> theyable like big bullies. i don't respond to big bullies. >> city council meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00. several people are expected to speak out on the internet cafe issue including doyle and his attorney. >> larry: back to the weather, blast of wintry weather is just what skiers and snowboarders in
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the sierra have been hoping for. the slopes were packed with kids enjoying a winter break. laura anthony is in south lake tahoe tonight. >> the thumbs up at heavenly were for this, first flurries what should be first ahead of a storm in two months. >> windy cold? >> i think it's okay now but once i get up there it will be really cold and windy. >> havenly was tg to capitalize on the cold temperatures by cranking up snow making operations. conditions weren't what they have been in terms of warmth and comfort. most skiers seemed fine with that. >> i think the snow will be really good. >> do you have enough clothes on? >> yeah. >> here along the highway, echo summit it brought about an inch or two. the hope by tonight the storm
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will drop a more at higher elevations. drive up the summit wasn't bad in the morning but that was before the heavier cells moved in. these guys came from hawaii and it's not quite like home it's exactly what they came here looking for. >> looking for a little powder and get a good day out there. it's chilly today i wish i wore more clothes. can't wait to get up there and hit it. >> locals are excited to see the first flakes in long time. >> it's awesome. i'm ready for it. we'll get 12 inches up at top and do some snowboarding. >> reporter: at south lake tahoe laura anthony, "abc 7 news". >> larry: interviews are better without the mouthpiece on. >> it's pretty cold there. >> we might be wearing masks. here is a live view from high
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definition vollmer peak camera east bay hills, still rather bright. sun set occurred at 5:53 this afternoon but a bright western sky. not many clouds around from this perspective. there are still some clouds around south, however, and some precipitation. let's take a look at live doppler 7-hd. most of the bay area is drying out as precipitation leaves us there is rainfall in parts of santa cruz mountains and snow in the higher elevations near boulder creek. we have had snow at elevations of 2500 feet. we had some just a moment ago in the mount hamilton area but it just fizzled out. let's take a live view from the mount tam camera looking southward, these are rainfall totals over the last 24 hours. nearly half an inch in richmond and san francisco and third of an inch in hayward and livermore. another live view from high definition east bay camera in
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emeryville, current temperature readings, it's getting chilly out there. 45 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 46. high definition, southeast camera and water mark building in downtown san francisco, current readings in santa rosa, napa, 44 degrees. 43 in fairfield. 40 in gilroy. getting chilly all around the bay area. we were sent this picture today on ureport showing snow on top of mount diablo which should not surprise you now. it continues to fall in some spots. things are changing rather significantly. forecast feature showers are ending tonight. see some light snow above 2,000 feet but mostly sunny tomorrow and snow is ending along with the showers. satellite composite animation shows the frontal system well to our south right now. cold air and some moisture still trailing behind the front but the big story for us is the cold
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air. let's start our forecast animation this evening, there will be spots of scattered precipitation overnight but mainly offshore and right along the coastline. as we get into the early morning hours, it will be drying out and clearing out in the bay area. we are going to have quite a chill overnight with low temperatures dropping below freezing in places like santa rosa and napa, fairfield and right down to freezing at livermore and concord. interior valleys of east bay and north nortdz bay will be our cold spots. tomorrow, it will be sunnier. high temperatures in the upper 50s to about 60 in san jose. mid-50s at the coastguard. mid-50s in downtown san francisco. low 60s in some north bay locations tomorrow and upper 50s on the east bay. here is our accu-weather seven-day forecast. well, it's coming -- there it is. we'll have mainly sunny skies tomorrow and thursday.
