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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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at announcement today. >> it's critical technology, criminals have adapted accordingly. our need to keep pace remain mains imperative. stakes have never been higher. >> the chinese zboft keeping a tight lid on things casing news crews from the building where one company claims the hacking was taking place. take a look at these guys running down the media. >> abc 7 news is at the qhit house today with a one on one interview with the president, asking the president question that are important to us here in the bay area. the live reports are coming up. >> regulatefjk say a san francisco lab where an employee kied of meningitis did not do enough to protect workers. he died last company. the -- april. the feds found three serious
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violations. he was not working in a safety enclo shurks ploimys were not trained to spot symptoms and the lab did not provide vaccine to workers exposed to the bacteria. regulators ordered the lab to comply with safety guidelines they cannot fine fat sill ti. >> a petaluma high school is warning it's student body of possible expo sthour a highly contagious bacteria. >> abc 7 news has more now. >> this is time to be honest with me. you know? did you do anything? >> there has been honest discussion was kids after hearing that a class mate was diagnosed.  do drugs but i'm like did you share a cigarette? a joint? beer? something? anything you won't want to tell me but you need to tell me, now, no, mom.
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>> her son kobt remember whether he'd taken a sip from a soda can as his sick friend. >> they called in a prescription for 500 milligrams of amoxycillin. he took it and he's fine. >> so far, everyone else seems to be fine.k31 >> so one 17-year-old man had a blood infection. >> the principal said he send parents. >> there are a couple saying we should wear face masks and i do understand that. it's -- what is the risk-reward? >> officials say face mark sejcv masks aren't necessary its
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spread by close contact like me coughing right on you, sharing a cup, kissing someone. it's not spread across the room. >> good news is that student is doing bet year awake and breathing on his own, able to recognize people. >> health2tcm officials say they'll probably never know how he got the disease. the concern now is that to >> a prairnt dropped a lawsuit against a redwood city high school. he filed the lawsuit after his son was kicked out of an honors class for cheating. he told the daily news he dropped the suit because of a difficulty proving the penalty had hurt his8;j5z chances of getting into a good college. >> a convicted sex offender wanted in texas is under arrest for assaulting a woman here in san francisco. charges include kidnapping, sexual assault and failing to
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register, police say he attacked a woman in a stairwell in the cathedral hill neighborhood. witnesses gave enough information to arrest salinas. >> police in uc santa cruz holding a meeting to talk about recent violence there. they continued to search for a man who raped a woman sunday afternoon. you're looking at a sketch of the rape yismt-(6q he attacked e woman as she walked on a trail. the meeting is tonight at 7:00 at classroom unit 2. >> police offering a $5,000 reward in connection with the shooting. police released this sketch of the shooter. the young woman, robbed and shot was able to get way and is expected to make a full recovery. >> drivers in southern california had to contend with icy roads today. it got so bad on the grapevine,
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authorities shut down interstate 5 for two hours during the morning commute. no one was seriously hurt. it did allow drivers to gain traction. >> cold front%áswept as far as tucson, arizona. the event postponed because of snow on the golf course. >> the first round of the match play championships stopped in early afternoon, temperatures dipped and conditions became unplayable. >> up to four inches of snow fell on parts of the course. snow storm lasted about two hours, it wasn't just a blip. look. look at that cactus there. 21 of the 32 matches were underway. neither errory mcel roy or tiger woods was able to get in a shot. >> we can see why. >> yes. yes. >> our snow is gone. >> yes. let's check in now with spencer christian. >> we're getting back to what
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we might call normal. clouds off more, thin clouds, clear skies over the bay area now. precipitation is out of here, here is a live view from our camera. western sky is clear, temperatures 55 degrees in san francisco. 59, oakland. another live view looking down towards ocean beach. under clear skies it's 60 degrees now in santa rosa. first forecast this evening, clear skies and chilly. temperatures from 44 to 52. there may be frost in early morning hours, lows from 30 degrees to 42. by afternoon, sunny skies and mild with highs from mid-50s at the coast to low 60s inland. i'll give you a look at how long this mild, dry stretch >> thank you.
