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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the president addressed a wide range of issues from the budget stalemate in the capital to job creation throughout america. >> mr. obama also addressed a hot button topic in california. that is proposition 8, a ban on same same-sex marriage. >> here is dan ashley president aring from washington, d.c. >> carolyn and larry, good evening from washington. it has been an interesting and informative day here at the white house. we have been here all day long and met a number of cabinet secretaries and i had the opportunity to speak one on one with president obama. >> in your state of the union, mr. president, you praised our troops and said they exceeded expectations while some of our institutions let them down. which institutions were you referring to? congress one of them? >> all of us have to take responsibility about thinking about the same patriotism, due tee, responsibility we see on display in our military. >> the president of late is
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clearly frustrated with the stalemate in congress over the so-called saw -- sequester. spending cuts that will kick in without a budget agreement. they run able to agree on taxes and spending. for many americans, same old, same old. >> mr. president when you arrived in washington four years ago, you had hoped to bridge the partisan divide. that hasn't happened. why? >> there was a decision made by the republican party that their best political strategy would be to block what we were trying to do. >> but finger-pointing, presidential or otherwise was not all that happened on our visit to the white house. i was shown much of this remarkable and uniquely american place. i met elly schaefer who was a special assistant to the president responsible for special special events here. >> it must be a heavy thing to walk through the whoit house and serve the president like this. >> it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that weighs on your shoulders a little bit
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representing the president and being able to successfully operate on a daily basis is not something that is easy to accomplish. >> i came to talk to the president. for those who hope he will weigh in on the supreme court as it tackles the debate over prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage, no firm answer. >> what will your administration do? >> the solicitor general is still looking at this. i have to make sure i am not interjecting myself too much into this process, particularly when we are not a party to the case. >> some of the sights and sounds today here at the white house. i actually have a lot more to share as we travel back to the bay area tomorrow. i have been tweeting about this. follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc7. in the meantime, larry, carolyn, in washington, dan ashley, abc7 news. >> thank you, dan and you can see the entire interview that dan conducted with president obama today by going to it is streamed there for you.
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an 86-year-old belmont woman is getting credit for scaring off a burglar. she is one of many in the bay area where in the past few weeks at least 10 cities have been hit by burglars or home invasion robbers. ama dates is in belmont live with the tricks the thieves are using to hit homes now. ama? >> the trick is by no means sophisticated, but it tells the burglar no one is home, but today it goes as planned. >> it was 9:30 this morning on a quiet belmont street when an 86-year-old woman heard her door bell. >> it was a split level house and she was coming from an upper level and it took her awhile to get to the door. >> when she finally got to the door, no one was there. but she heard a sound in the basement and went to check it out. >> when she opened the door to the stirwell, the burglar was standing at the top of the stairs. both were surprised. she challenged him and asked what he was doing in her house and he turned and ran back
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down the stairs and fled from the house. >> the door bell was part of a ruse. one that was used in the area in the past few months. the department even put out this youtube video of what it might look like. >> if you answer they will be offering gardening services or tell you they are lost or have some other legitimate sounding ploy for being in the neighborhood. if you don't answer the door they go around back and force entry into your house. >> he lives down the street from where the break in happened. his next door neighbor's house was broken into last summer. they were home and heard a noise. >> he was coming down the driveway and said i'm looking for my dog. we said, what are you doing in the backyard if you are looking for a dog? then he took off and ran down the street. >> police want to hear from neighbors who notice when things aren't right and call police. >> the man from this morning is described as hispanic, in his 30s, a stocky build, 5
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foot 8 and wearing a black jacket. they think he got away so quickly before they got there because he may have parked in the alleyway behind the house. police may want to hear from anyone who may have seen anything. fortunately this woman was okay and there was nothing more that came of the incident. abc7 news. >> good warning for all of us. a high school foot coach fired and they are now suing the catholic church. they filed a lawsuit against the diocese of sacramento after he was fired in vallejo. all of the coaches were put on leave after he told officials about the incident involving freshmen and varsity players. sarbone was the only one fired. they say he was dismissed because as head coach he was responsible for the students at the time the hazing took place. the man who died after falling down a ravine has been