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partly cloudy on friday, slight chance of showers on saturday and becoming much milder on sunday. the snow is departing. no more snowball fights for a while. >> carolyn: coming up next, paying your toll at golden gate paying your toll at golden gate bridgedays of walking
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>> carolyn: it appears the walnut creek police department jumped the gun in crackdown alcohol abuse. they indicated police officials were imposing a more for potassium on new permits in the city but sources tell us that other city departments wanted to weigh in on the issue so the police department abruptly pulled the proposal. walnut creek has been dealing with alcohol related violence at restaurants and night clubs for some time now. >> golden gate bridge district is stepping up on the campaign to stop using cash at the toll gates. bridge is planning to go to all electronic tolling at the end of next month but their concern that 30% of bay area commuters, 6 million cars per year are paying with cash. they are planning a
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demonstration for tomorrow. how easy it is to switch to fastrak or a new billing system by license plates. >> carolyn: when we come back here tonight, an east bay woman who did time for having sex with teenage boys. she is back in jail and i-team reports a new investigation is now flaw under way. >> a bay area brewery will give new life to buildings at the
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>> larry: livermore woman was is back in jail. >> new details about her parole violation and new criminal case against her. >> for her arrest, after finding porn in her home and she is the subject of new cyber bullying
6:28 pm
investigation. the target one of her victims. >> 24-year-old christine hub started off last week following the rules. she checked in with her parole agent that took the picture. she had been released from prison for serving two years and nine months for having sex with her daughter's friend. bet parole administrator says a surprise check at new hayward home turned up pornography. >> she was searched by a number of agents and found to be violation of some of the conditions and was taken into custody. >> she explains she had many conditions of parole general conditions keeping parole agent informed of current arrest, not to own or even be around guns and special conditions of parole. no contact with the two victims. she is not even allowed in the
6:29 pm
city of livermore and may not possess pornography. though porn may not be her only parole violation. >> one is possession of pornography and a couple other conditions we are still investigating right now. >> soe she is waiting a hearing that could give a maximum of 90 more days in custody. she is back in santa rita jail in dublin the same place i met her two years ago. >> good kids are going to be fine. they are going to go on and be successful. it doesn't have to be -- it was nobody ever was pushed them into anything. >> are you really accepting full responsibility for being the one who called the shots? >> i did feel i was pushed. >> by the 14-year-old boy. >> i was. >> livermore police say they are investigating whether hub bhs
6:30 pm
was behind a case of cyberbullying on facebook and twitter involving criminal threats against one of her victims made hours after her arrest. >> who did the threats come from? >> as far as we know some of the family members and some of the family members friends. christine hubbs' children. >> mother of victim number one the target of sign are bullying sent me an email her family continues to harass and blame my son for christine's actions including her recent arrest. they are a joke. >> this boy, he is scared. she nervous. >> is he? >> he is afraid. he doesn't know what is real and what is not, or people talking or do i need to be worried about myself. >> reporter: christine's husband continue to stand by her. they are still married. he did not return my calls for comment and he faces a lawsuit filed by victim number two so the controversy continues to drag on.
6:31 pm
>> larry: all right. >> lawyers plan to seek a new trial for a man convicted of killing shawn dra levy more an decade ago. they claim the murder case against him was predicated a on a lie. it was based on a jailhouse informant that he said he killed levy but prosecutors learned a year ago about a problem with the witness but not exactly clear who that witness was. levy was an intern when she was murdered in washington, d.c. in 2001. >> larry: californians could see billion and a half dollars in repayment for the california blackout. that is when they saw record high prices for rolling blackouts. a federal judge said more than a dozen electricity wholesalers including en rom and shell purple purply manipulated the market. there was a variety of gimmickss
6:32 pm
they would send electricity out of state and repurchase for use in california at an inflated price. this was an initial ruling that still needs to be approved by federal energy zblgh huge new development in san francisco is closer to reality tonight. it seems the giants have snagged a major tenant for that mission development project right next to the ballpark. carolyn tyler has the story from pier 48. >> beer and baseball are a perfect match and giants say so is there new partnership with anchor brewing. it will be the first tenant for there new development project next to the ballpark. >> pier 48 we are able to quadruple our capacity. >> they plan production and distribution facilities, a restaurant and museum on the 212,000 square foot space. while keeping their plant on
6:33 pm
potrero hill. they will be the first tenant for a development that includes the giants' parking lot and expected to create a new neighborhood with hundreds of homes, offices and green space. >> it will serve in many ways as the front door to the mission rock project. people will see it as they come to games or coming to the neighborhood. >> there is excitement about the project which is expected to bring 200 new jobs, there is a labor dispute brewing among current concession workers at at&t park. their union distributed this flyer during fan fest earlier this month. while the giants have won two world series and team earnings are up as well as ticket prices and amenities the workers haven't had a raise in four years. the neshlgsz are being handled by an out of state -- the negotiations are being handled by out of state company.
