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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 22, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PST

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>> breaking news is happening in the south bay. remember her? she's the san jose woman who shocked the world with made up story about a finger found in a bowl of chili. anna back in jail tonight. this the is her mug shot just rae leased to 7 news. good evening everyone i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. police say she did it again. made autopsy story first about a severed finger now prosecutors say an injured ankle. lisa is live at the jail in milpitas tonight with more. lisa? >> it is true.' a is in the jail behind me. she was arrested today after trying to help her son stay out of trouble. this is her booking photo taken just few hours ago. she's charged with being an access are i to felony and filing a false police report. she is no stranger to police or
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to public scrutiny. you may recall back in 2005 she preten pretended to find a severed human finger in her chili while eating at wendy fast have had restaurant in san jose. it turns out she and her husband planted the finger in the fad. she spent 4 years in prison for the scam. she was release entered 2009. as for her latest problems with the law, they started after 26-year-old son accidentally shot himself in the foot outside the family home in san jose. according to san jose mercury news she has prior conviction for burglary and isn't allowed to have guns but instead of telling police he shot himself, detectives say he and the woman came up with an elaborate story. at first they gave very detailed descriptions and including the name of the men who shot the son for no apparent reason. then they said the son was chasing after a dog when she he shot himself. police knew something was wrong and confronted the 2. that's when they admitted to making the
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whole thing up to avoid getting in trouble for having a gun. but then she confessed she got rid of the gun. now has evidence tampering. he's held on 150,000 dollar bail tonight and she is due back in court tomorrow. live in milpitas, lisa, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> developing news tonight wrong way driver collided with at least 3 other vehicle in fremont causing dangerous chemical leak. this happened just before 8 on arden wood boulevard near the parkway. one of the cars involved with carrying pool chemical spilled. wrong way driver was taken to eden medical center with major injuries. another person was also taken to the hospital. both directions there are closed near the intersection right now as police tip to investigate. 3 people are dead including an oakland rapper after chaotic drive-by shooting on the las vegas strip. rapper mazzaratti hit a taxi which burst in
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flames both people inside were killed. kenneth cherry also known as kenny clutch died of quup shot wound. 7 news reporter spoke with his father today in oakland and she's in the newsroom with more on this. >> when i spoke to cherry senior today you could see how devastated he was over losing his so that. and tomorrow he will have to good to las vegas to bring his son's body back home to oakland. >> this is something that you never really, really ever want to experience as parent toless a child. >>reporter: kenneth cherry senior is mourning the death of his son. 27-year-old kenneth cherry junior shot to death on the las vegas strip. he had been driving the gray mazzaratti when he and a friend came under fire. >> this morning the occupant of a black range rover opened fire on the occupant of mazzaratti. >>reporter: cherry killed. his mazzaratti went through intersection and hit several other cars.
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>> one of the vehicle which was a taxi cab, taxicab subsequently caught on fire and exploded. >>reporter: taxi driver and passenger were killed. people in the range rover drove off. tickets called cherry dad to tell him what happened. he says police have been extremely helpful. >> it's a big thing. las vegas not going to stand by and let this go by. >>reporter: his son was an apiring rapper by kenny clutch. in the video posted on you tube cherry is in a mazzaratti on the vegas strip like this morning. in another video you see drug and guns but cherry dad insists his son was not armed. >> my son did not have a gun. i want to get that mostly clea clear. no guns in the car with him and his friend this was all over some hearsay. >>reporter: police believe an argument at the valet stand at the aria hotel led to the shooting. >> the gun issue we have in the united states has to something there's take has to give. >>reporter: god matter agrees. >> i'm so tired of this black and black male crime. we have