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>> crews have"zb6ñ capped a watr line in san francisco. gallons rushed down to mason in north beach. officials say cold weather was part of the rob problem. >> 1925 pipe just probably broke through to age.iiji normally in cold weather we get more water main breaks due to the cold and the age of the pipe autos the owner had things cleaned up in time to open forgh)ft business. inspectors checked to make sure it had not clogged the line this happened near 24th and bryant in the mission district. sky 7 flew over the scene crews worked to cap the lines. a contractor doing excavation work as part of a project dropped a rock where those three lines come together causing the break. 40 people had to be evacuated others told to shelter in
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plai.s the all clear called just before 1:00 this afternoon. pg&e will bill the contractor for costs. >> golden gate braij, -- they want to get the word out, cash will no longer be accepted for toll payment. >> they started a campaign hoping to prepare people. >> there is a major change coming to the golden gate bridge. that is when cash will no longer be accepted to pay $6 toll. there will be a variety of options including existing fast track or new payment options and accounts linked to license plates numbers. if you do neither you will get a bill on the mail based on athe dress connected with the plate on the car you're driving. toll takers started handing out flyers explaining the change. at 150 kiosks across the bay area but we won't get to see
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those until early march. personnel is the highest expense now. the 14 remaining toll takers will be moving into other jobs. along with cost savings bridge hopes eliminating payments will keep traffic moving smoothly, and faster. >> you don't have to stop u just go straight through. i like that. >> target is late march but there is no specific date. >> still ahead at 4:00 how facebook is keeping older americans young. >> napa winery aging it's wine where no u.s. wine has gone before. >> proposal to ban bars from opening in a popular neighborhood. >> also, michael finney still taking your questions and will answer them here live in just a few minutes.
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>> taking a look at traffic right now, quite heavy for drivers on the left-hand side of the green. of the green. abssure and get a colde high be
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. a new study claims older americans who use facebook have sharper minds.
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study involved just 40 people. it found those over age 65 performed better on memory exercises after learning how to use facebook compared to thaes those that didn't. others have shown it can help hone maenl builts. the study presented this month at neuropsychological society. >> facebook concluded being on facebook is good for you?. >> i imagine that. >> and i pro claim watching news is good for you as well, google offering a chance to win a pair of the glasses and office depot buying one of its biggest competitors. hi, emily. >> office keepo is making a bet kit better compete against staples agreeing to buy office max for $1.2 billion in stock. the two companies brought in a total of $18 billion in sales last year compared to the $25
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billion staip yelz earns. it's a by day for sewno. for the first time since 2006 the company sun veiling its new play station game console. onean lift says it's expected to have real game play and more entertainment options. we have a clear picture of how tesla motors is doing. the car maker reported earnings today in fourth quarter loss widening 11% and sales up 500% year over year. he says he expects company to turn a profit in the current quarter thatr÷ is sooner than expected. and stocks declined after
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minutes from the federal reserve meeting revealed policy makers are divided on continuing the government stimulus program. the bloomberg skal and google is holding a contest8- for(!ja' nondevelopers subordinate an application explaining what they would do with the high-tech glasses. and next wednesday. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> four faces of nappy valley wine are now submerged in the ocean in charleston, south carolina. >> they put the cases in these steel cases today. owner is experimenting to see how the light in the ocean may affect the aging of wines. >> the cases will be underwater three months.
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a number of people had had a taste skpf will do a comparison when it has finished aging. >> a different sort of experiment with wine. >> more efficient way to do th;v# human body 67% water, let me drink the wine first. >> you're volunteering. >> call me mr. ocean. take a look at the weather right now, weather and wine are closely related. you can see clear skies now, broken clouds off shore we have stunningly beautiful weather conditions today compared to weather yesterday. let's take a look at our forecast features, freezing conditions inland tonight up into north bay valleys drping down belowd@2xrgg. sunny and milder throughout the next few days. on we go starting 4:00 this
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morning we'll show you that movement of the upper level low brought us the stormy weather is well inland to our southeast now. high pressure building in to become controlling factor,/$t storm track falling well north. we may see high clouds moving inrn8çú. tonight, clear skies, chilly to cold across the bay area, temperatures projected lows in north bay valleys 30s in napa. low 40s on the coast. tomorrow a lovely day is coming our way. south bay, sunny skies with highs around 60 degrees. upper 50s to 60s in several locations. on the coast 54 in half moon bay. 58 pacifica. downtown san francisco and sunset district
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will top out at 59 degrees tomorrow, nice and mild highs around 60 degrees, the inland east bay highs in upper 50s to low 60s. it's looking g mainly sunny skies tomorrow and friday. highs reaching into low 60s, on saturday, partly cloudy skies. then, sunday, sunny mild with highs into mid-60s. almost 60s on the coast. more clouds monday with a slight chance of showers and sunny mild again on tuesday, goodbye snow and whacky weather. >> looks like a nice weekend. >> it is. >> thank you. >> okay. >> oscars host seth mcfarland. who is giving him advice? >> it's robin. very been waiting 174 days to say this.