6:34 pm
>> go giants first. be successful and keep on working and have the faith in the city. >> reporter: concession company sent abc news a statement they are eager to begin contracted talks and will work in good faith to resolve any outstanding issues. >> larry: just ahead tonight, the outlook on microsoft's free email service
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>> carolyn: big announcement from microsoft, it is getting read of hot mail. this was once of most popular email address in the world. >> it's an all-out assault on google's g-mail service. jonathan bloom shows us what it is about. >> you go through every single word of your g-mail. >> they sell ads so i get googled. >> is that is the free email service. out >> it doesn't read your attachments or use that for
6:38 pm
advertising. >> in fact manager says there less advertising because they use less space to use facebook book posts. >> they have making sure that google plus works good but you love linked in and let's make sure it all woq totaling. >> and they added features like scheduling daily emails to delete themselves each day. >> the far most used is delete button. >> and attachments like photo albums. microsoft gives you 7 gigs of free cloud storage for that. >> they sent six emails with four attachments and something funny. so we made it easy to share. >> biggest news about is what it is replacing. microsoft is shutting down hot mail which was recently the most popular free email service.
6:39 pm
>> they have a branding problem with hot mail. >> hot mail just stopped being cool. >> it was the email address for grandparents and spamers. >> if you like that old hot mail address, microsoft will let you keep it and transfer over to google responded to those tv commercials saying no humans ever read your g-mail to get your ad. >> advertisers don't even know. it's been completely automatic. zbloobl. >> larry: remember years ago we all had aol accounts. >> you've got mail! >> larry: new way to bug yourself into working
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>> carolyn: if you need help to sticking toward new year's leave resolutions, you might want to turn to new technology. you can get knew devices that can track your progress but which one is right for you and
6:43 pm
do they really work? >> television producer jennifer knows what it is like to drug strug with weight. for her it begin at the age of eight. >> i'm a stress eater, from 220, try weight watchers and then trying atkins and gaining 40. i tried everything. can of soup diet to grapefruit pills. >> that is until she made it on the show the biggest loser, ultimately winning the at home prize by losing 44% of her total body weight. >> it's a daily struggle. >> but technology helps her keep track of every choice counting the steps she takes and calories she has burned. >> when you have tools like this to help you, kind of guide you what you are doing and it helps you. >> she uses body bug. >> it's about 5500 steps.
6:44 pm
>> but there are dozens of fitness apps. one is fit bug launched eight years in the united kingdom, it uses a device to track forward movements. >> we want this stuff to be fun. this isn't about to turn you into a fitness fanatic. >> the latest uses bluetooth technology and tracks it on smart phone or tablet. we tried it on the embarcadero. >> this is 120 steps per minute. >> this is brisk. >> this is brisk walk, yeah. >> more conscious of keeping the pace up. >> the health benefit you want to walk a pace that you will get a benefit. >> it offers challenges in virtual competition like this trek across route 66. it shows your progress. >> does it motivate you to walk faster, take more steps, park farther away in a parking lot? >> it really does. it's a whole midnight thing to
6:45 pm
midnight thing for me. >> from the heaviest of 365 pounds, jen has lost almost half of that. she acknowledges that technology is part of the program for her but she takes off her body bug only in the shower or pool and admits feeds in obsession of meeting daily goals. >> i have been known to stay in front of tv and do something like lunges. i punch the air which is silly but to get my heart rate up so i will get my calorie burn for the day. >> the numbers collected by his company over the past eight years shows the sustained increases in activity for users. that mirrors a stanford study on low-tech pedometers. they increased physical activity by nearly 30%. >> what we're seeing with the data, somebody who is doing a regular fit bug plan we're seeing an increase of activity in 60-80%.
6:46 pm
>> and getting your body is what it is all about. >> if you do what you know you need to do is lose the weight is move your body more and eat less it will come off. >> carolyn: most of these products cost between $50-100. in the case fitness bug it costs 3.95 a month. a personal trainer is key to her success. >> spencer christian is our human accelerate only terrify. >> i've been the fittest bug around today. here is a live look. a lot more moisture and moisture is leaving us now and as it does precipitation is tapering off. here a closeup conditions in the santa cruz mountains where we have pockets of rainfall and still a little snow in the higher elevations near boulder creek. some showers offshore. it hasn't ended completely.
