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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> very true. just a few hours ago police says it all started because the car he was driving in was actually something that had expired tags. >> this is mc hammer's booking photo taken thursday night after his arrest in dublin. police said the rapper was parked in the hacienda shopping center when an officer approached him. police say, quote, he had expired registration on a vehicle that was not registered to him. he refused to give the officer any information on the owner. hammer became very argumentative and continued to refuse to answer any questions about the vehicle. mc hammer, legally known as stanley burrell, was charged with suspicion of obstructing an officer and resisting arrest. today the rapper lashed out through twitter, painting a very different, racially motivated picture of what happened, saying i rolled down the window and he
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said, are you on parole or probation? burrell also said, as he end over his i.d., the officer reached into the car and tried to pull him out. >> no charges should be filed. frankly, think the resisting arrest is a bogus charge. >> attorney john burress specializes in police misconduct cases and has represented high profile clients lie tupak shack cure who won a brow tallity case against oakland police. >> when you're ask if you're on probation or parole, you are assuming all black people are on probation or parole. >> no one answered the door at the home. but the tweets kept coming. late today he said only thing more dangerous is a scared man with a gun, is a scared man with an agenda, gun, and a badge.
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durrell will be in court next month. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: we do have breaking news out of milpitas. a two-alarm fire is burping on conway street. the fire broke out at a home just after 10:00. we have a crew on the way to the scene. now to developing news out of las vegas. police are looking for the man they have identified as the suspect in the fatal shooting of a rapper. kenny cherry, jr. died last week on the leaves strip from gunshots fired from a black range row version police believe ammar harris was involved. he has a police regard for kidnapping and pandering. the black range rover was found in an apartment complex. police believe the two men got in an argument. and two other people were killed when his car hit a taxi and the
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cab burst into flames. >> more on the wreck in daytona. 30 spectators were injured when one of the cars went sailing into the air and smashed into the fence. reporter: the violent ten-car crash came on the final lap of the nationwide race. that's kyle larson's car going airborne, crashing into the fence separating the track from the fans. the whole front end of his car ripped off. a piece of engine? the fence. debris flying into the grand stands. all ten trifers checked out at the medical center were okay. but more than two dozen spectators were injured, some seriously. >> the key was we were prepared, we responded, we had the appropriate personnel in place and were able to transport the individual that needed care
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offproperty. >> the choose began when regan smith made a move to block brad keselowski out of the final turn. >> i made the move and he blocked and started the chain of events that caused the wreck. reporter: as the cars kept crashing, tony stewart slipped by for the win. after the speedaway was empty and the track cleared, repair crews got busy getting ready for the super bowl of racing. >> we're very confident we will be readyear foe 55th running of the adopt 3500. reporter: the crash remains under investigation. abc7, new york. >> ama: the state department is stepping up its effort to help find a missing bay area couple. gary and jamie were last seen a month ago in a taxi in peru. they have been on a bike trip. and friends say the two had been in contact through social media
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until january 25th. >> they were posting nearly daily forecasts of their adventures in peru to facebook and twitter and keeping close phone contact with roommates. >> ama: the u.s. embassy in peru released a kidnapping warning for merges and is working with the local authorities to find the couple. a $3,000 reward has been off erred. >> a tri-city gun buyback was so popular many people were left hanging on to guns they no longer wanted. the event involved palo alto, east palo alto, and menlo park. police paid hundred for hand guns and 300 for assault weapons. one man collected $1,400. >> a duck hunter, and i've been hunting since i was ten years old. a lot of these rifles and shotguns, we department use -- you don't use rifles for duck hunts but i also deer hunt. i just decided don't want to
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collect guns anymore. >> in palo alto, the group, protect the children, which raised the money for the buyback, held an antigun rally. the pa $2,000 collected was gone in two and a half hours, leaving many people in line what wanted to sell their guns. >> san francisco fire crews are credited with stopping a house fire that raced through this house. one person was rescued from the second level of the home and was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. let's head right to meteorologist leigh glaser for the check on weather. >> leigh: all clear out there. the wind is up. live doppler 7hd, you can see we're sweeping live, and no returns at all. but let me show you the live picture here from the high definition east bay camera. beautiful evening, albeit windy. the winds kept temperatures
