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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> it took place here. for the first time he will not spend the night in a prison bunk, but with his family. he said he is no longer angry and things happen for a reason, but he paid quite a price. >> well wishers showed up to see ronald ross at his mother's home in west oakland. only two hours earlier ross walked out of the santa rita jail, a free man for the first time in nearly seven years, seven years he never should have lost. >> i can see sunshine again and walk on clean -- good clean air. >> now 51 years old he was wrongly convicted of attempted murder in a shooting that took place steps from where his mother now lives. the victim picked ross out of a photo lineup and then recan'ted as other evidence came to light. today the judge set ross free. >> >> one time i was thinking the judge was being hateful toward
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me. but i guess now i see he was doing the job the same way as the d.a. >> the northern california inthat you sense project and attorneys with the san francisco law firm spent four years clearing his name. >> he spent seven years in prison for something he didn't do. the add veer care y'all system let him down, but it was due to cooperation with the district attorney's office we were able to get this great result. >> ross' 77-year-old mother cooperate contain herself. >> i am so excited i don't know what to do. >> he gave up hope at the beginning, but family visits changed that. and he was able to work through his anger. he has this to say about the police and jury who put him in quintin. >> i just hope they do a better investigation on the job they have. look deep inside themselves and see is it really the person you have who committed the crime or haven't committed the crime. >> he plans to counsel troubled youth and did not say whether he would file a lawsuit against the police
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department. the d.a. who prosecuted the case put out a statement saying the office has a commitment to truth and justice that never waivers. in dublin, abc7 news. >> john, thanks. what a powerful story. let's turn now to the weather. the weekend is here and meteorologist sandhya patel is closely watching live doppler 7hd tonight for any sign of rain out there, sandhya. >> dan, i found some rain. unfortunately it didn't happen here. let's show you live doppler 7hd. we do have some clouds around right now. you can see the heavy cloud cover across the bay area. to our north around eureka it has been raining and just about an hour or so ago we did pick up a few sprinkles right around ukiah. they were very light and very brief. i will let you know if those drops might come down toward the bay area later tonight. we have a weak system coming through, and i will be back with a look at your weekend forecast coming up. carolyn? >> sandhya, see you shortly. new at 11:00, the brentwood school district
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suspended meryl grant. the decision came after a four-hour special meeting. the board did not say why grant has been put on leave. just yesterday the state revoked the credential of district teacher dina holder who was convicted of kicking a student with uh -- autism three years ago. tonight a parent is accused of violating trust in an unspeakable way. a teachers and sker performer in the east bay is accused of child monthly less -- molestation. sergio? >> dan, police believe their suspect may have had contact with possible victims while he was here at the center for the arts in walnut creek. he is an actor and instructor who has worked for years with kids here in the east bay and on the peninsula. he played a clown on stage and the candle law bra from "beauty and the beast" but tonight they charged jason pedroza for preying on one
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victim. they started the investigation in november. >> a female juvenile and her parents came to the police department and reported that mr. mr. pedroza was sending inappropriate text messages to the young female. the three-month long investigation revealed several crimes. >> reporter: pedro swraw was charged with two misdemeanors and two felonies including molestation. he worked as an acting instructor and taught improve classes at the downtown ballet school in walnut creek. he was fired months ago when they learned he was under investigation. parents at the ballet school were shocked to learn about the charges. >> as a teacher i think one of the main goals is to protect the children. it is very scary to me. >> reporter: tonight we learned pedroza spent years working with kids. he was at the cheer academy and a swim teacher at la-petit in san bruno. he hasn't worked there in
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years and they haven't mentioned possible crimes. but walnut creak police say they are looking for information from more possible victims. pedroza has posted bail, and we stopped by his family's san bruno home and we found his car parked outside, but no one ever answered the door. walnut creek police are telling them to talk with their parents if they have had contact in the last several months. if the parents have suspicions, they should call police. in the wall thut creek, ab -- in walnut creek, abc news. >> thank you. abc7 news has learned mc hammer was arrested last night and booked into the santa rita jail this dublin. hammer made bail and dublin police are not giving details about the arrest or pending charges. in palo alto, dozens of advocates attended a national day of action. the event was organized to
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promote president obama's gun control measures with an emphasis on expanding background checks for gun buyers. the white house has formally jumped into the same-sex marriage debate. the obama administration filed a legal brief with the u.s. supreme court urging justices to strike down the federal defensive marriage act which defines marriage as between a man and woman. the move is not a surprise, but when i asked president obama about this issue on wednesday during my exclusive one on one interview with him at the white house, he was noncommit tall saying he needed to confer with the solicitor general about the proper legal strategy that they should take. the supreme court is set to take up the same sex issue in late march. >> band members are looking for burglars who ripped off the band room this week. several thousand dollars of musical instruments and electronics were stolen sometime between 6:00 in the evening on tuesday and 6:00 a.m. on wednesday. the school is asking people to be on the lookout for any unusual musical items for sale on the internet.