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gone over the top witness and i don't know what it is about because for the most part we should not be killing each other. >>reporter: she would like the people responsible for killing her god son to surrender. >> of course that hasn't happened yet police still lacking for the people. now the father told me his son had 3 young kids and now he will have to be a father to them like he was to his son. abc 7 news. thank you. >> crews trying to figure out what caused a crane to collapse underneath new bay bridge today. sky 7 hd flew of the scene moments after accident. you can see the twisted metal from the crane that was attached to a barge. despite all the damage no one was injured. crew were using the crane to remove steel support from underneath the bridge east of yurba buena island. treasure island people heard the crash. >> i turned around. crane was already gone and the scaffolding was just falling off the off the
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brim on to the barge. >> pieces were coming down. crane was teetering and itly actually fell down. >>reporter: the bridge was not damaged. the accident is not expected to delight opening of the new eastern span which is now 193 days away. whoever broke in at the mir said dearlyship in walnut creek wasn't after luxury cars. he was after something much more sensitive. as lillian explain explains, house thousands of ng the burglary.ere stolen >> my husband said they have everything but a key to the front door. they security. social security. they have bank information. >>reporter: allison is worried about being the victim of identity theft. she leased mercedes in august and in the process gave much of her personal information. everything was fine until she got a call from the dealer. >> they said any customer within the last year or so that had either purchased leased or giden a loaner car from the dealership is at risk of having
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their identity stolen. >>reporter: police say at least one person broke into mercedes-benz of walnut creek on february 8. employees make a statement but in an e-mail to the person or people responsible, prooid open the outside door and removed customer information. in all 2 to 3000 customer files were stolen. she found out her info was among them. >> i don't know. i'm just shaking right now because i have no idea how bad it can be. >>reporter: police say they are working with other agencies and pursuing multiple few custome lead. few customers have already reported unauthorized credit card applications. mercedes-benz is offering to pay for one year of credit monitoring but allison also wants the dealership to include the other 2 credit bureau and much longer period of time. >> my information is out there. i believe it should be longer. who know what is somebody guessing to do with it in the future.
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>>reporter: unfortunate situation. car ali so that bought in large part for its safety left her feeling unsafe in most unexpected way. this is abc 7 news. new at 11:00. deadly snowstorm paralyzing the midwest tonight. traffic is moving at crawl on interstate 70 through missouri. 238 mile stretch of that highway has been closed in kansas leading massive back up that stretched for miles. xd pick up with a roe pull one driver out of a jam in kansas city. national guard is patrolling highways to help rescue stranded drivers. storm killed at least 2 people and injured several more in accidents on these ice slush roadway. >> meanwhile here our weather has just been delightful. sandhya is checking for any changes in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd. >> there could be some minor changes as we head in the weekend right now i show you you live doppler 7hd and we have jaws few high cloud moving through the bay area. pretty harmless at this hour. as i
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show you live picture now from high definition across the bay here it's sparkling us a can see. visibility good. looking towards sutro towers and temperatures are falling rate now. 44 in santa rosa down to 41 in nap a.39 degrees in gilroy. we do have another chilly night ahead. show you where the temperatures are going to bottom out. make sure you grab a coat or sweater head out the door. it will be chilly. possibility of seeing drops as we head in the weekendw minutes. >> all right thank you. >> happening now group of students occupying a building at city college of san francisco. the students wanted a mrtion to join to join with o put pressure on city hall to help keep the school open. ccsf risk of lasting accreditation next month because of budget academic issues. the students have been camped out since late this afternoon. police are willing to let the students stay the night. new tonight at 11:00. dozens took to the streets in the south bay to rally for immigration reform. students
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from evergreen valley college and san jose state organized the rally and march to federal building. they are call for change to immigration law in the country. they say the passage of the dream act is a start but it's not enough. >> now that i have security with deferred action i feel in lick it's not fair that i have it but my parents don't have it yet. they are the twhawps sacrifice and life everything at home to give us a better life here. they deserve as much as i do. >>reporter: organizers say the rally only the beginning. they hope to have a record turn out for the national day of action on may 1st. >> up next. did he advice for making older skin young again. >> here's our first batch. how is that. >> that's fine. >>reporter: technology that promises to change the way you look. >> also. this stuff is worth thousands of dollars. why this year oscar swag is not what it used to be.
