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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> we went to friends and family and were fortunate that the school district and the pta and the city councils and police departments joined in to south our efforts. >> one of five people, including children, who was shot and wounded by a man with an assault weapon at the valley jewish community center in los angeles 13 years ago. she says she had to be here. >> i believe that i lived that day and survived that day to speak out on behalf of those who can't speak for themselves. reporter: congresswoman jacky steel promised help is on the way. >> i'm opt mystic we'll have a vote on the gun issue. >> the buyback program ran out of money after two and a half hours. disappoint something gun -- disappointing some gun owners. >> are you serious? >> one man was paid $1,700 for the guns he turned in organizers say that's why they ran out of money so quickly and next time
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they will put a ceiling on how much they will pay each resident. the next guybacks is on march 2nd the santa clara county fairgroundses. am frightening moments for passengers on a transit bus this morning. someone shot at the bus and shattered a window, just after midnight. none of the nine passengers were struck by the gunfire about four of them suffered minor injuries from falling while the bus driver sped away. the gunman has not been captured. >> a campus lockdown has been lifted admit at -- admit mitt after someone report seeing someone with a gun. someone told police they spotted a man carrying a rifle on campus. they did not find the reported gunman and believe the original report was a hoax. >> in the east bay, fundraiser
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was held at a concord gym to honor victims of gun violence. charlotte bacon was one of the victims in the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. she would have been seven years old today. all the money raised in the bay area will go to support all the victims' families. >> they're jumping, squatting, and counting their way to help. nearly 100 people packed into concord'd adventure this morning. they came with donations in hand and thoughts of the sandy hook massacre on their mind. >> when you hear about communities that might be struggling going how to a tragic event, the immediate response is, how die help? >> carol lon has a mutual friend if with the bacon family. her connection inspired her to help the victims' families, and as well as her six-year-old daughter. >> hits a very personal chord,
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knowing my daughter could have been in that classroom. >> in the two-person teams give a work out of the day. each move had numerical significance, they did as many rounds as possible in 14 minutes to mark the tragedy that happened on the 14th day of december. six squat cleans, charlotte's age, that fateful day, and 22 box jumps for february 22nd, yesterday, which would have been sharelet's seventh birthday. >> a very difficult time. her birthday was yesterday. that hit me hard. >> feel blessed to be happy a live, it's a reminder how lucky we are. >> if you want to donate, you can find the link on our web site, abc7 under "see t on tv". and they tell me every dollar helps. reporting in concord, abc7 news.
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>> ama: breaking news from the sports world as 28 spectators were hospitalized at daytona after a last lap crash sent flying debris into the stand. it happened as drivers approached the fin inline in the nationwide race. kyle larson's car broke through the safety fence, sending car parts, gug a tire, into the grandstands, there were no fatilities and none of the drivers were seriously hurt. mike shumann will have more later. new at 5:00, mc hammer is using social media to discuss his arrest in dublin thursday night. in one of many tweets he writes, instead of being bitter i'm taking the opportunity to make this a teachable moment and an eye-opener for my many friends and colleagues. hammer was arrested at the hacienda shoppinger in, on choonches obstructing an officer and resisting an officer. hammer claims he was minding his
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on business when an officer tapped on his car window and asked him if he was on parole or probation. two men were badly burned in the south bay this morning after an electrical panel explosion. happened in a building at 9:00. three workers were repairing an electric unit in the building when it suddenly exploded, causing a fuel schmier. one worker was chit burned other. man suffered serious burns to his hands and face. they were taken to a local burn unit where both are in critical condition. pg&e, and cal osha are investigating. there's a memorial concert in downtown petaluma today to help raise money in the name of petaluma college student alyssa byrne, byrne attended a new year's eve concert in south lake tahoe and was found dead of hypothermia a half mile from the venue, a former classmates raisings funds to buy a memorial bench bearing her name.
