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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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♪ you know what what you want channing all over ♪ ♪ you want channing all over him you want channing all over him ♪ ♪ you want channing now on abc7 news at 11, a cold case heating up, a break in an unsolved murder of a mother. >> and sky heavy sd is live over breaking news. a missing boat off the money monterey county coast and two children among the missing. >> on the red carpet of the academy awards. the highlights coming up on the news at 11:00. good evening. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama dates. we begin with breaking news. sky 7hd is searching for a
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missing boat. the coast guard is looking near the boat. two children and two adults were on board. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at sfo with late details. >> search crews based at sfo are outlooking for the boat. sky 7 is off the coast in the same area where a helicopter, plane and suferl cutters on focused. two adults and two children are believed to be on board. someone radioed for help indicating the vessel was taking on water, and they were abandoning ship. the boat was believed to be about 50 miles southwest of santa cruz. the surf conditions were said to be relatively calm today, so it is unclear as to how the sailboat got into trouble. live at sfo, lilian kim,abc7 news. >> thank you. a possible big break in a decade old case. they have a person of interest in the high-profile and murder of pricilla ing.
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vic lee is live at the hillsboro police department with a story you will see only on 7:00. you have been following this case for years. >> i have indeed. this person of interest is 8,000 miles away from here. we have known about this development for a longtime. but abc7 news decided to hold this story at the request of hillsboro police for fear of jeprodizing their investigation. now with this development we can break this story without fear of compromising the probe. november 9th, 2007, the e-mail came out of no where. we changed the sender's name to protect his safety. dick found my stories about the high-profile murder on the internet. it happened in june of 2004. pricilla ing was murdered in her home. police said two asian men broke into the house in the middle of the night. >> we are lacking specific
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identity information of the suspects involved. >> the killers tied up ing and her houseguest. she died of asphyxiation. her guest was seriously injured, but survived. it was not a random murder. >> she is a very generous person. >> the real for was well known in the chinese community. a bitter legal battle with her divorced husband over their vast assets ended the day before her murder. it was father's day and steven ing had taken their 13-year-old daughter to his hillsboro home for the weekend. when reporters asked if he was a suspect, police said no. >> at this time steven ing is not considered a suspect in this case. >> a year passed and pricilla's daughter, doris, from a previous marriage, announced a million dollar reward. >> i pray that the people responsible for this will be found. >> in his e-mails to us, dick said he wanted the reward. he said the killerring live in singapore and he knew details of what happened that night. he wanted abc news to
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introduce him to the police investigators. since then hillsboro police captain doug davis says they have had extensive contact with him over the years. >> and they have been very candid and he was very forward with information. >> meantime, dick kept in touch with me through several dozen e-mails. he wrote about his frustrations about the slow progress of the probe. a big obstacle was one of the suspects was arrested for a murder in singapore. >> singapore was investigating their own homicide and going through the process of the homicide related to this person. naturally for their purposes that takes precedence over anything else. >> that prevented his investigators from going to singapore to interview the suspect. >> they have adjudicated the case and this person sentenced and it now provides us a new opportunity to look into some of the leads that we may get from talking to this person. >> davis says that over the years police have received a lot of leads from people wanting the million dollar
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reward. >> what made this lead unique is that the information provided to you we consider credible. >> now with this new development hillsboro police tell us they are ruling no one out either as a person of interest or as a suspect. there were at least two people involved in the murder, possibly more. vic lee, abc7 news. >> vic, thank you. fremont police have two people in custody uh -- accused of carjacking a mercedes and leading police in a chief that lead to a series of collisions in a shopping mall. laura anthony is live in union city with new details. laura? >> reporter: this happened in the parking lot and a chain reaction collision this afternoon and six cars in all were damaged. police were saying a juvenile was driving a stolen car that started this whole thing. she and an 18-year-old companion are in jail.