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two dozen ballplayers just returned from the trip of a lifetime. they went to cuba to play baseball. perhaps the first american team to go there to play against their counterparts. ama dates was at sfo tonight when they landed back home. >> a big welcome home for these high school athletes. the baseball and softball players spent the last nine days in havana, cuba playing against students there. >> it was amazing. >> they played more for the love of the game which is cool because you are having more fun while playing. >> these are just a few of the spec spectacular photos from the trip. >> we learned a lot and got to see some things that some of these guys have never got to see before in marin county. >> -- i heard they were poor, but proud, and that was true. >> i saw students experiencing life in the moment and having fun in the moment. they weren't on their smart phones and texting. they weren't talking to their friends.
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they were participating together as a group. >> parents admit it was hard to have their kids so far away. >> it was hard not having contact, but we have the itinerary and tried to follow along vicariously. >> reporter: but they know it was worth it. >> i was yous so happy to know he was having this once in a lifetime experience. how many kids get to go to havana and play baseball? >> reporter: he tells me his goal is to bring some of the cuban teams here to california to play exhibition games in mill valley. in san francisco, ama dates, abc7 news. a san jose police officer is being called a hero tonight after jumping into action when he was off the job and on the way to get married. he stopped a strong armed robbery and he was with his fiancee when he noticed a scuffle. the train approached the west oakland station. >> we both turn and look and we see a scuffle going on. she said don't get involved.
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don't get involved. >> guilty. i asked him not to get involved if they have it under control. when he realized it was not under control he jumped into action. >> the 17-year veteran of the force held the suspect. this woman, jennifer davis, and bart police took her into custody. the victim was not harmed. if this sounds like it is from a movie, it could have been. his father is from "alien" and" midnight run." coming up next, napa wine can be expensive, but this tips the scales. >> family reserve ends up being about $625. >> but even at that price finding a bottle is a tall order. the celebrities be inned hue the rare boutique brands. >> and the move to fight breast cancer. >> and iphone theft out of control. if you have one of these you have to see the story. what one big city is doing to catch the thieves.
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>> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> andy sandburg and kelly rippa and the results of our valentine's day youtube challenge, a visit to the barber shop and i do battle with a two-year-old in basketball. i might be more competitive than i should be. >> stay with us. we will be
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the fda has a new drug to fight breast cancer and the company that developed it says the drug is at the forefront of a new direction and treatment. doctors say the drug is like a smart bomb attacking only malignant cells and minute -- minimizing hair loss and sickness. the drug was developed by genentec and while the drug is specific to a certain type of breast cancer, similar treatments for other types of cancer are on the way.
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the popularity of apple iphones and ipads is not limited to the people who buy them. they are big with thieves as well. and that's why the new york city police department is creating a special unit to track down stolen apple products. city officials say nearly 4,000 more iphones and ipads were stolen in 2012 than the year before. these i cops will work with apple to track stolen devices and return them to their owners. some of the best wine in the world is made in the thap paw valley. you know -- in the napa valley. you know that. and in someplaces it is fetching more than $600 a bottle. vic lee has more on the big names behind the labels and why most local wine lovers won't even get a chance to buy them. >> what does this retired nba star from china have in common with one of the biggest video game makers? answer, they both started their own wineries in napa. yao ming was introduced at the steak house he frequented while playing for the houston rockets. >> they have a lot of beef over there.
