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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  February 24, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PST

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per gallon we are into the 50s for oakland and san francisco. staying cool at the coast with the upper 50s. but a north wind, 10 to 20 miles an hour, will warm much of the north bay up into the 50s and 60s. so that is a significant warmup today. this evening we will look for clear conditions. yes, we are talking even milder weather in the seven-day outlook. i will have that later. katie. >> thank you. and the weather will be lovely for the oscars down in hollywood. no clouds and plenty of stars. barbra streisand and adel will sing. we have a preview. good morning, craig. >> good morning, katie. the stars should begin arriving at the theater in about seven hours. it may well be a historic night, and why not? so many of those cop contenders for best pictures this year are all about history.
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>> they are sprucing up the newly-named hall of the oscars. what was the kodak is now the dolby theater. momentum is building for "argo" to win best picture tonight. his film has done well on the award circuit. but while he was snubbed in the same category at the oscars, affleck says he doesn't feel slighted. best actress may be another category contested. and silver lining's playbook jennifer lawrence won the golden globe. >> but she's also only 23,
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24-year-old. >> he's considered a shoe-in for a record best actor. and hathaway for best supporting actress. what she's looking forward tonight is sc hmo ozing with steven spielberg. >> you have to remind people that you are there and i think that's part of being an actor. >> seth mcfarland, the guy behind family guy, is hosting the show. look for him to sing and maybe ruffle a few feathers with his humor. >> a lot of people are looking forward to that james bond tribute. and surely there will be singing. there was talk earlier in the week all the game bonds would appear here tonight, all the actors who played them, like
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sean connery, but the producers say that's not going to happen. that's too bad. >> craig, let me ask you, speaking of producers, are they worried at all about seth mcfarland about the coast? he's a bit of a loud card. >> he is a wildcard but i don't think they are worried. i think they hope he will perfect up the ratings. 39 million watched last year, up from the year before but it's a long way away from the numbers from the 90s which were more like $46 million. >> see what the guy can do. thank you, craig. among those watching the oscars closely tonight will be a group of students at san francisco's academy of arts community.
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they played a role in a film with multiple oscars nominations, including best picture, director and actress. carolyn tyler has the story. >> the whole universe. everything together. before beasts of the southern wild made it to the big screen, a small group of students worked on it for months. >> you work on the shots, and you don't know how big it is going to be. you are just working on them because you love what you do. >> what he did was help create visual effects for the fantasy drama, set in the louisiana bayou. he painstakingly enhanced the look and feel of a levy explosion. >> there is added debris to make it a little bit more intense. >> the movie was made on a shoestring budget, under $2 million, so the financially-challenged director approached the academy of art university. student volunteers did most of the post production visual effects, including a key scene of stampeding big-like creatures. and the teacher said her class
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brought heart and passion into the project. >> beavers of southern wild" had a great story. so i felt what we were doing was integrate into that story and helped tell the story in our own little way. >> this is where the magic happens. they call it studio 400a. in all, 31 students from the academy of arts contributed to the hollywood blockbuster. they were in constant contact with the director. enjoying him and the young star during a preview the skywalker ranch. >> it lingers in you and it's like, wow, i can't believe i actually worked on that and i was part of this huge film and i was part of what made it up there, my colleagues and i. >> they have the credits to prove it both on the screen and in the class and a resume as amazing as the movie. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. on the red carpet has the first position on the red carpet by means rachel smith will have the freshest interviews with all the stars tonight. >> guys we in the heart ever
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hollywood gearing up for one of the biggest nights, of course the oscars. we are hanging out in front of the dolby theater. crews are putting the finishing touches on the oscars red carpet. this has to be picture perfect by showtime. with as like jennifer warren and hathaway, when they hit the carpet it will be ready to go. otc is in the very first interview position. we will chat with the favorite stars after they arrive. after they do an interview with us they face hundreds of photographers that are lining the 500-plus foot carpet. others will get the picture perfect shot of the stars before they goa into the theater before the show. the nominees, the fashion, the bling we have had all covered. you don't want to miss a moment of the action. check it out. it all starts this afternoon. check out your local listings. >> abc7 news the only place to watch the oscars tonight and our live coverage begins at 2:00. you can count down the final
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hours with our official oscars app. the backstage feature will give you the best access from behind the scenes and the red carpet. you can get the oscars experience by downloading that oscars app available for i-phone, ipad, android and the kindle fire. also abc7 is hosting a virtual oscars party on our facebook page today. all you have to do to get your invitation is like us on facebook. then you can hang out with 95,000 other bay area fans. so rsvp for that right now. our oscars coverage against again at 2:00. it starts with "on the red carpet at the oscars" and you can see the stars arrive with red carpet live and the big show at 5:30. following the oscars we have a recap of the biggest moments and you're pass to the afterparties. jimmy kimmel oscars special airs at 10, followed by abc7 news at
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11. coming up, another dramatic twists surrounding olympic track car, oscar pistorius. find out who in his life is also charged in the death of a woman. >> plus pope benedict xvi retires this week on thursday. this morning tenfs thousands of catholic faithful turned out for his final sunday blessing. and as he prepares to leave, there's one more scandal overshadowing the vatican. i'll kira klapper live in san francisco. i'll have what they
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>> in one of his last acts as pontiff, pope benedict xvi gave his final blessing from the vatican this morning. his retirement is stirring up rumors and the church is fighting back. kira klapper is live at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. kira. >> katie, they are here and many