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>> we were told that the vehicle, the benz was stolen. >> reporter: they came out of the movie theater to find the green honda and five other cars seriously damaged in the parking lot of the union landing shopping mall. >> we are just waiting for the tow trucks to separate the car so we could leave, but because it is a crime scene they are taking their time. >> reporter: what they missed while in the theater was the frightening and demanding ending to a chase they say began with a carjacking in fremont. >> once the carjacking took place we had a description of the victim's vehicle and one of our officers did pick up the victim vehicle that was driven by the suspect which lead to this shopping center. >> reporter: when the chase reached the union landing parking lot, the stolen vehicle first jumped a curb, wiped out a tree and hit two cars and then jumped another curb before plowing into several more cars that had
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been parked in a row. >> was your car okay? >> it is fine. >> reporter: one of the women in the smashed cars was injured and she was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries. in union city, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> it is a clear, cool night in the bay area. that is about to change. meteorologist leigh glaser is here now with a first check on the workweek. >> we will start off with a quick look at live doppler 7hd. clear skies. as you can see we will tell you that as we head through the overnight hours and we have a weak system that will bring the bay area a few clouds and get ready for a nice warm up. we'll look at the seven-day forecast shortly. >> a movie about a fake movie won an oscar. argo took the the award for best picture. it was a top secret plot
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carried out by the cia and canadian diplomats to get americans home from the iran hostage crisis. ben affleck directed and starred in "argo." >> everybody worked on the movie was in the movie. >> he is pretty fired up. in the bay area, former president jimmy carter talked about "argo's" bid for best picture. he believes "argo" exaggerated the cia's role. >> 90% of the credit to are that her heroic and brilliant move should have been with the canadians. the movie ignores particularly any contribution by the canadians. aside from that, it is a vivid, wonderful film. >> aside from the fact, he loved it. mr. carter wasn't during the iran hostage crisis. >> "argo"'s win was a big
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deal, but we saw a huge upset in the best director category. ang-le won for "life of pi." the art and entertainment reporter dawn sanchez has more on the winners, the upsets and the things no one saw coming. >> you know, ben affleck just left awhile ago. they are headed along the red carpet now. you are right. i don't know if there was anything fake about that film. it was real that it won best picture as hollywood celebrated their best of the best. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> the first lady making the announcement from the white house. in an oscar season saw it change almost weekly. >> it is like trying to analyze waves coming in, what wave is coming to the ocean. >> i hope the wave comes your way. >> it was a show that had
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memorable moments including this one that will go viral. but jennifer lawrence just won the best actress oscar. what happens? >> what do you mean what happens? i try to walk up the stairs in this dress is what happens. >> he won an award working with quinten tarantino. >> when i read the script for the first time i realized there was something special about this film. >> before the awards it is all about the glamour of the red carpet where dreams and optimism live. all of those faces and those designer dresses that will be reviewed in magazines for the next 10 days. we said hello to lieutenant governor gavin newsome and his wife, she was a nominee. george clooney and hugh jackman were hanging out before clooney's best picture win. and in the stands were a couple from san ramon who won the seats in a drawing. >> it is more than i could imagine. i can't imagine the press from
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around the world being here. >> you better believe film is an international medium. thousands of journalists covering the event. my red carpet neighbors are seen in 44 latin countries. it is a big party and chef wolfgang puck showed me what they are serving at the governor's ball. >> we have a big catering company. >> they had to prepare 15,000 plates and a treat. >> this oscar is filled with what, chocolate? >> chocolate with 24carret gold. >> i was very tempted. here it is. i still have it. in case i get hungry on the way back to san francisco i can eat it. con tbrat layingses to -- congratulations to pixar who won for "brave." i will leave this up to you. is it a full bucket or not? don sanchez, abc7 news. >> thank you, don. great to see don coming out of retirement. >> absolutely. and you -- >> and you can get all of the results at
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>> and you can get the looks without the celebrity price tag. dresses by the same designer at a deep discount. >> and people are making a profit off trash. a simple idea by a bay area doctor making the world a better place. that story is coming up after 11:30. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney with a look at your on-line privacy or lack there of. ahead, a look at companies who are getting around pry -- privacy laws
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most women will never get the chance to walk the red carpet at the oscars, but you can still strut your stuff in a designer gown for less than the retail price. >> i feel like i am supposed to ask, who are you wearing? >> i don't know. >> in the last couple years,
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there has been an explosion of interest in renting luxury dresses. tonight abc7 news anchor finds out exactly how it works. >> this gala at the museum is full of dplam russ women in -- glamorous women in elegant floats. can you tell who owns your dresses? of course not. that's why a grown number of women are renting rather than buying. all three of these young women got their gowns from an on-line rental service called rent the runway. >> you have an event coming up and you don't feel like spenting $1500 on a ball gown, you can easily shop and buy by size, style, brand. >> prices range from $50 to $400 for a four-day rental. she chose this nicole miller dress. it retails for a thousand dollars and rents for $150. you get two sizes of the dress and for an extra $25 you can get a back up dress in a different style. it features photos of real life customers wearing their rented gowns. some even provide their body measurements.
