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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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it was either a traffic nightmare or a winter wonderland. and it is an attraction even tonight. john is live in the mountains for us. >> the temperature is near freezing and there is a thin glaze of ice on skyline boulevard. what has brought people here is the snow which they only see here a few times a year. the rare snow was too tempting to pass up. even as night fell and even as it meant over doing it. marianne from sunnyvale saw the snowstorm on the news and decided to bring her children up to see it for real. >> we don't get to go to tahoe too much, so it is pretty cool. >> next best thing. >> although by 6:00 p.m. the snow was being overtaken by mud and 11-year-old jovian was giving the snow a lower rating. >> a two out of five. >> what is the snow to dirt
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ratio up here? >> not very good. >> it was pure heaven around midday when the snow was blanketing high line boulevard. whatever slush remained was quickly covered by new flakes. it was quick enough to bring out the plows to plow the roads and motivation enough to give baby her first ever romp in the snow. >> i drive into san jose and we saw the snow and it was coming down pretty thick. we decided to come up and stop and take a look. dog has never been in the snow before. >> this was a chance to do some mountain biking. >> you don't really see everything because it is covered in snow and grit. otherwise stay off the brakes and go a little slow. it is all right. it is pretty fun. >> and never, ever wear short pants. >> i did it in shorts. i didn't really plan ahead. >> oh well. the snow sph ice will linger through the night and early morning, and then it will just be a memory and this ready snowman will be in a farber
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place. in the -- a far better place. in the santa cruz mountains. >> he is a rate snowman. the snowy weather is causing treacherous driving conditions in parts of northern california. cars are stuck on highway 49 near sonora and chains are required on both highways 50 and 80 heading to tahoe. and there are more snow-packed peaks in the bay area. sky 7hd took us above mount de ab blow to get a look at the snowy mountain side there. several inches of snow-coverd cars up the state park's parking lot. clouds blocked the skyline and the conditions were dangerous enough that authorities closed the road to the observatory. and a tornado touched down near red bluff. there was a sighting near interstate 5. no reports of any damages from that. >> meteorologist sandhya patel has been tracking everything from the rain to the hail to
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the snow. all of it is on live doppler 7hd. sandhya, it has been a wild day. >> indeed, larry, but it is all winding down. let's show you live doppler 7hd and we'll show you what is left. a few showers south of monterey and snow showers around the big sur mountains. it is winding down as we mentioned. if you look at the view, lake tahoe tv and you can see snow flurries in the last 24 hours .20 of an inch. and about half an inch in san francisco. .34 in mountain view. the winter weather advisory has been dropped from the sierra nevada. the chill is in the air and the temperatures are falling 34 in santa rosa and 36 in napa. bundle up when you head out the door. it is going to be a cold start. back with a look at the complete accu-weather seven-day forecast, and if there is any other chances of rain or snow, carolyn? >> sandhya, thank you. human trafficking in san jose may sound sproising, but it is true. -- may sound surprising, but it is true. lisa amin gulezian has more on
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how police rescued a 16-year-old from life on the streets. >> san jose's monterey road corridor is notorious for one thing. >> first street monterey is where all of the prostitutes hang out. >> that's why san jose police organized a human trafficking task force last week and went undercover twice. this is where one of the undercover operations took place in a high traffic area known for prostitutes. it is around the corner from an elementary school and right in front of a library. one busted johns and the other targeted prostitutes as well. >> we did locate a 16-year-old female who is prostituting and in the interview with her afterwards he ended up telling the officers she was doing that since she was 11. >> it breaks her heart because she shouldn't be living like that and nobody should be living like that. >> omar torres wants the prostitution to stop. he organized the no more prostitution march in september because of what many call an up tick in activity
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involving young girls. police admit staffing and budget cuts are affecting enforcement. this girl who doesn't want to be identified just wants her neighborhood back. >> they asked us prices, and they approach us as if we are prostitutes also. >> since the sting, the prostitutes and the johns have temporarily disappeared. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> a major power outage in the north bay is affecting customers in san rafael. 20,000 customers lost power a little after 6:00 after a car crashed into a power pole and severed a main line. a pg&e utility worker says less than 4,000 customers are without power right now. most in the wolf canyon area. no word on when their service will be restored. walnut creek police are no longer issuing full liquor license to new business because of an increase in violence outside downtown nightclubs. the latest problem occurred