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>> then later on jimmy kimmel live. >> we have this and always normal ick kelly rip a. she's more of a morning person. more of a morning person. kelly news at 11:00
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with this dermatologist dr. patrick bitter. he developed the popular photo facial more than a decade ago. dr. bitter says current versio now employ broadband light known as bbl. >> the light as it interacts with skin t with skin treating the skin will lessen rednesses. fade away pigment age spots and sun spots. here's our first batch. okay. how is that? >> >> that's fine. >>reporter: is technology
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proud good results over the years the recent study with colleague at the department of term dermatology documented changes underneath the skin. using biopsy the team examine the expression of genes associated with the aiming of skin cells. they found that more than half took on the characteristics of gene in younger skin cell and patients receiving broadband light treatment. >> what we didn't know is exactly what happening to the skin. we knew light was heating skin cell and skin but didn't know what was happening in the skin cell. now know that with this disis slow down skin aging. >>reporter: before after photo is supplied by the manufacturer palo alto 0show the cosmetic changes from the treatment including a lightning of age spots and ruddy complex. dr. dr. bitter believes the new data suggest the benefit could be longer term as well. >> this is the closest we have come to the fountain of youth for any kind of treatment for skin. >>reporter: the prospect of reversing the damage from the
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sun is still the priority. >> just even out the skin tone and maybe even tighten it up. but evenness is the biggest thing. >>reporter: treatment typically cost about 500 dollars for the initial session follow-up run in the 200 to 300 dollar range. >> few day away from oscar sunday and tonight we learn that even the losers will be winners. this year nominee gift baggies worth a staggering 47,000 dollars. includes trips to australia. hawaii. mexico. alcohol. circus tickets even a bottle of windex. now may sound great the big thrill. but it actually has the lowest value ever. last year was worth 61,000 dollars. and in 2010 the so-called everyone wins at the oscars swag bag was worth nearly 100,000 dollars. organizers say the value of the bag varies dramatically based on the trip and taxable sought extravagance of the bag dropped dramatically over the years.
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>> that is some bag. >> they make a lot of money in the movies. >> no kidding. front row seat on oscar sunday here on abc 7. live coverage begins at 2 in the afternoon on the red carpet at the oscars. stars begin to arrive at 4 on oscar red carpet live in the academy award presentation begins at 5:30. >> afterwards we have a recap of the biggesf the night and pass to the after party on o trc at the oscars followed by jimmy kimmel oscar special at 10:00 o'clock then 7 news at 11. >> while joining us for the oscars party on facebook you and our 95,000 other friends can comment on the fashions and surprises all you have to do to rsv p is to like our page. >> to get the full oscar experience down load the official oscar app. back stage pass feature will give you access to more than a dozen camera. streaming behind the scenes video and from the red carpet itself. it's available
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i-phone i-pad android and the kindle fire. oscar sunday is almost her here. >> delightful oscar watching weather. >> zappedia is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> that's right. bright and sunny to watch the oscars on sunday. right now i show you what it looks like from the live doppler 7 hd perspective. few high clouds you notice here but really the clouds are just passing through the bay area. we could be seeing changes in the not too distant future. high clouds were made for a beautiful sunset as you notice from the high definition south beach camera. made up of ice crystal that gives it the color and we will be seeing more high clouds as we head into the tomorrow morning. completely different story. if you have travel plans traveling for business heading into tomorrow look at the big snowstorm across the central plains heading out to the east coast. certainly count on the possibility of delay as they are expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow. winter storm warnings up for parts of iowa. rest of the area in purple under a winter
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weather advisory. mixed precip. just south of that area. all right now we take a look closer look at our local weather here as we show you from the high definition south beach camera. look at the bay bridge. sparkling tonight. visibility fine. temperatures right now mainly in the 40's except in the coldest inland valley. petaluma 39 degrees some of the north bay valley will continue to see the numbers falling by morning. here's look at the forecast highlights chilly inland overnight. mild again tomorrow few drops may come through the bay area early saturday morning but do not cancel any of your weekend plans. here's look at the pacific satellite picture. high pressure is our controlling factor right now but we are seeing the clouds spilling over the top of the ridge see of high pressure. set again tomorrow t.dry pattern into next week. with that one little exception this cold front out of the gulf of alaska is sliding down towards the pacific northwest. what will happen is tomorrow we start out sunny then starts to cloud up in the afternoon evening and