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that helped andrea decide on the david meister dress. >> it fits me and it is flattering and it accentuates the body parts i am comfortable with and hides the ones i am not so fond of. >> the dress sells for $600 and it costs $100 toent are. bailey douglas is a hard core renter with facebook pitches to die for. she is the daughter of an abc news producer. >> i have rented about 56 dresses in the last year and a half. >> bailey loves rent the runway, but it is not perfect every time. on this occasion she rented her first choice dress and a back up. she should have received two sizes of each dress, but she got a call saying the second size was not available in either style. she got four different dresses. her first choice was too big and another was too short. one arrived without the belt. but the back up dress worked. >> you always wind up with a dress to wear. it just might not be the dress
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you thought you were going to wear. >> if that uncertainty makes you nervous try this rental shop in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood. it is called dress, luxury attire on loan. >> it has the back. when you are able to come in here we can talk you through and we can give you some different styles that you hadn't considered. >> the producer of the movie "brave" was wearing a rental dress from the shop when she won a golden globe a few weeks ago. the shop's selection is not the big as rent the runway's, but there are high end dresses and you can try them on in advance. she has rented three dresses here. >> i found that many dresses can look a certain way on-line and then not on my body. >> the prices are similar to rent the runway, but there is no shipping fee and no need to rent a back up dress. it includes insurance for minor spills and damage. rent the runway charges $5 for that. both services include dry-cleaning, but you still have to be careful. >> if you go out and act like
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you have a night from vegas and there is a hole in the middle of the dress they can charge 80% of the retail value. >> one note of caution, renting a designer gown is definitely cheaper than buying, but only if you do it in moderation. >> i probably have spent a lot more hoin on dresses -- money on dresses since rent the runway. it makes it convenient and fun. >> kristen sze, abc news. >> they look great. we have links to rent the runway and the dress shop in oakland at click on see it on tv. now let's check the forecast. leigh glaser, 99% sure a dress she owns. >> you are exactly right. hi, everyone. live lop deer 7hd is all -- live doppler 7hd is all clear although there are clouds starting to move into the north coast. we will get to that. a live shot from the high definition camera. you can see a clear sky out there. by the way, a very bright, bright moon as well. san francisco 52. we already have 37 degrees in
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petaluma and 44 in livermore and sitting at 40 degrees. here is a look at our forecast highlights as we head to the workweek. mostly clear and cool, and you will notice some passing clouds of the increasing high clouds tomorrow and warmer conditions on thursday and friday. pretty much cold in the north and east bay. overnight temperatures in the mid to low 30s. a possibility of the frost and those valley areas. moderating temperatures, san francisco down to 44 and 41 in fremont. now let me show you the satellite. you can get a good sense of what is happening. we have this weak cold front starting to press high clouds toward the bay area. high pressure retreats to the south. most of the rain will stay well into the pacific northwest. no rain, but we will see temperatures come down just a few degrees tomorrow. and we will notice some high to midlevel clouds off and on
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throughout the day. here is a look at your highs for your monday. 65 for san jose and santa cruz up to 68 degrees. mountain views 64 and palo alto 64. the coast, we are still going to keep temperatures in the midto upper 50s, so a cool day there. downtown san francisco 59 in the north bay. temperatures come down a few degrees with the cloud cover. santa rosa 64. 63 sonoma. oakland worked at 64 and hayward 62 and interior east bay more mid60s. con -- concord 64. a little dip tomorrow with the clouds and then get ready for a nice gradual warm up. thursday and friday are the warmest days with temperatures in the 70s. i like that of the. >> we'll take warm. well, if you don't -- it is likely you don't realize it, but companies can track your every on-line movement. >> michael finney tells us what one woman found when she
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in a world of smart phones and gps, privacy is hard to come by. >> it is. they passed landmark