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sunday around 2:00 a.m. when police had to break up a fight downtown. overall police say aggravated assaults have risen 16%, dui's up 21% in 2012 from the previous year. not everybody thinks restricting the licenses is the best solution. >> a lot of restaurants in walnut creek, but we believe there is room for more healthy competition. >> the walnut creek police department took control of the alcohol permits in 1997 after the alcohol beverage commission deemed the city was saturated with permits. 170 businesses have full liquor licenses. the sheriff's department is trying to figure out some remains that were found. it was found at the open space reserve. human bones were found two miles west of skyline boulevard and a hundred feet off a trail. some articles of clothing found in the area suggest the person was male. cadaver dogs are searching the rubble of a massive
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explosion and fire in kansas city. it happened around dinner time in a popular entertainment district. 14 people were hurt and one critically. the blast destroyed a restaurant there and then burned for about an hour. authorities will continue to search for victims through the night. they believe this explosion was caused by a gas leak. just days from a major budget deadline in washington, president obama will sit down for an exclusive interest view with dan ashley tomorrow. >> here is dan reporting tonight from the white house. >> carolyn and larry, good evening from washington where the clock is ticking. if they cannot come up with a budget deal in the next 10 days $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will kick in across this country. now, the president invited state and local emergency workers to join him for a white house news conference. he warned that these are real people whose real jobs will be affected by the cuts. congress and the white house originally created the arbitrary deadline and harsh cuts to force democrats and
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republicans to work together to trim the $4 trillion deficit. however, they could not make that happen. so as they recall they extented the deadline until march which is where we are now 10 day usa way. 34r* obama talked about the risk our nation would face if they cannot at least agree on a short-term solution. >> if congress allows the meat cleaver approach to take place, it will jeep jeprodize our military readiness and it willy advice rate investments and medical research. emergency responders like the ones who are here today, their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. >> today republican house speaker john boehner said the debate over increased revenue is closed. meaning republicans will not discuss any tax increases. of course they are not discussing anything this week. congress is on recess until monday, but when they come back they have very little time to get a budget deal done. so tomorrow here at the white
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house, i will interview president obama, and you can follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc7. in washington, dan ashley, abc said news. >> dan will be the only bay area journalist interviewing president obama tomorrow. his reports from washington continue at 5:00 p.m. on abc7 news. a mom who went to prison for having sex with teenage boys is back in trouble now. >> dan thois is here with an i team -- dan noyes is here with an i team investigation. >> she was known as the hummer mom. and now days after her released from prison she is facing new violations having to do with sex. >> and the weapon that joe biden tells his wife to pick up when there is a problem outside their home. >> and new rules for car shopping. what some dealers want before you go out on a test drive. >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> we have stand up comedy rob delaney and mike piazza is here. and we have anthony edwards. do you think goose may be
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alive if maverick wasn't so reckless? >> every day, jimmy, every >> every day, jimmy, every day. it takes all kinds of good to make a family.
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at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. was known as hummer mom is back in trouble with the law again just days after being released from state prison for having sex with two 14-year-old boys. >> dan noyes has new details about her parole violation and a new criminal case. >> larry and carolyn, parole agents arrested her friday night after finding porn in her home. i have learned she is the subject of a new cyberbullying investigation. the target, one of her victims. 44-year-old kristine hubbs started off last week following the rules. she checked in with her parole agent who took this picture.