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good morning america. >> new after 4:30 back on the anchor desk. a big celebration today at gma. >> taking a look now at the bridge city.d#k traffic moving well but head had had lights coming towards you here making their way east towards hayward. it's heavier going into that direction. stay with us.
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tnou academy wards are coming up. >> right. a new host will take the stage. >> seth mcfarland knows pressure is on to come through with a big performance. >> it s more from los angeles. seth mcfarland acts, writes, sings, produces and districts. now just days from hosting the academy awards, mcfarland said this will be his toughest audience yet. >> you're too soft they're not going give you much if you're too hard on them, they're going turn on you. i expect to have them hating me within 30 seconds he jokes no one recognizes him.
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>> if you don't know who i am, pretend i'm donny osmond. >> you probably recognize his comedy. "family guy" where he voices most main character autos oh good, lord you saw them together didn't you? >> the first feature film "ted" raked in $500 million world wide. best original song, forks listing him as the most powerful celebrity in the world last year ahead of charlize theron. >> i think he's going to hit it out of the park. he's a envelope pusher and may i'm looking forward to that. >> this is a performance he spent five years prg but the only thing he can reveal is that he'll deliver what he thinks is funny. >> getting through the opening unless you do something stupid you're pretty much gold he did
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meet with billy crystal but;á#vy saysp;m/z it's favorite host was johnny carson. >> you might have seen him host some roasts. he's edgey but should[ahç be fu. countdown with our official app. it has a dozen cameras, streaming video and cameras, oscars app available. >> our coverage begins at 2:00 this sunday with on the red carpet at the os stars, wul be -- you'll be able to watch the star arrive at 4:00. then, following oscars swril a recap of the biggest moments and your pass to after parties with otrc at the parties. >> still ahead right here at
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4:00 no more new bars. >> when is where is the quote, that is what they're asking here. >> a big development from boeing today. >> honored for brave
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how many bars is too many bars? people in one neighborhood say they've just reached the saturation point. >> they're holding a meeting proposeds=ftorium on poke street. we're live now from polk street. >> this is a vibrant night life with 28, 30 something crowd coming in from around the bay area, a lot of fun for them. not so much for residents who live here. san francisco has a vibrant bar scene. some say lower polk street reached it's limit.
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there are 45 establishments. flyers around the neighborhood ask if knob hill is becoming a new las vegas. linda chapman organized the meeting to talk about a situation she believes has boten out of control. >> they converge here, young people, zprumpk noisy so. packed you can't walk down the street. i don't mean have you to dodge around them, have you is to stand there. >> complaints led the district supervisor to propose not a ban but a cap on new bar autos we've reach aid saturation point in recent years. noise, and quality of life issues for residents and the neighborhood. >> small business commission would rather prohibit a new bar from opening within 100 feet of another. but there are opponents of any
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efforts to strike a balance. >> the thing there are too many bars around, i don't think so. i don't think so. there should be more.1nn q >> well, he can go to the community meeting tonight. anyone can weigh in. and it starts at 7:00. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> boeing has come up with a plan to fix problem was the battery that's grounded the dream liner jet. no word on details yet. the fleet was grunded last month after a battery caught fire on a plane in boston and another plane in japan had to make an emergency landing. >> jesse jackson june jer now facing up to four and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds. jackson entered to guilty plea
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plae to wire and mail fraud. he admitted using $750,000 of campaign money on personal luxuries. he bought a $43,000 watch and tens of thousands of dollars in microsoft mem beala. sentencing scheduled for june 28th. >> in south africa a rough day for olympic runner oscar pestorias. the detective agreed he may have contaminated the scene by not wearing shoe coverings. he is charged with premed indicated murder of his girlfriend. he claims he thought she was an intruder and firing into a locked bath are many on his estate on valentine's day. >> lance armstrong refusing to tell all you that knows about performance-enhacing drugs to us us antidoping agency.
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his attorney says he will notl?s requested. the interview is a condition if armstrong hoped to have a ban lifted. the deadline to agree was today. he said the inquiry only serving to demonize selected individuals. >> two chp officers were among recipients of the medal avalor. officer sean haller and raffle rivera were honored for action twoz years ago. they arrived in support of a sheriff deputy who came under fire serving an arrest warrant. >> during a second exchange another officer was hit. officer rivera moved to rescue that fallen officer. still, under fire. meanwhile officer hallen broke cover, moved into position to engage the suspect providing
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cover for officer rivera. >> two officers were killed in in that incident. the attorney general and vice president joe biden prentd the award to 18 recipients. >> still ahead at 4:00 lighter side. a slam dunking sea otter, it's a cute video. next. >> and you can call it a man cave but it's cold. how one man brought a piece of alaska to his backyard. >> in today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead. i'm taking your questions. so... you can contact me at and on twitç%5 yemplt i'll answer your questions here, live, later. >> what a difference a day truly makes down towards ocean beach. no snow, no rain, just mild sunshine. hil let you know how long this will last. >> a live check of traffic looking at mcarthur maze in
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oakland area. it stretches through emoriville. traffic snake its way on 80 there towards berkeley. it's bumper to bumper, better on the right hand side of the screen. cars headsing back towards san francisco.