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below normal. napa, highs with 63. one of the warmest locations. compared to monterey today. the high there was 54. here's a look at current numbers for you as we look from our high definition roof top cam. 51 in oakland. petaluma, mid-40s. 42 degrees right now in santa cruz. a little warmer in in the forecast coming up. >> ama: the red carpet is out and the last-minute preparations are wrapping up for the oscars. don sanchez is live outside the theater with a preview. reporter: i'm on the red carpet and it's quiet before the mob tomorrow. there's really a bay area connection to these academy awards. pixar is nominated for brave, and jessica chastain was born in
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sonoma, and an east bay couple is going to have a front row seat. >> so exciting to be here. >> they won bleacher seats in a random drawing. >> it's intriguing. i love the environment. i love to watch the mechanics of the environment. i think it's a whole different take on society right here. reporter: this is where they will see the stars, the red carpet getting finishing touches. the place is ringed with roses and cherry blossoms. >> wanted to do something modern. there isn't anything that was preplanned or there was no samples made. reporter: inside the theater, barbara streisand will sing here for the first time in 36 year and host seth mcfarland may become a household name. >> i expect them to hate me
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within the first 30 seconds. >> the surprise will be the musical numbers and the people who walk on stage. >> after the awards, governor's ball features food from wolfgang puk, plug the flavor-filled little oscars. >> we combine taste and style. >> and then live with kelly and michael will be live here. >> much more challenging, a huge undertaking. lastite was a big hit so we decided to go for it. >> who will the academy volters pick? it's unpredictable. lincoln took an early lead, and then critics liked zero dark thirty. and then oorg jumped -- oorg go jumped to the lead. >> we both are voting for "argo". >> as leta and ann marie are from german television, they're
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international journallesses here. this is an unpredictable year so many good films critically acclaimed and popular with fans and movie-goers. it's hard to say who is going within all. we'll find out tomorrow evening right here on abc7. in hollywood, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> ama: we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, don. to get the full oscar experience, download the official oscars app. the back stage pass will give you access to more than a dozen cameras from the red carpet. it's available for the iphone, ipad, android, and kindle fire, and join us for the abc7 oscars party on facebook, you and our 95,000 other friends can comment on the fashions and surprises. just like our page. still to come at 11:00, celebrating the year of the snake. thousands turn out for san francisco's huge chinese new
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year parade. >> the big effect some bad batteries are going to have on a south bay airport. later, the amazing dash cam video that has gone viral. video that has gone viral. the spills and [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> ama: thousands of people packed san francisco streets for the annual chinese new year parade. sergio quintana was there. reporter: this year's chinese new year parade and celebration
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started off with a bang and kept spirits going with dance troupes, marching bands, and of course floats, like this one, which was packed full of college scholars from around the bay. >> is this your first time marching in the parade? >> actually my second time. >> this may have been his second time in the parade but there are plenty of people who had not seen it until tonight and some who didn't know it was happening until they got caught up in it like this group from dallas. >> we can't even get a ride home. >> do you have a celebration like this in dallas? >> no. just cinco de mayo. >> the parade celebrates the year of the snake, which is great for one parade-goer. >> i love it. it's my year, and it's been a good year so far. so i'm excited what the year has to bring. >> happy birth year.
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>> thank you. my birthday is in two weeks. >> this celebration has lit up san francisco for 150 years, and its organizers say it's the largest event of its kind outside of mainland china, and while it's the year of the snake, it's the dragons that steal the show. >> having fun? >> ees. >> what your favorite part? >> the dragon parade. >> ama: it is hard to beat those dragons inch redwood city, hundred0s people brought in the lunar new year. a dance kicked off the celebration. another delay for the troubled 787 dreamliner, and it's a setback for san jose's airport. japan's all nippon airways stopped taking reservations. the flights have been cancelled.