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legislation only to find it overwhelmed by the technology it is attempting to rein in. >> michael finney joins us with the effort to hit the reset button on all of this. >> if there is one thing the valley has told us, if you are not moving forward, are you losing ground. that applies to technology and to the privacy laws surrounding technology. >> the privacy laws have been caught in a time warp when this was a state-of-the-art computer. this was as smart as phones got. the california legislature made a bold tech gnaw dodge cal -- technological move. it allows people to keep track of the personal information they were tracking and using. >> the civil liberty union explains the thinking at the time. >> in 2003 it was really useful for consumers to ask can companies, are you going to share my information with another company? am i going to end up getting a piece of mail for them? >> back then the big concern
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was our personal information would be used to bother us. >> tele marketer calls and junk mail. >> californians can ask companies how they shared their information with other third parties for direct marketing purposes. but direct marketing purposes is narrowly defined. it doesn't fit all of the ways companies are now sharing or selling information. >> now our every move is is tracked on-line. off line our mobile phones and gps tell data gatherers what stores we shop in. what restaurants we visit. she recently tried using the shine the light law. >> i wanted to know what information they thought i shared with them, but what information they shared with other companies. >> she asked yelp, google and others, what are you doing with my information? >> -- she heard back.
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>> i have no complaints how long they took. >> what information did you receive? >> nothing really. >> nothing? >> what they said is in some cases they said that we don't share any personal information with third party companies for marketing purposes. >> time created loopholes. she wanted to know how her information was being used not how it was being used to receive phone calls or receive junk mail, yet that is how the companies answer. she did not get the information she was hoping for. one assembly member says the companies may be following the letter of the law, but the law is a decade old. >> if you sign up for something that personal information, the geographical information can go over the wires before you finish signing your name. >> she just finished
11:26 pm
legislation of the sign the law. she spoke with me about it. >> she does president prevent them from sharing, but it does require them to respond if you ask them what they have shared and with whom they have shared. >> no more loopholes. if they gathered it, if they shared it, they would have to tell you about it. >> the difference between shine the light and the privacy policy is the proo i vaw see policy will -- the privacy policy will tell you all of the things a company may do. shine the light will actually tell you about your information, what information has been collected about you and how that information has been shared with other companies. >> assembly bill 1291 was introduced on friday. i posted a link. go to and check it out. >> it is almost impossible for laws to keep up with technology. >> thank you, michael. hollywood isn't the only town toasting the best of american cinema. the bay area celebrated the
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oscars, but some took it as an opportunity to protest.
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joe montana ended his career in kansas city after being traded to the 49ers and could alex smith be following in joe's footsteps? multiple sources say the 9ers have a deal to trade smith now, but it is not clear if the chiefs are the des noise, but kc desperately needs a quarterback and the 9ers are not likely to pay alex $8 million to be colin cay kaepernick's back up. he starts this season with a win in the daytona 500. danica patrick was the first woman to lead lapse at the daytona 500. the 6th caution comes out as he hits debris. jimmy johnson on the outside and the five-time champ takes
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the lead and johnson goes on to win the daytona 500 for the second time in his career. the warriors started a five-game road trip in minnesota and had to come back from a 16-point deficit. it was a huge win over spurs, but the timberwolves came out firing. williams had 23 and he was ready for a big jack attack. behind the back and he had 23 points and eight assists off the bench. a minute left in regulation. warriors by one and five seconds left and minnesota down one. the warriors hang on for their third victory in a row. 100-99. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you very much, larry. a young bay area couple on the trip of a lifetime disappear. coming up, the latest on a desperate search in south america. also, a bay area doctor has come up with a way to help stop a widespread health threat in developing countries.