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identified. 53-year-old andre prozeroff fell down the rugged terrain and died on saturday. authorities were called after he didn't return to his santa clara home. the cause of death has been ruled accidental. new at 11:00, there is a thousand-dollar reward to track down the person who shot a raccoon. x rays show gunshot fragments in the animal's body. the raccoon was found alive, but unresponsive on saturday morning. it was lying against a curb on palm avenue in south san francisco. a vet had to put the raccoon to sleep. this is the 12th animal the humane society has found shot since december. app expp and. and a commuter rail project failed a key safety check. they will connect san rafael to santa rosa. but they reveal the train's passenger seats failed the crash test last week. during one test simulating a 25 mile per hour crash, one of
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the backseats bent back. smart officials say the seats will be resigned this month. no more snow for today, but we are settling in for a cold night. sand jaw patel is here with -- sandhya patel is here with our weather. >> let's check out live doppler 7hd and the skies are pretty clear across the bay area. as we show you a live picture from our high definition roof camera you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge and visibility is good. temperatures are falling. 47 in san francisco and in san jose it is 43 degrees in petaluma. bundle up when you head out the door. i'll be back with a look at your low temperatures and a look at weather in this dry pattern. carolyn? >> thanks. a remarkable exhibit showcasing the life and legacy of china's first emperor opens at the asian art museum in san francisco. the hope is this opportunity to view one of the greatest
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archaeological discoveries of our time will also help bridge relations between the u.s. and china. abc7 news reporter alan wang has a preview. >> 8,000 tera cotta warriors have been unearthed, but this is the only general. >> i enjoyed looking at the faces. they are all different. >> tonight was the gala opening of the exhibit that coincides with the last public appearance before returning to china. he hopes the exhibit will strengthen u.s.-chinese relations and attract more american students to his country. >> how many people from the private sector are supporting these initiatives? >> only a few war yes, -- warriors are visiting the u.s. they were created by artists some 2,000 years ago after china's first emperor unified the seven waring states and requested a terra-cotta army for his afterlife.
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there are hundreds of archers, but only one with green paints on his face. historians believe he was a military specialist who could communicate with divine spirits. >> the other warriors are specialists that are for the future of the battle. >> if you went to china to see the actual dig, you would have to stand at least 30 feet away from these figures. >> here at this rare exhibit you can examine them up close. it is a civilization that was connected to the roman empire, and now this 120-piece exhibit is making its last stop at the asian art museum before returning to china. in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >> china's terra-cotta warriors are running at the art museum and civic center plaza. he admits he fathered a secret child with a colleague's daughter. >> and the bag of money found at the golden gate bridge and what one couple decided to do with it.
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>> and the woman who had to lie about her age just to get a facebook account. tonight, facebook's response. >> and how an oscar nominee almost didn't make it into this country today. and then later on "gym mooy --" jimmy kimmle live." >> we will have the oscar pick for best picture. >> "lincoln." >> i said later. >> we will be back in 60
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what would you do if you found $11,000 in cash on on the golden gate bridge. a vallejo couple made that surprising discovery on valentine's day. leslie brinkley spoke with them about their find and their decision. she is live at the bridge for us tonight.
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>> reporter: i asked them to recreate what happened. they said on valentine's day the couple set out here to vista point to take in the view on their way to dinner in san francisco. they found a black camera bag along this stonewall behind me. and tonight they sat down with me to talk about their remarkable experience, and they shared the photos they took on their iphone. >> we are never going to forget. >> when carlos and barbara opened the abandoned bag they found credit cards and a wallet with $1,000. >> next to the wallet was an envelope. next to that was 10,000 of a $100 bill. i said this is a lot of money. then i panicked more. i said this could be anything. it could be a set up. it could be drug money. i said we should take it to the san francisco police.