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she had just been released from state prison after serving two years, nine months for unlawful sex with her daughter's friends, two 14-year-old boys in hotels, a guest room in the family house and the back of her hummer. but they say a surprise check at her new hayward home turned up pornography. >> friday night she was searched by a number of agents from the beast bay parole district and found to be in violation of some of her conditions and was taken into custody. >> hubbs had many conditions of parole. the general ones such as keeping her parole agent informed of her current address, getting permission to travel more than 50 miles from her residence, not to own or be around guns and special conditions of parole, no contact with her two victims. she is not even allowed in the city of livermore and may not possess pornography. the porn may not be her only parole violation. >> i can tell that one condition was possession of pornography. there are a couple of other conditions that we are still
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investigating right now. >> hubbs is waiting for a hearing that could give her a maximum of 90 more days of custody. she is back in jail in dublin, the same place i met her two years ago where she seemed to downplay her crimes of sex with under age boys. >> they are good kids. they are gonna be fine. they will go on and be successful. it doesn't have to be this -- nobody was ever pushed -- i never pushed them into anything. >> are you really accepting full responsibility for being the one who called the shots? >> but i do feel that i was pushed too from the boy. >> by a 14-year-old boy? >> yes. i shouldn't have let that happen, but i was. >> livermore police tell me they are investigating whether hubbs was behind a case of cyberbullying on facebook and twitter involving criminal threats against one of her victims made just hours after her arrest. >> who did the threats come from? >> as far as we know, some of the family members and some of
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the family members' friends. kristine hubbs' children. >> the mother of victim number one, the target of the cyberbullying sent me an e-mail over the weekend saying her family continues to harass and blame my son for kristine's actions including her recent arrest. they are a joke. >> this boy is scared. he is nervous. jay is he? >> yes -- >> is he? >> yes. he doesn't know what is real and what is not and are people talking? do i really need to be worried about myself? >> kristine's husband stands behind her. they are still married. he did not return my calls and he faces a lawsuit filed by victim number two. the controversy continues to drag on. larry and carolyn? >> thank you, dan. vice president joe biden gave a blunt answer to a question about gun control today. listen to why he says americans don't need semiautomatic weapons for protection. >> we don't need an ar-15.
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it is harder to aim. it is harder to use. in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> biden says he even told his wife if there is a problem outside their home to grab a 12 gauge shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. he was speaking today as part of a facebook town hall hosted by "parents" magazine. gas prices have shot up so fast an auto dealer in sacramento has taken a drastic step to cover the costs. the sacramento auto sales center now requires customers to be pre qualified for a purchase before they can take a test drive. the test drivers have to bring the car back with as much gas as they left with. the dealership says with more than 70 cars on the lot, that requirement can save them thousands of dollars. not sure how many cars they will sell with that stroot gee. >> -- with that strategy. >> bring it back full. let's get a check on our forecast. so cold today and tonight.
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>> and will that continue this sandhya patel is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> oh yes, you will feel the winter chill as we head into tomorrow morning. let's show you live doppler 7hd. not a lot left here. a few showers just south of monterey, but pretty much everything is done for the time being. the cold system is producing snow in the sierra nevada and down toward southern california they are seeing some rain and snow over the higher elevations. on the topic of snow, check out this beautiful picture sent by one of our media managers to my facebook page. this is a view from brentwood looking toward mount diablo. magestic snow-capped mount diablo again. they reported three and a half inches of snow today. we have had reports of hail this afternoon from the peninsula to the south bay. as we look at a picture, the bay bridge, no rain falling
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right now, and we are not expecting any. temperatures are falling. it is down to 36 in santa cruz and 37 in livermore. here is what is coming as you head out the door tomorrow morning. you will need to bundle up. freezing inland in the morning. mostly sunny for the afternoon and milder days are coming for thursday. thursday and friday. the cold front that came through brought us the hail, the snow, the rain. now the area of low pressure is starting to wind down and move on out of here. coldest air has been filtering in which is why you feel the chill in the air. here is a look at the computer animation. pretty much everything is south of us. just a few clouds lingering. but the clouds move out of the picture and first thing in the morning you will feel how cold it is. here are your lows. when you get out -- heading out to take the kids have your coats and scarfs and gloves it is going to be cold. 31 in santa rosa and vallejo and fairfield and 32 in
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concord and livermore. freezing cold in morgan hill, 32 and 35 in san jose. even right around the bay, oakland, san mateo and half moon bay in the upper 30s. definitely a cold start. it is a milder day. mostly sunny in the south bay. san jose 60. santa clara 58 on the peninsula and you are looking at midto upper 50s. 58 san mateo and 56 in millbrae. along the coastline, still going to be cool, but sunny, pacifica 57. downtown san francisco 58. as we get you up into the north bay, 61 santa rosa and petaluma and sonoma and lake port, 57 degrees. east bay communities, a little bit cooler than average. but a far cry from today's highs which were a good 10 to 15 degree bees low normal. 58 in oakland and head inland and 60 concord and as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast mostly sun intoe and milder is the pattern as we head into wednesday, thursday and a few extra clouds around friday. a slight chance of showers on
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saturday morning, but the chinese new year's parade will not be affected on saturday night going with sunny skies on sunday. the second half of your weekend is definitely looking good. dry for monday and tuesday, carolyn and larry? >> thanks, sandhya. let's move to sports now. >> at the rate the warriors are going they will be lucky to hold on to i can ma the playoffs. to make the playoffs. it is more the same in utah. sports is
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the warriors return from the allstar break looking a lot like they did before the break. the jazz cheerleaders, a little trouble setting up the pyramid and look out. out of sync like the warriors. getting the loose ball here and throw itself down as the warriors were completely dominated inside. they finished with 14 points. the fade away and had 19 points and 9 assists. warriors down five at the half. they were in this game.