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the unique program that is turning trash
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good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm larry beil. hillsboro police tell us there is a person of interest in the 2004 murder of real for pricilla ing, information from the man who contacted our vic lee lead to this new investigation. >> breaking news, a search continues for two adults and two children misting near p oi nt-pinos. somebody radioed the coast guard that they were leaving their boat because it was taking on water. medical units are on stand by. and here are the big winners of the academy awards. best director, ang-leigh and jennifer lawrence for silver lining playbook and daniel
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day-lewis for "lincoln" and best picture went to" argo." the california film institute in san rafael has hosted one of the longest running oscar parties outside of hollywood. sergio is live tonight at the historic theater with details on the festivities. sergio? >> reporter: larry, for the last 19 years, they have hosted the oscar party, and tonight there are quite a few connections between some of the winners in hollywood and this historic movie house. >> and the oscar goes to "air goes." "argo." >> reporter: one audience member was especially happy about "argo's" win. >> one of my american school friends actually helped the cia team help get these hostages out that it was about. >> reporter: she shared a picture book from the school
11:37 pm
this iran from from the late 1960 ises. one of the argo stars was at this theater in october for the mill valley film festival. >> and we have a long history of ang-leigh. we introduced his first film a longtime ago. >> the oscar goes to jennifer lawrence. >> reporter: lawrence's co-star bradley cooper and director nominee russell were part of last october's film festival. >> the first oscar goes to "zero dark 30". >> reporter: that film which included accounts of enhanced cia an teargases drew a few protesters before the start of the show, but they dispursed quick looy. quickly. a big night for the winners in hollywood and a big win for the hollywood institute. they broke a record thanks to some generous people who turned out to the oscar party. in downtown san rafael, sergio
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quintana, abc news. >> pope benedict gave his blessing in vatican city as the rumors swirled over his sudden resignation. >> the pope gave thanks to the crowd of 100,000 in saint peter's square. on thursday pope benedict will become the first to resign in 600 years. he will live in a monistary. the pontif is stepping down because of a sex and blackmail scandal that is about to be made public. a man connected to the catholic church's sex scandal is on his way to rome to help pick the successor. cardinal roger mahoney tweeted he will keep followers informed of the proceedings. this morning mahoney spent hours being deposed on a sex abuse alaskan del that -- on a sex abuse scandal on his watch. he has apologized for his actions.
