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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 25, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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direction westbound is slowing up and over the altamont pass. >> we are following developing news off the coast. a sugar is underway for four missing people who had to abandon a sinking boat. the search is centered 60 miles off the harbor at half moon bay and the coast guard says the group including two young children called for help yesterday afternoon. they say the 29' sailboat was taking on water and they were abandoning ship. the coast guard lost radio contact, they may have transferred to a make shift liferaft. >> soon you may be able to use bay area car pool lanes without having passengers in the car but it will cost you. amy hollyfield? >> you can pay your way on 880 but the question is, would you like to be able to do that in other parts of the bay area? according to the "san francisco
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chronicle" you may soon be doing just that or have the ability to. they say that traps -- transportation officials are serious about creating 560 miles of express lanes. those who are car pooling use the lanes for free. others would want to use them, can, if you pay a toll. the complaint has been that car pool express lanes are often empty and not used as much as some think they should be. so the thought is to let more people use the lanes and ease congestion. look at this list of where they hope to add the lanes. they are talking about interstate 80. 680. 880. east bay approaches to the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. they would like to have the lanes opened up by 2015. they have to do some studies and figure out how to built the lanes, how to check the tolls, et cetera, et cetera, but, at this point, transportation officials are saying they do
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think this is a project worth pursuing. >> a survey shows california people believe more needs to be done to combat global warming with 64 percent believe some action is needed and 20 percent believe more research is needed before action is taken and 13 percent say global warming concerns are unwarranted, broken down by region 52 percent of bay area residents believe some action is needed compared to los angeles county where only 37 percent of resolution democrats say the same thing. >> amen -- menlo park is asking permission to build a new office next to the current headquarters and face book is asking the city permission to remove 175 trees. in return facebook will pay menlo park $4.5 million for
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affordable housing on top of the property taxes facebook pays. >> now, to hollywood, and the academy awards. celebrities hit the red carpet for the biggest night and as always, there were surprises and interesting moments. >> good morning, kristen. we are in front of the theater on hollywood boulevard where they are busy cleaning up, stripping away all the red carpet. thought one movie cleaned up but "argo" won best picture. >> there was little surprise that it took the top prize. the film's director humbled. >> never thought i would be back here. and i am because of so many of you who are here tonight. >> hosted by seth mcfarlane it
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was pat satire, silly, and song and dance. ♪ just way you look tonight >> daniel day-lewis portrayal of abraham lincoln earned his third best. >> three years ago before we decided to do a straight swap, i actually had been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> best actress jennifer lawrence got her first. >> you are just feeling bad that i fell and that is embarrassing but thank you. >> anne hathaway as the favorite to win best supporting actress won for "les miserables." and "unchained" won best supporting actor. the biggest upset is director
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for "life of pi" and musical tributes including "chicago." "les miserables." also of course the 50th anniversary of james bond with adele scoring the oscar for best original song for "sky fall." >> that ended up with two oscars, a big deal for james bond. "argo" and "less" got three, and "life of pi" won four awards. >> stay with "good morning america" for continuing coverage with robin, george, josh, sam all in hollywood bringing you much more on winners, the speeches, the fashion, and the after parties. "good morning america" starts at 7:00.
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>> a new push for universal pre-school in a bay area county and who is behind the effort and the cost to taxpayers. >> bay area college students camp out on campus to speak out against budget cuts and the new turn the protest is taking today. [ begins when jif the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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>> on monday at 6:11, this is what is left of the full moon. it looks so beautiful. it was yellow and looked like a piece of cheese this morning. now, what is going on as far as our forecast. we start with cool conditions this morning. anywhere from 14 degrees cooler in napa and 11 in novato and seven in oakland and only one in san jose. that puts our temperatures from 38 in san jose and 43 in oakland and 46 in san francisco and 38 in conquered. headed into the afternoon, passing clouds and low-to-mid 60's and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast where it will be breezy. >> we have metering lights on at the bay bridge and you can see traffic is backed up beyond the first overcrossing and it looks like the car pool and fast track lanes are freezing by and a bit sluggish on the upper deck incline. slow trafficking from antioch and less than 15 minutes an hour
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moving toward hillcrest and 242 and the concord area and slow traffic in san jose north 101 headed to the 880 and 17 interchange. kristen and eric? >> thank you at 6:11. >> should taxpayers shoulder the burden for universal pre-school? a bay area county is considering the idea. >> mc
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>> san rafael, south bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 6:14 on monday morning. oakland authorities are investigating the discovery of a
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man's body in the water near jack london square. a witness called police after seeing a body floating in the s tooary after 2:00 yesterday afternoon, 20 feet from shore. the coroner is trying to determine the identity and cause of death. >> mc hammer is due in court on charge of resisting arrest in dublin taking to twitter claiming he was the victim of racial profiling. on thursday, a police officer approached him sitting in a car at a shopping center, and he says the officer asked if he was on parole, and the police say the vehicle had expired license plates. officers arrested hammer on charges of onstructing an officer. >> the chancellor at san francisco city college will meet with students this morning in response to a protest over the budget crisis. student demonstrators got the meeting they wanted after an all-night protest and rally demanding the board of trustees reverse cuts to classes and deepers and get a loan to avoid more cuts.