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curry lead golden state with 29 points. making it rain. four, three's and this shot cut the jazz lead to 1. it is 66-65. and that is as close as golden state would get. it is the show and go. a show of his former self and that is with authority. jefferson lead with 24 and then the warriors just went stone cold in the fourth quarter. 6 of 20 from the field. warriors dropped their 6th in a row, 115-101. mark jackson searching for answers there. they will try to get back on track home against phoenix. the warriors haven't won a game since the 49ers lost in the super bowl. the sharks, they were also win less since super sunday. and finally breaking through and ending a 7-game skid in st. louis. loosening and relaxing and a little soccer before the game. first period and blues on the attack. he takes the feed and beats him. the blues are up 1-0. the sharks respond in the second.
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joe thorton in front of the net and redirects. hand-eye coordination there and we are tied at 1. tim kennedy and slap it. and he beats jake alan. the second of the season for kennedy and the sharks finally get a victory halting their seven-game slide 2-1 the final. cal basketball coach meek montgomery says he has had some sleep less nights after watching replay after replay of his shove on alan crab. montgomery says today he called crab's father to formally apologize and admitted that he was way out of line. the cameras captured montgomery shoving emth him in berkeley. monty uh pool. >>ed while -- apologized and crab says he didn't think it was such a big deal. >> no place in sports that you can basically put your hands on one of your student athletes.
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it was my fault. i am a big boy, and i have to live with the consequences. >> coach was trying to get may fired up. like i said, i didn't take anything negative out of the situation. he was doing it to, you know, help me pick up my pace. >> some fun shoving about to take place. my favorite video of the day in canada. a student got to pick anybody in the gym to take a half court shot, and the guy picked the basketball coach who used to be quite a shooter back in the day. >> clearly. >> and he is money, literally. that half court heve was worth a semester of free tuition, thousands of dollars saved with one shot. that's thanks to the coach. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> hopefully the student will buy him something nice for that shot. the weather is changing. meteorologist sandhya patel is
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it is getting cold outside as we look out toward the bay there are a few clouds out there, but by morning the clouds will get out of town and the temperatures will befalling. right now it is just a degree away from freezing in santa rosa. 36 in napa. 34 for you in gilroy. bundle up first thing in the morning. here is your wake up weather. it is going to be frosty cold in our inland communities. light breeze and temperatures in the 5:00 a.m. hour. low 30s to low 40s. mike nico here in the morning with updates. carolyn, larry? >> the oscars are a few day usa way and we are the only place to watch the award show. >> you can countdown with our official oscar app. it will give you the best access with more than a dozen
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cameras and streaming video behind the scenes and from the red carpet. >> you can get the experience by downloading our free oscars app. it is available for the iphone, ipad, android and the kindle fire. >> "jimmy kimmle live" is next. anthony edwards, mike piazza. >> that's it. >> thanks for
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>> announcer: from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight, anthony edwards, baseball great, mike piazza, and comedian rob delaney. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: very nice. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us here on this blustery winter evening. it is kind of cold here. i think it was 56 degrees here. that's intolerable for us. it even rained. just so you know, if you left your umbrella in that bin near the front door as you came in, you're not getting it back. we sell them. it's how we make the bulk of our money here. it was chilly today. i even had to put on, i had to put a tube top on just to cover the area between my belly shirt and yoga pants. the cold weather is due to a big winter storm that just moved into california. it is moving across the country. the weather channel is calling it winter storm q which is, that's not a name. that's a letter. what if they ned


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