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a reward has been set up for a missing bay area couple traveling in peru. abc7 news reporter lilian kim with more on that story. >> it has been a month since thib has heard from them. and the co-workers are now taking action. they set up a reward fund that has grown to $3,000 for information leading to the couple's whereabouts. the flyers were posted in peru where they seemingly disappeared without a trace. >> we are functioning as a business as normal, but there is a cloud hanging over our heads. >> jaime and garrett left for their six-month cycling adventure in late november. the u.s. embassy in peru is helping with the search. the state department warned of potential kidnappings targeting americans. >> i don't think they are just lost. i think something is wrong. >> friends examine family are hoping the reward will grow. they set up an account here at
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mechanics bank where anyone can walk into any branch and make a contribution. lilian kim, abc7 news. america's cup organizers kept their plans to more than double the size of an outdoor concert venue, quiet until now. this image shows a planned 9,000-seat amphitheater. the original proposal called for having 4,000 seats along the embarcadero. the amphitheater will host the opening and closing ceremonies. the nearby residents worry about the impact of 40 concerts and other america cup events in their back ready yeah. >> i feel pretty much helpless that there is nothing they can do and the decisions so -- decisions have been made. >> today the san francisco chronicle reported the enlarged amphitheater escaped scrutiny. there was a set of changes that did not require public approval. >> there was a unique program
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in many countries. the health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the details. >> this is a solution to a widespread health threat, and it doesn't involve expensive technology. a lot of limber hands and a little incentive. >> what we are seeing here is rope the village women have spun. >> they believe that colorful rope could be a lifeline to the developing world. first it helps to know that when he is not fighting cancer at saint mary's medical center, he is battling a different kind of health threat, garbage. he says he found an epidemic during a trip to northern india. >> it is a caw loss sol health problem. and many children lived their lives in the garbage. >> but during that trip he had an idea. he launched a nonprofit called the green village zero rubbish project. the group set up a system to pay the villagers to collect the mountains of recyclable
11:42 pm
trash. these pictures taken by the organization show how the bags are waived and the villagers paid. >> you will be rewarding them with money and there is incentive for them to do this. >> we collected nearly 50,000 pounds of garbage. >> the plan seemed like an instant success. the group was able to secure recyclers willing to buy the materials defraying much of the cost with one exception, plastic bags. >> they do not want plastic bags. there isn't a recycling capability. there isn't an industry in india to handle that at this point. >> and the bags make up a large percentage of the garbage. but then came his second inspiration. >> i twist the one strand. >> to turn the plastic bags into the commercially usable rope by weaving them together. >> and it creates a rope. they are real rope that can be used for ig in. used for anything. >> in a short time the villagers uh president aded the technique, weaving the
11:43 pm
multi colored plastic bags to plates, bowls and baskets and now they are selling them at local markets. add a little back -- bamboo and one is a functional chair. >> no one thought about it making plastic. >> the project is so successful it is up and running in three villages with two more to be added soon. since there is no shortage of garbage,. >> my hope is that as we get more expertise and as we fill in the necessary pieces that we can take this concept and spapped it it -- expand it from the cluster of pilot villages to the entire state and throughout india and into neighboring countries and eventually around the world. >> more than 2500 villagers are now participating. it is a little more than six months old. if you are interested in learning more including how you can help we have information and links on our website. carolyn johnson, abc7 news.
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>> we are about to go beyond the winners of the you a cad me awards. >> some of the big buzz moments. some they would rather you not see. that's up next. >> hi, i'm leigh glaser and traveling through the central rt pa of the country tomorrow, if they take you to chicago you will want to stay with me.
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and the oscar goes to -- >> michelle obama named "argo" the best picture even though he was not nominated for best director. it was one moment trending and there was another, jennifer lawrence wiping out, though i don't think it was that bad on the way to accept the best actress award. kristen stewart hobbling on crutches after cutting her foot on glass. you can check out the website on >> shatner was funny in the beginning. the oscar for best graphic cinema weather goes to -- >> don't do that. >> leigh glaser. >> hi, everyone. live doppler 7hd, we are all clear. we will see high clouds move in across the bay area tonight and tomorrow. let's turn our focus to the rest of the country tomorrow. a couple of areas.
11:48 pm
you can see the storms moving up through the southeast and heading up toward atlanta and washington, d.c. you will find delays there. this is the big storm right here. we have blizzard warnings for portions of northwestern texas and through oklahoma and nebraska and all of this heavy snow is headed toward chicago. it will move in there late tomorrow afternoon and overnight early tuesday morning. you are deaf that thely going to find numerous flight delays in and out of the chicago area. some of the delays could take hours. keep that in mind. even st. louis will see some delays as well. a little snow expected in the higher elevations around the pacific northwest. in california though just a few high clouds. you can see a very weak cold front will bring a few clouds toward the bay area. los angeles tomorrow 69. 59 monterey and tahoe tomorrow 49 degrees. here is a look ahead. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, a few passing clouds for your monday. sunny and mild for tuesday.