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trailblazers have competition off the coast. >> check out eddie here, the
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oregon zoo otter has got game with authority. this is medicinal. stop laughing! he's getting treatment for arthritis and getting pretty good at scoring. the zoo put out a video of his moves. >> he's got game. he's considered to be gear yat trick so zoo vets prescribed more exercise. >> nice. >> i wonder if all can do this? is this unique? >> he's special, carolyn. don't doubt his specialness. come on, now. >> a massachusetts man built a man cave. >> taking the snow from his backyard creating a for tress of solitude. it's not your standard snow packed ig loo. he's got a tv, couch and a lampe. >> oh, gosh. he also create aid load-bearing wooden umbrella.
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he says it's a great way to beat the blues. >> people may think it's crazy but it's a good workout. when you're older you'll remember, it's something cool that you did. >> really cool. as in... okay there it is. >> just in the backyard there. >> it's convenient. >> that is nice. you know? you're in the going to be bothered going in there this could be a business now. >> it does look like good exercise. >> none is complete. without that. won't you agree? >> let's -- okay. >> mild conditions and wacky weather, goneíz.
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big storm in the nation's mid section, producing snow in the central mississippi rally. thunderstorms into lower mississippi valley. and moving into southeast later in the day. northeast clearing out and will be cold as usual and fairly mild over rockies and southwest. and here in the state of california tomorrow, look for clear skies. spots of sierra there most of us will be dry including the bay area, cold conditions low temperatures going to drop below freezing in loxz in north bay valleys. recovering warmth with sunny skies 62 in napa. here in downtown high of 59 degrees so getting into a drier, milder sunnier pattern.
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looks like cold for a noou few days. >> expo. >> what designers are doing to make this year's chinese new year's parade shine. >> return of robin roberts, everyone took part, even the white house. >> time to start thinking about getting taxes done. what you should avoid when
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rob wrin roberts back on good morning america. >> she made the return five months after undergoing a bone marrow transplant. >> more on the journey back. >> this is a very special edition of good morning america. >> a morning five months in the making, robin roberts back from a life threatening disease and risky bone marrow transplant. >> my mother said we all have something everyone's story has purpose, meaning and value.
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i shared this mosh morning this day of celebration with everyone. >> everyone manhattanned -- wanted in on it robin great to see you back in the chair. >> just to hear your voice enough to make us smile. >> changes at gma including staff flu shots. robin's doctors say she was ready for this and they'll continue to keep an eye on her health. not that she plans to take it slowly. >> we didn't have in mind an interview with mrs. obama and oscars for this weekend as an easy start. that is not what we hand in mind. >> also, after she went public, up to be phone shall donors jumped 1,000%. >> this is why you sign up. she is someone to someone else,
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we don't know her. >> she feel like they do know robin making this day a treat for everyone. >> if you're interested in becoming a donor just go to our web site, click on see it on tv. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> terrific to see her back. >> yes. >> workers putd putting finishing touches on the floats that will be in the weekend's new year's parade. the designs have ser pents to commemorate the year of the snake. they say they take special take special. >> we have beautiful magical chinese jewel boxes out there. >> the parade starts at 6:00 p.m. on saturday, going through
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market and 2 streets then union square. >> and first we want an important recall. >> this is from kellogg's. a sponsored recall of some of the special k red berries serial due to possible glass inside of the packaging. included in the recall 11 ounce package with a best if used before date of december 2, as well as 37 and 22 ounce twin packs with date by november 30th. officials 3añór just take it back to the store where you got it or contact kellogg for a replacement coupon. very all of the information posted on our web site abc 7 and by the way, no one has been hurt. >> it's scary, though. >> let's get to the questions
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now john t asks our son is in the u.s. army and will be deploying in april. he's given us three potential deployment dates which can change, if we have to change our flights airlines say they will not waive change fee for mom and dad. any ideas? >> you know we've dealt with this before. this is something congress needs to take action on. what i want you to do is book through -- try to book through southwest. southwest has no change fee. if you don't use your ticket they put the money on ak then use it nochblt date. also, alaskan airlines and verizon have low fees, some have up to $200 fee autos yes. >> here is a timely question for you. this is from katie who asks whatú4 should i look for.