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the city college is rushing to meet a manner 15 deadline to keep the accreditation and must show it can take control of the budget to avoid being shut down. >> taxes could be going up in the north bay. the independent journal of marin reports there is a new effort underway in the county to raise sales tax to help fund universal pre-school for every child in the county. the group is called the children's investment initiative and the survey shows 74 percent of marin county voters would support more sales tax toss pay for universal pre-school and supporters say they will commission another poll to gauge support before moving failure. >> now the forecast. >> warm week ahead, right? >> we are looking at a dip today with a cold front and we had high clouds hiding but that is all it is bring, with no need for the wet weather gear. in fact, a good time to be
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working in the garden with spring cleaning as things are popping, especially the trees. if you are sneezing that is the reason. now, what is going on to the north you can see the cold front does not have a lot of moisture with it and most of it is moving to the east rather than to the south. so the front will come through rather quietly. here is how it looks from mount tamalpais, and we will talk about temperatures as we look to the east great our east bay hills along 24 here, toward mount diabolo with oakland at 43 and 38 in san jose and warmer in walnut creek at 40 and palo alto at 34 and mill valley at 37 degrees right now. here you can see we will be sunny with only a few passing clouds and not so warm. there is colder air behind the front but it will be clear tonight and cooler than this morning so frost is possible inland and a dry extended all seven days with no rain and the
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warmth peeks -- peaks on friday. behind this system you can see another front coming in but the two areas of high pressure will drive it to the north the low-to-mid 60's in santa clara valley with santa clara and san jose at 63 degrees and 60 in los altos and 59 on the peninsula, and mid-to-upper 50's on the coast and sausalito, and the same thing on the east bay shore with hayward, and berkeley and union city and castro valley and fremont around 62 degrees and san ramon you could come up short at 59 and everyone else in the low do mid-60's and tonight mainly in the mid-to-upper 30's and upper 30's to mid-40's from the bay to the coast. the seven-day outlook shows a cooler start tomorrow, and temperatures will end up about the same as today, and we will
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make a run in the mid-to-upper 60's away from the beach and you will build in the mid-to-upper 60's on thursday but 70's on thursday and friday inland. >> solid stream of lights from the 580 junction on 80 and you can see slow traffic right here at the intersection or junction of the two freeways, and it picks up to the macarthur maze but you are in good solid company on the east shore and getting if some company here, as well, on the san mateo bridge with detail lights moving to the high-rise and to foster city and a few brake lights but, otherwise, it is a good commute define hayward and san mateo and a big rig north 680 at oak park the brakes were on fire, and three right lanes, eastbound, 580 between greenville and north flynn, road work until 11:00 this morning with significant
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slowing from the central valley, and the drive is just over 30 minutes from livermore, the altamont pass and into the dublin/pleasanton area. kristen and eric? >> 6:19 is the time. >> from the vatican this morning, the cardinal shakeup days before pope benedict's resignation. >> but, first, the high-tech solution promising to replace all the cards in your wallet. should you worry about privacy? >> today on "katie," i am taking viewers to face my biggest demon: clutter has been a problem and i know it is for a lot of other people so we are bringing in the experts to she us what is junk and what is worth keeping. worth keeping. that is later today it seems our angels have been busy bubuilding a new, stronger so it holds up better, kind of angel soft®. it's now built with two softshield™ layers. when wet, new angel soft® is one, two, three times stronger
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>> we are back at 6:23 on this monday. you can see a clear sky over san jose where the temperature is going to be a little bit warmer than yesterday by one degree at 63. fremont is 62. 59 in san francisco. 62 in concord. 63 in oakland. san jose at 65, all one to three degrees cooler than yesterday. around the state action few light showers to the north. the valleys there is rain. the higher elevation, it is snow. this system falls apart across the state so we have sun through
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valley and mid-to-upper 60's and cloudy in tahoe. 73 in palm springs. >> if you have lost a wallet or purse you know what a nightmare it can be calling to cancel all the credit cards and replacing them and the identifying information. >> michael finney looks at the safety of a modern day solution. >> the answer to some sits in the clouds, the idea to back up your information on the internet and have access to it wherever you go. >> 22 year old has accumulated a lot of important identifying information in her short years. driver's license. credit card. debit card. two dozen different affinity cards tied to her name. it is not anything she would want to lose. that is where limit wallet of palo alto comes in.