11:49 pm
the temperatures really start to come up and a warmer day wednesday and a mild day thursday and friday, folks. check that out in the 70s. we are talking spring-like temperatures and get out and enjoy. by sunday the clouds thicken up and we might actually see a little rain. 4:30 to 7:00 with the abc7 morning news with an update. >> perfect, thank you, leigh. >> you are bringing us home with sports. >> is alex smith just day usa way from being traded from the 49ers? the former number one pick in the former number one pick in the draft is perhaps on well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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49er may come to an end as of march 12th. multiple sources is reporting the 49ers have a deal to trade smith. what we don't know for sure is the other team and the best guess is it is the kansas city chiefs. you are wondering why that day? that's the first day the players can be traded to start a free agency. it is not clear what the 49er s who get in return, probably a draft pick second round, third round, but they need a quarterback. the niners are not likely to pay. it is $8.5 million to be colin kaepernick's back up. the biggest race of the year is nascar and that is the season opener. the daytona 500 kicks off the season. a big day for danica patrick
11:53 pm
and even bigger for jimmy johnson. danica making history and the first woman to lead laps at daytona and finished 8th with nine lapse to go and trouble. the 6th caution of the race comes out and hitting debris and off the restart and jimmy johnson on the outside here. five-time champion and passes him and takes the lead and johnson would not be caught. he wins the daytona 500 for the second time in his career. >> it is awesome. there is no other way to describe it. 400 starts and just a very, very proud moment. it has been tough on the 48 for the last few years. happy to get through it all. >> coming off their win over the best team in the nba, the spurs and the warriors look slugish on the road against minnesota, but then they got the wake up call and it came in time. warriors starting a five-game road trip. the timberwolves are flying early. rubio is spanish for
11:54 pm
sportacular. golden state down sex teen early and hits the floater at the buzzer and then jack better to give than to receive behind the back and with authority. 23 points and 8 assists off the bench and a minute left in regulation. curry knocks down the jumper and warriors up 98-97. five seconds left and minnesota for the win and no. warriors hang on and it is their third victory in a row. 100-99. the women's college hoops and senior day in berkeley. cal hosting oregon state. cal was down 17 at one point. a nice drive. he goes off in the second half. a spin move and 18 of her 26 come in the second half. and then jennifer brandon giving cal the first lead since early in the game. gibson going for the tie with seconds left, in and out as cal wins their 13th in a row. the final 58-56.
11:55 pm
>> i think it was tested who we are. i said that at half time. we have to show them who we are. >> a little in shock still, but we got the win. it feels good. i figure way to give them a show, i guess going out. >> number four stanford and oregon and it was a big night. 27 points and 24 rebounds and breaking the school record held by her older sister. stanford wins their 12th game 74-50. they are tied with cal a top the pack 12. to spring training. temps in the 50s and winds gusting at 25 miles per hour in tempe. a's and an scwels and chris young -- a's and angels and chris young contributing to his new team. cocoa crisp scores from first. smith brings young home and almost got out. off the wall. young would leave the game after suffering leg cramps. they are being careful with him. smith had two reb's as the a's
11:56 pm
win it 7-5. matt cane roughed up as the giants lose it 4-3 to the cubs. cane was hit in the leg by a line drive and stayed in the contest and will not miss anytime this spring, but he did allow four unearned runs. the panda, pablo sandoval, two for three with an r.b.i for the giants. matt kutcher's name does not put fear in the hearts of opponents like tiger or rory or phil, but you don't want to face him. he has been on fire trying to tie tiger woods as the only back to back match play champions. 169 holes without trailing in the event and then was down four to kutcher. may han with a big charge. from the fairway bunker to behind the brush. blasts out of the stand, and he finds the green. he concedes the hole and the match. it is kutcher winning the championship 2-1. he is 15-3 lifetime in this
11:57 pm
event. running backs, wide receiver examines quarterbacks took their turn in indianapolis. stanford running back not helping himself at all. just 4-7-6 in the 40-yard dash. this guy is flying out of texas. 4-2-7. -- 4:27 and the fastest time at the combine. three and a half seconds behind the all time combine record. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, larry. thank you for joining us. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm larry beil. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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