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>> what do you mean by tax preparer?k&v>ñ let's go over a couple things, attorney, cpa there. is a group called enrolled agents. those are individuals who are not affiliated with the irs but they have taken irs tests and are allowed to perform and take your taxes and go before the irs. these are highly trained people excellent to yu.s if you're going to use a, one of those major companies or small neighborhood company and vai tax preparer you're looking for someone who is registered with the state of california, they have to register the state of california nrt california tax education council f they can't show you a certificate, there sa some yahoos saying i can do your taxes. >> one viewer asks can businesses charge any amount for bags or is there a universal fee? >> the rule says they must
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charge at least a dime per bag. they can charge more than. you shouldn't pay more than that. >> we have plastic boorgz paper bags in san francisco, there is a rule that says they can't just hand out bags willy nilly so. if they want a bag you've got to buy one. >> okay. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up next, a popular theater hopes oscars will help it stay open. >> it's in moraga. look at the box office behind me and the marquis above. a classical area. >> in the abc 7 newsroom at 5:00 my co-anchor interview with president obama. it's a story only on abc 7 news. >> in washington, d.c. you'll
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hear what the president told me about issues that affect all of us in the bay area. coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >> a clean up project along the guadalupe river backfires creating a
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when academy awards air there will be plenty at stake not only in hollywood. an old theater is pinning thopz an oscar fund-raiser. abc 7 news is live with the story for us. waib? >> have you to take a look at this place. just look at the snack bar behind us thachl has not changed much like the rest of this structure since 1957. much of the rest of the movie industry changed, making life difficult for the people who own this place. there is something lonely
4:54 pm
about empty sneets a movie house. the only thing worse is how koilt become permanent. >> why would anyone want to buy this? >> craziness and a sense of history for anyone passing through more yaga and seen the theater. it's a landmark in these parts. even the carpeting remains original. it has not been changed. >> still sneer. >> it's wool. >> today this, is the largest indoor movie screen in the east bay. it's 60 feet. the original. and this is the original theater but it has changed just a little bit. is what they call stadium seating. >> it was new in 1957 before then it was just straight level. >> the theater that used to be cutting edge is now closer to being at the end of its financial rope. it's not alone. >> most of the film houses are
4:55 pm
going out of business. >> because motion picture companies will cease to print rolls of film and send hard drives, forcing small theetors buy new digital projectors. they do not see this as progress. >> there is proper more problem autos it needs an elevator to comply with the americans with disability acts. hence the fund-raiser to watch academy awards on oscar night. this is a small step. >> my son watches movies on his iphone. >> so that would make him crazy, anyone who loves the movies crazy this, theater needs to raise roughly $200,000. good news is that the fund-raiser is sold out.
4:56 pm
>> it is a gym. abc 7 hosting a virtual oscars party this sunday. all have you to do is like us on facebook then hang out with other fans to post your opinion and all fashion flops snubs and surprises, rsvp today. >> thank you. >> tackling issues that matter to you. dan ashley talks about how gridlock is affecting progress in america. live from the white house, nee. a battle over giving residents a final resting place in their own backyard. >> i'm sandhya patel.
4:57 pm
live from the broadcast center it's crisp out here but going to turn cold. how much those temperatures will tumble coming up. >> an exclusive interview with dan ashley talking about the issue that's matter to you the most. helping and hurting our progress in america and specifically here in the bay area,. >> i'm cheryl jennings, dan is the reporter to have the opportunity to interview president ob yaum at the white house. you talked about a lot of critical issues. >> i did. i've had a fascinating day here highlight to talk about a3 number of issues. it's a good bit more quiet
4:58 pm
than usual because members of could be gres on recess until monday but that has not changed in their absence. deadline coming on march 1 if lawmakers can not reach an agreement on the budget. nor has the absence changed bitter divide in party politics here in washington. i asked the president about 1y >> mr. president when you arrived in washington you hoped to bridge the partisan divide. it hasn't happened. why? >> i think there is a decision made by republican party that that political strategy would be to block what we're trying to do but hope springs eternal whit comes to me. i'm an optimist. despite differences we've been able to get a lot of things done. economy is safer, economy improved people are starting to get back to work.
4:59 pm
we've created six million jobs in 35 months. we have an opportunity to keep progress growing, but it does require us3@ you're going to hear about what that garden is used for coming up later on but for the moment here at the white house in washington dan


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