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she has booked seven bay area rappers to perform at the phoenix theater. a portion of the funds will be donated the polly class foundation to help fawn new buddy program. >> still ahead, another delay in getting grounded dreamliner jets back into the air. the decision from one airline that could turn out to be a major setback at one bay area airport. and we will take you live to downtown san francisco. we're taking a peek there now. thousands are celebrating the year of the snake at the you chinese new year's parade. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. breezy and cool today but get ready for a nice warmup next
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>> ama: new at 5:00. another delay for the troubled 787 dreamliner and the latest stall is a setback for san jose airport. nip upon airways has stopped taking reservations for the flight. it was supposed to be flown by the 787 but since the entire fleet of dreamliners has been grounded, the flights have been cancelled. happening now. thousands are lining downtown san francisco streets to celebrate the year of the snake at this year's chinese new year's parade. sergio quintana is live on market street where things are just kicking off. reporter: we are just minutes from the official start of the parade, and we are yards from where the whole parade comes together. you can see everybody lined up
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here to watch it as it starts. now, each year more than 100 groups come together to participate. among the stars are the floats, just before each parade they're lined up as they're staging -- at their staging area to make sure the details are in place. also a temporary gallery for people to snap pictures of the floats before they hilt the road. the san francisco chinese lunar new year parade is one of the largest celebrations in the world. it's a speck tack cal, specially for those who have never seen it before. >> what's the plan? >> watch the parade, and then eat some long noodles. reporter: now, one of my favorite parts of the parade are the marching bands. this is the bay area boy scouts drum and bugle corps warming up to join the parade. they're amongst several marching bands from bay area organizations and schools will be part of the event.
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this is basically where everything does come together. we are again just a few minutes from the starting, coming up at 6:00 we'll have the parade in full swing. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> ama: thank you so much. also, in full swing, the preparations on the red carpet. ahead, we'll show you the finishing touches being made in hollywood in time for tomorrow's big oscars show. meteorologis
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>> ama: hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for tomorrow's big oscar night, and now you know who has the honor of walking on it first. it's the guys who literally rolled out the red carpet. first-time academy awardses hose seth mcfarland is getting ready to deliver his kind of in your face comedy at the expense of some a-list stars. >> do soft. they're not going to give you much if you're too hard on them. they're going to gasp and turn on you. i expect to have them hating me within the first 30 seconds. >> ama: we'll take you live to hollywood and check in with our arts and entertainment reporter dawn sanchez is back to recover the academy awards. he oscars are tomorrow and abc7
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is the only place to watch the show. live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can count down with our oscars app, the back stage pass will give you the best access with more than a dozen cameras streaming video from behind the scenes and red carpet. you can download the oscars epa for. and abc7 is hosting a virtual oscars party on our facebook page. just like us on facebook and then hang out with 95,000 other bay area fans to post your opinions on the flops, oscar snubs and surprises. >> here's the rundown of the coverage. "on the red carpet" beginnings at 2:00. you can see the stars arrive at 4:00, with red karat live. then the big show begins at 5:30. following the oscars we'll have a recap of the biggest moments. jimmy kimmel's oscar special airs at 10, followed by abc7 at
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11:00. we have you covered all day tomorrow. let's get to leigh glaser to find out about the weather. >> leigh: tomorrow should be delightful. today, thanks to strong northerly winds, it was a cool one. live doppler 7hd, not picking up any cells out there. this is just a little bit of ground cover -- rather, echos reaching some of cloud tops over the ocean. we're clear and going to remain so throughout the evening. you can see from the high definition east bay cam looking out over the bay, we're seeing a beautiful sunset. santa rosa, so far today, with 60 degrees. napa, 63. sfo so far, 56. 57 in san jose. monterey, 54. here's a look at the current readings. a shot from the high definition roof top cam, showing the bay bridge, clear sky. 58 in oakland. petaluma, 54. livermore, 57. from the mt. tamalpais camera
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you can see the wind at higher elevations really strong out of the north and that is what cleared the low clouds and fog well off the coast and making it chilly across the bay area. santa rosa, 57. 57, fairfield, and los gatos, 56. here's what you can expect forecast headlines, clear and breezy overnight. sunny for sunday. west wind, which means temperatures come up a little bit, and then next week, milder days ahead. we're talking temperatures near 70 degrees for the latter part of negligence week. high pressure, still in control, although today we did have a little bit of area of low pressure. we call this an inside slider, moving through the spine of the sear a -- sierra. saw a little snow last night. the high pressure will build in and it's going to push the storm track well to the north of us. so get ready for more sunshine. the winds will relax tomorrow
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and also means milder temperatures for us. tonight the big event, the chinese new year parade. temperatures in the mid-50s but they're going to bottom out by 7:00, 8:00, temperatures down to upper 40s to near 50 degrees. here's a look at the lows. chilly in the north bay. clear sky. 35 for napa. 40, san francisco. richmond, and palo alto, 40 degrees there, as the winds start to die down and that will mean cooler temperatures for you. highs for sunday, we'll come up a few degrees. 65, san jose, 58 for half moon bay. 54, redwood city and palo alto. san francisco, maybe a high cloud or two. otherwise get ready for plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 59 degrees. and in the north bay, start to warm if with accept rosa, 64. oakland, 64. castro valley, 63. and interior east bay, mid-60s tomorrow.