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haven't heard the reports overnight the pope is resigning so quickly to avoid any fallout from the scandal of sexual abuse. he said s resigning because of advancing age and says he will still serve the church with the same dedication but he said he will do so at a way more suitable to his age. they gathered in saint peter's square for closeness and affection. [foreign language of] >> meanwhile in los angeles yesterday cardinal roger mahoney testified under oath about abc news case he concealed the crimes about sexual abuse. he was unflappable of a answering questions. the timing of that case coincides with the charges by
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italian media claiming that the pope really resigned because of a huge sex and blackmail scandal about to be uncovered. cardinal timothy dolan said it seems to just be a smear campaign. >> speculation will the lie of the pope's resignation. let's just take him at his word. >> the vatican is calling those charges overnight deplorable. pope benedict does have one more appearance after his final blessing today. he will be at his regular audience on wednesday in st. peter's square, the day before he officially retires. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> thank you, kira. also new this morning former president jimmy carter is this san francisco for a speaking engagement today. he will be addressing the commonwealth club this afternoon on the challenges of a superpower. tickets are available through city box office for $30 for nonmembers. the speech begins at 12:30 in the war memorial building on
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vanase avenue. it is 9:15. lisa argen is checking the forecast. what is going on out there? >> really dry out there due to the northerly winds. sunny. from the roof camera we are already at 52 degrees. still a little chilly north and east, but everyone warms up today. in fact we around going to stop there. the week ahead, wait until you see the seven-day. that's next. >> thank you, lisa. also next a horrific wreck at daytona injured morning two dozen fans. how officials are easings concerns of those sitting
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>> new this morning, the brother of oscar pistorius is facing a homicide charge. he was involved in a car crash that left a woman dead. he was driving recklessly in south africa when he crashed into a only on a motor cycle in 2010. his trial was supposed to begin last thursday. as you know that was right in the middle of oscar pistorius' bail hearing. this morning oscar is out on bail. he faces premedicated murder in the shooting of his girlfriend. this morning the speedway has been repaired for the 10:00
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a.m. beginning of the daytona 500. yesterday's race injured more than 30 spectators when this horrific crash occurred on the final lap. track officials say they will work to move anyone who is not comfortable sitting there today. 9:20 on this sunday morning. lisa, you are keeping an eye on the forecast. it's mild? >> temperatures are in the mid-60s so we keep saying how mild it is but that's actually typical for this time of the year. we had a little rain yesterday. that's as much as we will see the next seven days.h% we are still looking at an extended dry period. right now from therov camera, beautiful outside. look at the sunshine. numbers in the lower 50s closer to oakland and san francisco. how about 55 in oakland.
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san jose up to 50 with some upper 40s. santa cruz and livermore. so warming quickly with the north winds. here's a look at lake tahoe. isn't 24 gorgeous? but the snowpack dipping to 70% of normal. 52 los gatos. gilroy, you had 30s, now you are at 50. here's the forecast. a few high clouds in the north bay. those will clear. we will see more sunshine throughout the day today. a warmer afternoon with a dry period right on through next weekend. we start march the end of the work week, and once again, it's high pressure keeping the wet weather in the pacific northwest there. in fact we see a few systems try to knock the ridge down beginning tomorrow. it will bring temperatures down a couple degrees, and it will do that about every other day. with more sunshine we are up today as the high builds on in. mid-60s in sacramento. so kind of gusty here in the san joaquin valley, but notice southern california.
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you are 70 degrees. palm springs upper 60s. still a couple of upper 50s at our coast. that will be the coolest location. but north winds, 10 to 20 miles an hour, working to really warm our north bay up. upper 60s here. 64 in oakland with 63 in san jose. we are looking at chilly overnight lows again with the clear conditions. upper 30s for san jose. 44 in san francisco. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are warmer today. a couple degrees cooler tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday more warming, and by the end of the work week we are talking low 70s around the bay. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. that's live doppler 7hd on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions. rain or shine. plus get video forecasts, spare the air alerts, power outage information and weather tweets from all of us. >> so easy to do. no excuse not to be informed. >> exactly. >> lisa, thanks so machine. hours from now we will find out which movie is the best of the
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bunch. but there's all kinds of awards out there to receive. if you want to know which one was the worst,
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night's jackpot is estimated at $30 million. >> recognizing the worst in cinema for 2012 ahead of the best of in the oscars tonight. drum roll, please. these are the annual razzie awards. the saga twilight "breaking dawn" was the worst. adam sandler took home worst actor for the second year in a row this time for his debacle "that's my boy." the only bad publicity is no publicity, right? that's what they say. >> maybe they like that. beautiful out there with sunny skies and temperatures close to
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55 degrees. that's in spots in the east bay. we are on our way to plenty of 60s. the warmest numbers come up into the north bay. that's due to the north winds. we will all have breezy conditions today but that's working to cool us up. tomorrow a little cooler and then back to a little warmer the end of the week. low 70s for thursday and friday. maybe the middle of the next week we can see some rain. >> okay. fingers crossed. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. thank you everyone for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. we are off early this morning because. the nba sunday showcase. next the lehtinen lakers are in dallas to play the mavericks here on abc7. our oscars coverage against at 2:00 with "on the red carpet" the big show begins at 5:30. following the oscars we have a recap of the biggest moments and your path to all the actor
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parties. and then jimmy kimmel oscars special airs at 10, followed by the abc7 news at 11. thanks for watching this
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the following is a special presentation of espn on abc. there's the black mamba, up for the sun rised. first to hit the floor, guarantees this year's lakers will make the playoffs. stay tuned. >> the season is long. failures aplenty. the pain, unbearable bch you reward is great.
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when the dust settles, who will join the rank of champions. today, two former champion, find themselves at risk of not making the playoffs. can kobe bryant and the lakers make a run with dirk nowitzki and the mavericks? lakers, mavericks next on abc. ed welcome to "kia nba countdown". to "kia nba >> los angeles, california, entertainment center of the universe today. style, fashion, fame and the awarding


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