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>> this is an app that backs up the contents your actual wallet. the way it does this is it allows you to take photos of the different cards you carry. >> your information is stored and available wherever you have access to the internet. the app itself is free but for $40 a year, the premium service will help you cancel or replace any lost or stolen identification cards. >> it is convenient when you can start adding things like loyalty cards and your library card, maybe a membership card, so you do not have to carry them around. >> you can just swipe your cell phone to make credit and debit card purchases and to identify yourself as the gym or library. >> what we try to do is something that allows do you keep your wallet at home. >> randy from electronic
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frontier foundation in san francisco is concerned about putting personal information in the cloud. >> people don't want you to carry around your social security card in your physical wallet so why upload it into a digital wallet? >> since 2005 there have been 600 million data breaches involving 3,000 companies some of it involving the cloud but they say their information is encrypted and pin protected. (inaudible). >> for those uncomfortable with just a pin it is worth $4020 get an extra layer of protection with a second password. pc magazine suggests make sure your pin is different from your
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pin on your cell phone. >> we cannot get enough of the ross cars -- oscars so we continue with the local winners taking home oscar gold. >> we are days away from pope benedict stepping down as head of the catholic clutch and why there is one less cardinal choosing his replacement. >> it has been 13 hours sin boaters had to abandon a singing sailboat. i will tell you about the search for the four, two adults and two little children. >> sue hall in the abc7 traffic center this monday morning, you can see the bay bridge metering lights are on, car pool and fast track lanes are getting by just fine with no major stalls or accidents, which is kind of nice. we don't see too much in the way of a nasty monday morning commute. well follow more as we come back well follow more as we come back after theys of walking
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is monday, the day after the oscars. we have our own golden trays of light about to come out if the sunrises, in what will be a gorgeous day. i saw the moon coming in, and that was neat. we feel blessed. thanks for joining us. >> and the moon started hiding. >> if only we had a statue. >> didn't have a speech prepare ed. >> now a look at live doppler 7 hd, everyone, did you wash your car? did you get outdoor activities in? you still can, it will be dry the better part of the week.
6:29 am
an the bay, you can see the high clouds at 44 degrees to start. in the upper 50's at noon and more sunshine as the afternoon unfolds and we will hang out in the low-to-mid 50's with clear skies and full of stars and 54 in the evening. inland valleys we start off in the mid-to-upper 40's under clouds, and high clouds and sunshine at noon and 60 and hanging out in the mid-60's for better part of the afternoon and you will be in the mid-50's through the evening hours. it is different today as far as the breezes go and significantly cooler temperatures at the coast at 43 this morning but only low-to-mid 50's for better part of the day and upper 40s i for evening festivities. sue? >> we go to walnut creek and we are starting to see brake lights the red flashing of the brakes and sluggish on the way to highway 24, and it is looking good to the tunnel as 680
6:30 am
approaches the altamont pass, rather, the dublin/pleasanton interchange it does thin out with no problems. northbound 280, an accident reported and that is clear to the shoulder, already. kristen and eric? >> we are following developing news the coast guard is searching the waters off the san mateo coast right now. >> looking for two adults and two young children before it disappears after reporting the sailboat was sinking. we go to the coast guard station, live. >> good morning to you, eric the coast guard was searched and in 30 minutes at 7:00 a.m. they will add more resources to the water, to the skieses as they search for the four people, a mother and father a four-year-old boy, their son, and his young cousin. they vanished when they had to escape the searching sailboat yesterday about 4:30 when the original distress call came in. they were 65 miles off half moon
6:31 am
bay and the radio signal was broken but the coast guard determined the 29' sailboat was singing in rough water and the electronics were failing and they had to abandon the boat an hour later they reported. here is the coast guard. >> 29' sailing vessel took on so much water they abandoned ship and the crew may have possibly made a makeshift life raft but there was no lifesaving equipment on board. >> what they tried to make was a life raft out of a cooler and a life preserver ring. the boat did not have an emergency beacon which would have indicatedded their exact position in the water so rescue crews could actually find them. in half an hour from now, search crews will ramp up and intensify their search as we near the thin