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brentwood-antioch, livermore, 64. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. each okay we warm up but check out wednesday, thursday, friday. temperatures very spring-like, in the mid-to-low 70s by friday. enjoy that. >> ama: thank you so much, leigh. speaking of spring, mike shumann is back from arizona. >> mike: can't get rid of me. cactus league action down in the desert. one of the hottest teams in the west coast college hoops, cal. an
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>> mike: the defending world champion giants began cactus league action with ryan vogelsong on the hill. the giants win. meanwhile, mid-season form, represents team u.s.a. in the world baseball classic. homers in his first at-bat. le weeks trying to recapture a spot at second. starts the double play. the brewers win 2-1. >> college hoops, cal after defeating oregon, hosted by oregon state. they're 1-3 in corvallis and maybe they can keep the wins coming for a big dance invite. bears open with a huge slam by richard solomon. cobbs with the winning bucket on thursday. the 3 in the second half. cal up three. cobbs again, the difficult jumper.
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he's good. four seconds left. cal up by one. starks with the 3 for the win. call that an air ball. cal wins, 60-59. let's tee it up at the world golf challenge, match play outside of tucson. the tournament was delayed on tuesday due to snow. still snow on the mountain tops. picture perfect day on the court. ian poulter facing steve stricker third hole. check out this putt, just pours it in. poulter wins the match 3 and 2, faces hunter mahan on sunday. matt kuchar, won 3 and 2. thanks to putts like that he will face jason day, who beat graeme mcdowell, semis and finals on sunday. >> the harbaugh brothers are finally speaking to each other. watching the nfl combine in indy. top performer in weight lifting
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with 24 reps, and third in the 40-yard dash with a 4.7 six. i think he is faster should be at least a second round pick in this year's nfl draft. daytona 500 set for sunday. today the nationwide series. final lap, huge accident. kyle larson's car goes sailing into the fence. lanes the grandstands. 28 fans were injured, taken to local hospitals. all the drivers walk away. tony stewart won the race but you can see at the carnage from the accident. hopefully everyone will be okay. the 500 begins at 9:00 a.m. >> super bowl 11 mvp and fred bill litany consecutive celebrated his his 70s in birth. caught 589 passes with the raiders. re retired from the nfl in 1978. happy birthday freddy b, and i'm happy to say he is a dear friend. >> ama: still to come, running and plunging into san francisco bay. next we'll tell you why some
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well-known lo
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>> ama: coming up in a half hour. oscar fever is heating up. abc7 arts and entertainment reporter dawn sanchez has a preview. >> celebrating lunar new year around the bay area. we'll take you to the celebrations at 6:00. whether that beach body is ready or not. special olympic supporters took
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to the water today in the sixth annual polar plunge. lots of people wore costumes and some wore uniforms like the san francisco police chief. again for a great cause. and that does it for us here at 5:00. thanks for joining us. this is "world news." tonight -- breaking news. terror on the track. a dramatic accident in the last seconds of a race at daytona. cars crashing into the fence. parts flying over it. fans among the injured. the vatican backlash. the church lashing out over what it calls false reports. that the pope resigned because he was trying to avoid scandal. who they're angry with, our correspondent in rome tonight. plus, an abc news exclusive. david muir inside iran. on the eve of those crucial nuclear talks, involving iran and the u.s.
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iran with a bold, new announcement about future neu neuronuclear sights. plus, rare access to the streets of iran. and hearing from the young people, what would they say to president obama. and the footloose first lady. why michelle obama is going viral tonight. and good evening. i'm dan harris. we'll get to david muir in iran in just a moment. but we're going to start with the breaking news out of florida. a treacherous finale to a race at the daytona international speedway today. look at the video. cars colliding, getting tossed around like toys. pieces of them flying over a fence, injuring at least a dozen people, many of them fans. abc's linzie janis is on the story. >> reporter: one driver sparked a dramatic crash on the daytona track. >> and contact!


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