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>> they went to the halve justice where they were shocked. they were turning in the money. >> i said it belongs to us. that's why we are turning it in. he said you are very good people. we said we feel proud of doing it. >> police tracked the bag to a tourist from china who accidentally left it as his family took photos at the golden gate bridge. they drove to vallejo to try and thank them and left a handwritten note. others say they may have been tempted to keep the cash. >> i would probably turn it in eventually. i would count it quite a few times to play around with it. >> they feel they did the right thing even though it spoiled their valentine plans. >> no dinner, nothing. we didn't think it was going to suspect it would happen like this. >> in the end they had dinner at the mcdonalds across from the police station.
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the tourist who got his $11,000 back he has invited him to come and visit in china and even stay at his house. and they said they are thinking about it. reporting living on the golden gate bridge, leslie brinkley, abc news. >> i would turn it in eventually. a former senator admits to fathering a secret child with the daughter of one of his senate colleagues. former new mexico senator announced he has a 34-year-old son with a former lobbyist and the daughter of former nevada senator paul laxalt. they kept it a secret for three decades. he made the confession because somebody else was about to reveal the secret. an oscar nominee almost didn't make it into the country to attend the academy awards. the italian film maker and his family were detained at l.a.x. by authorities who doubted the legitimacy of his story. he is nominated for the best documentary feature and they were held for nearly an hour
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for questioning. academy lawyers initter veined on his behalf and he was eventually released. oscar producers are revealing sunday's big ceremony. host seth mcfarland is teaming up for a special musical performance. the producers say it is a can't miss moment. she has a great voice and can bring the house down. our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with on the red carpet with the oscars. you can see the stars arrive with oscars red carpet live and the big show at 5:30. we will have a recap on the biggest moments and your path to all of the after parties with otrc at the oscars, jimmy kimmle's oscar special at 10:00 followed by abc news at 11:00. >> and you can countdown with our special oscars app. the back stage pass feature gives you the best access with more than a dozen cameras, streaming videos and from the red carpet. you can get the oscars by
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experiencing the app for free. it is available for iphone, ipad, android and kindle fire. >> and abc7 is hosting a virtual oscar party on our facebook panel. i will be serving virtual beverages at that party. all you have to do is like us on facebook and then hang out with 95,000 other bay area fans to post the fashion flobs and the -- flops and the numbers. jay speaking of facebook it is apologizing after a michigan woman was forced to lie about her age on-line. she was unable to list that age on facebook. when she put in her grandmother's birth year facebook changed it to 1928. the oldest age it accepts is 99. facebook is working to fix the problem. >> i guess they figure if you are over 100 you are not on facebook. >> but a lot of peep want to be.
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and speaking of which sandhya patel is all over facebook and twitter. >> that's right, all over social media. we have to keep up with the times. you will notice that there is no rain around, just a few clouds around. we did see some snow, 5 to 12 inches. did it make a dent? not really. it is running statewide 70% of average. we are hurting and of course there is only a chance of some snow showers coming up. here is a live look from our emeryville camera toward the bay bridge. san francisco is sparkling and the temperatures right now are falling. 44 in santa rosa and fairfield down to 39 degrees. it is going to be a chilly night. you will want to make sure that you are bundled up when you head out the door. the little ones have an extra layer on. cold and frosty inland and sunny and mild for the afternoon.
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the dry pattern will take us to early next week. the latest computer models are backing off that chance on monday. here is why we are looking at a dry pattern. high pressure is controlling the weather. yes we will see a few high clouds spilling over the top of the ridge from time to time. the storm track stays to the north. the jet stream and fast moving winds and the upper layers of the atmosphere are steering the storms away from our area. we are going to remain dry right on through the weekend if you have upcoming plans. temperatures in the morning. 33 degrees in fairfield and down to 34 in concord and 37 in san jose. it is going to be cold. freezing cold in santa rosa and napa and down to the low 30s. 42 san francisco. 40 degrees in oakland. tomorrow afternoon a beautiful day. 63 degrees in santa cruz. mostly sunny. 60 in santa clara and san jose and morgan hill and gilroy and all in the low 60s. you will be seeing temperatures close to average. 59 san mateo and 60 in palo alto.