6:32 am
13 hour mark they had to abandon ship. >> thank you. developing news from the vatican the pop has accepted the resolutioning nation of britain's senior cardinal o'brian who is stepping down. o'brian is accused of inappropriate acts in his relations with several former priests, the latest catholic leader to be tainted by allegations of the sex abuse scandal. pope benedict has changed the rules of the conclave allowing cardinals to start early if they arrive in rome before the unusual 15 day-waiting period between the resignation and the start of the conclave so a new pope could be chosen well before the church's target date of easter. >> congressional republicans questioning whether president obama might have more flexibility than he is letting on with the $85 billion in mandatory budget cuts if an agreement isn't reaped by --
6:33 am
reached by friday. he had dipper with the governors last night. they meet again today after the white house released a state by state report of spending cuts if they are forces to take effect. democrats will blame republicans and republicans note the cuts are little more than 2 percent of the federal budget not enough to necessarily cause a christian ming of government functions. >> former president jimmy carter spoke in the bay area and weighed in on the academy awards talking about the bid for best picture of "argo," at the commonwealth club. he was president, of course, during the hostage crisis in iran and says it did exaggerate the c.i.a.'s role in the hostage rescue. >> my judgment is that 90 90 percent of the credit for the heroic and brilliant move should have been with the canadians and the movie ignores practically any contribution by the
6:34 am
canadians. aside from that it's a vivid, wonderful film. >> he spoke before we all found out that "argo" won with much more on how social media play add role in a few minutes. >> the san carlo city council will move forward in merging the fire department with neighboring redwood city and will authorize the city manager to negotiate a new contract for joint fire service. san carlos firefighters get a 14 percent pay hike and make the same amount as redwood city city. they dropped a partnership with the city of belmont a couple years ago and reduced pay causing some firefighters to leave. >> the search continues for the prime suspect in a shooting on the las vegas strip that killed an oakland man. this is the man police are searching for, 26-year-old who is believed to have shot and
6:35 am
killed kenny cherry after an alter casey. cherry's mazurati trashed into a taxi killing two. on friday, police found the black range row very he was driving. harris has an extensive criminal history. >> fremont police arrested two people for a carjacking that turned into a police chase in union city that ended at the union landing shopping center yesterday with the drive smashing the stolen mercedes and hit six other cars. a woman sitting in her car was hurt and treated at the hospital. police arrested an 18-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman, both from oakland, but their names are not released. >> you saw the winners and speeches and fashion. the buzz-worthy moments on oscar night. >> alec spik -- smith's days as
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a fingerprinter could
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i. >> north of novato we have 2.5 mile visibility, and now down to three quarters of an inch but it has now update asked we have a northern wind that is just at six miles per hour. but that will push the fog to the south. so watch out for that. in the afternoon hours our temperatures are mostly in the low-to-mid 60's under sunshine and high clouds and breezy along
6:39 am
the coast in the mid-to-upper 50's into san francisco. tomorrow, more sunshine and look at the remain watching trend, near 70 away from the coast by thursday. >> good morning, we have slow traffic but, actually, it is picking up nicely in san jose, beyond 17, and this is the 280 interchange, you can see a bit of company here, a bit of crowding with headlights and beyond the area, it looks nice on the way to sunnyvale and cupertino. and north 280 at 10th and san jose it is cleared, and an injury accident to stay away from because a car hit a pole and that pole fell down on top of the car. kristen and eric? >> thank you, joe montana ended his career in kansas city after being traded bit 49ers and now, alex smith could follow in his footsteps. multiple sources say the 49ers have a deal to trade smith but it is not clear that kansas city
6:40 am
chiefs are the team but they need a quaterback and the niners are not likely to pay alex $8.5 million to play backup. >> breaking business news, ahead, the big box retailer that could see a change in ownership. >> and a look at the big board with the dow up slightly and we go live to jane king. >> but, first, jennifer lawrence's fall is one of the buzz worthy moments from the academy awards, ahead, what
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>> walnut creek and all the bay area this is abc7 news.