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let get back to leigh glaser for a full look at the forecast. high, leigh. >> leigh: a little bit on the cool side today. wasn't it. thanks to the winds out of the northwest. live doppler 7hd checking in. clear sky. no returns, but here's a look from the high definition roof top cam. bay bridge right here, clear skies, and almost a full moon. right now, 52 in san francisco, oakland, 51, san jose, 47. petaluma, 45. 42 in santa cruz. livermore, 47. here's another look from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. san francisco in the background, clear sky, but the camera is bouncing as the winds, 10-15 miles-per-hour gusts. the higher elevations. santa rosa right now, 42. los gatos, 47. here's a look at the forecast highlights.
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tone with breezy conditions overnight. keep things clear. more sunshine for your sunday. less wind. and that will translate to milder temperatures. the numbers come up a few degrees tomorrow and then get ready for a mild to even warm period as we head into the latter part of next week. cold temperatures, remember the wind is going to die down but temperatures will be a little colder in the north bay and east bay valley areas. look for overnight lows, mid-to-upper 30s. 40s elsewhere, san francisco, 40. here's a look at the satellite. and throughout the course of the evening high pressure slowly starting to build in. this this storm track, and as this high builds in, all of this will be pushed up into canada to get ready for sunshine for sunday. the wind will die down a bit. temperatures up a few more degrees and looks like the clouds will stay out of the region throughout the course of the day. here's a look at the forecast animation. by 7:00 tomorrow morning we're clear, and then throughout the
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course of the day the winds will pick up a little bit near the coast, nothing like today. temperatures come up a few more degrees. here's a look at highs for sunday. 55, san jose. morgan hill, gilroy, mid-60s. menlo park, 64. half moon bay, pacific car daly city, 50s. in the north bay, plenty of sunshine. a cold start, break out into the 60s by lunchtime. on the east bay, oakland, 64. hayward, a little breezy, 62. and here's a look at the numbers for inland locations. antioch and concord, 64. san ramon, 62. the seven-day forecast, we slowly warm up as we head into tuesday and wednesday, check out thursday and friday. feels like spring, with temperatures in the mid-to-low 70s. and don't forget you can follow
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at live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest forecasts and weather tweets from in the favorite weather team. or your a few rid weather team. >> ama: shu is here with sports. started out so well -- >> mike: they're struggling. the stars add e to theirs frustration in dallas. getting so bad joe thornton is resorting to fighti
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>> mike: the sharks are sink fassments only scored 12 goals in ten games. nothing is clicking and have dropped nine of their last ten in dallas, joe thornton showing from fight. scored a few punches. didn't help. the penalty kill has faltered. jaeger. then 1-0 stars. then the power play. 2-0. sharks power play, 2-46 in the last 11 games imfinally get one.
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marlowe scores. 2-1 stars. joe thornton called for goaltender interference. it's questionable. but no goal. dallas rookie goalie with the first career victory. stars win it 3-1. >> college hoops. cal bears, after defeating oregon on thursday, hosted by oregon state. 1-3 in corvallis and need to keep the wins coming to get off the bubble for the big dance. bears open the game with a huge slam by richard solomon. then justin cobbs follows up. cal now up three. cobbs again, difficult jumper. he had 18. four second left. cal up one. starks with the ball. got to make a bucket. he goes for the three. nothing but air. cal wins their fifth straight, improving to 18-9.