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midto upper 50s, but no fog to speak of by the afternoon. 54 half moon bay and 58 in pacifica. daly city 57. into the north bay you notice the low 60s along the coast. 60 flea in santa row --63 in santa rosa. 60 in oakland and 59 castro valley. head inland and it is up to 60 degrees right where you should be. walnut creek 62 for concord. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. mostly sunny and comfortable weather the next couple days. we are looking at partly cloudy skies on saturday. warmer for sunday. a slight chance of shower is out of the picture for monday. the shower chance has been pushed back now. it is only on wednesday we will be waiting for that. abc7 news has a great resource for you. follow for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. carolyn, larry, you will be hearing from us, and you will be hearing about world weather, power outages, spare
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the air alerts and all kinds of useful information. >> it will be upset if the doppler account has for fans and likes than i do. >> it is quite possible. >> larry as we segue to sports is getting help. >> this is klay thompson bobblehead night. they did a good job capturing his likeness. if you are bobble
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the warriors were reeling. they lost six straight and were dropping in the standings. the home game with phoenix was the most important contest of the season. and every night should be klay thompson bobblehead night if he played like he did this evening. 21 points in the first half alone. knocking down 3's and making it rain. finished with 28 points total. playing back to back games for the first time this season. the warriors up 8 at the half to the fourth quarter and steph curry taking over with
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authority on the dish. how is this for degree of difficulty? off the glass and steph with 20 and warriors break the losing streak 108-98. let's go to maui. gonzaga will be next season for the maui invitational. they surfed over santa clara. he stropped kevin foster and he had 14 points. this game was over early. embarrassing for santa clara. throwing it down as they destroyed the broncos 85-42. never close. bad weather in arizona today so the giants did their work indoors. actually it was picture day. the tarp was out in scottsdale. a little rain not gonna stop barry zito from getting his work in. as for the photos, tim lincecum with his new conservative look. pablo sandoval and that is locale reraw hide. and hunter penz? teammates love him, but they think he is a little weird.
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>> everything is weird, the way he throws, the way he hits, the way he looks. i take that guy on my team any day. >> to the a's and jarod parker fearless as a rookie. 13 and 8 helping the green and gold win the al west. but he knows past accomplishments are not always predict future success. >> there are always expectations of what you did last year. i myself try not to dwell on what is done and move forward and try to get better and work on the things that i didn't execute as well as i wanted to and things that i need to work on. >> cal begins spring practice on monday with new head coach sonny dykes. the coach met the media and between bites of his pizza talked about his spread offense. >> he will know what to do quickly because it is pretty simple. the issue will be he came to do it.
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we are an execution-based offense and not really a scheme-based offense. it is more execution and fundamental lists. >> and i will take a slice to go, please. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. he was not slowing down. >> he was hungry clearly. >> up next, do you think your coffee is expensive? a man who claims to have ordered the most
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here is your wake up weather. it is going to be a cold one when we first get up. you will notice freezing cold conditions and temperatures at 5 a.m. low 30s to low 40s. mid30s to low -- mid30s to mid40s. carolyn? larry? a. >> a washington man says he ordered the most expensive cup of coffee ever. >> it costs $47.30. it is a 52 ounce venti with 40 shots of espresso, protein powder, caramel drizzle and vanilla and a soy mocha
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drizzle. because it was his birthday he got the drink for free. >> 40 shots of ease -- espresso, he will be awake until july. jimmy kimmle is next. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thank you for joining us, everyone. >> i'm larry beil for sandhya, dan ashley, have a good night. the morning news begins at 4:30.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- michael strahan. actor miles teller. and music from dido. with cleto and the cletones and now for your information here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> welcome to the show. thank you for watching at home. thank you for coming to visit ussus in oured to joe. was traffic all right. los angeles became the first city to synchronize all of the traffic lights. they just set them all to yellow. they will leave it like that forever. city estimates that the new system will reduce travel times by 12% which means instead of taking 1:45 to get home it will only take 1:33 to get home. but they're saying if this is as successful, synchronized traffic lights could become an event in the next olympics. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. things will be a little


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