6:43 am
this is the ferry building with the bay bridge in the background. we are a degree warmer in oakland at 63 and napa at 64 where you should be and redwood city at 62, a degree cooler and live more at 61 and san francisco at 59 two degrees cooler and san jose at 63, three degrees shy of where you should be. if you travel around the state, look how dry it is, higher elevations snow moving through northern california right now but watch as we put this in motion it all falls apart this afternoon, so, high clouds and sunshine and mid to upper 60's through the central valley and 49 at tahoe and mid-to-upper 60's for san diego and los angeles and 73 is the warm spot in palm springs. kristen and eric? >> notwithstanding you at 6:45. life of pi was the big winner last night at academy awards, but it was another film that took best picture announced by first lady. >> the oscar goes to..."argo."
6:44 am
>> affleck's movie of the 1979 rescue of american hostages in iran took hop -- top honors although he was not nominated for best director. as expected best actioner went to daniel day-lewis for abraham lincoln and jennifer lawrence took best actress and tripped on her way up there and anne hathaway won best supporting actress for "les miserables." >> it came true! thank you for this. here is hoping that some day in the not-too-distant future the misfortunes of some will only be found in stories and not in real life. thank you. >> best supporting actor went for "unchained." >> several groups crossed their fingers for oscars. here are a few, the disney film
6:45 am
"brave" produced in emeryville took home "best animated feature." lieutenant governor's wife also hit the red carpet. she was executive producer on "the invisible war" nominated for best documentary. a small firm obesity of the southern wild" which has visual effects was nominated but did not walk away with the award. millions of you tweeted as the most exciting and entertaining moments unfolded. there were 8.9 million tweets about the oscars, best picture got more than 85,000 tweet as minute and then adele performing "sky fall" getting 82,000 tweet as minute. and the sphere was abuzz when general continue jennifer lawrence won and anne hathaway for best supporting actress. >> california film institute in
6:46 am
san rafael hosted the longest running official oscar parties outside of hollywood and last night was no exception. the oscar party took place at the historic knee -- theater and has hosted it for 19 years. best director winner was at the theater in october for the mill valley film festival along with one of the stars of "argo." stay with "good morning america" for continuing coverage from hollywood with the winners, the fashion, the food, and the after parties. >> and we also have a list of the winners and fashion photos. >> tighter national controls on gun purchases are closer to reality. >> jane king joins us live from
6:47 am
the new york stock exchange. gin? >> bipartisan group of senators getting closer to an agreement that would expand background check for gun purchases. new york democratic schumer and senator coburn have worked out 90 percent of the differences according to two aides it expands criminal background checks to include most private gun sales after the tragic deadly school shooting in connecticut. the did sides disagree over whether private sellers have do keep records of sales. shares of barnes and noble surging this morning. this is on word that the founder plans to try to buy the retail assets of the struggling bookseller but not nook. the the dow is trading well into 14,000 category. lots of green on the screen today.
6:48 am
celebrities getting the bags will notice a loot is lighter this year with will value for nominees at $48,000. that includes a bottle of windex, booze, circus classes, and trips to night places like australia. but the value of the bag is at a five year low. it fluctuates because of the trips and in 2011 it was valued at $93,000, that year there was a safari tour includeed. >> tough times. thank you, jane. >> they did not even have an escort for jennifer lawns. hugh jackman came to the rescue. >> without rather have an escort or hugh jackman? >> hueback man. >> thought so. >> now the forecast. >> look at live doppler 7 hd and we will show you the beautiful sunrise breaking out with dry air over us and live doppler 7 hd showing how dry the air is.