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>> stafford hosted by oregon. lloyd had 15. and nine assists. this one to emery on the alley-oop. stanford has lost three of their last four. >> st. mary's another bubble team, hosting creighton, gealz are going to miss matthew dill a and then the floater and the foul. st. mary's improves to 24-5 with the win. probably punching their big ticket to the dance. >> we'll take a time-out before we hit the diamond and talk to weeks on his last season and what he expects from himself th
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is up for grabs as the begin cactus league action, facing milwaukee. that means sausage racing. braun homer in his first at-bat. the solo shot off chavez. weeks trying to recapture the spot out second. starts the double-play but the brewers win. jamal said it was tough being denoted at year's end. >> part of the process. not performing, there's consequences and that's one of them. so, take the consequences. >> mike: what were the struggles, at the plate, on the field? >> just more mental than anything, obviously physically, combination of struggles i had on the field. but you learn from and it progress and go forward. >> mike: got to be tough. this is one 0 of the few sports where you go up and down like that to the majors and minors. once you get up, got be tough to go down. >> the big leagues is where you
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aspire to be, and if that not your goal, just quit. so, my goal is to be here and be a part of this lineup opening day, and we'll put in the work. >> mike: ryan vogelsong and the giants won the opener. one half at the ten giants participate neglect world baseball classic that starts march 2nd and he is looking forward to representing team u.s.a. >> definitely going to be fun. that's one of the cool things about it. guys on the same team during the year, going to get to face each other hopefully, and it will be neat if we can get to the finals in san francisco. they get there, and be able to play in front of the fans in san francisco and that we get to play in front of all the time. a good experience. >> mike: this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> ama: the amazing video caught on russia's reckless roads and why it's so easy to get great
11:30 pm
shots there. >> the growing controversy swirling around the vatican. on oscar eve, the new
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>> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz rapper and oakland native mc hammer claims this arrest was racially motivated. he hammer was charged with resisting arrest and suspicion of obstruction. >> las vegas police say 26-year-old ammar harris is a suspect the death in the death of kenny cherry. someone in the car opened fire on cherry, causing him to crash
11:34 pm
into a cab. at the cab burst into flames killing two people inside. >> police ran out of the $52,000 they had to buy back guns today with people still waiting in line. the vatican is taking aim tonight at unconfirmed reports that it's suggested the pope is resigning so he won't face a scandal over priests charged with abuse, the vatican is arguing the media is trying to influence who will become the next pope. reporter: the vatican used the strongest possible language to condemn the news coverage. needs to defend the freedom of the college of cardinals to choose the next pope. the official communique from the holy see made the vatican press corps -- through the centers, officials said, cardinals have faced many kinds of pressure to
11:35 pm
bend. they've been railing for gays at news reports claiming to know the contents of a classified internal investigation the pope received in december. the italian reports, without attribution, say the real reason benedict resigned is the three investigating cardinals uncovered far more salacious scandals. the vatican would not comment. church officials are trying to steer the conversation away from the sexual abuse scandals and today in los angeles cardinal roger mahoney had to testify under oath about allegations he had to conceal activities of priests. one priest was accused of mow lest 26 boys in 1987. he fled to mexico of ma hope -- mahoney's top aide warned him the police were investigating.
11:36 pm
>> it's absolutely mind boggling to me how this continues to go on, and mahoney should be jailed. >> the vatican says voting in the conclave is a sacred duty, despite any worldly scandals. >> i don't think many of the cardinals in rome are very concerned about mahoney voting because they consider him a member of the fraternity. >> mahoney tweeted his excitement about heading to rom today but no mention of the depression. he also blogged about feeling like a scapegoat, suffering painful and public humiliation just like jesus. >> new at 11:00, supporters of same-sex marriage received a powerful boost tonight. the obama administration filed a brief with the supreme court. it asks the justices to declare a section of the defense of marriage act that recognizes only heterosexual marriage as up constitutional. the president personally
11:37 pm
supports gay exphairnlg in his inaugural arrest said gay people should be treated like everyone else. next month the court will take up a challenge to the act. >> a trip to the zoo turned into a rescue operation for 100 people in dallas. the monorail that wines through the animal park stopped working and the passengers were stuck 15 feet above the ground for half hour. the fire crews used five extension ladders to bring the passengers down to safety. on the eve of the academy awards, hollywood is recognizing the worst in cinema for 2012. the annual razz si awards were head it out with the twilight saga finale, breaking dawn, part two, a big loser with seven trophies. the worst film featured kristin stewart, also noted for a bad turn in snow white. adam sandler, worst actor for the second year in a row, this time for, that's my boy.