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obviously a steak and a red wine is very good combo. it is really good for people enjoying with those two. >> he is the head of video game company and a long-time wine lover and has been to california on business for some 30 years. >> i have come to realize that napa produces the best wine in the world. that made me say starting a winery. >> it rests on a horse ranch. he bought the property 13 years ago. he spared no expense investing $100 million to build a state-of-the-art winery and planted vineyards with the finest grapes and hired the best people in the business to make his wines.
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they bottled 11,000 cases and wine lovers here will probably never taste them. that's because 80% of the wines are exported to japan. each bottle selling from 80 to $250. even at those prices, there is a huge demand for premium wines from japan's big middle class. yao ming started his boutique winery at this facility in saint helena. it is a small operation and producing 4,000 cases of a flagship and the caber nay. but almost all are shipped to china. it is starting with the flagship cab. >> it is about 280 u.s. dollars and then the family reserve ends up being about $625. >> even at $625 a bottle, yao
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ming has no problem selling his wine in china. in 2004 wine imports totaled $53 million. just six years later it grew to $800 million. video games and wine making are not dissimilar. >> it is enjoyed by everybody in the world and it has to have a good creator. very similar in my opinion. >> and wine making may also have something in common, making a success of it in the growing china market will be a slam dunk. vic lee, abc7 news. >> really interesting. now to the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is tracking live 7hd. >> let's show you what is showing up on live doppler 7hd. cloud cover, but nothing more than a few spring el cs, and
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we still have the possibility of a few sprinkles as a cold front is coming through. a live look from the east bay hills camera. you can see some of the clouds as we look toward the bay. it is not that cold out there right now. it is 49 in san francisco and most other areas are reporting numbers in the 40s. from the high definition roof camera we have the flag blowing and the winds are gusting up to about 25 to 30 miles an hour in some areas. it is going to be breezy overnight and that will keep the atmosphere stirred up and the temperatures will not fall as much. we are going with right now 48 in napa and 45 in los gatos. here is a look at what is coming for your weekend. a few sprinkles overnight. through and breezy tomorrow and it is going to be a milder day on sunday. temperatures will be coming up. here is a look at satellite and radar. tomorrow the numbers are going down. we have a cold front that is coming through right now. it is a weak cold front.
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with this front coming through, not expecting much more than a couple of drops at best. you will notice here 11:00 we have the clouds around. could see a few sprinkles showing up in the wee hours of the morning, 5:00 a.m. saturday. hopefully your plans are later in the morning. you won't have to worry about it, but it will be mostly sunny and breezy starting at 11:00 a.m. really going you through the afternoon, and it will be cooler with the passage of the cold. sierra nevada a few showers, but not a whole lot. there will be snow coming in and dry for sunday. tomorrow morning upper 30s to the upper 40s. look at the cloud cover around and the sprinkles. most will see milder temperatures tomorrow morning. santa clara is 62 in san jose. 60 san mateo and 55 half moon bay.
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downtown san francisco 58 degrees. north bay communities, mostly sunny. 60 this calistoga and clear lake 59 degrees. east bay, you are all in the upper 50s to the low 60s range. pretty narrow range. 60 in oakland. inland communities, 61 in pleasanton and livermore. as you check out the forecast for the chinese new year's parade it is looking great. it will be sunny when the parade gets under way. the temperatures will be dropping and as we head into the 8:00 hour, you will want to make sure you take a jacket or sweater with you. here is the accu-weather forecast. warmer for sunday and we will keep the temperatures in the 50s and ict ises range -- and 60s range until friday. that's when the numbers will come to the spring-like range. low 60s to low 70s. now with the sprinkles coming you might want to track another great resource. it is our live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest information whether it is rain or shine, all kinds of great stuff. >> thanks very much.