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then in the wee hours of saturday morning could see few sprinkles or light shower certainly breezy for your saturday afternoon with partly cloudy can't rest of the day. sunday looking brighter is a mention. tomorrow morning mid 30's in the coldest inland valley santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord bundle up head out the door. most other areas in the low 40's and as you look at the high for your friday doesn't get better than this. 63 in san jose. 63 degrees in sunnyvale as you look at the peninsula. beautiful day. 62 palo alto. 60 on the coast in pacifica. sunshine downtown san francisco right where you should be for this time of year. 61 degrees north bay 65 for santa rosa, sonoma, head out toward the east bay and temperatures all in the low 60's. newark, oakland, inland areas mailed day. 64 concord 63 life more and for the chain he's new year parade if heading throughout saturday it's lookinging fantastic the. 5:00 p.m. partly cloudy breezy and as you notice temperatures will be falling by 8:00 p.m. getting cool. chilly at then p.m. but
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it is going to be clear out there. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild conditions slight dip in the temperature saturday only to rebound tuesday and really it looks like we close february out on a dry note. abc 7 news has another great weather resource for you follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. video the forecast, info and weather tweet from your favorite weather team. rest of the people of course. live doppler 7 hd has a couple of less fawr followers than larry. >> are ill? >> it's on. >> race is on. >> gauntlet is there. >> i opened up kuwait a lead on little doppler whatever. >> minimize. >> sports next. >> no shove necessary tonight at the cal basketball team.
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i'm coming for you doppler. check out just continue in the check out just continue in the time seconds. well, well, well.
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when you bundle tv and internet. . >> good evening. first game since the shove cal had a big task. up to oregon and beat the first place team in the pack 12. mission accomplished thanks to justin with two seconds left. cal got oregon number. won 10 straight against the duck coming in. with authority here. oregon by fifty half. second half. cobb to the thurman. robert. tied it at 29. 2 minutes left. cobb again to thurman. and now we are tied at 46. with 5 seconds left. still tied. cobb. yes. point 7 left and now it is over. cal upsets no. 23. oregon 48-46. mike
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thinking shove it into the win column. improve 17 and 9 over all. stanford and oregon statement my daughter can do the fact like that while i watch in fear. check out joe burton. over the head with the mohawk. dwight powell. come had 14 points. stanford wins over o su. st. mary played byu matthew won 3 at the buzzer. a dagger. still hitting 3 this time early in the game. had 20 tonight. cougars brandon dave which is 25. not enough. the 3 minute left. 3 of the 17 off the bench. st. mary's second place in the west coast conference 64-57. warriors made a kim minor deal today just before the trade deadline. back up point guard jenkins traded to phillies. averaged 6 points a game last year. playing time
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disappeared when jack arrived and seldom used tyler to atlanta for future pick. those 2 deals will save 1.5 million dollars and get the warriors under the luxury tax but saying goodbye to the coach was not easy. >> as a coach i have relationship with these guys. i'm invested in them. i attempt to practice what i preach. i love these guys. >> first roup of the snow delay match play championship in arizona. rory lost to that guy 1 up. lowery up and down from the rough on 12. tiger lost to howell the third. 25 foot birdie on 16 so they both 1 and done. table tennis or ping pong, we call that shot spectacular. behind the back to win the point. the opponent was in shock. like did he wha what? is that legal?
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>> bundle up in the morning when you first wake up. it's cold especially in the valley we lack at chilly conditions. few high clouds light wind mid 30's to low 40's at 5:00 a.m. mike will be here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks so much. >> 10-year-old massachusetts boy found out the hard way 911 is only for emergencies. >> all began when he didn't want to good to bed. >> he got really mad at me. he says you are mean. i'm going to call the cops. i said, go ahead. call the cops. >> that's what he did. he dial3hj 911 and then hung up. but it was too late. dispatch called back and then sent an officer to the house. >> dan tried to hide out in the room but the mom let the police in and they had a little chat. >> dan didn't want to talk about it. as you can imagine. >> jimmy live next
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