11:38 pm
silver linings playbook took home the best film at the spirit awards, honoring the the best independent films. the picture won best actress for jennifer lawrence, who is also nominated for an academy award. best actor honors went to jon hunt for his role in the sessions with helen hunt taking the best supporting actress, matthew mcconaughey won an award for his portrayal of a stripper. live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with "on the red carpet" at the oscars. the stars begin to arrive at 4:00, and the academy awards presentations begin at 5:30. afterwards we'll have a recap of the biggest moments and your path to the oscar parties, followed by a jimmy kimmel oscar special at 10:00, and abc7 at 11:00.
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and we'll get all the oscar party action with don sanchez who will be live on the red carpet after the oscars. >> just ahead, the amazing video going viral from russia. the crashes and controversy over the growing use of dashboard cameras. >> other look at one. of the most miss rack cities in the u.s. and it's right here in the bay area. >> leigh: tomorrow the oscars are going on, and coming up in just a moment we'll look at the oscar forecast if you're heading to southern california.
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>> ama: now to a growing trend in russia. dashboard cameras. the recent meteor crash in russia was caught by many cameras, mostly from dash cameras. but why do drivers have those installed? reporter: it's not every day you catch a falling star like this massive meteor streaking across the sky last week. these are the images from the near catastrophe but in russia you'd be prized what you can catch on tape. crazy scenes on russia's reckless roads. recorded on dash cams that are exploding in popularity in russia. they used for insurance reasons
11:43 pm
but the madness they capturing goes viral on youtube. the cringe-worthy crashes, the death-defying smashes, and the truly bizarre. road warriors, from helicopters, to tanks. from roadside fighting, to fighter jets. this camera even caught a plane crash. if cameras aren't just good for creating youtube gold, they use it for trying to figure out who it as fault in an accident. >> this man says his dash cam saved him after a hit-and-run. police were able to use the video to look for the culprit. >> the cameras also catch crooked cops. but insurance scams, like this man who may have been trying to get hit by a car. we took one for a test drive with the editor and chief of
11:44 pm
auto magazine. >> how do i explain this to americans? >> the reason why you see, because device like this become more' more popular. >> the says the dash cams are shaming drivers into better behavior. >> if you compare to five or ten years ago, now you're safe. >> even though, it's a good idea to buckle up and keep a sharp eye on the road. abc news, moscow. >> ama: vallejo vallejo has been named one of the most miserable cities to live in. forbes lists them as sixth most unliveable. counting violent criminal, foreclosure, and taxes. modesto and stockton also made the top ten.
11:45 pm
support officers special olympics took a dive for a good cause today. the polar plunge featured teams from corporate sponsors, schools, and law enforcement agencies. costumes were encouraged. wet suits advised. but some just wore uniforms like the san francisco police chief. the goal was to raise 350,000 friday for special olympics. >> and it was sunny outside but i'm guessing it was still pretty cold this morning. >> leigh: it was, especially with that cold air from the northwest, and that's kept a chill in our air all day long. live doppler 7hd right now is all clear so we do have clear sky. where it is not clear, actually the east coast, snow now coming down. new york city, towards boston. the good news is it will move off to the sea. denver experting blizzard conditions there tomorrow so
11:46 pm
expect numerous flight delays, possibility of even cancellations into the denver airport area. los angeles, oscars tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, a dry evening. by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures of 70 degrees. press know, 52, tahoe, blue sky, 44. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll look for more sunshine, mild weather, monday, tuesday. look at thursday and friday. springlike no rain for the next five to seven days. thursday and friday, back up into the mid-to-low 70s. it's going to feel great. of course, lisa will be here tomorrow morning with another look and update. >> ama: thank you so much. well, tonight we're getting a multicolored picture of the planet mercury. mercury which looks gray to a telescope now looks called. nasa and the applied physics school in john hopkins released
11:47 pm
this picture that illustrates the million -- minerals in the planets. >> mike: if the sock fitted -- a former athlete in trouble, they auction off their socks.