6:49 am
nothing going on and in the northern part of the state they are running into the dry air and they are dissipating quickly. this is how it looks from mounts tamalpais this morning, it looks gorgeous. the pink, the purple, the yellow and the orange all from one sunrise in the bay area and from downtown san francisco it is 44 and 43 in oakland and san jose 38 and walnut creek is 40 and mill valley is 38 degrees. as we head through today we have a cold front coming through right now so you see the high clouds and it is going to make our temperatures not is warm as they were yesterday. but it will be colder tonight with frost possible inland valley and our entire seven-day outlook is void of rain again. the cold front shows it moving toward us splitting the two areas of high pressure and wasting the energy trying to get between the two areas of high pressure that will re-establish themselves and a reason why it will be so mild this week and
6:50 am
dry. 63 in santa clara and san jose. 59 in millbrae and low-to-mid 60's on most of the peninsula and mid-to-upper 50's on the coast and downtown and low do mid 60's through the north bay valley and 50's at the beaches and low do mid-60's along the east bay shore and inland, 59 in san ramon and low-to-mid 60's for the rest the east bay valley neighbors and tonight we are in the mid-to-upper 30's with isolated profit and upper 30's to low 40's around the bay and to the coast. the seven-day outlook shows tomorrow the temperatures are like today but by the time we get to friday the warmth peaks at the 70's. >> a little overcast in san mateo but not affecting the visibility on the bridge. can you see you are in contain with brake lights turning to the high-rise but otherwise not a bad drive between hayward and san mateo and likewise, look google in san rafael, southbound 101 beyond lucas valley road in
6:51 am
the marin ymca with no delays toward the golden gate bridge and in the city of san francisco, injury accident and her to asking you avoid this area until it is cleared and road work east 580 until 11:00 this morning and slowing from the central valley toward the altamont pass and we have now a bart delay outbound running at 10-to-15 minutes late and ace train number these also running at seven minutes late, no other mass transit problems. >> thank you. ahead, five things to know before you go.
6:52 am
>> here five things to know before you go. developing news off the coast of half moon bay. coast guard crews are desperately trying to find a group of missing boaters who adult and two young children sent a distress call at 65 miles
6:53 am
from half moon bay that the boat was sinking and they were going in the water without safety equipment. two coast guard cutters and a search plane are combing the area. >> developing news from the vatican. the pope has accepted the resignation of britain's senior cardinal o'brian who is accused of inappropriate act in relations with self former priests. pope benedict is changing the rules of the conclave allowing the cardinals to start the election process early. >> president obama is expected to ask the nation's governors to urge congress to reach a budget agreement by friday's deadline to avoid massive federal spending cuts. congressional lawmakers return from recess today to work out the possible deal. >> bay area transportation officials are considering expanding car pool toll lanes if you pay adding 90 miles of the lanes on interstate 80 and 680.
6:54 am
>> first lady made the announcement in a surprise at the oscars last night, affleck's "argo" won best picture." and daniel day-lewis and jennifer lawrence won best actor and actress. >> now the accweather forecast. mike? >> the temperatures when you step outside, it is freezing in petaluma at 33. down to the south bay, 35 in saratoga and palo alto at 33 and there is fog around mountain view. 33 in pleasanton and mid-40's around san leandro and 48 in the financial district. headed through the afternoon hours the high clouds should hang around for a while starting off at 43 but we will hang out with temperatures in the 50's along the coast. >> we go to the bay bridge and you can see metering lights are on and traffic is bumper to
6:55 am
bumper and sluggish on the upper deck to san francisco looking at 10-to-15 minute delay just to pay your toll. we have first reports of a car fire north 880 at 238, possibly blocking a lane of traffic there. again, muni on a minimal delay outbound line at 10 or 15 minutes and ace train number three delayed at seven to ten minutes. >> thank you for joining us. the only news continues in 25 minutes. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. >> and the oscar goes to -- "argo." >> ben affleck and george clooney, exuberant. taking best picture on hollywood's hottest night. >> it came true. >> this is nuts. exclusive access to the biggest winners. oh, you got a fan here. >> good morning, america. >> we've got every jaw-dropping moment. >> we have a tie. >> when seth met shatner. >> captain kirk, what are you doing here? >> and the sizzling songs that brought down the house. ♪
6:59 am
celebrating 50 dashing years of bond. ♪ make the sky fall >> with oscar golden girl adele. >> this is amazing. ♪ and good morning, america. so great to be here live in los angeles this morning. the morning after the oscars, the whole gang is here, even dj kiss. we're going to have so much fun this morning. boy, i had so much fun last night. first time backstage last night at the oscars. all the big stars coming in. the glow of victory. the be p


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