6:47 pm
statewide tomorrow, we'll see a mainly dry weather picture although new wave of rain will begin up in northwestern quarter near yreka but it will dry here in the bay area tomorrow. look for partly cloudy skies tomorrow. 60 at concord and san jose, 58 at san francisco. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, several dry days, mostly sunny tomorrow and thursday. few more clouds on friday and slight chance of on saturday and milder weather carries into monday and tuesday of next week. >> carolyn: thanks. >> it it will be cold tonight. >> larry: do not forget the is on cast are on sunday less than a week away. >> carolyn: be sure to download oscars app.
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it will you access to streaming video. >> oscars app is viable for iphone, i-pad and android and kindle fire as well. >> carolyn: we've got sports coming up next. >> good thing. our apologies from mike montgomery at today's press conference, what
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>> larry: cal basketball coach mike montgomery apologized for shoving alan crabbe. cameras captured him shoving him. after the game, monty laughed the thing off but today's at press conference, montgomery apologized for what he did. >> there is no place in sports that you can basically put your hands on one of your student athletes. it was my fault. i'm a big boy, i have to live with the consequences. >> like i say, i didn't take
6:52 pm
anything negative out of the situation. i felt he was doing it. >> larry: and a's have four starting outfielders on their roster, obviously only three spots to put them in. one is chris young. he spent six years with the diamondbacks. mike shumann asked him how tough it was to get traded. >> it's new experience for me to be in arizona for six years. now it's time for change i'm excited for the opportunity. >> it's got to be a tougher job to fit in? >> even more so when you switching at the same time. new kid at school is kind of what i felt like. >> what is your impression? >> full of energy and full of talent. at the same time, it seems like in the clubhouse, they are pretty loose group and they have good time. but from watching them when they step on the field they are ready to go.
6:53 pm
>> did you play for bob? >> yes. >> and everybody's love this guy? >> he is a pretty honest manager. he is able to understand his players' personalities. >> what do you bring to the table? >> i'm confident on the defense and do quite a few things. i'm ready to work hard. >> its crowded outfield but you do whatever you need to do? >> understand, i'll have to make adjustments and playing center at the same time. >> he knows have to move around a little bit in left and right. any time you put another plus outfield they are the outfield and i think he has ability to do it. >> it will be a challenge to to find playing time. this may be the most talented outfield in the american league. i'm mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> warriors are back from the
6:54 pm
all-star break trying to snap a five-game losing streak. feeding it to curry, muscle move inside. jazz controlled most of first quarter. derek favors gets control. throws it down. right now jazz are leading 42-35. >> big news in the blocking world. floyd mayweatherer, jr. will officially fight gilroy native. date is set for may 4th. we first told you about this story couple months, gilroy has been talking in the years that he wanted floyd. other part of the story that is big, may weather is changing networks. he is leaving hbo and moving to showtime. the fight with guero will be held at mgm. >> they will cover a student's tuition if they a person they
6:55 pm
choose makes a half-court shot. the school's basketball coach. very good selection. look at him do the airplane around the court here, nothing but net! and the coach actually told him, the guy was trying to decide who would take the shot. he said let me take it. i only wish they had this at usc. get my daughter's tuition taken care of. >> carolyn: join me on kofy 20. coming up an infestation of rats overrun one city and officials are calling out snipers to deal with them. >> larry: then at 11:00, new car shopping. what some dealers require before you take a test drive. >> and jimmy kimmel.
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...and a high school german teacher from chesterfield, missouri... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thank you, johnny, and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. well, today is the day that we find out who the nine semifinalists are -- the winner of today's game. we have four other winners waiting in the wings and, of course, those four wild-card spots -- high scorers among non-winners. so, patrick, dave, and ashok, all three of you are still alive. good luck. here we go, into the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories. first off... remember that? each correct response will begin with those three letters, in that order. and finally... "the future." i'm al gore, and that's the title of my new book about what's driving the enormous changes,
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reshaping our civilization, our planet, and ourselves. alex: patrick, you get to go first. i'd like who's on first? for $200, please. patrick. who is chance? yes. who's on first? for $800, please. ashok. who is howard? who's on first?, $400. patrick. who is gehrig? lou gehrig. you got him. who's on first? for $1,000, please. ashok. who is hernandez? keith hernandez. correct. first? for $6,000. dave. who is mark mcgwire? you got him. tile land, $200.


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