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let's shift our attention now to sports and the warriors. >> a good game. larry beil is here. >> i am going to say great game. great highlights coming up. no bogus, no problem. the warriors are calling this the biggest win of the season as they take down the best team in the league. the spurs are in overtime. sports is next.
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good evening. spectacular game at oracle. the warriors are trying to end their 16-game losing streak against the spurs and they get it done in overtime. the warriors are sporting their new uniforms, 26% lighter. golden state trying to hang with the best team in the nba. huge night for david leigh. 22 boards and one facial on tim duncun. third quarter and steph curry is happy to be 26% lighter right here. the uni is. he is not. the warriors are down 1 after three. seconds left and tim duncun is feeding ginobili on the back cut and we are going to overtime and tied at three.
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he is so clutch and had 30 points and 10 assists. the warriors with init in overtime 107-101. the blackhawks made history at the expense of the sharks. the sharks attacks patrick marlow in a slump lately. marlows are 11 and gives the sharks a 1-0 lead. just trying to pass it in front here and it gets deflected right past him. nothing you can do. 1-1 game. the shorthanded goal that wins it. 2-1 final and chicago scored one . in 17 straight games to start the season. that's a new nhl record. both keep rolling and fourth ranked stanford is hosting oregon state. all cardinals, all the time. not my house.
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not in maples. 12 boards and stanford wins their 11th in a row. and same story for number 6 cal pumped up against oregon. the block and it is 13 points and cal is up 9 at the break. to brandon for the hoop. 77-55. the nfl combine runs through tuesday in indianapolis, a chance to get deep thoughts from jim harbaugh. the 49ers' head coach connish ifed he has spoken to his brother, john, after losing the super bowl to the ravens. harbaugh was asked about draft prospects prospects who may not be entirely honest when they are interviewed by nfl teams. >> i am a big fan of the "judge judy" show. when you lie in judge judy's courtroom, it is over. your credibility is completely
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lost. you stand no chance of winning that case. i learned that from her. very powerful. >> indeed. insightful. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that is blowing my mind. >> i always thought guidance from jerry springer and maybe that explains it. >> now you know you have to look at judge judy. >> thanks very much, larry. >> we will be right back.
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here is a look at your wake up weather. first thing in the morning you may need the windshield wipers. mostly cloudy, breezy, upper 30s to mid40s by 8:00 a.m. numbers rise together low to upper 40s.
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lisa argen will be here at 5:00 a.m. carolyn, dan? >> thanks, sandhya. >> oscar sunday is just two days away and now you will have a front row seat on abc7. >> absolutely. live coverage is at 2:00 with on the red carpet. the stars begin to arrive at 4:00 on oscar's red carpet live. and the academy award presentation begins at 5:30. >> afterward a recap of the biggest moments and your path to the after party followed by jimmy kimmle oscar special at 10:00 and abc news at 11:00. >> and join us for the oscar party on facebook. you and our 95,000 other friends can comment on the fashions and the surprises just like our page. >> and to get the full oscar appearance it is not too late to get the back stage pass. it will give you access to a dozen cameras streaming from the red carpet.
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it is available for the iphone, ipad and the kindle fire. >> oscar sunday is almost here. that's our report. thanks for watching. jimmy kimmle is live. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. and of course we are always available at and
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kelly ripa, michael strahan, andy am berg and 2-year-old basketball prodigy titus. >> jimmy: here we go. >> dicky: plus, jimmy visitsed barber shop. a performance by internet sensation and exclusive preview of "game of thrones." and now, once again, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you all. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. for a lot of people, the end of a three-day weekend. it's president's day today. today, mitt romney spent the day quietly staring out of one of 1,200 windows in his home. a tear streaming down his eye. hey, here's a -- here's a fun presidential fact. did you know our 12th president, zachary taylor, was a cast member on the show "home improvement." think about it, it's kind of true. president obama celebrated by playing golf with tiger woods. obama took a three-day golf vacation to florida, and the


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