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>> mike: we tip off with college hoops. let's talk cal bears. defeat oregon on thursday for the fourth straight win. tonight, hosted by oregon state. mike montcalm degrees need a win to get the invite the big dance. solomon starts off with the throwdown. two of his seven on the day. justin cobbs, always good for a bucket. he had the winning one on thursday. cal is up three. a little more difficult jumper. he had 18. we have four seconds now left in the game. starks has the ball and needs to make some kind of shot. throws up a three. nothing but air. cal wins their fifth straight. improving to 18-9. stanford struggling. hosted by oregon. jonathan lloyd had 15.
11:51 pm
the nine assists. emery led the way with 19. stanford lost three of their last four. losing 77-66 tonight. >> st. mary's, hosting creighton. gaels are going to miss matthew dellavedova. a little stepback three. he had 19 in the game. jordan juicy, this nice little floater and the foul. st. mary's with the 74-66 victory. probably punching their ticket the big dance. >> recognize it's a good win, and a very visible game, on national television. so all those things, i think, can be factors. none of us know for sure, but i know it's a good win. >> mike: let's go the ice where the sharks are struggling. they have scored only 12 goals in the last ten games. nothing is working. and as a result they dropped nine of their last ten in dallas, joe thorpe ton trying to
11:52 pm
fire up the team. hat to hurt. the penalty kill faltered. in the third, another power play. they go up 2-0. sharks power play. 2 of 46 in the last 11 games. finally get one. san jose thought they had a score late but joe thornton was called for goaltending. a questionable call. no goal. dallas rookie goalie. the save. stars win it. >> the evidence giants begin cactus league action with ryan vogelsong on the hill. two scoreless innings, gave up two hits, one walk. giants win. vogelsong, one of the ten giant players participating in the world baseball classic. starts march 2nd and he is looking forward representing team u.s.a. >> it's definitely going to be fun. one of the cool things about it.
11:53 pm
guys on the same team during the year, get face each other hopefully, and it would be neat if we can get the finals in san francisco, they get there, and be able to play in front of the fans in san francisco we play in front of all the time and get to face each other. it would be a good experience. >> mike: a's in milwaukee, brat racing. braun homers. and week trying to recapture his spot at second base. starts the double-play. nice play. but the brewers win the opener, 2 1-rb. >> here it is. curt shilling's bloody sock has been sold for $92,613. this sock seen here during game six of the afc has been discarded. he had a video game company that went bankrupt to the tune of
11:54 pm
75 million. needed the dough. the sock was in the hall of fame. enough at it in someone's trophy case. ew. >> still snow in the mountains in arizona but picture perfect on the course. poulter facing stricker. wins 3 and 2. moves into the semis on sunday, facing hunter mahan, who held up a webb simpson. robert garrigus, 3 and 2, went up 3 on the first nine. facing jason day. the harbaugh brothers are finally speaking again. jim and john are at the nfl combine in indy. zach ertz helping his cause. top among weightlifting and third in the 40-yard dash with a 4.7 six. he is faster than that. he should be at lest a second round pick in the draft. this sports report brought to
11:55 pm
you by river rock casino. and the oscars are on tomorrow so we'll be back at 9:00 and 10:00. >> ama: that's it for this edition of abc7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> live oscar coverage begins right here on abc7 at 2:00.
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